Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Nomination Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

6:37pm Kitchen.. BRitney, Shane, Joe, Dan, Danielle and Jenn

They are screaming in their microphones “We can hear the DR.. PEOPLE we can hear the DR”
Danielle: “Oh my god that 4 times this year”
Shane: “As least we can’t hear the responses”
Jenn: “Still those Questions.. “

(It’s Ian’s Diary Room they can hear.. Frank was in the HOH at the time.. )

You can see on the memory wall that Dan and Danielle are nominated for Eviction this week. Ian is back from the Diary Roommm. Just random chit chat..

6:47pm Cam 1-2 Shane and Frank HOH

Frank: “Don’t start secretly working with Dan now”
Shane: “I won’t.. I’ll even bring you information about what is going on down there”
Shane says he’s going to fight for the POV he’ll fight “His balls off” Frank says if he pulls houseguest choice he will pick Shane. Frank doesn’t want the POV to be used. Shane says that once Dan is gone they can get Danielle on their side.

Shane saying he wants to stick with Frank they have Britney and maybe Frank can grab Ian.
Shane says if he wins HOH next week he’ll put up Jenn and JOe up. Frank: “I was hoping if we don’t get Dan out that you nominate Dan and Joe” Shane: “oh ya ya “

Frank goes on to talk about being on Big Brother is a Dream of his Dan was Sh!tting on Franks Dream.
Frank mentions that he thought the only thing that can go wrong is Danielle wins the POV takes Dan off the block and Ian uses the power to save Daneille. Shane doesn’t think that will happen.

6:50pm Cam 3-4 Dan, Britney and Danielle

Britney asking Dan if he’s started to work on Ian. Dan says he thinks the best chance for them is if Britney is the one that spearheads it. He’ll do what he can but Britney is the closest. dan will start to covertly work on Ian and if he’s not getting anywhere he’ll start to threaten Ian with his Jury vote. Dan says if Ian doesn’t use his power he’ll never vote of Ian to win the money.

Dan thinks the best thing for them is Britney wins the POV because then Ian will not worry about Britney going up. Dan wonders if Ian is 50/50 about using the power. Britney doesn’t know she thinks that it all depends on who wins the POV. Britney: “He did give us his word..”

7:16pm Cam 1-4 Everyone eating

7:42pm Hammock Dan and Ian

Ian: “For you it’s a really good thing that I won it.. thats all I will say”
Dan says that after he calmed down he realized the same thing.. Dan says if the perfect scenario happens and you use the power you are going to be guaranteed 4 votes in Jury. Dan says that if he makes 2 Huge moves that are for the Quack Pack they will vote for him.
Dan: “The second he put up Me and Danielle I was like OHH God.. I thought he would flush your power out”

Ian and Dan are getting pretty excited about Ian’s power. Ian: “this opportunity has never happened in the game.. ”

Ian: ‘I want to be straight up.. If one of those two doesn’t win the Veto I will not use the power.. I cannot rock the boat” (Britney or Shane needs to win the POV)
Dan understands.

Ian says If Shane gets the POV I’m going to try and push for getting a floater out. Say something like “I came here to play with the best.. battle royale”

Dan: “If Frank wins the Veto will he use it”
Ian: “there is a 98% chance he won’t.. I’m really not going to rock the boat anymore..”
Dan: “If I win POV and came down and he puts Britney up would you use the power?”
Ian doesn’t know about the actual mechanics of the power he’s asked them in the DR and they are getting a supervisor in the answer it.

They start talking about tomorrow’s POV being how bad do you want it. Ian explains to Dan how to win the POV if you accept all the punishments.. Ian says that Jen from Season 8 took a pay cut if she wins. She was only playing for 250K. Ian adds that he will lose up to 400K of the grand prize because he more in the house for the title.

7:53pm HOH Britney and Frank

Britney says the POV is probably going to be “How bad do you want it”.. Britney: “and Ian can’t play do you have any idea how devastating that will be for him”
Frank doesn’t think that is going to happen.

Britney says that 2 people sits out on the veto this week Ian plus one person.
Britney: “They usually do that competition.. when there is only 7 people left in the house”
Summary of conversation 8:30pm Cam 1-2
a) Frank doesn’t trust Ian
b) Frank questions why Ian wants to save Britney so bad
c) Dan Sh!t on Frank’s Dream
d) Frank will not shave his head for Veto if the comp is “How bad to you want it”
e) Frank plans to threaten Jenn to vote his way or he’ll put her up

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214 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Nomination Results

  1. Brittney wants Ian to use the power of veto on someone other than himself so that way he can get kicked out earlier hey Simon did anyone say how long that power of veto is good for … is it a 2 week thing like the DPOV?

    1. I don’t think they would bring a power in the game and it not get played. Let’s put it this way everytime they have a special power or Pandora’s Box they (the houseguest) always use it,

      1. without Boogie – he’s too blinded by his hatred of Dan. also while Boogie told him not to trust Ian Frank only thinks it’s b/c Ian didn’t vote for Boogie to stay.

        1. Ian voted out Boogie and also nominated Frank and Ashley. Frank’s got to be dense as Danielle not to see that Ian is his enemy.

      2. Is Frank really this naive that he now is budding up with Shane and what. what? He tells Brittney that he will not put her up no matter what happens with Dan and Danielle. Frank had the advantage He’s now letting it slip through his fingers. Not to say that he will be able to survive to the end but at least I thought this nomination week he would get a big hitter like Dan out. I don’t even know what to think of him right now. I am sure Mike is screaming into the TV,. “What are you doing Man”
        And …. now he’s okay with Ian. I mean really. The guy screwed him twice in the past 24 hours. What’s wrong with him?
        I am trying to play out the different scenerios for tomorrow’s POV, but I do not know until the POV winner is revealed.

    1. iiiiii knoww!! horrible game move!! but…we have never seen him play without Boogie…so i guess now we see…..eeek

            1. The Dani Donato effect is going to get him. He has been playing Boogie’s game to the detriment of his own…which is why he is all alone right now (Dani tried to play Dick’s game).

              1. How the hell did dani try to play dicks game in season eight shes what saved there asses more then anything with three hohs and five povs shes what helped her and her dad win

            2. Here is how I see things moving forward:

              Brit needs final 3 to be either her, Dani and Shane or her, Dani and Frank. She needs a strong woman in the final HOH in order to have a chance at final 2. If she goes to final 3 with any 2 guys – she will not make final 2. If she were to win final HOH, the only male she could take to final two would be Joe.

              Frank needs either Brit, Dani or Joe in final 2 for a chance at winning. He cannot take Shane or Ian.

        1. As in Heart Attack / Massive.. Fran pulled a Boogie and went to bed! Damn a it . Since we can’t play “I have a dream” the new drinking game is everytime someone posts that they don’t understand why anyone could hate Frank. We have to tke a drink.. I am already smashed.

    1. I want Dan to leave in the worse way. but now, tomorrow’s POV might save Dan, It could even save Danielle too if Ian uses it.
      Why is Frank so gullable? Is he just a country bumkin after all?

  2. Wtf is going on why did brit frank from joe and dan…this house is a mess she won’t win either.I cannot wait for joe jenn to be sitting final 2…it britney had a brain she would realize dan gone means she’s an easy out for final coach…I don’t understand the lack of common sense of these players this yr…like I said earlier my shoes have more brains then half the players in this house this yr..

    1. I’ll tell why Frank didn’t put Ian up. It’s because in the BB house there exists a strong alliance and it isn’t the Quack Pack or the Headhunters or Chilltown 3.0 or the Powerhouse or the DDBS alliance, it is Frank and Production…better known as Frankduction.

      1. You mean it is an alliance of PRoduction and frANK (the correct name of the alliance is “PRANK”).

        Unfortunately, the PRANK is on the viewing public!

      2. Are you serious???? It’s now obvious that production wants the lame “quack pack” to win by having this stupid POV that Ian won!! You have it backwards!!!

  3. I think they mean to leak the diary room session What button is there to mash, why have speakers that are connected to the diary room run through the house? It makes no since. They can have sound for that room only.

    1. Yeah, they are insulting our intelligence with this whole DR leak bs; why would the wizards even be in-range of a mic like that anyways?

    2. you’re right – once, maybe twice, i can see by accident…but four times??? please, bb, at least try to hide it when you cheat…

  4. On the plus side danielle will annoy herself out the door…wtf now all week its gonna be all about her and crying to shane…here we go pitty party for danielle…hooray for us…shane is probably in the diary room thanking the high heavens he will get peace..

  5. If Ian does not use his POV, can he use in next week or is it just a use/lose type POV?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Ian has to use the veto because he owes dan if it wan’t for what Ian did dan wouldn’t be on the block he covered for Ian all week and everyone has been taking hits for him it is about time he starts repaying them for it or is Ian only on there side when he gets something out of it. It seems like a no brainer if Ian doesn’t then the quack pack will no longer believe him and they probably will spill the truth to frank and none of them will vote for him. Which will be irrelevent because not only will he have the remaining quack pack memebers gunning for him but frank also will be gunning for him

        1. I agree! Ian should save it for himself not use it on anyone else. He doesn’t oh dan nothing! Besides Ian can’t see dan/britney/danielle/shane r just using him and he’s expendable at anytime

      1. Ian owed Boogie because of that money Boogie gave him and how did he re-pay him?? By evicting him!! He probably doesn’t think he owes Dan anything!

  6. Awesome and if Ian uses the POV then Britney or Shane goes up. Good play and keeps Joe and Jenn on his side for a week.

    1. Not necessarily. Frank really believes now he is allianced with Brit/Shane. So if Dan wins the POV, and take himself off the block, he won’t put B/S on the block. (Because he need their votes for voting Danielle out.) then Frank will put Joe on the block, and D/B/S can save Danielle.
      I hope Dan wins the POV.

      1. even better – unfortunately he’s telling Ian if he uses it he’ll put up Brit, but had forgotten about Brit trying to “work” with Frank & Ian. :)

      2. Ericmoonless –I hope that you’re right. I already cancelled my livefeeds in anticipation that Dan will be leaving this week. I really want him to stay and just make Frank go nuts. Frank is soooo upset with Dan to the point of obsession. Everything is Dan’s fault. Blah blah blah… To be fair though, in his eyes, Dan did stab him in the back. Well sort of -not really because it was really Ian but in Frank’s eyes, Dan is responsible.

  7. I hope Dan wins the veto. – I don’t understand why Frank has such a deep disdain for Dan as he does. It’s almost obsessive.

      1. Frank is mad at Dan, not for what he thinks Dan did, but for what Dan did do. Even with Ian selling out Boogie and Frank, they both knew that Dan could have stopped the entire thing, like he should have if he was really in an alliance with Frank and Boogie. Ian is really nothing to the show. He runs around and sold out his team, but in the end, it is Dan and Britney that decide if they care or not about what is being said. Or basically, if it benefits them to act like they care. Maybe Dan more so than Brit, because he seems to have more of a plan, where as Brit just seems desperate to have a better showing than her season. Ian is about as useful as Joe, and just as annoying. And he obviously isn’t thinking things out very well for himself. More so for what Britney wants and is convincing him is good. But I guess you can’t blame a 22 year old virgin who is listening to the blond 90 pound girl with size D boobs who is giving him attention, and is a very smooth talker. His game plan if he ever had one was derailed when he started feeling like he was part of the “cool kids” group in the house. He doesn’t deserve to win even if he makes it to the finals.

      1. You seem to twist our posts into hate posts, so let me clarify, RIGGING IS BAD, NO MATTER WHO IT’S FOR, Production meddles in this game far too much, and it’s becoming obvious, watch last season for proof

      1. Lets say Dan wins the POV and takes himself off, can Frank then put Ian up and THEN Ian would have to take himself off?

        1. Great point… I wonder though if it’s like already having a veto –they’re automatically immune and will just be able to save another person.

  8. Frank is really a male version of Janelle. He doesn’t have any game other than that keep winning the competitions. He falls for it. Not nominating Ian. He is not a great player.
    Boogie gave him a tip for Frank before he left, but still he has no idea about what’s going on in the house.

      1. I’m a Dan Fan but I don’t think Frank is dumb muscle. I think he is a person that needs to believe that someone is willing to work with him. There are too many people left and too many weeks to have to think that he is all alone. He wants someone to work with that can win when he can’t play. He’s got to try even if he doesn’t trust anyone left.

    1. playing Frank for safety….shoot they are all playing him!! we are seeing his gameplay without his coach and so far its not great!! although his options are slim to nothing w Boogie and Ashley gone…

      1. this whole season the choices have been a joke. Remember when it used to be you’d rather eat slop than the food choices?

      2. okay gotcha! thanks!! and THANK YOU for this site!! its Friday night and i have been glued to my PC!! all day actually! LOL #obssessed

  9. Frank, What are you thinking? Put up Ian on the block & This will be my last time I will support you man. You better win your 4th PoV. If not, I will support someone else.

  10. ummm……Frank……why are you giving Shane a plan for the quack pack and why the hell didn’t you nominate IAN????? Keep your mouth shut Bubba…….

    1. Hope Ian is as smart as I think he is and does not fall on a sword for Dan. Wow they called Frank a bully. If Dan makes his threat about his jury vote, Ian should say hey Dan you are only one vote. Hope he does not get played. His Qpack were ready to throw him out as soon as Frank was gone.

  11. Idk what is on Shane and Brits mind, are they in the quackpack still or do they really wanna work with Frank? Can’t wait to see those 2 talk 1 on 1 so i can see what they’re really thinking

  12. But doesn’t Frank know that Dan sh!tt!ng on his dream is my dream!! :)

    I hope his worst case scenario comes true – Danielle gets pulled down & Ian uses his on Dan. Then they have one more chance to get Frank out b/c more than likely nobody will win if they take him to final 2.

    1. Don’t be so sure. Frank can pull this off. He will win his 4th Fucking Veto. Keep the nomination a same. Ian save one & Frank announce his replacement.

  13. Well now… Anybody notice how production “conviently” broadcast Ian’s DR session to the house???

    1. did they broadcast his answers? or just the questions they were asking him? if it were his answers than yeah but if it is just the questions then no harm no foul… if anyone asks how he replied he could just lie and then they will come on and say that “no talking about DR sessions with other houseguests”

      1. depends on the questions? what if they asked him about the Quack Pack or something that could hurt his game. Sometimes just overhearing a question is worse than the answer.

  14. IAn is not going to use the POV at all and this will be the thing that screws brittney and dan especially if dan starts threatening Ian

    1. It will also screw Ian because he would sever his ties to his allience and they would be gunning for him and Dan would have no reason not to turn on Ian and tell frank the truth about that the reason he hates dan so much should actually be pointed at Ian that the whole thing was all Ian and dan had no part in it. Ian would be number one on his list so i think his odds are better with the allience he has come to far with them to not follow through

      1. Funny thing is I think if Dan were to rat Ian out that Frank would probably not belive Dan b/c he hates him so much!

          1. Ya know that saying “does a bear sh!t in the woods?” I think I’ll just start saying “does Dan sh!t on Frank’s dream?”

                1. LOL now that statement was funny as hell. I think Frank just blew his chances he became to cocky tonight and really didnt think things thru, doesn’t he think Ian and Shittney already scumbagged this whole season and now they have a power that they can put the S in SCUMBAG and he thinks just becuz he is HOH all thats gonna change wow Frank I had more confidence in you maybe it will be Ian for the win

      2. If Frank does not already know he can’t trust IAN he never will. Frank does not care anyway he hates DAN. If Frank was allowed to watch the entire show in the HOH he would still vote out Dan, Frank is a mixture of Boogie and Danielle. Extremely arrogant like Boogie and extremely delusional like Danielle. Even Danielle has more insight than Frank Danielle is starting to realize she is not well liked. Frank has no clue,

  15. Why Frank trusts Shane I will never know. If Shane wins HOH next week for sure he’s nominating Frank.
    It’s like Frank gives him chance after chance to screw him over and over.

  16. Who can Frank count on in this game, aside from himself? Jenn, that awesome competitor and strategist? Ian that unshakeable master mind? Joe the powerhouse?

    Perhaps Frank should just nominate himself!

    1. He might as well. He’s obviously good enough to win PoV and save himself. If you don’t believe that, I’m sure Francis would be happy to tell you, himself.

  17. I think Ian will do the right thing and not use it. If Ian could take a strong player in Boogie…he could put the final nail in the coffin of taking out another strong player Dan. If he is smart he will not take Dan off. Think Ian!!!! Think!! You took out the season 7 winner and you could take out season 10 winner. He will go down as a smart player. If he does not take Dan off. I want Frank and Ian in the final 2. If it wasnt for Boogie Ian would of been gone week 1 and Frank would of been gone the week Janelle left. Come on Ian…….fix the ship that you help wreck.

  18. frank not nominating ian just makes more suspicious about what really went on in that pandoras box finally a sunday episode that will be worth watching

      1. idk that ian is on his side he already stabbed him in the back thursday.I would think he would nominate him so that he couldnt use his pov on ddbs

  19. To all the DDBS fans……WHo’s the BULLY now??????? Oh yeah thats right, it your precious St. Dan. He should his true colors today and I seriously do not understand how Britney could still want to work with him.

    I MISS BOOGIE!!! HIm and Frank would be having a blast right now, it would be HILARIOUS!!!!!

  20. Someone should just tell Bubba, yes, yes, damn it yes, we KNOW BB is a dream of yours. All of America knows if is a dream of yours. It will be your nightmare if we have to hear you say it one more time. Yo!

  21. YEA! There’s still a chance to get Frank out of the house! I’m sure production will stop the chance from happening, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  22. These people (Except for Production) will not work with Frank. They will tell him what he wants to hear. Frank is a fool to think he can wrangle these people in to work with him. They are already plotting to use both POV’s. They just voted out both his allies, hasn’t Frank ever watched this game? I said it before and Ill say it again Frank is setting himself up to get evicted. If he does not win POV next week he is gone. Everyone left in the house knows Frank will win if he makes it to the end. His own mistakes and mouth have sealed his eventual fate. So… for all the Frank fans, just let reality set in and stop wishing for the best he will not win this game.

  23. Did Dan ever resort threatening people in season 10? I wouldn’t know cause i only saw the CBS edited version.

    1. It will never Happen! Frank will win his Veto next week. He can face all odds. I know he can do it. So suck on that!

  24. At this point the only option is for Ian to use the power and if ddbs win the pov Ian has no choice but to use it and they are all safe Frank has just run out of lives and he will regret not putting up Ian

    1. I don’t think so. Ian will tell Frank Dan made him do it and Frank will believe Ian.

  25. I really hope frank is trying to use shane right now he has to know that shane and britney have to remain viable options for replacement nominees it would be a waste to have both dan and dani saved and a floater leave and really dont think he trusts ian hes just not afraid of him at this point no one can beat frank in the final 2 unless they all grudge vote

    1. Why do you think no one can beat Frank in the final 2? It all depends on who the other person is. He certainly won’t win it for his personality.

      1. I just think 3 HOH’s 3POV’s and surviving the block six times as well as helping spear head the eviction of janelle is a hard resume to beat.If hes up against shane than i think shane could win since he has made some big moves and won almost as many comps not to mention no one hates him

  26. Why do people feel that Ian did this clever miraculous thing by helping to get Boogie out? All Ian did was tattletale and vote with the house. Boogie was already getting evicted even without his vote. Big deal.

  27. Frank just fucked himself bad, he HAS to win POV or not other people he want out won’t be out…. I expected him to make a bone-head move, after all he wasn’t the “brains” of chilltown 3.0…

  28. You guys are forgetting that even if one of them wins pov and takes dan or danielle out, hw still can nominate ian as a replacement and then ian has to use in on himself and not on the other nominee, which means the qp plan might not work

    1. OK, I’m confused. Does Ian have to use the Pandora POV before the regular POV?? Or is that his choice when he uses it? I thought Ian’s came first. Anyone know for sure?

        1. Thanx Simon … that was my impression too, but reading some of the other comments, I was beginning to wonder if I had missed something. Loving the site again this year, but not missing the ‘cat ladies’ from last year!!!

  29. Do we know what Frank’s part of Pandora’s Box was? I mean he could have a better power for later that nobody knows about. everyone assumes since they got a game and a POV prize given out that Frank got a bad thing….but not necessarily

    Any indications SImon or Dawg?

    1. you must be new to BB , but why would there be 2 positive things with the Pandoraas Box? last times teh pandoras box have been used ithe houseguest had to deal wiht an agressive former houseguest, little men running rampant throughout the house, it brought the pairs twist back last year(which saved rachel) and the times when the houseguests got something good they had brittney trapped with jessie,the had kevin with his hand stuck in a box.

      1. If it was Ian’s Pandora’s Box then yes it was 2 positives. Ian gets a power and somebody else gets money. Ian being the only one with a power is not a negative. If thats the case though this is probably the weakest PB.

    2. Pandora’s Box is usually a Positive/Negative, not Positive/Positive… 2 powers given out in one Box, that wouldn’t make any sense for the game, but you’re right it’s possible for 2 powers to be given out, wouldn’t be surmised knowing how production does things in the house

    3. It would have to be a “negative” for Frank in some way, because if he also got some power and it was “positive/postive” then it would not BE a Pandoras Box by definition. If Prodution is gonna start F’ing with the meanings of things they better change the name!

      Pandora’s Box is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days.The “box” was actually a large jar given to Pandora, which contained all the evils of the world. Today, to open Pandora’s box means to CREATE EVIL THAT CANNOT BE UNDONE.

  30. If the power is good for two weeks than Ian would be foolish to use it now. He potentially wins back Frank (not sure what Franks thoughts are on everybody now) and if Dan leaves then Ian is not in danger as players scramble for new alliances. But let’s not count Dan out yet. Ian Frank and Dan are playing arguably well….and I say arguably because unlike us they don’t have 24/7 knowledge of the house so their moves may seem the best strategy knowing what they do know.

    And you guys need to lighten up on Frank. You hate his attitude but he is only like that now because he hasn’t had a moments break in this game and every time he puts trust in someone not named Boogie, against his gut feeling, he gets shafted. You can only go so long under pressure before your patience wears thin and all considering I think Frank is doing pretty well.

  31. I don’t comment much, but enjoy reading everyone elses commments… Best thing to happen is that Brit wins the veto, and Shane and her fake a fight in public where he is telling her not to use the veto and her saying she has to use it on Dan, she owes him, leaving frank to think that Shane is completely on his side. Then Ian save Danielle after convincing Frank it was Joe that was telling all the information to DDBS that got him and Boogie nominated last week and that they were all protecting him to insure that they got his vote to get rid of Boogie. That way Joe ends up being nominated next to Ian, or Jenn.. That way DDBS make it through the week, Franks HOH is a waste and Ian gets rid of Joe.. Frank definately messed up not nominating Ian, because he would have voided that power if he would have…

  32. i hate ddbs they’re an alliance of hypocrites and is being “led” by two over-hyped floaters.britney likes to constantly talk about other players being liars/untrustworthy but she lies about pretty much everything and they were all complaining about froogie being bullies when dan threatened to out ian to frank at least twice and now he’s planning on threatening him with his jury vote if ian doesn’t do exactly what dan wants him to do with ian’s power i mean i understand that this is the big brother house and these things happen but those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.and don’t even get me started on britney being brought back as a “coach” when she couldn’t even play her own game in season 12 and now she’s using the same strategy by riding someone else’s coattails.accepting game advice from britney is like accepting flying lessons from a blind man, it’s an all around bad idea and will get nowhere!

    1. Listen how pathetic this quack pack is. If they were so great, they wouldn’t need these convoluted scenarios to get one person out of the house.

      It is hilarious to watch a group of people fail so much.

    2. Dan took the heat for what Ian did, so he’s right to threaten outing Ian…

      I would’ve outed him anyways to keep me off the block, not taking the heat for you costing me money FUCK YOU,

  33. Good point. Does Ian have to use veto before the comp? If its after the QP plan may not work. Say Dan wins and removed himself can’t he then just nominate Ian. Also what doesn’t make sense is if Frank could have nominated Ian now what says he can’t nominate him if he uses the power on Dani.

    1. Because of the fact that veto winners are safe for the week.. Which would be one of the things that frank could have had in mind when making the nominations but then again he has been saying he was putting up dan and danielle since he got the HOH

      1. my guess is it doesn’t keep Ian safe from the original noms. so Frank could’ve put Ian up & let him use the POV he won (keeping him from being put up as a replacement nom). So after the veto comp there will be 2 people safe from going up as replacements and 2 chances for Dan to come off the block.

      2. “Ian doesn;t know about the actual mechanics of the power he’s asked them in the DR and they are getting a supervisor in the answer it.”

        I’m sorry but how can BB give away a power and NOT be able to tell the winner how it works! Must be running this game by the seat of their pants! AARRGHHHH!!!

    2. You cannot be nominated when you have the veto even if you use it on someone else.

  34. Was Shane really that easy to turn???? What a strange guy, I have loss all respect for him and will no longer root for him. Is it a roost to trick Frank or is it for real?I am so confused reading the spoilers. Simon can you clarify please?? I have always followed your post for years and thank you

  35. I think it will be VERY hard to get a read on frank now. he is darn good at faking it in a convo, and I dont know what hes actually thinking

    shane…PLEASE…FOR ONCE, USE YOUR HEAD. team up with frank. stop being the meatshield for dan and brit, its getting embarrassing. frank would have his back, thats the thing. sigh.

    1. OK, so Frank would have his back — but would the members of the Quack Pack vote for him if he made final 2? Its not all about now, its about getting jury votes.

    2. now that he has noone to truly work with we won’t know what he is really doing until his early morning talk to the camera chats …..eeii

      1. I’m really tired of this sh!t Dan keeps dumping on me. Hope my boy Frank wins POV to send Danny Boy packing fudge in jury.

  36. One of the most interesting things about Big Brother is that it always combined strategy and diplomacy with competitions of skill, intelligence and athletics. This year, the strategy & diplomacy are unimportant. It doesn’t matter what plan anybody comes up with, Frank just wins all the comps and nullifies it all (or in the rare case that he fails, BB cancels the eviction and saves him). Even if the rest work their strategy the best they possibly can, it won’t matter because he will just win the POV then the HOH over and over and eliminate them all one by one. He doesn’t even need allies.

    Maybe next year they will just cast 12-16 world class athletes and eliminate the more nuanced and apparently unimportant aspects of the game.

  37. I hope Ian is now stringing Dan along just like “he” did to Boogie to have another “moment”. That’s what I’d do lol. I really think that letter hit him hard, to be himself. Oh can’t wait till he and Frank talk. Oh Frank, what have you done yo…

  38. Forget Frank’s dream, what about MY dream of seeing some NAKEDS?? this is bullshit the ladies on their are prudes, they don’t wanna show off the goods…

    1. rofl, ikr? I’ve only seen one Janelle cold hard nipple slip, and that’s all. It just popped out and said hello, that’s what happens with dat silicone yo.

  39. real disappointed in frank nominating dan and danielle. it should of been dan and ian. ian just put your head on a plate in last night’s hoh nominating you frank…WTF scenario do you have running in your head that you did not nominate ian? frank must have some other type of power, could it be the coup d’ etat? should the other players also at least think knowing that frank opened pandora’s box that frank may have the coup d’ etat?

    1. He would not have gotten the coup d’etat because of the fact that pandoras box does not give 2 rewards… and the houseguest minus Frank POV contest is definatiely a rewards… so frank got something horrible, but he has to lie about it …how he was telling the truth and did only get 3K but to get that 3K he has to stay and watch on the monitors the POV being played…. and he was also prolly told that he could not nominate the winner of the competition. I wish people would stop thinking he got the cout d’etat as the rules of pandoras box is only the HOH or the houseguests get a benefit from it,.,,,,,

      You guys call yourself fans ? seriously…… if you were fans you would understand how Pandoras Box works

      1. I kind of hope that Frank’s punishment was not only watching Ian win an extra POV, not being able to nominate him, and watching it all happen, but that Frank cannot play in the actual POV either!!!

  40. If Frank won’t shave his head then he’s sh!tt!ng on his own dream! LOL!! And if he didn’t trust Ian why didn’t he put Ian on the block? This means Frank’s either dumb or he really trusts Ian!

  41. WHo was frank telling this to about not trusting Ian? I am thinking him telling the quack pack that will ensure his safety with them until he screws them over by not using the veto and voting out dan

      1. Then yeah that just reenforces my point then …. I tihnk frank is playing brittney hoping she will run this information back to dan/shane…. Its a great way to disguise his alliance with ian

  42. At first i was thinking why dint frank nominate ian,but now that i think about it the pov winner can not be nominated.He was probally told this in the dr and thats why he stuck with his original noms

    1. Finally someone is understanding it… Kudo’s i have been trying to convey that to people who have been buying into the QP’s paranoia

    2. Didn’t someone say Ian could use it on himself or any other player?
      If so, that would have to mean he was fair game to be nominated.
      If he was fair game and Frank didn’t nominate him, that wasn’t the smartest move because Ian can use it to protect himself and one other instead of just himself.

      1. Is the dream Frank’s to be in Big Brother and win it?

        Is the nightmare for Dan to step all over Frank’s dream?

      1. Alright – change of plans! Dan wins POV takes himself off. Ian doesn’t use his POV (unless he gets put up). I need the end result to be Danielle going out the door! I can’t take her talking anymore! LOL!!

  43. Wow Frank has a huge ego? I’m very sick of all the ddbs lovers Frank has a reason to gloat 6vs1 and now the other Side has power too lol they cant win without special powers but if Frank had got it the show is rigged. Frank is the most deserving he has had 2 fight the entire game while Joe,Jen and even Britt have floated by. The entire season 4 players have won all the comps. Only them and boogie deserve to win.

  44. OMG Frank please be mean to Danielle so she can self evict I cant stand her whiney ass every1 is so jealous of me Yeah right

  45. Soooo why aren’t Dan and Danelle pitching bit fits like Frank and Boogs did when they were put on the block?
    Also, if the PD always has a positive and a negative, and Ian got a POV (positive), Frank (supposedly) got 3k (positive) wouldn’t Dan or Brittney know that Frank is lying and he has something bad? Did they change the PD box rules or did I miss something?

  46. It’s time for a name change from “Sorry, Ashley’s tied up at the moment…”

    So what’s the deal with Ian’s power?
    When does he get to use it, before or after the POV?

  47. Danielle looks much prettier doing the librarian thing with the glasses. Still, it is fascinating watching her bore Dan into unconsciousness. Uh oh, Brittney has joined the party.

  48. WHY do people like frank…i’m sorry the dude is a freakin loser….i’m all for the best game player shit i hatedddddd rachel but i wanted her to win…i’m sorry frank is such an idiot i can not stand him get the flunk outtta here

  49. I hope we hear what the rules of this power are there is so much speculation about it.Is it good to remove two people from the block,how many weeks can he use it,can he be nominated while holding it aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bout ta fly over the house with a nuke uh oh homeland security g2g lol

  50. Just a few observations:

    Pandora’s box: We don’t know enough yet to jump to any conclusions. What happened in the room with Frank and how does the mechanics of Ian’s veto work?

    Frank: Go back to his last conversations with Boogie. He knows he has to win all the competitions he competes in to be safe and that the house will vote him out at the earliest opportunity. He doesn’t trust Britney, Ian, and Shane….but he’s decided to play nice? Furthermore it proves he’s a genuinely good guy. If I were him, I’d go Evil Dick the rest of the way, but I’m…well..a dick.

    Ian: If he is the gamer so many believe, short of saving Britney, what incentive does he have to play his veto (especially if the rules let him carry it another week)? At some point he has to start thinking about an end game if he wants to win and at some point he has to pick his partner (Britney?) for the end and everybody else has to go. Which means he needs to start climbing from the fifth wheel in his group to the fourth. And if anybody’s vote is worth risking by playing the game, it’s Dan, who more than the others can step back and see it is a game. Plus, why make Frank angry when he could be a vote for him both in the house and in jury?

    Britney: She’s in the same spot as Ian, but more advantageous. She also has to pick her final partner and needs somebody else to take the brunt of her other allies eviction. Why would she not throw the veto, let Dan leave, secure Danielle’s loyalty, stay low on Franks hit list in case he survives next week, while letting Ian get some skin in the game by not saving Dan, a jury voter? Did she learn nothing from The Brigade experience. She needs to make plays for herself.

    Shane: Unfortunately for him, he can’t think for himself and is 100% vested in his Captain America image of win everything…even when he doesn’t have to. But he should also not want to win veto. With Dan gone, he leaves Danielle without her coach, keeps Frank happy, makes Britney and Ian more dependent on him for physical challenges, and lets others be blamed in Dan’s mind for his eviction.

    It is late enough in the day, that Britney, Ian, and Shane need to start thinking about something other than getting Frank and Boogie evicted, namely they need to start trying to win the game. It’s not a team show, so are they playing to win or does being in the final 5 signify some moral victory they find sufficient? It’s a numbers game now and if they each play out scenarios in their head, they should realize that they can afford to lose Dan this week. They are all but guaranteed HOH next week and even if Joe or Jenn performs a miracle and wins, they have the votes (I would imagine Frank/Ian/Jenn/Joe/ candidate pool). That said if Dan get’s both Britney/Shane and Ian to use two vetoes and sends Joe to jury…well then CBS can start writing the check Thursday night.

  51. I am not a Frank Fan, but really, I think having all these people being nice to him is messing with his head. He just really wants to play the game, not just battle the house. I think after losing Ash and Boogie he is a little lost. He has in his mind that gettting out Dan will be his revenge for Mike. So he isnt really thinking things through. Being flexible is a helpful trait in BB, Frank is very mission focused.
    Also, I dislike Ian most of all the house guest, but I would love if Frank was evicted next week and we got to watch his “Awe” moment with Julie when he realizes Ian has be screwing him the whole time. I really hope Joe wins POV and HOH! I LOVE him. I really hope he wins! Just to hear him brag about how great of a game he has played.

  52. Well, the thing is Ian must know he needs Frank out just as bad as Dan does because at some point Dan. Danielle , brit and shane are going to expose him and he needs shane gone before that becasue he will be coming after him. When Ian decided to target boogie he started on a path he needed to finish and yes at some point they need to turn on each other but right now i think Ian is more concerned with eliminatating frank. The best case senerio is brit or shane win veto then they are all safe brit/shane use it on dan, Ian takes danielle down and the one either brit/shane go up (the one who didn’t use it) and they have 4 votes. Frank’s biggest problem is his ego he bought into everything boogie feed him and chill town but the think is frank isn’t will and although winning is good being more like dan, ian or dr.will is what helps you win. Ian can’t afford to go against them if he wants to win this game and brit needs dan in the game because if she wants to win she needs to be sitting next to him or jen or she won’t win either

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