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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dom Wins POV, Jordan: “I like Cassi more than Rachel, Cassi’s normal like us”

Jeff  Big Brother 13

3:30pm HOH Dani Jeff and Jordan

They are talking about who will be the replacement nominations. Dani is really pushing for them to put up Cassi saying that LAwon is usless they can get him out at any point she adds Kalia is with them 100%. They start counting the votes to figure out if they can get rid of Cassi. Dani volunteers to work on Dom. Jeff isn’t sure about putting Cassi up worried about the votes. Dani reassures him they have the votes she’ll work Dom and Jeff can work Adam.

Jeff is getting pissed off at what happened during the comp. Apparently she was really loud and acting stupid during the comp and it was distracting to everyone. Rachel said something to Jordan but she didn’t hear so Jeff yelled back at Rachel then Rachel yelled something back at him. Jeff says that the shit with Rachel is slowly getting worse and worse and everyone in the house is keeping their mouths shut. Jeff tells Dani that the entire house can’t stand her but everyone is complaining in whispers. Jeff is getting really mad about Rachel he’s raising his voice.

Dani leaves Shelly joins them. Jordan: “Cassi’s gotta go I don’t want her to go but she’s gotta go.. I saw her with DOM right after they are close we need to split those 2 up” Jeff it’s hard becuase our crew will disown us. Shelly I understand that and I know I have the votes to survive. Jeff counts out the cons about keeping Cassi 1) Our crew will kill us 2) we can’t waste a HOH on lawon 3)Dom is going to start shit down there with the newbs. Shelly tells them that theres new hope in the newbie alliance she was just down in the fortune room. Shelly adds that Dom is going after rachel and Brendon she can guarantee it. Jeff mentions that if Brendon and Rachel win POV then JJ get backdoored especially of they have a bunch of enemies which they most surely will if they don’t put Cassi and Shelly up.
Jordan is upset that Dom won she really likes cassi and wanted the 4 of them to team up. Shelly was really looking forward for the 4 of them making a run till the end.

Shelly brings up what Rachel said to Jordan (It’s hard to piece together) Jordan didn’t pick up a slop pass for 2 weeks so rachel did. After they had lost the POV Rachel said to Brendon something along the lines of “if the HOH isn’t willing to grab a slop ticket to get POV then maybe her and Brendon should just quit” Jordan says she tried really hard to get the POV and it’s not fair for people to think otherwise because it’s not the truth.

Shelly I think what you guys fleshed out with Cassi yesterday was really good she felt happy about it she came to me and said she really trusted you guys and was happy to be able to wirk with you. Shelly then says the bottom line and I mean this from the bottom of my heart I want yo uguys to play your way.. your game… and I will help you get there any way I Can. Jeff: “your good 100% I really wanted Dom to leave then the 4 of us make a run for it”. Shelly asks them if they are planning final 4 with B/R? Jeff and Jordan say no way in hell. Jeff: “I know they are cutting deals with everyone but we’ll stick with them for now” (BTW Jeff has had enough of Rachel it’s pretty obvious, JJ DO NOT LIKE BR). Jordan: “I like Cassi more than I like Rachel becuase she normal and nice like the rest of us”
Shelly leaves.
Cassi comes in offers to team up with them they say there’s a lot for them to think about.. Cassi leaves.
Jeff tells Jordan no matter who she decides to nominate Jordan must not tell a soul until the second she has to. Jordan agrees.
Jordan: “I really want to keep Cassi”..
Jeff: “we would be killed..Dani, Kalia, B, R would all come after us…We cannot leave her and Dom together”
Jordan: “I really don’t want to evict Cassi, why don’t we do a deal with dani and try to get B/R out”
Jeff: ” thats crazy.. I want Rachel out but it’s too risky”

4:11pm Brendon and Rachel Arrive
Rachel: “Jordan i’m sorry for the comment i was out of line..”
Jordan: “I really didn’t hear what you said Jeff did”.\
Jeff tells them he didn’t want Rachel to take the slop either he doesn’t understand why she did. rachel explains that when she’s playing a comp she’s in focus mode. They start going over the pros and cons of gettign rid of Cassi. Rachel kind of keep to herself and eats. They agree to make sure they continue to have Adam on their side they don’t want to see him heading a charge with dom. Brendon is sure that Dom will crumble when Cassi is gone and he’ll stick close to DAni.

3:40pm Rachel and Brendon Rachel is sad because Jeff yelled at her during the comp and “Amercia hates her”. HE’s telling her that sometimes the lose sometimes they win they have to think before they fly off the handle. (Rachel snapped at Jordan during the comp and JEff yelled back). Brendon tells her she’s a strong competitor but doesn’t know how to play the social game, “why are you going ballistic with our own team”. Brendon says once she’s calmed down she needs to go apologize to Jordan its only week two and she’s flipping people off and we’r sliding back to wear we were last year. Rachel argues that she should go up and tell Jeff she doesn’t appreciate him talking to her in the tone he did. Brendon warns her that she keeps talking like that they will both be going home.

(The rift is fully there between BR/JJ now the only question is will we have to wait for another couple weeks or will Jordan pull the trigger now and not put cassi up.. )
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focus mode a.k.a “idiot mode”? I think so. If Rachel had any brains she would’ve watched the way she acted last season and learned from it, but as expected by everyone not blinded by the drama Brenchel causes, she brought back that same Rachel that got her ostracized and evicted.

JJ needs to get rid of them now, they are really hurting their game, but they are scared of them.


“America hates her” – I can’t believe it. That’s the 1st true thing that Rachel has said this season. Hopefully, JJ will use this opportunity to get rid of either Brendon or Rachel. If they don’t, BR will get rid of them.


Please say its so! That JJ will get tired of them by Monday and put BR up w/o BR JJ and Dani could win more


Lets say a prayer, that JJ are smart.


if jordan grows some balls and puts up brendon and rachel this season might end up being very very interesting, get rachel the hell outta there


If jj put up br then jj still have to worry that bb will get them back in the house. IM BACK BITCHES =)


She threw the comp to Dom, she hates slop and no way she would’ve chose it over POV, she has got to be the most insecure person to ever step foot on a reality tv show. yes Cassi is gorgeous but that’s not a reason to get her out and that is Rachel’s only reason for wanting her out, don’t blame Cassi for it God making you look like Boy George, plastic surgery can’t fix that type of ugliness, but Brenda loves her, for what reason nobody knows, maybe he has the same insecurities he had to get a women that’s batshit crazy because a normal women would never want to be with pussyman control freak like him. I’m surprised she not trying to get Dani out she prettier than her too.


I agree
She aint trying to get dani out is because talks to her.
Rachel so dumb Dani is only buddy buddy with when she has power or she wants rachel help. Dani always cuts her off when shes talking always taking little pot shots at her.
Rach lets it slide.


Racheal is a damn baby shd needs to grow up and learn that she is probably one of the most annoying players in BB history shd jealous,old, and bitter and thinks she runs the whole freaking game


Back Door the B/R machine, that be awesome yo!


Oh please let Jordan put Brenchal up!!


jj need to backdoor br now when the have the chance i dont think anyone in the house would care except the one who stays


i like that it sounds like jordan really would want to put up brenchel. but i understand her fear. in terms of her long term game…it might be a good risk to put brenchel up. jordan could make a deal with cassie/shelley dom/adam to not put cassi up. Im not gonna lie…i’m really imrpessed with jordan’s game this season and with her ability to think strictly logically.


That didn’t even make sense what you just said, by getting one of Brenchel out that will make the other lose it and do something crazy they won’t be focused on the game, JJ has nothing to fear from the rest of the house. Jordan has no clue what Logic means and neither does Jeff. They are scared of brenchel plan and simple.


if it was the other way around Brenchel would backdoor JJ, and they probably will the next time they get HOH


i agree with most of what you said. but if they put brenchel up, the other one gets a golden key and is safe the next week. jordan then has only jeff to play for hoh against a bunch of newbies. Odds are the newbies would win hoh and possibly put up jj as the last remaining veteran duo. So in terms of immediate game play they need to solidify deals with the new kids to be safe the next week…so yeah i know why shes scared. But otherwise i agree with you…there are a lot of positives to getting brenchel out more then there are negatives. i was just pointing out that jordan is reading the game better than the new kids and brenchel…though i think dani is doing better then everyone. And of course im only saying positive things about jordan because as a whole…i really haven’t felt positive about this season at all…they are all idiots, jj included…they are just less dumb…


Please jordan put up brendon rachel! It would be perfect bc idgaf which one of those idiots goes home!


I would be absolutely ecstatic if Jordan and Jeff backdoor Brendon and Rachel. But of course their going to be too scared to do it because their scared their going to come after them. HELLO! There is always a person in the house coming after you. But who plays the game…NOBODY!


right after the pov comp
They are talking about Rachel.  Jeff says that she should just zip it and not be the center of attention for everything.  Why do you think that Brendon is always pissed off at her.  She doesn’t take a second and just think.  Jeff says that she didn’t have to put Jordan on slop for two weeks.  Maybe she is mad, too, because they lost. Jeff says that she was cheering for her man, but she wears shoes, shirt, socks, everything for her man.  Jordan and Jeff say that they are going to put up Cassie and Shelly for the replacements. They are counting votes.  We have Kalia as a shoe in and Porsche will do whatever the hell we tell her what to do, says Dani. 
Downstairs, Dom and Cassie are talking.  Dom says that he is going to go up there and tell them to shove their deal.
Jeff says that nobody told him where he was.
Rachel and Brendon are talking and he says that you admitted that you made a mistake.  She says she supposes that they have to go up there and talk to them.  He says, no, we can go home.  We can go up there and get them to put us up.  You play with your emotions, Rachel, says Brendon and he, Jeff, just did the same thing and two wrongs don’t make a right.  Rachel asks if they should go up there now and he says no, not now, but later we need to do some damage control.  Rachel says no wonder America hates me.  She says something about how she doesn’t appreciate his girlfriend winning HOH because we let her and …. Brendon hushes her and says that out there they can hear everything and they will carry it upstairs.  Brendon says that this is two times you have let your emotions run you and tihs is week two and we are falling apart.  Rachel says Jeff has gotten into may more arguments than me.  Brendon says that you can’t let your emotions get the better of you.  When we are married and you get upset you can’t get like this.  He says that he knows her reason and he understands but it doesn’t make it right.  He says that you have to get this under control because he can’t keep doing damage control.  You are frustrated with yourself and with them and you took it out on them and it made all of us look stupid.  It made us all look like we are fighting and those weasels, Cassie and Dom. They will take it upstairs.  With Dom….. Brendon says that there was no reason for you…… to……. and it is frustrating.  You understand?
Brendon quiets.  He strokes her head. He says that you weren’t do it to make Jordan look bad, you were doing it to try to win the competition.  She says that she was not too far behind.  Brendon says that that doesn’t matter.  Jeff or Dom could have fallen off. Brendon says that when it looks like we are not together, Cassie and Dom will go up there and say just take them out.  It is frustrating.  He says that it is exhausting and he feels like he has been playing this game for several weeks already.  Rachel says she is sorry.  She doesn’t want to ruin his game.  He says that it isn’t about the game.  it is about us coming here.  Brendon says that we are here and we should play the best game that we have.
Brendon says that Jordan was up there ready to take that two weeks of slop, and Rachel says that she wasn’t talking to Jordan, she was saying it to Jeff.
In the Tarot Room they are talking about things falling.  Kalia thought that someone was going to fall and they were dropping things.  Jeff didn’t do circle circle line line like the others.  He was building it top down. Adam says that he got over half, forty out of seventy.  They were taking long steps.  Shelly says that it was all balance.  Adam says he was doing slow and steady.  Dom wondered if everyone was going to fall.  So he was doing slow and steady.
Brendon is telling Rachel that this is not do or die for us and life is not over.  Dani comes in.  Dani walks into the room where Brendon and Rachel are talking and she says that her name is trouble to them.  She tells Rachel that she totally understands why she said it, but this is a social game and she can’t do stuff like that.  They are mad.  Dani tells Rachel to not argue with them but just to apologize.  Brendon says that Jeff should not have yelled at her either.  Dani is advising them to just apologize to them and take the blame, apologize because they could put you up.  They are mad, but they are not stupid.  Go up there and say that you got caught up in the moment and then just walk away.  Dani tells Rachel that she is fine, hey, it is not like nobody likes you.  Just hold it in.  Don’t let them see you like that.  Jeff, Dani says, is going to sink himself, and Brendon adds, let’s don’t sink ourselves with him.  Dani keeps impressing to Rachel and Brendon just to go up, say you were caught up in the moment.  Dani says that seriously, you are fine and this turned out the way we wanted it to.  There are two teams who wonder who is going up.  Rachel asks if Jeff is still mad and wonders why he went off at her.  Dani says because you said that.


you’re welcome
Every once in awhile I’ll post something
dont want step on u and dawgs toes


Please let Jordan backdoor Brendon and Rachel! That would be such a huge move! I really like Cassi and think Jordan and Jeff would have a better shot playing in an alliance with Cassi/Shelley, Dani/Dominic…and Adam.


Tough call for Jordo here. I know a lot of us (me included) want to see Brenchel backdoored, but she would have to feel rock solid with Cassi and Dom. It would leave Jeff vs 6 newbies for the next HOH. If Cassi or Dom win HOH, who the heck else are they putting up besides JJ? They won’t put up each other, only other choice would be Lawon/Kalia.

If she puts up Brenchel, the one who stays is ticked off at JJ and has a golden key. Jordan probably also alienates Dani by keeping Cassi around.

I hate to see Cassi go, but it keeps Brenchel off JJ’s back for now (besides they need JJ as teammates more than vise versa). They also have Shelly on their side, she’s been playing both sides but if Cassi goes she stays with JJ. And Dani can work an alliance with Dom a lot easier with Cassi gone.

The house probably hates Rachel enough to rally and vote her out, I just don’t see how JJ could make enough deals with the newbies to ensure they won’t go up next week if Jeff doesn’t win HOH.

Just too early to pull the trigger on this IMO.


Agree… It’s best to get rid of Cassi


exactly, it’s like Dani said, JJ are mad , but they are not stupid. Already, with this little bit of power reclaimed, Dom wants to march upstairs and tell Jj to shove their deal. They will be the next big target once BR are out. who wants that kind of exposure so early on in the game. Keeping both Cassi and Dom is also just too dangerous and everyone knows this.


whoever puts up lawon and kalia OVER JJ should just walk right out the door, don’t even say a word, just go — bc that would be the dumbest move in BB history


Please Jordan… follow your instincts! Jeff, relax and see the beauty and strength in this. Cassie, Shelly, Dom, Dani, and JJ should become the new alliance. If any of them make it to the finals they can say we made the move that took out Brenchel and deserve to win. 🙂


Call me mean-spirited, but we can only hope Brendon controls Rachel to the extreme point of her wanting to get away from him. He is a changed man in the past year because of her Vegas over the top obnoxious personality. There may be hope for him if he finds a sweet nerdy smart gal, one who will even love his huge toe. Rachel will be happier once she is in the spotlight behind the bar, making big bucks again. Their love has become toxic and harmful, and they would be better as friends w/benefits in different cities. I imagine he never would have gone skyping himself b4 Rachel’s promiscuous behavior put it in his head.

Jeff & Jordan would be smart if Jeff wakes up to the fact that they need to get Brenchel out fast — he would gain respect, game-friends who see the advantage of working with a repeat. So what if Jordan wasn’t born quick and smart. She is sweet and gentle and kind and those are also valuable traits and why she won the 1st time. She’s not out for revenge or to cause any harm.


Lmbo! I’m sitting here laughing because Porsche actually thinks America likes her enough to get the $25k. She is an idiot and has a poor game all together.


LMFAO the only money Yugo will see from bb is the stipend she gets for eing on the show. Ill bet money that Shelly/Cassi or Dani will get the 25k


lmfao YUGO should be her picture


i would love for them to put b/r up but i dont think jordan has the balls too do it right now, which could cause them to be sent home soon if they dont do it now so it would be better for them long term to do it now,praying Racheal piss off jj again,lol really hope b/r get voted out before j/j


Now is the best time to get rid of Rachel. Brendan gets a golden key but he can’t win anything anyway. Also he has no real alliance after she leaves except Kalia. Nobody is scared of her. Lawon has more allegiance to Dom. I am more impressed with Jordan this year. I also like that Jeff stood up for her.


I hope she puts them up bc I really dont want shelly to go up and risk going it would be a huge move. jordan understands how rachel is and how dani is to an extent she mentioned it before that dani was a backstabber. now if she only had the support of jeff…team shelly!


If J/J pull the trigger, it will be war. J/J have shelly, cassi. But B/R have Por, Dani..and Dani can sway Dom..Who cares what America thinks, their not playing!! B/R are feared competitors, which is why America hates them..They are the bad guys of the game, cheering America is not important..I hope J/J go home immediately..Jordan is a dumb floater..At least Rachel help her man..


Puleeeese backdoor br….this is jj hoh and br are already not caring about who she jj wants to go home….ridiculous…plus br are such skeazes…makes me sick….make a deal with Dom and Cassie and make a go of it…still sloop confused as to why people are scared of br…they aren’t shit


They could’ve paid Dick off to leave the show so they could rig it for Brenchel to get the 1st ever Big Brother Wedding(PUKE)


Way to go Jeff put that bitch in her place.


am i the only person that actually likes Rachel. i mean i know shes extremely annoying and insecure, but you can’t deny the facts. she has won every HOH she participated in, and for that i have some respect for her. she just needs to shut her mouth 😛 but other than that i want them to stay in the game for a long time 🙂


i like rachel, i really don’t think she is a bad person even though some of her actions are misguided and come off that way – she acts a little crazy (ok a lot) and annoying but i know so many girls who act crazy – and none of them would be as strong at this game like she is which impresses me, bc she is sort of an anomaly and i like that she is a true fan and student of the game- also she is entertaining to watch, people love watching the crazy, it will be soooo boring if she leaves – just like it got boring last year after she left…deep down, consciously and subconsciously, i am always rooting for her


i don’t think she’s a bad person, but she’s so annoying!


hope rachel is going to do something else, make jeff and jordan mad


Fne, I’m back in. Any time I see Big Red and Hunchback falling a part, I’m game. I wish J/J would totally flip the script and nominate Rachel and Brendan. That would make my week to see one of them go.


love the nicknames


GETTING B/R OUT NOW IS THE PERFECT PLAN FOR RIGHT NOW!! Seriously, this is the best time because they don’t have pov and they wouldn’t go to the jury house!!!!!


The seed is planted, I just wish they would pull the trigger and backdoor BR. I don’t think they can get there by tomorrow. Maybe if they had another couple days before the POV ceremony. Everyone in the house would love them.

I can’t wait until Wednesday to see Jeff tell Rachel America hates her. That’s going to be awesome.


Dani needs to decide that she wants to be with JJ more than BR and go tell JJ that before the POV comp, BR were talking about trying to win the POV and take down Dom and Adam. I think that would be enough that JJ would take out Rachel.

Tyler Kent

Jordan needs to make a power move. The only power move available is to put up B & R. I hope she has the courage to do it and that Jeff doesn’t try and talk her out of it.

Day Yum Yum

I pray JJ put the gruesome twosome on the block!! Now that would be a power move and would go down in BB history as the greatest move of all time!!


Jor will not do it. She does not have the balls. Jeff is not thinking. The threat is rach/Bren. Why do they keep doing what b and r want is beyond me!! I thought u were supposed 2 get rid of the strongest players!!? Kalia is playing pretty smart by having them think she and won r no threat or good at the game they r under everybody’s radar! Cassie and shell r good but shell is 2 faced by selling cassie out in the first week. Dani is safe, going backs and fourth. She. Needs rach and Bren to keep everyone in the dark a little longer. Adam is trying to be an Ed ripoff (not working for me). Porsha is a sleaze. Her and rach get along because they are in the same profession (VIP) sleazes!!!


anyone catch what Rachel said to Jordan at the POV comp?