Big Brother 13 Spoilers – DKP Celebrate a house in turmoil and Straight Shooter is pissed at Rachel “I want to choke her out”

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7:31pm HOH DKP
They are just going over everything that just happened downstairs. Dani seems happy says good for them for sticking up for themselves. They all agree that all the storied and the drama seems to circle around Shelly.
Kalia starts to explain the fight with Shelly says that Jordan had her attitude again, “”I hate Jordan’s little attitude she was ordering me to get POrsche.. Actually ordering me like a dog”
Dani: “I know OMG she did the same thing with me during the last house meeting”
dani is glad she avoided this fight. Porsche says, Kalia I would of appreciated if you were a little bit more vocal. Kalia says sorry she thought Porsche was doing great.
Kalia: “rachel was saying it’s all Shelly it’s all Shelly.. ” Dani is happy to hear that.

Kalia laughs that Shelly was swearing on her life that it didn’t happen.. Kalia and Porsche agrees that Jordan was trying to defend Shelly. Porsche: “I wonder if we can wake Jordan up” Kalia: “Why is she sleeping”. Porsche: “No, I mean wake her up to Shelly” Kalia: “No lets just have Jordan live in her own little world”
Dani: “well obviously they are best friends.. It’s now known to everyone
Porsche, Shelly was trying to sabotage me she underestimated what would happen in the house: “I had a better excuse than she did”, they all laugh.
Dani says that earlier today Shelly was up here saying she’ll vote out BR put them up she wants them gon.. kalia: “they had their chance last week”
Dani: “Shellys lies were working but Brendon came back and everythign changed on her”

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7:45pm Have nots Jordan and rachel

Jordan tries to start talking about Porsche and push some of the blame off Shelly and onto Porsche. Rachel says when she told them about POrsche giving her a pity vote that was only in-front of JJ and Shelly and somehow it got back to DK so Shelly must of said something. Jrodan thinks Adam was int he room at the time as well. Rachel goes on about she’s known for a couple weeks Shelly has been up to something but nobody every believed her she’s glad that some of this is unraveling. Rachel asks Jordan if she’s heard some of the things Shelly says about her. Jrodan say now she’s only heard the things about POrsche. rachel: “Yeah and they’re pretty bad so I can only imagine what she says about me”. rachel Confronts Jordan about JJS final 3 says she heard shelly say it to them in the havenots last week you all thought “I was asleep” but i wasn’t. Jordan disregards it says that Shelly is the only one that believed it.

Rachel brings up how shellys story just doesn’t add up. Shelly says she didn’t come on the show for the money she cam on for other reason. Rachel wonders why someone would leave their husband and small child for 80 days to try something. Rachel points out that nonody really knows Shelly, Rachel is sure Tony and Jose are real people but her story just seems odd.

8:00pm Bathroom BR
Rachel gives Brendon a bit of a debrief about her conversation with Jordan. Rachel: “She’s all like Shelly, Kalia and Pprsche are going around saying it’s Rachel spreading the stories.. going back and forth”. rachel told jordan there’s no way Kalia and Porsche think that, because rachel hasn’t told them anything.

rachel: “Jordan loves Shelly.. I don’t care at this points.. Shelly has been the one going back and forth this entire F*** game and I’ve been telling everyone for the last 3 weeks and no ones been believing me”. Rachel him she;s told Brendon a million times and he’s never believed her, brendon: “I’ve never said that i just want you to act cool”. Rachel adds that all of shelly’s lies are coming out and she needs to take the fall for it. Brendon tells her she needs to keep cool they don’t need to make a big scene right now.
Brendon: “All we need to do it tell Jordan we don’t trust Shelly and that should be enough” rachel knows..

8:05pm candy room Jordan and Dani Jordan starts talking about the fight they just had says she called everyone together because she wanted to find out where all the stories were coming coming. (She wanted to call Porsche out but it backfired) dani asks her if she knows who is doing it. Jordan doesn’t know but says there’s someone in the house that is going to each side and making sure the sides keep fighting. They start talking about another twist. Dani thinks it’ll be announces this coming week then come out the week after. She’s sure it’ll be another America votes type twist. Jordan brings up that there another twist going on and it’s America’s player. dani says no way..
(They really talk about nothing for awhile.. )

8:40pm HOH Shelly and Dani Shelly is crying saying that what went on downstairs was not right all Rachel did was lie to everyone.

Shelly apologies that she’s come into the HOH to cry but the shower is the only place she can think of that is private. Dani says she doesn’t mind she understands what it can be like to not find any place to be alone. Shelly: “I Don’t want someone like that tearing me up in front of my little girl and husband.. i’ve done nothing to that women she is a snake.. I guess I can’t deal with it… i was wrong wrong ” Shelly: “I want to choke her out”
Dani explains that a lot of people in the house has had to deal with Rachel in their own little ways. dani brings up that they tried to push her out the door.. Shelly: “Brendon would not even support her.. ” dani: “Well rightfully so if it’s not true”

Shelly there’s cameras everywhere i hate this F*** place i’m going to go downstairs. Dani: “You can stay here and sleep” Shelly: ‘No the last thing I need is Porsche up here making fun of me she’s already done that enough today” (HOLY F*** shelly still shooting Straight.)

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219 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – DKP Celebrate a house in turmoil and Straight Shooter is pissed at Rachel “I want to choke her out”

  1. Q: Whats more disgusting than someone consistently eating? A: Someone who chews w/ their mouth open!! i fukn hate you Kalia and Porsche!! the Cow and the Pig!!!! ewwwww

      1. Thats great, you are really going to be amazed at what really goes down in the house. I was happy that Brenden came back into the house but now I’m so disappointed in how Rachael and Brenden have abandoned they house guests who helped Rachael last week. She has sold everyone out including the fans! I don’t want her to stay in the house and I will be happy now to see her leave. Their actions have been appalling and disgusting turning on JJ especially.

        1. Hey if I’d known that BR were going to team up with Dani a couple of days ago, I may have given Brendon my 10 votes to come back. JJ fans who voted Brendon must feel shafted.

        2. Hi Nancy, actually the one that is not true to their words are Jordan and Jeff. Jordan stated before getting rid of Dani first then Rachel. I think team BR are most true to their words. Rachel realized that Shelly, Jordan and Jeff final three when she heard their conversation. They did not know that Rachel heard them while she was sleeping but actually not.

          1. yes that’s true but Rachel was also coming unglued by that time, they had gone through a week of her craziness. The day that they worked hours to keep her safe in the house she was selling out Shelly and Adam even though they went out on a limb for her knowing that after the eviction they would be outed.
            Rachael has no feelings for anyone but herself and everyone learned that since Brendon’s return. You can play the game and have sub=alliances but do it with some sort of respect.
            For sure Jordan and Shelly should NEVER have discussed anything in that room with others around. Awake while Sleeping is the oldest trick in the book! They were defiantly not thinking during that time.

        1. can’t everybody just keep their goddamn juices to themselves? like really. this goes for the CONSTANT period talk. like really girls, we know you are all bleeding from the vaginas…no need to constantly discuss it. gross.

    1. I can’t take watching anybody cry either but she created this situation for herself. I’m a little concerned that they are going to have to roll an oxygen tank in the BB House for her. She’s been sitting outside chain-smoking for a while now.

      1. And what’s up with the way she smokes?! She sucks the hell out of it and puffs it out of her mouth in such a bizarre way, followed by a final release of smoke through her nose. She looks so butch. She even walks more like a guy than a girl.

        1. she walks like a man.. talks like a man.. holds her cigarette like a man.. wears butch jewelry like a emo man.. hmm geeze.. she’s either very butch for a girl.. or didn’t take her gender reassignment to heart. Jus saying~

  2. and we all wondered when shelly’s game would officially crash and burn

    well…there it just happened

    and she managed to bring JJ with her into a hole that will lead to shelly, jeff and jordan as 2 of the next 3 out

  3. Simon, quick question when you say shellys “straight shoooting” do u mean bullshitting? and btw her fight with rachel, is rachel wrong or right. whos lying?
    Sorry if i sound dumb

      1. I think I figured her out. She is the twist. Came on show not to win but to lose comps (throws them) and lies to all for money for each week she can stay in. Hmmm

    1. Great diplomacy on Dani’s part – listening to Lying Shelley rant and rave and then
      offering her the opportunity to sleep in the HOH room.
      Being nice to a Snake could end up becoming a GOOD Jury Vote for Dani.
      She is working it.
      : )

      1. maybe Dani is on the same team as Shel ( the carpet munch team) :) they would make a cute couple. like Ellen and porsha just saying

  4. hahaha!! Straight Shooter just got straight shot… if that makes sense?? lol I’m not team Rachel or anything, but I can’t believe Shelley she lies like its her second nature wtf she needs help haha. I really hope that BR are honest about that deal with Dani cause its starting to sound like the next HOH comp is gonna be a real endurance comp. once Shelley gets chewed out by Jeff their entire alliance will go KABOOOM!! lol btw where’s Adam in all of this? I almost forgot he was still in the house.

  5. As much as I cant stand Brenchel this might work out really well for Dani. If they turn on JJ Brenchel would probably lose those 2 jury votes. I would imagine if Dani were in the final vs either Brendan or Rachel she would win. Votes from Porsche, Kalia, Shelly, and probably JJ. TEAM DANI YO !

    1. Don’t ya just love the emotional blackmail of using your child..? My daughter is going to see this..? OMG! I just came on here to help the younger people get a start in life? Did she really know the cast before she came on? cuz if she did.. that would kind of go towards the whole.. it’s rigged kind of thing.. as she was used as a pawn from the day of her interview. lol the professional got got.. big smiles~

  6. Shelly is full of lies! Whoever believes her (in the house) is STUPID! Shelly HOW DARE THEY do something like that to you….IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT!

  7. I’m not sure part of the game the snake Shelly is playing now? That pity party won’t get her much. I think she believes her own lies. They have to be pumping drugs into the ventiliation system in BB House.

  8. I just heard from someone watching the feeds that the master plan is to backdoor Brendon. I thought it was to backdoor Jeff?? I am confused! Does anyone know the “true” plan?

    1. It’s to backdoor Jeff. Dani is telling everyone Brendon because the BRD alliance is a secret. They agreed to let the other HGs still believe they’re on opposite sides of the house(figuratively speaking).

      1. I heard her discussing with shamu and freewilly that thier screwed and another bad game move putting up A/S if BR wins POV

      2. I heard her tellin shamu and freewilly that if BR win POV they made another bad move,because then they won’t be able to backdoor Brandon.

  9. Shelly is so stupid. She gets called out for her crap and then has the nerve to get mad about it. Smh, straight shooter is a fool. But I hope she stays one more week and Jeff goes home lol what? Straight shooter brings in great entertainment.

  10. Okay, REALLY, Shelly needs to go already. She doesn’t do anything and she can say Rachel is lying all she wants.. but she IS the one going around the house and lying to everyone. She plays every side of the house and that COULD be a smart move if someone executes it right. But she hasn’t. She makes it so obvious that she is the one telling everyone everything and that she is the one playing everyone. The only people that didn’t know were Jordan and Jeff.. although I’m sure Jeff had an idea. If Shelly goes this week.. it’ll take out the extra drama and then everyone will at least be able to know who is really on whose side. Plus, Shelly isn’t doing anything for the game. She hasn’t won anything yet. Floaters need to go.. .then the real players can compete to win!

    Porshe is another one that’s bugging me. She is also a big floater. Coming in second during an HOH does NOT make someone a competitor. Plus, the way she totally turned on Rachel and left her behind when the power shifted showed Porshe’s real colors and what her real intentions are. She should be the next to go.

    1. Uh, Porshe gave Brendan a pity vote, and when Rachel lost her mind she started to shit all over Porshe. I think Porshe is gonna go far.

    2. In Pacer’s defense Rachel and Brenda snapped at her for hanging out with DK, when they told her to go hang out with them and be civil, then when she was trying to tell Rachel to stop acting like a child she snapped at her again and went psycho, and she continued to be a bitch towards her after she voted for Brenda to stay, so she had more than the right to jump that sinking ship.

      1. She’s a floater and a major one,wait till nxt wk and see who is HOH and watch freewilly and shamu suck thier ass’s.Shamu win’s 1 rigged HOH and thinks she’s an all-star.

        1. EXACTLY. Winning on HOH or coming in second does NOT make a person a competitor. And that’s all Porshe is… a FLOATER. And okay everyone is gonna have different opinions but I think Porshe should have stuck with Rachel… she really did jump ships when the power shifted. If Rachel had won HOH, you think Porshe would be best friend’s with Dani… NO. And I don’t really see it being a sinking ship… Brendon’s back and I really think they can win this game.

  11. I cant help but laugh. I think Shelly honestly believes this crap she’s spewing. She tries to do good and gets kicked in the teeth? Hahaha

        1. I totally agree. Posters this year are very vile and rude, last year I loved this site. Now it’s filled with gross trolls.

  12. I actually like Shelly!! Out of all the newbies I liked her the most!! They need to leave her alone!! Its a game and Rachael has some nerve tor try to back stab JJ after what they did her for her last week. People forget its a game and they blow it way out of proportion. Although it should make good TV.

    1. hey if you`re saying that rachel is stabbing JJ, then you also have to include brendon. and i bet ya voted him back in too didn`t ya.

      1. No,it’s wrong but true and we aren’t even playing the game and I’ve heard worse remarks about them on here.I have yet to hear a single player not bash the other one yet.Poor kalia and porche want JJ as friends so bad and it’s not happening so they resort to bashing Jordan every chance they get.Dr.Will and Boogies whole game was lies and their 2 of the best players in BB history!!!!!!!!!

    2. Everybody in this show lies not just Shelley. They all cling to the one with power and the minute it is gone they’re gone. Personally for me Porshe & Kalia drive me nuts. I never see them do anything but eat.

    3. yes I did vote actually cause I thought it was the best move to keep jj in the game and actually i mean Rachal cause she was a real cry baby once her bookie left all last week and now she has the balls to call people out, interesting! And I actually liked Brenchal last summer now im changing my mind!

    4. I like Shelley also. She isn’t the only one that lies, they all do. It is a part of the game. I would like to see Kalia or Porshe go. All those 2 do is eat.

  13. YES Jeff and Jordan are dumb enough to believe Shelly, will be their downfall, bye bye shelly then JJ will join her

    1. She brought it on herself and, while I don’t enjoy seeing anyone cry, she continues to play the victim when she’s been the instigator of many tears shed by others with the lies she’s told. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her.

      1. Crocodile tears, DR!!! Just enjoy the show!!! She deserves it and I would have poured salt in her wounds. Believe me, that woman is a psycho and she is nothing she pretends to be a person. She’s a liar and I bet she’s telling her daughter right now that sometimes, it’s right to not own up to your lies if you don’t wanna get caught. Yeah, good parenting and she’s bashing Porsche, give me a break! She should feel happy they were still respectful to her during the meeting. They’re good young people after all and she can learn a lot from them.

        1. Good point! Hearing her continue to talking about having taken the “moral high ground” and that it hasn’t benefitted at all, is just incredible. Does she really believe the bullshit she continues to dish out, over and over and over again?! Unbelievable!

          1. Some people live in a fantasy world were all thier lies becomes truths. They tell so many lies, that they cant keep track of them all, so then they tell new lies so that those become thier new truths, until they get caught, then they play the victim and its everyone else’s fault…… but enough about my EX, we are talking about Shelly right!? HaHa No really Shelly has the same “my lies are truths” syndrome. The more she tells a lie, the more she believes its the truth. Unfortunatley there is no cure.

    1. Yes. She had a meeting with the intention of getting Porsche in trouble but shelly and each fought. Jeff said she was dumb for calling that meeting. Ppl here have never called their significant other a name – they r perfect and always know who is lying and telling the truth! It’s quite amazing! I can’t figure out while they aren’t all on BB; they would obviously win! Unfortunately they r probably hideous in one way or another and have to hide behind their keyboard. But absolutely, jeff said she was dumb. It wasn’t the best decision but of course I have the benefit of seeing mostly everything(a fact ppl here often overlook)

  14. Shelly hasn’t been loyal to everyone – she’s been a snake to everyone. Her true “alliance” lies with JJ. Last weeks Lawon nomination was shocking and stupid. I don`t find Dani`s nominations today stupid. If you go back and read the blogs from today then you will know why Dani nominated the way she did.

    1. Look I know Shelly has been a snake in the grass but why nominate her and adam over Brendon and Rachel. I am honestly boggled by Dani’s nominations because they make no sense. Get rid of Brenchel or double J they hate you and proven that they do. At least Shelly and Adam are spineless and will go with an nomination why do away with them it doesn’t make any sense.

      1. I think that Dani is under the illusion that she is in another season….and that she still has game. Putting up two newbies will only work if the vets don’t win the Veto. Dani and Kalia are equally as ignorant. I am sure Dick is disgusted right now.

      2. And I completely understand why Dani.. nominated the way she did. I would have done the same thing. Think about it like this.. Shelly and Adam *floaters* ^Drink^ is going to bring a somewhat calm to JJ/ BR. BR who she is trying to gain their loyalty to a final 3 deal.. but skeptical.. puts up floaters.. but at least one floater (are you drinking?) Who is creating all kinds of shit in the house. Adam and Shelly both showed their alliance with JJ.. put Dani in good graces with BR because now it is known.. that JJ never intended to take them to the end.. as was discussed. JJ was going to allow others to do the dirty work.. thus giving them votes at the end by BR. This very smart move by Dani.. has split the power couples and caused them to question their alliances. Good Job Dani. So when is all said and done.. it looks to Rachel and Brendon.. that JJ had an alliance with Adam and Shelly to the end.. they were expendable. Brendon coming back really screwed up that plan. Being nice to potential jury members is a strategy too. Which Jordan and Jeff have pulled off well to HG’s.. but the rest of us are not so comfortable with America’s so-called sweet heart couple tearing others down.. when they both have pretty much floated through out this game. ARE YOU DRINKING? This nomination was the perfect means to an end… getting Shelly out.. which also clued Kalia in.. that Dani was extremely generous to her (Kalia) this last week. Kalia was her own woman.. and really did NOT cover Dani in any way. TA DA!

  15. Not a Rachel fan, but I cringed every time Shelly called her a liar. Rachel really did get attacked this time and she didn’t even do anything. I’m ready for her to be gone. I’m definitely for DKP…okay maybe more just DP.

  16. I actually like Shelly too, but she brought the whole thing on herself. She tried to play both sides a little too much and she has finally been exposed. Her gameplay sucks.

  17. Well, I’m done watching this season. They should just give Shelly Jeff or Jordan the 500k and call it a day. Watching Dani comfort Shelly and believe her just confirms how retarded these bunch are. Shelly won the game.

    1. Dani doesn’t believe her at all. Feels sorry for her because she’s in meltdown mode but believing her? Not in the slightest.

      1. im watching the live feeds and Kalia and Dani are in the HoH planing to backdoor Brandon not Jeff. if Brandon Doesnt win POV he will be Backdoored. Dani said if she wins POV she will put up Brandon most Definately.

        1. dani will not tell Kalia about her final 3 deal with BR… She wants everyone to think she’ll backdoor brendon.. that was the plan from the beginning.

          1. good point.. lol but still kalia is dani’s strongest ally. idk.. i seriously think dani is insanely enought to believe shelly just like kalia did on her HoH. i got a hunch that dani will put up brendon.

            1. Yeah I haven’t figure out whats fully going down yet.. the house was rattled today a lot of JJSA game has been figured out. My gut is telling me that Jeff is suspecting something about BR, he is a very paranoid player so it might just be that.

              all in all dani’s HOH has flipped the house upside down and she’s only had it for 1 day.. A bottle of beer says the POV is used this week

              1. I think Dani may take BR to F3, reason being she knows she may win against them but she may not win against Kalia, Porsche, or JJ (popularity wise) because they haven’t stirred the shitpot near as much as BR…well ok Rachel. Brendon is an idiot, but he’s a pretty calm idiot. Rachel spouts off and throws tantrums impulsively. Dani knows this is not attractive to the other HGs or to America. It would be smart of Dani to take BR as long as BR does not end up as final 2.

                1. Dani will win if her and kahlia are in the final 2. No one will vote for Kahlia. However, does K. deserve the 2nd prize?…..probably not.
                  If possible, it is best to take someone to the final 2 that you can win against….but also someone who actually deserves the 2nd prize.

                  Or is there a 2nd prize? I can’t remember.

                  If there is no 2nd prize, then Dani needs to take K., R., P., or A. to the end……maybe even Shelly. Portia will probably be America’s choice. She has tried to remain loyal as much as possible.

                2. @sickohallion,
                  Shelly and Dani are too very bright people. First, Shelly did not come in the HOH room for comfort. She came to get information from Dani (to give to JJ); and also so that Dani can (hopefully) see her heart to be good & so that she feels comfortable that Dani will keep her in the house (this is what she does).

                  Dani does see Shelly’s heart. Dani does not trust her at all…..but she was not going to tell Shelly that. How Dani acted with Shelly (being concerned during her melt down) without revealing her true alliance is how you play this game.

                  If there is a TRUEalliance of BRD ……no one will know that until the end. BRD are not going tell anyone …..they will just make their moves in secret.

            2. Why would she want to tell Kalia anything that is supposed to be kept a secret? Were you not watching the show last week and how often Kalia opened her mouth, after Dani told her NOT to??

              I’m not saying Dani’s plan is to backdoor Jeff (because only Dani truly knows what’s going on in that head of hers), but if it were her plan and she didn’t want people to know, why in the world would she tell Kalia, of all people??

    2. Don’t let the door hit you…and IMO anyone that posts “I am done watching” or “commenting” or anything isn’t. If u r done just go. BB wins the ratings just about every week. They don’t notice you are gone so bye bye. We don’t need to know and I surely do NOT care.

  18. Shelly is balling her eyes out right now haha. Rachel isn’t wrong. On a serious note she made her bed now she can lie in it. And Jeff will follow her right out the door next week. BRDK is in a really good spot right now.

  19. I have a question from way out in left field but does anyone think shelly and jordan can some how be related? Thats the only thing i can think of that explains their blind trust in each other… Dumd question i know

    1. Agree.
      Just watched a few minutes of BBAD – SSS is not well, at all. Unraveling.
      Lying 24/7 will do that to you.
      And, she again told J/J that she would do ANYTHING for them. Weird.

  20. Ohh Emm Gee.. BBAD and the shooter is bawling and threatening to walk out because she was called out as a liar and she “can’t play with people that tell lies”. Are you serious?? She is the BIGGEST liar in BB history. She got caught up in her web and now she’s gonna turn on the water works to try and get out of it?? Bitch Puhleeez!! Your days are numbered and I will breathe a loooooooong sigh of relief when I see your ass walk “straight” to the jury house.

    I’m no Rachel fan but I am so glad somebody, ANYBODY finally caught on to her bullshit and called her out on it!! Now if Brenchel sticks to their deal with Dani they will have totally earned back my respect.

    1. I agree with everything you said!
      Also, It is so typical that liars go crazy, start crying, wont answer straightforward questions, storm out of the conversation when it’s nit going their way, and throw in the towel when their lies are caught. Pay attention, houseguests.

  21. A veteran is winning this game and I cannot believe this Brendon or Rachel may win the 50k not the 500 k anyone they go against will probably win the 500 k

  22. Watching Shelly talking to Jeff and Jordan outside, WHAT A SORE LOSER! Crying,talking about DORing because she doesnt want to play the game with a person like Rachel! That insect! After all she did for her! Good! Go! Guess you’re not the smartest person in the room after all. Saying Brendan didn’t even stick up for Rachel, because he knew that Rachel was gonna go Vegas on her! Vegas is in the house!

      1. Did straight shooter actually tell Rachel this or not? We know Rachel lies her ass off to and it just seems funny how this comes out after Shelly is on the block.Rachel loves to stir the pot when somebody she doesn’t like is still in the house.Pacer reminds of a lil 10 yr old girl…always tattling on someone,then saying she said this or that,when she didn’t say jack.

  23. Do anyone believe that brenchel will stick with the deal with dani because even if jeff gets backdoored they still control the votes and adam or shelly is gone.

  24. Cate Blanchett better watch out, Shelly working on that Oscar with her performance tonight. It’s bad enough she won’t own up to the lies, but the fake righteous indignation is crazy.

    Btw, where’s Adam? He’s only been around once tonight.

  25. I can’t believe these halfwits are complaining about the cold, It’s 65 in LA right now. I live in Wisconsin so that seems hot..haha

  26. Whoever goes on a TV show with the sole purpose to help others win the thing, should be taken out in the back and shot

  27. Ok watching BBAD and I believe this bitch (Shelliar) really believes her own lies! I mean she is boo hooing about how shes such a good person and how dare anybody call out her lies lol effing unbelievable!

    1. Shelly’a a businesswoman who’s been slinging her bullshit with some success, and thought she was gonna come in and own this game.The main problem is she’s going down in flames, and it’s disturbing that she’s making these threats- pounding Porshe’s head, choking Rachel? Damn! She’s not pathological, she’s a con artist who got outed. A smoking asthmatic who uses her kid when someone challenges her character. DOR Shelly!

  28. B and R will never ever let Dani make it to the final two and if she is dumb enough to believe their bullshit then she deserves to go home. They are the two biggest snakes in the house and Shelly maybe the biggest rat, but they are the snakes and snakes eat the rats. If Dani is so dumb that she is believing this load of crap they are feeding her then she deserves to lose. If she would at least tell J and J what the other snakes are saying the three of them would actually have an unbeatable alliance and totally think it would end up being jeff and Dani as the final two and then whatever happens happens, but at least at that point Dani would have a chance at the $500 with B and R she stands no chance at all of winning or of even making it to the final 2. Definitely hope she smells the snake oil that B and R are trying to sell her before it is too late. Like the fireworks B and R bring but definitely do not think either of them deserve to make it to the final 2 and if they do it will be my last season of Big Brother forever and I will miss it, but will never watch it again.

  29. It’s this sense of entitlement that makes people not like them. It’s less people in the house, so sleeping arrangements shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, Brendon is the unexpected HG so who the hell cares where he sleeps?

  30. Simon! Is it true that Jeff is mean to Jordan and called her dumb and all? I honestly don’t think from the way she presented herself in bb11 that she would be with someone who treated her like crap. It was obviously out of anger and things like that do come out in the spur of the moment – especially after 2 years of dating you don’t even realize it because she knows he doesn’t mean it! They do truly love eachother but Jeff is just very competitive – bb also causes anger and stress. Don’t blame Jeff!

    JJ forever<3 I really hope Dani opens her eyes and realized that BR is danger!

    TO HELL WITH DKP. I hate Dani more than anything
    and Brenchel who I actually used to like – TO HELL WITH THEM. (well.. maybe not Brendan, just Rachel)

    Jeff and Brendan should just team up and take down the whole house! (with Jordan following of course :) ..)

    1. Why the hell do you hate Rachel, but not Brendon? I am a Brenchel fan, which means I like both of them. Are you one of those single (or unhappily married) fat women that really likes Brendon and hates on Rachel because she has him. Get over it fat face, because Brendon is Rachel’s man and ain’t nobody getting between Rachel and her man.

      1. Why in the sam hell would anybody like BR? Thier the most annoying ppl on the planet,skype-a-bator BRENNEN the 2x cheater and dimwit,low self esteem,self center Rachtress.

  31. I cannot believe that Rachel is bashing Jordan after she flipped her lid for how long after Brendon left? Jordan was the only one who supported her, who backed her up when everyone else in the house couldn’t be around her. Give me a break! Dani has done nothing but bash Rachel since day 1 and now she’s moved on t Jordan too? Goodness! Looks like the house is ganging up on J/J now.

    1. Well in Rachel’s defense, Jordan talked a lot of shit about her behind her back. So, I wouldn’t say that Jordan doesn’t deserve to be talked about a bit in return. JJ were ready to get rid of Rachel the following week after Lawon got evicted. It’s just that Brendon came back and well…you know…shit happens.

      1. Sonya,Sonya,Sonya…doesn’t matter who said what,what matters is Jordan was her only shoulder to cry on,had to listen to that whining,fake crying,bawling,pimplefaced hoe for a wk.Now that douchebag is back in the house,human porcupine is right back to being the same nasty skank we all love to hate!!!!!!!!!

    1. Normal people don’t make for good TV.

      And even if you are normal, being stuck with the same people for over 40 days 24/7 will make you abnormal.

    1. I don’t think they are. I know there are a lot of JJ fans out there, but I don’t see how anyone can support a couple like this. Jeff called Jordan dumb today and I think ever since then, Jordan has been pretty quiet and upset. So, if you JJ fans support this, then you support Jordan being treated this way. I am not a Jeff nor Jordan fan, but I still don’t think any man should talk to a woman that way.

      1. Lucky, perfect world you live in…I’ve been called dumb (and worse) in the heat of the moment, and called my partner dumb (and worse) in the heat of the moment.

  32. God I’m loving how Dani is working it this season, I really hated her on season 8 but being away from her dad she’s really stepped up her game. Jef and Jordan need to go! There being super annoying and they haven’t done anything in the game. Brenchel finally making a smart move! We’ll just have to see if they can honor it. Oh and Shelly…….KARMA’S A BITCH!

    1. Their friendship, IMO, means Rachel is a nice person when she is
      outside of the BB House.
      Ragan is going to be in their Wedding Party.

    2. Agreed! Never happen. Cast party pictures, all of them. Nothing of them together in a “natural” or casual environment.

        1. That’s what we want to see…her cottage cheese ass jiggling around the house.From waist up she looks good,but dang she has a ton of junk in that trunk!!!!!!!!!! barf.

  33. Does anyone know what dani would do if adam or shelly or even she won the power odf veto? Would she break up RB OR JJ?? Or does she actually want shelly out? So confused with her nominations.

  34. For all the shemale monkey dani lovers, it is true that her favorite song growing up was George Michael’s “Monkey” Dont blame the messenger, just “shootin straight” The bitch is ALL gums when she gives us her monkey smile

  35. Ok.. so this is gonna seem out there lol.. but does anyone know if Jordan or Jeff were given up for a adoption at birth?

    I’m just really trying to understand why Shelly seems so hell bend on the final 3 with them. I mean, did she not also see their previous season how they crossed people. Does she not think they’ll do the same to her? Why she doesn’t want anyone of them (Jeff or Jordan) to think she’s crossed them and/or ever will? Why, of all the people in the house, are those 2 are the ones she cares for the most right from the moment she seen them? I mean, I just don’t get why she’s stuck on trying to protect them and trying to make sure that either of them don’t dislike her? It doesn’t make sense to me.. considering that Jeff and Jordan don’t seem like they’re that great of people.

    I just cant see how someone could be SO infatuated with them after watching them on a TV show 2 years ago and is now in house with them. I’m sure she sees how they treat all the others, and even how Jeff and Jordan treat eachother, but yet she still loves them, creepily!!

    I think that either one of them were given up for adoption and she’s their biological mother.. or she’s just some freaking crazy bi-polar Jeff and Jordan fan!

    It could be another twist.. like.. “You were given up for adoption and never knew your mother (That could be the curse.. or, at this point it seems like the gift).. but HEY, we found her for you and your mother is Shelly (Again, could be the gift or, it seems to me, the curse).

    Ya, I know.. my mind is wandering!! I’m starting to think like the producers lol.. Maybe I should write some twists and send it to them lol.

    1. Dumb move by Lawon and everything, but I feel terrible for him. He seems like a great guy, this game just wasn’t his cup of tea.

  36. The only reason Rachel is still there is because of Shelly she should be greatful. Rachel is playing real stupid she is not thinking of the jury votes at all.

    1. you don’t believe that for a minute do you ( that rach is only there cause of shelliar) please. rach is only there cause of production. shelliar had nothing to do with it.

  37. If the BB houseguests, as well as OLBB commentors, get anymore “C**Tier, us guys are gonnna have fully developed “clits” by the end of this season! Geez = ain’t unscripted-scripted tv just great? This show, which I still love, is starting to show signs that this type of entertainment is in “freefall.” All good things must come to an end! Some quicker than others!

    When a “reality-based” game show (for lack of a better term) becomes all about the “contestant’s” personal issues, toxic relationships, emotional/mental ineptness anbd less about the competitions, then it is no longer a game show (agfain, for lack of a better term). The same can be said about “talk shows”, for example “The Jerry Springer or Maury Povich show!

  38. What is up with everyone hating on on Jeff and Jordan? I honestly don’t get it. Weren’t they the faves their season? Is it because they’re “boring” in television? I mean if they’re like Brendon and Rachel you’ll them too. As for Dani, she wasn’t hated but she was not liked. I’m not exactly sure why everyone loves her so much? Would JJ be more well liked if they would have turned against Brendon and Rachel when Cassi was trying to backdoor them? I gotta admit, I would have preferred for JJ to backdoor Branden and Rachel back then, but still –all this hate, seems unreasonable to me.

  39. You know it amazes me Danielle is hoh for 3 weeks in a row. She even beat Rachel twice, who is considered a great competitor. Now I know why they call her the veto queen in BB8. She is just too good.

  40. And Shelly is STILL smoking. She’s going for self-cremation tonight I guess. It’ll save her the embarassment of being evicted.

        1. Myself and a few of the LiveFeed chatters went there a couple of nights ago. It was a legit link, easily found by typing in “shelly moore outdoors” on Google.

          She’s not even on the team portion of the website:

          I’m not a Shelly fan but I hope that this is just a case of people like us finding the site through Google and bogging down traffic rather than her losing her job. That’d be awful.

          1. Shelley may have her job when she returns home, but I think she will face some
            backlash from being on BB.
            Her non-stop lying has to be a bad reflection upon her employer. Do all of their employees lie 24/7?
            Do you remember her conversation with Lawon when he said his boss was watching him on BB
            and he had to be careful about how he represented himself?
            Shelley seemed stunned to think Lawon’s boss was watching BB ………. weird. She can’t be that dumb.

  41. I am loving this. yes I felt bad for shelly crying and all….but you cant straight shoot to everyone and not expect this outcome eventualy…

    I truely believe that BR wants to work with Dani. I think Brendon realized in sequestor that the only chance they have at winning is if they are sitting agaist eachother or Dani (or even someone in Danis crew)

    If they stick with this secret alliance it will be awesome and juicy!!!! Rachel however is acting out and not in her usual way and it looks fake…..Jeff might lead on to that..

    My best case scenereo is that BRD(anyone else playing the veto) throws it to shelly and Jeff goes on the block….ONE of the BR team votes for jeff out and blames shelly for the false vote …..TASTY!!!

  42. If kahlia and Porsche are ever on the block together I hope the pov is for the last morsel of food in the house. Someone will end up dead. I’ve never seen two individuals stuff more shit in their mouths ever!

  43. Sooo sick of D/K/P and can’t believe they actually left the HOH room for the first time in 3 weeks to hang out in the backyard. They also need to stop worrying about Jordan’s mood and work on their own crappy attitudes.

  44. Dani wins the POV saves Team Bacon and sends brenda to jury LOL or she leaves noms the same and sends shelliar to jury…either way the week is looking good…

  45. I’m just curious, how come its okay to name call and attack people character on here? (in private in front of our computer screens with no cameras), but people who, I understand make the decision to go on this show, have, almost if not all, their actions recorded to never react or get mad or say something questionable because of the extreme nature of the BB house! I am not saying people have not done things that are inappropriate but, MAN some of these things that are said on here are so vindictive and not funny or amusing. I know, I know, why dont I take myself somewhere else and leave y’all alone, seriously some things on here are so mean :(!!

    1. Would you like some cheese and crackers to go with that “WHINE”… sorry, that was corny. I dont even know you. Im just siting in front of my computer making fun of you, that is so mean. PITY……PARTY of 1….. PITY….. PARTY of 1, uhhh im mean Jaspie your table is ready, you will be sitting in our VIP “WAH WAH” room. ENJOY!

  46. did anyone hear Shelly say what Rachel is saying she said – that Shelly would vote out Jordan??? If so, I’d like to hear it for myself, so if you can direct me to the Flashback date/time, I’d appreciate it.

  47. Jeff and Jordan really are garbage and have no game. I hope Jordan doesn’t float her way to another 500K or this game is completely flawed. Any sweet, dumb girl can win then.

  48. Are they doing American’s Player this season? I noticed Rachel brought up an interesting point about ShelHE. That she keeps saying (lying) how she wants to help the young kids win the game because they need the money, etc but that is weird because then why the hell did she come on this show? Do you think ShelHE is America’s Player?

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