Joe says that Frank wants to hurt Dan in some way.. Britney says there is no saving Dan.

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley



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10:30am – 10:50am When the feeds finally come back.. Frank and Joe are in the arcade room talking. Frank tells Joe that wants Dan out. Frank says that he will give him the vote to vote out Dan. Frank says that Dan is the double crosser, he is the one that got Danielle, Shane and Ian to put him on the block. Frank says that he was hurt, that Boogie deserved at least a 4-3 vote. Frank says that Dan was pretty much threatening Ian, and that Ian couldn’t even see that or understand that. Frank says that hopefully moving for I can find people to work with. Joe says that when the time is right, let me know and I can do what I can to help. Joe says he is in a tough spot and if he can help he will. It will be in our best interest to help each other. Joe says can I ask what Dan did? Frank says that it started off as the week Frank was up against Joe and Dan said all week that he was working getting me the votes. He told us 100% that it was rock solid that I had Danielle vote. Then right before the reset, he told Boogie that he had to push it, your boy was going home. Then after the reset he told Boogie that two company, three’s a crowd. So that was why he was trying to get Danielle vote me out. Frank continues to give other reasons why he can’t trust Dan and how Dan manipulated people. Frank says that everyone was cheering for me when I won the POV because everyone at home sees how bad Dan is and that they want him out. Joe says that one of the reasons why he voted Boogie out was because he owed Shane a vote. I told him he could pick when that was. I have now paid my debt back. I am honest and I paid him back with one vote. In the grand scheme of things I look good and the way I played this game. Frank says that I am still here and I’ve got lots of moves to make. Joe says that Frank is the top person to win this thing and if I go to jury I will work for you. Frank leaves for the diary room.

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10:50am – 11am Britney and Joe go into the diary room to talk. Britney asks who Frank is putting up. Joe says that we didn’t even get to that, he just mentioned Dan. Joe tells Britney that the whole conversation he just had with Frank. He wants Dan hurt in some way. Joe says that Frank wants Dan out and gave 5 reasons why he hates him. He was pretty convincing. Britney says that there is no saving Dan. Joe says that Frank thinks he has Ian and that he thinks he can get Jenn back. Joe says that Frank thinks he can win with the three. All Frank requested was my vote. It is inevitable; the only chance he has is to win POV and if he did that would mean Danielle would go. Joe tells Britney to try and prepare Danielle, she will be devastated.



11:05am – 11:35am In the kitchen, Joe and Jenn are sitting at the bar talking. She is eating while he picks at his toes. They are looking at the memory wall and talking about how they are still here. Meanwhile out in the backyard Britney and Ian are laying out on the hammock. Frank is in the pool and then gets out and is talking to them. They are talking about the possibility of Pandora’s Box and what punishment they might get. Britney says maybe they will take away out cutlery. Frank gets Britney and Ian to get out of the hammock so that he can fix the squeak. Frank put olive oil on the hammock and it fixes the squeak. Frank heads inside. Ian says that he feels bad he sent Ashley home. Britney says oh god Ian, she is not dead, she is like a half hour from here. Britney tells Ian to make sure Frank trusts her and tells him to tell Frank that I am solid and won’t lie. Ian says that he sees that, he saw your season. Joe joins them to sun tan. Britney tells Joe that we are getting a Pandora’s today… Frank is locked out of his HOH room! Britney says that she hasn’t won anything yet and would kill someone for $100. Ian talks about how Boogie probably hates him. Britney disagrees and says if she can be friends with Rachel after I said STD’s were air born with she wore a skirt …then Boogie won’t hate you. Britney heads inside. Britney asks Frank if he is still locked out of his room. He says he hasn’t tried it.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


11:45am – 11:50am Frank is in the kitchen making breakfast. Frank tells BB that they just fu*ked up his breakfast and that he is probably going to get sick from the expired ham. Joe is sun tanning by the pool. Ian reads his letter in the stereo room where Jenn is sleeping. Ian then heads back out to backyard to swing on the hammock. Big Brother then puts the house guests on another indoor lock down.


12:25pm – 12:35pm Dan and Britney are talking in the kicks room. Britney is talking to Dan about how Dan is going up on the block. Dan wonders if he should talk to Frank. Dan says that Ian threw the veto, he got the first one in 30 seconds. Britney says that Ian looked at her during the veto and she was like go! Danielle says that she is so sick of Ian. Dan wonders if he should go to Frank and tell that it was Ian’s idea for the quack pack alliance to try and save himself. Dan asks was the quack pack before or after the silent 6. Britney says that the quack pack was the day after the rest. Dan tells them that he wants one of the three of them (Britney, Shane, Danielle) to win. Britney says that it will be impossible to get Frank out. Dan says that next week will be endurance and it will be a cake walk for you. Dan wonders why they would lock us inside. Britney says because they are setting something up outside. They wonder if they might get a power. Dan says that he will wait to talk to Frank until after something (Pandora’ Box) happens just there’s a power. Britney leaves. Dan tells Danielle that he hopes Frank opens pandora’s box. Britney comes back and lays in bed with Danielle and Dan. Britney tells Danielle that she can’t cry all week. Danielle says that she hasn’t cried today. Britney says that she looks like she has. Danielle says its just from crying last night. Dan asks what Bozo was laughing about out there. Britney says he was talking about opening pandora’s box. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Britney says I wish they would just give us our stipend and let us go home, this kid is gonna win it all. Dan says that it is 6 against 1. Do you think Ian made a deal with him? Britney says hell ya he is skipping all over the house. Britney says one of us is for sure going home. She says that Frank is making everyone promise their votes or they are going on the block. Dan says that he doesn’t think Frank is smart enough to figure out what happened. Britney says that he thinks we took Ian’s brain and brain washed him. Joe come in the room. Dan asks are they building something in the backyard. Joe says yeah sounds like it to me.


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12:40pm – 12:50pm Britney needs to stop saying that there is something coming for us. She says she wanted to reach across the table and strangle him, just shut up. Joe says whatever it is we want Frank to open it. Meanwhile Frank and Shane are in the arcade room talking. Frank says that if he can’t get Dan out this week I need to cut him off at the knees. Shane agrees and says that if he wins POV he won’t use it. Frank says that if Dan pulls off the POV I would want you to vote out Danielle. And if you and Britney are serious about working with me then I need you to do that. Shane says and agrees and says that would prove it to you. Frank tells Dan that the first name out of Dan’s mouth was always yours. Frank explains why Britney’s name came out of their mouth and that he wants Shane and her as allies. Frank says that if he gets HG’s choice I am going to pick you. Shane says that he will try and win it too. Frank tells Shane that he won’t put him up as a replacement. Shane says that he is getting all teary eyed. I will make a final two deal with you. I won’t put you up ever, unless it is final 3. I will fight as hard as I will for myself as I will for you. Frank says if we get Dan out, then there is a manipulator out that we won’t have to deal with. Then get a couple floaters out and we are in the final 5. I will swear on my dog, for what I have done to you, to show me this kind of respect. Frank says that he knows that Shane put him up because of Dan. Shane says maybe you will get a diamond power or a coup d’tat and if someone tries to back stab you then you can use it. Some people don’t think about that. Shane wonders if he wants them to keep it on the down low that we are working together or if you want me to shout it from the roof tops. Shane says no one here deserves to win but you and I. Shane says that he will go home now and see that Boogie wanted to work with me … but you know I was brainwashed. Frank says yeah.


1pm Ian says that if it is pandora’s box you should just be like yeah I will! Shane says that if he got one last week he was thinking he wouldn’t open it. Ian says that it can reallf fu*k things up. Danielle says that she would absolutely open it. Shane then says but if there was like a picture of $10,000, then I would open it.


1:10pm The Live Feeds switch to TRIVIA.. Pandora’s Box? Have-Nots Competition? Luxury Competition?

1:40pm TRIVIA..


3pm TRIVIA Continues

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338 thoughts on “Joe says that Frank wants to hurt Dan in some way.. Britney says there is no saving Dan.

    1. I was just going to say the same thing. Frank is so delusional about everything that he mistakes Boo’s for Cheers. LOL, what a loser!

      1. Now I am happy because of the fact that he is delusional. Frank believes PB could benefit him in the game, and going for it, it becomes to save Dan.

      2. Why does everyone on this site hate frank? He’s the only likable guy in the whole freaking bunch and a guy that actually stands up to his deals that he makes with ACTIONS instead of making deals and going back on them because they feel so threatened by him all the time (willy, shane, danielle, brit, dan). You people are as delusional as some of these house guests thinking they are somehow good at them game because they keep ganging up essentially trying to burn one guy but still cant…

        1. The majority here are hardcore BB nerds and tend to side with the dumb, socially incompetent, hypocrites…which is why they hate Frank. He’s the only newbie who will be back in the future.

            1. I can agree to disagree…but the hatred of Frank is irrational. He was targeted from the start for being athletic and likable and has fought like crazy to still be here. When he’s upfront and honest, he’s called a bully. When he’s loyal to Boogie until the end, rather than jumping ship out of convenience like everybody else, he’s called a lapdog. When he points out all the obstacles he’s faced, he’s not campaigning to potential jury members, but rather bragging and full of himself. When he says it’s his dream to be here, he’s not campaigning against the just-want-to-be-on-tv HG’s, instead he’s treated as a mock drinking game.

              But since Frank inspires such love/hate, he’s sure to be back in the future.

              1. It’s useless to try to convince Frank haters, or conspiracy theorist that Frank is a Beast in this game. If he wins he cheated or it was Production that helped. If he makes it to the end with Joe and they were in the Jury, they would vote for Joe to win the whole thing because they hate Frank.

              2. I don’t hate Frank but the obstacles he had to face was cause of his and Boogie’s doing…

                this is a game and everybody is playing it in there one way or another…we may not all like it or favor one player over another but thats it…I’m not losing sleep over this game lol

                If Frank were back for All-Stars, I would want him back without Boogie!!

              3. Frank seemed likable in the beginning and it was one reason I think most felt he could cruise to the end, but once he got together with Boogie he became as big a jerk as the other guy. I don’t know if you watch feeds or not, but if you do and saw his behavior and were OK with it, then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe he’s a better person than he displayed while with Boogie, who knows.

                I feel that he allowed Boogie to mess up his game, which is probably a shame if you’re a Frank fan, and it is a miracle he’s still here. He really shouldn’t, but due to the reset he was allowed, and I say allowed, to stay. I think they should have honored Shane’s HOH and done the reset after Frank was sent home, but that’s me.

                1. You’re definitely watching the game through Dan/Britney/Shane/Danielle colored glasses. They have talked just as much shit bout Frank than he has them. And he never stabbed them in the back. If you can’t see why people can’t stand that foursome plus Ian then I, in fact, don’t know what to tell you. But since you’re probably a woman I doubt logic would work anway. :P

                  1. I’m a guy with a big dick, but logic has nothing to do with it and I’m sure some women will be offended by your comment. You can’t possibly be watching feeds if you feel the quack pack talked anything even remotely close to the hatred and personal venom that Boogie and Frank did.

            2. Here is my problem – i feel as if production tries to force us to like a certain character that THEY have envisioned…..the reality is that we like who we like, for whatever reason and I believe that we are discerning viewers and we know when we are being fed a character and it is just not authentic…….

              An example for me was Dan Gheesling – he was compelling from the beginning as was the relationship between he and Memphis.

              Production needs to stop spoon feeding their own narrative and allow the house to grow and to let us fucking hate who we want and not what you want.


              1. Um yeah. I agree. I totally want to make up my own mind becuase there are powers and stuff, you know. I don;t want to get brainwashed by production. Come rub my back, yo!

          1. you are ABSOLUTELY right!!!! at least a few people have sense around here……

            and yes they were cheers….. I would be surprised if they couldnt even hear me cheering from Florida everyone in my house was so happy Frank got HoH again….

            Shaping up to be the best BB player ever….. 5 times on the block BITCHES!! untouchable….. imagine if a few of these idiots actually rolled with him….. –

            1. Shane has been in the same situation except for Frank’s last HOH and if Dan or Dani come off the block he’s back in the same place. I’m hoping for a special powder to send AFRO CIRCUS home.

          2. Bobsky your worse than Frank your Judging and calling people names that you never met. I guess thats why you like him you both have a low self esteem thats why you both resort to these tactics.

          3. Rude! haha wow I’m not saying I hate the guy, I don’t know him, I just disagree with his behavior and the way he makes it through the game. He seems like a great guy and like he would be really cool to hang out with outside of the house, but I am saying I don’t like him in the house. I will list my reasons why for all those out there that say the people that don’t like Frank are “BB nerds” or “irrational” or haters”, because the majority of us don’t hate him as a person, we just like others more IN THE GAME. Here are my reasons for not liking Frank IN THE GAME:
            1: Production is cheating for him to get him further. People say that isn’t true and that we are just making excuses, but there is sooo much evidence! There have been numerous counts of HG’s admitting it, and BB is too cowardly to comment on it! Frank even admitted himself, and because we already know BB has cheated for him at least TWICE, probably MORE than that, any wins he has from now on will be considered shady. He has admitted to it, not too bright of him, and that’s one reason, He should not have had some wins he has! BB is cheating for him and you have had many HG’s say so, himself included. There is no arguing with that fact, like it or not, this is a given that he is being cheated for and should not have won some comps.
            2: He went NUTS last night! He was being a bully where as when Shane and Brit had their back’s against the wall after Jojo and Willie’s eliminations, they kept on trucking and didn’t terrorize the house. Dan and Danielle also. Those four all lost TWO allies in the same week! They just sat back, calmed down, and thought it out to get to where they are now. Great game play got them where they are now, there is no denying this either, because when the whole house was up against these four, they made a strong alliance and played for where they are at now WITHOUT the assistance of production. Frank was being mean. Those four have felt all that betrayal and all the feelings he has had, with Janelle’s team blindsiding them week 1, putting them on the outs. But they fought back.
            3: The arrogance. Him and Boogie acted like they were the best players. I will admit, for all the hate I had toward Boogie, he was an AMAZING player at the game. I wanted him gone though, because of the arrogance. He doesn’t need to be so rude and obnoxious, and Frank followed in his footsteps. He may have been more likable had he not been influenced by Boogie, but oh well.
            That’s why we don’t like Frank. It has openly been stated that he has been cheated for, causing EVEREYTHING he has done to get to this point to be questioned. Until BB talks about the scandal, we can assume that Frank has been cheated for the whole way and shouldn’t have won all the comps he did because of all the cheating. People argue we say this because we don’t like him, but we say this because it happened 100%, but how much cheating occured is unknown, but that doesn’t matter, because we know SOME production manipulation happend.

            1. @ ‘Name’…couldn’t have said it better!! We should ignore any comments from ‘Bobsky’ given that the writer is either very delusional himself or related to Frank or Boogie.

            2. come on, that’s not fair, frank was not acting nuts last night, it was an emotional night, he made a few comments for all of five minutes and then jumped back into being social and playing the game, a lot of other players would have completely broken down and really driven everyone crazy if they just lost both their allies, realized they had been betrayed by another supposed ally, and then had to fight like crazy to win two difficult comps just to stay alive in the game….i actually thought he was going to go nuts, but he has been fairly calm and level headed since his five minute tirade – you have to give him some credit there – and i give the other players credit too, they didnt even argue back bc i think they knew where it was all coming from and that it would pass, just like it did

              1. Astrid-so true about that stupid, coward Shane now kissing Frank’s ass and wanting to work with him and saying he put Frank up because ‘they brainwashed” him! Dude, stand up and take credit for your actions for God’s sake! He may be decent looking but as soon as he opens that stupid mouth all attractiveness goes right out the window! Nothing less attractive about a man than stupidity and he is stupid! The guy cannot even form a coherent sentence! Plus they way he has been leading Danielle on is sickening! Everyone calls her the stalker but they never talk about the signals he is sending her! He is a stupid, moron and deserves to go home!

            3. That is absolutely disgusting what the hell is the point of the game and for everyone eles to give up three months of there lives to hand this shaggy haired cocky arrogant man a huge payday cheque i wouldnt do it thats just stupied and wrong and it cant be helping ratings because i refuse to watch this show because its always frank with hoh or pov its stupied and it dosnt say much of you as a person when you need production of the show to cheat for you!! and i dont think shane is much of a man first he throws britney under the bus then frank wins hoh and he starts kissing his ass and says he wont use pov on dan or danielle shows where his loyailtys are and if i were danielle and won hoh next week id knock his ass up there for that reason!! it seriouslly is time for frank to go i think that is just unbelivable unfair i hope britney or danielle win this

            4. Please tell me when, how and in which comps Frank cheated? Joe said Frank cheated in the Candyland comp but I went back and re-watched it and just did not see it! What am I missing?

              1. you’ll never get to actually watch frank cheat, they more than likely edited any of that evidence out and since they block the feeds from the comps there is no proof that way either…but frank did admit to boogie that he cheated…

          4. You too are delusional my friend. Frank needs to wake and smell the shit he is stirring he is rolling out his own red carpet to be evicted next week. He cant play HOH and Id bet money he doesnt get back to back POVs.

            1. Do you pay attention to the show? Stirring the shit is his best option. If he doesn’t turn the house on it’s head, he’s done. What should Frank do? Make another alliance with those who already turned on him?

              He should nominate Dan and Britney. He has too many targets, so it doesn’t matter as much who he gets out as it does to break up those who remain. During his speech he says that he was willing to let bygones be bygones with Britney, but a little bird told him she was still plotting against him. So he’s nominating the two remaining vets, the two biggest manipulators. Britney will panic (think her reaction to Shane for blaming her for last week) and start trying to figure out who flipped, plus she will be against Dan and will possibly fracture her “bond” with Danielle. The best part is she has the votes, but will try too hard to get them and more. If one of them gets veto you throw Shane up. Either way it’s the best chance to stir the shit.

        2. I like Frank too.. of course he has been peed off a lot lately.. he thought he had deals with people.. lived up to his end of the deal.. and everyone has backstabbed him. Its really all on Janelle who decided to tell everyone he cant be trusted because he was with boogie, and he never shook that label.. even tho time after time he did what he said he would. and everyone immediately backstabbed him.. Go Frank Go.. Hope he wins.. but I dont see it happening.. will probably be Shane or Brittany…(more likely brittany because everyone seems to think she is the most honest., at least all the other houseguests.. even tho she is not…

        3. I think they don’t understand the house holds the cards not frank, they can go to frank and tell him kListen there are four of us and if you don’t put up jen and joe your going home.

        4. I totally agree! I feel like I am the only person watching this all unfold…Frank is up front and honest, every single week he has been a target or HOH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE? Frank is an incredible player, finally a straight shooter with the ability to win competetions!! GO FRANK GO! Just bc everyone hates a winner (Boogie) does not mean that they are one in the same. Frank WILL WIN BB!! He’s like the cock roach that will never die, you can put him up every week and it wont matter. “You chose the wrong side.”

    2. I thought the same thing when I read that — I guess is still living in the delusional little world he and Boogie created!

    3. Let me go through this house guest by house guest—
      Dan—Needs to go—He won it all ready and has scum bagged most in the house at one point or another and never wanted to risk his neck for anything.
      Ian—-Kids a player—Beat Boogie at his own game—Just not a fan of crocodile tears that he gives people
      Shane—He would be my pick for second place based on competition play—And second to last for Brains—Only smarter then Joe
      Joe—He is just a moron—Big Brother made an error in casting him.
      Britney—Career Shield wearer–Has always hid behind strong players to carry her through
      Danielle—Younger version of Britney—Riding Dan/Shanes Coat tails for as far as it will take her–yes she won one competition—But to stalkeresque—most likely will be single when she leaves the BB House—I know if I were her man I wouldnt stick around after what she has pulled so far.
      Jenn—Just like the nick nacks on the shelf—you forget she is part of the game—Could ride the wave
      Frank—Super soldier—May have a gruff demeanor but has brought A Game every competition—May get picked off by a back door but that would be a shame.

      1. @Ian
        You hit that right on the head bubba. I couldn’t agree with you more. my top three would be frank, Ian, and Shane. And it is a shame that Frank is probably gonna get backdoored at some point.

      2. Clearly you aren’t watching the same show I am. Are you kidding me about Dan? He’s going to go home taking the heat for Ian. I can’t wait for Ian to get thrown under the bus. If Dan doesn’t win the POV he’s totally letting the cat out of the bag. As for scum bagging everyone in the house… when did your delusional eyes see this? I don’t understand why everyone takes it so personally anyways, it’s a game and to win you need to lie, cheat, and steal!

      3. Not only is Frank a super soldier, he’s on pace to become the greatest competitor in BB history.

        If he makes it to the Finals, he will easily go down as the greatest BB player ever, behind only Dr. Will!

        Go, Frank!

      4. I would be with you on Ian…but all he did was spy and tattle and now has a huge target on his back. Had he selectively revealed info to both sides and actually played them off each other, while picking off the threats to HIM, I’d have him up there with Frank as most deserving winner. But the truth is Dan and Britney have worked him and will discard him as soon as it suits them. His near hysterics last night showed he’s far more bluster about being a player than he is an actual player

      5. Shane is about as dumb as a box of rocks! Like Britney said, he’s a walking talking liability! I can’t stand him and i can’t wait to see him go.

    4. no I don’t think you were watching they were cheering loud when he won pov. Frank has fans wether you want to admit it or not. and it’s pretty sad when a whole house of people can’t get one guy out when no one has his back. Frank is a beast. and he probably won’t win because I think he is getting back doored by the next hoh. bottom line there were more cheers than boos.

      1. That’s the way I heard it — and I was cheering the loudest. Frank is one of the best BB players ever! AND he’s a stone cold fox!

        I am old enough to be his grandmother but I am a Frank fan — that good old southern boy charm. He’s been coached by a master, too, and I hope he goes all the way. Shane is a wimp. Dan, whom I formerly admired, plays like a sloth — lying around listening, saying nothing at all, but imparting his will just the same.
        I just don’t respect him as much as I used to. His taking the heat for Ian and keeping quiet is a mixed bag — neither reprehensible nor admirable. He just didn’t want to take the heat for real. Ian will probably win this thing — he is a smart kid. Shane is a wimp. (Oh, I said that). Physically, he can compete but mentally and socially, he’s lame. Danielle is unstable, Britney is , well, Britney. Jenn and Joe are forgettable and doing nothing but talking, talking, talking,

        1. So Sid Vicious and Carrot Top mated and made a stone cold fox? Given that you have indicated you are old enough to be his grandmother, maybe you should get your eyes checked. I literally laughed out loud…stone cold fox… wow

      2. Actually, no. If you think it was cheers you must be too delusional to realize otherwise. When Ian got his first clover, the audience cheered! When Frank caught his first clover, they gasped and booed. It was the same reaction as when Kalia won HoH (and Jordan lost.)

      3. Whether or not production is “assisting” Frank – the truth of the matter is he should have been evicted during Shane’s HOH prior to the coaches voting to enter the game or not.

        1. Agreed, and I sincerely think that anyone else was going to be sent packing, they would have done the eviction before the reset vote. They have so many people left in the house they’ll have to do another double eviction to get back on schedule.

      1. There were some boo’s but I think those were mostly for the fact that people thought Frank would then go after Ian. Ian is a fan favorite for some reason.

      2. With Frankfurter as hoh, he’d better start doing some self reflection and butt kissing now, history shows when ur partner has left the game in ur still in it playing their game, ur sent packing..he has to stop playing boogertown’s game if he wants to win…

    5. Thank God Boogie is gone, Backdoor
      Frank, get out Jen, then Joe and may the best QuackPack man or woman win! CBS is the real deal always have been, Julie is Queen of tv…period!

      1. The Quack Pack is done. Shane or Dan is out of the door. Frank is not going anywhere. He will keep fighting and winning.

  1. To me……I really think now after a night’s sleep……that if Frank doesn’t nominate Frank and Shane, he is screwing up. Nominate those two and give them the chance to save themselves. Then tell Brit, Ian and Danielle that if they get to play POV and win it….they can feel free to use it, but know they will be sending one of the other 2 onto the block and it may result in them being sent out. Danielle wins POV she will save Shane….and Dan goes home with Brit sittign next to him….because Shane will not vote against brit….and Dani will go with the guy she is stalking in the house. Jenn and Joe look tobe locks to vote how Frank desires this week….so he gets one more and it is a cinch…..forcing them to realize that using POV seals one of their fates potentially as well woudl be big. But you want either Shane or Dan gone….to fail to get rid of one of them woudl be a waste and will probably lead to Frank being sent away the next week barring Pandora showing up.

    1. That’s stupid if he did that. One danielle wouldn’t save shane if she wins she said she would take Dan off even if she was on the block. Two if Frank had just called everyone out on that he would have no one on the quack pack working with him so he would be all alone and three Joe Ian Danielle would vote to keep Dan they’re smart and know he’s a better allie then Britney or shane or anyone in that alliance

      1. i trust Dan THE LEAST….and that is not bc he is not a good guy, i think he is a good player who can look at you and convince you of anything and then turn around and do the opposite and coming out looking okay bc he justifies everything, it obviously works for him, good game play – but i would trust him the least (well him and ian)

    2. Dani and Dan on the block; Shane wins POV and takes Dani down; Brit goes up; Brit goes to jury.

      Here is my reasoning: Shane has talked numerous times about a final 2 he has with Dani. Dani has talked numerous times about a final 3 with Dan, Shane and herself. Shane needs someone other than himself that can be targeted – that would be Dan. Frank cannot play in next week’s HOH so they are safe for a week and can perhaps work some deal to get to 4.

      1. @Cruizin596, It will never Happen! Frank can pull this off! He will just keep winning. Quack Pack is falling apart. No more Quack Pack.

      2. I hope you are right, but I really think Dan is gone. I hope he wins some type of power. I think Britney is funny, but I never liked her. She wants everyone to do her dirty work. I wish Ian would open his eyes to her. She would stab anyone in the back. Danielle better watch out for her.

    3. Shane is a puppet.

      Dan is a puppet-Master.

      Dan and Shane are definitely not equal targets.

      I’m glad Frank would rather lose to Shane later
      than let Dan float to the end and then win because
      Dan is up against another floater in F2.

    4. I can’t believe Britney is not even on his radar.
      I guess all that smut talk that one night worked for her.
      New Alliance – The Wet and Stickies.

      1. Because Dan is the only thing on his mind. The only reason why Danielle is going up is because he doesn’t want her to save Dan. It’s all about Dan! As long as Dan doesn’t win POV, Shane, Britney, Danielle, and Ian shouldn’t really have much to worry about this week.

    5. If he nominates Dan and Dani, and Shane wins POV and takes off Dani, who would go up? He won’t put Britt or Ian up (unless Dan tells him the truth about him), so that leaves Joe or Jenn. I think this is the best chance Dan has to stay. He’d have Dani for sure, more than likely Shane and Britt’s as well. I think Joe or Jenn, whichever one would not be the replacement would probably vote for Dan to stay as well. Heck, Ian might even cave knowing that Frank can’t play for the next HOH.

        1. That is because Britt told him to say that to Ian to keep him from using the PB veto he won. Frank isn’t going to put her up before he puts Shane up as a replacement if it comes to that after what happened in the opening of PB today.

    1. EXACTLY! And he needs to stop saying he’s a fan and this was his dream, Do he really think everyone else is fighting to go home or gave up their summer just to entertain his dream? He’s really a dumb fan that he can’t see IAN is pulling all the strings.

      1. That is why I am rooting for Ian …but he has to get HOH next week if he survives that long ……… frank should call up shane and danielle and kill off the quack pack by turning on the former “coaches” …all he has to do is say that this has to be won by a newbie … jhust to plant the seed… and prolly by next week they can have both the coaches out …… i want to see if he pulls that card… I think part of franks aniimosity to dan is because of the fact that he has already won once before

        AS f

    2. Just like Dan couldnt get off wanting Frank out so he could work with Boogie. Dan may have not started the rumor of Boogie wanting Britney and Shane gone but he sure didnt try to help them even though they were in a alliance. Frank didnt even say it and yet he was the main target of last week. I understand though Dan is God to most of you.

      1. It does not have anything to do with Dan being a good guy. I dont care about Dan. I wanted all of the newbies to after the former coaches when they entered the game. It is just very predictable and getting a little boring. Give me new drama.

      2. Dan never wanted to work with boogie. i know he told him that but he was lying. dan is loyal to the quack pack. he never would take boogie to final two, three, four or no other final. he was only loyal to ian to final 5. he always wanted it to be him dani shane and brit.

  2. Joe really doesn’t know anything. I’m surprised Frank is telling him all of this, but I guess Frank needs to try to get anyone on his side.

    I still believe the only way Frank can survive next week is if he gets a Pandora’s box with some power. How about a new power called “Mutiny” – Shhhhhh! don’t tell anyone!

    1. Frank is dumb.. he plays the “i’m going to play honest and str8 up” card.. but what he doesnt understand is.. by telling everyone EVERYTHING, he reveals all his cards. He’s so blinded by Booger being in his head that he ignores his own thoughts.

      One thing Frank will learn when he rewatches this season is that he should ALWAYS trust his gut. I think this will be a life lesson once he watches this and reflects on everything.

  3. I want people to know that Frank is a Cheater ! and he is the production’s bitch! he comes thru things like making it

    thru 5 going on the block! Cheating on the last hoh where Britney should have won! So I am going to tell everybody

    that the season’s over. I was a Shane supporter since this is SCRIPTED ! I will not watch this anymore !

    1. I know! It’s so frustrating how production wants him to win so they cheat for him! Everybody thinks he such a strong player but the past few challenges have been all prduction, and he isn’t as great as they make him out to be. He should be gone! I swear if he wins it this is the last year I watched this show. He has the whole house but JENN against him! Jenn! So basically, he’s on his own! He better leave next week!

      1. WOW, enough of this CBS and Frank cheating. Come on. It was Ashley who changed from play to fold and said I’m folding loud enough for Frank to hear. She was folding anyways and JOE thought that was cheating. They showed him drawing the players choice chip and I watched again and it was done correctly. Then, they even poured the whole bag out because JOE got all up about it. The other players chips were in the bag. So., GET over it. FRANK has won these competitions to save himself. And if your theroies were correct, than Boogie and Janelle would still be in the game. I guess all the houseguest must also be actors and be in on the scam and throwing competitions too. These idiots voted out Ashley over JOE for goodness sake., maroons.

        1. Umm yea.. Frank admitted to palming houseguests choice chip. Frank also wanted to scumbag Dan, lastly what is a maroon? Is that a cookie or were u trying to insult people but couldn’t pull the trigger lmao

          1. That’s a macaroon you idiot, macaroon is a cookie. Learn some vocabulary. Maroon is both a color and the act of being stranded/on your own. So, you are both wrong.

            Team Frank!!!

          2. “Maroon” in this context is referencing the mispronunciation of “moron” that Bugs Bunny used to use. Bugs would call various other characters an “ultra maroon”, or say things like “What a maroon.”. He’d also ironically mispronounce other words aimed at the lack of other characters’ intellect such as “ignoranimous”.

            So…there’s that.

        2. they never showed chips falling out of the bag with each houseguest name on it, and they even said frank and boogie cheated in the pov comp. but frank would have won regardless. everyone is entitled to their opinion we can all agree to disagree and in MY opinion production is cheating for frank. nothing against the guy he does play hard to win, but that still doesn’t take away from the way it’s viewed that production is helping him. I mean Seriously every week he’s able to play for hoh he wins and everytime he’s on the block he wins except once?

      2. No everyone don’t think he’s a strong player, and they all want him out. Even Brit said weeks ago and Janelle that Frank will win this game. Brit says it so much that production cuts the feeds now when she says it. They keep putting him on the block, but he keeps winning himself off with the help of production.

        1. with “help of production” ……so your saying that CBS gives the answers to questions before competitions (which Frank lost) or tell Frank to run back and forth faster as help from production? ….again., no proof and just upset LOSERS blaming anyone but their hero’s on the show for not winning vs Frank. Frank is now shown he’s better with his back against the wall then Rachel, Janelle, Brendon and James. Frank could go win every competition to the end and would be the first real person to deserve winning this show in a long time.

          1. Just worth noting this.
            While the HGs were discussing the Shamrock comp. last night they were asking where each others shamrocks were placed.
            Danielle mentioned hers were way at the botttom, someone else said one was in back and one was in front (of the bin) and I could swear Frank said his were both near the top.
            If anyone wants to flashback to it I believe it was sometime between 11:30 and midnight.
            I may go look myself, I dunno if I want to sit through Frank droning on about himself for that long though.

            1. I heard that too! And the hg’s started talking about being able to see each other in the HOH comp too. BB cut the sound and went to another camera view

            2. Last uear Jeff would have easily won if he hadnt thron out the shoe. Franks lane was the same one Jeff had. Perhaps that end lane is the easiest to rig for their favorite players. Especially since we all know they didnt want Jeff going aaanywhere-and is apparently the same thing with Frank. Just a thought.

          2. yes that is exactly what i’m saying, because they knew dan, shane or brit would go home and they didn’t want to evict 2 popular players in one night. that is why he won veto and then won hoh. for someone (frank) to say this was his dream and he’s be a fan he didn’t seem mad he lost. he seemed hurt but not lost eventhough he knew he had a chance at pov. Like jeff was. jeff was mad he lost hoh that year, frank looked sad and hurt not mad. so yes i said it and will say it again prodocution is rigging it, even the houseguest who is playing for the second time Brit says it. we can agree to disagree.

      3. Well, I know I was cheering when Frank won the POV and I think many of the CBS crowd were as well. Of course, a few boo’s from Ian fans. Interesting side facts is that Frank was in the same lane as Jeff was last year in the clown shoe contest. Also, this season was the first season that the Zing Bot wasn’t Jessie. I’m sure you noticed the different voice and walk BB fans?

    2. And something I’d like to point out, I’m guessing they didn’t want him HOH during double eviction so they just let him win veto. This allowed him to get Pandora’s Box. Where was this when Shane was HOH? They could at least try to hide the fact that they are rigging it, I mean come on haha This is so sad!

      1. They led a Vet to win Last season and this season they’re leading a Newbe to the win. Sorry no conspiracy needed the evidence is there, GO WATCH ALL OF LAST SEASON. Shelly’s who was trying to get Rachel out, gets called in the DR, then comes out trying to get a pawn up nobody likes Lowan, instead of a pawn people liked like Jordan(production written all over it) Porche’s Pandora’s Box audience were never told about on the live show that saved Rachel(production written all over it) POV after that even Jordan admitted was being catered to them. They did it again, Starting with Shane’s Chima’d HOH which instead of evicting Frank it reset the whole game botching a good idea in favor of the bore same ol same ol we saw after.

        1. I don’t care about being called hater when I lie, but pointing out what’s already there?? I never gave a fuck who won the game, but when Production constantly meddles in the game to lead whoever they want to the win.

    3. I feel exactly the same way for sure they r pushing him through each time
      They make sure he gets off somehow it stinks when the players aren’t
      In controll of the house n votes it shouldn’t be production icky
      Carrots top frank cut your hair it is a mess

    4. There is a half million dollars on the table. ALL but a few of these people have just sat on their assess all summer, and that includes the schemers and manipulators. I would definitely prefer to see the guys who actually stepped up to do the work, kept themselves in shape and performed in the competitions take it to the final two. If this is unclear to any of you past, current or future desk jockeys, I support Frank and Shane final two. Give it up to the working man.

      1. just because you’re physical enough to win competions or mental enough to win challenges doesn’t make everyone else loosers. Yes Frank is good at winning comps, but so is Shane and if those two are in the final 2 what are they going to say I won comps? It’s a lot better to say I was more than just good at winning a comp. Boogie didn’t win much but I consider him a great player because he knew how to move people like chess pieces. Same with Ian he’s good that he has everyone outside his alliance (QP) believing he’s a nerdy, nervous kid that sits in the hammock all day and rock back and forth biting his nails. Same with Dr. Wil. not every person has to win a comp to be great, to be honest you really only need to win to assure you don’t go home other than that a social game is better anyday. Why work and get all out of breath to save yourself when you can just talk and still don’t go home?

  4. Frank is really obsessed with Boogie. He can’t play the game or think straight for talking about Boogie. I can’t wait for him to see all the trash he’s talking about Dan really needs to be directed at Ian. It will be Frank and Ian in final 2 probably because it seems like production has a hand in Frank staying. I mean really last weeks POV no one from the otherside was picked and two people chose houseguest choice. Anyone else ever realize how you never see who’s name is in the bag? They need to have HOH put the names in the bag like they have HOH put the key in the box to assure production is not helping out any member. Seriously they be in the DR so long it’s no telling what goes on in there. Some are even begnning to complain about DR sessions.

    1. We saw last year that playing someone else’s game dooms you in the end (dani trying to play like ED). THat will hopefully be true for both Frank and Ian.

      1. True, but who is Frank playing like. No one I can remeber. He’s just obsessed like Dani his housemate is with Shane. Frank is playing for Boogie it seems. Ian is playing reallly well to have everyone outside of the Quackpack believe he’s just a dumb nerdy kid that rocks and bite his fingers all day. The only ones that knows IAN is playing them is the QuackPack and maybe Joe, he has Frank snowed, and dumb Frank so busy listening to what he says he heard of cheers last night that he forgot to remeber Boogie telling him not to trust Ian, he really believes Dan got into Ians head, but little does he know it was all Ian, and everyone in the QuackPack will now be in jury and if Ian is in final 2 QuackPack will vote for Ian in a 2nd over Frank, and Frank will take Ian because he thinks Ian is a dumb scared kid. I can’t wait to see the look on Franks face when Ian gets up to give th final 2 speech and tell Frank he was behind all this. Frank is going to look dumber than Brit and the Brigade. That’s if he and Ian are in final 2, but regardless Frank is going to look like an idiot when he finds out it was all IAN and he’s busy waisting his time and energy trying to get Dan out and little does he know Ian is working to get him out.

      2. Dani wasnt trying to play like Evil Dick. Evil Dick did nothing and had production and americas player carry him through the game. Dick and Jordan were the two worst winners in bb history.

  5. Dan is not gonna use the veto on Danielle if he wins why would he? If he wins the veto takes himself off someone will be going up against Danielle most likely Joe and the alliance can save Danielle. If Dan uses the veto on Danielle he’s done for sure!

  6. Thats sucks! Looks like Dan is toast. I don’t even think if he throws Ian under the bus it will help because Frank is convinced that Dan makes people do everything to him. Maybe he will get the Veto. The show wouldn’t be as good without Dan or Frank blaming Dan for everything.

    “Man, It’s hot outside today. Dan must be trying to steam us out of here, so he can win. I won’t let him get away with this” -Frank

  7. Frank is so OBSESSED with Dan he needs an excorcism!! WTF? doesnt he know anyone elses name? I mean really its overkill at this point we all KNOW frank doesnt like DAN so why do they have to show and talk about it every 1-2 minutes of every hour he is awake? Come on…..and Britney is a witch, yes she is funny blah blah blah but I could see last week she was starting to get closer to Frank in case this happened so that she looked like an angel. At this point I dont think Dan can really save himself unless he gets the POV but I am sure that Frank will get it and the world will be rainbows and butterflies in Franks world when he evicts Dan….only to follow him next week. FUNNY how Frank forgets that Shane put them on the block and Shane did not replace Dan as the nominee but yet Dan is the threat the target the evil one!! Really?? What world does Frank live on, I really do NOT like Frank as a person. He is just a mean spirited person and if he doesnt like someone you better not like them because he doesnt or else!! What a joke!! Im sorry I love big brother but this constant beer game of Dan and drink has gotten me so drunken mad!! Cant wait for the season to be over! Lets just end it now and cut Frank a check and all throw Dan to the wolves…..Really….Shaking my head!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Of all the old players you’re telling me the brought Brit back. Brit wasn’t a strong player during her season. They bought Brit back with 3 strong coaches. I was wondering if they brought Brit back to redeem herself from the Brigade situation? That’s if Ian and Frank aren’t in final 2 but I can see Brit going to at least final 3 this time.

  8. If I were one of the other houseguest I would vote to evict Dani…If the other people want to have a chance of winning something they need to get Frank’s paranoid ass out of the house. With Dan in the house he can help get Frank out.

  9. Franks walks like a woman .. did anyone else notice that on the live show last night?

    He has a lot of fem mannerisms.. maybe his dad wasn’t around much when he was younger and was always around his mom.

    I think Frank and his dad would be perfect for Amazing Race

    1. frank and boogie would be perfect

      they would be a dream team. boogie is in darn good racing shape. I wouldnt be surprised if they won

    2. when will the “great” dan see that brit is watching him get his by a car, and just sort of letting it happen.

      when will he finally say screw it, and throw her under the bus

      they are starting to get cocky in playing frank, when they should be more focused on the fact that all it takes is an hoh and a backdoor and frank is gone, but the rest of the group? oh dan, you again should have kept mike boogie. I really still dont understand it. he was the easiest win, and the best way to keep pressure off dan. boogie goes, and dan gets IMMEDIATE pressure.

  10. Frank said everyone was cheering for him.This smelly guy is stuck on stupid.They screamed No!when they seen the cheater get the second clover.Frank is basically saying to all of the house guests that he thinks that everyone except Dan is dumb and rides the short yellow bus.He thinks none of the house guests can think on their own.Dan controls everyone.Lol.Frank is really pathetic.Good thing he’s in a alliance with production.They(production)will make sure Dan doesn’t win the veto and then they will give this delusional idiot a power.It’s a wrap for everyone in the house except Frank.The fix is in.

  11. This has been a somewhat hard season to watch,
    ever since Janelle started the season by teaching
    her people (including Britney) to lie to everyone
    about everything, and to use the pretend-to-not-
    know anything approach to the entire game.

    Regardless of how I might think about Frank
    personally, it is quite refreshing to have a HOH
    who is telling everyone (including the nominees)
    face to face.

    I’m glad Frank has figured out Dan and is getting rid
    of Dan!

    1. P.S. Hopefully, after Dan leaves, Shane/Danielle will tell
      Frank that it was always Britney who was demanding Frank
      be nominated.

      That way Britney can follow Dan right out of the house.

      1. That would be great, but I think that Danielle is too close to Brit, Brit serves a purpose for Dani, she is Dani’s “yes” person when Dani feels insecure and starts asking question for self reassurance.

  12. Ever year there is some fool like you talking about cheating likethey have the inside track yet they give themselves away when they say thier didnt win bet you were happy during that childish cookie party grow adults shunning each other .did production stage that to make boogie look bad . Thats human nature people being heartless,than wow wondering why someone fights so hard back . Anyone would have done the same thing frank had nothing to lose and everything to gain

  13. I think it is so funny that people say this game is scripted. I have been watching past seasons and the types of games they play throughout the season follow the same patterns for the most part and with things like Pandora’s Box, yes, they can give the HOH or someone else a certain advantage but it is up to the HOH to either open the box or not. BB tries to push the direction of the show in certain directions for entertainment purposes because first and foremost this is a television show and bigger ratings mean bigger money for CBS so let’s just clear that up.

    One thing that BB cannot control is the ACTIONS and REACTIONS of the houseguests. Those are real. What happens time and time again is when something scandalous happens to someone we are not cheering for, we love it and say “ha ha” but when something happens to push one of our favorites in a bad direction we cry foul.

    So are you Frank haters saying that production is basically handing Frank these wins? If so, how EXACTLY are they doing that? In the last veto competition did BB say ” Ok Frank we are going to put your two pieces in the box about 3 feet down and to the left? Yeah right. That is the exact game that was played with Jeff was kicked out in the BB double eviction night when his dang clown shoe fell out of the box.

    Once people can accept that production probably does push houseguests in to certain situations but ultimately it is up to them to finish, we will all be able to enjoy these shows for what they are. Mindless summer enjoyment. BB is fun and I look forward to it every summer.

    Thats my two cents.

    1. i for one completely agree with you i dont see how it is possible to cheat in a stay or fold competition and further more production didnt save frank with a reset we did with the vote and dan,brit and janelles greed for 500k had a part in that as well

      1. The problem with the reset was that BB would have never let America’s Vote be “no” to coaches returning. Even before the season started, everyone knew that the coaches were going in at some point. Plus, making it so that all coaches would enter when only ONE coach pressed the button was guaranteeing a coach entry. If anything, it should have been unanimous or else no coaches would enter.

        1. I dont think thats correct me and everyone i know that watches made sure we put in our 10 votes each to have the coaches enter the game,plus julie chen said herself that all the evicted house guests would of had a chance to enter the game had the reset not been done

          1. I thought Julie said ONE evicted houseguest. I can go back and re-watch it (thanks YouTube) but I’m fairly certain she said one.

        2. The problem with the reset is that Frank had been voted OUT and thereby should have been evicted BEFORE the coaches entered the game.

      1. Agreed. but Ian didnt throw it because production told him too. I think Ian threw it because he didnt want the responsibility. Look what happened to the kid when he was HOH for 10 minutes! I thought he was going to have a panic attack. It was fear of power that blew it for that kid, not production.

  14. If they give Frank a good Pandora’s Box, I’m done with BB. This is ridiculous. What show are the team Frank people watching? He’s a competition beast? Pretty sure Ashley & Boog threw Frank at least two of those wins.

  15. Pandora’s box: Frank opens it in the HOH room, it’s the
    emerald HOH power, Frank get to nominate three people
    for eviction.

    When POV is played, there is still only one winner and
    one replacement. Two people are voted out on eviction
    night. (The two that get the most amount of votes for
    eviction) If there are any ties, Frank as HOH will cast
    the deciding vote.

    Voila, BB Production eliminates the problem of too many
    house guest still left in the BB house with just a short
    amount of time to go. And at the same time, Frank,
    “THE PERSECUTED ONE” gets to see two of his choice of
    three people gone from the house.

    Oh, by the way,…the EMERALD HOH POWER also allows
    Frank to compete in the next HOH competition.

  16. smh @ people saying frank is paranoid of dan, when in fact it’s the whole house that is paranoid of frank from the start of BB. when Ian won HOH last night, it was dan all in Ian’s ear telling Ian to nominate frank. frank was put up 6 times and the house FAILED to take him down. frank will be stupid at this point not to target dan. either way even if dan saves himself with the POV, DDBS will be broken up. looks like Jenn or Joe have a easy walk into one of the slots in the F2.

    1. I agree, it amazes me how people keep saying Frank should try working with Dan? Yeah he should forgive Dan who is behind him in one form or another being on the block for the last 6 weeks. Then start trusting that he will not have DDBS put him up?? When Dan talks Fairy Dust comes out of his mouth but looks like Frank is immune. And for Ian who is suppose to be a super fan he lacks the true understanding of this game. He voted against his own best interest
      It was a smart move for DDBS but not for him. He is at the bottom of the totem pole of a non–factor alliance. He puts up his own people to help others improve their chances at $500.000. He doesn’t seem to have the concept down that you make big moves to get yourself ahead in the game not others.

  17. looks like dan is going home unless he wins a pov i think its dumb how much credit he got for boogie going home when he didnt really do anything same thing with ian i love how he told boogie it was all his plan but in all reality brit danielle and shane already had it planned out if dan does go i hope shane wins because hes winning a lot of competitions making big moves and still not really being targeted franks an idiot shane nominated you twice now to be evicted shanes smarter than people think hes winning comps to save his a$$ then playing this oh i never watched big brother idk what im doing card so people think hes dumb and don’t worry about him if frank was smart hed go after shane because if he doesnt he will prob win another hoh and nominate frank for a third and hopefully final time unless big brother gives frank a dpov or coupe de jeff and if that happens i will be done with this season because the check already belongs to frank

      1. no i usually use a i pod when posting and the period button is to much work to get to on a touch screen i didn’t realize this was English class and i needed to use proper punctuation

  18. Why are all you people ragging on my little grandson? He doesn’t know any better. He was brought up to use fowl language, cheat when he can, and to never say a kind work about anyone. He calls all dark people dirty water, so what’s wrong with that? He is a free spirit, and does not want to have a full time job, that way he has a lot of time to think about begrudging those that do. Love him or hate him he is still the best little grandson anyone could have.

  19. I just finished watching dans season again and i really wasnt that impressed except for when he made the deal with ollie.If i had to compare his game to someone it would probally be jordan just a couple of glorified floaters who can win comps when theres only 4 or 5 people left in the house.Sometimes those are the most dangerous kind of players.Im not saying hes not a good player im just saying he wouldnt be in my top 5

  20. Dan and Britney need to get voted out so it’ll be all newbies in the like it should be. People that never won competing for the money! The coach I was excited to see back was Janie and she left pretty early so now the rest of them need to buzz off and let new people play the game, they deserve the money more! Dan and Boogie shouldn’t have been brought back in the first place, they already won 500 grand and it’s not fair!

  21. frank frank frank

    i aint see noone yelling at frank because the nomination he will put up dan danille so come next week frank will be like a little baby crying bullying next week … dan or danielle can leave i dont care but if danille stays she may win hoh endurance …. next week the comments on here will be so bias …….. i hope frank can take it like a man and not bitch and scream , shout at house guest next week when its his time providing he doesnt have a power

  22. what a prima donna, bb messed up his breakfest???? are you kidding me, and people think this jerk is cool and deserves to win??? only way he will win is if bb is fixed just like daddy’s rasslin career

  23. So glad Frank won POV then HOH. I’m thrilled to see Dan the Worm squirmming for votes this week. He fools nobody with his bible reading ways trying to look better than thou. He’s a text book passive-aggressive.
    What was up with Boogs dressing like one of the Lollipop Kids during the vote?

  24. Frank has 3 HOH’s and 3 staright POV’s LOL! Hey Dan and Britney fans, grab a lollipop and suck it. I hope you are all enjoying your crow sandwiches. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  25. Frank not only is a power player winning the comps, he plays an intelligent game as well.
    Putting Danielle up against Dastardly Dan is brilliant. Not only does it negate a chance for Danielle to vote for Dan, it also forces Lame Shane to have to vote for Dan.
    Well played Frank. Good luck going up against the rest of the house. You’ll need it.

  26. The stinky lumberjack is disgusting. You all need to remember…his HOH means NOTHING. He still needs the votes and if Dan and Danielle go up and that stays the same I’ll bet Danielle goes home and not Frank’s target. He doesn’t have the votes.

    Second I think it’s pretty disgusting that they’re likely doing something with Pandora’s box right now….throw another power to the lumberjack production.

      1. Exactly who are these house guests who are going to vote to
        get rid of Danielle and keep Dan? I don’t see anyone doing that.

  27. Pandora’s Box will be opened today!

    Pandora’s box: Frank opens it in the HOH room, it’s the
    emerald HOH power, Frank get to nominate three people
    for eviction.

    When POV is played, there is still only one winner and
    one replacement. Two people are voted out on eviction
    night. (The two that get the most amount of votes for
    eviction) If there are any ties, Frank as HOH will cast
    the deciding vote.

    Voila, BB Production eliminates the problem of too many
    house guest still left in the BB house with just a short
    amount of time to go. And at the same time, Frank,
    “THE PERSECUTED ONE” gets to see two of his choice of
    three people gone from the house.

    Oh, by the way,…the EMERALD HOH POWER also allows
    Frank to compete in the next HOH competition.
    Which 3 will Frank pick for eviction? Dan/Dani/Brit

    1. This is Dr. Kirby’ attorney, I have instructed Dr. Kirby to comment no further on this issue due to the possibility of litigation. Please refrain from asking my client any questions regarding the Emerald HOH Power. Thank you

            1. His comments have been pretty straight forward, I believe
              that it’s the truth and somehow he got a tip off from production.

                    1. Your huge forehead is full of a lot of dead brain cells, whereas mine has only live quality brain cells!

                  1. What did you say? My heart is pounding so hard from hauling these bricks that I couldn’t hear anything.

                    1. My lawyer is allowing me to speak now, the inside information that I
                      had for Pandora’s Box was correct. When BB Production got wind
                      that I’d let the cat out of the bag, they scrambled and came up with
                      a different scenario. That relieved me of being sued since what I
                      said did not come to pass on the BB television show.

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            my facebook fan webpage and those that
            aren’t. Hope to see you visiting very soon,

    2. YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO,

    3. Ring, ring. Hello, production, yes, when I’m on your show next season, I’d like to have that Pandora’s Box mentioned by Dr Will while I’m HOH.

  28. danille please go home tears are u kidding me ……. when danille had power she was happy i didnt see any tears last week and we shouldnt see none this week …. i must admitt dan is taking this very well ……….i want danille gone

    1. That’ exactly the point of the whole thing. If you had half a brain you’d realize that Pandora’s HAS TO BE BEFORE nominations so that Frank has time to think which 3 people to nominate. Also Frank would have to keep it a secret up to the time before nominations, otherwise he would lose the power. That’s the way it has always been. But considering your mental capacity, I can understand why you couldn’t put two and two together. It’s time for your group therapy!

  29. I don’t think Frank will open Pandora’s Box unless it is super clear he gets a “power”. I think he knows the repercussions could seriously impact his “one man show” game now that Boogie is gone.

  30. Oh god.
    People who are saying Frank is shaping up to be the best BB player ever need to sit and think back on all 13 seasons before.
    He’s good, you have to give it to him, he is a great competitor yes, and maybe he’ll go down in top 15 players but not the absolute best.

    1. Not the best no. But if he wins….he will be up there among the best. Janelle is the only one who probably rivals him in competitions. I hope Shane is sincere. Can you imagine Frank and Shane being in a true alliance…! Game over.

  31. As much i love the game that the Machine (Frank) is playing, there will be that one week (maybe next week) he doesnt win pov of hoh and will go to jury. Despite that he is just dominant and needs to somehow get dan out and get an alliance brewing to save him the week he cant win.

    TEAM FRANK YO!!!!!! Dont f*** with the Machine!!!!

  32. Every wrong doing in the world is Dan’s fault according to the Geico Caveman. I feel like Mariah Carey’s Obsessed song should be piping out the speakers everytime Dan walks by Frank.

    1. Ha! That sounds fantastic. Seriously Frank is obsessed with Dan and he’ll see how dumb he’s been this whole time. Dan really hasn’t done anything this season, but somehow everything is his fault??? Crazy!

  33. Don’t worry Frank, with Dan leaving all will be right in the BB house. No on will want you in the finals. You will have to win every comp, good luck with that. Face it Frank, your only shot is to win every comp. You are an arrogant douche bag like your father. He acted like a jerk and that is why he does not wrestle anymore.Remember you will not play in the next HOH. Bye bye Frank, the clock is ticking. I guess you will have to eat crow when you see that Dan did not threaten Ian and Ian screwed you. Ian played you and you should have guessed it. You and Boogie never worked with him. He was just to be your lap dog. Can’t wait to see you give Ian all the money. Frank, you are a loser and a bully. Blame everyone but yourself!!

  34. hey Dan you need to start using your coaching skills to build up confidence with your ANTI-FRANK ALLIANCE. Britney sounds she just about to quit any minute. Danielle is crying because she failed to convince frank into thinking she was a teacher, Shane is in the bathroom using up his second can of mousse hair spray, Ian is just walking back and forth with his typical one word answers to dan and britney, Joe hasn’t washed his hands all day since he got to the kitchen preparing food and while all this is going on, frank is in the hoh room opening up a one sided red hair/tattoo/leather vest pandora’s box. oh wait…that’s Jenn.

  35. @ Simon and Dawg, do you think Shane is serious about the final 2 with Frank? He seems like he is getting scared.
    Also I doubt the Pandora’s Box will hurt Frank’s game, I dont totally buy into the ‘production trying to save Frank’ conspiracy but it would not make sense to bring him down now, its gonna be something fun for the house and horrible for him.

    1. They’re all playing Frank right now….they want Joe up and I have a feeling they’ll push it after POV. Frank needs them next week and he might have to go with someone just for some hope when he can’t play for HOH. Ian is even playing him right now…if there’s an opportunity with the POV I think even Ian will be pushing for Joe and Ian will vote to evict Joe…not Dan. You think lines were drawn last week….next week has the potential for major fireworks.

  36. Frank has no one and he needs someone in order for his plan to work out. NEXT week will be the killer…if Dan’s on the block and the other person goes home – which I think is very likely Frank will really know everyone is still lying to him and he’s target #1. Frank needs people to vote his way and protect him next week..he has to kiss ass even though he’s HOH. I will laugh my you know what off if they’re able to get Joe up after the POV somehow.

    AND Frank is not a good player. He sucks. If he was good he would know Ian lied and is still lying and playing him hard. Boogie looked like a complete fool last night when he learned about Ian last night and Frank is still looking like a complete fool.

      1. I’m a hater because he’s a complete idiot. He has no idea he’s being played hard for weeks now by a little “naive” 21 year old. He talked to Ian like he was a child last night and like he has no idea what he’s doing when in fact Ian is probably playing one of the best games….he has both sides and people are protecting him. Plus all Frank does is fart and not put on deodorant….that’s just flippin rude. The un-employed lumberjack that’s mooching off his Grandma needs to get a JOB!

        1. @Matthew, First of all. He ain’t no idiot okay. He can overcome the odds. Like him or hate him. I will respect Frank’s gameplay. He is the John Cena of Big Brother. Hustle loyal & Respect.

    1. I don’t think he was a fool. I’m sure he felt that way. He actually tried to help Ian and Ian used him the entire time. Everyone trust someone they shouldn’t. It’s the game. I think in a way last night Boogie thought it was kinda cool Ian was the man behind some of it. I think Ian is playing entirely too bold. I mean to say he masterminded Boogies departure? That was very over the top, he gave info and lets face it, Shane does all the work. Ian’s ass is gonna get caught in a trap soon and he will be gnawing his fingers off over it. Boogie and Frank going up was a no brainer. Ian taking credit shows how bad of a player he is, I mean really, you master minded two people going out, one of which has been on the block since the first episode? Idiotic. Telling Boogie when he left, showed how stupid he is. He revealed everything in that statement. Boogie said “Don’t trust Ian” You think Frank is buying into Ian? No way, no how. Boogies words are gold to Frank, and despite the hate, it just might be worth it’s weight in gold at that moment. The best thing that can happen to Frank is for Shane to wake up and see, that they are the only two that do anything in the house and they both deserve a final 4 seat. I hope they do work together, it would be a power alliance we haven’t really seen before this late in the game, and I’d like to see how it would play out.

    2. obviously you’re not watching the feeds. frank is not trusting no one, he’s HOH, he managing his options and filtering out the BS people are feeding him. he has to hear them out, and be open to what they can offer in return for safety. frank knows it’s him against the house. frank needs Ian for now, because he knows if Ian is in the jury house, Ian will vote fair, since Ian is the self titled BB fanboy. I give a lot of respects to frank with the way he’s handling this hoh. he’s direct to the point of who he wants out, and will have no problem in telling dan himself he wants dan out. hey Shane, do you see how frank is in control of his hoh, that’s how you should of taken care of yours.

  37. Frank one man phone call

    (Mike Answer Machine)


    Frank:Hey Mike,It’s your boy Frank. Listen check this out. I open the pandora box & I found something awesome that I got Coup d`etat or Diamond Power of Veto. I get to change the nomination whatever I want. Here is the juicy part! Eval Dick raise havoc on Ian. He made Ian cry like a baby & Danielle was Whines that Eval Dick torture her. Oh yeah! Get this! Joe is almost put up his fist on Eval Dick. He use pots & pans on him.


  38. SMH/LMAO! I thought I heard it all on BB, but Shane getting all teary eye and swearing on his dog’s life is one of best BB moments ever.

  39. At this point i hated frank and boogie, but if Frank and shane are the only ones winning HOH from now then they deserve to be in finale this point im sick of glorified flooters like Dan and Britney, they not stepping up and winning shit, im a brit fan but she has to start winning or she do not deserve no money. I wish evel dick was in the house just to make danielle commit fking suicide on the live feeds, now that would be monies worth.

    1. Dan and Brit are NOT floaters — a “floater” does not commit to a specific alliance; they “float” with the power. Just because a HG is not winning comps does not mean they are not playing the game. Each alliance member has their role within the alliance. Big Brother is not just about winning comps.

  40. “Shane says that he will go home now and see that Boogie wanted to work with me … but you know I was brainwashed. Frank says yeah.”
    Attention Shane Zoolander – IF you think that Dan was brainwashing you, what do you think Frank is doing? Seriously, how did Blue Steel manage to fill out the HG questionaire to get on this show? If they gave a prize for most easily manipulated player, this guy would win hands down. (facepalm)

  41. its risky, putting dan up with danielle.

    I HOPE shane goes “wow, maybe I SHOULD work with frank, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    I bet the challenge will be made for small people at the pov, either brit or dani or dan win, dan prob comes off the block

    IF, they vote out dani over dan, they are the dumbest cast ever.

    fortunately frank got a month with boogie. hes ready, hes been lied to b y everyone, he knows this. I dont think he trusts ian, I think he just has to at some point trust someone. its like boogie had said about ian about a week ago when asked by frank “what if ian screwed us”. Boogie said ” well, then we’re done”.

    frank needs shane to join him, why the heck hasnt he? I just dont get his allegiance to brit and danielle, they have done NOTHING to keep the kid safe

  42. Folks this game is NOT RIGGED because it is against Federal Law for the networks to do that. In the 50’s – 60’s there was a game show called the $64,000 dollar question (sixty-four-thousand dollar question) that gave contestants the answers to the questions before the game began. They would quiz them and then put them in a booth ot play the game. They looked brilliant and one guy won several thousand dollars (a fortune in those days) and people because suspcious and an investigation began. The rigged game was discovered and a senete investigation committe along with our govt. body passed a law making it unlawful for a network to rig any game show. So, it is NOT RIGGED like some here like to think. I’m not saying they aren’s fudging a bit by using certain ploys now and then (like the coaches entry – phoney as it was a cinch) however they cannot guarantee any player a final win. Also back then it was found out that companies like Readers Digest and others were not awarding all of the prizes they promised in contests. Don’t recall if Readers Digest was doing that but it was those kinds of contests that made the govt. pass that law as well. So all games, no matter the type, must be played fairly or the companies face huge fines.

    1. I’m sure the Legal Department at CBS lets production know just how much they can influence the Big Brother reality show and still keep it legal. By the way, there is a good 1994 movie called Quiz Show about the game show Twenty One that started the quiz show scandals, it’s directed by Robert Redford and stars Ralph Fienes and John Turturro.

    1. LOL…you heard that too? I swore when Frank was about to win POV last night people were saying nooooooooooooooooo in the audience.

  43. Sheesh, must have fat fingers today with all the typos i put in my last post. Should have proof read it but didn’t. Doh on me!

  44. So let me get this straight. Shane put Frank up. Ian put Frank up. But it’s all Dan’s fault because he brainwashed them? Up until now, I figured Frank would just feel stupid when we watched the show at home after it was over, but I think he’s so dellusional, that he’ll still believe it was all Dan.

    Dan certainly went along with the plans and helped make them, but the fact that Frank is so oblivious to everyone else coming after him also is insane.

  45. I know everyone says they heard the audience booing when Frank won the veto but all I heard was shock, then awe and then cheering for Frank because everyone knew it was 6 against 1. People love an underdog. I have never gotten that excited before over BB. I’m rooting for Frank because with him evicted the season would be boring with Dan running the house.

  46. and I was watching the live show too. There was a massive groan from the audience when Frank pulled ahead in the POV.

  47. Britney really mssed her game up when she joined with the 6 to get rid of Janelle…Britney and Janelle could’ve made a formindable team…Dan messed his game up by getting rid Boogs…

  48. brit and dan have done nothing but hide behind shane, and throw boogie out as this huge target

    they need to feel the heat here

    and ian….oh ian, you got too cocky, and mike boogie GOT you. he had literally 10 seconds left in the BB house, and he STILL managed to totally destroy your game with the simple words “do not trust ian”. if ANYONE believes frank does trust ian, you are nuts. boogie’s wordi s gold to frank, as it should be

    people hate on their bromance, I actually love it. Its refreshing to see people with all out loyalty to a friend.

  49. I hope Shane and Ian are the final 2 (which one comes in 1st place does not matter to me). Frank aggravates me. Dan has already won. The rest are just floaters. Danielle won one HOH, but not interested in seeing her win either or come in second.

    Ian told Boogie during his goodbye interview that he basically was the sleeping gun. Frank is so out of it …he truly feels that Dan manipulated Ian to get Boogie out. Like Ian told Boogie, “I have been watching this show for the last 10 years and I paid attention” I would love to see Ian come from behind and get Frank out of there. If there is no secret deal between Shane and Ian —there should be.

    My co-worker mentioned Brittney today because we listed some names that Frank might put up if Shane or Dan win the veto…..her name came up last because we had really forgot she was in the house —if she wins…I would be truly disappointed.

  50. oh. dan’s comment “for janelle, I vote to evict mike boogie”


    they better not put a power out there via america’s vote. It will make me ANGRY to see brit or dan get a power, when brit has done NOTHING, and dan has lied over and over, and seems to be in control of his edit. he knows how they are editing him, its freaking obvious.

  51. It’s about time Frank deserve in Finale. Anyone who deserve in Final 2 is Frank & Shane. Hey, Both fight hard and make it through. All other Floaters are wasting our time.

  52. Okay Simon, it’s not a game? Then what is it? A contest? Those are covered too. Tell me what it is because people on here are always saying IT’s A Game! Now I’m confused about what I’ve been watching. Oh yes I know it is called a Reality show but in fact it is a contest with prizes and awards with money involved so think it would be covered…

    1. I believe that it is considered an entertainment show just like the WWE… different than classifying it as a game…

  53. Frank is the only reason I watch BB this season.

    He inspires me to be myself, be honest, stay true to my word and do what I say.

    Frank you are the man!

    All these other players are cowards…

  54. Frank is delushional….yes he is good at comps but that’s it…..let just face facts he is utterly obsessed
    With Dan..every other word is Dan….I guarentee he doesn’t make it too the end. His ego with be his
    Downfall..he is not liked nearly as much as he thinks he is. Production is hands down favoring him as they do
    One person every year. Shane is by far the biggest bitch in big brother history..this cast is by far the biggest bunch of
    PUSSIES. The problem is nobody will stand up tp frank that’s why he acts the way he does. I hope as a big
    Fat F&*K YOU. To big brother production jenn and joe are sitting final 2. They need to stop already with the returning
    Houseguests. Time to see new players…and who the hell does frank think he is…vote my way or your going up
    Yeah ok frankie boy because you have all that clout…stupid ass you don’t get to control that part
    And remember you can’t play next week and remember you can’t win them all….I hope for the sake of every other
    Houseguest Dan stays…and take Frank out……then he can go bang rocks for brains in jury
    Frankie boy is a typical celeb kid didn’t want to get a job and contribute. To society so he rebelled against
    DADDY….sad thing is he was my pick to win till his EGO became bigger than his hair.

    Hope and pray its the how bad do you want it veto because that small dick tool want cut his hair

    GO IAN

  55. I hope there is a pandoras box with some kind of special power today the sunday shows have been dull all season and need something to spice it up

  56. Simon, not positive the federal law would cover a Reality Show but am thinking it would. I do not know the exact wording of the law but it was stern and covered many types of situations where people are trying for cash prizes sooooooo….. I may be totally wrong and will admit again I am not positive but putting food for thought out there is all..

  57. Am I the only here who does not understand why Dan has to go? Doesn’t the Quack Pack have the vote? If Britney, Ian, Dani and Joe vote for Dan isn’t he safe. Frank can’t be HOH next week so who cares if they screw him over?

    1. That’s just Britney using Frank to get rid of Dan.

      Britney seems to be counting on the house guests
      all thinking they have a better chance to get to F2
      against Danielle, than against Dan, which is probably

    2. there will be 2 quack pack members on the block no matter what so they will have to decide which to send home and dan will probally be on the short end of the stick there since he has won nothing and can offer the rest of his group no kind of protection if he stays

  58. has anyone considered that in one night, ian was able to evict 2 people, boogie and ashley(both thanks to him, one on tattling over nothing, the other he put up in ashley) and both had his back. like….boogie was still team ian, ashley was still team ian……this kid, who is at the bottom of the totem pole of his alliance, took out the only other two people not named frank who actually had his back. they had his back MORE than the quack pack. oh ian, ian ian ian

    1. that’s true, but he was also smart in doing that because now he can sit back and float, because while doing so he not only sought out and alliance, but sought out loyalty. Not one person in the Quack Pack has outted Ian. Ian is smart in his thinking because he knows fank will go after dan and shane which means that puts him closer with brit and dani in the alliance so he just jumped from 5th place to at least 3rd which means he can win the comp in the final 3 or at least have a shot at it. He knows when it comes down to final 5 he can talk dan into taking out shane and going with him because he would tell dan know way would danielle or brit pick him (dan) over shane because dani likes shane and brit would say dan already won and could sway the jury, and dan will go with it.

  59. I love it when Dan smiles in the face of adversity and starts scheming. He lives for that! His best bet really is to scheme for votes, even against Danielle or Brit (assuming he doesn’t win POV- for that he may need to trip Frank or somethig). The only thing that bugs me about Frank at this point is that he is letting EVERYONE off the hook and saying Dan controlled them. His obsession with Dan’s guilt is going to be his downfall! I mean, just how many times has Shane put him on the block anyway?? And he’s sitting there saying that it’s ok, he knows Dan made him do it! Give me a break!

  60. QUOTE: “Shane says that he will go home now and see
    that Boogie wanted to work with me … but you know
    I was brainwashed. Frank says yeah.”

    Hopefully Shane will soon wake up and realize that
    most of the brainwashing was from Britney. It
    seems like Shane is starting to do his own thinking

  61. These nominations were really smart on Frank’s part.

    Danielle has a good relationship with everyone in the
    house and no one wants to vote her out.

    Even Danielle and Jenn (total opposites) have bonded
    and have a fond relationship.

    And, by nominating Danielle, Frank has removed Dan’s
    one definite vote to keep Dan.

    At this point, it looks like it may be a unanimous vote
    to send Dan out.

  62. I’ve been a fan of Franks from the beginning and of Britts too but he needs to wake up with his noms. He must put up people on both sides of the QP. If he doesn’t put us Dan against Britt or Shane they will have the votes to keep Dan because Jenn, Joe, and Ian are not a guarentee vote against Dan and Dani wouldn’t be a great loss to them. So hopefully he sees this clearly before he puts up Dan and Dani cause it’s gonna backfire on him BTW Simon this is hands down the best site on the web for BB info and feedback from others. I haven’t posted until this year but have been watching it under another name so Kudos to you and Dawg!

    1. Frank has already announced that if Dan comes off the
      block, Britney will be the replacement nominee. Gotta
      give the guy credit for being able to make a decision
      without having a committee meeting about it.

  63. Ashley’s in the jury house, as horny as that girl is,
    how much you want to bet that if Jenn was next
    to go, they’d be steaming up the jury house

  64. All Frank needs to do to secure complete control over the quack pack is win POV. You take off Danielle and put up Shane. Wichever way the house decides to lean against won’t matter, a big target is leaving. Frank will be delighted to see Dan go if it happens, but if it doesn’t, seeing Shane (His biggest competitive rival) leave will be a a nice consolation prize and actually increases his chance to win the next POV if he find himself once again on the block.

    1. Shane is the only one Frank can bounce HOH’s back and
      forth with, it would be extremely foolish for Frank to
      put Shane up, especially since Shane has said that he
      thinks Shane and Frank are the only 2 who deserve to

      Frank has done the smart thing by announcing that if
      a replacement nominee is needed, it will be Britney.
      Now, Britney is motivated to make sure nominations
      stay the same.

  65. It seems like the Quack Pack + Floaters will all throw
    the POV ceremony to Frank so it will still look to Dan
    and Danielle to be ‘all Frank’s fault’.

  66. Shane dont be stupid get away from Dan and stalker Danielle and work with Frank you and him togethr at comps will be amazing and you will hve a better chance going to the finals… he is loyal… hes proved it with Boogie…

  67. I love it how Mike left Frank a lot his Chilltown gear to sport around the house…This HoH this week is for Frank’s friend, not just his temmate–Mike Boogie…Chilltown 4 Life Baby!!!

  68. Oh come on …..production could have let frank leave on Shane’s HOH then do the reset with the coaches coming into the game…Frank was in the same lane Jeff was in with the clown shoe thing, easy on an end to throw balls out, Perhaps CBS has a deal wid Franks dad Sid V for a reality wrestling show only if frank gets final 2 3 or 4……just saying….

  69. Frank went from nearly last place on favorite left poll (and being booed last night on live show) to 2nd place behind britney.

    What, did all of Boogie’s votes get dumped to Frank, and all of Ashleys votes dumped to Brit?

    1. Speaking as someone who just gave Frank a vote, it was
      because it is great to finally be watching someone who
      can make his/her own decisions as HOH and isn’t afraid
      to announce them.

      And, it sounded like Shane might not be afraid to say
      he is with Frank now, either. Hopefully Britney will not
      be able to coax Shane back into the hide-and-pretend-
      you-don’t-know-anything strategy.

  70. perfect timing to stop watching!

    really good episode yesterday. was fun! so i will stop watching with a good feeling.

    franks witch hunt against dan will cost him a lot of money. really weak gameplay. he should realize that there are exactly 2 HG in there which should sit next to him in F2. because he can beat them. joe and dan. against all the others (especially ian) he has no chance. so watching a player supported by production and then playing for at best 2nd is a waste of time.

  71. Frank will open the pandora box and get some type of monetary prize. But in return one of the house guests can save themself from being evicted.

  72. Everyone plays BB with a different style, and I don’t have a problem with how any of them play the game. Some float to the end and win, some fight their way- it would be almost impossible to win BB by accident. Floating is just as valid a strategy as bullying, and that’s why it’s entertaining when it’s like this now- look at how many of us are following and writing!The only thing that would suck from an entertaiment standpoint is to have 8 floatersbeing all that’s left. I prefer Dan’s strategy when he plays-and he is definitely not a floater- it’s what I like, and why I’m pulling for him- Frank is doing his own thing, so more power to him. It all boils down to luck and winning the right comp at the right time! And even then you can get awaywith a lot if you’re plenty clever like Dan. Maybe he can still use his way with words and covince his pack to keep him over whoever he’s up against…

  73. So any bets on Frank’s pandora’s box? I think production is about to backhand Frankie…

    1. A “fair” Pandora’s Box would be something like can’t play HoH for the next 3 or 4 HOH’s in exchange for a Diamond Power of Veto or maybe Coup.

      Very Good plus Very Bad

      1. I would take any Veto Power if I was Frank…I always found it interesting that Evil Dick said that the Veto is where the real power is in the game and NOT HoH…

  74. Did you notice that Frank won in the same lane that Jeff should have one in last year, but lost the clown shoe???? Is the “winner” picked by production
    always in the lane closest to the house??? Just sayin….

      1. Jeff lost because he unknowingly threw one of the shoes out of his lane. I love Jeff, but know production wanted him to win, it just didn’t happen because when he was “clearing sh** out of the way” he threw a shoe out without realizing it.

  75. This season might shape up to be a little like season 2 in the sense that dr will had mike til about half way(just like frank)than the whole house was against him(just like frank)and he still managed to win the whole thing hopefully just like frank.That would make chiltown 3 for 3 in bb seasons they have appeared in if you consider frank to be a chiltown member now which i do,and we know boogie does.I wonder if dr will does

  76. I like how the two brainiacs of Frank and Shane think just because you win competitions you deserve to win! You also have to have a social game, and by social I don’t mean having your head up some 40 year olds butt or snuggling with the stalker chic! Those two make me laugh!

  77. I agree that Dan is not a floater, but he has a very risky strategy that may just backfire this time…He lays low, and then strikes when the numbers dwindle…It’s risky because if you don’t win something you may just get put on the bloc and be gone before you get the chance to strike…I’m starting to believe that Ian and Dan wanted Frank gone so many times in order to work with Boogs, but Frank kept saving himself…Look at Ian’s crying about Boogs eviction, he knew Mike had his back…The QP alliance have never appeared very solid to me as awhole…It’s really 2 sub alliances+Ian/Joe…

  78. @Gordan Ramsey Of the BB house Joe. I seriously doubt that all the hard work that production have been doing and continue doing to keep Frank in the game.That they will now screw him with a pandora’s box that will save Dan.I know you didn’t mention Dan,but Frank only will feel screwd,if production saved Dan,because as everyone knows, Frank hates Dan and he blames all that’s wrong in the world on Dan.This guy is ridiculous.Before Boogie left,he told Frank not to trust Ian.Yet Frank still hates Dan and he believes that any player that has did him wrong,only did it because Dan is evil and threaten them into doing every move that was made against him.The bottom line is production will never screw Frank over,that’s their favorite.Hence the reasons that other posters and myself said in detail.

  79. Sooooo brittney, Ian, shane, danielle and joes new strategy is to just say whatever the person they are talking to wants to hear, then run back and tell everyone else? I can’t even figure out who has the true alliances anymore. Frank is the only one that has been pretty up front and honest, and poor guy is going to get manipulated by these people who are all using each other to do their dirty work. I hope he sees through it. Seems as though it has just become a liars free for all. I wish someone, any one of them would come to their senses and try to work with, and be loyal to Frank. I don’t understand why they don’t see that if they attach themselves and ride Franks coat tails, they will go far. He has been the strongest, and they are all expecting him to get a power. Seems like logic would kick in, and they would think, “hey, maybe I should play with this guy…”

    Either way, it’s been some great tv!

  80. Frank is bullying everyone to vote for who he wants them to vote for. “If you don’t vote the way you want me too, then……..” Who does he think he is? The Silent Six may lose one person, but they still outnumber Frank by far. Sooner or later, Frank is not going to win HOH or POV. I hope he opens Pandora’s box and it’s a bust. Pandora’s box is not always good. He’s just being Boogie Jr. And if Frank does become one of the final two, the jury is not going to vote for him. The Silent Six needs to throw up their skirts and grow some **@!!!. He can win contests, but I don’t think he’s that bright as far as game play. One of the Silent Six needs to win POV, take Dan off the block and let the other member go… Danielle or Brittany. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Ian won it! Come on, Dan, you said it was time to quit paying possum. You may not win again since you already have, but 2nd spot ain’t bad, and you will have tremendous influence in the jury.

  81. @Gracie.Jeff lost because he screwed up.He was extremly pumped and heated.I’m sure production hated that Jeff screwed that up.They fixed that problem this time with Frank.

  82. Dan was the one who thought Two’s Company about
    Dan’s relationship with Boogie, and Three’s a Crowd
    about Boogie/Frank/Dan.

    Going to the end with Boogie was Dan’s only chance to
    actually win. Apparently Frank was able to figure out
    that Dan thought Frank was in Dan’s way with Boogie.

    But, Frank kept winning, and Britney convinced Shane
    to get rid of Boogie. Time for Dan to just float on out
    of the house.

  83. Frank is nothing!!!!! This is a weak cast thats why he keeps getting off the block!!!!!!!!! Not cause he is some great player…. Child Please!!!!!!!

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