Big Brother 14 Rumor Control Part One – Distilled Version

Rumor Control Rachel Reilly and Daniele Donato

Rumor Control was suppose to be free today to anyone with a iOS device but unfortunately the full length show was only available to superpass subscribers(For $29.99 get 3 months of Live Feeds. limited time offer). For BB14 there will be 2 episodes of Rumor Control the one today with Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly and one the follow Tuesday July 10. Again you need a superpass subscription to watch rumor control and the Live feeds.

Last year’s Rumor Controls with Dani and Ragen really didn’t give away anything big and today’s episode followed in that theme. If you are following all the crazy rumors on the internets like the mentors Rumors and Janelle tweets then you would have found the show interesting. It you are looking for any hard Spoilers than your shit out of luck. The show confirmed 2 things for me A) Nothing new done to the house other than the new “Tokyo POP” theme B) Dani Thinks CBS will not put Rachel on the show for 3 straight years the ratings would suffer (And so would the live feed watchers)

Here is a few important tid bits Keep in mind that Rachel’s connection was faulty so Daniele did most of the talking.

  • 1 – Rachel claims she is in Costa Rica with Brendon and doing the Rumor Control show via an iPad.
  • 2 – Rachel got robbed in Costa Rica
  • 3 – Daniele dodges the question when asked if she is with Dominic. They are Good Friends
  • 4 – Daniele doubts CBS would Bring Rachel back for a third season in a row
  • 5 – Danile briefly talks about having Survivor players in Big Brother, she doesn’t think the cross over would be a successful one for the Survivor players.
  • 6 – When asked about the Mentors Twist Dani says if the rumors are true thinks good mentors are Will Kirby, Dan Gheesling , Danielle Reyes, Janelle with Dan being the preferred Mentor
  • 7 -About the Janelle tweets and the fake pictures of her in Greece. Dani says Janielle probably has someone tweeting for her
  • 8 – Dani mentions that last year she had someone tweeting for her when she was getting ready to be on the show
  • 9 – Daniele says there is no new rooms or major changes done to the Big Brother 14 House.
  • 10 – A caller brings up the rumor that the HOH can play the following week in the HOH comp. Dani says she thinks it’s a great idea but is unsure if CBS wants to have the chance of winning back to back HOH Competitions
  • 11 – Dani doesn’t think it’s an Allstar Season (Yes someone asked this)
  • 12 – Dani likes Endurance Competitions the best and doesn’t like twists that bring players back into the house..
  • 13 – Dani thinks it would be good for CBS’ business if they bring Janelle back because she is so popular
  • 14 – Dani still doesn’t talk to Dick and doesn’t know why he left the Big Brother game last year
  • 15 – Dani claims there is no bad blood between her and Rachel

Do you Believe any of these Twitter Rumors?

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Man…. i really hope will isint. i cant stand him. I wish Janelle, Dani Donato, Dick and Keesha were the mentors.

And i think seeing dani and dick face off together would be GREAT lol! could you imagine?! Although they would probably align themselves together… I think Janelle and Dani would own the house!

But whoever the mentors are, i really hope that if they are who i said above, that they will be eligible for whenever the next Allstars is.
BB houseguests who i love

6 Janelle, Rachel, Kaysar
7 Erika
8Dani, Dick, Jessica (to an extent)
9 Amanda (stopped watching after she was evicted cause it was boring lol)
10 Keesha, Renny
11 Kevin, Lydia, (before she went crazy LOL poor Kevin)
12 Rachel, Brenden (i dont anymore after 13. lol)
13 Dani, Kahlia, Porsche, Dom

BB houseguests who i cannot stand

2,7 Boogie, Will
6,7 James,
7 Danielle

10 Dan, Memphis, Jerry, April, Ollie, Libra

11 Michelle, Ronnie, Chima, Russel, Natalie

12 Matt, Britney, Hayden, Enzo, Kristen

13Jeff, Jordan, Keith, Rachel, Shelly, Adam, Brenden

Basicly everyone on season 8 except for the donatos and jessica
almost all of season 9 excluding amanda.

oh yah and the nerd herd. ๐Ÿ˜‰


No offense dude but ur non faves are much betters players and most likely will be the all stars if they were chosen


I know i was just pointing out people i didn’t like. lol. ๐Ÿ˜€


There is no way Kalia, porsche or Dani can comeback because they not interested!

Mike Finlay

I was really hoping dani was going to be back this season………………………


I’m getting annoyed with all these players “coming back” to big brother. I think they need to scale down and go back to what Big Brother was originally about. People vying for 1 million dollars and having a social meltdown while doing it. I think ‘twists’ are fun, but I don’t think they should be “game changers.”

We’ll see how entertaining it is with these new twists and I’m keeping an open mind. Hopefully it works out great and it’s engaging and lots of fun.

P.S If I see Rachel again in any way shape or form being apart of this years BB14 I will shut off my screen!


They don’t get 1 million, they only get 500k right? Glass house is all new people, but I want it on more than 1 night a week…


It’s nice to know Danielle Donato also prefers players that have good strategic game play.Every person who she named for mentors are the same people who I listed,with the exception of Janelle.But Janelle certainly is one of, if not the best at competitions.I just value people that have a good strategic game, over winning the most competitions.


When it comes to the idea of allowing a player who just was the HOH,to compete in the next HOH competition.In my opinion that’s only a good idea if the person is someone who your cheering for,Lol.Obviously if the person who wins the HOH competitions in a row,is someone that a viewer doesn’t like.There not going to like the idea of allowing players to compete in back to back HOH competitions.


. I hope CBS/Big Brother doesn’t mean that, when they say,this season will have the most house guests ever.The reason why I have a big problem with that twist,has to do with what I mentioned before.Which was I think by them saying the viewers will be in control of what a certain player does,by voting.We won’t be able to guarantee that whatever the results are,actually came from the viewers and not Big Brother producers.I don’t trust the producers or who ever it is that’s responsible for doing shady things behind the scenes of this show.I clearly hold the opinion that the people behind Big Brother interfere and manipulate this game in the direction that they want.I think what went down on last season’s Big Brother 13,definitely displayed how the producers where extremely bias and favored certain players in that house.The house guests that I’m referring to is,Jeff,Jordan,Rachel and Brendon.I think it makes it to easy for the producers to get away with having more control than they should in the game,by claiming that the viewers will be the one deciding what happens in the game,by voting.But the reality is the people behind the scenes could rig the votes and say whatever the results are came from the viewers.The point that I’m trying to make is,in my opinion claiming that the viewers will be involve in what takes place in the house,is just a clever and less obvious way for the people behind the scenes to rig the votes,in order to make sure they’re ultimately in control of what direction the show goes in.But hey,that’s just how I see it.


. Exactly.


I doubt Rachel will be on again this season…Surely!!! However, she is slightly more tollerable without Brendon. I for damn sure better not see them on BB together again! I can’t handle another season of that train wreak of a couple. I’m also really wanting brand new players this year, but idk these rumors are messing with me.


Me too Megan. I just couldn’t possibly tolerate another Pookie year. ughhh.


One more thing I wanted to add. When watching the tour of the house there’s only 12 seats at the table. SO how is there anymore HG’s this year?


There are 12 new players, which is probably what the set-up is for. There will be 4 returning players, but they want that to be a surprise to the houseguests, I assume, so the wouldn’t drop the hint there by adding more seats.


Rachel claims to be a “retired” reality TV contestant on her Twitter page, so as much as I like seeing her on TV, I hope she stuck to that and doesn’t appear 3 summers in a row. If they do an allstar cast like 5 years down the road, I’d be fine with seeing her again, but 3 straight summers + 1 season of The Amazing Race is a bit much for one person.


The best news I heard was that Rachel prob won’t be back. I just don’t like her and her mouth..gets on my nerves.


The Glass House is just not that great imo. Those people just bore me to tears. Nothing will ever compare to Big Brother and that show is a generic version of BB.


good god. i swear if rachel comes back AND somehow votes out janelle i’ll be beyond pissed. Rachel needs to stop being on big brother! 3 seasons in a row is just to damn much go away rachel.


Janelle has been robbed 2 seasons in a row of the final 2! she deserved it out of anybody during both of her seasons I think.


BB will lose me as a super fan if they bring back Jessie, Rachel, Brendon or JJ. I want newbs! I want a fair game! I don’t want to see reruns from past seasons. I also don’t want to see viewer interference. Just put a bunch of newbs in the house and let them play the game! BB has sucked since the last half of season 11 and it keeps getting worse. I want a season like season 2, 3, 6, 8 or 10. BB used to be my favorite guilty pleasure, but if I have to see Rachel again I will disconnect.