Britney: “We just need these guys to battle each other and we’ll hide behind a little shield”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley

8:05pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Ashley Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney talking about the HOH comp says Ian was going to put one and all Danielle should have put was 2
Brintey: “I knew he was going to put 1 and all you had to put was 2 and you have been closer.. ”
Daneille: “He never told me that”
Danielle: “He put 1000”
Britney: “He did? “
Danielle: “He put 1000 and I put 1200 “
Britney “Ohh.. he told me he was going to put 1”
Danielle I know Dan will go up if Frank wins it..
Danielle says that the house has no idea about Britney and her being so close.
Britney: “everyone thinks I’m super close with Shane.. he doesn’t know Shane is a walking talking FUCKING liability”
Britney: “We just need these guys to battle each other and we’ll hide behind a little shield”
They start chatting about how hard that competition was.. finding the shamrock. Brintey says she was warned about those types of competitions.
Britney: “I’m surprised they turned on ian so fast as opposed to Ashley.. it’s because Ian has been hanging with us lately”

Shane joins them..
Britney wants Shane to throw the HOH to her. She’s going to go talk to Ian..

Shane and Danielle alone.
Shane says he see Ian getting back with Frank. Danielle agrees says this is a perfect opportunity for Ian to get back with Frank because Ian knows he’s 5th in our group of 5.
Shane is talking about putting Joe and Dan up and backdooring Frank. Shane: “Dan is willing to take a hit for us so.. “ Danielle: “Dan will do anything for us 3”

(Looks like quack pack is tricking Frank into thinking Britney, Ian and Shane are with him. they plan to put Joe and Dan up and Back door Frank. They are guessing this is the only way they can get rid of him.. it’s insane brilliant.. Shane had a “staged” fight with dan and everythign)

8:42pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Frank getting Ashley’s stuff together

8:47pm Cam 1-2 frank and Ian

Ian is saying he tried to throw the HOH comp that’s why he put 1000 he thought Danielle knew how to do the math..
Frank: “What did you put.. 1000 and she put what.. 1200”
Ian: “I’m freaking the fuck out.. you know what was said at the door.. everyone was attacking me in the arcade.. “ (talking about Boogie saying DON’T trust Ian at the Eviction door)
Frank say he knew he had frank’s back he was just heated at the moment.
Ian: ‘I just freaked the fuck out.. I shit myself”
Ian gets called in the Diary room.. Ian says sorry.. Frank: “Big Frank still loves ya.. ohh shit I just called myself Big Frank”

I think the HOH comp just started

HOH is stilling going on

Feeds Back Frank wins HOH

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Ian needs to sit the fuck still. Jesus He is annoying.

Eli Rules

You’re right!! Ian was so pissed when he won HOH…he tried to throw it, but Danielle was either too crafty or stupid to guess a worse number.

I just watched the POV comp again, and Ian never really tried to find the second shamrock….he just pushed balls around on the surface, but stopped digging for it.

I think he did what was expected from him for nominations, but he also knew that kicking Frank out would leave him as a fifth member of the Quack Pack…I have new found respect for his game. He’s thinking about what can help him get to the end!!


If that’s what he was thinking then he never would have ran to Britney saying Boogie and Frank were targeting her and Shane. He would have shut up and encouraged eliminating Joe, Jenn, and Ashley….then pick a side where he’s not the 5th wheel. If he thinks Frank is going to save him, he’s even dumber than he originally appeared. He’s is the epitome of a stupid person who thinks he’s smart. You can’t learn strategy and manipulation in a book.


Ian move was stupid. as much as you guys look at Ian as a hero for betraying boogie, he totally fucked his own game up. it would been more impressive to keep betraying boogie for a couple of more weeks, and then stick the knife deep in boogie’s back. Ian’s motives for backstabbing boogie wasn’t even valid, it was total chaos thinking on Ian’s part. Ian was NO TARGET THREAT by Frank/Boogie or even by DDBS. he could of laid low even deeper than the laying low Dan was doing. the embarrassing thing about all this is, Ian was thinking he will become some BB LEGEND by taking out the 10th person (boogie) out the game. Ian’s vote wasn’t even the deciding factor of boogie leaving. the votes were 5-2. the whole Ian-Boogie betrayal just didn’t play right on TV. it was anti-climatic with cheesy drama. best part of the show tonight was seeing Frank winning the POV and hearing the live audience gasp in disappointment.


Shelly (BB13) betrayal on Jeff and Jordan > Ian’s betrayal on Boogie.


Ian’s not an idiot. He didn’t want Boogie and Frank in the jury because he planned on betraying them.


Ian has some type of syndrome that causes him to do that. I think Britney asked him if he was epileptic, I tdon’t think its that but its some type of disorder.


AND of course once again PRODUCTION rigs it for Frank to win HOH!!! Big surprise there so I am done with this show. Hope someone contacts the powers in charge of rigging game shows and sends them the video tape of Frank and Boogie admitting it. That is illegal and no different that what was done in the 50’s where the networks got in big trouble for doing it!!


Of course I’m not watching Big Brother ! I’m so upset! How can Frank go thru 5 on the block and still get off ! I think the production told him where the things were and got him to win the Veto! Then win HOH! again Production and Ag you are not going to get ratings ! I am not giving you the glory or the Honor of Getting Frank 500,00 because he Cheats! he’s a woman haters! and he doesn’t treat people with respect ! I don’t like the production or the fact that they wanted a Cheat to win at least they could have picked somebody who didn’t CHEAT!


fyi…it was the SPONSORS who rigged the game shows in the 40’s, not the networks or the shows production teams




god you are a whiner, you are probably one of those that loved Jeff and the cookie dough monster with the diamond power of veto and such though, right?


I am almost hoping Shane gets evicted this week, just so we can all watch Danielle go CRRRRRRRRRRRAZZZZZZZZYYYYY thinking about him and horny Ash in the jury house alone for a week….that would be EPIC


OMG that would be AMAZING! ahahaha. Hope that happens.


no kidding. even though i back the q-pack, i’m so sick of danielle i could scream.


LOL I know, I am pulling for quack pack also, I just wish Danielle was a mute.
The bitch of it is that she is damn smart when it comes to game, but she just can’t get off the “me train” for more than 5 minutes.


a mute. LOL. that’s really funny to imagine. oh and Frank sucks.


Ash and Shane: vegetarians tossing salad

Not an Ian fan

Is the 2nd HOH over

Carol & Steve

I think the HOH comp just started


so they all lie to frank all week to take him out….again, no one working against the group


cmon frank wake up. boogie said “do not trust ian”..STOP


Dan really is the only really decent contestant on this show!! He took all the crap that Boogie, Frank, Jenn and Ashley did and said to him with all the threats and the bullying and the horrid things that Boogie and Frank talked about Boogie sexually assaulting Dan’s wife, and Dan just protected that little weasel Ian. Now, Dan is also trying to protect Brittney, Shane and Dani. Dan is the only one that deserves to win because he has really been so nice and not thrown anyone under the bus. He really is a really nice guy!!!! Dan for the win!!!! Hope BB sees that Dan is the only deserving one in the house!! No one in his alliance ever spoke up and called that scumbag Frank out and took up for Dan and Dan just has kept his mouth shut and protected all those cry babies. Got to give him credit for protecting his alliance all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why would he say anything… he was protected and he held the card to turn on Ian if he becane a target, nothing brilliant about that.


He did it for himself & the QP. Dan earns the trust of D/S/B/I

Mama Say's

I couldn’t agree more. Dan is stronger than I am. I would have punched Frank & Boogie in the face for talking to me like that. Those two are nothing but bullies. They would sit around complaining about being mistreated by everyone else in the house but what they were doing to them was 100 times worse. I think BB should evict or penalize them (or Frank now that Boogie is gone) for behaving like that. But I am convinced that BB has done things to try to keep Frank there and possible Boogie as well, just not successfully.

Team Ian Big Dog

Dan really has done nothing except hook himself up with a insecure jealous decitful (sp) girl which I think will be his downfall. Unless he wakes up and smell the daisies he will be in the jury house soon. They still have Joe and Jenn to deal with and who knows how they will float when the Quack Pack implodes. Hoping Dan tosses Dani and hooks up with Ian. Now that would be a great team. Otherwise I hope that Brit keeps her word on the F2 with Ian that she discussed with him when he joined the Qpack.

The Man

Dan is a douche.

He is a master at this game and because of that his puppet master ways keep him shielded from those in the game seeing it play out in front of them.
But all he does is sit there and stay quiet and the truth is that he stays quiet so he doesn’t have to lie. He wants to be perceived as honest, while alway splanning the demise of those he works with for the betterment of his game. Boogie was right….Dan has been thinking end game from the moment he pressed the button to rejoin the game (and I would guess before that)

I wanted to root for Ian early on, but the twitchy little jerkoff has really turned me off during the season. The Boogie moment is his moment of glory and he won’t stand a chance unless he clings again.

Frank now has HOH and I would nominate Dan and Ian. Then tell Britney and Shane…..if you get to play for POV, and one of you win it…..and then use it…..the other one will be the replacement and probably get backdoored by the house. I won’t care which of the 4 of you leave….but one of you is gone.


FRANK LISTEN TO ME – BB Production get this email to Frank stat!!! SPLIT THE HOUSE

Nominate Dan & Shane, Split the house and scare the roaches

You hate Dan – I Get it . You force Danny and the house to choose to vote for the only other person that can compete with you, Shane. If they vote for Shane – Dan is gone. The whole house has gone crazy while trying to campaign for each guy

BUT, if somehow Danny abandones Shane and he is voted out – your BIGGEST PHYSICAL COMPETITOR is gone and still the whole house has gone crazy trying to save Dan

BUT if Dan or Shane win Veto then you put Britney or Danielle. Britney if Shane wins, Danielle if Dan wins – again splitting th house against each other
and it doesn’t matter who wins POV, either they keep it the same of someone comes off, the plan remains the same – split the house against each other.
Britney for Shane, Danni for Dan.

FRANK YOUR GOAL IS SCORTCHED EARH & CHAOS – Destroy alliances and freak everone out against each other for turning and make yourself without allies less of a target for week until you can compete in another HOH

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE – Ian as a nominee, you save gutting him for later


Thank you catnip….I agree!!!


Dan is an idiot.


Ya but who can he work with that he can trust? Ashley is gone, forget about Jenn and Joe they can never win anything…he will go back to Ian and try to make a side alliance with Shane and Britney but this is all for show because D/D/B/S are very strong together…


Worst season ever…For Big Brother 15, as soon as everyone enters the house, let’s have a 12-person alliance.

Carol & Steve

there’s many times when you have a large alliance, but they always have their side alliances within the larger one. Most importantly eventually they do have to stat taking each other out. I believe they’ll work together to get Frank out then Jenn or Joe will win an HOH to do the dirty work for the rest.

mr this season suck in b and f leave

can we share the money to

i mean i will crawl in front of a train for you
i wont use your to get votes
and i cook
and i color my hair pink and think i someone in this game


RE BB15: if they bring back veterans AGAIN, i can’t watch.


Dan proved in Big Brother 10 he is a big time risk taker and that is what won him the game….this plan of D/D/B/S might just work….


I agree, the whole house against Frank is VERY BORING!! Boogie told Frank NOT to trust Ian, and now he is again. How could he after everything he just did?? He has such blinders on with his hatred of Dan, he needs to get over it. Once Frank’s gone this season will have gone down as the most boring of all. Tonight was probably the best night so far, but it’ll be downhill from here if Frank loses.


I actually will love BB 14 as will a lot of other fans as soon as Frank is booted out of the house because then we will see D/D/B/S and Ian, Jenn and Joe start turning on each other and making new alliances will be formed. It will be exciting and not have all of the threats, bullying that Frank does. They will just play the game without all the vile things that Frank and boogie did. It will bring a lot of viewers back that have turned away because of all the ugly and vile things that Frank and Boogie were doing. Save the season and Get Frank out quick!!!


DDBS won’t turn on each other until the Final 4. That makes for a boring few weeks if Frank goes. Joe and Jenn can’t win anything, Ian won a comp on accident. People buy feeds for three things:

1. Drama.
2. Game talk.
3. Nudity.

This season has been low on 3. If Frank goes, 1 & 2 are pretty much done as well.

quack pack blows

I’m so sick of everyone complaining about bullying. Everyone’s an adult in the house. If you are an adult and you don’t like what someone is saying you can tell them to fuck off or hurt them.

Also – Joe is an embarrasment to mankind.


Frank really doesnt have a choice. He has no one. Trusting anyone else is the same as trusting Ian.

HOH or POV is the only way he stays

SOOO sick of this 8 person alliance. Joe and Jenn you are idiots!


Ian is the worst person for him to trust even if he gets one of them out this week next week he is gone unless he can break apart those 4 but i don’t know if he can


I don’t believe for a second that Frank trusts Ian. He’s faking it just like Ian did to him. Frank has bigger fish to fry anyway.


Okay… so Frank survived eviction 4 times. I think his time is up.


No way that’s only 4 of his 9 lives … LOL

production rigged it

actually it’s 5 times week 1 against kara, during the reset when they canceled the eviction, when they backdoored janelle, this week when he won pov up against boogie and then tonight again against ashley.


Five. Production can only do so much, Frank still has to win the comps…


so 6 comps isnt enough??


I’m glad Boogie was evicted. Did anyone else LOVE Britney’s goodbye message to him? It was EPIC! She needs to win America’s Favorite Houseguest JUST for that message, I swear!


Freaking hysterical. I had to rewind that several times.


Ha! I know I rewatched it at least 10 or 15 times myself


she did it so well…and did you see boogie laughing when they played it?


EXACTLY my thoughts as well. She earned 10 votes from my IP!


BEST goodbye message EVER!!!! Does anyone else want cbs to PROVE that ALL those ballpits had TWO shamrocks? Hmmmm?


Oh, I’m sure they all had two, but they were wayyyyy buried for everyone else, but I would bet anything that Franks was somehow stuck to something up near the top. Stuck to something so there would be no chance of him accidentally throwing it out of the pit like the clown shoe incident. But there is no doubt in my mind that they are doing any and everything they can to help Frank stay here as long as possible.


Yeah, production sure saved Frank by leaving him alone in the house against seven people.

You people…


Totally agree. These producers… So lame…


Funniest thing ever! And then Joe’s eviction ‘speech’ had me dying too haha


it was so awesome … laughed so hard scared my poor dog….lol… this is one for big brother history ….and you are right britney should wins america`s favourite.. i only wish we could vote up here…


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Britney getting cervical cancer and never being able to procreate.


Wow you’re a dick

mr this season suck in b and f leave

no im with sam on this one

production rigged it

@mr this season suck in b and f leave no you’re a complete moron for agreeing with anyone who makes a comment like that.


I disagree with the sentiment of what Sam posted but that’s no worse than what some of you folks have said about Boogie or Frank.


To wish cancer on someone, whether or not it is a joke, is completely awful and heartless


Nobody said anything about Booger or Frank anywhere near that..

production rigged it

obviousloy you’re a fu**ing dumba$$ who has never had anybody in your family who has had cancer before, my cousin’s 15 year old son was recently diagnosed with cancer in his leg that had almost ate the bone into and then some moronic jerk makes a comment like this, people like you should be banned from even using a computer because you obviously have no intelligence whatsoever, please simon do your best to keep track of idiots like this and ban them.


Sorry for your cousin. Rarely does cancer get those who deserve it. Hopefully a bad person like Britney will get it so an inoscent child doesn’t have to.


Ummm… WOW!


That’s disgusting – I guess you studied the Froogie book of a$$holes.


That is so unnecessary and wrong. Actually that’s just not necessary. No one ever deserves anything like that. You need to chill out .


I can’t believe Frank freaking won HOH !! DAMN!!!!!!


becareful for what you wish for bafooooooon … it just may come back and bite you one ..or a female family member .. if so just remember what you said here .. IDIOT.


I can’t believe I just read this. As someone who has had cervical cancer and has gone through the most horrific of treatments and to still suffer side effects of those treatments 6 years later, I am astonished that someone would wish cancer on anyone. If you are this invested in these people then maybe you need to find a hobby. I am absolutely disgusted and I hope you or anyone you love never has to go through what I have been through.


You sound like you probably didn’t deserve cancer. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I honestly wish it would have skipped you and got Britney instead. She is a evil person that uses people and does in fact deserve cancer. I chose cervical cancer because it would not only show her how evil she is, it would also prevent her from bringing a child into this world that she was use up.

William Conder

Britney is probably the person with the most integrity in that house! Karma is a bitch (look up any words you don’t understand)! I see though karma has already worked in reverse in your case, my condolences to whomever has taken care of you in this life because it must be hard looking after someone with special needs……


EPIC really? I mean this is all she is good for in the game this season and the season she was Brigaded. I’m all for her replacing Julie during commercial breaks but as far as game play she is as useless as Enzo, Adam, or even Shelly! Her social game is to form an alliance and make fun of the rest of the house behind their back.

Gordon Ramsay of the BB House--Joe

Team Powerhouse!!!…I’m seriously rooting for this guy to win now since Boogs is gone…

mr this season suck in b and f leave

u really want this guy to win


Based on the goodbye messages to boogie, only Ian and Britney have a shot at the 25k fan favorite. (not sure who I’m voting for)


Out of those two, I’d definitely vote for Ian!


I still find it amazing how Frank blames dan for all his problems…Shane came to dan saying I’m putting up Frank and boogie and ian is the one who betrayed frank and boogie…and yet all the blame goes to Dan……like frank would rather trust the person who stabbed him in the back and the person who nominates him every week over Dan

and btw I do not really like Dan’s strategy this season…losing all the time works when you are an unknown but when you walk into the house as a former BB winner the target is already on your back….the only reason Dan is still here is because he just happens to be in an alliance that keeps winning


Thank You…Dan is nothing but an glorified fking floater, he has done nothing but sat in who ever HOH room and agree with whatever they say. He dont win shyt, im starting to think he cant even win shit, he is just one notch up from Jenn.

MU Tigers

So in your opinion, the only way to be a good BB player is by winning comps? I guess then by your standards, Dr Will sucks and Janelle is the greatest. Let’s see, Jessie won lots of comps but Dan didn’t. So then by your reasoning Jessie is better than Dan. There’s so much more to this game than winning comps. You really should take some time and realize that, it might change how you view the game and the HG’s.


I hope this is the week Shane, Britney, Danielle and Dan (even though I like him) start to crumble! No matter who wins HOH, at this point in the anyone should know that they have to break that group up! They are going to regret if they don’t cause DDSB will just walk to final four! Frank isn’t the only one that needs them out, he’s just man enough to admit, the others are straight up pussies!

Jen W

They don’t have to put anyone up tonight, right? It’s only HOH? I don’t understand why they all seem to be freaking & strategizing already


Yea only the 1st HOH is fast non/eviction, the 2nd HOH is the normal one

mr this season suck in b and f leave

this is what you get all season a girl thats cry cause she left her hubby for this game (i hope boggie is right he out and cheating on her)
a girl cries cause she fat or no one looks at her
a guys that think is str8 but in real iife is gay (sorry wil he is more gay then you)
a kid that think he the devil and think he going far with these kats
a guys that reads a bilble when he lies.
a guys that when the other said (only one left) will offer his kids kidneys to prove he is loyal
a girl that won nothing will win nothing that think she hardcore good in this game
then u have frank that works is ass every week to be in here and you all hate him.

thank bb good cast

time to pass out if i wake up to see during season i turn on this show and fall back to sleep hopeful next year we have real player not puppets.

p.s simon and dawg love this site


Frank sucks!!

mr this season suck in b and f leave

so does that 35 men pack left in the house. i bet frank out smart everyone in this game


I bet you don’t know how to put an S at the end of a word either!!!!


Frank sucks compared to…..who? ALL these players suck.



mr this season suck in b and f leave

sorry lol thank you


Bitter party of one…bitter? Table for one?

I’d love to root for Frank as he wins things…but he’s arrogant as hell. He loses that whole “underdog theme” by being arrogant

mr this season suck in b and f leave

the other 7 arent arrogant as hell? i threw my self in front of a bus for you? i mad you put me has a pawn? ash is a wish wash a slut? im hot shane come hug me please. i come back to be on the bad group. i won 3 pov in a row yea.

come and frank the bad guy


One’s attitude doesn’t mean they’re suddenly not the underdog. Even underdogs can be assholes.



love this post!

MU Tigers

Did CaptainWedgie change his name?




I still find it amazing how Frank blames dan for all his problems…Shane came to dan saying I’m putting up Frank and boogie and ian is the one who betrayed frank and boogie…and yet all the blame goes to Dan……like frank would rather trust the person who stabbed him in the back and the person who nominates him every week over Dan

and btw I do not really like Dan’s strategy this season…losing all the time works when you are an unknown but when you walk into the house as a former BB winner the target is already on your back….the only reason Dan is still here is because he just happens to be in an alliance that keeps winning


Agree, dan is the only honest and decent player in this house and yet he is getting blamed for everything!! Frank is an IDIOT!!!


Dan being honest is the funniest thing I’ve heard! You might as well say Jenn is a great player lol

mr this season suck in b and f leave

lol and shane not gay

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

Umm-it’s called game!


I loved how jenn was hulking out after she got nominated…she has done absolutely nothing since week 1 and when she is nominated she starts talking like she is about to take over the house… and then she comes back in three straight comps and does nothing


w0rd she ain’t doin shit…..


I wonder if Ashley had took Ian up on his offer for a HJ, if she would have been evicted. After all, he did tell her to consider it. Ian gave her a chance, but she must have been on Ashley time. Guess she took too long. Girl might still be there, if she just gave him a little rub rub.


That’s what I was thinkin, but she was playin Ian and he knew that a lil bit, she should’ve kept their relationship as friends and not flirted with him, OH WELL now she’s all alone in Jury horny they a mufucka with no dick in sight, I fear for which ever dude role in there next week, she gonna rape him


I hope its Shane and Dani starts freaking out…she might just self evict.


well odds are frank will be the one who goes out next so that will be fun for both of them….


I dont know why you people are saying it will get boring once frank leaves….when he leaves is when things will get exciting because the alliances will all go out the window at that point…..danielle will have to choose dan or shane, britney will have to choose shane or danielle, dan will have to choose danielle or himself lol……….a 5 person alliance doesnt work when only 6 people are left so once frank is gone it is anything goes….until then its lets get frank out


If Frank finds a way to win it may be the greatest win in BB history


I agree, if he somehow makes it to the final two, he needs to win 7-0, no matter what. However, in light of Production blatantly manipulating the game to favor Frank (Him being saved from eviction by the restart, production trying to influence Shane to not nominate Frank and Boogie, Frank cheating in the Veto drawing and Production letting him get away with it), I really can’t he did it all by himself. He had Production in his corner this whole game.


The coaches had as much of a hand in saving Frank as production did. But let’s ignore free will.


Also, he picked the HG choice to begin with and production made him redraw. He cheated on the redraw that production tried to cheat him out of in the first place.


Regardless, Production is responsible for every twist they throw in the game. Nobody pressed that reset button thinking, “Hey, let’s ruin Shane’s HOH and cancel the eviction.” Production presents twists like this that offer the HG’s something they want, along with a stipulation that gives Production something THEY want. It’s all just blatant manipulation, and there’s no excuse for it.


Brittany has to be the worst BB player ever remind me again why she came back? Of course she will hide behind her new Brigade only this one has only one physical player. Shane leaves she will have to play on her own. She’s been shielded by Shane and she was responsible for the first two of her “team” to go home. If any of the other three coaches had Willie, they would’ve been smart enough to calm him down. She antagonized him and pretty much shoved him over the ledge. Frank haters keep on rooting for America’s Favorite I’ll never get this one.

Count Boogula

Uggh. It’s the house vs. Frank. This is gonna be a boring week if Frank doesn’t win HOH. I’m not rooting for Frank to win the game but I get bored when one alliance always has the power.


Random question.. what is with all the hugging? Every season everyone always hugs after ceremonies…are they suppose to??

mr this season suck in b and f leave

someone please help me out here so when frank leave do these people think there share the money. how dumb are these people


I feel like tonight’s episode really saved this season, this season is 10000X better than last season’s crap. Exhilarating stuff tonight can’t wait for BBAD

mr this season suck in b and f leave

ok but what left to watch 7 or one


Frank FTW!

Tired of the nerd herd! Jenn and Joe are DUMB! If they teamed up with Frank the show would be more interesting and they would have a hell of a lot better chance at getting to the final 2. But no, just like season 13, these newbies all want to worship and protect the VETS..

WAKE UP people!


@Simon/Dawg has the HOH started yet?

Carrot Top Roid Rage

none of you deserve to speak ashley’s name! she wanted to be here, she was the only girl who wanted to touch my shrunken nut sack, just remember boogie picked me for chilltown, i didnt ask for it, so that obviously means i am better than dr will, im the only one who knows how to play this game!

Carol & Steve

that was sooo funny!! that poor girl – LOL!! It was her & Frank’s dream to be on BB, right? oh & drink!


i don’t really understand all the frank hate…like is it because he was boogie’s number one and everyone hated boogie so he’s guilty by association?? i mean some of the things he says are kind of douchey, but the rest of the house either overestimate their abilities, are outright annoying, or just boring. frank is douchey out in the open which i kind of respect and find funny LOL especially since i hate pretty much everyone else in the house. TEAM FRANK all the way, he’s officially the male janelle back in her comp queen days when the whole was against her and couldn’t get rid of her, but he definitely needs to open his eyes and stop blaming dan and stop trusting ian.
NOW…let’s get to the important s*** like how powerhouse (fully fired up and all plus the line drawn) basically had a heart attack on live television after the veto comp, how ashley basically walked her way through the veto comp (LMAO) but hey, no one said weed makes you speedy or a fully functioning member of society “i mean…obviously, I’m not articulate” just when i was starting to love you, ash…evel dick put it best when he said “ian was a pussy with his nominations and it was a waste of an HOH. Ashley is only a threat to the jar of xanax in the DR”…and the most important part of tonight’s episode comes from the resident bb14 headcase formerly known as danielle who cries at the drop of a hat and wants all attention/conversations to be on her at ALL times.moral of the story is frank the tank is a motherfu***** machine and the rest of the house is too stupid to realize that they can’t all be in an “alliance”.btw, why are joe and jenn still in the house and why do they think so highly of themselves they’re just taking up space, eating up the food, and sucking up oxygen.i could practically hear rachel saying in her annoying rachel voice “floaters, grab a life vest!!!”.

Carol & Steve

it’s not weed – it’s medicinal marijuana – LOL!!!! explains it all!

oh & the Frank hate – b/c he immediately starts going off talking crap to everyone – still trying to bully everyone into working with him. Didn’t his Nana ever tell him you can catch more flies with honey?


I don’t HATE Frank, but I dislike him for numerous reasons:

He’s arrogant and acts like no one is allowed to make moves in the game that don’t benefit him. He acts like anyone who doesn’t make a move that benefits him is “stupid” and “doesn’t know how to play the game”. He keeps talking about how he’s playing a “clean game”, when he slanders everyone whenever they don’t do what he wants (He called Jenn “Dirty Brown Water Trash), and throws people under the bus and THEN tries to make deals with them (Joe). I understand that’s part of playing the game, but he won’t fess up to the fact that his game isn’t as clean as he says it is.

Whenever things don’t go his way, he throws a tantrum. He’s painfully cocky when he makes a move and gets his way, but when someone else makes a move that DOESN’T work out in his favor, he can’t stand it. He acted like he and Boogie are the only ones that are allowed to play the game and anyone that doesn’t do what they want is evil.

Frank is a sore loser. He likes to throw his weight around and threaten people when they make power moves against him (Shane). Shane had his ENTIRE HOH wasted by Production when the Coaches came into the game, and you didn’t see him complain and moan a FRACTION as much as Frank has been doing ever since he was nominated.

On top of that, he cheated in the veto drawing, bragged to Boogie about it, and Production let him get away with it.

Frank sits on a high horse and condemns other houseguest for things he’s guilty of. He likes to point out everyone else’s faults, but ignores his own.

There are MANY reasons to dislike Frank.


You just described BBDS. Shane threw Britney under the bus backed up and hit her again then changed busses and ran her over one more time just for good measure, Brit almost had a nervous breakdown “I was only trying to help you and you threw me under the bus” “why did I have to get involved for something you did”? Oh I forgot I told you to do it,.these two are a bigger showmance than Frank and Boogie. Has Shane played his game wiyhout his Coach? The same thing Frank is being trashed for. All BBDS do is trash the house in the HOH room. If Dan doesn’t get out the bed or quit lying on the couch he will have to spend the cash if he wins on a achiropractor when he leaves the house.


BSDD fans being hypocritical? Say it ain’t so.


Who said I was anyone’s fan? I’m simply explaining why Frank isn’t exactly the most likable person in the house, in my opinion. Does that mean the other houseguests don’t have their faults? No. But someone asked why a lot of people can’t stand Frank, and I answered. Is that a problem for you?


I got to hand to the little man. Frank is cool w/ Ian did Frank understand what just happened or was i watching the Glass House by mistake. That whole excuse I didnt know what I was doing lol and Frank is falling for it WOW

Gordon Ramsay of the BB House--Joe

Frank is f**ked if he doesn’t win HoH, that’s all there is to it…As much as I think Shane is a dolt, I agree with him that Ian will float back to Frank if Sid Vicious’ son gains power..


You guys realize that it’s in Frank’s interest to pretend like he’s working with everybody at this point with Dan as his only enemy, right? He has nothing to lose by being in an “alliance” with everybody and if he wins HOH, watch them all turn on each other to avoid being in the 2nd seat. At the end of the day he realizes he has to win every HOH or veto to move forward. Once again the Nerd Herd 2.0 show their lameness and stupidity. They moved too early on Boogie and should have gotten rid of going after him. Now there’s the inevitable breakup. The reason Ian fooled Frank and Boogie was that they could not imagine he would be so dumb as to NOT let Frank/Boogie and Dan/Shane battle each other. He should have shut up this week and waited until he felt threatened or the numbers dwindled…and then make his play. Now he’s number 5 out of 5…when he could have been 5 out of 5 and/or 3 out of 3. And he may have fallen further by winning HOH. The four nerds are more afraid of him now than Joe or Jenn.

Oh and make no mistake…The Nerd Herd 2.0 are being portrayed as the villains and Frank will be back next year.


Wow, you’re as delusional as Frank. I guess He deserves to win and come back every year because it’s his DREAM (have a drink). He played a shitty,game, is a shitty person and he’ll be gone. Then it’ll be interesting to watch the alliance as they devour each other. You are truly blind to see that there was great action getting rid of Boogie and his butt buddy is next to go….then the next great action will be seeing who comes out on top when the alliance has to inevitably implode.


I really think both Ian and Danielle tried to throw the HOH comp after QP was in control. So now Ian has blood on his hands and no chance at the new HOH. But he got a very good edit tonight and bolstered his chances of getting votes for the win. Good job Ian.


Lol Frank blames Dan for EVERYTHING! It’s hilarious how Ian ‘scum-bagged’ him more yet it is still all of Dan’s fault haha


I find it sad that the Frank lovers out there like to hate on people like Danielle and Dan. Sure Danielle is a little insecure (who isn’t?), but at least she doesn’t say hateful and disgusting things about her fellow houseguests. She is a decent human being, but yet people to continue to tear apart her character. I don’t know why that is necessary at all. Then we have Dan who has never said a single mean thing about another person as a human being. Somehow he’s the target of Frank-lover’s hate as well; people think they can tack the hypocrite card on him because he also happens to read the Bible in the house. On the OTHER hand, Frank is this amazing player who does not do anything wrong. But yet he’s the one that just slandered absolutely everyone elses’ personal character (except for Boogie, of course) all week. Why does he deserve to be in the house over someone like Danielle and Dan? A player’s physical abilities alone do not make a good player. And for those that argue that Frank has such a good social game going on (in addition to his physical abilities), well, they sure didn’t help him much in saving Boogie and Ashley.

mr this season suck in b and f leave

are you watch the same season or even the same show? she called ash a slut, she alway make fun of frank and the funnest one is she says she has a so call boyfriend out of the house and every night she lays with shane lol good one


The same Danielle who targeted Janelle and JoJo because she didn’t like them and started talking crap about them? The same Danielle who called Ashley names when Ashley had done nothing to her? The same Danielle who probably gave poor Trey Gorman a bunch if Facebook stalkers? The same Danielle who lied about Trey afterall? I could go on.

I don’t care if people I’ve never met lied to each other, scumbag each other, are complete assholes to each other, etc. But to be on the outside looking in and condemning one person for the same things someone else does is kinda ridiculous.


Also, I’ll give you the reasons why someone like Frank belongs there over Dan and Danielle:

1. Dan’s been in the house before. Vets coming back for these hybrid seasons is getting tired.
2. Danielle didn’t initially even apply for BB, much less watch it as a fan.

That being said, I would love to watch a game with all newbies who have knowledge of the game.

Head of Household

Simon, I think I remember you saying once that you couldn’t find Dr. Will or Mike Boogie’s twitter accounts? Forgive me if I’m wrong!

But I stumbled across this:


I found on twitter a guy who was tweeting for Boogie while in the house. Says he is going to make this Boogies official twitter account.



“Ian: ‘I just freaked the fuck out.. I shit myself”

The fuck? 0.o


Look at Shane’s face, he like “Lord HELP ME”


I, too, thought tonight’s episode was EPIC. I laughed so hard. Brit’s goodbye message to “Boogs” was amazing!! Ian’s goodbye message was awesome and Boogie’s reaction to it was even better. Frank’s still in the game but I think he’ll go soon….hopefully next week so him and Ashley can have some alone time to fart rainbows and butterflies.

Can’t wait to see who wins this next HOH! I hope it’s Brit or Dan!!


So whats the HOH comp ?


This comp will be hidden from viewers til Sunday

Carol & Steve

ahhh yes – 30 minutes to BBAD!!

Dr. J

I was hoping Joe would be evicted and the 4 women in the house (er 3 women and a little girl = Dani) would form a special alliance. They could call themselves Tactical Womans Alert Team or T.W.A.T. for short. hehe But I digress because it is too late for that. However everone is convinced that one of the 4 ducks will win HOH and Frank is going to be back on the block. Really? Have they forgotten what a great player he is and that he may just win HOH and jump right in the middle of them. He should put up Dan and Brittaney and if POV is used then put Shane in there. That would divide them and make them all stab each other in the back while he sits back for awhile and laughs. I truly hope that happens. Go Frank, take it all big feller you deserve it …


Kid Vicious … I like that nickname


i just checked bbad and i see kevin nealon is there a bbad tonight?

Carol & Steve

on Thu it’s an hour later – hate that! Did this start this year? Didn’t have Showtime last year. It used to always be midnite for me but 1am is a killer… And the promos still say “every night at midnight”


BBAD is always on 3 hours after the conclusion of the network show. It is to allow the west coast viewers to see the show before BBAD. (Most cable companies offer both east and west versions of SHO).


i live in windsor ont..i have free to air so i get showtime but not sure if i’m missing it or there not showing it? thank’s again for your site wouldn’tknow what to do without you guy’s…..been with you guy.s from the beginning don’t post much but love you guy’s…thanks again for the great job you do…

Carol & Steve

yeah – Florida! I record it & watch from the recording so I know where I left off. When it’s boring I usually nap/watch b/c I know I can catch up on the happenings here. Not sure why 1 hour makes a difference but it does especially when everyone starts heading to bed at the end of BBAD. Oh well – it’s certainly easier than hauling bricks! LOL!!


i think it started last season when they moved tuesday’s show to wednesday, and bumped the thursday show to 9e/8c


Keep going Quack Pack Alliance! Put Frank on the block. Frank will win his 3rd HoH! Frank can hear you all that backdoor him will never worked! You All are bunch of idiots!


And you are not a Frank fan. You were woefully wrong with your prediction and just go on to make it again so that if it does happen you can take credit for being right.

You won’t even acknowledge that you were wrong and your visions and prophecies from Frankengod we false.



Yep Yep! Frank won his 3rd HoH!

Trey Gorman

Even though on some level I know Britt’s right and Shane is an idiot, her level of ingratitude is extremely grating. After she lit the house on fire by spreading her paranoia about the Coaches having keys (to Willie, of all people) and effectively made her team the pariahs of the house, Shane carried her like a sack of cement. He then proceeded to build a reputation as a competition beast and effectively guarded her from nomination (she was, after all, the one Boogie really wanted out). His repayment for this has been a constant stream of backbiting comments and nonstop attacks on the sly. Her husband is lucky to have had this honeymoon from his honeymoon.


simon, he has more than joe…

Carol & Steve

I voted Dawg! I always vote for him! My dream is that he finally wins a poll!!

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

Dan being the one with game “tablke”

King Silva

Fucking Frank needs to hurry up and GO!

I hate his smelly nasty ass so much..

I swear Production is helping him.

No one can convince me that they didn’t save him when he was basically OUT THE DOOR on Shane’s first HOH.. >:(

I just hope he loses the HOH that should be ongoing although I predict he either wins it or another Veto..

At least Boogie and Ashley went home.

BTW LMAO at Joe’s silent plea to the voters! ;D

I hated Joe before but now he is actually kinda funny at times. I mean he playfully called Britney a snowflake that was on top of his shit list yesterday. :p


Don’t forget Frank palmed the veto chip during the drawing, bragged to Boogie about it, and got away with it. I KNOW Production is in his corner, and if he wins, I can never say he did it by himself. Production helped him out.


Frank is a whiny ugly tacky whiny baby who needs to literally be kicked out the door not walk out for all of this cheating and the vicious things that he has done. Take that vicious dog of a human and kick his ugly butt out the door and the jury is too good for him just put a dog house in the back and let it sleep there. Production stop helping the vile creature win comps and just make him GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Silva


GTFO Smelly Frank!


@Ryan.I completely agree with every word you said.Judging by the audience screaming No! when they saw that Frank had the second clover.It seems like if all of production’s hard work pays off,by Frank winning this season.Most viewers and past house guests will consider him the house guests that won because production did everything in their power to keep him.Frank got got weeks ago,but production put strings attach to the coachs playing the game.Production couldv’e just allowed the coachs to play with out saving this guy(Frank)who was 100% going to be evicted.I hope Frank heard the audience yell No! when they saw he had the second clover.Lol.


When everyone (B/F/I/J) started coming into the living room to confront Dan, it reminded me of a scene out of “The Birds”, except, of course, much less threatening.


I agree Joe is funny. #Powerhouse


Someone on Tumblr has already taken the time to gif Brit’s awesome goodbye message:


Ahh awesome! Didn’t know OBB had tumblr! Now I’m following you too :)

Seriously, such an epic moment.

King Silva

I also love that shit!

Gotta post that on my forums. :p


I loved to see Booger get evicted and his expressions to Ian and Brits’ goodby messages sent chills up my leg, kind of how Chrissie Matthews had about Obama after the election.

I hope Dan. Ian and Danielle actually team up and throw out Brit, Jenn and Frank. They can have a final 3 with DID and call it “YES WE DID” and then we can vote them all President of these United States of America in November.

Mikey Fresh

I didn’t even notice until right now that Jenn wasn’t on your poll for Favorite BB14 Houseguest Left In The Game. HILARIOUS! Sometimes I forget even when watching the feeds that she is in there.


Your Quack Pack tricks doesn’t worked on Frank. Ian, your an idiot. Frank will steam roll on your (Bleep)! Come on Frank! Quack Pack is fall apart.