Big Brother All Star- Janelle Pierzina Births a Baby Girl

Yesterday BIG BROTHER allstar Janelle Pierzina tweeted (@JanellePierzina)that she was heading to the hospital to have her baby. She had a baby girl Violet Anne DeSanto! 6 lbs 4 ounces.

On our way to the hospital!! ? I’ll let u guys know how it goes!

Earlier today we find out how much fun it was

Was in labor all morning. Contractions hurt like hell!!!? Finally got my epidural and am so happy! Dr says we’ll have a baby by 2night.

Then finally the pictures arrive

Welcome to the world Violet Anne DeSanto! 🙂 6 lbs 4 ounces.

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the BB14 Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March. I was hoping for a Big Brother 14 Allstars but after last years dogs breakfast of a season I’m guessing (more like hoping) for a reboot season.. Either way if your an interesting person and do not see being on Big Brother as a way to further a acting/modelling career then PLEASE APPLY.

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Frank Granda jr.

Congratulations to Janelle…..She was a hard playing BB player that never gave up easy. She’ll make a great mom. Maybe now that Janelle and Rachel have become good friends, this event will convince Rach to hurry up and make it official with Brendon. After they finish with Amazing Race, they can get married and have a little baby of their own ‘The Brenchel Baby’……AND if The BB company doesn’t go into bankruptcy, then maybe ‘Baby Brenchel’ will win all the HOH and veto comps, and win BB season 33, the way his mom and dad did BB13 lol


Congrats Janelle on that baby! She will grow up and be just like you which she will be a future Big Brother Contestant. Just like Janelle except she needs to be aggressive.


congrats janell was a fighter she never give up love her wish her and her family well


That is one beautiful little girl. I’ve seen a few more recent photos and she’s just gorgeous, my goodness. So happy for Janelle and her entire family, they are so overjoyed!!! 😀


I doubt that in about 15 years big brother will still be running and that generation of kids will even no who Janelle is or what Big Brother was.


B. B. King, you sound absolutely IGNORANT! There was nothing promiscuous about Janelle on or off Big Brother, ESPECIALLY that “showmance” with Will Kirby. If any baby were to be ashamed or their parent (and that’s ridiculous all in itself), then it would be Will Kirby’s kid since Will went on BB and announced to the world that he had slept with over 90 women (and that was in 2001 during BB2, so by Allstars the number CERTAINLY had risen well over 100!). Will Kirby was all over Janelle during Allstars (watched the live feeds…know what I’m talking about), so if anyone’s baby would be picked on for that, it would be his. The fact is, you are strictly a hater (or you’re Will Kirby, himself, jealous-hearted prick that he is) and can’t accept the fact that Janelle is MARRIED, happier than ever and she and her husband just received the greatest Christmas gift ever. Little Violet will grow up to be beautiful, confident, self-assured and self-aware, just like her mommy, and she will so loved and protected, it’s not even funny!!


I actually disagree with you on this one.
Janelle’s fame is pretty limited to those who follow BB, run a story on E.T. and most people won’t know who she is.
Then 10+ years from now there will be plenty other things for their attention other than some old video with this girls mom in it..
I think Janelle is a strong independent woman who takes things head on with no B.S. and Violet will be capable of handling herself if she is anything like her momma. Bullies rely on fear, have none and the whole bully thing goes away.
Kids in school can be mean if given reason or opportunity but short attention spans and the next scandal will limit any attention she gets,


I can’t even stop thinking about the hateful comment posted here by B. B. King. Based on what this person has posted, I suppose it would have been better for Janelle’s baby to just die, huh, because she was on Big Brother and had a showmance???? It’s so unbelievable and hateful, I cannot believe that comment is allowed to stand. Sure do hope Janie doesn’t read this page, at a time when she’s celebrating the birth of her precious new daughter, someone would basically say that it should have died instead. GOOD LORD!!!!


Just a little dramatic don’t you think?


W/J/B/E did NOT have “orgies” in a shower. Do you even know what the hell an orgy is?

Don’t you worry about this baby, she’ll be JUST FINE and she’ll have a happier life than you could ever imagine having. The last thing in the world Janelle, her husband or their wonderful, LOVING, SUPPORTIVE family and friends need is for you to worry about this baby.

As for the rest of your ignorant, deflecting insults, you can shove those right smack into that hateful heart of yours.


Well said Deb, this guy is a jealous clown that is out of touch with reality, so reality shows have become his life and obsession. Janelle and her family will enjoy more happiness than that troll will ever hope to experience.


Well, I predict that beautiful baby Violet will have about as hard a time in school as Cash Kirby will! His dad actually got laid in the Big Brother house (it’s still on Youtube, actually) and his mom slobbered all over a bunch of guys on two seasons of a reality show in order to win money! Ha Ha! Oh, yeah, Violet’s soooooooo unlucky. Bwahahahaha!!!!!


The finale of Survivor was pretty awesome, I like how they didn’t interfere with the challenges so they could get Ozzie and Coach together in the end. If there is any rigging or pressuring of contestants it is subtle.
Sophie won it as she should have, she won the most competitions on her own no production interference and was the one to beat out Ozzie.
I am glad that Coach didn’t win, this whole “I’m a man of honor and my word” was kinda thrown back into his face by just about everyone in the jury, at least those not still star struck. I think this would of been Jeff’s fate had he ever made it to the end.
Really impressed how the jury wasn’t voting for an Idol instead they voted for the best contestant left.
This gives me hope that BB14 might be worth watching and maybe the whole idol worship thing is wearing out, it’s funner to watch when everyone has an equal chance.


Your an idiot.

BB King

If I am an idiot, how come I know the difference between “you’re” and “your?” Do I detect projection? I know…I know… you don’t know what that means and you can’t access Wikipedia to enhance your vocabulary, since it is protesting SOPA. Oh…I am sorry, you don’t know what SOPA stands for either.


Your, You’re or Yur, YOU ARE correct, sir, in your observation. 🙂