Julie Chen shows off the Big Brother 14 House for ET CANADA

Julie Chen BB14 House Tour

Julie Chen shows off the Big Brother 14 House for ET Canada. During house tour Julie points out all the Little nic nacks that make up the new decor. The Godzilla, Ghetto Blasters, Shoes, Games in the Arcade etc etc. Nothing new just a bit more detail of the house. Other than the Have Have-nots room the entire Big Brother House has been seen and the excitement is growing. “Noobie” Cast get’s revealed tomorrow and the première is only 8 days away.. Internet rumours are running wild this summer the 12th cannot come soon enough.

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I don’t think this video is available for those who are not in Canada, it would not play for me here in the United States.

Joao Gil

There are 2 versions of Julie’s house tour for ET Canada. Could you show us the extended version?
In the shortened version, the tv host says (in the last seconds) there is more to see on their website… I can’t find it anywhere else and it won’t play because i’m not canadian…