Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Lockdown Over Comp in BY to practice, Brendon: “Kennedy Kennedy swing batter”

Big Brother Lockdown over

Big Brother Lockdown over

8:42pm HOH Lockdown Jeff, Jordan, Lawon, Dom, Dani, Rachel, Brendon, and Porsche are in the HOH Lockdown. They are talking about the Forest Gump movie and the lines Forest Gump says. They all agree that the show was very funny. Before the Big Brother Lockdown the house guests were getting ready for tonights “trial” to find out what happened to Brendon’s turtle. They wonder what CBS Production is doing out in the backyard. Lawon wonders if they are going to be in lock down all night. Dominic says there is no way Big Brother would do that. ( For your information a Big Brother Lockdown is when Production locks the house guests either outside the house, inside the house, or in the head of household room).

8:50pm HOH Lawon and Dani

Lawon is saying one of his Releases hasn’t been signed and they called him last night to talk about it. Dani says that her number one hasn’t signed their release and she’s starting to get worried. Dom enters the HOH tells them his muscles are sore and he’s feelign sad cause he just did his goodbye messages. Dani tells him in the begining they don’t show all the messages to the best ones and the more popular houseguests. She points out that Dom only has 3 fans so his won’t get picked. Brendon comes out of the HOH bathroom Dani asks him if he pooed because she didn’t hear the toilet flush. Dom: “If it’s yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down”.. They start talking about the court case tongiht.. Dom:”My stomach’s been sore all day” Lawon: “Did you shit?” Dom: “Yeah it’s from those burgers”

9:00pm Lockdown Over there is a comp is set up for them to practice
Rachel reads the note left behind: “Time for a little mini golf big brother style, from behind the line use your oversized putter to hit the golf ball down the course. Practice your accuracy by using the slop of the green and aiming for the different coloured holes. Be sure to make sure that everyone gets practice time”. All houseguests are taking their turns Cassi is saying she doesn’t think this is for the HOH comp she thinks it’s for the food comp because there’s only 7 teams. Adam doesn’t sound too convinced, but other houseguests do and many head back inside to continue preapring their food. It’s pretty much minuture golf with 7 coloured slots, red and yellow balls (three balls each color) you hit with a oversized putter. Right now the top players are Cassi, Jeff and Jordan, everyone else is pretty bad at it.

Brendon hasn’t really been making any excuses about not getting any balls in looks like he’s changed good for him….

Brendon’s doing his ferries bueller lines “Kennedy kennedy swing batter.. “Ferried bueller is one of my all time favorite movies”
Adam: “Yeah It’s timeless, every kid wants to get out of school for a day”
Brendon: “remember Charlie Sheen in the police station
Adam: “Yeah, her and Jenifer Gray making out on the bench”

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Rachel’s Legs

9:51pm Kitchen, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Dani They are talking about not practicing in front of the other players so when they figure out the correct method they’ll keep it to themselves. Rachel and Porsche joins them, Dani is instructing them to all practice becuase Cassi is very good at it. Jordan says she was staring at Cassi when she made her shots thinking “MISS MISS MISS” (LOL)

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best Rachel has ever looked !

Jordan K.

I agree.


rachel is a pig


Brendon is a DB ..Rachel and jorden are 2 of the worst players to play BB..How jorden won I have no idea..Jorden is a dumb biatch who cant win a competition as rachel hardly ever won anything…as much as I cant stand Dani..she was very good a challenges….Cant wait to see them al go home.B/R first then J/J.then Dani.. I like Adam, keith is kool ..Porche is an idiot…Dom is okay ..cassi is kool ..go Regulators!!! shelly is so stupid for trying to allign with those 5 morons…because if she made it with them and her left she has no chgance to win ..she goes home first same with Kalia ..gett those veteran aholes out then strt your game against the new cast..newbies have the numkbers but they need to be smrt and gat porche out this week because she too thinks she can make it by hangin and becoming besties with Rachel..Rachel will stab he r right in the back as soon as she has the chance…..for me final 5 should be Lowan ,Dom ,Adam , cassie, and keith. final thrree should be lowan, dom and adam.. and I dont care who wins of them 3 …I like them all..I just dont want R/B or J/J or dani to win..hate them all….GL to the house guests and may the best man or woman


at this we’ll never know if rachel ate franklin… and im ok with that.


This seasons showmance IMO goes like this:

Rachel likes Brendon; Brendon wants Dani; Dani likes Dom; Dom likes Cassi…


pretty much


Two more: Cassi wants Jeff, Kalia wants Dick


Wonder what would happen if Brendon did go after Dani? Rachels claws would defently come out, think on Dani more than Brendon, cause would blame her feeling he wouldn’t do anything like that. ( Ha ) Defently would like to see it happen, make things little more interesting than are or seem right now, don’t ya think? ….. LOL


at this rate we’ll never know if rachel ate franklin… and im ok with that.


You ppl will always find something wrong with her! Drink your hateraide loool


What did dani mean when she said her number one hasn’t signed their release yet?


It just makes me laugh that these newbs really seem to not get the point with the vets. It’s like, sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. They are all sitting on the couch giggling about dumb stuff when they should be hitting the golf thing until their arms give out. The vets already have the strategy going, newbs need to pick it up. I’m a JJ fan, but I like underdogs too.


WTF? The convo between Keith and Buick…he is sooooo pitiful and lame. In my Kalia voice, “Do white girls fall for this?” LOL


Does Dom get on anyone else’s nerves? He tries way too hard to fit in with everyone.


what vic said


LOL waht kind of deodorant is Jeff using? Nice touch!