Evel Dick Teams up with ZingTube for Big Brother 14


Big Brother Winner and Host Evel Dick Donato has teamed up with new new social television platform called ZingTube For Big Brother 14.

What is ZingTube?

Live Tweeting between Fans and celebrities while they watch their favorite reality show. Zingtube has also figured out a way to circumvent the “Spoiler” effect that occurs when east coast celebrities tweet spoilers to west coast fans. Now using ZingTub this problem has been solved “by time-stamping comments, or zings, to an exact moment in the show so they can be replayed to a viewer at the appropriate time”

I just signed up for my Zingtube account Looks pretty cools.

When does it start?

The launch will coincide with the Big Brother 14 Premiere, July 12.

How do I sign up?

Go here to sign up ->

Press Release

ZingTube announced today the scheduled launch of its new social television platform that enables viewers to watch TV with their favorite celebrities. The launch will coincide with the season premiere of the hit reality series Big Brother airing July 12, 2012 on CBS. ZingTube will feature live commentary from the show’s most infamous former houseguest, “Evel Dick” Donato, as well as other fan favorites.

Historically television viewers have had a love-hate relationship with live commentary on social media sites such as Twitter due to the dreaded spoiler effect when a viewer on the east coast comments about a revealing moment in a show before it has aired in other time zones. ZingTube addresses this problem by time-stamping comments, or zings, to an exact moment in the show so they can be replayed to a viewer at the appropriate time. Regardless of the time zone in which a viewer resides, she will enjoy the same original viewing experience.

“I have always gotten pissed off when one of my favorite shows is ruined by some douche bag’s tweet,” said Evel Dick. “I am excited to be a part of ZingTube which will change the face of live tweeting forever.”

Evel Dick will be zinging all Big Brother 14 episodes airing this summer. Users can pre-register for ZingTube at

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Jake K.

Just as an update….Michele Noonan (11) and Shawn Hantz (brother of Survivor’s villain Russell Hantz) have been tweeting all week. Hmmmmmmm? Is this the survivor connection we have all be wondering about?


so i guess this excludes evel from being a mentor. :/