Big Brother 14 Cast Revealed July 5 at 9am PST

The wait will finally be over The “Noobie” Cast for Big Brother 14 is known on Thursday. I say Noobie cast because of the possibilities of a returnees this year. This seasons pre BB14 rumors are getting painful and nausea inducing. The Mentor twist posted last week is the most dominate twist. Colette Lala from the bitchy network has posted some very scary casting rumors. The list of Mentors is about as bad as it can get. Rachel, Boogie, Dan, Michelle, Danielle and Janelle have all been named as potential returnees. Although I doubt we’ll find out if the mentor twist is true on Thursday we’ll definitely find out who the Noobies are.

When do we find out about the cast?

The “New” Big Brother 14 Cast will be revealed on July 5th at 9am PST.

Where can I see the Big Brother 14 Cast?

Onlinebigbrother, and almost every one of the 30000 Big Brother Blogs out there.. You can subscribe to superpass and the cast interviews the second they come out.
superpass subscription link You can also get your Live Feeds on a iPhone it comes with a subscription.

Will OBB close it’s doors if Rachel is on BB14?

Yes.. well.. no but I’ll be pissed off and have to drink more.

What we know and What is Next

All we have confirmed is the house pictures and the theme being plastic 80’s.

July 5th Noobie Big Brother 14 Cast known

July 10th Rumor control With Daniele and Janelle will reveal nothing

July 12th – The Talk does their bit about the BB14 House at this point we’ll probably be shown the havenots room
– Season starts and all is known.. Feeds should start around 10pm and we all can enjoy the torment that will be BB14.

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im not sure but i hope she does come back for this season of bb. IF NOT definitely all stars. Its only 3 months


umm when you said danielle in the post, do u mean donato? i hope so because i really dislike the danielle in season 7… and which michelle? the one from 11? umm why she didnt really do anything i can remember lol. OH MY GOD THURSDAY CANNOT COME ANY QUICKER.

Mike Finlay

ill get the feeds if dani donato comes back for sure. no rachel tho, she gives me nightmares when i sleep…


@Tyler. I’m just wondering,what makes you dislike Danielle from season’s 3&7?I know you didn’t mention season 3,but she also was on that season of Big Brother.


Basically because of the fact she went after janelle… I have never watched seasons 1-5 (and prolly will never) just cause of the quality and stuff. But thats probably why i didnt like anyone else from the entire season of 7 except for the season 6 people in it.


fact* not face lol.


damn rumors. i want the truth lol. come on the 12th…


Please not another season with Rachel!


Probably half newbies and half veterans! That way! Who is much better competition? Will see!


3 seasons of Rachel in a row, Is CBS that dumb.