Big Brother 14 RUMOUR – Big Brother Alumni Return as “Mentors”

One rumor floating around about Big Brother 14 is that big brother alumni will return this season to act as “mentors” to the new cast. The past big brother players could help and coach the newbies on how to play the game, what Scandals & Controversy, whether or not its a good idea to have a Big Brother Slop, how to win or throw Fast Forward / Double Eviction.

The source of the rumour was tweeted by Missyae @TheGameSurvivor, who is a reliable spoiler of Survivor secrets often months before the details are released.


Big Brother 14 to have ex players as “mentors” this season. I will release 1 who turned them down and 1 who didn’t in the next few days


*** UPDATED ***

Missyae @TheGameSurvivor Tweeted new updates to the Big Brother 14 “Mentor” Spoilers:

  1. No Maggie, Eddie, Jun or Drew are not mentors,. More tonight gang~!!!
  2. The added room upstairs is for the mentors according to sources
  3. When a mentors players are all eliminated, that mentor leaves also
  4. The 4 mentors are hoping that midway through the game, they will be added as players but they dont know, they are just hoping
  5. The four mentors will draft their teams from the pool of houseguests. The mentors get 20,000 grand base salary plus 2 grand per week stipend
  6. If one of the mentors players wins The Game, that mentor receives 100 grand but would lose the 20 grand base and 2 grand per week. #motive
  7. James Rhine will not be a mentor in the Big Brother house this summer
  8. Ronnie Talbott will not be a mentor on Big Brother this summer
  9. Matt Hoffman will not be a mentor on Big Brother this summer

Given the recent Big Brother 2012 Commercial that just aired showing 17 past house guests, it kind of seems like this rumor could be true. Which past alumni would you want to return to mentor the new seasons cast? Tell us what you think! Do you believe the big brother alumni mentor rumor? If it is true, do you think it will make the game more or less interesting? Tell us your thoughts!

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i think the show will become less interesting and i really really hope this rumor is false!

Jake K.

Yeah they showed 17 houseguests…but Amber? Or Keith? As Mentors? Idk…this seems fishy. Definitely possible.

17 newbies would be good. It has been a while for that. But an all star season would be good. It would get all past houseguests out of mind and able to start fresh. Season 7 happened…all of those houseguests got played out. Then started the new round with 8 and above and starting fresh with 8 gave one of the best seasons. I feel like playing around will old players too much for too many years to come would not be a good idea. I think they should get the allstars 2 out of the system and start fresh season 15 and looking toward allstars 3 when season 21 comes around! At least…this is my hope.


This sounds like the idea Chloe brought up.I hope this is just a rumor and doesn’t become reality.It might be true.This season I want new house guests.I don’t want people who played this game before helping other players.I want to see new house guests,come up with their own ideas and make strategic moves without pass house guests telling them what to do next.In my opinion when Big Brother add ideas that will help players out,it cheapens the way that I view that player’s game play.I like when the house guests has to come up with their own strategy,in order to go far in the game.But if I had to choose,which house guests I want to help the other players,I want Danielle(from season’s3&7),Dr.Will(from season’s2&7)&Dan(from season10).I’ve picked players that I think had good strategic game play.I value a player’s ability to convince the other house guests to do what will benefit them and not the house guests that there trying to convince.In my opinion a player with good strategic game play,qualifies as the top Big Brother players,than a player who wins the most competitions.Just think how good a player has to be that can successfully convince other house guests to make decisions that will help their game,and do all of this without people viewing them as a threat.Or even if someone views them as a threat,they don’t act on it until it’s to late.As a viewer I like that kind of player,but if I was a house guests,the people that are good strategically will be the one’s that I would want evicted from the house first.To me those type of players are to dangerous to keep around in the game.Unless I win every competition,a player that’s a good manipulator,will be able to get other house guest to turn against me.Therefore when it come time that I’m not allowed to compete or I lose a competition,the manipulating player would’ve already convinced the other house guests to evict me.That’s why I think who ever can pull off this(which are the players that I named)is a great Big Brother player.


If they do this, I’d love it! In my opinion, still if they do this, I think they’ll do the twist to where there will be 9 new houseguests and Big Brother producers will get in touch with maybe 11 or 12 really great players (for example: Janelle, Dan, Dr. Will, etc.) and ask them to be a houseguest this season, bring them to the house, but Julie will announce to the new houseguests that they get to pick their mentor for the season or for a few weeks and send the returners who didn’t get picked back home. Those mentors will be back in the game and eventually might become their biggest competition.


Please janelle is light years ahead of danielle …. All stars 2 would be great britt, lane (please no amber ir keith) james, russell, keisha , memphis, chima, dominic, andrew, jessie lol, enzo, matt, eric, …list goes on


Why do love jeff so much im sure outside of the show hes a great guy but on he was an ass who belittled women … Im glad russell tore into his ass…


@Ares.Which Danielle are you talking about?Just in case your comment was for me.If you read my post,I said I would want Danielle(from season’s3&7),Dr.Will(from season’s2&7)&Dan(from season10).I also said that I value good strategic game play,over who wins the most competitions.Which is why I didn’t write Janelle’s name.If your comment wasn’t directed towards me,than disregard what I wrote.Lol


they would’nt bring chima back she threw her microphone in the hot tub in BB11


Please be false!!!!


LOL! I think the last person I want coaching me is Big Jeffy yo.


If they did all stars two i really want to see eric from bb8 back on.


I hope the rumor is false because if I had to bet on it, it’s likely that the “coaches” would be Jeff, Rachel and Jessie, all people that I never want to see again. I really prefer no returnees unless they are pre jury boots that didn’t get to play, like Annie and Captain Kosher season 12, Braden, Laura and Casey season 11, Brian and Angie season 10, etc. I don’t understand the network’s love affair with some of these past players that they keep force feeding us. If Jeff, Jordan, Brendan, Rachel or Jessie are back this season, I will bow out for the first time since season 2. Enough is enough.


I’m sooo f****ng disappointed my favorite online big brother fan sites are posting FAKE BS RUMORS T.T


outlandish pre show BB rumors have been a tradition on this site.. I haven’t said anything about the Tranny casted on BB14 yet

Jake K.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. so perfect.


,You wrote,”I haven’t said anything about the Tranny casted on BB14 yet”.This is my first time hearing about this.That better be just a rumor.


It’s a actual rumor that sprang up before the starts of BB9..

I believe most these rumors we read about BB are just BS.

On a side note the BEST BB PLAYER bracket is done over at reality nation blog and the final 2 were Jeff Vs Jordan and Jordan wins.. they actually ran a bracket over the last month and the fans voted Jordan as the best Big Brother players of all time.

LOL OMFG HOLY CRAP if that isn’t twisted I don’t know what is.


.They think Jordan is the best Big Brother player of all time.Lol.Like the show, It’s Alway’s Sunny in Philadelphia said,Intervention,Intervention.All the people who voted for Jordan,need to be put in rehab.ASAP. They gotta be on something to think that.


im hoping they start fresh cuz if i have to rachel or jeff and jordan i will stick needles in my eyes


It’s a popularity contest — get over it people!


Any more than 1 returning houseguests and it’s thumbs down BB..


I really hope this rumor isn’t true. Though i suppose having vets be mentors is slightly less horrible than what they did last year. I think Big Brother needs to wipe the slate and reboot a bit…but I know with all the glass house nonsense big brother is going to do everything it can to be bigger and flashier this season…sooo this rumor does sound totally plausible. I can’t possibly imagine who would be a good mentor though…some of the best players probably would not participate in this…and a lot of the others (jordan, rachel, jeff, jessie….) are not good at strategizing. I have this image in my head of jordan mentoring someone…I like her as a person, but i just can’t picture that going anywhere useful lol


Some more RUMORS. By the day the mentor thing seems legit. I have read many more slip ups.

Apparently Mike Boogie is apparently the most solidified as a possible mentor if this holds true. In addition, Kaysar is getting a lot of rumors surrounding him. As for the girls, it seems Janelle is going on a long vacation starting next week….seems fishy. And the other girl rumors include Daniele and Britney. Who knows if this is true or not.


Thanks for sharing these.. I’m catching a lot of tweets from Dick denying the mentor twist.


@Jake. Wasn’t Mike Boogie arrested either last year or two years ago?I wouldn’t think that CBS/Big Brother would allow someone who was arrested on their show.But maybe I’m mistaken.


@JW ya he was.. I’m pretty sure Janelle was arrested for DUI before going on BB6 and although unconfirmed I think there was a list of arrests for Dick circling around during BB8.

They need to bring Big Balla aka Adam (BB9) out of prison to be a mentor 🙂


.I didn’t know about CBS/Big Brother allowing people that have been arrested before,to participate in the show.If that’s the case then the idea of Mike Boogie coming back on the show,seems more likely to me.In my opinion Mike Boogie is the wrong Chill Town member to bring back to play the game.If there going to bring back someone from Chill Town,hands down Dr.Will should come back. Mike Boogie and Dr.Will came on Julie Chen’s show The Talk,either last year or the year before,and Julie asked Will if he would ever come back on Big Brother?He basically said no.It seemed as though Will at that moment was happy with the way his life was going,and doesn’t see what he could get out of playing the game again.I think I read or heard some where that the only way Will was going to come back for season7(Allstars)was if they allow Mike Boogie back on too.If I go by what Will said to Julie,it doesn’t seem like Dr.Will wants to come back on Big Brother.Oh,and Lol at Adam aka Big Balla.


if CBS beings back old houseguests i will NOT be getting the live feeds , i am ready for new players . after last years f*** up were they had to make Rachal the winner . I WILL NOT EVEN BE WATCHING

if you feel the same way say so


Ill turn it off for good at the first sign of a former player… It was bad enough when the god awful duo of Rachel and Brandon took up permanent residency on anything CBS produced but to infect the game with past players seems to eliminate any new “game play “. CBS has just one chance to keep me as a viewer ts year….new cast, no former players, more original challenges, and actual “twists” in the game…( think allowing one text message question from the HOH to the voted out house…. 50 character answer without identifying who is answering!! )


If it’s done right, I’m all for a returning houseguest or 2. In fact, either Daniele is fine by me. The interesting part would come from a noob just telling a “coach” to “Shove it!”. So long as JJ, any Natalie, Jessie, Ronnie, or a Brenchel are ruled out as returning, I’ll give ‘er a go!


Why does CBS bring back these old players?
I dont even care about mentors or w/e.
I just wish we could go back to the old BB where the players are new and make up their OWN strategies and they aren’t being fed to them by “mentors”.
I’m sure CBS will find a way to bring these old players into the game. That’s probably one of their so called twists for the season ( if this is true that is ) and then we can all proceed to watch the newbies get knocked off one by one.
Anything for ratings.


@Hello. Your comment about the new players,being fed strategies by the old house guests aka mentors,and not coming up with their own ideas.Is basically what I wrote.I want an all new cast,that doesn’t receive advice on what move to make next.


I know.
Receiving advice defeats the entire purpose of BB.
I don’t know why they’re so hellbent on bringing old players back. They just need to stick to the normal concept of BB and they’ll be fine.

We saw last season what they tried to do (new players & old players) & how they tried to change it and that happened to be one of the most pathetic seasons of BB ever.

& Honestly, what’s going to be the point of a future Allstars if we’re continuously having old players shoved in our faces. I’m tired of the majority of them already.

I’ll just continue to hope its not true even though it’s beginning to look like it is.


I think it would be kinda stupid to have mentors who didn’t win their season. I agree with most of you wanting a new cast. And Jordan the best player? The BB hamsters played more than she did!!