Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Frank And Janelle Say They Want to Play Boogie

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe


12:15am Ashley, Ian, Danielle, and Jojo are out in the backyard talking about how horrible the have-not room is to sleep in. They ask Ashley if she is going to sleep up in the HOH bedroom again or not. Ashley says that she feels better but that she’s going to ask the diary room and see what they say. They all head inside. Ian and Jojo say that they’re going to go to bed. The girls head into the bathroom. They talk about how they can’t wait for the Big Brother Wrap Party at the end.

Dan, Willie, and Britney continue to talk up in the HOH room. Dan tells Willie that he isn’t going to lie, Boogie and I talked about we’re not working together and we don’t have a deal. Willie says that he appreciate Dan being honest and not denying everything.


12:35am Frank and Janelle are whispering by the chess set. Janelle asks Frank if he listens to what Boogie tells him. Frank says that he listens but that he doesn’t do what he says because Boogie doesn’t have his best interests at heart he has his own interests at heart. Janelle tells him that it sucks that you are connected to a sinking ship. They start talking about Danielle and Kara. Janelle says that she thinks that Danielle is really brain washed. Janelle asked what did she say to get into this house… what did they see in her? Frank says yeah, I don’t know. Janelle says and Dan picked her second. They laugh. Frank tells Janelle that he really wants to work with them because Boogie isn’t looking out for me. Frank says that he knows Boogie says stuff to your face and then goes to the diary room and busts your balls. So why not do that to him. Janelle says that she would love that! I would love to do that to him!


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12:40am Willie, Britney and Dan are still talking in the HOH room. Britney is talk about how Boogie was threatening her that if she didn’t do what he wanted then the line in the sand would be drawn. Willie tells Dan that he just doesn’t know …you could be in a bad spot and just telling me whatever I need to hear. Dan says you’ve seen how I play the game over the last 7 days. Willie tells Dan that he knows and that he trusts Dan way more than Boogie. Dan tells them that if there is anything that he can do to earn their trust to let him know.
1am – 1:25am Dan, Danielle, and Kara are in the arcade room talking. Dan is telling them about his conversation that he had with Willie and Britney. Dan tells them that they told him that they have not made any commitments. Dan tells Kara that Willie did like that you are making more of an effort now and that you need to continue to talk to him. Dan then tells Danielle that they said that they think you are nice and sweet. He tells them that if you start to show them that they can trust you …then maybe down the line you will be able to work with them.

Janelle, Willie, Ashley and Britney head down from the HOH to go out into the backyard. Janelle tells them that Frank is a good guy and that he really doesn’t like Boogie. She says that he isn’t anything like Boogie and doesn’t like the way Boogie puts everyone down. They discuss how they will get rid of Kara this week. Janelle asks what will we tell them when they ask us how they will vote? Do we just say its 50/50. They all agree that they will say that. Janelle and Britney talk about how they need to blind side Dan and not let him know they will vote out Kara. They joke about how Dan has a way with words. They discuss the possible twist where the coaches play a competition and the winner gets to choose which player comes back and they get them on their team. Janelle tells them that Frank told her look at the bright side if you vote Kara out you can have her bed … if you vote me out ..I don’t have a bed! They all laugh.

1:40am They talk about getting into the hot tub. Ashley warns them that they could get a yeast infection from it. Willie says that he might get one too. They all laugh and then get in the hot tub. Britney asks if Ian has put his feet in the hot tub … because the diary room put anti-fungal cream in there for him. They joke about how he kicked himself in the face today and that he probably has fungus on his forehead now. Ashley talks about how Ian told her that he used to put cream on his hands back in high school and then lick them. Meanwhile, back in the arcade room Dan, Danielle and Kara speculate about what the next HOH competition might be like. Willie says that he thinks later on in life Ian could be a serial killer. If Ian comes in the HOH room tonight while I’m sleeping I would scream.

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1:45am Joe comes out to sit in the hot tub with the others. They are all just talking and joking around. Joe brings up how Boogies birthday is on Monday in a couple days. They talk about when each person’s birthday is… Willie is surprised that they remember the other house guests birthdays and says that he barely remembers their names. Dan comments on how Ashley’s second toe is longer than her big toe. Ashley says that she used to be self-conscious about it but that her dad used to tell her that it meant she was smart. Dan and the others laugh.

2am – 2:30am The conversations turn to talking about cars they have and had in the past. After a while of talking about cars they decide to head inside to go to bed. Janelle and Britney go up to the HOH bedroom. They talk about how Dan totally knew they were talking game out there and that’s why he came outside. Willie joins them and they talk about how they need to keep Dan in the dark about voting out Kara. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When then come back the three of them talk about needing to clean up tomorrow. Willie laughs about how he did his dishes the first night and not since. He says that he eats and then runs up to the HOH after. The conversation changes to talking about how they need to get Dan out of the game by knocking out his team. Willie says that he wants to get out Kara this week and then get out Ian. Britney say yeah we need to put up Ian and Danielle. Willie thinks either this or the next competition will be endurance. Janelle and Britney both say no …endurance isn’t until week 4. They agree that this next HOH will be Q&A.

2:45am – 3:20am Britney, Janelle and Willie all talk about how they think Ian is America’s Player because he’s in the diary room 20 times a day. They discuss how they want to tell Frank to throw the HOH competition. Janelle says that she will talk to Ian and tell him that he has to vote with us or you’ll show your cards. They talk about how they will tell Wil as a group and that he will be sad to have Kara evicted. Janelle says that she will bring her team up here tomorrow to talk. If Ian comes up here I will tell him to fu*k off. They talk about Dan and how good of a salesman he is.. The talk turns to how messy the HOH room is and how its like a Frat house. They then head to bed…


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This was the feeds where Britney is throwing a hissy fit!!! Like I said, am sooooo done with Britney….she thinks she was popular for being catty….but now she is a witch with a capital B….you call Rachel a whiner????….if you watch the feeds Britney is unbelievable……..she is the worst whiner ever/ultimate personal attacker! And its funny how Willie said he doesnt like mean people like Britney, but he is becoming like her!!!!!!!!!!!! (HYPOCRITE)

I mean Britney was already plotting against Janelle!

Alexander the Great

Dan was my favorite player out of the mentors, but he picked horribly and now the other mentors smell blood in the water


Dan’s my favorite too, I’m really disappointed that the game just started and he’s already at a huge disadvantage. By the end of this week he may only have one player left while the other mentors still have all three. Hopefully he wins the coach challenge and keeps Danielle safe or maybe a twist happens later and they have to change up the teams, anything to keep him in the game as long as possible!


What does everyone think, do the mentors get to play the game at some point? I am REALLY hoping so. Brit wouldn’t stand a chance and Dan vs Boogie could be epic!!


Yeah, I could see the mentors being able to play the game…probably around the mid-way mark. It would definitely shake the game up. I’m thinking that might be a bit too hard tho, to have it suddenly switch to all mentors play. For example, if Dan’s team gets decimated in the next few weeks, does he go out and get sequestered until the time when all mentors play?

I think it would be a bigger shake-up if they do it this way: The first time a mentor loses his last player (let’s use Dan as an example), BB suddenly announces that Dan now gets to play the game (competing for HOH, POV, etc.) BUT…the other mentors have to keep mentoring (not getting to compete for HOH’s, POV’s, etc) UNTIL all their players go.

That would be a freak out in the BB house, b/c the mentors would have to decide if they wanted to keep supporting their team or start trying to turn on their team.

I don’t know…just a thought I had at 4am. It could be a totally stupid idea. My brain is really scrambled from our heat wave right now. Lol

I also figured out that BBAD on Slice Canada (for those Canadian viewers) is about 2 hours or so behind the actual feeds. What I watched on BBAD tonight had already been posted here about 2 hours earlier. I think Slice Canada needs to look up “Live” in the dictionary.


i hope that happens, that would be amazing!


I think Britney has got it wrong. What people liked was her humorous DR sessions or her occassional sarcastic comments. Not listening to her hate on anything and everything. I try to like her, I really do, but she doesn’t make it easy.


She is WAY worse now….she has the worst personal attacks….and talk about someone after pretending to be nice! She is soooo fake! Thhis past two days in the feeds she is just too rude! Plus she even lies sometimes now when she makes fun of someone….She starts the rumors!!!


But the DR tells people what to say, and what to do less (for the viewers). Chima asked Rachel in her interview, if she was told in the DR to say “no one comes between me and my man”. She admitted, and Brendon got sort of upset because they’re not supposed to talk about how production helps them and tells them what to do.


@Cooper. Even if it’s true,that the DR tells the house guests what to say.I doubt that the DR tells players what to say 24/7.It’s not like Britney is only mean in the DR.This girl is trash talking other house guests outside the DR.The bottom line is from what I’ve read,Britney is bad mouthing/trash talking the other players that haven’t done anything bad or mean to her.Britney acts like being a decent person in this game will kill her.When I say decent person,I’m not talking about being a push over.I’m talking about not saying awful and mean things to people that haven’t done anything to her.Why is that so hard for her to do?Even though,I wasn’t a fan of Britney in her season.I actually thought that because Rachel won’t be in the house with her,she won’t act like a awful person.I was 100% wrong.In my opinion it seems as though,it’s in Britney’s nature to behave in such a mean way to people that haven’t done anything bad/mean to her,and that’s just sad.


If they evict Kara, I hope Frank gets every other HOH and every POV.


Thats just not gonna happen lol


I want to see the coaches have a little less control over the game. The players need to realize just because their coach picked 2 other players doesn’t mean they have to be aligned with them.

I think Willie realizes he doesn’t have to stick with Jojo and Shane. Same for Frank with Ian and Jenn.

Danielle is pathetic. Just because Jodi is gone and Kara is on the block doesn’t mean you need to crawl into a shell. Might not look good for Dan, but so what? She could blend in and stay awhile because she’s so non-threatening.


You have no idea! They recently got Willie to focus tto eliminate Dan to make it easier for the MENTORS not for WILLIE!!! Willie admits he likes Ashley btw guys!


I think it would have been cool if both Dr. Will and Boogie were Coaches this season. Then they would have had to compete against each other rather than work together. I mean they could have worked together to bring their 3 each team members to the end but after that they would of had no choice but to compete against each other. What an epic battle that would be to have Dr. Will and Boogie competing against each other.

Alexander the Great

I hate how blinded with power Willie, Britney, and Janelle are, I started this season off possibly rooting for them, but now I hope that boogie or Dan’s team wins HOH so they can start begging.


Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights! Let’s recap of the standings of the mentors:
1.Team Britney (2-1)
2.Team Mike Boogie (1-2)
3.Team Janelle (0-3)
3.Team Dan (0-3)
Right now, team britney have a rocky start, but team mike boogie can continue to fight for another win. However, Team Janelle and Team Dan had winless start, which is bad for both teams. Can Team Janelle or Team Dan win once or continue lose again? Hopefully, Dan’s team needs to get pumped up and start winning than lost three times. Tune in for epic of Big Brother 14!


I don’t think Frank should be plotting against his mentor mainly because Boogie is his ally no matter how much he (Frank) might despise him. Why would Boogie screw Frank since his own fate depends on whether his team survives or not? So Frank aligning with Janelle, I don’t know…we’ll see, might work might not, I mean it’s the game. A move is only a smart/dumb move depending on the outcome.


So,Janelle said that Frank wants to work with Britney&her team,because Frank doesn’t like the way Boogie puts people down.So,then why in the world does Frank want to work with Britney and Janelle?The both of them act like it’s their job to trash talk and spread rumors about the other players.Lol.I really hope by eviction night,the other house guests vote in favor to keep Kara,and go against Britney and Janelle.I’m starting to think there’s no hope for Willie.He’s acting like Britney and Janelle,so I don’t like him anymore.I’m for Dan,to win this entire game.But he has to find a way to keep Kara.Which,I thought shouldn’t be difficult.I mean it makes sense to evict the biggest threat and unless you ride on the short yellow bus it should be obvious the biggest threat is Frank not Kara.Everyone that’s cheering for Dan to win.Please,don’t hold your breath for a twist to help him out of this disadvantage,production will reserve that for Britney or Janelle’s team.Lol.


I agree captainwedgiearchnemesis they betta wait up. Kara isn’t adding anything to the game atleast if frank stays it will be drama and the game will really begin.


Please let Frank out!


What are the odds? Frank leaving, and Kara won`t go after Willie or Kara leaving, and Danielle become HOH and go after Willie or Shane!


This is where production needs to shake up competitions. “No, endurance isn’t til Week4.” That crap needs to go. Keep everyone on their toes and give them 4 or 5 straight endurance comps in a row. So tired of the HG’s knowing what comps to prepare for.


Totally agree. They need to revamp the competitions so nobody knows what to expect. I’m so sick of the way they all know what’s coming. What happened to expect the unexpected? I’d even like two or three part competitions for HOH. I’d also like to see more competitions where nobody has the advantage, like the pressure cooker competition from season 6. I would also like to see a points system that can give you an advantage or a disadvantage in the challenges. Successfully completing chores like cleaning up would get you points, causing fish on the feeds loses you points. If you ever read the book Big Brother, you know that BB ruled with an iron fist. I want to see BB hand out chores and tasks every week, I want the HG humiliated. Toilet cleaning duty. Keep floors clean. Pool cleaning. I also like how the BBUK houseguests play to get a food and liquor budget. Whatever they win, they have to work together to make their shopping list within budget. This have/havenots is stupid. The beds this season are causing health issues. Someone is going to get hurt and sue. Let them all sleep comfortably. If they rock the competition they get to buy lots of food. If they don’t or if they make a stupid shopping list, too bad. They all have to suffer the consequences. If they want liquor, make them do something fun for us to earn it.


Mutiny! I want Mutiny! Pretty good first few days of feeds! I loved watching Willie and Brit after Dan left the room. They were so funny, saying Dan’s so smooth, he worked them over so well that they felt hypnotized. Willie said he felt like he had just been raped. Dan still has it, but he’s toast if they vote out Kara. I think Dan is still the biggest threat in the house as far as the coaches go. Boogie hasn’t made any friends, he is such an arrogant ass and it will bite him. I am not liking the idea that the mentors will be let loose in the game. It wouldn’t be fair to the newbs, because as coaches, the players have confided in them about their strengths and weaknesses. It wouldn’t be fair to have that advantage.

I like how Willie is playing the game and I like Frank, too bad he’s on Boogie’s team. I thought I would hate Ashley, but so far she is one of the least annoying girls. Maybe it’s because she has been so medicated because of her back and we still haven’t seen her real self. I thought I would like Jenn, but so far she hasn’t impressed me. Loving Jo Jo too. I would love to see the newbs turn on the coaches and play their own game. I think by week 4 some twist will bring one of the evicted newbs back into the game, so Kara or Frank might be back. Joe made a comment that in the DR they are telling them to not call them teams. Then we got fish. So I think that either the teams will get switched up like they do in survivor or the twist will come to an end. The newbs need to realize that the teams mess up your game. The coaches need their players, but the newbs don’t need their coach or the other people on their team. They need to play their own game and not be the coach’s chess pieces.


I can’t stand brittney this season nor season 12. She’s funny but to mean


Right now Dan’s team needs to wake up!


If Dan’s team lose another member! He screwed! Dan, get your team and start winning! Sick entired of losing! Start winning!


The book that featured the term “Big Brother is watching”, was 1984. Also, Brit acts as if her poop doesn’t stink, but she berates people for no reason, AND has that freaky lazy eye wandering off to look in another direction while she’s making snarky comments to other HG! Really, you’d think someone with an obvious outer flaw would not want to draw more attention to it with her crazy hypocracy!


Isn’t anybody talking to Ian or Jenn? They have yet to be mentioned much. I always feel for the underdogs and these two seem particularly ostracized. Brittney has become just awful. I don’t know who I’m pulling for. At first I thought Shane, but that condom thing was peurile.


They are pretty much invisible on the feeds. I remember last year Porsche was AFK for the first 3 weeks