Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan lost the Food Comp, She starts bawling calls everyone a floater

3:30pm Jordan and Jeff in havenots Jordan is crying because the house is full of floaters (Funny how jordan of all people is saying this) Jordan says she can’t trust Shelly anymore and she thinks Lawon is like Kevin. She doesn’t feel like anyone in the house is doing anything and once Jeff and rachel are left everyone is going to float to the end. Jordan adds that “they” are all trying to make Rachel look like the one thats causing all the Drama. Jordan calls Porsche useless “All she does is walk around in a bathing suit” Jordan: “I know we can do it we did it last time but I just feel bad” Jeff tries to make her feel better tells her that it’s just the 2 of them they have to just look after themselves.

Jordan says Dani hasn’t done anything in the house she had a golden key in the beginning and all she did was sit around. Jordan goes on and on about how BLANK Dani is and how cocky she it to Jordan and Rachel. Jordan thinks dani has done nothing in this game all she did was tried was concoct a stupid plan to backdoor jeff and it failed now she’s angry at them all.

Jordan is pissed says she can’t trust Shelly anymore can’t trust Lawon. Jordan points out that it’s so obvious that Kalia wanted Jordan to loss the comp. (LOL whats the difference between what you did last night?) Jeff is keeping his cool cool telling her that she’s hit the rough things will get better. Jordan is saying she wants to leave.

Jeff is pissed also but he’s holding it back.. calls the rest of the player int he house “SICK BLANK” he doesn’t want Jordan to talk about her problems to anyone in the house only him they are just in it together now. Jeff says Dani is a evil person outside this house and they need to just relax and enjoy their time here. (no wizard powers for you this year JJ you’ll need to play to win.. i hope)
Jordan mentions that she not going to step foot in the HOH this week nor is she going to talk to Kalia. Jeff thinks she should just keep a cool head about it all.

3:38pm HOH Kalia and Shelly I BLANKyou NOT shelly is giving Kalia the same straight shooter speech she gave JJ week one BLANK AWESOME LOL LOL

Kalia wants a deal for next week with Shelly, shelly accepts tells her that she respects Kalia and wants to play the game with Kalia. Straight shooter feeds her buckets of BLANK about how Kalia is a strong competitor and she’s got Kalia’s back next week. Straight Shooter whats a young person to walk away from this experience and have it change their lives. Straight Shooter continues with buckets upon buckets of steaming liles. Tell Kalia that it’s not about the money it’s an experiment for her she wants to see if the game can be played with integrity and respect.

Kalia explains to Straight shooter that POrsche has no alliance with them they haven’t been trying to get her it’s her own alliance that is puling Porsche out. Kalia mentions that they tried to get Porsche’s vote to save DOm but she wouldn’t do it she was loyal to JJBR and because JJBR thought Porsche was making side deals they are cutting her loose.

Kalia and Shelly start talking about Rachel being the type of person that needs constant validation.. Kalia: “The only person that gives her constant praise and validation was Brendon and now he’s gone” shelly agrees says Rachel has been coming to her lately and she’s done with it she’s not going to stand around playing brendon for Rachel.

Kaila says she won’t cry if Jeff goes home but Jeff is not her target she wants rachel gone.. Shelly mentions that they can’t call her a floater anymore. Kalia never thought she was a floater.

Shelly doesn’t think Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are playing it very smart by saying they are not going to come up to the HOH room this week. (Apparently JJR declared after losing the COMP that they will not visit Kalia in the HOH.. LOL) Shelly suggests to Kalia that they form an alliance DANI, KALIA and SHELLY 3 person alliance to the end. Kalia thinks it might be a plan. (straight shooter shooting Straight) Shelly wants a final 3 with them… Shelly wants to know if Kalia is rich because shelly wants the money to go to someone who needs the money. Kalia swears on her family that she is in need of the money. kalia says her family is well off but she is on her own and barley making ends meet. … Cams switch

(Shelly is one sneaky slimy straight shooter i love it)

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158 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan lost the Food Comp, She starts bawling calls everyone a floater

    1. Every one of the girls in the house have cried and complained. This is the first time this season that Jordan has cried, and right away we get tons of negative comments about her. Unreal! Maybe she’s being overly sensitive because PMS? We females know what thats like…they have to deal with it right in front of the cameras 24/7….think about how hard that is and be a little more simpathetic : )

    2. I think it’s got a lot more to do with slop than anything else. The girl hates it and here she is again. For gosh sakes, don’t give her fish again this week, America. ;)

  1. Oh my god is it just me or is anyone else gaining respect for Shelly I don’t know how she’s done It but she’s lied to everybody in this house and still nobody clues in I don’t get it.. Its amazing she has final 3 deals with everybody in the house and none of them know I can see her making the final 4 atleast now

    1. OM gosh Jordon. She’s doing a Rachael. Kalia needs to talk to Rachael. Ask her if there is anyone that should go up for eviction that has betrayed Kalia. Come on. Just spill Rachael.. You’ll be safe…

      1. My mother always told me that you are who you hang around with. Perfect example. I’m really shocked at jordon’s behavior!

        1. I’m not shocked. It’s not at all her typical behavior but good Lord how many weeks has she been on slop? Plus trying to listen to Rachel all damn day? I’d be crying and bitching, too.

  2. LOL Jeff and Jordan have rachel syndrome now. I wish they would get over themselves. God they were in power for 3 weeks straight. The newbies didnt act nearly as pathetic as they are in terms of attitude.

    1. because Jordon is fake. Just like her fake boobs and her sweetie pie attitude when she is winning but the devil when she is not. You know Rachel is going to lose it, you don’t believe Jordon will, thus, she is worse.

    2. Yah ok….sorry but that’s just a ridiculous statement. Maybe she is being a baby, but she is nothing like Rachel

    3. I agree Rockstar…I never was nor ever will be a fan of Jeff and Jordan. To be honest the hypocrisy of these makes me nauseous. I’m kinda glad to see the game get to her since she comes across as to dumb to care. I really think JJ believe they are better than everyone and her losing brings her down a couple pegs. Vote for Dom to come back….want to see him kick Jeff’s ass out of the house!!

  3. I dont have the feeds and im not sure what exactly has been clarified but is it possible that jordan is extremely upset because the nomination ceremony happened immediately after the have not comp (that might help explain why the feed were out for 3 hours) and jeff and rachel are on the block?!

  4. If Shelly makes it to the final 3 this season I will be shocked. I am already shocked that they are buying her BS. She has a good strategy though I may try it if I ever get on. CSL. Clean smoke and Lie

    1. OMG LOL (that shouldn’t be funny) But… maybe it was to make it look like an accident? ahem~ We expect this bs from Rachel.. but now that Jeff and Jordan are doing it too.. *shrugs* I don’t care which of the 3 go home.

  5. I’m all for Jeff & Jordan but what are they thinking? They’ve been here before, they’ve been down and out worse than this so what is the deal? You can’t just not go up to the HOH, you have to kiss ass, that’s part of the social game. I’m rooting for JJ to stay at least a couple more weeks because they are entertaining on the live feeds but they need to get their heads out of their asses NOW. I hope Rachel goes the hell home and I hope Cassi comes back and we see a feud between her and Dani, that would be awesome!

    1. Watching Jordan fidget with her hair while starring off into space with this blank look on her face is riveting. Your right, they are awesome on the live feeds, NOT.

      1. exactly!!! people love Jordon but she is a waste of BB space. Every once in a while she lets loose and says something funny but those instances are few and far between and honestly, I don’t have that much time.

      2. agree, she’s definitely not as bad as rachel, but she’s been hanging out with her a lot, she’s on slop again, and she’s having pms. i think next week, she’ll be back to being a sweetheart.

  6. what in the world happened at this food comp! Everyone who was in a so called alliance is now running in all different directions! Cant wait till Sunday to watch!

  7. Shelly is a straight shooter and will probably shoot herself straight in the foot when everyone compares notes about her.

    Right Ronnie?

  8. Jordan seems to have a little bit of RacHELLitis.

    Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. I’m gonna eat some worms.

    Psst Jordan… Dani saved your ass last week (had she told KL to vote you out, you’d be gone) and Kalia’s gonna do the same this week for Jeff. You will get what you wanted, to spend the summer with Jeff. So what’s your beef again?

  9. Jeff & Jordan’s TRUE COLORS are shining this season, Rockstar was right about them alll along, people who hated on her for telling the truth needs to apologize.

    1. Agreed. CBS has to be hating the idea of this season. Their most feared duo, half was gone before the first BBAD. Their most hated, well they are living up to the billing. But their most beloved duo are showing us their warts. And I for one, am happy to see it. Nobody is as sweet as they try to sell Jordan as. They won’t show any of this in their CBS show, as they try to maintain JJ’s image, but I have seen enough to know that their critics are and were dead on about JJ, most of us just wasn’t looking closely enough. But this season, they aren’t able to hide their true colors.

  10. Dani must think she has won the game already let’s remember brendon can still get voted back in the game even when rachel is nominated she can still win the veto dani I think has over shot herself this early in the game if she thinks kalia & lawon will continue to win competitions in this game

  11. LMAO at the house meeting to throw grenades at Dani, all the bullying to get people to throw Comps employed by JJ/BR. Its coming to bite them in the ass now.

      1. And…unless Jeff is a HN this week also, she won’t be able to sleep with her honey….I’d be upset too if that’s the case.

    1. Anonymous was right. You need to stop hanging around with Rachel. She is a Virus and start winning challenges. What happen to Jordan I know from BB11? Come on and win.

    1. I lol’ed so hard at this… and now I can only read it in Steve Irwin voice. The deadly Leatherfaced Mamba :)

  12. Thanks Kaila, Now Jeff and Jordan is really pissed. JJ pulled yourself together and fight. don’t let them get to you. Over come the odds and win.

  13. No JJ, keep it together. You’re starting to sound RB!!!!!! I don’t want JJ to win (team Dani!!) but I hope to hell you don’t start having your own “nervous breakdown”, like R pretends to have every two minutes!

    Shelly, Shelly. Shelly! I’ll give this to her, her BOWEL MOVEMENTS are like clock work! You can set your watch to them!! Holy shit!

  14. Clean Smoke Lie! might take her to the half million dollars, if Shelly can win this game she is going into the big brother hall of fame for this gameplay

  15. omg and here I thought Kalia and Dani had finally got things under control, and BOOOM. Of all the people in the house, shnawrly crapshooter Shelly is the last person they should make a deal with… she’s more useless than even lawon, for crying outloud. This is sad, take 1 step forward and 3 steps back.

    1. I agree people are forgetting that when JJBR were sitting pretty they were gloating and looking for people to kiss their butts…now that they aren’t in control it’s this BIG conspiracy. PUH-LEASE…as for Shelly ol girl is either really smart or really dumb!! I don’t know how she is getting away with just playing both sides??? What Kalia needs to do is get Jeff out of there…once he is gone Jordan and Rachel will be good for nothing!!

      1. Everyone is talking about how amazing Shelly’s game is and she will go in big brother’s hall of fame if she wins….SERIOUSLY, you all see she’s playing both sides, running to the power, its only a matter of time before someone calls her out on it then she goes home.

  16. i kind of feel bad for jeff and jordan,they got screwed big time this season,first they come in and have to align with brendon rachel dick daniel,then dick leaves,then daniel flips,then there stuck with bi polar rachel,then shelly and adam stab them in the back at first chance,this is just not there i hope lawon wins and the newbies take out daniel and kalia for karma.thats why the bragade is still the best alliance,they stuck together ,not like these people this season they change every week,there crazy.

  17. Please if there is a big brother god, send Shelly back to the pond she swam out of. Her lips have been kissing so much butt lately, they’ve grown to gianormous proportions..

  18. Jordan hasn’t eaten anything besides pickles in a week, cut her some slack. The Have Not food has been absolutely disgusting, I mean, sardines and seaweed, thats just cruel. She’s probably starving and being emotional. I do not think its fair to say she is like Rachel.

    1. Love I agree with you they should stop feeding Jordan slop for 2 weeks But its part of a game.And if I was living in the Big Brother House and i was on slop for about 3 or 4 weeks I would be going home because i could not sit there and eat slop and die its just not right.You got the Have-not comp. Pov comp.HOH comp.and then someone evicted I MEAN COME ON ITS JUST NOT RIGHT FOR THE HAVE-Not comp to be like everyweek.But like I said its just a game its part of it period end of conversation.

    2. I’m guessing thats why she is very emotional as well,,, her not eatting 4 the week & being a have~not again this week is probably getting to her,,, I know it would get to me as well,,, I’d b crying 2 lolol

    3. yes, she won half a mill and bought her mom a house!!! Lighten up!! If I had to eat slop and couldn’t eat the extra food I would pretty cranky too. Is she supposed to be happy 100%? JJ play a personal game to an extent and I think having to hang with BR showed Jordan at least how fracking nasty people can be. She’ll get over it and I for one am still rooting for those two!

      1. I am hoping Jeff and Jordan come in first and second. Give Jordan a break, the slop gives her horrible gas. Nothing but dill pickles. Dani saying a nasty remark to her, I feel so bad for her. You all are fast to condemn Jordan but not Dani for her hateful remarks. She has some very nasty comments.

  19. Knew that lying, backstabbing, uglyass bitch would be kissin so much azzz & trying to make deals as soon as the power shifted,,, I so hope she finally gets caught & called out on all her (str8 shooting),,,, Ugggggggg

  20. Wow jordan is acting like a sore loser, bitching about people just because she lost a food comp. but none of this will be on tv because jordan is americas sweet heart

  21. Shelly is full of crap! I am a mom and I know that Shelly would NOT be on the show without the possibility of winning the money. Moms like vacations from their kids (like a weekend, not the summer). No GOOD mother leaves their child for the whole summer for ‘an experiment’. This makes ME officially HATE Shelly.
    I personally don’t mind players lying to each other but what Shelly is doing pretty bad.
    OH NO!!! Rachoe is contageous. I did not know that being emotionally unstable was catchy. Jordan stay the F away from Rachoe. Jeff, wake up and get back in the game……please!

    1. I totally agreed! Jeff, Please stay away of Rachel. Same thing to Jordan. Stay away of from Rachel. She is a drama queen.

    2. I agree. I would never leave my dog for the whole summer so leaving your child is punishable by a severe egging in my book.

  22. Len your my new best friend. I agree with absolutely everything you said . Either way Jeff or Rachel get evicted, someone comes back Dom by America , or Brendon due to Production tampering with votes. Then Rachel or Jeff just come back and bit kalia in the ass.

  23. Bring back Cassi or Brendon! I do NOT want to see Dominic back in. I hated Dani when she was with Dominic. Now I kind of like her again. She’s a better player without Dominic! If Dominic comes back in, Dick said it best – she’ll just lay in bed with him and giggle and flirt the whole game and get pissed and emotional when things don’t go their way. I don’t ever want to hear Dani’s winey voice ever again! It killed me in her original season!

    1. Bring back Dom NOT brendon all brendon will do is bully people and take clueless Rachel to the final 2 with here and those fools don’t Desevre to win half a million dollars

    2. I personally think Cassie is above this show. (Sorry bb)
      She is GA GA georgeous and shehas a pretty stunning career going for her.
      I am happy for any of them coming back with one exception for brendumb. Brendumb can come back if rachoe leaves.

  24. Shelly needs to go home LIKE now! She is the ugliest phony bitch I have ever seen.
    Kalia is annoying as all hell
    Both of them just need to go but sadly the cocky Kalia is HOH :(

    I am praying Brendon comes back to shake up the house and get those newbies shitting their pants and running!
    Who needs to go home this week is either Porsche (nothing but a pretty face) , or Shelly , or even Rachel but Brendon NEEDS to come back!
    if the house is just full of floating newbies you can definitely count me out of watching the show because it will be pointless and full of ugly fake ass ANNOYING bitches.

    JJ forever <3 you people are heartless on here who don't like Jeff and Jordan..

    1. its ok for jeff and jordan to back stab people, its ok for them to bitch about other people its ok for them to be sore losers because they’re cute right? I loved jj in season 11 but this year they are both dumb ass floaters.

    2. I liked them two seasons ago when they were likeable. Now they come back in feeling that they are entitled to win. And how dare anyone else be playing the game. Jeff’s attitude sucks this year. And being that dumb is only cute for so long, now its just annoying. Yeah, I am done with these two. Don’t care to see them on my TV anymore. Besides, once you get past their looks, there’s really not much to those two. Pretty boring.

  25. Vote in Cassi or Brendon! I do NOT want to see Dominic come back in the house. I hated Dani when she was with Dominic. Now I kind of like her again. If Dominic comes back in the house (Dick said it the best) she’ll just lay in bed with him and giggle and flirt. Then she’ll get all emotional and pissy when things don’t go their way. She’ll make it personal (even though she denies it). I like hard core robot Dani. She is a much better player without him. And I do not want to hear her winey voice come back out again like it did in her original season! Ugh. CASSI!!!!!

  26. Karma?!! Erm pretty sure Dani tried to turn on her alliance first and then Kalia was hoping to get back into J/J’s graces after lying abt the whole Jeff backdoor plan. Trust me 100%….absolutely no chance that CBS wil allow the couples to be split up this early. Ratings will just dip. Cos Dani has fans but nowhere clost o J/J and being aligned with Kalia who everyone hates will portray them as the “mean girls” – the dark side no pun intended. J/J will stay this week and I bet somehow Rachel does too. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if somehow by some weird wacky thing that Brendon comes back.

    1. Even with the favorable edit I don’t think J/J are that popular this year. It annoys me when people revise history and say the ratings went through the roof because of them…. um no actually the ratings went through the roof when Chima flipped out… then again when Russell flipped out.

  27. why did they put Jeff up they should of put porshe up with rachel but now stupid kalia puts up Jeff which has done nothing to kalia

  28. Wow, rooting against JJ from here on out. This is a perfect senerio where the loss of power effects people. They always say better to not have, then to have and lose it.

    On a good note, we can watch Porche grow bigger another week. If Porch stays being a have, she will be borrowing Kalia clothes.

  29. Floater this floater that.. Shut the hell up saying floater. Dr. Will was he a floater? Furthermore, there is more than one way to play this game. Jordan is greatest “floater” of all time. My god! She ate cookie dough all the way to half a million dollars..

  30. I don’t think its fair to say ‘Jordan already won, she doesn’t deserve to win again’ .. If girl can win once, then make it to the end- she deserves to win! Its a game. If you can play it, you can win it.

    1. I agree. I am not a Jordan fan but, if you play the game twice and they let you get to the end twice and win. Good for you. Sandra from Survivor did it twice and I believe she basically floated to the end both times. Also she was not half as nice as Jordan.

  31. Shelly is going well for all her lying n shit, but it will be back to bite her face off…JUST WATCH

  32. Jordan just spent a week eating pretty much nothing but pickles. Now she is faced with another week of being a Have Not with the option of coconuts and catfish – both of which she does not like – so she is looking at another week of pickles. When you are hungry, your defenses are lower and it is harder to tough it out. Also, the stress of last week and the tensions in the house make things much worse. At least she had most of her meltdown in private. Cut the girl some slack. Nothing she said is any worse than some of the hateful things coming from Kalia and Dani.

  33. Hey, leave her alone. It’s not her fault. Jordan can over come the odds. Just leave her alone. She doing fine. Cut her some slack.

  34. i dont mind shelly lying because i guess at some point everyone does that in the game, but she always says shes a straight shooter and would never ever lie because of her kids and cries about it …shes so fake and 2 faced its disgusting……shes a disgusting person………at least dont use your kids as an excuse….and jeff and jordon have forgotten how they acted when they ahve power and now when they dont theyre literally crying , seriously……id ont think any of the newbies cried ever for not having power….how lame

  35. If Jeff wins the PoV, he will take himself on the block and send Porsche in his place. I will pray that Rachel will go home.

  36. I was going to vote for Cassi but I’m voting for Brenda now. Dani and Kalia are such hypocrites…they’re playing this game on a personal level just like everyone and have taken the bitching and moaning to a whole new level. Come on Dani…get ur head back in the game. Where’s Evel when you need him. I just want Brenda to come back and mess this game up.

    Cassi – I just thot she didn’t have time to show what she could do. You could see she was ready to fight.
    Dom – OMG. Sooooooo overrated. He doesn’t do anything…he did nothing but lay in the hammock with Dani. Boring boring boring.
    Keith – Sorry but he left too early. No chance he gets any votes.
    Brenda – Goodness knows I hate this guy but he’s the only one relevant to the game that will shake up the house. No chance BB takes breaks the couples up this early.

  37. dont do it jeff and jordan win before people like brendon and rachel dont have a job are u serious

    jeff and jordan are not competitors they need people to give them a pov or america’s power please i have no love for jordan…… brendon could of been right there she suppose to leave . i dont care i was going to vote her out to give someone else a chance to win i have no love for them all they want to do is depend on rachel , brendon to drag them to the end

    dick was right they suppose to kick her ass out next they gets no love from me

  38. Crybaby Jordon lovers really need to find something better to do. You had your time a few seasons ago. You will now be stopped from further whining.

  39. Shelly is a dimwit, everybody is on to her dumb CSL, who goes on BB for just the experience??? People are on the show to win MONEY!!! To say otherwise makes you the stupidest player ever. To leave your family that you love so much to experience BB when it seems your job has you traveling places only others can dream of, makes you sound like one selfish Mama.

  40. What is this world coming to when Short Bus Barbie Jordan starts behaving like Rachel? I guess she wants more camera face time since clearly B/R have been hogging all the primetime slots.

    Never fear, CBS will offer both her and Clueless Jeff a lifeline to salve their losing souls.

    BTW, I’m so tired of this ‘floater’ word being thrown around. It’s grating to me like the overuse of the word ‘bully’. I wonder if they pump a special kind of oxygen into the house? All semblance of rational thought seems to dissipate once you within those four walls. Kaila would be a fool to listen to anything Shelly says.

  41. Shelly makes me want to blow chunks! It boils my blood that Kalia and Dani are about to blow an opportunity to get her out

  42. Since I already called Porsche winning Big Brother. I am going to say that Shelly is going to final 2. That woman can connive her ass off. You start being nice, and then you let other people shoot each other while you reap the rewards. Unlike Jordan, she comes off as harmless but also realizes she comes off as harmless and uses it to her full potential.

  43. I believe the BB house is starting to drive people insane, why the hell is Jordan crying how dare she call someone else a floater she floated her ass right to the $500,000 on her season & when are these people going to start comparing Shelly’s stories these are the dumbest group of BB players I’ve ever seen they’re so worried about who’s going up on the block & kissing Kalia’s ass they need to be worrried about Shelly, If Jordan doesn’t want to be there take your ass home on Thursday, hell u don’t need the money anyway & neither does Jeff who’s being a ass this season( but still likeable) & can’t win shit not unless it’s given to him $25,000 america’s favorite his season $10,000 HOH comp prize this season & the stipend they all receive, I forget Porsche & Lawon are even there half the time not to sure about Adam yet & Rachael what a brat when she’s not in power get over yourself!!!! Please Vote anyone back in the BB house except Brendon he’s such a jerk!!!

  44. I still dont get why they never really congratulated Kahlia or went up to the HOH room. Jordan and Kahlia used to be buddy buddy and talk all the time.

    1. Jeff and Jordan did go up and see Kalia’s HOH room and Jordan seemed genuinely happy for her until they left the room. Shelly I believe told Kalia that Jordan was really mad Kalia won. Look, Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel are two-faced sore losers and it doesn’t say much about their character.

  45. Say what we will about Rachel, but when it comes to playing her best game in the challenges, she consistently relies upon her own skills to win each competition. Jordan, by her own admission, even in their first season, has consistently relied upon Jeff to keep her safe. She doesn’t really TRY to win except as a last resort. On physical challenges, she hangs in just long enough so as not to be seriously inconvenienced or have her allies think she is throwing a competition. On mental challenges, she is inconsistent and, again, tends to rely on alliance members to protect her. Jordan is not a bad person, but she has shown herself to be a lazy person. Her southern charm can only carry her so far this time around and she is coming to the realization that the bubble in which she has resided has popped and other houseguests would like to win the grand prize just as much as she and Jeff. Much like Rachel, who carries the “entitlement” virus, Jordan has become infected.

  46. – JJRB –
    (upon walking into a restaurant together on their first night out after they are all released from BB house)

    JJRB (in unison to hostess): ” PITY, party of 4 please.”

  47. Bring back the elf. Jordan to be cheering up. She needs to be happy. Start winning competitons. Start with Rachel first and then Dani next. then Kaila and then Shelly.

  48. shelly reminds me of natalie from j/j’s season shelly will have a rude awakening when she gets out, we all know how it turned out for natalie

  49. JJ are checkers players (if they are lucky enough to get their piece all the way down the board they get King’d with special power)

    Porsche is playing Clue (whodunit and who can I trust not to kill me)

    Lawon is playing Tiddlywinks (wow, look at that piece go)

    Shelly is playing Dominos (hoping that connecting a long enough train will lead her to Mexico)

    Adam is playing Chutes and Ladders (you may find yourself on more slides than ladders by the end of the game)

    Rachel is playing dress up barbie and laid back Ken (set includes bar, stripper pole and wads of miniature dollar bills)

    Kalia is playing Follow the Leader (self explanatory)

    Dani is indeed playing Chess (pay attention to every move until the final checkmate)

    Of course this is just from my personal observations.

  50. You know what the sad thing about Jordan is? By the end of the season no one is going to like her. She’s going to go from the contestant everyone loves to the contestant who fell from her reign. The same exact thing happened in Big Brother UK with Nadia Alamada. She was so bubbly and fun and her personality won everyone over. She won her season (and over there it’s the publics vote, not the housemates that counts), but five years later when she returned to the BB all stars, she got wayyy too competitive and wasn’t the laid back fun girl that everyone knew. Jordan is going to realize that coming back to BB was the worst decision she could have made. :/ Never really been a huge fan of Jeff or his attitude so whatever. He can get evicted before Rachel and I won’t complain.

  51. JJs problem is they came into the game with the wrong attitudes. They came just to spend the summer together and get paid for it. They didn’t come to play the game.

  52. i am not a jordan fan per se, but come on, the poor girl hasn’t eaten in a week and now she can’t eat for another week, that is known to make people depressed and screw with their brain chemistry…it’s diff if you didn’t eat for one week and had the next week to look forward to , but another one, especially when nothing else in the game is going your way and the first time she has actually gotten to spend an actual extended period of time with her boyfriend of two years she realizes he is an emotionally abusive loser !!! i do feel bad for her

    1. If you don’t want slop… Don’t lose the Have Not competition. Fairly simple

      And she has been eating since midnight last night until late this afternoon.

  53. Jeff better the PoV competiton and Backdoor Porsche/Shelly. Keep Rachel on the block. That way Rachel will definitely going home and Dom probably come back.

  54. What’s wrong with you people. JJ is not the perfect people. The only reason they won their season cause everyone else was hated. Please people this is just a game and everyone deserves to win the game. Stop calling people names because you don’t know what these people are about and they will do whatever they have to to win half a million dollars.

  55. The real question is – Who is least intelligent of these 3?

    A. Jordan

    B. Kelli Pickler from American Idol

    C Jessica Simpson

    I personally think it’s to close to call right now. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. I for one can’t stand kalia. I’m hoping Jordan wins pov takes Rachel off and shelly goes up. Jeff gets evicted then faces either dom or brendon. Hope jeff or brendon comes back. Take kalia out followed by lawon. Would love to see a dani,jeff,Rachel final 3. That would make for good feeds and tv.

  57. Jordan won $500,000.already, so what is boo-hooing about. For her to sat that Porshe and Dani don’t do anything in the house, maybe she should look in the mirror some more, because if she’s not saying “and um”, or “like” in everyone of her sentences, she’s playing with her hair. Go home and let someone else win.

  58. I get people lying to others in the house to cover their butts. The fact that Shelly goes out of her way to lie, throw others under the bus, make herself look like the calm rational one in any exchange she’s discussing, and insistence that she’s a straight shooter – is totally disgusting to me. Usually people do that to save their butts as a last resort. She just does it all the time. “I’ll go up and see what they’re saying….” I can’t wait until this implodes.

  59. The stress is just getting to Jordan. Jordan is just upset worrying about the possibility of Jeff leaving. Jordan and Jeff seem like really good people. I hope Jordan or Jeff win.

  60. I am sooooo over Jeff and Jodan!!! And this comes from a person who was a JJ fan in their season…they tlk about how nobody does anything…but what have THEY done? Granted Jor won an HOH, but okay….them in the house with Brenda and Rach this season made me not like them as much…
    And thehey all tlk about Shelly too, but no one calls her out either…I was sayintg syhe gvotta go, but she may need t stay a min and start some more BLANK, THEN when its her time, it will be a unanimous vote lol

  61. People have said it’s PMS coupled with slop, and that’s why Jordan is reacting the way she is. That may have something to do with it. PMS and being on your period can be rough But I just think she wanted to come into the house, spend time with her boyfriend, and have the journey be as easy as possible for her. Her head doesn’t seem that much in the game. I kind of wish Jeff would be sent out of the game and sent home so that Jordan can play the game without him breathing down her neck. The Vets had the worse attitude by coming in their with a sense of entitlement. At this point, I really wouldn’t care if Jordan or Jeff got sent home before Rachel. They all seem to be on the same team anyway this past week. The only concern I would have with Rachel not being evicted this week is that their would be a chance for Brendon to come back in and they be there together. Go Dani!

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