Big Brother 14 – Guess What’s in Joe’s Secret Blender Salsa?

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

3:15pm Cam 3-4 Random conversations kitchen Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe big idea is to have a cooking show called ‘’Joe’s cooking with friends. He tells Jenn he’ll invite her.

Joe has prepared a cooking show for some of the houseguests. He’s going to make

(Ashley, Shane, Jenn, Dan, Britney)

The reality in your life you don’t have all the ingredients and this is what this recipe includes what you have in the cupboards. Joe calls this Blender salsa .. Joe’s Special Blender Salsa .

Joe tosses a bunch of stuff in a blender does a song and dance and WAM BIAM he’s created Joe’s secret Blender Salsa.

Joe goes on about how the food he makes has layers of flavour he wants you to be able to taste each individual ingredient. Joe repeats “Layers of Flavour” about 4 times to make sure everyone knows he’s legit.

During the entire routine as Joe goes through the steps of making his blender salsa Jenn acts as a kind of sidekick asking questions and trying to toss in definitions on some of the term Joe uses.

Joe: “This is big brother reality cooking this is….. The reality of cooking is cook what you got cook what you own don’t waste your time with recipe cooking”

3:32pm cam 1-2 Pool Frank and Ian
They are talking about Frank having nine lives in the show

Frank and ian Agree that getting Joe out is the best idea. Frank suggests to Ian if he wins HOH he should put up Joe and Ashley. Ian agrees

Frank points out how much of a beast Shane is in competitions. Frank is worried if Shane wins HOH and the POV is played he’s worried who Shane will put up. Ian really doesn’t respond to this he just says that Shane came dead last in the baseball competition.

Frank: “even though Shane is a beast in competitions he’s still loyal”
Ian agrees says the good thing about Shane is he’s not too bright. Ian: “ he just kinda simple.. super simple simon .. I feel like Jenn is a pawn”
Frank says that Jenn has zero chance to win Big Brother 14.

Ian is glad that the entire Zingbot thing happened now he knows AShley really isn’t an act. Ian was worried at first that maybe AShley was super smart because she went to “Penn state “ Ian: ‘At first I Thought She can’t be a total space bot.. but maybe she is”.

Frank tells him he really needs to try and win HOH next week. Ian assumes that Joe is the target. Frank nods.
Ian: “if it’s endurance I think I can get Danielle to drop and Britney and I are tight I can get her to drop

3:43pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Britney Bathroom

Danielle: “Ashley is getting under my skin.. she’s always seems to be coming into my space”
Britney: “Has she even been near you today”
Danielle: “she’s acting weird”
Britney: “ya she’s been acting weird.. kinda annoyed and in a bad mood”
Danielle: “She’s probably not happy that Wil is leaving.. I have the feeling that Wil threw Dan under the bus”
Britney: “Ya.. nothing to do now.. Joe told Ian, Frank and Boogie he’s not going to nominate them.”
Britney: “That speech that Wil gave today during the ceremony.. it’s funny because we’re in the house all day but it’s not funny for people watching the show”

Joe joins them and they start talking about making ice cream. Joe says they would have to use up all the ½ and ½ cream which means there is none for Britney’s coffee. JOe adds even then it won’t taste like regular ice cream. Britney and Danielle decide it’s not worth it.
Britney plans to go make a ice coffee. Joe asks if Danielle wants one to. Danielle says that she cannot drink coffee because she has kidney trouble..

Danielle “and it’s not good for my IBS either. “
Britney: ‘It’s funny you just throw it out there”
Danielle: ‘I don’t care anymore”

4:06pm CAm 1-2 Joe, Ian

Joe telling them that production told him ‘Have Nots cannot have avocado in their salsa”

4:12pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank HOH

Dan tells him he really appreciates that Frank didn’t use the veto and put him up. Dan knows he had a good chance to take him out this week and he didn’t. Dan was never really worried but he still appreciates it.
Frank: “want to be honest it did cross his mind”
Dan understands and he knows there was plenty of people pitching his name out here last night.

Dan says he’s close to Daniele he wants to take her as long as he can but if the situation arose he would drop her. Dan thinks it could be a little scary with Danielle and Shane..
Frank is sure dan has nothing to worry about, Danielle will take Dan’s word over Shanes
Dan agrees.

Frank: “I got yours and mike’s back you can count on me”
Dan appreciates it keeps telling him what he did today goes a long way.
Dan wants someone to win that is not floating. Frank agrees.

Frank loves Shane he’s winning comps and everything but in frank’s opinion he’s not really understanding the game and not really playing it.. Frank: “if it’s up to Shane/Boogie or Shane/Dan he would not vote for Shane in final 2”
Frank: “I don’t want to sit next to Shane in the final 2 I want to sit beside Dan or Boogie”

Dan what do you think of Danielle.. She’s like my Frank like boogie has you”
Frank: “she’s good she’s a golden girl” *
Dan: “Who do you think this week”
Frank is still onboard to get out Wil.. he thinks ashley and Wil won’t work together and Jenn will float back to them. If they leave Wil in the game they’ll have to compete against a potential Wil, Jenn, Ashley alliance.

Frank isn’t worry about Ian he’ll be putting joe and ashley up. Dan: ‘He’s not putting me up?
Frank: ‘No I talked to him earlier and he’s targeting floaters.. He even quoted rachel”

Frank wants to take out Joe then Jenn and Keep ashley around. Frank is interested in maybe taking Britney out.

Dan tells him he never remembered Britney making any big moves..
Frank: “She’s good and telling big old fibs”
Frank thinks they can get into Shane’s ear and pull him away from Britney.

dan wonders if maybe he should talk to Ian more.
Frank thinks it would be cool.. they both agree Ian is a good guy. Frank: “I love looking at the kid.. you know when he’s in the hot tub looking in the mirror”

They talk about Danielle winning HOH
Dan: “I would love to get her to out up Britney and Shane”
Frank: ”is britney getting close to Danielle”
Dan: “No”

Dan brings up again that Britney and Ian seem really close. He asks Frank if he’s been seeing that.
Frank has noticed they are close but he thinks Britney is using him. Dan says one of his auxiliary goals is to make sure Ian makes it to Jury. Dan thinks that Ian will get 2 votes in the final 2 automatically just for being Ian.
Talk shifts to after the show.
Dan brings up about how people are still hung up about their Big Brother season even when it was 4-5 years ago.. it’s really shocking how some people take the Big Brother experience..

(Frank is VERY confident that the final 3 is going to be a combination of Dan, Frank, Boogie)

4:39pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and IAn
Ian saying he’s on the warpath to get out Floaters.. If he wins HOH he’s taking out eagle eye.

5:21pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank

Frank relays the conversation with Dan.
Boogie is thinking that Dan is applying the same formula he did in season 10.
Frank brings up how Dan is saying he will try to persuade Danielle to put up Britney and Shane. Boogie laughs say Dan told him that last night.. he doesn’t see that happening. Frank mentions that dan isn’t as close to Ian as they thought. Dan seemed really concerned about Ian nominating him. Boogie thinks Dan is just worried about everyone.

Frank says that Both Shane and Dan seem to want to roll with them. Boogie agrees wants to keep both of them around.. Boogie adds that he wants Britney gone first.

They both agree that Britney is not a person they want to go into the final 2 with. Boogie: “She’s too good of a speaker”

(They are both confident that they now have Dan locked in)

Frank: “I wish she wasn’t married”
Boogie: “what”
Frank: “She a little hottie”
Boogie agrees.

Frank mentions that Wil has been in bed for most of the day. Boogie says wil’s been getting anxiety attacks. Boogie: ‘I get those they are horrible you certainly can’t focus on the game with those.”

6:16pm Cam 1-4 Joe cooking that’s right M**** Fu***** power house eagle eye Hollywood Joe is cooking on all 4 feed cameras.

As you can see from the picture above Joe takes a big bite.. What is Joe making? here’s a picture (Looks like it’s Havenots friendly)

6:52pm Boogie has a ear infection he’s in the Diary Room right now seeing someone about it. Boogie says he cannot hear out of one ear it’s making schemeing really hard to do.

7:03 Cam 1-2 Frank, Ian, Britney, Dan
Britney talking about Matt Hoffman having a collection of the worst tattoos on his back.
Ian: “he was the best to watch on Showtime.. the stuff he would say.. Hilarious.. “ Ian mentions a time when Matt on near the pool table saying “When I was a kid I use to Jack off to Showtime and now i’m on it” Britney agrees sats Matt says some really funny things.
Dan mentions how Ian must really like Matt Hoffman he’s the only person he’s following on Twitter.

7:08pm Joe arrives with the code breaded in slop. Joe: “this is worth a vote” everyone tries a piece and say it tastes great.

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The Quack-Pack has to go after Frank and Boogie next week if they have the HOH. They would have the power to put them up, and the votes to take one out. They shouldn’t be worried about being targeted, because whoever is left will only have Jenn, Ashley, Joe/Wil to work with.


@CLOWNBABY what if Mike Boogie wins HoH?


“Ian saying he’s on the warpath to get out Floaters.. If he wins HOH he’s taking out eagle eye.”

Pot, lemme introduce you to Mr Tea kettle


I was thinking the same thing


Layers of Flavor? Tomatoes,Tomato Paste, Onions, Green peppers, Man Juice,Hot Sauce


oh forgot shit,piss,boogers,toe jam,dirt,saliva

Layers of Flavor? Tomatoes,Tomato Paste, Onions, Green peppers, Man Juice,Hot Sauce,shit,piss,boogers,toe jam,dirt,saliva, any other type of germ

Master Chef Eagle Eye Joe: The Sole Semen Avenger

He thinks of these recipes in his bed…..and produces the final ingredient with a groan.



Has Ian won ANYTHING?


just the 3k, boogie gave to him


Have you watched the season…


Ian hasn’t won anything yet. But I think he is throwing a lot of comps. Now that we are at the half way point he has to start winning comps


Yes I’ve watched but it comes on after Happy Hour and during the Cocktail Hour


Ian’s going after floaters?!? Can he nominate himself? I like the kid but he hasn’t really done anything in the game and should be considered a floater as well! To me you’ve got to win something not be floating thru the game!


dr. will (the undisputed greatest bb player of all time) never won a competition in either of his seasons, does that make him a floater?


If floater is defined as not winning comps then yeah I guess he should be considered one if your facts are correct. How would you define floater?


To me a floater is someone who doesn’t win anything, has no solid alliance but always goes to lurch on the ass of the people in power; and votes the way they’re told to vote, a player whose only contribution in the game is as a vote and nothing more. Dr Will never won anything but he was a puppetmaster, able to manipulate and influence the decisions others ended up making. That’s not a floater and who needs to win an HOH when they can control the HOH?
As far as Ian goes I don’t consider him a floater because he has an alliance, and neither is Jenn. She might as awell be invisible and not winning shit, but she has an alliance . That’s MY definition of a floater.


Yeah, Dr. Will told everyone on the first night that he was going to lie and throw comps all year. It wasn’t that he COULDN’T win comps but that he DIDN’T by choice. When I was watching in live, I couldn’t stand Chilltown. Dr. Will was arrogant and pissed off a lot of people.

Many days I yelled at my TV to get Will out but every time they thought of getting him out either someone else blew up or some one would say “Wll’s not a treat, he doesn’t win anything.”

He was taken to the final 2 because Nicole thought that taking will was a better choice than Monica because Will never won anything. When Will told them that he had revealed his stratagy to them at the beginning and how he basically played them all, he won with the 5-2 vote.


What’s more impressive being the “greatest big bro player” or lasering tats off skeezy cali hoes? Dr will is one of the biggest tools ever second only to gaysha house pimp


if all he is is a big tool then i guess everyone else who ever played bb should be embarassed because a tool is a greater player than them. its not my opinion its just fact, will is the best to ever play bb, anyone who disagrees is in denial. all the people who you probably loved to watch will admit dr will is better than them.


And here we go, Danielle has the next target on her list.
She really can’t handle other women being around, going to be fun when she decides Brit is too much competition (She must know it already, but Brit is doing a fine job keeping her placated).


I was thinking the samething. She has the next person on her hit list. Really, Ashley is the only one left because she is to weirded out by Jenn being a Lesbian and she doesn’t think of her as competition. I don’t think she will turn on Britney because Britney is married so she doesn’t consider her competiton either. She has some major issues.

Joe has no fans

Joe get your a$& out of here.


dans startin to get his game in high gear i cant even tell who his loyalties are really with im hopin their with frank and boogie but i dont really think it matters he can probally beat anyone in a final 2


That headline “Guess What’s in Joe’s Secret Blender Salsa” just wanted to make me spew thinking about what Britney smelled…. LOL

Red Lampshade

Frank thinks it’s going to be him, Boogie, and Dan in the Final Three! HA! They’d be lucky if any one of them got there.

Frank has never voted

I dont get it. What are Dan’s intentions? Is he serious about getting Shane out? Whatever they are he is covering his bases very well


AHAHAHAHAHAha (rachel laugh)

Danielles' Orange Dress To Danielles' Rectum

REALLY?? Irritable Bowel Syndrome?? REALLY?? You have got to be kidding me. Isn’t that just super duper y’all. Knowing she’s going to explode and ruin me and my poofiness y’all aren’t gonna be able to buy me on ebay now. Go Bama *cheer pose*


Matt, please control yourself!

Joes' Spooge

I appear to be dripping down Joes’ chin. Isn’t that just tasty


Simon, where do you think Dan’s loyalties truly lie? Is he actually planning to the final three with Froogie or would he rather stick with the Quack Pack?


I hope Brit or Shane win HOH


hopes dan get backdoored sooner than later. the girls need to rise up or this is not going to end up nice for them.

Big willie

Bring back BIG! WILLIIE!!! Now that would be a twist…


Love watching Dan play this game! He fools a lot of us when we see him talking to people.

I think he’d like to go to the final 3 with Boogie and Ian.

He’s got to be worried about Frank, especially when Ian told him there was talk of backdooring him this week. And I like how he pretended that he isn’t close to Ian to throw off Frank a bit.

He’s almost throwing Danielle under the bus a little. I think Dan’s plan is to keep throwing comps, and if he could throw HOH to Danielle get her to nominate Frank and claim he tried to get Shane put up. I know there’s no real showmance but Danielle is NOT putting up Shane.

I know I’m thinking WAY ahead here, but so is Dan. Then if Frank leaves hopefully Boogie doesn’t believe it’s Dan’s doing and he goes after Britney and Danielle.

Dan’s all about other people doing his dirty work.


All the people giving Ian shit for telling Boogie and Frank that he wants to get out floaters don’t have a clue… He’s obviously lying to them. If anything the last few days have shown us that he’s turned his back on Boogie and Frank and is gonna roll with the Quack Pack. He’s not being serious when he’s says that that’s what he’s gonna do – he’s actually doing a really good job of covering his ass and making Chilltown 3.0 believe he’s no threat to their plan


Anyone care to fess up how many hours a day they spend watching the feeds?
Just how addicting are they?


OMG! I’m about to score my wrists with a butter knife. Watching Joe cook and listening to him breathe is painful!

Janelle's worn out lip

Joe’s secret salsa ingerdient: fecal matter.


this cooking getting really ugly.


THAT is exactly what Dan wants!! … when they think they have Dan w/them… Dan will EAT THEM UP! … I Love Shane, but he is a lil clueless! – Danielle ALL THE WAY!

Big willie

I think Boogs is underrated, I see him going far…


Does anyone else notice that the only one’s danielle have issues with is all the females (with the exception of brit) janelle, jojo and now ashley who is next


@Hallie.Danielle doesn’t only have a problem with the girls in the house.She had a problem with Boogie&Frank.I’m not sure how she feels about them now,but she did have a problem with those two guys.


She has a problem with Shane too. She wants him and he isn’t interested, and for a girl like Danielle, that’s a problem. She is even getting on Dan’s nerves. I look forward to a Danielle/Ashley confrontation. Ashley may be a space cadet, but I think she would turn Danielle into a blubbering pile of self pity.


JoJo would be difficult for anyone to get along with. Besides the tone of her voice (kinda of nanny-esque) she NEVER shut up. She never listened to those around her. Plue she was always about “I’m hot”, “I’m coole”. Ashley would drive anyone loopy. Between her earth child-spae cadet act, her exaggeration of her back issues, and that she followed Danielle everywhere – getting in her space. It is understandable. Janelle lost her trust early on. Sometimes you get a bad vibe about someone. She seems to like Jen and she likes Brit. She seems to have the most in commone with Brit. Personally, I find it is easier to be friends with gay men that women. There is less of an agenda.

Team Big Willie

Frank looks like a different person in that picture…

Eric CA

Out of the Coaches, Dan has the best bet.
His Dream Final Three is probably.
Ian, Ashley and himself
Final two
Dan and either Ashley or Ian

Final Three Dream
Danielle, Shane and Herself or Dan, Shane and herself
Final two:
Shane and Herself

Final Three of
Dan, Ashley and Himself
Final Two
Dan and himself

Boogie is in a prime spot.
3 Boogies in the Jury (Jen,Ian and Frank)
1 Brittney
1 Dan

The rest do not count.
The noobs are already out of the game for me. Out of the Noobs the strongest gamers are all a coaches B**ch. They are just playing to advance a coach. None of them have made any strong moves to break away. The only ones who have are just collateral damage in a coaches victory.

And so we sit out The Season of Stupid.

I never thought I would ever say this… AG get off that over paid posterior and make this crap interesting.
Come On
Truth or Dare HoH. If they lie a buzzer sounds and they are out of the game.
Ask Questions: “How many Alliances are you in at this moment?” or “Who have you said is the weakest link in your Alliance?”
Shave off all of your hair
Slop Bath
Dye you hair Blue
Have Not for the Season

Give them a chance at a truth, but that counted as their one and only Dare, they must answer honestly to stay in the game.
People would lie to avoid the truth (but everyone would know they lied. That seems to be a big issue this year.) or tell the truth because they need HoH really bad this week. I think Dan would lie his first question, just to get out of the game.

You can take only one Dare, the rest has to be truth.

Now that would shake stuff up. In an evil fun to watch sort of way.


I wonder what Frank and Boogie are going to do when they find out that Ian is a spy for Dan and Britney.

Eric CA

I think Boogie already knows, he just has not told Frank yet.


@Luna.But the only way Boogie&Frank could find out that Ian is telling Britney&Dan information,would be if production hinted at or flat out told Boogie&Frank what’s really going on(I don’t put that pass production).Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane won’t tell on Ian because he’s helping them out.He’s doing a good job so far with his role as the spy,who brings Dan’s alliance back important information.I just can’t see how Boogie&Frank will find out what Ian’s doing,unless production rat Ian out.


Boogie will for sure want Britney out soon now that he found out Frank is attracted to her. I saw that convo and Boogs was like Wha? then just going along saying “oh yeah, yeah.” Boogie can’t have some little girl interfere with his father/son, uncle/nephew fantasy plans with him and Frankie.

Dan needs to win this next HOH. Quack Pack to the end!

Jake K.

Bad news fellow fans…with the dagger of the Olympics finale last night Big Brother had a series low of about 4.7 million. This is the lowest rating in Big Brother history and the show is in serious danger of being in its final season. Despite high ratings from last years season, this season seems to have mega fans and new show watchers turned away from any returning players.

1. We need to start watching and get others to watch more again.
2. Expect a BANNER second half of this season. Grodner is in deep shit and she needs to get the ratings up.
3. Let’s all hope that with Olympics over and some fun weeks to come in the BB house that ratings head back up to their normal 6/7 million mark otherwise we will have to say goodbye to our beloved show.
4. I am American but hey there is always BB Canada to watch! Look forward to that coverage Simon and Dawg!

Janelle's worn out lip

Expect more tampering




Danielle is already getting that “look” with Britney. Won’t be too long before she turns on her. Danielle probably has no one in real life, cos you can’t say anything without her taking it personal. I couldn’t stand being around Danielle for very long, cos in the coarse of a day she’s bound to be offended by something you say.




Have nots is a joke now. They should just do away with it if it’s not going to be a punishment.


Joe is ny fav BB houseguest, he has no game, but he is just so funny to watch, i love how he doesn’t fit in at all, i hope he stays around a little longer


danielle is a liar…i have IBS…and i drink coffee like a fiend…the dark pop is what u want to stay away from me…ill tell u what is not good for ibs….wine or alcohol…


i try to like danille but i cant not because she got ridd of janell or nominate her …. she drags her voice to much her voice the bitching ……..danille wants to be the only girl in the house this season who won a hoh … danille doesnt like competition she wont stop until she;s be the last girl standing …. this girl is so thirsty i remember the last 2 weeks her tellinhg britnney she wants to see shane’s dick this girl is just thirsty i aint talking bout water


she is a lunatic…belongs in therapy…she only wanted janelle out because of personal reasons…now she wants ashley out because of personal reasons….she didnt even have any sympathy for ashley lol….she is single white female like in that movie…she is SWIMFAN


“6:16pm Cam 1-4 Joe cooking that’s right M**** Fu***** power house eagle eye Hollywood Joe is cooking on all 4 feed cameras.

That does it! I’m sold! I have to buy the feeds now! nd I’m gonna eat nothing but Eagle Eye Salsa and drink Powerhouse Punch for the rest of BB14!!!

Team Big Willie

I’m surprised Shane hasn’t nailed Daniell yet..


I’d like to see Ian get the coup de Jeff and use it to put up Boogie and Dan. That would be a huge move, it would get him a place of honour in Wikipedia and it would force the whole house to re evaluate their alliances. Only Ian is capable of a move like that!


@Chloe.“I’d like to see Ian get the coup de Jeff and use it to put up Boogie and Dan. ”You really hate the vets huh?Lol.

production rigged it

that’s so hilarious two big macho men (at least in their mind) boogie and frank both scared of a little girl in britney, priceless!!!!!


Danielle may be more of a compulsive liar than Gnatale and she is even more annoying. Gnat was a liar and she was annoying, but she wasn’t always seeking approval. She wasn’t dumb as a rock and fake like Danielle. I never thought I’d say something half positive about Gnat.

Eric CA

Is Danielle lying about Medical issues for sympathy?
I know anorexia can cause kidney problems, but then she should not touch any chocolate, nuts, legumes, animal proteins and coffee tea and carbonated fruits.
She should have a specified diet on the show and not any of Franks cooking. i hope they have checked the slop, to avoid anything negative to her health
One of my best friends died from kydney failure. If she has it, I can not understand how she is so active and healthy, because i do not think she is eating a
healthy diet, she should also avoid processed foods.
IBS, Slop is fabulous she should be eating that, IBS needs Fiber.

I think she is fibbing because a kidney heath diet is no joke, it has very strict rules.


I think that Frank will keep survive at big brother house. Somehow, we will get down to the final 7 when Frank will get rid of Ian for the purpose. Sorry Ian.