Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Cassi says that Kalia makes her skin crawl.. she’s a b!tch, a genuine b!tch… like a fat little Oprah..

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12:40am Out in the backyard, Cassie and Shelly are in the hot tub talking about her brother that is in prison for aggravated. Cassi starts crying because she thinks she’s going home this week. Shelly comforts her, and tells her that she will be famous after this is all over. Cassi says that she doesn’t trust Lawon at all anymore, even after they had their talk, and says that he disgusts her. Cassi says it would have been awesome if the girls had stuck together but knew it wouldn’t happen. Shelly says that the girls are so catty. Shelly doesn’t understand how Lawon can agree with every single thing they talk about. Shelly tells Cassi that Jordan told her Lawon is pretty shady. Shelly tells Cassi that they both said that they weren’t going to cry on this show. They both laugh.

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Lawon, Dani, Kalia and Rachel are in the bathroom. Rachel says she’s going to bed because she is exhausted. She washes her face, Kalia works on her hair and Lawon and Dani are on the couch just making small talk. Lawon wonders what other dishes Shelly is going to create with the slop. They talk about how they liked the pudding pops Shelly made. Brendon had made some kind of dish with it and there was rice in it. Rachel says tells him that it was something invented last year.

1:30am Lawon and Jeff are talking. Lawon says that he is going to work out hard core tomorrow. Jeff says that he is going to too. Brendon comes out and he and Jeff start talking in their annoying Bruno voices. Jeff says that Brendon smells. Brendon says that the beef jerky gives him gas. Over by the hot tub Shelly is talking about her daily routine with Dominic. Adam walks inside and they talk about his weight loss. Adam starts talking about how he loves the buttered popcorn flavoured jelly beans. Kalia asks Adam if he has the type of fans who would send a banner. Adam says no. They all start joking about Dominic. Kalia says that she hopes he will have pictures of his modeling if he wins HOH.

2am Dominic, Cassi, and Lawon, Adam, Kalia, and Dani are all sitting in the backyard by the hot tub talking. Dominic talks about how he misses eating out. Cassi says that she misses eating since she has been on slop. Lawon says that he usually wakes up when they go to bed in the house so that’s why it’s hard for him to function. Lawon says that on a normal Saturday he would probably be out in West Hollywood.
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2:30am Jeff and Jordan talking in bed about Rachel. Jordan says Rachel wanted to come back into the house to change people’s perception of her. Jordan says that Rachel says she was embarrassed after last season and now this season she is acting the same way. Jordan says that Rachel should act more mature. Jeff says you can’t expect to do the same thing and get different results. Jordan says she isn’t going to say any of this to Rachel’s face because she knows that they don’t need that. Jordan says that she is going to be careful about what she says around Dani because she thinks she’ll run back and tell Rachel and Jeff agrees with her. Jordan tells Jeff about Kalia telling her that last month was the first time she ever paid her own rent. Jordan laughs while telling Jeff. Jordan says that Kalia complains about everything and it cracks her up to hear it. Jeff and Jordan agree that they trust Kalia. Jordan says that with Kalia when it comes down to it she is so with us and not with them. Jeff says that he hopes Rachel doesn’t pull more shit and then says that Brendon wouldn’t let her. Both Jeff and Jordan think that Brendon is cool but Rachel isn’t. Jeff says that he thinks they will be dealing with repercussions of Rachel’s actions for the next couple of weeks. They start talking about the power of veto competition and how Rachel behaved. Jordan thanks Jeff for sticking up for her. Jeff wonders what Rachel’s diary room session was like after the competition? Jordan says that she can’t believe how Rachel has told her that Brendon and her have done it in the HOH room. Jordan says that she knows Brendon and Rachel are engaged but it just makes it seem trashy. Jeff says yeah I know.

Meanwhile, in the havenot room. Cassi is talking about some of the other girls in the house with Shelly. Cassi say that Porsche never bothered her. Cassi says that Rachel is consumed with jealousy and is a dumbass. Cassi says that Kalia makes her skin crawl and is a bitch, a genuine bitch. Cassi says that she doesn’t think Kalia actually got hurt in the food competition. Cassi says that Kalia is a fat little Oprah. They talk about how they don’t like that Kalia told them at least they have jelly beans and beef jerky while on slop. Shelly says that she never would have cried like a sissy like Kalia did during the food competition.

2:45am Jeff and Jordan are still up in the HOH room talking and watching the spy screen. Jordan tells Jeff that she was a little worried that Brendon and Rachel will come after them when the duos end. Jeff tells her that he doesn’t think they would do that, he says that he thinks that they know they all need to stick together even when the duos are over. Jeff asks Jordan if they made her dance in the diary room? Jordan laughs and says no. Jordan asks Jeff if they asked him to dance? Jeff says that he did and then says that they were talking about how Adam dances in the morning. Jeff is convinced if the two of them go up he’ll be the one to go. Jeff says he was saying it would be like their season when they kept thinking they could get Jordan out whenever they wanted and she ended up getting to the end that way. Jordan starts talking about the Amazing Race and a cool place they stayed in Germany. Jordan says that it feels like forever go. Jeff agrees and says it was even before his Around The World show. Jeff and Jordon continue to talk about the around the world show. and then the conversation changes to talking about the Power of Veto competition today.

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3:15am – 4am Lawon, Adam, Kalia Daniele, and Dominic are playing the truth or truth game. Lawon asks Kalia, truth or truth? Kalia says truth. Lawon asks have you had sexual thoughts of your friend to the point where you wanted to get an object and masturbate? Kalia asks what friend? Kalia then asks if her hand count as an object? Kalia says that of course she has done it. Kalia asks Dani truth or truth? Daniele says truth. Kalia asks if she could for the good viewers at home. Dani says No. Kalia says give us your best impression of what you look like when you’re reaching a climax. Dominic says that’s not truth. Lawon says that’s an action. Kalia tells them to shut up. Kalia then asks Dani if there any part of her body that she wishes she could change and why? Dominic says to be taller. Dani says yeah, I wish I was taller. Daniele asks Adam truth or truth. Adam says that he’ll take a truth this time. Dani says if Brendon pulled real bacon out of his pants and waved it in your face, would you still have eaten it? Adam says that it depends on where ..if it’s coming out of the front, back or pockets? Then Adam says No, No, No. Dani calls Adam a liar and then asks what if it was the last piece of bacon on earth? Adam says that he would shoot himself if it was coming out of the pocket, that’s one thing but.. Adam asks Kalia truth or truth. Where was the most unusual place that you made whoopee? Kalia says in my ex-boyfriend’s parents’ downstairs bathroom. Kalia says truth or truth … in inches, how long is your thing? Dominic asks before or after? Kalia says in the morning. Dominic says to be honest, I’ve never measured it with a measuring stick, or any other measuring device. I honestly don’t know. Adam says let’s hope he doesn’t get morning wood. Dominic says that he does every morning. They leave the lounge room and begin getting ready for bed.

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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I hope Jeff does not turn on brendon like he did russel too soon and f..k his game up!


jeff wont do that,he knows by keeping brechal in the game,its keeps the heat off of them …


im not exactly daniele’s #1 fan…but she is playing one hell of a “social game”…shes friends and a confident to just about every single HG….


Kalia needs to GO!! SHE IS FAT OPRAH. She is worthless!! Both sides are using her and she lieeeeees.. go home kalia. Go home!!!


Unfortunately it seems that Cassie is the next out of the door. I so agree with her that Kalia is a bitch….she is always talking. She called Keith an Uncle Tom, but she over does it with her never ending conversation! Cassie said that she looks like a fat Oprah, to me she looks like a chubby Janet Jackson mixed with a teddy bear. DON’T FORGET TO CAST YOUR OPINIONS AT CBS FOR THE NEXT HOH COMPETITION!!!!


Simon-Dawg you guys do a great job, thank you. Now for Rachel, i gave her the benefit of the doubt that she learned something from last year….i should have known. How could she not read all the negative veiws of herself and try to fix peoples perception of her. The stupid ass actually get worse. The fake boobs, fake hair, and fake love for that momo make her out to be a hooker.

As for Brendumb, dude your significant other is a reflection of your choices.


So what happens if, since the POV was played as singles, Adam says he does not want Dom to use the POV? I am way confused about this because how could someone else go up if Dom takes himself off. Does Adam’s say not matter in the pairs? I just don’t get it!


J/J should put up K/L
Fat Oprah been asking for it two wks now
honor he wish.
I dont want to ser cassi go.
Glad j/j are not giving dani too much info, really I cant stand dano at all.


Good morning, Simon & Dawg….ur doin an awesome job! I would love to see Jordan put up Lawon and Kalia….and vote lawon out! He is shady…two-faced….check him out…he can laugh so hard and in a split second, have a straight face….the speaks volumes. Big Brother is just starting to get GOOD!!


Thanks 🙂

Its starting slowly but it’s starting


it sucks cause you can feel that jeff and jordan+cassi and dom would make an awesome team….their personalities mesh well together….it really sucks that cassi is leaving….


I agree. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that Jordan would make a different move and put in Lawon/Kalia or Brendon/Rachel.


I hope to see a cat fight between Kaila and Cassi and a nasty one too.


Obviously you have not been watching the feeds. If Cassie has said anything negative it is in response to people targeting her out of jealousy and envy. Rachel feels intimidated by her because she is a female that is not an attention getter and is not on the Rachel Kiss Ass Bandwagon as with Dani (although hers is for game play) and Porsche. Rachel conjured up a resentment toward her out of her own insecurities. As for her looks, all models do not look the same and models of today are not a certain template. This is America……people do not have to agree with homosexuality and everyone does not have to have a love affair with Oprah.


really? cassi calling Kalia a piece of crap and fat oprah was bc Kalia targeted her specifically? didn’t know that….maybe you aren’t watching


kalia looks lie ceelo green with a wig.


Bahaha!!! She so does. I almost peed myself when I read this!!


Wow! Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? Remember this is a game.


Shelley reminds me of “Billy Bob Thorton.”


Wow. You must be so insecure to go on a rant like that.

Despicable Me

I wanna see the food comp. and Dramatic Performance by Fake-Oprah

The house needs to find out about Kalia and Dani and stop hanging out with them everything they talk about goes back to the enemy


Ok Oprah isn’t God. You know that right?

Despicable Me

Don’t say that, so many women who follow her religiously believing every word she says will be lost if they didn’t think she’s looking down on all the little people now that her show if over…. que * Sarcasm*


I second that and still think no way she should of gotten golden key!!!


I think I’m the only one that doesn’t like how Shelly is lying to Cassie! She has been playing both sides. Shelly didn’t even tell Cassie, she flipped her vote!!! I can’t stand Cassie or Kailia!


Whoever is responsible for casting Kalia should be fired. Talk about the biggest waste of space Big Brother houseguest in the history of the show! She does look like Oprah, but “Sofia” Oprah. (Sofia=Oprah played her in The Color Purple)


I’m not watching the feeds so only getting info from this site. Gotta say though, I don’t get the hate for Cassi. She seems fairly innocuous and “regular folk” to me. I guess BB wouldn’t be BB without drama. If it can’t be Jeff who wins, I’ll go for Cassi.


I so agree with you Adgjo is out of hand……… Hate the mean spirited comments………no need for personal attacks…….


Baaawhahahha ur kidding about the mean spirited shit right? Cuz you’ve said some pretty out of hand comments about rachel. Or is it okay for you to call her out bc its what the majority of you idiots think? Name + other jerkoffs= HYPOCRITES! Baaawhahahha


Not all black people look alike! Damn


Not all black people look alike!!!!


Haahaaaaaaaaaa! I love you adgjo! Cassi is a gdamn stick figure! Hate her just as much as you do!