Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan: “Lets keep Cassi” Jeff “It’ll be you, me, Dom, Cassi and SHelly against the house”

RACHEL got SLOP for 2 weeks in the POV COMP

4:47pm HOH Jeff and Jordan Jordan tells him she’s going to hang out for awhile and maybe have one glass of wine but she really doesn’t feel like hanging out with Rachel tonight. Jeff: :yeah I really think you and Cassi would of bonded” Jordan: “I know I like her she’s …… normal like us” Jordan starts to impersonate Rachel a bit. Jordan brings up how weird it is that rachel doesn’t want any pretty girls in the house because of her Fiance.. Jeff agrees that it’s very BLANK up. Jordan: “She needs to check her reltionship if she’s going to be so insecure about it” Jeff: “So fellas YEAH does your girlfriend got the butt hell yeah”.. Jordan wonders if maybe she should of talked to Dom last night.. Jeff doesn’t think it’s a big deal “It is what it is… argh I hate it when people say it’s what losers say.. if Adam flips again man i dunno i’m going to flip”.

Jordan: “Why are we trusting Adam when he’s flipped on us again”
Jeff the whole house was rattled and I knew we needed the numbers.
Jeff thinks this is really BLANK that Dom won because if Cassi was left in the house she would keep Jordan occupied plus she would go after Rachel and Dom. Jordan says she’s just going to talk to Cassi and tell her that
Jeff is finding it strange that everyone in their alliance has a BLANK when her and Jeff start talking to other people but rachel talks to Por all the time.
Jeff says that if they put up Kalia and Lawon the entire house will turn on them, “It’ll be you, me, Dom, cassi and SHelly”
Jordan: “Dom will go with us over them” Jeff completely agrees.. he adds that it’s a good idea to throw on the table. Jeff says he’s positive that Brenchel are keeping por around because she will vote with them further in the game. Jeff is getting pissed at Rachel and brendon they are starting to do these sneaky side deals.
Jordan: “If porsche is in here longer than us i’ll be mad”

(PRODUCTION calls Brendon and Rachel to the DR)
Jeff: “WHAT they’re going to get B/R side of the story first”
Jordan starts to impersonate Rachel, jeff tells her to keep her voice down.
Dani joins them tells them that PT (AKA part time AKA Dom AKA dominic) is going to make a deal with JJ that he will not put up JJ in return Dom will be safe and if he does get put up again Adam goes home.
Jeff asks dani if everything is cool with B/R, Dani says it is rachel has calmed down. Dani says that Rachel just get’s so into it when she’s in comps. Jeff can understand that he gets super competitive to. Jeff points out that Rachel’s “social Game” is taking a nose dive in a big way. Jordan brings up what Rachel said after the elimination and how unnecessary that is. Dani: “She needs to shut her mouth”

They start talking about Por and how annoying she is. Jeff I don’t want to hear anything that comes from Por not a single word. Jeff: “I know it’s not nice to say but I don’t even want to hear her voice” (Jeff covers his ears)

5:20pm Rachel and POrsche POrsche is saying that Cassi is getting way to close to Jordan that is a big reason why they need to get her out. They start talkign about Shelly and when Cassi leaves they need to start cutting deals with her. Rachel says they will offer her the golden key in return Shelly will not put any of them up the first week after the golden keys are finished. Porsche says she over heard people talking about Adan being America’s player but she doesn’t think so Rachel agrees says he’s too stupid to be that. Rachel thinks it’s Cassi because she was pushing so hard for Keith to stay it seemed weird. POrsche brings up that she doesn’t know who all voted for her she’s missing one person and think it might be Adam. She continues that maybe Adam is America’s player and america voted her back in. Rachel isn’t sure that is what happened they would of told the houseguests if there was a twist like that.

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Uncle Cool

Dom has a big decision to make.


J/J are hypocrites..They talk about B/R doing side deals when Jordan had Cassi in the HOH room talking for hours after calling her dumb last week…Everything was fine with the Vets, now all of a sudden J/J hate B/R because Rachel whats to put up Cassi, BUT J/J what to keep to make a side deal…lol why would Dom want to side with them after being put up by them..


Not true Rachel got a big mouth and dont know how to shut it


This house is full of hypocrites. But if j/j get another perfect edit on sundy imma be pissed. Stop manipulating the game Allison


Talk about hypocritical! Rachel just said that Cassi needs to go because she is getting way to close to Jordan but it’s ok for Rachel to be close to Por! so why can Rachel get close to someone and Jordan can’t?


To be fair when you befriend Porche everyone knows what your getting and that is absolutely nothing. She has no idea how to play the game, but when you talk to Cassi it spells trouble because she has been with the newbs and has never talked to Jordan, plus she plays the game a lot better then Porche.

On this board it will seem like a like Rachel, but I don’t hate or like Rachel and I think everyone who hates her lose their objectivity.



Can't stand it anymore

Ok BB I can’t stand your show anymore. Do you really think bringing back Rachel would bring ratings? I cant take it anymore. You have now lost 5 viewers. All my friends have had it. We can’t even look at Rachel or hear her voice. What were you thinking? You see the ratings keep going down don’t you! Get Rachel and her man out and maybe your ratings will go back up.


Why does Rachel want Cassi to go home cuz she is jealous of her.


Big Brother 13:Rigged for Your Displeasure



chick from louisiana

Why are J&J so scared to just put Brendon and Rachel up? Why let these two idiots run the house? Get them out early and start working the house after. Rachel is gonna end up with all the power again and J&J are gonna get screwed.


Couldn’t agree more! Didn’t like Rachel last season, and still don’t!

chief c



I agree with you 100% I guess people from Mississippi and Louisiana think alike

chick from louisiana



Yes please Jordan put up Lawon, no offense to him but he just brings nothin to the table. I really wanna see a Team Dom/Cassi/Jeff/Jordan Yo!


AND DANI! Dani’s getting super annoyed with Rachel too.
Or even better, JJ should backdoor either Rachel or Brendon and bring Lawon to their side too.


wow, i can totally understand why JJ want to separate from BR but to try to align with Cassi! i mean they should know that they shouldn’t trust her as far as they can throw her. Good for Cassi, bc her social game seems to be working but to me, she is the most overtly shifty person in the house and will only look out for herself. But she isn’t really hiding that fact, so if noone sees it and acts accordingly, she deserves to stay. But really, JJ are being so stupid all of a sudden. it’s like a different kind of emotional game play.


JJ are forgetting that during the early weeks most ppl vote with the house. If they put BR up, Rach will go. She only has Buick and Oprah to vote for her. They need to start cutting deals with newbies NOW! Jeff is not likely to get Hoh next week.

chick from louisiana

LMAO, Buick and Oprah….. Too funny

chief c

so funny


I’m hoping Jordan puts R/B up and she is thinking of back dooring them and Rachel is sent home. I can’t stand either one of them but it would be wonderful if Rachel got voted off the show. This way she could not even be a part of anything more with the show except to come back when the winner is announced. The only thing I don’t like is Brendon would get a gold key but then be voted out probably. Rachel is ruining the show with all her BS!!!


Evict needledick. Rachel will not be able to compete until key twist is done. By then everyone will want to get rid of her, and she gets sent to jury house while Brendon is all alone with a skype connection on the outside.


so do Jordumb and J have to put up another couple right?


Jeff…Needs to think about what he said. Dani and Porsche can’t play. If Jordan puts up Brendon and Rachel,both are taken out for two weeks. That leaves Jeff,Jordan,Cassi,Shelly,and Dominic against Kalia,Lawon and Adam. That seems like a good thing.

chief c

cmon big bother keep cassi or put her back in or dont open door due to dick gone already give her a fighting chance or i’m done


I dont know why people think cassi is so shady. She got screwed by her own team mate and is tying to cover her ass since her original alliance crumbled. Shes one of the best players thus far. As for b and r, I would rather see brendon leave. Rachel will be a huge target and shes nothing without him. Shed lose her shit hardcore, which is something we didnt get to see last year. This is going to be an interesting week!

Despicable Me

You right, plus Brenda wants to leave anyways


if I was jeff and jordan I would get in an alliance with Cassi,Dominic, and Shelly then I would backdoor Brenchel and get rid of Rachel. If Dom,Cassi,Shelly,or Jeff win HOH their next target should be Kalia. If Kalia some how wins POV they should put up Dom and Adam (Dominic being a pawn, Adam being evicted).. Then after that shouldn’t the pairs be split?


yeah the pairs are split soon. and i agree…thats what they should do…it makes logical sense. *hoping they do this*


Agree Juju, the time is now to send Rach home, not to the jury hse later where she can influence final votes. It is actually better for all HG’s
for her to go now! JJ should sell that to the game players.


I hope they do the right move and get themselves further in the game. They neeed to win


Here’s what you do J/J: Let Dani know what’s going on, make a deal with Dom, and then put up B/R. Everyone hates Rachel except Brendan & Porsche so she will go home. Brendan will be pissed but he will have the golden key so he can’t get revenge by winning any comps until the keys are over. And no one will align with him. Since the premiere I have picked Dom to win. I think he’s very smart and a good player and he will outsmart them all.


If Jordan puts up L/K Lawon goes home kalia gets a key and since Dani and Prius can’t do any comps it would be 5 against 2

Tyler Kent

Jordan needs to put up B & R. Anyone else would be anticlimactic and lame. A golden opportunity has presented itself… seize it!! It’ll be a game-changer, a bold move and will be one for the history books. It’ll be legendary.
Discussing whether Cassie or Lawon goes up is boring. Meek. Timid. Lame. Predictable.
Jordan needs to go long and shake the house up. I would love Brenda to go so we can watch Rachel slowly fall apart…. but having her go home, not even sent to jury house, would be all kind of sweet too.
Please Jordan, don’t listen to Matt’s “play it safe” tripe. Be bold! Go on, make a POWER MOVE!


YES! I’m totally team Dom.

west virginia brotha

we’re missing the most important piece to the puzzle.. pics of some ‘slips’ of cassi, dani, porsche, and jordan.

west virginia brothaand

true. cassi did have a close call the other night on after dark, she was taking off or putting on her bra, with a loose shirt on. cassi is the prettiest, and porche has the biggest ass. however, i’m not a fan of fake boobilies. so cassi is my favorite


Send Rach home now and Brandon may QUIT altogether.


Well if they do put up BR (I don’t think they will) B has to be the target just because more people hate R then B and she will still have a Target!


Well if they do put up BR (I don’t think they will) B has to be the target just because more people hate R then B and she will still have a Target

Despicable Me

Jordon/Jeff/Shelly/Cassi/Adam/Lawon Vs 1 half of Brenchel/Kalia/Dani/Porsche

J/J alliance would be the HOUSE

OMFG they are stupid if they don’t put up brenchel

Despicable Me

Jordon/Jeff/Shelly/Cassi/Dom/Adam/Lawon Vs 1 half of Brenchel/Kalia/Dani/Porsche

J/J alliance would be the HOUSE

Dani would jump to the JJ alliance because she would have no choice.

that is 8 against 3 cmon now I can’t be the only one that sees this shit…………………. Why can’t we tweet Jordan to tell her what she should do, son of a bitch

BB has the worst "fans"

Absolutely, why wouldn’t a returning houseguest listen to some random “fan” on the internet. I do find it a bit sad, when you find fans for other TV shows, they are on their sites talking about the show and the people on it in a civilized manner. But to read the BB fan sites, its nothing but hating. They either hate the players or they hate the show and how “rigged” it is. But based on what I have seen from a few different sites, there’s not many true fans of the show out there. Mostly a bunch of miserable people that seem to prop themselves up by tearing down those that go on the show they supposedly love.

Lawon's blazer



Perfect time for Brenchel to go up! C’mon JJ make a move!!!

Jay L

Well everyone needs to remember, this is the same Jeff/Jordan that was idiotic enough to backdoor Russell in season 11. It could have very easily been Kevin who won BB11. Think about it. Jeff backdoors russell, team Jeff/Jordan/Michelle loses next HOH, Jeff gets taken out, then Michelle gets taken out, until it’s literally just Jordan, Gnastalie, and Kevin. Jordan manages to pull it together for the final 3 comps, and that is what gets her the win. Basically in that situation, whoever took Gnastalie with them to the final 2 would have won because of how much Lydia hated Gnastalie which thus turned Jessie.

So Here’s to me hoping people change!


J/J needs to get some balls and put Brenchel up! If they get rid of one of them the other gets the golden key though and will make get to coast (with anger bubbling) for a few weeks. But then again if we leave Rachel without Brendon everyone will see who she really is and hopefully go against her! Sigh I don’t know, I really hoped J/J and Dani would have gotten smart and stayed away from Brenchel in week one, but it’s taken them this long. Thumbs up for Dani and her mad social game though!