Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


Power of Veto Ceremony Results: Frank decided not to use the Veto. Joe and Wil remain on the block for eviction!

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12:05pm – 12:30pmWhen the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, in the bathroom, Shane tells Joe that he had a nice speech. Britney tells Dan in the bathroom that it is a good thing he didn’t go up, because we would not have the votes to keep you. Britney says that was nervous, we should not have even had to be concerned. Shane says he thought for sure he was going up. Joe says yeah but I am still on the block, I guess I didn’t reach his heart. I guess my heart to heart didn’t work. Britney tells Danielle that we are going to have to tell Dan about what Ian told them last night and how they need to win HOH this week. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Ashley tells Wil that she liked his speech. Wil says thanks, but that he forgot the middle. Wil and Ashley sit there staring off into the distance. Joe joins them. He says to them that he guesses he didn’t reach his heart. Wil says that if he is going home he is going out with a bang. Wil whispers to Ashley that they are definitely against us. Ashley says it will be okay we still have time.

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12:30pm – 12:45pm Danielle and Britney are talking. Britney tells Danielle that Dan needs to step up to the plate and start winning sh*t, I am tired of us saving him. He needs to win this week. Danielle tells Britney that Dan has told her that he hasn’t thrown any competitions. Dan comes into the bathroom. Britney tells Dan that it was not looking good, that he was close to coming up. Britney tells Dan that he needs to win HOH. Dan says that he always tries. Britney tells him that she is not joking. She tells him to talk to Ian. Britney and Danielle talk about how Britney thinks this won’t last past this week. Britney tells Dan that Ian came down last night and told them that you were an option to go up. Britney tells Dan that Frank doesn’t trust you. But we didn’t come tell you because there was nothing, nothing you could do. Britney says this will not last another week, one of us has to win HOH. Dan says I know, I am in tune. He says I won this game before, ya know. Dan leaves and then comes back. Dan asks them if they are upset. Britney and Danielle tell him no, we are just concentrating on Thursday, you need to win. Dan says that he knows, and he knows this game. Dan tells Britney not to underestimate herself that she can win it. Dan leaves the room. The conversation turns to talking about popping zits. Danielle loves it and Britney tells her that Ashley loves doing it too. Britney says that its sick.
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1pm – 1:10pm Joe and Ashley are talking in the backyard alone. Ashley tells Joe that she tried to get him off the block. She says that her and Wil went up there last night to talk to Frank. Joe tells Ashley that he thinks Frank is working with Britney, Danielle, Dan and Shane. Joe asks her who she will vote for. Ashley says that she doesn’t know. Ashley asks Joe if he knows who Frank wants out. Joe says that he is pretty sure it’s him because Frank told him the house wants him gone. Joe says that he thinks the votes are going to be heavy one side or the other depending on who Frank wants out. He says that he already told Frank that he wants to know either way so that he isn’t blindsided. He says that way I can prepare for whatever happens. Joe heads inside.


1:15pm – 1:25pm Dan and Ian rub lotion on each other’s backs and talk about Ian’s conversation with Frank last night. Ian says that Frank seemed to think that if he got you out he out be able to bring Shane and Britney over. Ian says there is no way that would happen but that he could not tell Frank that because he doesn’t know about the Quack Pack. Ian says that he told Frank he needs to establish trust and that if he leaves it the same it would. Ian says that he tried to convince Frank not to use the veto and he is glad that is what he ended up doing today. Britney and Danielle join them by the pool. Ian says that he was thinking in his head fu*k, fu*k, fu*k that would have been messy if that had happened. Ian tells Dan that Danielle was freaking out. Dan asks her how bad. Ian says that Danielle was sh*tting herself. Dan tells Ian that he appreciates his help in talking to Frank about it.


1:35pm – 1:45pm Joe and Frank head up to the HOH room to talk. Frank asks what’s on your mind. Joe asks what was Wil offering last night? Frank says that they were trying to get me to back door one of the other four. He even wanted me to maybe use it on you and him stay up on the block as the pawn. Frank says that it’s not like he hadn’t considered it but he didn’t know if it was time to rock the boat. He says let alone if he had the votes to get that person evicted. Joe tells Frank that Wil told him that he and Ashley had worked Frank over and that Wil may need Joe’s vote. Frank tells Joe that people have come up to him and told him that they feel like they can trust you more now that Janelle is gone. Frank says that Wil thinks he is so crafty and that he thinks he can work people and get them to do things. Joe says that Wil told him that he had one glass of wine and that he came up with a genius idea and that he worked Frank over. Frank says yeah right. Joe heads back down stairs.


2:10pm – 2:40pm All four camera views on Frank, Dan, Ian, Britney, Joe, Jenn and Ashley are in the pool playing with the beach ball. Pool game ends. Dan talks about how Renny sold a blowup doll with his face on it. They continue to hang out in and around the pool having random conversations.

3pm Ian and Danielle in the pool talking about school. Dan, Shane, Britney, and Ashley are laying out by the pool not talking.

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if dan and the group make the petty decision to keep wil over joe, thats stupid. they stuck to their silent 6 deal, could have gone backdoor on them, didnt. so please, dont now just go back on the deal because you can’t be put up. wil needs to go home, he IS the bigger threat, don’t play this as “wil can take out mike boogie” oh goodness, wil can’t take out anyone. there is NO WAY cbs lets wil be the one who puts an end to the game of mike boogie.


Even though I think that Frank has exposed his game and the Quack Pack needs to take him out, it would still be best if Wil goes. They can go to Joe and say, we will gaurentee you Jury if you vote how we want. One ot the Quack Pack wins HOH and puts up Frank and Boogie OR puts up Jenn and Joe, take Joe off the block and replace him with Frank and THIS time he is finally evicted.


“Britney tells Danielle that Dan needs to step up to the plate and start winning sh*t, I am tired of us saving him” WOW…… the balls on Britney…the bitch hasn’t won anything all season, coached her own team into the ground, and now has the balls to say she’s tired of saving Dan???? That psychotic bitch has been drinking her own koolaid a little too much. How about SHE starts winning sh*t? SHE’s the one who lost to Frank in the HOH this week. Here’s to Britney “winning” 4th place…..


Except that Britney admits in the same conversation that she sucks at comps and can’t win anything. Dan tells her not to sell herself short.


I mean, in her defense, she came in 2nd in the last 2 HOH comps and she gave the first one that she competed in to Danielle because she didn’t want the possible repercussions of going from coach to player to HOH. She could’ve stayed on and won it if she wanted to.


she’s just basically telling Dan to stop throwing comps because everyone knows (DUH!) He’s doing his season 10 game!
I like that strategy in S10 but right now it’s just not gonna work. Everyone knows about it and yes Dan will still make it far but he will finish short. Maybe 4th or 5th.

Just ask Dr. Will in All Stars, or Jordan last season for that matters by using the exact same strategies


hes making a different mistake than dr will, hes riding with danielle and with shane and with brit, and hes the outside man, and doesnt know it.


I don’t think she’s claiming that she’s a huge competitor so much.

She knows that Dan has a reputation for throwing comps and want shim to wake up a bit and not feel so comfortable.

I LOL’d bigtime on Thursday when Dan made no attempt in the HOH comp. I don’t even think he listened to the song. He just stood there until Britney answered.

He will throw everything until he thinks he needs to win.

quack-pack fan

LOL @ your assessment of Britney. She hasn’t done bad at all on the comps and the endurance she jumped off so Danielle could be HOH. As for her coaching skills – she had Willie for crying out loud. Jojo was a secondary loss of the Willie fiasco. Brit has done an amazing job keeping things together for her quack-pack alliance. Her social game is really good. Late last night when it appeared Frank was going to back door Dan, it was Brit who remained cool/ calm and decided not to wake up Dan which would have resulted in trusts being broken and Ian being exposed.

Bottom line Brit has earned the right to stand up to Dan on his throwing comps and I think he respects Brit for her role in the game.


so far she has rode the coattails of dan. woo hoo for her. she freaks out over every small little thing. I hope she goes home very very veryvery very very soon


Frank is screwed, they don’t trust him at all, Silent 6 is going to turn on him first. He shouldn’t have won this HoH, it wasn’t even really that important he needs to win one down the road.


I agree, but Frank’s ego was in the way. He should have thrown the HOH to Britney, then tried for the next one, because the next one is where the group will fracture.


frank made the correct game move. he is going to trust S6 that wil and joe are the next to leave. the HOH after the next one will be the biggest of the season. because then S6 will turn on each other.


@SteveO It won’t never happen. Silent 6 alliance will never turn their back on Frank. Not in million years. They will stick together.

MU Tigers

They are already talking about turning on each other. Frank was strongly considering backdooring Dan and now the other 4 fo the S6 know it too. Yeah, they will turn on each and it will be soon. That is a FACT!!!!


Newbies are so stupid. Frank will be gone next week.


Smart move Frank. Putting up Dan would have been a huge mistake.


Team silent 6 alliance strikes again shhhhhhhhh!

Wils Head Scab

Well duh captain wedgie! Saying BYE BYE JOE or WIL is like saying HEY, its going to be sunny or rain today! LOL you are such a brainiac!!!!!


Silent 6 is an ad hoc alliance with both sides waiting to pull the trigger on the other. Being a fan of this alliance is a little silly. The Quack Pack is a legit alliance.


Quack pack is also ad hoc!

MU Tigers

Actually they are the only alliance that is showing any loyalty to each other. Silent 6’s loyalties will depend on who wins HOH this week. If Dan, Britney or Danielle win it, the Silent 6 are over. As Frank and Boogie both could end up on the block.


@MU Tigers I don’t think Shane,Britney or even Danielle would never put up Frank & Mike Boogie on the Block. Probably Wil & Ashley or Jenn & Ashley and backdoor Wil.


They are both trying to get Wil to go after certain members of their own “alliance.” Disguised betrayal is not loyalty. And the QP is keeping Ian’s involvement concealed from Frank and Boogie. That’s not a relationship of loyalty and trust.

Some of you aren’t watching closely.


ahah I agree I think IAN Is overdoing it and is playing 2 side so go IAN lol


The Quack Pack is based on genuine trust among people who genuinely want to work together. The only possible exception is Dan who always keeps his options open. The S6 is based on immediate expediency. The QP knows where Ian stands. Certain members of the S6 are being kept in the dark about where Ian stands. The S6 is more of a short term deal than an actual alliance.


Agreed Silent six days are numbered


How is the Quack Pack ad hoc? The Silent 6 is ad hoc because it was formed for the sole purpose of evicting Janelle (though the TRUE purpose was to save Frank).


Because they using Ian as a information. That’s why. Silent 6 is a real deal.

quack-pack fan

Quack-pack is not ad hoc. Quack-pac is a legit alliance that has the most trust and they brought Ian in before Boogie/Frank offered him anything. Secondary alliance is Dan and Boogie as chilltown 3.0 and they brought in Frank. Third sub-alliance is Silent Six which is Dan, Brit, Danielle, Shane, Boogie & Frank who formed to save Frank and take out Janelle when it was clear that the coach alliance was not going to work out. Fourth alliance in the house is Tits which is Wil, Ashley and Jenn – this alliance will not go far. Joe tried to start a Powerhouse alliance with anyone who will listen to him. I think Joe and the oven mitt have made a final two deal. :)

Silent Six will break first because Frank was tempted to use the POV today and back door Dan. Fortunately Ian is a double agent with loyalities to Quack-Pack, told his alliance and they all know this was being considered. Frank ended up not using the POV so now Frank has damaged his trust with the rest of the SS alliance.


Silent 6 alliance is a real legit.


the more I think about it, boogie played this smart. I think hes counting on a power being put in the house when someone opens a pandoras the week he and frank or he and dan etc get nominated. just a guess.

to be fair, they need it. its 2 on everyone else right now. sadly shane won’t go away from his group, I just want all these bad players out, basically 4 in particular joe ashley wil jenn (and even ian who Im angry with for not playing the middle game but playing with brit over mike boogie, that is the worst strategic move in the history of BB). then let the “real” powerhouse alliance silent 6, go at each other ands tart to finally break apart. im getting tired of this weird mentality that mike boogie and frank are doing things that brit isnt. brit needs to go, im glad boogie has finally seen the light on that one. I hope he wins HOH and puts brit up.


Ian went with people that he saw as powerful and gave them his loyalty. Boogie barely coached him at all, concentrating on his new “Dr. Will” (not even) Frank. Ian had good relations with Dan but especially Britney, who both took time to get close to Ian. I would say that given those cercumstances 95% of people would have made the same choice as Ian.

Also remember how much of a fan Ian is. His is intimately familiar with Boogie’s, Dan’s and Britney’s stratagies in playing the game. He went with the ones which he felt he had the best chance to win and that he was most comfortable.


yes. yet who do you win against in the end?

he had no reason to expose what he knew, as it would never come out that he heard frank say such things. just a bad decision, as now it could come out when brit is trying to save her butt very soon.

this is my issue with all these people anti boogie

WHAT IS HE DOING that everyone else ISNT. the others have talked backdoor before he has. so how is his game so dirty right now? and even then, who can you win against in the final 2 ian? mike boogie is a guarenteed win. 100 percent. yet people want to take him out because hes such a threat, with his 1 coaches challenge win.

MU Tigers

Several reasons Boogie should go. This is his 3rd season and he’s already won before. He’s a millionaire and doesn’t need the money. With Boogie out of the house, every other HG has a much better chance of winning. And IMO, Boogie is an arrogant c@ck sucker that needs to be humbled.

Eric CA

As an arrogant C@ck sucker I resent that.


LOL Eric!

MU Tigers

Hilarious response Eric.


I don’t think Boogie wants to win. From what I see, he’s still in coach mode. If you recall, he was the one who didn’t want to reset the game. It seems to me like he feels like he’s already played twice and won once and that is good enough for him. He’s acting like he still wants to get to the end, but only just so that he can say he did that three times. He clearly threw the HOH in hopes of Frank getting it, so all this just says to me that Boogie doesn’t really want to win. If he does, he doing the best job of hiding it that I can see.


Boogie knew from the start that the coaches were going into the game. He also knew when the twist was revealed that if just one coach hit the button, they were in the game. He knew perfectly well that Janelle and Dan would hit the button, so he refused to make himself look good. When he threw Frank the HOH, he did no favour for Frank. He made Frank a bigger target. He will use Frank to take out Shane and the rest of them, but he knows his only chance at the money is to have at least 1 coach in the jury and be sitting next to the other one. Boogie is all about Boogie’s game. Frank needs to wake up before he finds himself being evicted at final 4 by Ashley. At least Tits isn’t doing what a vet wants them to do. Danielle Shane and Frank are playing for their coaches still and it will bite them.


Ian is an idiot for spilling the beans about Frank wanting to backdoor Dan.

Janelle's worn out lip

Ian is far from an idiot.
Sharing this information just pitted the most powerful players in the house against each other and completely removed him from consideration as a nominee.
Very smart move on his part.


Yes you are right! It was a great move!


no. it showed dan that boogie is keeping him off the block.

ian is putting himself in the middle of it, instead of letting what is going to happen, happen. its a mistake, he will be caught, and he will be evicted for it


I hope that dan turns on brit sooner rather than later. Im just so sick of her thinking shes some awesome player. she is terrible, she slides by because she is basically no real threat in any way. I just dislike that type of game when you spend all your time bad mouthing people. even mocking joe, its just mean, al ot of it goes pretty rude, joe’s kids etc, its not necessary. she is a mean girl, and yet she keeps getting this edit of how upset she is, how bad she feels, but then she goes right back out in the yard, and says awful things.

get rid of brit please, if boogie goes, and if dan loses to brit…I mean really?


wait..i thougth ian was in an secret alliance with quack pack….dan..danielle..brit..and shane i think his loyalty is with them and he is playing frank and boogier..or did i get all that wrong? clue me in


I think you are right and he showed that last night


frank talking to ian=biggest mistake of the game for him

he talked to the magic 8 ball, who well and just spilled the beans to the girls. Ian, I am so disappointed in you kid. seriously, I was on team Ian, I now hope someone figures you out and takes you out.


Boogie told frank that he made a mistake to talk to Iran, amd he said he trusted him, well he told BRITNEY everything


Frank realy made a mistake talking to Ian Boogie told him not to,but the HOH power went to his head and his head is now on a platter


Agreed that it was a huge mistake for Frank.

I’m not so disappointed in Ian though. He made his choice and he’s aligned with Brit, Dan, Danielle, and Shane. It’s not his fault if Frank or Boogie want to give him information.

I actually think he made the right choice. He’s closer to Dan and Britney. Boogie wouldn’t give Ian the time of day or even be talking to him if he hadn’t been his coach from day 1. Ian knows Boogie is rolling with Frank, and Frank only.


Ian made the right choice. He has good thing going with Brit, Dani, Dan, and Shane. Also, I think he’s been throwing a lot of comps. Watch him start to win the important comps.


ian basically chose to tell a secret between he and frank, a team of frank and boogie basically he turned on there, to help brit? and danielle?

cmonnnnnnnn. he didnt need to say anything, I cant believe how stupid and blinded he is by brit’s terrible gameplay.

brit is going to go final 4, possible f2, possible winner. I think that would be my final BB straw. I loved last year’s winner rachel pulling it out, but if brit wins, I think im done with big brother all together. she has ZERO game, is very rude….ughhhhhh. she is NOT BB winner worthy.

production rigged it

yeah it’s so terrible to go to a side with 4 players instead of 2 one of which (boogie) doesn’t give a crap about him and talks bad about him all the time, and as for britney i think it’s pretty smart of her to get close to ian look at the information she found out because of it, looks to me like i detect a small twinge of jealousy of your part because your boys are in trouble now, i’m not surprised though considering you’re a rachel fan ughhhhhhhhhhh!! who only won because of production.


Where did you get the documents stating that Production rigged the final vote to give it to Rachel. I am no Rachel fan and I do believe that Production messes with things, but there is no evidence that they mess with any HG votes (like for eviction and winner) Please direct me to those documents that you have.

(BTW, if you think the game is so totally rigged, that Production controls everything and that the players are just acting out a script for them, why do you watch??)

Dae Yum Yum

Production didn’t “rig” Rachel’s win last year per se, but they made the last HOH comp an endurance comp that she was sure to win. Remember the mixing bowl comp where they stood on mixing bowl beaters? Usually it is the next to last HOH comp that is endurance with the final 3 but last year it was the last comp to make certain that Rachel was the one to decide who to sit next to in the end. So yeah production had a hand in it.

Dae Yum Yum

Why does everyone think Dan is such a great player? The cast on his season was the lamest group to EVER play BB! Memphis did his dirty work by getting rid of Keesha and even Jerry, yes, Jerry made final 3! This was a season made up of Libra, Michelle Costa, Renny… the only big threat was Jesse and he allowed his mouth and attitude to get himself evicted early in the game! Same with Brian. So, Dan isn’t as great as he is made out to be! Dan knows that he can only win this year if he is sitting next to another past winner of BB, which means Boogie! Jury will most definitely give the money to someone who hasn’t won before if they are up against Dan. That is why Dan wants to work with Boogie alone and wants Frank out. Shane is the one that needs to go if Frank, Dan or Boogie want to go far! He is by far the biggest threat! And I think Britney is playing a great game thus far and she has the ability to win comps so do not underestimate her!

yeah right

Well first off, Rachel did not “pull it out”. Her evicted fiance was brought back into the game to further her along when all hope was lost for her. Then, later on, when Kalia and Porche finally had her and Jordan cornered, production stepped in and unleashed the duo twist again with a POV geared towards her strengths. If you are going to say that Britney is too rude to win big brother what does that make Rachel? She was by far the rudest person on BB12 and BB13. And Ian did not make a mistake in this situation. Because he told Britney, now DDBS will be targeting Chilltown 3.0 and there is no way Team Tits will get him evicted for two reasons. One, none of them have any shot at winning anything, and if by some stroke of luck they do, why would they possibly waste it on Ian. Ian knew that both Frank and Boogie considered Ian more of a third wheel and a vote than an ally. This way he has the two strongest sides of the house going at each other instead of going at him. He is in a perfect spot for the time being.

Caren in Canada

I totally agree with you, we watch here in a group of twenty two most nights , and we did a census on the last show that if either Danelle or Brittany win, this will be the last one for us as well! And we have seen EVERY single BB this one by far is the absolute worst bar none! And I was team Ian but I think he just sunk his own battleship by opening his mouth, Boogie and Frank will get him for that one! And remember EVERYONE in the house except TITS wants to be on Team Boogie LMFAOOOOOO Like thats gonna get you anywhere! Have never seen so much flip flopping in my life, none of them deserve to win, BB just give the winnings to charity and send them all home! This is becoming sheer agony!


Frank should have done it, he is in just as much trouble as if he did it, Mike is going to be really pissed at Frank.


the more I watch the BB edit, it seems like they are setting up dan and brit to go to the final 4 together, and one will win the game. Dan, you better pull that out. I may start encouraging people to vote for dan, because a vote for dan is one less for brit.

Janelle's worn out lip

Buh bye Frank.
When Shane (or pretty much anyone) wins HOH next week you are done.


Not going to happen. Silent 6 alliance will never break the apart & especially getting rid of Frank.

Janelle's worn out lip

LOL. Shane has already talked about putting Frank up since the silent 6 (he already did it twice before). It was just a matter of who did it first.
Frank should have taken the opportunity to do unto others before they do unto him…but he is actually too honest, which will ultimately be his downfall.
You watch, Frank will go home next week. Boogie will be safe, because Dan knows the only one he has any chance of winning beside in the final 2 is Boogie.

Feel free to remind me later if I am incorrect.

MU Tigers

The only point I don’t completely agree with was that Boogie is the only one that Dan could beat in the Finals. While I agree that Boogie would be beatable, I don’t know that he is the easiest for Dan to beat. I am thinking it’d be unanimous 7-0 againist Joe and possibly Jenn. I think he’d beat Ashley as well. So at this point, Dan’s best move is getting Boogie out of the house. Without Boogie there to guide Frank, they could take advantage of that and manipulate him until they can get him out.


@ MU TIGERS.I disagree.Frank is the one who needs to be evicted next Thursday.Frank is starting to not jump when Boogie says jump.That is a major problem for Dan.The fact that Boogie had to repeatly tell Frank not to back door Dan,shows that Frank isn’t going along with what ever Boogie says,with out thinking.Before Boogie would tell Frank to do something or not do something and Frank wouldn’t argue with him.But for some reason Frank wants to debate Boogie on targeting Dan.If Boogie leaves and Frank is still in the game.Then Frank will still come after Dan,because he hates him.Frank keeps saying that Dan lied to him,so that’s why he wants him out of the game,but yet he has no problem with Shane(the one who nominated Frank and then won the veto and was a part of the plan to blind side Frank),Britney or Danielle.All these people lied to Frank,but he only wants Dan out?I don’t get it.But I know one thing.Dan has to win HOH&Veto.He needs to kick Frank’s butt out of the game.


@jw I disagree with both of you. Shane will never break the silent 6 Alliance.

Danielle's Orange Dress

I bet Joe’s salsa caliente would look good on me. Thanks, y’all.


LMAO!!!!!!! Or she’s rabidly asking all the other HG’s if and what Joe’s salsa said about her;)


Can someone explain to me why Frank is mad at Dan about the backdoor week and not Shane? Was it not Shane’s idea to back door Frank? Was it not Shane that lied to Franks face numerous times saying he was safe. Was it not Shane that used the POV and changed his own nominations in an attempt to backdoor Frank? Was it not Shane that lied AGAIN to Frank after changing the noms saying he was still not the target? What did Dan do besides not tell Boogs and Frank that Shane Brit Janelle and Danielle were behind this scheme? I don’t get it. If I were Dan, I would be mentioning Shanes name alot and talking about how that week went down. Frank Dan and Boogie should be working together til final 3 not against each other.


Frank is threatened by Dan. He has a relationship with Boogie that Frank doesn’t understand. It is like when your best friend has another best friend and you want no one else to be that close to him.

Dan is also a vet/coach and Frank wants them all out except Boogie (for now). Frank has wanted the coaches out of the game before they were even in the game.

Dan has won the game before and Frank knows that Dan is a great player. He is a huge threat to Frank winning. It is as if Frank feels that if he can get Dan and Shane out of the house then he has won and the rest of the game is just a formality.

Dan is the best social player ever on Big Brother (with the posible exception of Dr. Will). Frank has the makings of a good social game but Dan is a master. More people like Dan than Frank. He does not believe that he could beat him in the f2.


@BIGBROTHERFANATIC4. I agree with everything you said,except the part about Dan working with Frank.Maybe,Boogie.But Frank no way.He wants Dan out so bad,despite the fact it was Shane who nominated Frank and Shane won the power of veto.Well,you know the rest,because you wrote it.Lol.


So basically Frank is just using that as a reason to bring Dan’s name up? I just figure that would set off alarm bells in other peoples heads knowing that it was Shane not Dan that was the main player in that. It looks to me almost like Dan and Frank are both in direct competition to be Boogies new Dr WIll and are both gunning for each other to get the spot. I think if they could both get over each other they could make a good team. Once they get Shane out they could just coast to the end using Britney like the brigade did, and Ian, to get the votes to go their way.


Brit and Dani are right now telling Dan how close he came.
I hope he doesn’t think this is just paranoia, I hope once he talks to Ian he will realize he was going to likely be gone this week.
Ian saved his ass (with a little help from Boogie this morning).

I want them to just go hardcore for Frank. The guy seems nice, but honestly I think it’s an act. You can see the nasty side of him slipping out here and there. And I just can’t forget week 1 with him, he just pinged my radar.
Plus he thinks he is Golden and running this house because he has escaped so many times. Time for him to pack his bags for the last time.


I agree. Plus now that Boogie has been on their side, if the get rid of Frank where will he go? Jenn, Joe and Ashley? Boogie is smart enough to lay low and get his revenge when the time is ripe.


Frank was just now singing “Dayman” (From Always Sunny), damn him that is the kind of thing that will make me like him!
And the button pusher obviously had no clue because pretty sure that could be infringement also, and he sang an entire verse with no fish.


@ NONAME.I completely agree with you.Dan can’t throw anymore competitions.He needs to fight hard to win this next HOH&veto, as if his life depends on it.Frank has to leave this game for good next Thursday.I can’t believe that Boogie is more trust worthy than Frank.On a side note.I think Dan is really on his own.Here’s why I feel this way.Ian told Britney&Danielle that Frank wants to back door Dan.Then all three of them agreed not to tell Dan about the plan to back door him.Huh?What kind of alliance is that?A alliance is suppose to have your back(the way Boogie&Frank have each other’s back).Dan should’nt trust Shane.To tell you the truth,I don’t think Dan can trust anyone in that house to have his back(it’s too bad that Dan doesn’t have a alliance like The Renegades).Another thing that bugs me is Britney telling Dan it’s good that he wasn’t put on the block,because they didn’t have the votes to save him.Huh?Well,if Danielle,Britney,Shane&Ian were really in a alliance with Dan,should’nt they do like other alliances have done.Which is to build relationships with the house guests who aren’t in their group.That way when the time comes,and one of their alliance members are nominated for eviction.The potential nominee(Dan)will have the votes to stay in the game.It would be so good if Boogie would turn on Frank and work with a fellow winner of the game Dan.But I still don’t think Boogie wants to do that.Dan needs help.He needs someone who is really with him.Which means that person won’t hide important information from him,like Britney,Danielle&Ian did(they all agreed to not tell Dan that It was a good chance that he will be back doored).He needs someone that will try and build relationships with the other house guests,to keep their alliance member,out of being in danger of getting evicted.As of right now,Dan doesn’t have that.And that sucks.


@jw- “On a side note.I think Dan is really on his own.Here’s why I feel this way.Ian told Britney&Danielle that Frank wants to back door Dan.Then all three of them agreed not to tell Dan about the plan to back door him.Huh?What kind of alliance is that?A alliance is suppose to have your back(the way Boogie&Frank have each other’s back).”

I see what you are saying and it does LOOK bad.
But during the coversation (between Dani, Brit & Ian) the issue was brought up that Frank talked to Ian alone, they wanted to wait till today because they thought if Dan had a clue it might happen he might no be able to hide it, therefore giving away the “Quack Pack” and blowing that hidden alliance out of the water. Ian would have never been able to get inside info again.
I know it seemed skeevy not to tell Dan, but in a way it was kind of smart because no matter how good you are it is hard to hide that you are onto something in that house. If Dan had known, one look at Frank in any way other than normal may have made Frank figure out Ian ratted him out and he probably would have said “F it, Dan is going up”.
For what it is worth, Ian did some great game talking with Frank alone last night to sway him off of Dan.
He is playing these alliances brilliantly.


@NONAME.I hope the reason that you gave for the three of them with holding that conversation from Dan is true.The way you view it sounds a lot better than how I took it.So,I hope your right.


JW that was the impression I got.
Ian told them he was 95% sure he had talked Frank out of doing the BD. Telling Dan could have triggered things into progression (hopefully Dan will see it that way also).
I got so wrapped up last night I stayed up until they all went to bed around 3am west coast time (I am on the east coast, so 6am).
I was waiting for Frank to go to bed (so was Eagle Eye, lol) to make sure that no one got to him before this morning. They also were having a really good convo in the back yard, it was pretty engrossing.


@noname.“I was waiting for Frank to go to bed (so was Eagle Eye, lol) to make sure that no one got to him before this morning.”Lol.

VA Vet

Time for DDBS to strike. Win HOH and put both Mike and Frank up. If one gets evicted (either one) the other is literally screwed.


Get that ugly ass hoe, Britney, out…She’s a bitch…

production rigged it

she would probably say the same thing about you too.


I just wish Shane and Frank can just team up and get rid of all these slackers!!!!!



Myka 9

Danielle/Shane/Britney/Dan should just get rid of Wil while they can. I’m guessing that production is going to try hard to stage an HOH that either Ian/Jenn/Ashley/Wil/Joe can win for next week, so they might as well make it increase the difficulty of that by getting rid of Wil. Plus if Wil wins HOH, Shane is at least going to be a replacement nominee, and Joe will be easier to sway.

But yeah, if Danielle/Shane/Britney/Dan win next week they need to get rid of Boogie, because if they waste getting rid of someone like Ashley or Jenn then its almost certain that Shane or Dan will be the next to go. This is a great week to make friends with Ian.


Um, should Britney be in any position to be yelling at Dan to win shit? What has Britney won??


Her point was he needs to stop THROWING the comps. She knows he isn’t even trying, and since they are alligned she wants him to realize it os time to stop laying low (in her eyes at least). And let’s be fair, Brit could easily have won the endurance, but she knew if Danielle won all was good. The HOH last week I am not sure, she was second but many say she threw it to Frank, I dunno 50/50 on that one.

Red Lampshade

I think she realizes that he’s been throwing stuff and is more upset that he hasn’t been trying to win.


I like Dan, so I’m glad he’s not going, but it would have been smart to get him out. He has won this game in the past. I’ll be bummed to see Wil go. Aside from Britney, he’s the only comedic relief in the house. Well, at least in his diaries, I don’t have the feeds so I don’t know how he is on those.


Frank should have taken Boogie’s lead and let Brit have the HOH. His ego is huge and that will get him evicted. If BB wants to save him they will give him a Pandora’s Box and diamond power of veto. BB has a few days to still give it to him, if not he could go on a fast forward Thurs. After Thurs eviction there are 9 HG’s left and they start Jury Hse. That leaves 4 weeks to put 6 in the Hse. Frank should be playing in a fast forward this week to keep himself safer but he can’t because he’s HOH. We will see how BB production wants it to play out.

Eric CA

This was Franks chance to declare if he is a boss or a pawn and he blew it.
Just like I have been saying the Target is still on Frank. HoH, should be fun next week.
The only thing that can keep Frank off the block is Boogie or Ian win. Good Luck Frank with those two.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when the coaches talk to each other or their players.
It is always the Coaches talking about sacrificing a player to prove an alliance, Never sacrificing a coach.
When talk about sacrificing a coach, Dan. “That is the worst move you could make. Maybe Shane is ok.”

The coaches do it in front of their pawns, and none of them seem to notice. Shane and Frank could be the bosses of the New players.
What has their bosses given them ? Safety from the block? No. A secure alliance? No. Those guys do not even get a point of view.

Frank and Shane 2 strong competitors could be the bosses of the new players. They should ask themselves “Who has been the ones doing the heavy lifting around here? Boogie didn’t even try to win HoH he was so secure that Frank is his B**CH. Do they try to win PoV to save your butts? No. But they have no problems having you guys do their dirty work and putting targets on you back. No problem at all.

If Frank and Shane have looked at their possible numbers.

Ian and Danielle may float over to the newbie side, but Danielle has Daddy Issues, Dan is her father figure. Ian is Brittney’s (I hate to admit this but I think, Ian has a Brittney crush. She is one of the prettiest players ever with a really hot body. I may be gay, but I know Brittney is hot and cute. If you go by face alone she is the prettiest player, possibly tied with Jordan and Monet in big brother history.)


I’ve really had enough of seasons lately where alliances form and stick to those alliances long term, which usually equates to unbelievably boring viewing for the majority of us viewers. I think I’m finally ready for some deal-breaking, paranoid, and narcissistic drama this season!

Eric CA

The secret to a long lasting alliance is Bosses and B**ches.

The Four Horseman Aliance
Drew, Cowboy, Jase (EEWWW) and Scot
Jase and Scott went pretty fast in season five but Drew won it.
That Season also had the Six Finger Alliance: Note Adria, Nokmis still wants your pinky.

Chill town alliance only lasted to week 4, when Boogie was evicted.
Wil still won

Brittney, thought she had an alliance with Lane, but Lane was Brigade all of the way.
Hayden from the Brigade won (The Brigade as much as I disliked them remained the most loyal to each other.)

Didn’t Boogie and Will do the sequel to Chilltown in the All Star Season

So this Season should be Return of the SSHHHH, The Chilltown Strikes Back.

In this Season my main problem with the Alliances is, you are either Boss or B**tch (I hate to make it sound like that.), but, when they talk game in front of you or to you and say that a coach is not expendable and a Player is. I hate to break it to them Boogie and Dan just told them that they are the Boss and Frank, Danielle and Shane is the B**tch. Brittney may just win the whole thing because she isn’t either of them.


Ian better wake up. The only way he can win the game is to scumbag his quack pack alliance. He needs to wise up and choose correctly. If he scumbags Frank and Mike and goes to the final 5 with DDBS, he can’t beat any of them. Frank and Mike will vote for anyone else against him and the 3 evicted DDBS players will, too. His only chance of winning is to scumbag the Quack Pack, run numbers with Mike, Frank, Ash, and Jenn and hope to make final 3 with Frank and Mike.


SSHHHH, The Chilltown Strikes Back

What a douche baggery of a sequel that’s gonna be lol

Wil's Scab Head Itches

At least when Wil goes home Thursday he won’t go empty handed. CBS will be giving him a parting gift…..A diamond studded Hartz flea & tick collar! Heeeeeyyyy Girl!!!!!


Brit has the NERVE to tell Dan to win a hoh. Aha Ha Ha Ha
How bout u set the tempo and win on for the QP5 Quack Pak 5

production rigged it

she’s come helluva lot closer than he has to winning finishing second in the last 2 hoh’s how close has he come, yeah i know i rest my case, time for him to step up.


Frank is a decent competitor being that he’s physical and is somewhat smart (although i do question this sometimes), but i could tell from the very beginning that his downfall is going to be the fact that he is almost physically incapable of keeping his mouth shut! i mean, it’s like every chance he gets he’s just running his mouth about something to do with his game to the exact people he claims to not trust.


Britney jumps in and saves the feeds


YES! And that’s why she has to stay.


Let’s be honest, what its coming down to is Boogie has taken over Frank’s HOH and when Frank won the POV he also wanted to hijack that and make the decision that would make the best decision for his (Boogie) game. Boogie is playing for himself, not for Frank, he is riding on his coat-tails right now, I dont see Boogie doing anything other than napping, being dismissive, arrogant, and immature. For a 42 year old man that is successful, why does he feel the need to mind-play these obviously much younger players in the BBhouse? From what I see it appears that Dan and Boogie want to be sitting next to each other on finals so they are both manipulating the players into playing their game, but Boogie is the worst.

I wish Frank would have done what he wanted and put Dan up, Shane offered to be the pawn. The newbies should rally together, they need to have a house meeting of just them and hash it out and figure it out and then get the oldsters out. As much as I enjoyed Dan, Brittany, and even Boogie (more so Dr Will) in their seasons their seasons have come and gone pass the torch on, let someone else have a try.

Big Brother needs to coe up with better twists, be more inventive. If you need new ideas, maybe you need to hire some new people. I know there are plenty of people that are creative that are out of work………I am available. I liked the season where you brought back the ex’s, those were good seasons. Where the sabatouer, Americas player, Project DNA, those were good twists, so why not do things like that again????

Joes' Spooge to Danielles' Orange Dress



LOL Biam we have a winner for best name of the day


Congratulations for the best name of the day! You win an all expenses paid trip to Joe’s restaurant with an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of Joe’s famous Fettucini Alfredo.


CongratsZ! sounds like an awesome prize

Joes' Spooge to Danielles' Orange Dress

oh my….that sounds chewy. Aren’t I the lucky one


I don’t have the feeds, but I have seen Joe on BBAD not wash his hands after using the toilet. I would like to see the look on Joe face if production would put up one of those restroom signs that says ” All employees must wash their hands before leaving the facilities”.



Dans' Red Shirt

WTF does this white blob on me even mean?? Anyone? It’s as if Joes’ spooge missed Danielles’ Orange Dress. Seriously, can anyone tell me WTF Dans red shirt is all about. I’m sure it’s something riveting.


What should Dan’s avatar be?


Dudley Do Right of the Royal Canadian Mounties


.For Dan’s avatar,you should use the idea another poster said.A fog or mist.Basically something that looks cloudy/smokey.For Boogie’s avatar you should use Gollum from The Lord of The Rings.Lol.


Great idea.. I have it as his book right now.. but the fog/mist might be a better route


Boogie needs to school Frank- Frank has to tell Dan that he mad up the back door to test Ian’s loyalty. He only said it to Ian and now that it has gone through the house they know they can’t trust him. Target on Ian.

SHH six need to stick for nother week or 2 for the least amount of their own blood to be shed.

You know the PAndora’s box or player return twist or magic power will come in to play to keep Boogie or Dan in the game- I think prod want them in until the end- just a feeling.


I forgot to mention that Boggie should propose a “bros before hos” alliance of Boogie, Frank, Dan and Shane. I think both Shane and Dan would like to drop their respective albatrosses-Britney and Danielle. Further I think both Shane and Dan thaink they cab best Frank and Boogie at comps.

Could you imagine Britney losing like that again? The two southern belles can cry together in jury house. Delicious or Deeelish, as Frank would say.


Oh My GOD! I used to be one of Dan’s biggest fan. Now he just gets on my nerves
Pulling the “I won this game ya know!”
Ian just saved your freakin ass.
And Britney just told you to stop throwing shits (comps) like you always did in season 10. it’s not gonna work for so long this season like it used to be
Just ask Dr.Will in All Stars. or Jordan for that matters. They played with their exact strategy and finished what? 4TH!!!!
If Ashley or Jenn wins HOH next week he’s screwed!
I hope they do though cause all those coaches float like these noobs are stupid!


Damn. You had a chance Frank. You needed to listen to your gut and put up Dan. Frank is almost for sure going up next week. Boogie will throw the HOH and Ian sucks. Everyone else will be putting up Frank, maybe Frank & boogie. Ian might even put Frank up. So, short of winning veto, he’s going home.


Did Frank have the votes to get Dan out? Evict Dan= Boogie, Ashley, Joe (maybe). Evict Wil= Ian, Danielle, Brit, Shane. Jenn could be a wildcard. If it fails Frank is done.


But that’s the thing, Frank’s done either way. Everyone except Boogie is coming after him. I do think the votes would have been there to get rid of Dan, at worst it would have been a tie and Frank would have done it himself. You can’t waste a chance to get out a former winner.


And that is why I think Frank will get a veto power from production to keep him safe in a year that has so few good HG’s.


@ROB69245.Well if production gives Frank a power to save him self,that would be messed up.They(production)just saved Frank two weeks ago,with the twist having strings attached(Frank being the string).So,if they give him a power that will protect him from being evicted,then the rest of the house guests should pack their bags and walk out of the house,because it would be clear that production will stop at nothing to make sure Frank makes it to the end.Notice,how I never said what you wrote will never happen.I just hope production doesn’t pull any crap like that.I mean they(production)already saved Frank once.That should be enough.


I’m stuck on Frank, Jenn and boogie for avatars

Eric CA

Frank: Morris the Cat. Dan has 9 BB Lives

Jen: Tattooed Vampire Woman

Mike Boogie: Miss Mann from Scary Movie of Course.


Based on an exhaggeration of looks, Frank-

Based on personality, as in she is pretty much furniture in this house (zero entertainment), Jenn-

And I posted this before, but again I think this one looks like him (and personality fits too!), Boogie-

Eric CA

Perfect For Frank and Boogie


“Britney says this will not last another week, one of us has to win HOH. Dan says I know, I am in tune. He says I won this game before, ya know.”Lol.I’m happy Dan said that to Britney.He basically told Britney in a nice way to shut up,because she never won the game before and he has.But I hope Dan was lying when he said he’s been trying to win competitions,because if that’s true, then Dan is going to have a problem making it to the end.


Dan and Ian have a very big bromance


Dan is going to continue throw comps. Boogie will not nominate him.


Dan – Over playing a bit.

Boogie – Possibly screwing himself and taking Frank down with him.

Frank – Let Boogie go, people don’t like you because of him. You could go far without him!

Ian – Two faced troll.

Danielle – Bat shit crazy.

Shane – Play your own game, other people’s isn’t gonna get you far.

Britney – Dumbass, lying, two faced, fake bitch.

Joe – Relax, shut your mouth and you’ll probably make it far since you’re so underestimated.

Jenn – Ultimate floater.

Ashley – Waste of space in the BB house.

Wil – Running you’re big mouth like you’re some badass is sending you out the door, bitchy!


How about the broski alliance Dan,Mike Boogie,Shane,Frank & Ian?

Danielles Bottle of Prozac

Baba Booey Baba Booey y’all


team Power house Who’s with me?

Joes' Spooge To Danielles' Orange Dress

I used to be with you there cowboy but you just blew me off




Next Week if Boogie doesn’t get Hoh Boogie needs to go on the block against Frank only way to break up that team only 1 can saved themselves next week then pick off floaters This way in jury the dont have each other to collect votes in finale


Avatar ideas:
Frank – Sid Vicious
Jenn – The Invisible Man
Boogie – Mr. Burns from the Simpsons


I was thinking the same for Frank.. Mr burns is a good idea


Great minds think alike!

Eric CA

Boogie would be great as Mr Burns, but if you do that can you photo shop red hair on Mr Smithers for Frank?


ahh ya thats a idea..


I like your Boogie, I love your Jenn!

Eric CA

Next week:
Shane HoH
Frank and Ian
Back Door
(He is pretty but not that smart.)

Danielle HoH:
Ashley and Jen (They both said she was fat, and she should stop stalking Shane.)
Back Door
Frank (He called me fat and Shane talks to him too much.)

Ashley and Jen
Back Door
Ian (Magic 8 Ball)

Ashley and Joe/ Wil Quack
Back door:
Shane “Brittney is mine Pretty Boy!”

Ashley and Jen
Back door:
Boogie (Brittney got screwed by a Bro-mance last time.)

Dan HoH (*Who are we kidding, He is going to throw it)
Jen and Ashley
Back Door

Shane and Danielle
Bold Move Backdoor
Joe if he is there or

Hello Kitty and My Little Pony
Blossom from the Power Puff Girls


Ashley’s scenario lol


Hello Kitty and My Little Pony
Blossom from the Power Puff Girls

If only they had a Weed contest, she would win, who can get the highest

Fleur de Lis

“The conversation turns to talking about popping zits. Danielle loves it and Britney tells her that Ashley loves doing it too. Britney says that its sick.”

Go figure….girls with horrible completions talking about popping zits. And Danielle wonders why Shane doesn’t want to kiss her.

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