Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that Kalia hasn’t said anything about nominations and that she gets off on having the power. *Updated*

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9am Shelly is awake, she heads to the kitchen makes some coffee and sits at the kitchen table counting things on the wall. Then Shelly starts cleaning the big brother house.

9:35am – 10:15am Shelly and Rachel are in the lounge room talking about how the missing things have something to do with the Have/HaveNot competition. Shelly asks if Brendon took the chess piece. Rachel says no… sometimes people think way too much into this game. They talk about how the Have/Havenot competition will be at around 12pm and then the nominations will be around 4pm. Rachel asks Shelly if she heard anything about who Kalia is putting up. Shelly says that Kalia hasn’t said anything about nominations and that she gets off on having the power. Rachel says whatever ..I’m going up… someone is coming back … maybe it will be me. Shelly says that she thinks she is going up too. Shelly says that it won’t be Jeff or Jordan ..they have some kind of deal ..they’re safe. They talk about the twist. Shelly asks about what Brendon will be doing right now.. Rachel talks about how he’ll be doing interviews and stuff today. Rachel asks Shelly if Kalia nominated Lawon …do you think I would stay or go? Shelly says you would stay. Rachel says what if its me against Porsche? Shelly says I don’t know. Rachel says there is Jeff, Jordan and I would only need one more vote .. Shelly say me. Shelly says we need you here can’t go. Shelly leaves the room. Rachel starts reading the bible. Rachel then goes and gets back into bed in the metal room.
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10:30am – 10:40am All the houseguests are back in bed sleeping.

10:55am Still sleeping…

11am – 11:30am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests ..again.. Adam and Porsche are in the kitchen making breakfast. Jordan heads into the kitchen to make breakfast. Rachel and Shelly are in the bathroom getting ready.. Dani joins them in the kitchen to eat. Kalia comes downstairs. Dani asks Adam if he makes bacon every day? Adam says no .. 5 days a week. Dani asks ..what warrants a non bacon day? Adam says thats a good question.

11:40am – 11:50am Dani and Kalia are in the HOH room talking. Kalia says that she really wants to talk to Shelly ..that somethings are really bothering her and she just needs to ask her… but that she knows she is going to just say what she wants to hear. Dani asks what? Kalia says that she wants to asks about whether she really voted for Dominic. Kalia says that Lawon offered to go up on the block. They talk about how Lawon got angry about being called a floater …and Kalia says that she told him that he needs to do things that show that he’s not a floater. Kalia says that she talked Porsche and said that she would want to be friends with her after and that she is in a good spot within the house. Dani says that Adam is in a good spot too. Kalia talks about how Rachel came up and offered that if Kalia didn’t put her up …she wouldn’t put her up the week after. Kalia says that Rachel said it was set in stone kind of deal. Kalia says she just told Rachel that she still wasn’t sure about what she was going to do… Adam starts yelling telling everyone to come to the living room. All the houseguests gather in the living room. Adam says that as you all know I have been an elf all week.. The others say no …really?! Adam says I want you all to tell me what you liked and didnt like about the elf.. Jeff says he liked most that Adam was no longer here and that there was elf here… Jeff says that there was nothing that he didnt like about the elf.. sometimes he was too cheery and he wanted to choke him. Rachel says that she loved her lap dance. Dani says that she loved his dance… and didn’t like how his costume made him so hot that he had to sleep all the time and he couldnt hang out with them. Shelly says that she loved how well he dealt with having to wear the costume… she says she hates the bells. Jordan says that it will be sad to see the elf go. Adam then does a strip dance out of the elf costume…

11:50am – 12pm Porsche tells Shelly all about how Rachel came up to her and was all bubbly and Porsche told her she didn’t need to be like that around her… and says that Rachel was like WHAAATTT?! Shelly tells her not to get down about it. Porsche says that she told Rachel that she knows that she doesn’t like her. Porsche says that Rachel said I don’t know what you are talking about ..the only person that would say anything about me would be Shelly. Porsche says that Rachel doesn’t know that Shelly told her anything about her. They end their conversation. Meanwhile Dani and Kalia head up to the HOH room. Porsche heads up right after and starts complaining about Rachel. Dani and Kalia talk about how Rachel was crying herself to sleep last night. Kalia says that Porsche is in a good position ..because the other side of the house will try and use you and want to try and work with you. They start talking about their periods. Kalia asks if she has to pick who is a have/have not is it okay if I pick you as a havenot Porsche. Porsche says yeah if you want to lock me in a room with them. Kalia says that she is just thinking of who hasn’t been on it yet. Kalia says that it would probably end up being Porsche, Rachel and Adam. Dani says I don’t think you will have to pick. Kalia says that she really does like Shelly and she wants her here. Kalia says what she wants most is for the newbies to rise up and really play the game. Porsche says just let me know if you are going to nominate me or if I am up for a back dooring. They laugh and ask her if she wants someone to back door her. Rachel comes up and asks what they’re doing? They says that they were just talking about the competition and shooting the shit. Kalia asks if she wants to talk or something? Rachel says no ..just came to hang out. Kalia says well sit down you’re making me nervous. Kalia starts talking about her family.

12:10pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… Looks like the Have/HaveNot competition is happening now…

1:10pm Still TRIVIA..

1:30pm TRIVIA..

1:45pm They’re still competing .. TRIVIA continues..

2:10pm The houseguests have been playing for the Have/HaveNot competition for 2 hours now.. TRIVIA ..

2:30pm ..TRIVIA..

2:45pm Yup, you guessed it .. MORE TRIVIA..

3pm ….Still not back yet..

3:10pm 3 hours now…

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Vote back someone who can take on Jeff or Rachel in an endurance competition… don’t waste your votes on keith or cassie. Dom is your best bet cause Brendumb would throw it to Rachel. Its gonna suck if the Dani fans split the vote between Dom and Cassie and Brendon walks right down the middle. Unite people!!!!


There is NO WAY the competition is gonna be an endurance type of comp, because Julie said it will be during the Live Show, so they won’t have time for an endurance comp. It will either be questions (quiz), or a physical competition (similar to PoV comps). Then will follow the HoH comp which will include the returning houseguest.


I don’t think the comp with the returning person will be a quiz because those that have been already evicted would not know what has gone on in the house since they’ left. On the other hand it could be a quiz about what has happened outside the house (politics, entertainment, etc) since BB13 started because those that have been evited have been sequestered and most likley haven’t had any contact with the outside world.


and you are allowed 10 votes


I tried to register so I could vote and it won;t let me??


really? i did it this morning and it was fine….maybe its busy….just try again tomorrow 🙂


I get why people like Dom. However he is no great competitor. All he did was lay around with Dani. In fact that could ruin her game. She will go right back in showmance mode. Will instantly become instant target. Cassie is the biggist wild card.


Cassi definitely needs to get back in the game. The problem is, she wont because the Dani fans are voting for Dom and the JJ/Brenchel fans are voting for Brenden. My bet is Brenden gets back in the game.


Cassie would cause us to have better TV because Dani and Rachel do not like her.
Dom and Dani just lay under the covers and do some super whispering that you
cannot hear. Brendon you have the drama because of Jeff and Dani.


voting cassi back is a waste why: she is cool with “not so straight shooter”, any one who can help shelly stay in the game longer is not getting my vote, why sabatoe is a waste” because we had a season and a half of brenchel already and who wants to see more of that trash, keith is a waste he could redeem his comps performance but his social game will probably always suck, dom gets 10 of my votes because he will side with dani, it will piss off JJ and more importantly Rachel will have another big meltdown and probably go bezerk

Eric CA

Why worry about endurance comp and… Jeff or Rachel?

Men of Jeff and Brendon’s muscle strength and size generally suck at endurance. They have no stationary lasting power. their advantage is physical competition which requires aim or bulling your way through it. Rachel’s huge disadvantage in comparison to Dani, is probably the first thing Brendon liked about her… those big fake boobs. Fake boobs like hers can cause back problems. She has to support that awkward disproportionate weight for long periods of time… she will fall.

Where Dani has a more aerodynamic figure. She can last for the hours necessary on endurance much easier. Couple that with her determination. Endurance win. The advantage to Jeff is comps requiring upper body strength.


You are correct Eric. I have noticed that the buff men never do well in the comps. The small people like Dani do very well
on the endurance comps. When it is endurance you know a small person is gong to win.


not entirely ED won his endurance didnt he and he was no small person his first season


all 10 of my votes wete to Dom……


Same here, any other choice and I would be as dumb as the Brenchel fans out there. Cassi brings nothing back to the game but eye candy. Keith, pfft. And Brendan, really?!? Like the collective IQ of America needs to be lowered any further by being subjected to another minute of Brendan in the BB house. Dom is the only choice. Besides, Brendan took Rachel off the block to get away from her for 6 weeks to get his Skype on.


Ugh don’t vote for the little nsync turd


Dom doesnt deserve a chance to come back into the game just for his sheer stupidity in throwing the POV comp while up on the block. Please! As annoying as Brendan is he adds drama and comic relief to the show.


Oh man the worst that could happen is that majority of the votes get split between Dom and Cassi and somehow Brendon squeezes through.
Anyways Dom X 10


Interesting week yo!



I’ll YO! to that





Yeah, It will cool if Brendon throw the competiton for Rachel. Nice but not that close. America will vote for Dom and he will probably be in final four with Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly.

Rachel Is Boy George

great picture of Rachel, man she is a nutcase


Rachel needs to grow up and look in the mirror. It’s funny how she’s always saying “everyone hates me and I don’t know why” and “everyone is so mean to me”. Why does she feel it’s OK for her to be mean and obnoxious to everyone in the house but that it’s not right for them to do it to her? Like I said, “She should look in the mirror”. I hope she taped all the shows so when she goes home she can take a long hard look at herself. All her crying is just to get sympathy.

Vote Cassie

“Look in the mirror”? That’s all she does!


Barb – watch this video the Rachel/Ragan fight last year – he says alot of stuff that she should’ve really taken to heart and listened to..he’s quick on his feet too! I wish I could verbally smackdown someone like this


Wowsa!! I forgot all about this scene. I wish we could vote to bring back Ragan this week, if only to have him tell Rachel the truth about her again. Props to Ragan!!


Funny ass shit


hahahahahhahahahahahhahah greatness


OMG! What a great smack down! Thanks for sharing.


Personally I’m sick of Rachel n Brendon saying they hate floaters and how much they are better than everyone else. If u think winning from day one is a strategy ur freaking retarded. Winning eequals bigger target, bigger target equals jury house. Point blank, floating is the smartest strategy as long as Rachel aint playing. Porche and Danny link up final two. Print it

Dark Horse

I cannot stand Shelly….
wish someone would ‘straight shoot’ her ass out the door…

I remember the first day of BB she said she was no ones mother and not cleaning up after no one…
I won’t miss the maid…

Dark Horse

It sucks that you have to log into CBS to vote…
back in the day I would vote 30 times in about 15 minutes…All Star Season


I’m in the minority lol I’m team JJ and Dani, I kinda wish Dani would have formed an alliance with her Dom, and JJ, the downside would be that JJ suck at winning comps. I voted twice for Dom and once for Cassidy cause she’s purrty


Well it can still happen 🙂 and you have 7 votes left. lol


Cassi*** stupid iPhone


Brendon is a douche-bag, nuff said! Cassie was nice, and nice to look at, but had no game at all! Keith was not around enough to know if he had game. Dom on the other hand actually won a POV and played the game well. He NEEDS to comeback over the other 3.


He also threw a pov…he should not come back.


I wanna YO to Team Dani too!



dark horse

i feel the same way with shelly i just cant wait for her to go

Dark Horse

I kinda hope everything blows up in her face before she does go
talk about floater – LOL Shelly has to be the biggest one…


Couldn’t agree more. I’d love to see Shelly called out for being a two-faced, backstabbing liar before she gets the boot.


If anyone gets off on having the power – it’s Rachel. On BBAD last night Kalia actually seemed pretty cool to me.

The Meow Meow

YO, what the hell is Leatherface (Shelly) reading the bible for?


..don’t you know? The Devil is a fan of scripture too.


The devil is actually in that book too, maybe finding out how it all ends???

Dark Horse

LOL @ leatherface

I guess Beef Jerky could be very fitting too…

A Nono Moose

Shelly was probably a hotty in her day, maybe she even modeled. I can see it in her face & her stature. Shes just the worst for wear, the smoking & time in he sun. All that other stuff, shes just playing the game the best she can but dont think she needs the money altho who cant use $50k or $500k. Hopefully a broke-ass newby will win.
Voting for Cassi to return by the way…


Dani already won $50,000. Everyone seems to forget that.

The Meow Meow

Haha or David Spade… Shelly looks alot like David Spade..


This quote right here defines exactly why I’ve said the things I’ve said about Rachel and what I call ‘titty dancer mentality’ (and you don’t have to be an actual titty dancer to have that mentality).

Rachel says whatever ..I’m going up… someone is coming back … maybe it will be me.

Her first response isn’t ‘maybe Brendon can come back’. Do I really need to say any more here?


Ya, she missed him for all of two minutes. Good point; she didn’t skip a beat when it came to saying “maybe it will be me” coming back. So much for missing her “fiancé”, and wanting him back. She showed her true colours with that line.


Exactly!!! Thank you!!!:)


They don’t know the twist is someone Already evicted has a chance to come in Julie only said thenext evicted house guest has a chance


An added note: For all the ‘how can you say those things about R, can’t you see she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown’ people, my my my, hasn’t she made a miraculous recovery (ever since her nervous breakdown enabler got the boot)!!! The reason for R’s over-the-top outbursts in the house was due to B being in there with her, and he being a mollycoddling enabler for her childish behaviour. Watch the live feeds now that he’s gone; she’s able to control her emotions just fine … if she wants to and,…. if she knows there’s no one there (B) to put up with her shit. Nervous breakdown my ass!

Rachel's shrink

I’m surprised Shelly hasn’t been called out on all her lies. In any given situation, it’s almost better than 50/50 that she will lie rather than tell the truth.
I wonder if she conducts herself like this in the business world? It sure does seem to come natural to her.


I want Dom or Cassi to come back and align with Dani.


Cassi won’t align with Dani. What is so hard about this to understand, yet I see people post this all the time. As a Dani fan I would like that as well, but I base things in reality. And Cassi would be useless to Dani’s cause if brought back in, if not hurt her cause. Only one that would work with Dani is Dom. So if your a Dani fan, Dom is who you should be voting for. My fear is that he will hurt her game, but if she don’t some more help, her game could end in a couple of weeks.

Cassi is easy on the eyes, and I get that, but google her for your beat off material and let’s bring back someone that can and has won a comp. And leave the garbage that was most recently evicted to his skyping pleasures.


if cassi comes back she will align with shelly or maybe JJ. bring back dom!


Just hearing that phony bitch shelly talk, makes my ears bleed 🙁


does anyone remember when shelly and porsche was talking in the purple room and porshe said if she won hoh she would put up kailia

i think kailia could put up rachel , porsche with rachel coming off jeff replacement porsche leaves and brendon comes back lol

Dark Horse

I remember

I think Kalia will put up Rachel & Porsche…if Rachel wins POV then put up Shelly as replacement


I hope Rachel gets her shit together and realizes Brendon brings out the worst in others. I want to see Vegas Rachel that is always in a drunkin bliss laughing annoying the other house guests. hey thats a good strategy for her get drunk and laugh. The other people who’d be drove out of the house. She kind of reminds me of the joker if he were an ugly female.


I am not sure why everyone is so set for Dom to come back in the game! All he will do is lay around with Dani! Doesn’t anyone remember her season?? The only way Dani got her head in the game was when ED got rid of Nick! Dani does not need someone taking her mind off the game. Vote Cassi back in and let her beat Rachel in the competition and Rachel will have to live with the fact that Cassi took her out . She can dwell on it for the next 6 weeks!!!

I don’t like Dani anyway, so maybe having Dom in the game would be good. He is just a naive lttle boy and Dani loves being able to mold him just the way she wants him. Just like she will do with Lalia and Lawon. She doesn’t care about any of them, don’t let her fool you!


At least Dani had the desire and ability to take on the power couples – don’t understand why people dislike her so much. She’s playing to win unlike some of the other house guests.


I think Dani has a solid fan base much like JJ and BR.
JJ fans are still very strong but I think they are slipping especially with the feed watchers (still the TV watchers are the majority and they LOVE JJ)
Brendon may have gained some more fans
Adam probably has lost all his feed fans (TV fans probably still love him)
Rachel is probably holding
(this is just from reading comments on this site and polling data fro various other blogs)
End world Hungry Vote DOM


No, I don’t think Adam has a lot of tv fans either because he isn’t doing anything. The only time he is even showcased was when Julie spoke to him. You don’t even know he is there. Same with Porscha


I forget Porsche is even there too…


Yeah, Adam is pretty much a wallflower. As Cruddy he stood out a bit more, but without the suit, he blends back into the furniture. Aside from the occassional one liner, he’s pretty much non-existant.

Karen S

Simon, I didn’t care for Danielle before this season. I liked Jordan.. but not Jeff.
I have seen Danielle be very smart in this game. Power move too soon? No.. I think she called
JJ/BR out on where she stood in their alliance.. basically there wasn’t any. I’m angered by all
the crap coming out of Jeff, Jordan and Rachel’s mouth over the last week or so. I’m really disappointed
in Jordan.. naive’ or not.. I think it’s game over for her and the loss of a bunch of fans. IMO!
Can’t stand Shelly’s game.. running back and forth like a child as well.. telling what everyone else is doing/saying.
I’m not sure she’s lied except the whole voting Dominic out. But she does know how to spin things up by pitting the
other house guests against each other. No wonder there is so much paranoia in the house.. she’s created it.
This is the only reason I do not want Cassi back in the house.. it will strengthen Shelly.
I’m really hoping Kalia will put Rachel and Shelly up together.. and everything comes out. It would be in Rachel’s best interest
to let that cat out of the bag. ta da~


Vote for Cassi. Dom is a bore. So overrated. As for Dani, I think no one likes the way she twists reality to suit herself. It’s the hypocrisy really that rubs ppl the wrong way. Everyone does it in the house but Dani thinks she doesn’t. I think this holier than thou attitude puts ppl off. Personally I loved the Donatos and Evel is probably my fav winner. But I was never a huge fan of the way Dani treated Evel during her season. Granted she was young, immature and carrying a lot of baggage. At the end of the day, she’s really not as good a player as she thinks she is. Having said that I do want her to go far but not with Dom returning. He’d mess up her game cos of two reasons…at once you have a power pairing and secondly, they’re going to hammock it up again and not really do anything. Cassi is my vote and everyone I know is voting for her too.


You don’t like Dani because of the way you THOUGHT she treated her father in their season? His name is Evil Dick!!!! His whole life is BB now-can you imagine how her childhood was? He just wanted sympathy from fans and houseguests-“oh gee-i don’t know WHY Dani is acting this way”! Jeez-give the girl a break! She has been classy enough to keep HER mouth on the subject.


Erm yeah…I called a spade a spade. You don’t know anything about their relationship either. Only what they portrayed in the house. And I was stating facts. Sp I have to like someone cos they’re whiny, self-absorbed and constantly blaming their dad for everything that went wrong. These are facts. Not something I think! She’s matured now and I actually think she’s the only interesting thing going on right now. You can have ur opinion but grow up and learn that other people have their’s too.


I like Dani. This season was looking pretty dull until she stirred things up.


Just by the numbers, Rachel has a better track record for winning comps by far than Cassi. What if Rachel sends Cassi home twice?

Just sayin…


Damn that’s what Brendan sees when he first wakes up. No wonder he’s out there skyping.


lol…that is funny!!!!!!!!

Dark Horse

LOL – he needs to skype a good looking girl before jumping in bed with boy george…

I’m not hating, really, but Rachel is NOT attractive at all…along with her attitude, annoying voice and circus sized tits…makes her down right ugly…




Rachel looks like sh*t in that picture.

Shelly needs to stop lying to herself and stop saying she’s an honest person.

If Dom comes back, it will make things interesting. JJRS vs DDKL with Porsche and Adam in the middle. I’d like to see how it unfolds.


That’s wrong… you’ve got one too many letters on the right side. One of them would be gone for Dom to come back. Even if the fans vote him back in, he has to FIGHT FOR IT!


Whomever loses the 1 on 1 goes home, not JH. My vote is Dom. Beat Rach, Brenchel can go away for good. GET SOME HELP!


Before everyone says so and so are going to beat this person you don’t know what the battle is. If it’s a puzzle do really think Jeff or Jordan will be amazing at. Rachel maybe J/J no. Plus we never really saw if Cassi was a competitor or not.

Dark Horse

I agree
I think the sequestered people are going to fight hard…we already know that Brendon will
I think the long sequestered ppl are thinking of going balls to the wall for a 2nd chance…


can rachel count? 6 people voting…she needs 4 votes…not 3. But that aside. VOTE DOM!!!!! He’s the only one competitive enough to beat anyone who leaves this week. Though i do love cassie.


Got my votes in for Dom but, if I thought Cassie could win, I would have voted for her …. If only to watch R squirm!!

Dark Horse

I have a feeling that Rachel will win the POV too…
If so, no biggie as long as Shelly or Porsche leave…
I think they both would not win against any of them in a comp to return


O.K. Right now all the houseguests know is that the next evicted one has a chance to re-enter the house. They don’t know about an already evicted houseguest competing against the evicted one. They only got half the story. So, Rachel can’t be held accountable for saying what she did about “Maybe I’ll come back”, She and the rest of them don’t know the other part of the twist. I WILL say that she seems to have recovered well, after Brendan’s departure. So perhaps it WAS all an act. Whatever the case, I HOPE Brendan comes back in (it keeps things stirred up and , thereby,
lively and interesting. Dom will canoodle with Dani and there won’t be anything interesting going on with him back in the house. I think he’ll hurt Dani’s game, she seems distracted when he’s around.

Kalia really surprised me yesterday — she nailed that HOH competition! Floater no longer! I wouldn’t mind if she won in the end.


Shelly is always cleaning, but those bedrooms always look a mess.


I hope Khalia thinks for herself and doesn’t let Dani talk her into things. And J/J need to wake up today and work some magic.


Kalia should put up Jordan and Rachel with Jeff going up if either is taken down. I would be suprised if Jeff or Jordan were able to win against either Dom or Cassi – whichever gets chosen.


Kalia made an agreement with Jordan (Week 2?) that they would not put each other up.. I think Kalia will stick to that. This is why it was so odd how Jordan reacted yesterday after Kalia won HOH.. IMOO Kalia needs to put Jeff and Rachel up then slap Shelly up as a replacement vote if it’s needed.

I watch bbad and Kalia told Dani she wanted to put Rachel and Jeff on the block


I think Jordan instinctively knew Jeff would be going up.


I don’t think it’s odd at all that Jordan wasn’t happy. Kalia’s been lying all game and she’s been up Dani’s butt the last week so it’s legit reaction. Besides, she knew the deal didn’t pertain to Jeff.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Rachel starts reading the bible.

Good Idea, she needs Jesus, but I doubt he will hear her whining, might want to say HEEEEEYYYYYYYYY GEEEZUZ


God hates floaters too. Look at Noah’s Ark. Rachel should fit right in.



ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Yea Noah was pretty crazy too, all them animals, Rachel will fit right in.


My favorite comment EVER!!!!!!!!!! so witty and well-said




I cant stand that Rachel sits there all day, and wonders why people hate her. You would think she would learn from last season, but I guess not. She came in the house being a b*tch, the first words out of her mouth were “guess who’s back b*tches. and she didnt think that would put a target on her and Brendon. Also, everybody dont be stupid please dont vote Brendon back in my luck they will get rid of Rachel and then the douchbag will come walking back in. Vote for Dom, let Dani lay around and play kissy face with him and get distracted from her game. Go team JJ.


while I agree with her sitting around crying when she isn’t winning, I’m not on Team JJ at all.


I agree. I am not a Cassi fan. She creeps me out with her psycho eyes.


She sooo creeps me out! And have some respect for the vets. You’re just a newbie. Try to play the game and you got played. hahah She looks angry all of the time too.


The newbie’s suck at comps and we all know that winning is what makes this game exciting. Without it, it’s just going downhill fast. The newbie’s lack of respect and delusion that they can win over ppl that have been in the game before is really lame. Anyone who’d played even one comp has more experience than any newbie and because of that, they should show some respect. The game would be more fun if they’d just win something, but because they can’t, sans Kaila, it’s so pathetic to watch them talk about the vets like trash, when they, the newbie’s, have 0 wins under their belt. Where do they get off doing that? None of them look super competitive. They all look like babies and it’s so booring watching them compete, except for Porsche. They are terrible. They should have pre-competitions before letting anyone in the house. Their lack of athleticism and brains is really boring.


With the developing storylines, I’m very surprised that BB went with a viewers vote in determining the returning evictee to face next wk’s evictee. Just for the sake of drama, I’d have a straight 5 way comp that favored Brendon….something physical like last yr and obviously have him return. Look I can’t stand Rachel and Brendon. They make me want to barf with their lovey dovey antics but you need antagonists in any show. The power is so far on Dani’s side now that we’ll prob see Rachel or Jeff leave which will kill the show in my opinion. Dani will be favorite to win the 500K…in fact, the game will be her’s to loose. I bet we’ll see some wacky twist this week. I would not be at all surprised if we saw a diamond veto this week in a POV comp that is physical and will favor Jeff. The plot thickens.


something physical will not favour Jeff in any way. He had no game in his season. He was given a power by girls with a crush. He can’t even spell.


A five way comp is great idea much more fun than the vote. I really hope Rachel stays for entertainment value this seasons new cast is soooo dull Usually i would want a new player since everyone else had their chance but I am not a big fan of this casting


I had a nightmare last night that Shelly and her lips were chasing me. I was all skerd.


LMAO!!!!! Thanks for that one!


when shelly does that kiss thing at voting, I always think she’s about to suck on her fingers. She hesitates like she forgets where her mouth is. Is kinda disgusting if they would zoom in and play it in slow motion. Leatherface soft porn (mouth vomit)


I think that’s for her husband and daughter.


I assumed it was for her husband and her daughter but that still doesn’t take it out of my mind and when I lay down all cosy in my bed and start snoozing away, I do not want Shelly haunting me with those gross dry leathery lipsticked ass lips.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I’m gonna love hearing rachel make another pathetic excuse about someone playing personal with Kalia, as much shit they was talking about her before she event strike back? Her nomination speech should be the best of the season.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Holy shit! Now that’s funny!!!!!!!!! Thanks for that!!!!!!


My newest thoughts on the remaining houseguests, and I’m not afraid to get trivial here:

Kalia- I’d rather get a pap smear with a rusty spoon than listen to her talk most days. Most everything she does socially annoys the shit out of me, but I have to admit that her game is improving in my eyes.

Jeff- not the Jeff I once adored and rooted for. This new Jeff has let way too much stuff go to his head, and none of that new stuff has made him any smarter. This Jeff I want to kick in the nuts more than root for.

Lawon- Still too much of a cliche, plus he straight up weirds me out with that stare of his when he’s listening to other people and constantly agreeing with them. Overall, about as interesting to me in this game so far as day old slop. I was hoping for more from him at this point.

Shelly- Meg Ryan meets Charlize Theron playing serial killer Aileen Wournos in the movie Monster. Her game is working so far, though some are wise to her, yet nobody’s really doing anything about it. Every time I watch her on BBAD, I can’t help but feel like somebody just tried to sell me a piece of shit used car. Of all the seasons I’ve visited this site, I have to say the nickname Straight Shooter is the most fitting and brilliant I’ve seen here, laugh every time I read it here:)

Daniele- Not her dad, but hopefully just enough of him’s in her to keep her around a little longer.

Rachel- Rachel Reilly= Rachel, … really? I was fooled for awhile there by the heartfelt posts here by Rachel fans who seemed hurt that so many people hated her, felt awkward and guilty a little when she had her breakdown, but fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, etc. This girl is a trainwreck who pretends to desperately not want to be when in the long run, she’ll never give her dysfunction up. She’s smart, a great competitor, but in life and on this show, her social and personal issues will always sabotage her and make sure that her future will involve a stage, a DJ, singles, and a pole a hell of alot more than it will involve her contributing to society in any kind of selfless way. Also, and this is just trivial on my part, but I’m sick of watching her shove dried seaweed in her mouth continually.

Adam- I still love bacon, but team bacon can’t possibly expect to continue the fence-riding and jolly elf-dancing comic relief that’s gotten him through this far. I never realized this before, but I had no idea bacon had the ability to float so well, and so long;) And do I understand correctly that this guy just turned 40 this week???????????? 40???? Damn, someone remind me to stop smoking, and SOON.

Jordan- I cheered out loud in my living room when this woman won her season of Big Brother, I loved her so much. Now I just watch her and fight wanting to punch her in the jugular every time she pulls at and adjusts her bangs while staring blankly as if her hand is a flat iron (hell, maybe she thinks it is, forgot there’s not an actual flat iron in her hands). I also often wonder what city in the state of Canada she’s planning on visiting once all of this is over. I’m guessing that if you ask her that question, she’ll probably say ‘Bermuda’.

Porche/Porsche- She was pretty non-existant to me previously, much like Jeff described her, but I have to say I’m actually seeing some strategy come out of this girl now. I don’t know if it’ll work for her, but it’s nice to for once not just equate her with the bugs the other houseguests find and pay attention to in the backyard on occasion.

I feel like I’m forgetting someone, but sadly, I think I covered them all;)


Very good analogy of the HGs and how we all fel about them this season. Well said, kudos.

I too laugh at the Straight Shooter nickname, although when it enters my mind, the empasis sounds more like Straight Shoot Her.


Nicely done.. thanks for posting that


I think the difference between me and most bb fans is that the majority hate brenchel, but want them on the show because they’re seen as “villains.” i don’t see them as villains, i see them as an exhaustingly annoying couple of whining hypocrites and instead of anxiously awaiting their comeuppance like most, i would rather they just disappear from the show with no explanation.


WOW, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care where they go, just go the hell away already. Its not good TV anymore than nails scratching a chalkboard is a good sound.


This is a new comp, 1on1 for BB. Have a feeling it will be slightly physical puzzle of some kind. This would favor Rach.


Can someone please tell me when Jeff told Jordan to shut up? stfu? in front of everyone?? I watch after dark and did not see it. Is there a link so that I can see if for myself?


I watch BBAD and it wasn’t on there so it must have aired on 24hr live feed during time period that BBAD (12am-3am or 1am-4am) doesn’t cover. I wish I had seen it as well. Maybe YouTube will have it.


It was during that big kitchen discussion/fight where everyone was involved. The one Jeff got together because he wanted to get to the bottom of why people (Dani) tried to backdoor him. I don’t know if it’s on youtube. If you have the feeds then maybe you can look back for that post or someone else can find you the day/time to roll back to.


I’ve bee avoiding temptation of getting live feeds. BBAD & regular (Sun, Wed, Thur) air time of BB has consumed enough of my time this summer as it is. I’ll have to wait until someone puts in on YouTube.


I hope Dom gets to come back. I think it will definitely be between him and Cassi to get America’s vote. I don’t want Cassi back, because she is close with Shelly. Also she started to get close with Jordan before she left. That would be just another person on their side.


Vote Brendon back in!


I second that. I’d rather watch paint dry then listen to Oompa Loompa Kaila and weird Dani talk. Cassi and Dom freak me out too. Dom thought he was the S*it with his speech, but where do you get off calling people spineless jellyfish, when you’ve been in that house all of 5 minutes of your life. Arrogant !


what are they doing now? Man… I wish my work didn’t block the feeds but then I would be REALLY unproductive.


Brendon will be going back on…why voting is rigged just like how kalia won hoh, she answered before julie read the question!!!!


Simon, CBS seriously needs to hire you as an advisor.


I agree!


I don’t like Shelly because she says and repeats on national TV: “I am a mom, I don’t lie, I have a kid, I miss my kid” and she lies out of her a** every millisecond. I’d have respected her game play if she didn’t use the Mommy card as if it should allow her an immunity blanket. She’s a friggin’ liar and she has no self-respect whatsoever. I get it if someone tries to numb the other players and the viewers by saying “I don’t lie, I’m a straight shooter”; “hey, who could be dumb enough to believe a BB player spitting out such platitudes?” However, when you say: “I don’t lie because I’m a mom and I told my kid to never lie” and you shed some tears on top of that, well you’re just a friggin’ snake who has no shame in using her daughter to advance her game. So yeah, I can’t way to see her be sent home!