Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel on Slop Day 1 “I Miss Wine” **Updated**

9:05pm HOH Bathroom Jordan and Kalia For the past 2 hours these 2 have been chit chatting.. conversations will blow you’re mind, for example Kalia is complaining how she is the biggest girl in the Big Brother 13 House and some days it makes her feel insecure. Jordan tries to make her feel better telling her that she’s a normal weight. Kalia says that she’s in a house with a bunch of skinny girls with big boobs. Jordan tries to explain that there are models in the cast and Kalia’s body type is normal. Kalia now proceeds to throw lawon under the bus, talking about how clueless he is and how she can’t stand it when he looks at her.

They talk about who Jordan will nominate. Kalia says if jordan puts Kalia and Lawon up she’ll understand she knows she has the votes to stay. Jordan mentions that Production told her she can’t tell them directly who she’s putting up. Kalia understands that Big Brother rules stipulate that the HOH cannot tell other people who they are nominating. Kalia says she think Dominic can be valuable for their side, she thinks he can be trusted (What side is that?)

it’s now 9:36pm and the conversation rolls on into the deepest darkest realms of boring.

9:10pm Bathroom Rachel and Brendon Rachel is being hard on herself for playing the game emotionally again and messing up their game. Brendon tells her not to be upset about being on a Have Not and being on Slop. Rachel says she should of just left the slop during the competition, Brendon asks if he should eat outside. Rachel says it doesn’t matter he can eat regular food around her. She’s worried she can’t make it for 2 weeks slop. Brendon points our that she did it last year.

9:27pm Kitchen Rachel and Daniele Rachel is saying she should of never grabbed that slop ticket during the Have Nots competition. Daniele says she would of done the same, “Jeff really should of yelled at you to not get it.. Jordan wasn’t even going to get it” (Dunno really what this means but after Dani said it she looked around the room to make sure nobody was around to hear it) Rachel says she’s not bummed out she’s on slop she wanted to go on a diet anyways. Rachel starts to make some slop food. Cassi walks in, Rachel: “OH MY GOD I love your shirt.. I almost bought it”
Porsche comes in to show rachel how to mask the taste of slop.. Behind them Cassi and Daniele are on kitchen table talking about there messed up sleep patterns. Dani gets called into the Diary Room and Dominic comes in. He Asks rachel what the longest she’s been on Big Brother Slop, she tells him 2 weeks. He asks if she’s worried about the next 2 weeks. Rachel: “I was already planning on going on a diet… I Miss Wine though”

9:53pm Kitchen Rachel and Dominic Dominic says his group is too stupid he wants to join up with Brendon and Rachel. He tells her they can mow the rest of them down. Tells her he doesn’t trust Adam, Rachel Agrees instructs him to keep close to Daniele that’s how he’ll gain their trust. Rachel tells him rachel is Really happy he won Power of Veto they were all cheering for him. Rachel: “If Brendon and I had won POV we would of taken you off the block”. Dom: “We’re going to be hard to beat” Rachel: “Yeah that’s a good thing.. I don’t want this place to be floater city”. Dominic tells her that he was the one leading the charge against the repeats. Rachel: “Really I thought it was all cassi.. you where just innocent PT”. Dom says he’s going after Jeff and Jordan because they wanted him out. He’s going to offer them a truce until the couple are split. Rachel mentions Adam may be a target but that Dominic has the votes to stay. Brendon arrives and they start talking about tequila shots before his and Rachel’s wedding.

10:30pm Hammock Rachel and Brendon Rachel telling him that Dominic is going to make a deal with Jeff until the couple break up. Rachel explains that the deal is Dom will not get sent home but can be put up and in return Dom will not put up Jeff/Jordan. Shelly joins them tells them from what she’s been hearing he and cassi are going up. Shelly wants to make sure they are good. Brendon tells her she’s 100% good with them. Shelly leaves. Rachel points out that Kalia has been up stairs with Jordan all night they’ve “really became close friends” Brendon tells her not to worry. Brendon says he’s trusting people less and less every day. Rachel wonders if she has the votes if she goes up. Brendon tells her not to worry. HE still thinks they have a really good chance of playing a strong game. Rachel tells him she’s going to try hard and win the HOH

10:45pm Dani joins them and Rachel fills them both in with her conversation she had with Dom.. Dani says they need to show Dom trust we can’t do what Jeff is doing by going up to dom and telling him he either takes it or leaves it. Dani really thinks they need to bring Dom in and after they get to singles and “Things start to fall apart” they need to use Dom to do their dirty work. Brendon asks her who she wants gone next week and Dani says Lawon. Dani: “these people are so dumb in this house it’s not even funny.. ” she leaves

rachel reilly 4 Big Brother 13

11:26pm Hammock Rachel and Porsche Talk is focused on their apartments. Por says Miami is just as expensive as LA.. She had a sweet place right near the water but her leases was up right before she left for the Big Brother Show. She has all her stuff in storage it’s costing her a copule bills a month. Rachel says her and brendon have 2 storage lockers on which is 69.99 a d month and another which is 99.99 a month. They got 2 because when she moved in with Brendon there wasn’t enough room for her stuff.

11:45pm POr tells her that everyone plays the game differently and even though getting the slop wasn’t a great thing for Rachel POR understands and would of done the same.

POr says it’s a good thing that Shelly is on slop cause it’s breaking her down.. Por likes Shelly as a person but as a competitor in the game she wants her taken out. Rachel says the slop doesn’t bother her she thinks she has a good chance to win the HOH next week then she’ll get her HOH basket of food.

12:04Am Cassi in the hot tub with Dom brendon and Rachel filling around with them talking about his missing turtle Franklin

12:09Am HOH Jordan and Jeff Jordan is saying that rachel is acting weird something is up. Jeff agrees. Jordan says her talk with Kalia was good they talked about a lot of things but mostly about her boyfirend. Jordan mentions that she’s missing a couple bras, she suspects that rachel may have moved them by accident.
Jordan says you can tell on her face she’s still mad at us. Jeff agrees says he’s noticed she still pissed about Jordan not taking the slop even though she’s “apologized” Jeff instructs Jordan to take the night off and relax but do not be the pouty one let Rachel dig her own grave.

Jeff: ‘Listen people want rachel out we’re good..” Jordan: “What are you thinking about…” Jeff: “nothing what are you thinking about..: Jordan: “Nothing”

Jordan thinks that maybe Jeff should go outside and hang out with everybody. She’s confident that tomorrow will be fine there’s just a bunch of tension with the girls. Jeff asks her what she’s going to do tomorrow to ease the tension. Jordan says she’s going to stay up here and Rachel can be down there. Jeff thinks that being anti social is a sign that something is wrong.

Jordan says she feel exhausted and cannot go to bed because she’s getting called into the DR later. Jeff instructs her to be the better person in every encounter with Rachel, “Walk on egg shells with her.. you wanna be out of the way when things go down.. We’re playing a game this isn’t best friends for life.. we’re not dealing someone normal” Jordan appears exhausted she’s a bit short with Jeff. Jeff: “Look from now on one more glass.. what is it with you girls and their BLANK liquor”

12:28AM HOH Jeff and Jordan Jordan thinks daniele is on the fence between Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says that Dominic is cool with them He doesn’t think anybody is going to roll with Brendon and rachel.

12:36AM Jeff: “I know you like Cassi but it’s a game and when we’re getting out of here we’ll be together and won’t be around these people”. Jeff: “listen what do you want to do.. take lawon out and have Dom and cassi take us out next week?” Jordan: “No I’m sticking to the plan” Jeff is glad he hopes that somehow Brendon and rachel split and they can roll with Brendon. Jordan thinks Brendon willl quit if Rachel goes.

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Don’t you think this is very similar to the situation Jordan faced in season 11. I believe it was when Jordan was HOH.

Throw away contestant.

Side they may switch to.

Both targets. Bad social game, but great competitors.

Was on both sides.


Hopefully the slop will make Rachel even more irritable and cause a fight. I don’t even care who its with!!!


Rachel is actually really nice, shes outspoken for sure, but she’s an amazing competitor. and probably all you people who are hating/saying bad things about her could never win all those HOH competition she won.


rachel nevewr won anything in her season ..what the hell are you talkin about ..your cluless just like her ….idiot!!


what are you talking about?? she was HOH twice and i believe she one the POV at least once…..did you even watch it?


Be nice or stay home. Disagree, but civilly.


I hate to be ‘that’ guy but seriously you’ve been throwing out a line a minute about Rachel this Rachel that. To be be perfectly honest people are so quick to judge individuals in this game (Rachel also included) that it helps me in my everyday life to make sure that I’m less judgmental of a person’s appearance, or their attitude, or lifestyle. I want to get to know every aspect of their life, their faults, their wiles, their childhood and see what sculpted them into the human being they are today. And when Rachel was talking to Dom tonight and he told her that he was mastermind she seemed genuinely surprised. I don’t really think that Rachel had any ill will towards Cassi, Cassi just distanced herself from Rachel (most likely from ‘cuz of what she watched of Rachel last season). What else is Rachel supposed to think? Paranoia is the bane of the house..


it’s so true, they are all so judgmental it’s disheartening, i hope they aren’t like this in real life….i mean, calling Kalia fat, is that necessary? and even something like judging people’s sexual habits (like JJ did about BR)- even if they don’t make the same choices you do, noone is perfect — that is like rachel judging jordan for not going to college or something….


really hoping jorden plays smart and puts up b/r wonder if cassi really will be willing to team up her j/j i sure hope so


Thanks so much for this site… u guys are awesome… keep it comin. Oh btw jordan should def backdoor Brendan and Rachel … please do it jordan


kalia making me mad, stop talking


Simon: hey– wanna write thanx for the site 😀
QQ: do you have photos of HGs like last year on the site tht you put other pics in their place? LOVED Lmao at the gremlin, banana, douche, etc…!!!!!


I think a pic of the witch from Snow White looks like Roachel, a Pinto for Porsche, a crown on Jeff’s head this year, a chia pet under Cassie’s armpit…


Keep it up Rachael you are digging your own grave. I hope word gets back to JJ that RB is talking smack
And I am really getting pissed @ Shelly I dont like the way she is playing the game but I believe it all gonna get her in the end. I cant wait until she pisses someone off and they blow her spot up


Jordan is an ultimate floater, if any of the newbies won the HOH next week they should put up Jeff and jordan and send Jeff packing home, and Jordan will be absolutely clueless by herself and eventually get sent home


Yeah shes a floater that y she won hoh


Maybe if Jeff was sent home she could play the came exactly like she wants to with her own instincts without the filter and watchful eye of Jeff. Like tonight he was checking on her while she was talking to Kalia. And I’m not completely convinced Brendon and Jeff could have beaten her shot in the HOH competition especially Brendon. So I’m not so sure she would be that clueless if Jeff wasn’t there.


I wouldn’t say that Jordan is a floater but she is a lapdog to jeff and do is Brenda to Rachel.


Cause thats just what happen in Jordan’s season she floated right to the end and won


wtf is it the damn rachel show tonight????


hey simon,
I read this site all season last year and have been reading everyday this year. I dont really comment because most of the time im reading the updates on my phone and it just takes forever to type things on there but I just wanted to say thank you for the work you put in. Your details in the speed that you get them posted are awesome and sure there may be some sentences that we have to piece together to understand but its all good. So yeah just wanted to thank you and i will try to post more often to show some more love to the site.

PS.- Hate B/R this year and last, looking forward to the J/J split from B/R
– love Cassi She is my #1 and I wish there was a way she could stay this week but it doesnt look great
– like Dom right now but he better just be kissin a liitle rachel butt right now so he isnt her target next week because i really hope he is tellin rachel he is
offering J/J that little deal just so when he does go J/J to cut a bigger deal he has a cover story.
– shelly has game but i hope when big split happens she ends up on J/J side
– lawon is a throw away
– Porsche is a bitch
– Kalia is my absolute least favorite right behind rachel
– Adam needs to get his game right because he is falling off
– Dani has me for a loop but i think she is hedging her bets with rachel because she figures they will win more comps… if the game falls to B/R side and
Dani can really team with Dom then my money is on her
– J/J need to get bold and put B/R up this week while they have a chance but it wont happen unless there is a blow up. hopefully next HOH will do it for


I know this sounds crazy, but Kalia is starting to get on my nerves slightly more than Rachel.


Ummm I agree she is annoying. She talks a lot to make up for her insecurities!


u mean fat oprah !!!


So….these are my thoughts
Jeff, Jordan, Shelley, Cassie, Dom, Adam, and Kalia only cause she’s a puppeteer should form a secret alliance. Jordan should put BR on the block and who cares which one of them goes (preferably Rachel, I can’t take her annoying laugh) they deserve to be there. Brendan is dumb and Rachel is intimidated by Cassies beauty.


Oh….a big fan of this site….seriously I check it all day!


Me too! I read it with my morning coffee, then check throughout the day and night. I find if I get more then a post or two behind it gets a bit overwhelming to catch up (only b/c Dawg and Simon do such an awesome job posting all the details.) 😀

Whenever BB ends in September, it takes a while to get used to having my morning coffee without this site. Lol


Did y’all hear when Por mentioned she just wants the one that is causing the drama (meaning Cassie) gone? They’re just gonna say blah blah it’s purely strategic, you’re a good player, blah blah meaning you’re prettier than us, take away our attention, and were insecure so you need to go!


oh no say it aint so!


J/J recognize what’s going on with R&B, because she is obvious & not good at hiding her feelings (aka terrible social game). But they are not catching on to all the other people in the house that want J/J gone vs booting out R&B. Specifically Dani — She is playing a good game, but the vets alliance is slowly being torn down by Dani & neither couple know it. She has been planting seeds to B&R about J&J for a while now…especially Rachel. This causes Rachel to make a scene showing they are not all on the same page. Dani knows that they have to stay together until the keys are gone and the numbers dwindle so now she has to do damage control puting a band-aid on the R&B J/J alliance. R&B threw the POV comp so Dom would win and Dani was at the center of that too. The fighting between J/J & R&B benefits Dani so they can get each other out & keeping Dom benefits her as well. This is what J/J need to be aware of. Dani has also been working on Kalia & Adam. I think J/J are going to find them selves in the same position as Season 11. Everyone (but Shelly) against them. I REALLY wish that J/J would get out Rachel/Brendon, but in thinking it over it isn’t smart right now. This is of course if B&R do not win HOH next week and put them up. Either way, J/J are going to have to fight for their lives in here and win POVs like no ones business. Pretty soon the queen of POVs is going to be able to play and they are going to be in trouble.


BUT Cassie and Dom haven’t spoken yet and they seem to have some kind of agreement so if she can sway him towards J/J and come to some type of deal? I think Dom has a better shot with JJ than BR.

Team Brenchel

WOOt! Team Brenchel got Dom..Jeff Jordan you….are….out of their!! Support team Brenchel :)……haters!


wait so dom is for sure with brenchel? i thought he was just saying that


Pretty sure Dom is faking his alliance with BR.


Whatever Brendon and Rachel is going before Jeff and Jordan


Jeff looks so hot in that white hoodie. Too bad he’ll kill a gay if they thought that about him. jk hehhe . no that’s yesterdays news. He was just out of line. that’s all. case closed. BB house guests are becoming quite the chefs. at first in the beginning of this season I thought ok Jeff, Brendon and Dom are the hotties but Jordan, Rachel, Porsche & Cassi outnumber the guys when it comes to hottness. Rachel’s mouth reminds me of Dre Barrymore. She’s going hard this season I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins.


AHH I LOVE THIS SITE!!! and i also really like rachel.. not as a person but shes really competitive and i respect that

philly swag

this season is so lame. ok sure everyone hates kieth but you gotta admit the dude was funny and entertaining and imagine the fights that would happens with him in the house. plus you have evil dick leave which just sucks because he would have totally put rachel in her place and the fights would have been epic and the backstabbing. shelly and kalieh are just a waste of space lame characters. i really really wish mike boogie and dr will were in this game along with evil dick to bad hopefully they do all stars next year.


dont bother people,cassi and shelly are going up with cassi leaving….it sucks..but thats life YO !


Oh I am so praying that JJ put up br. This past few days have really woken up the house. Though, dani playing best game in house right now.


I miss Britney!!! And the After Dark talk show!!! Thanks for you help Simon!!


amen to that.


dani looks alot more healthier than how she was in her season. but her face is still like a skeleton, girl needs to eat more!


Why is Rachel on slop, I thought they won the Have-Havenot.