Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jeff’s take on Adam “He has done BOZO”


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6:14pm Shelly and POrsche They mention that Kalia is trying to sell the 4 deal with Adam. Shelly swears she hasn’t talked to Kalia at all yet.. she thinks she will tonight. Shelly says their game all depends on who wins the HOH this week. They both agree they need to get rid of Jeff before the double eviction.

6:30pm Porsche and Shelly brings up that they have done everything they can it’s now looking like they need to make plans for Kalia staying. Porsche likes both Kalia and dani and is willing the play with which ever one. Shelly points out that If Adam doesn’t flip is shows us he’s with JJ. Porsche thinks the fact that Adam won’t flip is reason enough. POrsche reminds her that everyone runs second place if make it to the end with Jeff.

6:41pm HOH JJ They start to question the loyalty of Adam and Shelly. Jordan is worried that Porsche, Kalia, Adam and Shelly are going to come after JJR. Jeff agrees thinks that a very possible scenario. Jeff says there’s nothing he can do if they flip they flip..

Jeff: “If SA Flip they will have to deal with me all week.. you think Shelly can sit outside with me and look me in the eyes”.. Jeff is confident that they will have Dani gone this week and the rest will be easy pickings as long as JR win HOH this week.
Jordan: “I’m talking about after Dani is gone they will flip..”
Jeff: “If they are going to flip why don’t they do it now.. Now would be the time to flip and Keep the stronger player.. What are they going to do team up with Kalia and Porsche that win BLANK”
Jordan thinks adam feels he has Shelly, Kalia and Porsche..

Jeff: “He has done BLANK.. he’s played the fence the entire time there not a person in this house he will win against.. BLANK Bozo” Jeff goes on a mini rant how Adam walks around the house talking like he’s done something and he’s always bringing up how other players haven’t won BLANK. Jeff laughs that Adam thinks he’s won 1 POV and now he’s vindicated he’s playing the game. Jeff: ‘If Dani can overpower them with her tears than BLANK it that is how it’s going to be”
Jordan mentions that she doesn’t know where Shelly is anymore she got a feeling that After Dani goes SPAK will come after JJR. Jeff reiterates that she needs to win HOH.

(JJ do not trust SA.. Even Jordan doesn’t trust Shelly.. )

7:00pm They have one of the comps for tomorrow they need to balance a ball on a “Snaking” track. Porsche reads out comp card “Good balance maybe rewarded”.. Give is a try one player at a time gently tip the one end up down from side to side.. DO NOT BREAK IT and prqactice safety at all times.

(They have only been practicing for 10 minutes but Shelly has done the best so far. )

7:21pm all everyone still practicing.


7:47pm Shelly and Kalia in storage room Kalia is go over the talk she had with Adam.. She stressed to Adam that if the newbs do not get together now they will have any chance to win this game. Kalia adds that she stressed with Adam if he goes final 3 with JJ there is not a chance he’s going to win the money. Shelly: “This is what I’ve been trying to pound in his head.. but the fool doesn’t see it”

Shelly: “I have been drilling that into his head for the last 2 days non stop he won’t budge” Shelly mentions that Adam will not see

Shelly says she’s tight with JJ but if she wins HOH she swears to god she will put up rachel and Jeff… Shelly: “Do you have any idea of the kind of BLANK storm that will start if I put Jeff uo?” Kalia knows it’s going to be pretty messy but unless they can get Jeff out before the double eviction they are done for. Kalia: “You see all the comps he’s now winning.. How can Adam think he’s going to beat Jeff and Rachel in final 4”
Jeff walks in… Kalia switches the conversation.. Jeff leaves.. Kalia points out that they were talking about different things when Jeff was in the storage room.

8:14pm “bozo’s” in it to win it

The comp is a crap shoot.. there’s no clear winner, maybe shelly is the best and Rachel the worst

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Go Rachel! Sexiest bb guest evar!!’




Adam will go down as the biggest coward in Big Brother history. Never has one player said on a week to week basis “When I win this next HOH”…. and never win. He has showed that he is scared to death to make a big game move…. yet thinks Evil Dick will respect his game. Adam chose to try to ride the popularity of Jeff and Jordan, from a previous BB season, BB11, in hopes he would become loved by BB fans as they use to be. Congrats to Adam! He may now describe himself as “the Heavy Medal Coward” and as “Adam Scared to make a Power Move” and as “The Worst Player in BIG BROTHER HISTORY” Team Bacon Yo!!!!


Amen to that bro. Past Big Brother greats must think this guy is pathetic.


i don’t understand why everyone thinks Adam is such a coward and stupid for voting out Dani?? If she doesn’t leave while they have the chance now then she’s going to win.


i done with this stupis blog it proud to lead a charge to get rachel hated this blog going down im not going to sit back and let this stupid blog SLANDER RACHEL NAME. YOU CANT BEAT HER though the game so you attack her looks coward.


Relax, people cheer for different people and all the HG’s get made fun of here


Are you drunk?


If this isn’t a sarcastic comment, somebody please check this person into an insane asylum as soon as possible.


This has to be sarcasm


If this is not sarcasm, this is the most delusion dude on here.

Being a fan is cool, but calling Rachel sexy is like calling Jordan inelegant….


Rachel, please leave brenden and marry me!!! Or at least send me your dirty workout spandex! 😉


Why do you need some spare yeast for baking?


EWWWWW this is the guy that wanted Rachel minstrel blood GTFO


yea I remember he wanted it in his mouth. disgusting.

A Nono Moose

i thought minstrel was like black faced singing groups from the 19th century so maybe you meant menstrual?? nyuk nyuk nyuk



Rachels ACNE

If you like pimple faced, pale skin, annoying voice, thick women.


Nothing gets between me and my Rachel!
All you haters can hate, I love the girl and all her imperfections.


Fathers do love their duaghters.


oh my God, i just threw up in my mouth. Rachel is fugly… a hideous exterior to go with an even uglier interior.


Too bad you didnt choke on your own puke.

Shellys Cig

Rachels a man, she’s got a moustache …yuck

Freddie B

Who let Brendon get on a computer in the sequester house!?!?!


Have you looked at yourself in the mirrow lately.


why do you know how he/she looks?

Rachel looked better last season. She’s so ugly now. Brendon can actually do way better than her and I’m pretty sure he will in the future.

Rachels ACNE

Team Pimple YO!


I’m going to miss Dani. The only reason I watch is because I like looking at her. I’d rather watch the jury house now.


skills contest will screw Jeff and Jordan alliance


After reading this I think Jeff is probably the smartest player. He sees all opurtunities. Adam doesn’t
Realize that if your gonna flip now is the time. Jeff does. Like Jeff said the house is full of idiots


Adam and Kalia will go down with the honor of worst game play ever she screwed her HOH and he failed to see the biggest move in the game after listening to Jeff I am more certain than ever he is an idiot


I’m like Jeff a bit now – even he thinks Adam is a useless turd


Not totally. Rachel is good at stuff like that. Im just glad Dani the caveman is leaving. Her face annoys the hell out of me, so does her whiney voice and just everything she does and says basically.




I think Rachel will even have a harder time getting a job this season. She was sucking, and Jerking Brendon off under the covers for the whole world to see last week. What employer, besides a porn director or pimp would hire her if they saw that.


i was thinking the opposite…it might be easier for them to do questions for the veto…i can’t remember if they have done that though so i could be wrong…


Last season during the double eviction the HoH was a physical competition where they had to run back and forth to find 2 names in a huge pile of packing peanuts that were the answer to Julie’s question and Hayden won that. Then the POV was a “Before or After” questions competition that Ragan won so yes, the POV could easily be a questions competition.


Endurance. Porsche time to shine.

Jeff has one gigantic target on his back.


Don’t be stupid, Rachel will got this. Porsche does not stand a chance. She is a Floater Barbie doll. Rachel, Jordan, Adam, or Shelly will win it.

Rachels ACNE

Shelly wants Jeff out.


In his own parlance, he’s about to get got got on Thursday.


Don’t forget that Porsche has been on Slop and eggs all week, which will make her weak.

Jeff has always had a hugh target on his back.


I hope shelly and adam don’t flip…I think shelly is doing this just to get adam to flip so he looks like he betrayed jj and they will turn on him and take her to the final 3 or she could be really turning who knows where shelly is she doesn’t know what side she is on half the time. I hope dani is gone and then portia right behind her and then jeff win hoh again


Amen! That woman says she has been loyal since day 1. She has flip-flopped more than anyone ever… I would be so embarrassed if I were her daughter. UGHHHH!! I do hope that Rachel gets something out of this season, money I mean. She may be a lot of things, but she works for her place in that house. That’s more than you can say for most of the house guests.


I hope you are right, but I really believe Shelly is flipping and I think Adam will flip also. I am assuming production is trying to get them to flip. If Shelly wins and puts R & J on the block, I hope Jeff wins pov, but she will put up Jordon and R will go. Jordon is going to be pissed!! I hope he wins the HOH after the double elimination. Yes, I am a JJ fan, but I have a bad feeling about this. Shelly is thinking about her family, as anyone should playing the game. I am hoping for the best for JJ.


100% agree.. Please let Dani go home. Im pretty sure we will be saying bye to her sorry ass tonight. I just hope Jordan or Rachel can pull of the HOH.

bbfan 2011

I hope shelly and adam don’t flip…I think shelly is doing this just to get adam to flip so he looks like he betrayed jj and they will turn on him and take her to the final 3 or she could be really turning who knows where shelly is she doesn’t know what side she is on half the time. I hope dani is gone and then portia right behind her and then jeff win hoh again


I don’t think so, I don’t think she Would’ve brought things to the table with Jordan the other day


I think that too which is why Jeff needs to keep practicing just in case.


hey simon do you think everyone gets to play in the POV tomorrow. I was just wondering because with everything they need to do tomorrow will they have time to pick names from the bag. I might be wrong but during double eviction on other seasons everyone played for POV. Thanks


This week only one person sat out POV, Rachel. There will be no sitting out this week.


There was only one person that sat out because Dani had the veto ticket, so there would have been two people that sat out if it wasn’t for the veto ticket.


Actually one person will sit out because Dani used her POV ticket during this past POV


Yeah, but that was because 7 people played in the POV instead of 6 because of Dani’s POV ticket. They might let everyone play though because it’s a double eviction, I’m not sure what they have done in the past.


Anonymous are you “anonymous” or is that a generic name that it gives when someone doesn’t specify one…?
Lol don’t laugh please


Let me rephrase. Are there tons of Anonymous or just one?


Anyone who doesn’t use a name is anonymous.

Midwest Fan

They should at least be numbered.
Anonymous #1
Anonymous #2, etc.

Got Got

I replied once without using a name and it automatically named me “name”, not anonymous


shelly doing best so far in practice sucks…i hope jordan pulls it together and wins…competitions like this she usually does well…


Jordan – LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I feel sorry for Jeff now.


Oh gosh, I pray Jordon will win. That would be perfect for Jeff. And if he won the next hoh. That would be great. This is bb and I really don’t think that will happen, because I want it so badly. That would make my day. I need to get a life. I am consumed by this show!!


me too


I hope Dani dosent get evicted.
COME ON ADAM!! FLIP FLIP FLIP! jj doesnt even trust you and will throw you under the buss!


It will not happen Anonymous, Adam will never flipped. Look at the polls right now. Adam will never flipped. He is loyal to JJ. Dani is a liar and she needs to go to Jury House. Adam, Make her mad. She needs to taste her own medicine.


NO ADAM DON’T FLIP because if you do you have screwed yourself. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon will control who wins BB and if you flip on them now there is not way in he** they will vote for you to win. Adam use your brain run the numbers and realize that if you flip and even if you make it to the final two you have screwed yourself out of the money, but if you stay true and start playing the game you could easily win this game!!!! Gee, do these newbies not use their brains at all!!!! You have to get these people in the jury house to like you or you have lost no matter how far you get in the game. Needless to say, Shelly has already screwed herself royally!!!


Good point.

Team 500 G's

If you dont make it to the final 2….whats the point. I always say…dont worry about jury votes….you have to get there first. Jury likes good game players. If Adam dosnt win it will because he refuses to make any moves….or win comps. Jordan won her season by making a late season serge and actually won some comps. I forget who she was up against in the final 2, but it was almost a case of voting for the lesser evel….not to mention she was and still is a sweetheart. People “dog” her but honestly she is a nice girl ( I am absolutely not Team J/J) but fact is a fact. Is she an idiot? yes….but so what. She probably is a good woman. Someone a guy would marry. Probably wpould be a good mother to her children and a devoted wife….not to mention she is a cutie. You cant have everything….

You have to make final two to have any chance of winning the $500 G’s. If Adam dosnt make any moves he will just get picked off sooner or later. Now he is on J/J’s hit list….As it stands today…Roach actually is in a great position…ugggggg


Lmao good stuff Midwest!


and dani wont throw him under the bus?? please… whether you’re team JJ or team dani anyone who wouldnt take this opportunity to get dani out, a strong player, would be stupid.

adam sucks BALLZ

lmao even jeff cant help but making fun of adam for being a loser


Who ever thought that very first episode when they showed clips of all the new houseguests that Adam would turn out to be such a wuss. ARRRGGGHH YA METAL. What a fake.


Too funny. Even Jeff thinks adams best chance is to flip now

Stu Cazzo

The only people who think it’s not in Adam’s best interest to flip right now are those who hope he stays loyal to JJ so it can further Jeff and Jordan’s game.

Unfortunately Adam feels the reason he’s in the Big Brother house is to further Jeff and Jordan’s game instead of trying to win the $500K for himself.


What a waste CBS picked this loser who is gonna give half a million away I guess that was all talk when in the beginning he is gonna shake things up what a class A loser idiot couldnt make a move even if Brenda drew him a picture how sad i would lie cheat steal in the house to win a half mil


Adam is lower on Team Newb’s totem pole, so it makes no sense for him to flip. Might as well stay loyal with the team he’s on now. If Shelly flips, then that moves him up one more notch on Team Jeff.

Stu Cazzo

It’s not so much about the totem pole as I agree he’s in a bad spot on either totem pole.

Adam is relying on him winning competitions starting now to get him to the final 2. Fair enough.

What he should be thinking about is who he would have a better chance to win against in the final 2 if by some means he got there. He’d have a much greater chance of winning if he was sitting next to one of DPS in the Final 2 as opposed to one of JJR. It’s the reason he has to flip now. By the time it’s the final 6, it’s gonna be too late as they won’t have the numbers they do now, and for all we know he could be the next one picked off tomorrow night.


Well using adam’s own logic, he should flip. Adam says he wants to make final four and then compete with who’s left to win. He believes he can beat JJR in final four to make it to the end. HOwever, what he should realize is that either way (JRA or DPSA) he will be #4. However, if you had to win a challenge to advance, which scenario would you choose. You vs. Dani/Porshe/Shelly or Jeff/Jordan/Rachel. The obvious choice is the former since it only has 1 good competitor in Dani vs. the 2 good competiters of Jeff/Rachel. If Adam truly wants to win competitions to make it to the end, then he needs to assure a lower quality of other competitors. Flipping will achieve this.

Nikki Tomberlin

Other way if he flipped he will be the last in other alliance and the first To go


The way I see it, Adam is screwed whatever he does. But to me keeping Dani only leaves him with one more person he can’t beat in the end or in comps.


Adam can’t beat anybody so does it matter he’s just an ass kisser




Must be the HOH comp! 🙂


There no way chance of any floaters to win HOH competition w/o Dani. Rachel/Jordan/Shelly/Adam, better win HOH tomorrow. Please put Porsche and Kaila on the block. It will be happy to see Dani to go out that door and talk to Juile Chen. She will say awkward. In the Jury House with Brendon, Shocker. For Kaila, well she is good in sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Porsche, well good at suntanning. DKP is over. Dead and may rest in peace. Brendon will be happy to see both Dani and Kaila at the Jury House wetting their pants. Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brendon will be please that Dani got evicted in 1st double eviction and Kaila in the second double eviction. Don’t worry Brendon, Porsche is next to go there as well. Oh yeah! another awesome that Dani, Kaila and Porsche have threesome in Jury House while Brendon is working out.


Shelly is going to get Jeff out. Get the feeds buddy.


Shelly will never get rid Jeff. She has no clue of doing it. I’m trying to be nice. Okay Buddy.


Quit threatening people because they don’t agree with your opinion. Its a wonder anyone can read your comments anyways, mindless ramblings.


No, I don’t read them and am annoyed at how much space they take up.


Hey torontos… I just commented from your posts earlier today… Thanks for stickin up for me when I wasn’t around 🙂


I think Porsche is going to win HOH. She comes in second and Jeff and Dani cannot play, (if Dani leaves)
so she should win. Then Jeff or Jordan will have to leave. Boo Hoo!!! Wish they could win. Dani would have a hard choice to make, which of the two people you hate to vote for.


That would be fantastic, but I really don’t think it will go down that way.


AWKWARD!! LOL! Bye bye dani!!!!


if adam is playing possum, like i hope he is, then this is the week for him pop out of his shell and make a name for himself.

Day Yum Yum

Let’s see if Uncle Fester can grow a pair in the upcoming week and make a power move, like swinging P/S/K to his side and getting the biggest threats out which most people do not see is Jordan #1, Jeff #2 then Rachel. All HG’s keep talking about Jeff being the threat when really Jordan is the BIGGEST threat in the house! Who will put her up? And if they do, nobody will vote to evict! So let’s see if this punk can back up the bullshit he is trying to sell if he can survive the DE!! Then let’s see if he can get Jeff out! I think he is too gutless to even try! Shelley most likely is going to win the next HOH and finally she is going to be forced to show her hand! Should be a good week, especially with the head of the witches coven gone to spend the rest of her summer with the Zombie Neandrathal in jury! !


“They need to balance a ball on a “SNAKING” track?” Well, perhaps Sssssssss does have a chance at winning something. Sorry, that was too easy!


Haha..that’s right up her alley. She can slither down the track just to show off too.


I’m so friggen excited for tomorrow. It may not matter because Dani said Jeff was fantastic when practicing for the veto comp Adam won but he kind of flubbed it during the actual competition but how are Rachel and Jordon doing?


Jeff threw that comp on purpose

Mad Hatter

If Dani leaves… It’ll be down to Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, Porsche, Kalia and Adam.

Lets say after the Double Eviction Kalia went to Jury. Then you’d have….
1. Jeff
2. Jordan
3. Rachel
4. Shelly
5. Porsche
6. Adam

Where does Adam fit into that? If Jeff/Jordan win they’ll probably put up Porsche and Adam, I don’t see them turning on Rachel yet or Shelly. Rachel wins she’ll Probably put up Adam/Porsche. He would have to hope Shelly, Porsche or himself won HOH. Mmm Hmm.

I think Adam needs to think very hard the next 24 hours about keeping Dani.


He needs Dani and Jeff out.


Love ya Dani, but it’s time you go! All your arguments are idiotic! Saying that Adam is giving JJ a ticket to final 2 & somehow keeping you isnt going to do the same you & Porshe is just ridic! Adam needs to have the balls to stick with his gut & then win some comps if he wants to advance. As for SS, can you please get some leather conditioner for your skin & until then, please stay in full make-up.


Yea. I agree. I like Dani because she competes. She is loyal to those she chooses to be loyal to (she has been loyal to Dom, Kahlia, & now Portia…but yes she is a little more loyal to Kahlia since they been through most of the fires together). Dani didn’t choose the JJBR alliance. Her dad chose them & she followed his plan while he was in the house. Her dad pretty much made the split between the vets and newbies; and Dani chose to do something different. Dick could have just as well carved out an alliance with some of the newbies to get JJBR out; but Dick came in the house and everybody from the left and right bowed down and said, “what’s next”

….Dani chose to do something different (she didn’t execute it well…but at least she followed her own mind).
However, her time is up. Portia will probably be her only vote to stay.

…and I hope Portia or Shelly win HOH. …when or if Shelly wins HOH…then viewers will see the sparks because no one knows who Shelly will put up. It is not so much that I’m a Shelly fan….but Production or somebody needs to do something…I was flipping channels and talking on the phone while BB was on tonight. Shelly as HOH will make excitement in that boring BB house.




Since it’s a double eviction night, it won’t be an endurance HOH. It’s going to be a question HOH competition, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has to do with the history of HOH, POV, and slop competitions thus far, this season.


NM ~ What Simon says makes much more sense!!! 😀


Cool, this will be a chance for Rachel or Jordan to win the HOH competition. 2 bad Jeff can’t compete the HOH competition but he will play POV to take himself off the block. Oh Yeah! Floaters been practicing the POV competition and HOH (FF), Good luck.




Was that English?

Rachels ACNE

What country are you from.

English is clearly not your first language.


Its okay to talk trash about someone for stupid stuff they said but not cool to make fun of someone not having English as a first language, I think that’s kinda harsh.
I agree, captain gets on my freakin nerves sometimes but damn does everyone have to attack now anytime he/she says something? Obviously this person is not the best socially and there are two reasons the grammar may be jacked up-
1. English is not captains first language…. In which case give em a break! Sheesh I wonder how many of us would get made fun of in another country.
2. Maybe it’s a mentally challenged or learning disability issue. In which case give em a break!
Either way I don’t see the need for constant flaming of this person…. I’m not saying don’t rebuttal captains thoughts or dont talk smack back but hitting below the belt seems a little childish with this obviously ODD person. Just, who cares let it go

BB Baja Fan

Adam would be just as much an idiot to keep Dani as he would trying to go to the end with JJ. Neither route will earn him any chance at money. His best strategy would be to wait until shortly before the voting tomorrow and offer a deal to SPK to make a new alliance to final 4. They will have 4 playing against 2 in the HOH comp and best odds for the four of them to have any chance to make it to the end. Much better than with Dani onboard. Adam’s terms should be that everybody has to vote Dani out – she goes out 4-0 or the deal is off. That way Dani is pissed at everybody going to jury and no obvious advantage at the end for anybody. Also keeps JJR believing that the old JJRAS alliance is still on and they won’t see SA as competitors at the HOH comp.

Just saying…


Stu Cazzo

They (Porsche, Shelly and Adam) need Dani’s help in order to eliminate JJR because she’s good in competitions and has no problems going after big targets. Plus Dani would be a bigger target if JJR won HOH.

Shelly and Porsche could be pitching the same thing to Adam and using Kalia’s name. They’d have the numbers, they’d be 4 v 2 in the next HOH, etc. But Shelly and Porsche aren’t stupid. They know Dani is the better competitor and they need that more than Kalia.

Unfortunately, Adam cannot see the light even though it’s staring him right in the face.


Well shit Adam could flip then have Dani win this following HOH and wa la. Adams in the top 5 with Jordan + DPS


I hate to be the guy who corrects grammar and all that but…

“wa la”?! voila*! Such a shame to see the french language being butchered.


To say nothing about the English language being butchered.


Language and spelling are butchered all the time- it is impossible to read half of this crap. I don’t mind being the guy pointing it out…


Adam is so deluded about EVERYTHING that is going on-including the fact that he and the others are BORING as shit this year. You are not amusing at all since we are even tired of your ass entry into JJ!


yeah Zingbot true or false for HOH and Snake for Pov Can’t do endurance if they have snake set up in backyard


Jeff even knows Adam is stupid for not flipping now and keeping Dani! Adam is a big dweeb! Dani should call the jja final three deal out to Rachel!


simon, somehow my name got changed to “just another brigade” (I didn’t do it) fyi…


Happened to me too several times. What a pain in the a**.

Team Dani Yo!!

Sad too see Adam be so oblivious and ride Jeff’s dick so hard when he thinks Adam is an idiot.

Stu Cazzo

It’s honestly embarrasing.


I know. Adam should change his name to Jeff’s condom or Trojan. If he doesn’t want to flip and keep Dani ( I wish he would ) that’s one thing, and that is his choice. But to be so extreme with kissing Jeff’s ass is a whole separate thing and wasn’t necessary. It’s been pathetic. Besides, Jeff is an ass but he isn’t stupid . So that makes Adam look even pathetic when you hear the things he is saying about Adam.


since it is a snake – shelly should be very good at it


Lol @JJ fans now they see the asshole they are dealing with the one person (adam) that is completely loyal to them they call a bozo lol


oh come on. Yes, he’s being loyal…but his loyality is self-serving too. He doesn’t believe that he will do better with Dani in the house. He actually believes he can beat JJ in comps.

Jeff is ALSO suspicious of Adam…he doesn’t buy his ‘loyalty’ or Adam’s line that they will get to where its just ‘their alliance and fight it out fair and square’. He’s right to be suspicious, too, as Adam and Shelly are both saying that Jeff will be on the block should Adam or Shelly win the next HOH.


Oh come just admit jeff is a douche and adam would be better off with dani at least dani doesn’t call people in her alliances bozos


Come on now so you saying that adams better off with jeff even after hearing what he said about adam? even you can’t be that slow


I feel bad for Adam, he is helping Jeff so much here yet they taalk shit about him ;_;


that is Jeff’s “integrity” he claims he has…. he really thinks he wins shit on his own, just like Jordan has convinced herself that she’s a strong player


But she’s so cute :)!

Midwest Fan

There are plenty of cute/beautiful intelligent women.
Jordan belongs on the Jerry Springer Show.

just another brigade

So even Jeff admits that if Adam is wanting to flip, that his better move would be to keep Dani, instead of keeping Kalia. Wow!


So even Jeff admits that if Adam is wanting to flip, that his better move would be to keep Dani, instead of keeping Kaslia. Wow!




Sssshhh!!! The JJ followers are gonna get you!!


That was me GODDAMMIT


Jeff: “If SA Flip they will have to deal with me all week.. you think Shelly can sit outside with me and look me in the eyes”

LOL!!!! Double eviction night – SUCKER!!!!


The zingbot made me think of this could we get a picture of uncle fester for adam?


Does anyone know if the you tube video of Brendan is still on youtube?


Dani is about to get what she deserves for not taking the Brenchel deal last week. They would have honored her safety and Jeff would have gone home. That was such a dumb move..


There is no way they would have actually kept her safe. Rachel’s word is as good as shit.


Really? Didn’t they also say that even if Brendan went home Rachel was going to stick with dani? How’s that working?


Simon….Adam deserves the dunce cap for sure….and add a bozo clown nose!

….and even Jeff agrees and I cant stand Jeff

Unless Adam thinks hes being funny by hiding what he is really doing to the Feeds then he truely deservers the hat and nose….because he has done squat and wont win anything if he plays with JJ….

Sigh….Team Dani Yo, was such a good run!


Yep. It was a good run.

….hopefully Portia can win HOH win Dani leaves.

I like Kahlia, but I’m truly terrified of what will happen if she wins HOH.


Hah this made me giggle out loud!


Tell me what was good about this run. She has made mistakes over and over again. Has paired herself with weak people. And has humiliated herself to begging. The only good thing she did was get Brandon out. And that took 2 times. I don’t call that a good run. Talk about lowered expectations. Its amazing how you all Dani lovers refuse to see her faults. She is about to leave you all!! Adam, Shelly, Kalia and Jordan will last longer than her. Doesn’t that tell you something??


The thing that was good about Dani’s run on BB is that she was the ONLY one who stood up against the vets. She didn’t kiss their booty.
Who said there had to be a line drawn in the sand vet against newbie (that was not a BB rule, Dick did that). …and Dani went against the grain. She made plenty mistakes. Electricity, etc was invented via many mistakes. Human beings who are DOING SOMETHING (like Dani) make plenty mistakes & what else is new.
If she only got Brenden out…then at least she did that. She had a goal and stuck to it. Some of those guests have not gotten anybody out of the house…they have gone with the “veteran” flow. Only one person is going to win 500K. If I lost, I would at least want to know that I went out fighting instead of going out kissing the vets/wannabe stars booties. Dani might be begging now, but again…she is doing something instead of just laying around & thinking…well it is useless now…so I’ll just do nothing.
Some people on this site really love Dani. I on the other hand took a look at the cast, and chose to root for somebody who was trying to do something different; because the plan to have the newbies against the vets was a stupid plan at most…this is why BB is so boring this season….but Dani made it interesting because you almost wanted her to take out the vets 1 by 1 since the newbies seemed paralized in fear or admiration to do it.
Last season, I liked JJ because they were doing something different (they were the calm & voice of reason in the midst of that BR storm. Jeff stood up to Brenden when it seemed others were scared of him)…but this season…it seems like JJ came back as a favor to CBS.


Within the long paragraph response.. I think you made one response to my question. What was good about the run was that she stood up against the vets. Personally, I think that was my same point. That was her fault. She was already aligned with the vets for a final 5! So.. that means that 2/3 of the bloggers here will quit watching right. We are all keeping track so don’t let us down. Since no Plane Banners will be sent out (funny), that should make it easier for the rest of us to be able to blog and enjoy the rest of the game. Frankly, I’m getting tired of all this whining internally.


“Frankly, I’m getting tired of all this whining internally.”
Simple solution. At the top of your computer screen there is a x (top right corner). Hit that x button and your troubles will be gone.


“Tell me what was good about this run”

Are you suprised that the response would be pro Dani?


are you kidding me, Dani can guess that R is hiding a pregnancy test, r u fn kidding me, tell me production is not helping dani. This chick is a joke, and I never liked Rachael before in her season or this, but Dani is the big bottom feeder here, what a tramp, So many people will be proud of what a joke she really is. I am disgusted with her, as will Evil Dick. What a joke.


Jack if their are such thing as Dani lovers then so be it! The fact is JJ fans spit on Dani fans and Rachel fans spit on Dani and so and so on. Everyone’s nasty to each other and its really pathetic because it’s just an frakin game!


And why did it take two times? Did she bring Brendon back? She did it twice because the game forced her to. Not her fault.


If Dani doesn’t try, they’ll say she’s useless and gave up playing. She tries and they say she should just shut up and retain her dignity etc. Gimme a break. She’s doing all she can and its a game so who gives a shit if she approaches beggary. Its all about survival.


you expressed your opinion as to why you felt Dani didn’t have a good run;
and I expressed my opinion as to why I feel she did.

…..and you feel that is whining


Jeff doesn't know.

They don’t see or hear what we do! Jeff is only hearing Adam throw floaters under the bus, etc. He sees Adam as wishy washy.


That’s insignificant. Jeff has heard Adam telling him about how great he is at the game and how his moves are so smart, and then Jeff turns around and bashes Adam? Not cool.


You don’t think that Adam is just stroking Jeff’s ego to keep in his good graces? I mean, after Adam has these conversations with Jeff, he goes on to talk to Shelly about making Jeff the next target.

Midwest Fan

I can imagine Jeff going off on Adam to the point where Adam
cries and voluntarily walks out of the BB House, totally disgusted with the whole deal.


I wonder of that comp is what “unbreakable” meant from the fortune teller :/

Nick B

AHA! Even Jeff admits that keeping the strongest player would be the smartest move right now. Even your precious Jeff admits that Adam is being an absolute idiot! HA!

Stu Cazzo

Yep, well played Adam. Keep your lips attached to Jeff’s butt. That 5th or 6th place finish is going to be awesome.

Show some balls and start going after JJR now. It’s your only chance to win $500K.


if adam flips there is no guatantee he would be make to final 2 let alone to the final 3. best to get out dani while she is on the block. she is a strong player – but adam would be pawn to her.

Stu Cazzo

Adam has zero to 5% chance of winning $500K if the final four is him, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel.

Adam has a much greater than 5% chance of winning $500K if the final four is him, Dani, Shelly and Porsche.

That’s all the logic he needs. Yet he’s too stupid to figure it out.


This post title is the one that will officially make Adam cry

Midwest Fan

If Adam finds out the truth about Jeff and Jordan’s low opinion of him, will he:
A) Cry and Hide?
B) Become Angry & Fight for His BB Place?
C) Become so dispirited that he voluntarily leaves the BB House?

Mad Hatter

OR D) Fall on his knees and begs Jeff for his forgiveness for whatever he did that made Jeff mad.


Lol, so jj fans, which side of Jeff is this? The classy one? I feel bad for Adam now. Even if it is his own fault, but he IS sickly loyal to jj and thats what they have to say about him? Being a dani fan myself I never even thought that him flipping was good for his game, even though id love to see it, but now Im thinking it might be.


How does Shelly know double eviction is tomorrow – did they announce it already? I must have missed it then. She just pointed to the comp in the backyard and said “that’s a veto (comp) anyway” when Kalia said something about HOH. Why would they have the veto comp in the backyard already unless the veto was tomorrow – which would make tomorrow double eviction.


dani is going home 3-2 but shelly leatherface will make jj think adam is the one that flipped. i might actually like her after that

Team JJ

Dani is the most illogical person in the house and shelly is the biggest backstabber in bb history, I wish JJ could see how shelly is working the other side and Adam


Can’t wait to see y’all eat crow when Adam really does have a PLAN to win.





He has a chance once Dani leaves and if he joins up with the other newbs. They would have numbers.


they only have the numbers until rachel or Jordan win HOH putting two of them on the block and out to the jury. then adam might find his way to the jury if that happens – i would take shelly out first.

Stu Cazzo

They would have the numbers, but they wouldn’t have Dani (a much better competitor than Kalia) who will not hesitate to take out any of Jeff, Jordan, Rachel. Instead they’d have Kalia (the weaker competitor) who has a deal not to put Jordan up either.

They could still align as SPKA and have Dani out, and I’m sure Shelly and Porsche realize this. But they’re pushing to keep Dani instead of Kalia? Why? Because they are smart enough to realize they need Dani in the competitions. It would be a lot easier down the road to get rid of one vet in Dani as opposed to 3 vets in JJR.


Jeff’s a swell guy.

Midwest Fan



i totally agree!


double eviction tomorrow! i hope khalia or shelly goes…zing!


like zing out the door on the way to the jury with Dani


I am thinking the Hole at the end of the snake puzzle is bogus, unless it is the final HOH for tomorrow. It will potentially take too long for one to get it in the hole for the live show….unless its who gets the furthest in one ball…

cant believe Shelly is working Kalia to knock sense into Adam…that is gonna blow in their face for sure if she works adam to switch…



Dani fans: Dani is getting voted out, deal with it.

JJ fans: Shelly has flipped, she wants Jeff out. Deal with it.


Well then- TEAM SHELLY!


I pray Adam flips they get K out Dani wins hoh then Jeff goes out the door. He so lied to Dani saying she was safe and then goes around the house saying he’s a man of his word at least Dani held up her end of the bargain. I would so like to see the smirk wiped of that “Bozo’s” face as he walks out the door.


everyone lies to each other in this game – it’s a game. shelly is the queen of lies