Big Brother 13 Spoilers – BR offer Dani Final 3, Brendon: “I’m using pure f*cking logic to win this game.”

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2:50pm Backyard Shelly, Jordan and Jeff
Shelly is pissed because Kalia and Dani were Mad up her in the HOH. Shelly thinks they are going to flip up the Nominations becuase Dani is pissed and she’s changing the way she plays. Shelly: This is so not like the real world it’s amazing” (What let me get this straight you shot straight to everyone for the last 4 weeks had your lips attached to the HOH and lied more than anyones else in Big BRother 13 thus far and now you’re saying it’s nothing like the real world. Did you think the way you were playing was like the real world, the business world as you put it.. Man shelly you really are a Straight Shooter. No nickname is out of bound for this player. I call no quarter on Shelly)

Shelly is super pissed at Kalia, “She talked to me like I was 5.. I’m not going to put up with this” Jordan says she isn’t going to go up and Talk to them because she wants to be surprised (Wow steller game play) Shelly assures them that everyone is going to be surprised. Shelly comments how Kalia is walking around the house being a BLANK and acting like she has a big head. Shelly thinks Dani is being level headed but you can’t talk to dani without Kalia being right there.

Shelly is saying that she tried to tell Dani that it wasn’t just her that decided to flip the vote and it happened at the last minute. Shelly: “I had to ask Kalia to leave 6 time but she wouldn’t.. they talked to me like I was a child.. I’m BLANK pissed” Shelly bring up that they asked her about Adam and how Shelly told them Adam was controlled by her. Shelly said tho them Adam is controlled by me and we told him to flip the vote.

Jordan brings up that she thinks dani is a nice person outside the house but inside Jordan doesn’t like her. Jeff agrees ads that Kalia and Dani would not be friends outside the house dani only drags her around because Kalia bows down to her.

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3:08pm Kalia and POrsche Kalia is debriefing Porsche about calling out Shelly with absolutely everything that has happened. (It’s awesome)

Kalia tells her she was calling Shelly out on everything and Shelly wouldn’t own up she kept saying “OH MY GOD KALIA”. Kalia goes one to say that regardless what she does in this game she will always be looked upon in Dani’s shadow.

They start to talk about how Jordan is so depressed in the house. Kalia: “She doesn’t even like being here.. why did she even come” porsche brings up that Jordan is only happy when they are winning and since they haven’t won a HOH in awhile she’s been pissed. Kalia is sure Shelly and Jordan have a deal they are always together. Kalia starts slamming Shelly for all the BLANK she would say about being a mom and a business women and shooting straight. Kalia: “What a load of BLANK”

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3:35pm Dani, Rachel and Brendon HOH

Dani is saying that yesterday after the nomination (before the HOH) She heard JJBRSA talking BLANK about Dani, Kalia and POrsche, “You guys said that Kalia and I were going up on the block and you called us the peanut gallery.. So please try and convince me why the 2 pople that said they would put me up should not go up this week.. Please I really want to know convince me”

brendon rachel stumble…..

Brendon reminds her that she is the biggest target in the game now, and BR are the second and Third.
Dani: “I’m hoh it really doesn’t matter if i’m the biggest target” Feeds cut. Rachel and Brendon offer her a truce a 2 week deal 3 week deal final 3 deal.. whatever she wants. They want a secret deal and to continue to play the game like they are, “We’ll have opposite sides of the house and meet at the end”
Dani: “The problem I have with you guys is I know I was the target.. so why trust you”
Brendon agress she was the target…
Dani: “I’m telling you on a persoanl level that the people down there that you think are your friends are talking terrible behind your back”
Rachel: “I know exactly who your talking about:”
Brendon goes back to the deal says they need to keep it secret and not let JJ know. Dani: “Cleary you are working with Jeff and Jordan… Rachel you cannot say you had nobody last week because you know you hand JJ”
Rachel says she heard people making final 3 deals and final 5 deals with JJ, rachel was the target. Rachel heard this first hand in the havenots because JJ thought she was sleeping.

BR want to try and get the other players to fight it out and have them play on the side lines. Brendon is sure they can win the POV

Brendon: “The three of us are the biggest target int he house.. I’m 100% BLANK down with it through all that other BLANK behind”

Dani last night you all made it perfeclty clear that I was going up and home this week.

Rachel I totally understand what your talking abou.. rachel tells dani that shelly was gunning for rachel, she was talking BLANK about rachel and Dani, told rachel that she had been working you guys over to save Rachel.

brendon wants them to take out all the floaters they will work together and win the POVs. They’ll have

Dani pokes a bunch of holes in BR’s deal saying that Dani is making all the enemies and the second something goes wrong like they don’t win a POV then she’ll be backdoored.
Brendon and Rachel say you will be making enemies with people that are not winning anything.
Brendon agrees with dani’s concerns but reminds her she needs to have allies that can win comps in this game.

(BR appear to be sincere)

Rachel swears that she didn’t talk game with anyone, “You think I had JJ but I didn’t”
Brendon: “I want to start over in this game”.. Brendon says they work together and talk out the people they need to talk out. Brendon says that Jeff stands a way better chance of staying in this game. Brendon: “I’m going to trust you more than I trust Jeff and Jordan.. We can’t do this alone” Brendon points out that any deal with Jeff is useless he’ll stab you int he back to further himself in the game,.
Brendon: “You have fought hard to be in this game and I respect that.. you deserve to be at the end”
(sounding very convincing.. )
Brendon: “I’m 100% down with making a deal with you.. but we need to keep the facade that we’re the enemies.. you go tell everyone that i’m going to backdoor us”

Dani says she should put BR up then they’ll use the pov and backdoor another player.
BR say that Jeff and Jordan have Adam and Shelly so they have the votes, if you put one of BR up they go home. Brendon: “I promise 1 million percent we will not go back on the deal.. If you want to keep Kalia and play with her i’m down with it”.
Rachel: “Why are you scared to put up shelly”
Dani: “I have a lot of enemies in this house and I’m not worried about Shelly”
Rachel heard Shelly say that she will never vote DK in the final 2, “you know that Shelly says the most horrible things about you, me, Porsche and Kalia… Shelly said she has a final 3 deal with JJ”
Rachel explains that she heard about the final 3 deal one night along with Adam having a final 4.
Dani: “Shelly isn’t a threat, nobody believes her anymore she can’t do BLANK”
brendion: “If we made a deal with you do you think you can trust us?”
Dani: “I will be honest with you I don’t.. But I really want to”
brendon: “Understands, I’m using pure BLANK logic to win this game..
brendon: “we’re going to end up sending Shelly and Jordan to the final a floater (drink) is going to win this”

Brendon tells her that yes there friends with JJ but they really felt when they both on the block that JJ will do whatever it takes to win this game.
rachel says that JEff is a real mean guy if your not on his side or don’t have any power he’s a total prick, “jordan just wants to hang out with Jeff she doesn’t really do anything” Rachel adds that Jeff will break any deal he has if it means he’ll get closer to the money. brendon interrupts tells Dani that he’s being honest with her the 3 of them are the targets and JJ has the votes but they can win the comps this deal is based solely on game and logic.

brendon: “all we need is 2 weeks to keep it quiet then we can tell everyone becuase we’ll have all the numbers”. rachel tries to tell her that Dani alliance won’t win the HOH next week it’ll be a physical comp geared towards jeff and Brendon. brendon: “Jeff wants to keep the blood off his hands he’ll let me win it because they want you taken out.. But I won’t put you up we’ll put up floaters (Drink)”
Rachel: “I heard that Kalia doesn’t want to play HOH anymore.. not sure if she’s joking…”

Brendon wants to keep Jeff and Jordan for 2 weeks wants Shelly and Adam gone first.
BR starts talking about JJeff not being a fun guy he’s mean to Jordan and rachel. They bring up putting Jeff up. Rachel says Jeff doesn’t want to win HOH until later in the game just lke he did his season. Brendon says he will have Dani’s back if he wins.

Rachel I guarantee you 100% there is no chance if BR are up on the block that Brendon goes home. They say that Shelly and JJ want brendon to stay in the game so he can take dani out.

(BR deal sounds SOLID Dani is looking very receptive)

3:50pm Shelly and Kalia (The conversation above between Porsche and Kalia was a long one Kalia gave Porche a full debriefing of Shelly’s conversation with DB.. well Shelly heard some of it from the havenots? and is pissed)
Shelly says she’s not going to get Nasty.. Kalia: “Over the last 24 hours I really felt hung out to dry by all you guys.. you kept telling me to put up a floater.. and I did then all of a sudden your telling me rachel is going staying .. after the plan was to get her out”

Shelly: “I never hosed you in front of anybody in the house.. I never talked bad about you” Shelly talking mad BLANK about Porsche saying that Porsche does nothing to play the game. Shelly: “POrsche Walks around with her pants up her you know what” Shelly slams what porsche wears says she looks and acts like a BLANK and when she say things to Porsche it’s because she doesn’t want Prosche to look bad on the TV.
Shelly about Porsche (I found this funny) “You’ve done nothing but lie cheat and steal and that it the person you(Kalia) want as a confidante”
Feeds cut

Shelly feeds kalia amazing loads of BLANK, throwing porsche under the bus left and right, saying she looks like a piece of crap in front of her father etc etc etc (actually some really mean stuff.. )
Shelly says she came on this show to help the young people get far because she wants to see them win the money and help them start their lives (what a straight shot straight shooter).
Shelly getting really mad about Porsche.. Kalia say that maybe Shelly should talk to Porsche.. Porsche comes outside..
Shelly calls her out for voting to keep rachel. Porsche brings up that Shelly wanted Kalia to put up Porsche last week and not lawon. Shelly says she wanted POrsche to be the pawn,”I’m looking our for you” Kalia confirms that shelly wanted her to be a pawn. Porsche points out that last week the pawn went home. Shelly says it’s because it was Lawon.

Right before the feeds cut to the nomination ceremony.. Dani and Kalia are giving each other a run down.. Kalia is telling her about the Shelly saga and how full of BLANK Shelly is. Mentioned all the things Shelly said about porsche and how porsche confronted Shelly. Dani says she’s thinking of putting up Adam and Shelly, Tehy will tell everyone they will backdoor Brendon but in reality they will get the POV and either backdoor jeff or leave the nominations. She says it will by them one week of protection something they really need. Kalia doesn’t like the idea wnats Brendon gone. Dani says that Brendon has the votes to stay because everyone wants him to take out dani next week. Kalia : “Can’t we just take him out like last time” Dani: “No everything is different now.. trust me this will work”

(Mad grenades DKBR!)

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DKP straight shooting some MAD GRENADES about Shelly YO! This is getting good!


I’m lov’n it! The snake has been exposed! Kaboom!!


I’m been yelling BRDK since the vote – Hells Yayeah!!!


Haha jeff/jordan fans , this is what you get for voting brendon back, a backstab to jeff!


IKR! JJ fans feeling extra salty right now! Thanks JJ fans! BR have come to the dark side now LOL! #TeamDani


It’s not team dani. It’s team B/R/D! Remember that! A lot of fans voted him back for him and to take Dani out. However, if Dani backs him up, then the fans are okay with that. The alliance will break but it’s not because of dani- it’s because of the distrust and cattiness of the Vets (including J/j) behind each other’s backs. Man, I didn’t realize Shelly was so mean…I knew P/K/D got their mean girls on, but shelly too? lovely.


I’m so so mad! I was hoping for a DKJJS alliance but, that won’t be happening now : ( Damn Brenche……Hope Dani doesn’t listen to them.
Team JJ 4 ever!!!!!


lol… We’ll see about that…. Odds are Brendon and Rachel will go back on the deal with Dani before JJ. Plus, There would have been NO chance of them getting help from Dom! Could be ANOTHER stupid mistake for the idiot side of the house. hee hee


Yesterday CBS fixed it now cuz B is back it’s thanks America…lol mad grenades to team dani to… Tools. Think for yourself. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t care who wins-as long as it’s not that fn Danarexic. We will see what happens. Yesterday dani fans were forever whining and nothing has really changed. 50% (at min.) want Danarexic gone. Thank goodness no matter what happens Dani will be gone within next few weeks.


i want jeff to go also, but, getting straight out of the game first will be just as good. she can’t feed them any info. of course, they won’t be telling her anything either. hopefully he will get backdoored an evicted.


i meant to say straight shooter


I hope Jeff finds out BR screwed him after they babysat Rachel last week. He’ll go f*cking nuts on them.


I want to see Jeff go nuts. I want his loser voice to start screaming “I got got!!” Sweet baby jesus that would be like a choir of angels singing..

you got got

HAHAHAHAHAH Yes! I want Mr. Technotronics to exclaim “I got got”. I am NOT liking Jeff this year, especially after he went ape on Kalia. It was if he wasn’t listening or paying attention, he obviously wasn’t the target. If Shelly isn’t packing up and leaving this week, they should totally backdoor Jeff.


He can cry about it from the jury house.


I am so waiting for Jeff to go nuts on BR just like with Russell in BB11. That’s going to be the highlight of the season for me


Total America GRENADE.


Sarah – EXACTLY!!!! Stupid move JJ fans! KARMA’S a bitch!


I am a JJ fan, and I did not vote Brendan back in. I am tired of BR saying how mean JJ are when they are the nastiest of all. If BR win, it will make me sick.


Ahh, I am a JJ fan I never voted Brendon back. I voted Cassie.


Wow. Thanks for voting Brendon back in you ‘crazies’. I was pissed yesterday but am absolutely thrilled today! TEAM DANI LIVES!

Kalia is so stupid that she would probably still buy all of Shelly’s bullshit.


DBR alliance! I freaking love it. They have a very high chance of making it if they team up. Because if Dani sends home Shelly or Adam then JJ’s don’t have numbers anymore. And then they can put JJ up and no matter what, one or the other is going home because they don’t have the numbers to stay. Team take out JJSA!!!


IMO Dani would be a complete MORON for taking this deal. How is this any different than what Dani tried a few weeks ago and BR screwed her?!? I think she’d be smarter to try and align with JJ. Besides, if she takes Jordan to final two, there’s no way Jordan will win over D.


Are you serious? Jordan has three votes guaranteed from the jury and the same for Jeff. Plus if Dani takes the deal or not, either way she’s going to be screwed if something were to go wrong because BR go back on the deal (which I don’t think they will) then Dani goes up. JJSA have the numbers so she’ll be put up by them as well. BR know that with Dani gone that their next. So they might as well make a deal with her till Final 3.


I agree. I think she would be better to team with JJ.


team jj is not trustworthy. jeff always talking making a deal with dani and them backdooring her. jj hold grudges.


JJ hold grudges and R doesn’t?!? Does anyone remember last night where in the DR Rachel had ZERO intention of keeping the deal?!? She’s only asking for it now because D won HOH. If BRJ or J won, then the only thing R would’ve said to D is you’re outta here. I’m just sayin…


Dani is more likely to get votes if she takes one of BR to the F2 than either of JJ. JJ are well-liked by most everyone in the house. At least of BR go up with Dani, the jury would have to look at things more objectively.


Team up with JJ!? Yeah right! Jeff would backstab Dani before BR anyday. Besides JJ are USELESS. Rachel said so today herself.


I honestly do NOT understand why ppl would rather see BR than Shelly. EVERYONE lies in this game. They lie AND are extremely annoying and horrible. I’m beyond peeved that he is back in the house – and will be even more peeved to see them win anything.


I agree. He walks back in all cocky and Rachel back to her annoying self. I liked her better when they were separated, she was stronger…whiny but stronger.


talk about oxymorons, ur version of stronger is twisted cring for hours is not a good show of strength


B/R pulling a Jedi mind trick on Dani, wow, D/K/P are the dumbest alliance ever

Next week – see ya, ratface!


Whatever keeps Brenchel safe, it’s all good.


Dani is stupid if she falls for this crap. I think it should have been pretty obvious since brendon said he wanted to keep JJ safe this week.


Hope so but I am not sure BR are good for their word. I hope dani don’t get messed over next week if BR win hoh…


Trust and believe BR made a good deal for 4 reasons.

1. JJ have numbers with Shelly and Adam.
2. If their sitting next to JJ at the end their not getting the money.
3. They know their the hugest targets even after Dani is sent home.
4. Nobody will send JJ home before BR.


Hate them or love ’em – BR are not known for breaking deals and I think this one is good.

Midwest Fan

I agree.
This temporary alliance could work. B/R/D will honor it.
Hopefully Kalia will keep her mouth shut.
No slip-ups.


I agree. When they were laying outside earlier, they were talking about how they both wanted to work with Dani, right? With nobody else around them… If I hadn’t seen that, I may be more doubtful of their sincerity, but seriously, it’s a good deal for all 3 of them… they could easily win every competition from here on out.


It really is the smart play. BR can see that even if they get to the end against JJ unless both B and R are in the final 2 they’re not likely to beat them. Taking Dani to the end gives them a much better shot at jury votes.

The Meow Meow

I think the deal is legit.. If you remember earlier when BR were alone talking they said they wanted to work with Dani..


It is a deal that Dani (& BR) should seriously consider as these three are JJAS’s biggest targets, despite the occasional signs of the JJBR alliance holding up. Dani should AT LEAST consider working this deal for the next two weeks as she can’t play for HoH next week and, if it’s a very physical comp. then K & P are useless to D.

As much as I SOOOOO hate the idea of having BR on my TV for the next few weeks, I want Dani to go all the way and, this might be her best bet. Hmmmmmmmmm?!!!


I agree Simon. Correct me if I am wrong but I dont recall BR betraying an alliance. I get that they are kinda doing that with JJ now but lets face it JJ really has done nothing and its always BR that are in the line of fire that keeps JJ safe. I think they would actually honor the deal if Dani did.


i agree too, BR don’t always offer good deals but this one is good and it seems the only logical one if either side plan to make it to the end, bc eventually JJ want BR out (and BR know it) and eventually Dani will get put up if her entire alliance doesn’t first – but i really do believe that BR never really offer deals without intentions of honoring them – the whole thing with Dom was really the first time this season or last that I can think of that went back on a deal (and they originally had planned on sticking to it)….and i know Rachel sort of made a deal with Dani last week, but I never saw that as an official deal (what were the terms even?) but she did say she planned on going after Kalia and not Dani if they won HOH
there is absolutely no “logical” (to use Brendon’s new buzz word) why they wouldnt follow this deal through – if anything Dani is the one who might “think” she is better without it (but i think she knows she isn’t


Looks like Dani is about to make a mistake. I would love to have to snake Shelly on the block. She totally weasled her way out of that Kalia/Porsche conversation.


Grenades gonna go off this week yo. Jeff’s yo yo ass is history.




TheKnow ItAll

Pah! I knew it! DKBR! Best alliance ever. JJSA <– Worst alliance ever, full of floaters.


Hopefully dani doesnt listen to kaila !!!!!!


I’m thinking after the past week, Dani is ready to jump ship and try to form a better alliance to keep her longer in the game. She knows she can’t just stick with her current alliance and fight every single week for HOH or POV, and she knows Kaliatard won’t be much help since she’s only worried about being liked by everyone, especially JJ. Porshe might be her other strong ally, since she can compete and last longer than most of the other newbies. I say, Dani needs to jump ship from Kaliatard and join B/R/P.


If they are final 3 – Dani, Rachel and Brenden then I am okay. Then vote out Brenden and final 2 – Dani v. Rachel.Luvs it. Team Bacon has disappointed me.


The idea’s growing on me. The only drawback …… BR in the house (& on my TV) for weeks longer than I’d like. Shit! However, if it takes Dani TFW, if for it.

The 64K dollar question: can BR be trusted???

BB Fan 5

The problem with that for Dani is that i think Rachel will beat her in the end. I really do


Wow way to stick to your guns. Haha


Im not gonna lie, I lol every time I read shooting straight, I hope Julie asks her why she lied so much when she gets evicted.


WOW the feeds have been crazy!!! Dani I belive will put up Adam and Shelly, and backdoor Jefff. If Jeff goes home this week I’m happy. I hope Rachel and Brendon do keep this deal. I 100% understand that if dani puts up brendon and rachel, one of them of course will stay, and with Dani’s luck, one of them will win HOH. next week is probably going to be endurance, and all dani has is Kalia and porsha fighting for her. I’d be worried too. BACKDOOR JEFF!!! However i wouldnt trust Brendon and rachel all the way, but at least getting jeff out wouldnt be a waste of an HoH. And maybe Brendon and rachel will keep their word…idk if i made sense. Lets just say…getting jeff out would be a great move in my eyes.


Noooo…don’t backdoor Jeff. If Jeff is out, it will suck. I think he is entertaining and overall a good guy. I’d like him to last a little longer.


Agree, I definitely think that’s the best plan.


DAMN. JJ are done.

The Meow Meow

If Brendon and Rachel come aboard Team Dani… I’m down…


No way Jeff goes home this week. If Dani backdoors him, he will have 4 votes to stay, for sure. Dani, Dani, Dani, another stupid move.


I don’t think so. If it’s Jeff vs A or S, Jeff only has Jordan’s vote if Brenchel is indeed good on their deal with Dani, and it seems they will be.


If it’s Jeff vs Adam or Shelly, Jeff has Jordo and Shelly(Adam) for sure. If BR vote Jeff out, then deal with team Dani is useless because Jordan and Shelly(Adam) will be pissed. Do not forget, BR offered Dani SECRET ALLIANCE!


no, he will not have the votes to stay. kalia, pinto, and brenden, rachel will vote him out. that’s 4 votes against him. u need 4 votes to win


I think Wat best for brd is to tie the vote by having b vote for one side and r for other so danielle can be tie breaker and then they can blame it on someone else saying if be did betray them they would only have 2 votes


I like where this is going yo.
I’m not a BR fan, but if they’re working with Dani? Especially to take out Shelly or Jeff’s wack asses, I can soooooo dig it!

Kalia needs to STFU. Where’s her dunce cap? She needs it. And a ‘Worst HOH Ever’ trophy.


Yeah, lord knows you have time


even though I hate brenxhel!! It’s gonna further danis game yo!!! Go TeamDani!!! Bye bye Jeff lol


P.s – Shelly needs to cut her BS! hahahahaha. The jig is up


I still don’t understand why people think Jeff will just magically disappear. Every week you leave him in he gets stronger. Take out Jeff or Jordan then you have a shot of getting Adam or Shelly on your side!


Jeff will get backdoored and come back in a Pandora’s Box with a Coup De Tat, Diamond PoV, and a Golden Key to F2 lol!


I would literally throw my TV out of the window if this happened.


I hope you live on a low floor and have more than one TV then. It’s gonna happen,unfortunately. Dani will rue the day she made this move though, watch.


So true! How big of an idiot do you have to be to lose this game multiple times when Production is literally playing for you!


In short, he’s got more protections than animals on The Endangered Species List.


A D+BR Team Up will give us more of the B/R love story. Notice how they dominate the BBAD. I really don’t want to see a love story. I just wanna see game and game related drama.

If we could get those blue dots to hide their faces and mute their voices the rest of the season, I guess I’m game for the alliance.


LMAO. That would be amazing!!!!!!!!!


Omg that seriously made me lmao


OMG! If that happened id Throw my TV Out of my window too! Id die if he came back with all that!


giving jeff power is the next CBS twist


You have a point. I think BR became a natural target over JJ because of their annoying, in-your-face relationship (hell, R’s nails-on-chalkboard laugh and “Sybil”-like personality has been reason enough to want them out first and foremost).

I think getting out Jeff first, over BR, would be a good idea for D to consider. It would certainly make for interesting TV viewing to see A & S scramble to figure out whose coat tails they should ride next.


I kinda like the deal they made though, but I think they will break it soon as they get HOH, still Team Dani


ILL – Rachel hates floaters. She hates them with a passion so Dani might be safe. I have faith.


Anything that gives us more weeks of B/R is a deal gone too far. And yes, the will screw her or talk someone else into doing it (JJ for instance).


Haha..get back on your game. We want B/R out!


YES!!! I just posted about this on your facebook page!!! I didn’t see that last convo with Dani and Kalia ’cause I was busy writing my comment on there! I think she should take the deal with BR (And I am in no way fans of theirs)… this is her opportunity to turn her game around completely!!! I love it! I was dreading the rest of the season ’cause I thought it was just going to be the JJBR tearing thru the house, but clearly this is a better option! I hope she does it!!! And I kinda hope she doesn’t tell Kalia the details… I’m ready to see Shelly walk out that door… last week I was thinking she might win it all, but I don’t think so anymore, she got too confident and pushed it all a little too far.

Yay 🙂


Before the feeds cut Dani didn’t tell her about the deal she just Kalia who she might put up which was SA. She said she was going to tell them both that they are pawns. And if everything goes to plan, Shelly will be walking out the door, which I agree will be awesome. She was bound to bet caught up in her web of lies. I don’t believe she’ll win at all now, because now every person is privy to her game play.


OK. Its official. I really hate Brendon and Rachel. After J&J had that bipolar loon’s back all week, they are going to backstab them with DANI of all people?
I doubt it will happen, but I wish that Dani, Jeff and Jordan would work together and get those two co-dependent, dysfunctional nutballs out of the game.
But before that happens, I wish that J&J would find out what B&R had to say about them to Dani.


No Brendon and Rachel fan by any means. I even think Jeff is funny ,but Jeff and Jordan deserve whatever they get due to their superior attitude at various times. Jordan and Jeff only Rachel’s back because they needed her as part of their alliance to go further. They really don’t care about anybody but themselves. I’ve heard Jeff say before that they would never have to see “these people” again. From reading Simon’s blog it looks like Brendon and Rachel have caught on to J and J’s attitude and “gameplay”. I wouldn’t mind seeing DRB working something out even if it’s for a brief time. It would be interesting to watch and help Dani’s game.


I don’t feel sorry for Jeff and Jordan. They have deals on the side and had been talking about taking Rachel out after Dani. They wanted Brendon back to have the blood on his hands for them to get the jury votes. It’s time B/R started fighting for themselves. They have no alliances outside of J/J.


BR thinking logically and I like it. DBR alliance is awesome. They’re the strongest players and the biggest targets. Love this!

The Masterpiece

Haha and there goes the destruction of the JJBR alliance. Please Simon tell us what’s going to happen next?

Bubbly Pie

Wow you have to admit Rachel would not have been able to do this by herself, Brendon will give the house a good shake now that Dani won HOH. I like DBR!


I love this deal, but I’m soooo suspicious about it cuz i dont trust Brenchel for a damn sec. This could be rly rly good or rly rly bad. Jeff or Shelly goin home makes me happy tho, time 4 shelly to squirm and tell sommore blatant lies 🙂


I f’ing hate brendan and rachel!!!


I don’t see this happening actually,I see Dani ligning with JJ first on these reasons alone.
1.She hates Brandon and want’s him gone ASAP.
2. they all hate Rachel and leaving her in the house a second longer than need be,gives here nightmares.
3.they can’t be trusted.
4.Kalia wants that JJ friendship
5.JJ easier to take out when need be.
6.I see Adam/Shelly going up and a backdooring of Brendon
7. If Dani takes thier deal,she is the biggest idiot this yr,she has to know first BR HOH,she is gone,JJ prob won’t win the HOH and actually would have the votes to save her.


ok these comments are starting to be extremely biased. Can we just hear the facts?


There’s plenty of other update sites if you’re not diggin it, FYI

This one being the best one OBVI.




Grenade yo!


I don’t care if Jordan get voted out but I want Jeff 2 go 2 final 2 wit anyone who cares


Even though I’m a JJ fan I think Shelly has to go. She is playing to much of both sides.


I want you to know i LOVE ur site, im totally obsessed & get all my info from here like 10 times a day =P keep it up! (ps. thanks for putting all the convos and things like ‘sounds convincing’ really gives a good idea of whats going on

xoxo much love


if dani keeps brenchel i will cheer for her again!! someone get the snake out of the house!



BRD alliance is a solid deal. I love it. if dani were smart like I know she is, shell roll with it. Shelleys gonna crumble this week.

Good lord never EVER thought id be rooting on brenchel. This is scary. DRINK everytime I support BR.


I think R/B just gave Dani too much power. buuuuuuttt I think one of the teams needed to do that and I think Dani really needs to listen.

But now, if Dani rats them out they’re screwed and she could get a deal with any of the other 4, if not all of the other 4.

That said, B/R are right – after they’e out, Dani is the biggest target. If they all agree to this and keep quiet, the 3 biggest targets are in a good position because of their duped alliances.

I love B/R/J/J together but Brendon is right about what would ultimately happen. J/J have options outside of B/R. They wouldn’t have stayed loyal.

It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this. Will B/R tell J/J and reveal they’re faking out Dani? Will Dani tell K/P whom will ultimately leak it to the entire house?


Yea I saw the convo of brenxhel in hammock and they really wanted to work with dani….the only thing is if they do bd Jeff and it’s him an shelly on the block who’s to say brendon wont vote out shelly?


shelly digged her own hole


dug 🙂


and needle dick gets his way again. hes gonna win the 500k.


Wow looks like DKPBR Vs. JJAS with A&S going up. Looks like A GREAT FREAKING DEAL FROM BR, but I dont know they could lie



I think they’re not lying because Rachel was saying JJ was useless and right when Brendon came back Rachel was saying how they might be able to trust Dani.


Can’t believe I’m going to say this….. But I think DBR secret alliance is brilliant. If they work together on separate sides of the house, they can make it to final 3…. Then battle it out because they’re all 3 strong competitors.


I’d be down with that. Arguably the best power alliance in BB history if they can make it all the way?

Rachel Is Boy George

send shelly home Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase


Jeff and or Jordon need to go. Someone please, get them out of that house. Go Team DRB Team BDR TEAM DBR .. epp


Dani has to align herself with someone. Kalia is usless. Rachel and Brenden are the two lesser evils.


Damn you for being logical! 🙂


Can someone who doesn’t have the live feeds, give me a reality check on how CBS is showing Shelly on the show. Since i watch the live feeds it’s hard to keep straight what happens where, but i don’t think the people who just watch the show are getting how much of a hypocritical liar Shelly is. I know people lie in the BB house, but I have never seen anything like how Shelly lies. It’s really awful and hard to watch.


So, do you think the people who just watch the show like her?


Shelly hasn’t gotten as much as airtime because CBS always had to profile BR and JJ. But this upcoming week should be good and expose Shelly to TV viewers. Her lies and backstabbing finally caught up with her and hopefully her and Adam are on the block. It is looking like Brendon coming back in the house actually helped Dani (go figure).

Last week i admired Shelly’s game play but now I think she went to hard to quickly with her pulling strings. She should have layed low a little bit longer before she worked her Jedi mind tricks.


Shelly did get the shaft last week on the aired shows, and when I tried telling my co-workers (who only watch the cbs shows) that she had mad game, they all thought I was crazy. None of them like her and I’m convinced it’s due to the edit cbs gives her.


Im following this online spoiler and I spoke to my husband at dinner who has been out of town so he has only been watching the CBS version on Wed and Thurs.
I mentioned to him that everyone is starting to see the Shelly is a liar and is playing both sides and everyone is starting to see that. He asked me how I knew that because he didn’t see anything like that on Wed or Thurs night. SO…to make a long story short….CBS is giving the regular viewing audience no clue of what Shelly really is…so sad!! Nobody has any idea that Shelly is up for a shocker!! Everyone will be completely thrown for a loop on Sunday!


You have to give Brendon and Rachel credit at least they play the game, Where is Jeff and Jordan farting on each other.


bad move dani. why are dk so easily persuaded? shes goin home ESPECIALLY if br win hoh next week.


Just wait a week we’ll be back to wanting to kill each other again 😀


It’s almost as exciting as being in the BB house!


Keith is coming back next week, JUST YOU WAIT.



So what’s the word? Is BBAD going to be worth me staying up late tonight? I always get disapointed.


Dani and her fans,sorry Simon your included will jump on anyone’s ship as we now maybe see a future Alliance with the 2 most hated players in BB history,but as soon as they stab her,which by my watch is in about 6 days they’ll be hated again and us JJ fans will sadly have to hear all the crying and conspiracy theories again.


how are Brenden and Rachel the most hated? America voted 1 million times for Brenden to come back into the house. They love the showmance.


Well, Boo F***ing Hoo!


needle dick isnt the most hated person on bb, he got over a million votes!!!!!!!!!


and thanks to all the JJ fans for voting in Brendon!


LOL I am rooting for the merge!


JJ are completely useless and would be done without Brenchel constantly saving their ass. JJ have talked way more shit about BR than BR have about JJ since the beginning. I’m just glad BR, being the competitors that they are have finally realized what useless turds JJ are.


I like this risk by danielle
because before the next hoh she will know if the deal is good
if rachel brendon win pov and dont use it… obv they were playing dani
if dani uses veto and puts up jeff and jeff stays… obviously brenchel played her. brenchel can come away clean


Tooo awesome, JJ fans will get what they deserve for voting Brendan back in the game. luv it..go Dani


Bet you all eat your words and all your cheering and clapping will turn to whining and tears.Love how all you Dani fans are now saying how great BR are in this game….2 days ago you was saying how Rachel couldn’t win shit,blah,blah,blah….Q. What is the difference between Dani’s fans and Kalia/Pacer? A. nothing they all float and throw stones while living in glass houses!!!!!!!!!