Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jeff and Kalia Fight over “gays” and Lawon: “why would I think Keiths hot because he’s got a good body”

7:24pm Have nots, Lawon, Dom, Cassi

Lawon is sharing his first impressions of the other houseguests. Lawon : “When I first saw Kalia I thought look at those titties big o black Titties”. Dom asks him what he thought when he saw Cassi. Lawon says he thought she looked classy because she was all covered up did reveal much but he could tell she had a great body I thought “Good god al mighty … BLANK me … call me BLANK daddy” they’re all laughing, Dom says that was pretty much what he thought to. Cassi says she had a friend the use to say she looked finer than a Georgia peach… she can remember the rest Lawon buts in “finer than a Georgia peach deep in old grand daddy liquor”. Lawon says that he thought at first Adam wasn’t going to talk to anyone and be standoffish but he’s nothing like that, “First impression best impressions”. Lawon says the first thing he thought about Keith was class clown. Cassi and Dom agree. Cassi says she’s finding him a little bit weird.
Lawon says Keith has no idea how to campaign, when you want to get your votes ask everyone individually not go around ask people what they think the other people are going to do then ask them to get you the votes.
Dani walks in, Lawon says You’re the sexiest veteran they could of ever brought in. Dom asks her if she thinks the lockdown is going to last till Thursday. Dani tells them production wouldn’t do that they would of told the houseguests the lockdown was going to take awhile so they could get their smokes in. Cassi wonders if they are setting up for a comp so that they practice. Dani says no they never do that you literally have a couple minute to practice before comps (Lawon, Dom and cassi didn’t catch this lie, Dani may of been fishing for information with the question) Dani asks Lawon if he thought Dom was gay.. lawon thought that dom might of been gay, Dom ask lawon if he had thought Dani was bisexual. Lawon: “hmm no i could see her swaying that way though just for a visit”. lawon: “I think if you (Dom) met the right person and they played their cards right I dunno maybe you (Dom) could go that way (Be gay). Lawon tells them he has friends that are going to give lawon a hard time for not trying to get with Dom or turn him gay.
They bring up Keith and some of his weird comments, keith asked Lawon if he has been saying keith is hot in the DR. Dani remembers that says it was BLANK up, Dom does to mentions how awkward everyone felt when he asked that. Lawon: “why would I think Keiths hot becuase he’s got a hot body and a big BLANK”

7:30pm HOH Jordan and Rachel Jordan is telling her how nervous she is for Thursday she has a really sore stomach. Rachel is nervous to, she’s really worried that Cassi is going to win HOH and backdoor her, she wants to at least have a win the POV. Jordan asks if kalia told her about wanting to go up on the block to take lawon out. Rachel heard it and she thinks it’s stupid. Jordan doesn’t think it is explains that it might prevent them from putting Rachel and Brendon up worst case Kalia goes home. Rachel: “ohh yeah I guess so”
Jeff joins them. Jordan and Jeff start talking about dom teaming with Dani, rachel doesn’t think so. Rachel starts bringing up how dangerous Cassi is and how Shelly told her that Cassi is going to put up Brendon and Jordan if she wins HOH. Jeff reminds her that all this stuff going around is hearsay and not to get too caught up. He also points out to them not to get too caught up with Final 5 all he’s thinking about is getting past next week. Jeff says he wants to take out dom, lawon, cassi they are the strong ones… Feeds change.

Jeff and Kalia Fight

( 6:45pm CAM 1-4 JEFF and KALIA fight over gay people. (Shelly, Keith, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Kalia. I missed the fight between Jeff and Kalia over gay characters being in children movie. Jeff doesn’t think they’re should be a gay character in kids movies where the character is the school headmaster. Jeff calls it perverted asks why on earth would she do that. Kalia says she wrote it so children learn about homosexuality. Jeff “I don’t think the headmaster in a little kids book which takes place in a locked away magical land be. Kalia: “Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with him” Jeff: “Get the BLANK outta here don’t start with that BLANK” (Holy cow get the feeds and watch it I had no idea Jeff was like that)

Live Feeds Flashback 6:45pm CAM 1-4 July 12th Free Trial

8:10pm Fortune room SHelly and POrsche Porsche is trying to lock in Shelly’s vote. Saying she doesn’t have any agreement with the repeats she wants to take them out because in the end they are the strongest player and now single player has a chance against them. She points out if Jeff wins 500k so does Jordan if Brendon win 500K so does rachel. Shelly agrees says they’ll say they play individually but there really a pair…

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Wow no idea Jeff was like that… I’m starting to like him less and less.


I actually gained more respect for Jeff. About time someone spoke up and I completely agree with him. Most of America does too.


I have gained more respect for Jeff. He is voicing America’s thoughts.


Trash like you would. Let people be who they are.


Oh jeff dont you know not to say that stuff on a show that has live feeds though I personally believe little kids should not be taught homosexuality and whatnot at such a young age but you should respect all points of views but all in all im still a pro JJ fan its too bad jeff cant stay perfect

Zach J

I’m sure Jeff doesn’t want kids taught about heterosexuality either. Though I’m gay so I don’t fully condone what he says, but when people think of homosexuality they think of sex (gay sex), so I guess that’s why people don’t like hearing about it a lot. I guess people have varying opinions on this subject but I agree that there is no need to talk about attractions to anyone in kids’ books, gay or straight.


But Jeff used the word perverted and to me that implies he is relating it to pedophilia.
This is 2011 and love is love IMO.


Man it is kinda perverted for anyone to want to teach really little kids about sexuality. Not sure what age group they are talking about, but there is an age that is too young. I don’t really think Jeff meant anything negatively against gay people, just negatively about teaching kids about sex in general at a young young age.


Sexuality is not the act of sex. Kids learn sexuality same as they learn empathy or bigotry or anything else. It starts from the day they are born. Most hospitals wrap newborns in a blue or pink blanket. Boys are treated differently than girls and vice versa. Not to discount genetics or biology, but alot of what we learn is from our environment and the people around us.


The age range of the people who actually read the Harry Potter books are old enough to be aware of sexuality. Besides, anyone that read the books would know that Dumbledore’s sexuality was never even mentioned. I was shocked when J.K. Rowling revealed that the headmaster is gay. Nevertheless, if Jeff had gone on a racist rant, people would be less likely to support his statements.


Yea, I wasn’t really aware he was making the comments about Harry Potter. I only skimmed the blog. That changes my opinion drastically.


One of the reasons for the success of the HP series is because JK Rowling spent alot of time fully developing the characters and the main plot even before she sat down and wrote the books. Why would it be shocking to learn she always saw Dumbledore as gay? Perhaps she knew a gay man who helped inspire her to create Dumbledore as the character he was. You must remember that Dumbledore in the books was much different than the Dumbledore in the movies, especially once Richard Harris passed on.


If you read the conversation, he is definitely relating being gay to being a pedophile. He says he would never let his children around gays. I know you JJ fans (I was/kind of might still be) want to believe the best in good ole’Jeff but he’s clearly homophobic and ignorant. I don’t like him at all anymore but I still like Jordan.


She points out if Jeff wins 500k so does Jordan if Brendon win 500K so does rachel.

that is why this who Duos idea is STUPID……


Once Brenchel and Jeff and Jordon gets married, they will legally be allowed to share their money…..


Oh shit, it;s going to be a luck type HOH, that any one of them could win… NeanderTALL don’t do well in these type of comps you saw what happened in that bowling comp last season.


Look at Kieth in that afro HAHA


i kinda see where jeff’s coming from. i mean, if you woulda put in a gay character in a book, why the old headmaster? if she wanted to teach kids about homosexuality, it shoulda been a younger character than kids can actually relate to, not dumbledore!


Umm….Dumbledor is not gay.


Yes,Dumbledore is gay, J.K.Rowling said so herself.

I don’t like Jeff anymore. I do like Jordan though.


She may have said that but it was never mentioned in any of the books not even hinted at


It doesn’t matter, that’s what the convo was about. He was gay, just because he wasn’t running around in leather pants on a pride float doesn’t mean he wasn’t gay. JK said she wrote the books with the understanding that he was gay so he clearly was whether it was hinted at or not. It doesn’t have to be stated in the book to be true.


I think it is ridiculous for this one little conversation to change anyone’s opinion of Jeff. He is entitled to feel anyway that comes natural to him on any given topic. So is anyone else in this country. Homosexuality is such a controversial topic it is pretty much taboo to speak of it no matter what your opinion. Personally I don’t care at all what someone’s sexual orientation is. But I still love Jeff because his opinion is his own and he is entitled to it


I agree 100% with Jeff! That is just way over the top!

Zach J

Jeff! How did you get internet access from the house in order to come here to defend yourself? Very sneaky….

lol, just kidding of course. But i guess i just wish the whole ‘homosexuality’ thing wasn’t a big deal, that’s it’s not a huge reveal in a novel about a character


i think jeff is entitled to his opinion just like everybody else, plus put a younger character as a homosexual not an adult in charge of kids i find that wrong but hey that’s just my opinion.

Zach J

The problem with that is the insinuation that a gay adult in charge of kids will be more likely to do something with the kids than a straight adult with kids, when lots of straight men want to do things with young girls. I guess the best option is to get a eunuch in charge…..

Unless you mean the homosexual will encourage the kids to not be homophobic, in which case the instructor should encourage the kids to be accepting of all kinds of people. Though, as I said above, it’s not really necessary for any kind of sexuality to show up in these movies, nor the need for there to be every kind of person in the series (just because there isn’t a gay person in something doesn’t mean the creator of that work is a homophobe).

Karen S

Whether it’s gay or hetero characters, the implication that you might have to explain sex one way or another to a small child is ridiculous! Children learn everything fast enough in school.. why push it with authority figures in a children’s book? Let our children be children and the world be a little mysterious for a while. geeze! My NSHO!


Don’t forget the theory that gay role models teach kids to be gay. Damn homos, recruiting all our babies!


I have a feeling by the end of this season that Jeff’s fanbase is going to turn on him.


To clarify dumbledore was never mention as being gay in the books or movies. The author said so in an interview. But Jeff was basically saying gays shouldnt teach young kids saying it is perverted implying gays r pedos. YouTube it they already have it up.

Karen S

Are we accusing Jeff of having a vocabulary bigger than what he can entertain Jordan with? : )
I understand the implication Kalia was referring to, but I also understand as a parent what I wouldn’t want to deal with in going to see a children’s movie or read the book. I was completely pissed off with Shrek as the short king had the woody sitting in bed. Was that necessary? No! How do you explain that to a child?


Dont be so scared to be a parent. Having a hard on is natural.

Karen S

I am a parent of 5 grown children now. It was hard enough finding decent music and entertainment for them 20 years ago.. let alone today.
It was difficult then.. and I’m sure difficult now. Our children are bombarded with sexual images, T.V., as I said, Music and all forms of entertainment and inuendoes. When is enough, enough? Obviously, I’m not afraid of much. Entertainment shouldn’t be a source of hardship on young minds, when they have no clue who they are yet. That is what I’m saying.


Shrek is open about the adult humor mixed in to entertain the parents. Always been that way. This is why its not rated G.


just because something is animated or a cartoon DOES not mean it is for kids (especially little ones)- hence Shrek and about a million other movies/TV shows/books…….but all I can say about what Jeff said is that I HOPE he meant why even bring the sexual element into a children’s book….if the headmaster or someone is gay, so be it – why do kids have to learn about that before they need to think about sexuality….by the same token, they don’t need to identify someone as heterosexual or sexually active or include sexually overt characters or sexual relationships of any sort in any form of children’s media, it is not developmentally appropriate and they do not have the cognitive skills to understand or process such content…

Karen S

Anyone else notice these girls are just not trying to look pretty? Dani’s pics with no make up.. Porsche is looking pretty homely… what can I say about Kalia? lol
The guys, other than Cassi seem to be taking more time with their appearance than the girls. Even Rachel, whom even though she’s a insecure psycho.. at least attempted to look pretty last season. Wonders if BB13 had to cut the budget on their make up to afford to bring that the vets? snickers~


Cassi is so pretty


Does every conversation with Adam need to include Bacon??? He ‘s talking with Dani about Bacon again….people addicted to cocaine don’t talk about cocaine this much.


LOL I like Adam and am rooting for him, but the bacon talk is a bit much.


What Jeff said sounded ignorant. Like people already said, he was implying that being gay and being a pedophile go hand in hand. It was never even mentioned in the books that Dumbledore was gay, and even so, I think people are overestimating the impact it would have on most kids. You always hear people talk about how there are sexual innuendos in the movies they loved as a kid and they didn’t realize until they re-watched it years later, myself included


i agree entirely with this.


Man, I hope this airs so I can see the actual context of the argument. From what’s written, it seems as though Jeff equates homosexuality with perversion. IMO, those books should be written so the parents who choose to teach tolerance at a young age have a teaching aid. If you choose not to teach your child and are so worried about it, then pay attention to what your child is exposed to and stop blaming others for failing to do your job for you.


Yeah, and that sucks. Jeff is a golden boy and I doubt they would show him in a negative light. If it was a newbie who said that, it would have been done to death.


I second this 100%.
And the argument’s has been posted on youtube already.
——– Link removed ———-
Sorry I cannot post links to live feed videos it’s breaches my advertising agreement


my bad! it’s my first year actually commenting instead of lurking hahah forgive me, i’m new at this.


I’m not the least bit surprised at Jeff’s comments. As far as his image goes,the damage has been done, the clip has been making its way around the internet with him spewing his ignorance.

I don’t think you can teach children sexuality. It’s innate. We are all born with varying degrees of it (gay,straight,bi,etc). The fact is, ask most gay adults, they learned very early on in their lives that they were gay (now whether or not they could articulate that knowledge of self at a young age is the debatable part). That being said, I get Kalia’s point of attempting to integrate a gay character into a children’s book. It does not imply she is attempting to recruit nor prosyletize children who would otherwise be straight. She’s simply including a group that has been taboo for far too long.

Many straight people, on the surface, voice their personal dismay at anti-gay descrimination. But secretly they remain suspicious and uncomfortable because its something they simply cannot comprehend. I believe Jeff accurately represents that group (to his detriment I might add.)

I do not envy any parent or educator who has to broach the subject of sexuality at all with children. But I do think straight talk (no pun intended) devoid of judgement is the best way to discuss sexuality with children. It does not imply you are sexualizing the child and if an educator happens to be gay, it most certainly does not mean he/she has designs on molesting children.

Society as a whole is guilty of overly sexualizing gay people, that’s the point we all need to grow away from and just think of gays as, regular every day people.


children first go through sexual identity development at around ages 4-5 (i.e. understanding that they are male/female, noting differences b/w the sexes)……you can’t teach a child to be heterosexual or homosexual – but you can teach tolerance. However, since they don’t know about sex nor do they need to, it’s better to just teach tolerance in general terms.


Found it. Yeah… I’m disgusted. It would be one thing if he was just giving his opinion, but he seems to think its common knowledge that gays are all molesters and Kalia’s just lobbying for fans.


Wait. So is Lawon gay or not? lmao


Just saw the Jeff clip on YouTube….it’s bad. He’s implying that you can’t have kids near gay people. It’s the whole “gays are pedophiles” misnomer. At first I thought that maybe his argument wad going to be that kids shouldn’t be exposed to sexual orientation topics at a young age, but oboy..


He was getting so pissed at the end…very dismissive of Kali….he would not even look ay her.


Forget Adam, hope he enjoys prison…blowing his winnings on that stuff…


I know this is horribly off subject, but I am a long LONG time reader, first time poster. I wonder why anyone hasn’t talked to Jeff and Jordan about the Meltdown on their season with Chima. As a newb, Id love to hear the story first hand. I know it aired on TV and all, but there is TV and then there is talking to someone directly involved. Also makes me wonder if someone did bring it up, if BB would made sure it wouldnt be aired on BBAD.

Just my drunken curiosity…


Well hopefully as long as they told Jeff and Jordan up front “Dont bring up the crazy bitch from you season”.

Back on subject, I missed the entire argument, but to be fair, but Jeff and Kalia are both intitled to their opinion. Regardless of who is for or against. Quite frankly, i think it is dumb when the media tries to make a story out of it. Just dumb.


not commenting on his comments…jeff has the right to believe however he would like….but it seems he is talking more about how kalia becomes a different person when after dark is on….it seems as if she always is saying what people want to hear….but i guess i should expect that from a columnist….always wirting about what people want to hear….atleast jeff stands for something….he doesn’t let the cameras or money change him….kalia not being honest about who she is in this show is no worse than jeff having remarks you dont like….and by the way i have met kalia before….she is lame

Rosie ODonnell

Tolerance works both ways. If Jeff says something you don’t like, you should learn to be tolerant. He can’t help the way he feels, he was born that way.


Having tolerance for an informed opinion and turning a blind eye to ignorance are two very different things…


Kevo – Well put…


i don’t think people should be tolerant of ideas that hurt other people – and if he is insinuating that gay people are pedophiles (which I really hope he isn’t) that is just factually incorrect so why would you support or propogate such an erroneous notion???


They are referring to Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. When asked a question about whether Dumbledore ever had a love in his life, JK Rowling simply said that when she created the character, she just imagined him as gay, which of course started a whirlwind of shit from the right wing.


I really don’t care what Jeff said. I still love him.


I never bought in to the whole Jeff and Jordan phenom – they were underdogs / outcasts in the beginning and would have gotten voted out if people wouldn’t have gave them the power to change things. Jessie did get shafted but people didn’t care because they were in love with Jeff and Jordan. Once Jeff and Jordan got the power, they became just as obnoxious as everyone else when they get power. Jordan couldn’t pour piss from a boot if the instructions were written on the heal.


It’s changed the way I feel about Jeff, but why didn’t someone back Kalia. They just sat there while Jeff said these horrible things. Someone should have backed her up. I give her props for standing up to him.

jeffs meal ticket

Hrre is what past Big BRother players are tweeting about Jeff’s homophobic comments

@marqueemarc Eh… Homophobia & racist remarks always turn up during #BB season. It amazes me that some HGs seem to get away w/it & which ones do. M*

@StevenfromBB10 Will all the #bb13 fans please tell @CBSBigBrother to STOP PUTTING HOMOPHOBES LIKE @jeffschroeder23 into the house! RT

@TooMuchLydia4U It’s sad n disappointing that Jeff didn’t learn his lesson in #bb11, said such awful hurtful things about gays #bb13 #equality4all

@KCampbellicious “Gays shouldn’t be around kids in school” Isn’t homophobia soooo cuuuute? #BB13. #CBSBigBrother




If its on TMZ, it will have to be addressed by CBS. I’m glad, since he thinks he can be a douche and get away with it.

Jeff isn't all that

The fights all over youtube but here is the text from that conversation

In the HOH; Jeff says if he’s around when Harry Potter is being played, it makes him want to nap. Jordan says the story about it is cool… how the lady wrote it on a train.. she was poor and sat on a train and wrote the story. Those in the HOH argue about whether Rowling was poor.

Kalia says she was totally poor and wrote the book to make money and to entertain her kids. Then Rachel starts to talk about Hagrid and Dumbledore. Kalia says that Rowling wrote the Dumbledore character as a gay character originally. Everyone in HOH is surprised by this.

Jeff says “Who’s Dumbledorf.. who is that, the big guy?”.. Rachel then says “why would she want a gay character?” while Jeff in the background says “That would be perverted!” Kalia explains that she made the character so that her kids and other kids would understand homosexuality.

Jeff says “how is he meant to be gay? he doesn’t have any gay tendencies…” Kalia interrupts and says “maybe that’s the point! so that people like you don’t stereoptype around gay people”.

Jeff says “WHAT DO YOU mean stereotypes around gay people? He’s in a school with little kids, you can’t make THAT GUY GAY!”

Kalia squeeled “WHYYYY? Gay men can’t work with little kids!?”

Jeff says “it isn’t right to have it in a little kids book, and have the head master locked away in this magical land, be gay. That isn’t the right kind of writing to do.”

Kalia doesn’t see anything wrong with it. “I don’t see why not!”

Jeff says “Oh I can see your PC view of it, but it’s not the right thing to do…” she asks him “WHY is it PC?”

Jeff says to her “Listen, you know what I’m talking about and don’t make it seem like your doing the right thing by saying it’s not! You are going to let your kids read a story book where little kids go to fantasy camp without their parents and the guy is GAY?”

Kalia: “Just because he is gay, doesn’t mean there is a thing wrong with him!”

Jeff: “GTFO! Don’t start with that f’in *****!” While Kalia is trying to defend herself, Jeff is yelling louder “Don’t tell me the right answer for f’n T.V.!…”

Kalia: “I’m not doing it for t.v! You want to know why I do it? My little sister is gay!”

Jeff: “I don’t give a f**k if your sister’s gay! Think about what it is!”

Kalia: “I truly don’t understand…”

Jeff: “You don’t understand what I’m talking about?? Then I don’t understand either.”

Kalia: “I don’t understand why he can’t be a headmaster..”

Jeff: “You’re right, you’re right! I don’t want to talk about it then!”

Kalia put her head down in exasperation, and this convo ended.

There are 6 or so other HG’s in the HOH.. none of them had a word to say.


Shut up, Jeff is perfect. It’s just the Jeff haters making shit up. They are jealous that Jeff is so wonderful and perfect and would never do anything wrong or say anything racist. Stop picking on Jeff. Jeff forever!!!!!


Yes, that was me above. I was being sarcastic. It’s about time people realize what I KNEW two seasons ago. Jeff is a big jerk. Look how he speaks to Jordon, sure she is a dumbass but there is no need of the way he degrades her. It’s not funny, it’s not ribbing, it’s mean. This was not the first time he was rude and said shit on BB and it will not be the last time. Girls get their pee all warm because he might be cute to them BUT seriously would you want someone thinking they are better then you all the time. Really? Jeff is a douche. Always was, always will be. Wake up and smell the massengill.

Scallywag in Canada

Yay Rockstar finally someone is telling it like it is. Jeff has been homophobic hater and douche-bag since day 1. No matter how much CBS tries to whitewash him the truth come out of his own lips and the contemptuous eye rolling faces he always makes. He is a pretentious prick who thinks he is better than everyone else and that his shit doesn’t stink. Remember the homophobic slurs he was throwing at Russell last year. I knew the truth about him would come out straight from his own hating mouth.


Yah Scallywag. I have cookies, let’s bond. haha I dislike Jeff so much. I cannot handle his crap and I don’t understand why women eat it up like flies on shit. Gross. I feel like these women need to get slapped around a bit. It might change their minds but then again women love being abused for some reason.


thanks for posting this….wow, it’s really sad that jeff thinks that and now I see why Kalia did it….i don’t think sexuality (gay, straight, WHATEVER) should be included in children’s media AT ALL but harry potter is geared toward and enjoyed by older people so their argument is legitimate and i don’t understand how people can be educated and still think like jeff does…upsetting

Stacey Lowe

I actually love Jeff more now……………. He is 110% correct. It is freaking perverted. Kids DO NOT need to be taught that stuff so young.


You’re an idiot! 🙂


jeff is from chicago. leave him alone. thats how most people feel around here


The general population of Chicago are homophobic? Wow! Really? I need to ask Oprah what she thinks


Erm pretty sure Boys Town is a huge community here. And we have the 2nd biggest gay pride fest after San Fran. Yup, we all know how ppl feel here. Ignorance must be bliss.


Look Jeff is a moron but he can feel anyway he does. Go to middle America and people will fight you to the death if you think homosexuality is anything but a choice. And that all gay ppl are going to hell. Some of it is ignorance. Some of it is religious. Some of it is lack of actually being exposed to homosexual ppl. I think the hypocrisy lies on both parties. If you can’t rationalize that homosexuality is obviously not a choice or if you think religion is a farce, that the ignorance lies on you. People need to take in all the information and make up their opinion. This debate will always split ppl. Who cares what Jeff believes? It’s his opinion. He probably doesn’t have any gay friends or will have any. Perhaps he’s just been in a homophobic environment. Won’t be the last person. What is stupid is for ppl to think that everyone needs to feel one way or the other. There will always be parties on both sides. In Jeff’s defence, ppl who are uninformed will think that gay ppl are attracted to everyone of their sex. Hence, the equation to pedophilia on Dumbledore’s part. In judgement of him, if you can’t bother to be informed especially in this day and age, then at least respect the people if you can’t accept the act.


I have gay friends, and I do not preach to them that it is wrong. I respect them, I just hate it when people say how they feel they get talked about and put in the media for saying that being gay is wrong….it’s their opinion, and it has nothing to do with the person……Jeff is entitled to say what he wants and not be talked about for it…..Okay so who are straight people to say being gay is wrong, we cant its not our call….Only God can judge them…..But for us who are christians and believe in God and know what the Bible says “it is wrong, its in black and white”. But I am not the one to go and point out each and every sin of a person, they have the right to do what they like…There is no education on homosexuality at least I dont think so….I think you are either straight or gay and it depends on how and who you are raised by…..I give my personal apology to all gays in the world, because I couldnt imagine going through being talked about and looked down on and told that you are going to hell everyday just because your heart loves someone that is just like you, but I just know that we all have freedom of speech and I say that I would not teach my child about homosexuality, I just wouldnt….


Wow thanks! I’v never heard of this blog, but for what i have read of it it’s great. Very brutally honest.


I am so tired of BB fans excusing Jeff because they think he’s hot. The guy has shown his true colors. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I can’t stand it when peple are filled with so much hatred towards other people. That wasn’t cool at all and he clearly was furious. I still love Jordan but I’m now anti-Jeff!


jeff gets the same treatment ass shitney from bb12 talk about an ugly personality and people still like her


Thay won’t air this as I watched the show tonight they haven’t shown anything that has nothing to do with gameplay and since this fight has nothing to ndo with gamplay it will be left on the editors floor to never be seen again and it will fade into big brother memory by week 4


So is lawon gay he never specifically stated he was could just be metrosexual


you people all have no F#@*cking lives lol quote end quote


Ok so I am all for be who you want to be, but I do not understand why everyone in the world is trying to make it ok to be gay…..GOD does not like it, and if they dont believe in GOD then so be gay then, but for the people in the world who know that GOD made man for woman and woman for man….we dont agree with it, so if someone wants to voice their opinion of what they think about gays then let them…..I am with Jeff I would not want my children learning about gays either…..It is ridiculous that everytime someone says what they think they get criticized for it, like the Miss Teen Ms. Prejean who stated what her morals were about gays marrying and that poor girl got beat up just for saying how she was raised…..I dont have anything against gay people at all, love who you love, and be who you want to be. But dont get mad when someone doesnt agree with it……My GOD……It’s America and God still is in control………


Jeff…I use to love him. I remember he said something last year but I thought he felt sincerely bad for it. Now..I don’t like him. I still love jordan. yeah, shes ditzy but she seems sweet. I’ll take a ditzy sweet person over an extremely intelligent asshole anyday…for Me it wasnt that he just simpy diasagreed bc of the age like others but he acted as if gay people are pedophiles. Other ppl keep saying we need to respect his opinion..I’m sorry but I don’t respect ignorance or hate. He clearly didnt respect kalia and thought she couldnt possibly have a belief other than his. Plus, the whole why are ppl judging him, blah blah blah….HE IS ON A REALITY SHOW. He chose it, for a 2nd time to be seen almost 24hrs a day and knows whatever he says will be judged and either agreed or disagreed with.

Thanks so much Simon for your posts…everyone else I know that watches BB doesnt do the spoilers so I have noone to talk to haha =)


…..So mi other comment went through before I wanted it to…I was saying how I love jeff before and how I don’t anymore. I still love jordan though. yeah shes ditzy but I’ll take a ditzy sweet person over an extremely intelligent person anyday. also that wasn’t just him saying he disagreed with bc of the little kids [[which I dont agree with but can respect on some level]] but it was about the way he talking as if gay ppl were pedophiles. some ppl keep saying we should respect his opinion but I cant respect ignorance and hateful speech. some ppl are also saying that why are we judging him….hello, HE IS ON A REALITY SHOW, for the SECOND time! He knows he will be filmed for almost 24hrs a day an everything he says ppl with either agree or disagree with. Also he certainly didnt respect kalia’s opinion thinking noone could not share a different opinion than him on that belief.
&&Thanks Simon =) these are now mi little secret addiction now lol…everyone else I know that watches BB dont read spoilers so I have noone else to talk to about it.


oops! I thought half of mi comment went through..sorry!


LOL when Jeff said “Get Outta Heeah” I bet his think Mumba accent came out!! He cracks me up!! Obviously his convo with Kalia got taken out of context. He’s just saying it’s not good to have sex related subjects in a childrens book and that most people that aren’t gay automatically assume gays and sex are in the same sentence.

But what sparks this is not so much Jeff, it’s how this convo got heated and sparked up a subject that’s still hated today by millions of people. America has stigmas & permanent bigotry & sexism inside them because that’s how they’re brought up. With barely over 2 places like New York City & LA being less ignorant towards gays, OTHER places in America are! That’s another reason why America gets laughed at by other countries because America cares about what things they don’t know alot about. Yet there are countries around the world that kill gays and have it illegal to even be gay (some native African places too which I find disgusting since Africans were killed for being black back long ago as slaves now they’re acting all high and mighty killing gays? screw them! pot calling the kettle black. literally!!).


Jeff’s point to Kalia is that a children’s book should be light with no heavy material that’s all. Yet Kalia was playing the gay card just like some people would play the fat card or the racist card or the animal cruelty card, which pissed off Jeff for his point was erased that’s all. And since clearly Jeff is a Talk Show 24/7 and loves getting his opinions across he’s upset ONE person didn’t get his point. Kalia. Kalia is probably the first girl who doesn’t find him smoking hot so his ego is a bit bruised by that. Most gym muscle guy jocks would be bruised by that. But hey most bruised jocks are bruised anyway from shooting up roids in their butt every day… jk hehe


“I don’t think the headmaster in a little kids book which takes place in a locked away magical land be gay” Wait are they talking about Kalia’s book or Michael Jackson?


Plus Kalia could be just using the gay teacher thing to spark public attention to her pending book, so her book can sell millions of copies. Propaganda. you never know when it comes to hidden agendas.


Lewon needs to shave his head or say he’s a rastafarian or musician or wear a hat. Even Whoopi, Milli Vanlli & Kris Kross had better braids.


Lewon looks like a homeless crackhead on crenshaw blvd in LA. Even Whoopi, Milli Vanilli & Kris Kross had better braids. This is Big Brother, sports, active, & hermit living for 3 months, your braids will get effed up! he shoudl have shaved them or wore a permanent hat!

Shave then Rogaine & Hair club then once the scalp is fully grown back, then you braid it. Geeze Lewon. Off with is head!! and his braids first!


Dewon looks like a homeless crackhead on crenshaw blvd in LA. Even Whoopi, Milli Vanilli & Kris Kross had better braids. This is Big Brother, sports, active, & hermit living for 3 months, your braids will get effed up! he shoudl have shaved them or wore a permanent hat!

Shave then Rogaine & Hair club then once the scalp is fully grown back, then you braid it. Geeze Dewon. Off with is head!! and his braids first!


Personally I knew Jeff was a jerk from his earlier season. He doesn’t respect women, I think he is racist and is homophobic. The true reason he didn’t want to deal with Russell is because of race which is the same reason he wants Dominic out the house this season which is the same reason he talks to Kalia like shlt. He talks to Jordan like shlt. Why all the anti-gay comments? I don’t get why America loves this guy so much.

…And as far as Jordan goes, she isn’t as nice as everyone thinks she is. I believe she is pretending to be a good girl for TV, but one thing she isn’t pretending to be is dumb.


Jeff has a D.U.I. from a couple of years ago, Dupage County, IL. Great guy, huh?