Dom Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan: “If you wait till the final six it’s too late to get rid of them (Brenchel)”

Dom Big Brother 13

3:30pm HOH Dom, Jeff and Jordan When dom walks in and Jeff gives him a headlock.
Jeff: “there’s got to be some line of trust before you can trust someone”. Dom tells them right now where he stands he’s “100% not putting you guys up and not putting rachel/Brendon Up”.
Jeff: “how about this if you put up Lawon and Kalia and they win POV”
Dom: “then whose left Brendon/Rachel and you guys”
Jeff: “yeah who do you put up”
Dom: “I think the’re the stronger couple”
Jeff: “in your heart who would you put up?”
Dom: “They are stronger I would put them up”
Dom bring up that he really doesn’t trust adam anymore he’s worred that Adam will dominate in teh quiz comps. both Jordan and Jeff agree.
Jordan: “talking long term would you be with us or Brend/Rachel”
Dom: “you guys”
Jordan brings up how rachel has Por and they are looking work something out with dom. Jeff says him and Jordan are totally down with making a deal with Dom a quiet deal, he doesn’t want Brenchel to know. Dom says this is the deal I propose, “I’m safe till pairs split and I will put up Kalai and Lawon and if they win POv then we’ll talk” Dom reminds them that he can help JJ more than Adam can , “you know that with Cassi gone it helps my game.
Jeff: “then you come with us.. if she leaves” Jeff adds that Dom won POV good for him he deservse to be here. Jeff wants posche to be gone rigth away “She’s Rachel’s Bitch” I don’t want por to put me up becuase she’s doing Rachels dirty work. Dom thinks he’ll lose Shelly if cassi goes so he’s not sure what She’ll do. Jeff says they rarely talk to shelly so their not sure where her head is at but they trust her more than they trust adam and Lawon. They all agree that Lawon is lieing like crazy and they all want him gone next week. Dom points out that Lawon has pretty much ruined his game these past 4 days with all his lies. Jordan: “and it’s almost like porsche is crazy”.
Dom asks them wear Dani is going to go, Jeff and Jrodan thinks dani will go with Dom.
Jeff: “It’ll be the six of us and we can bang it out”
Dom thinks it’s awesome that they all will go final 6 and then is “obivoius” tht Rachel is the target
Dom wants to know the targets.. they agree it’ll be Lawon, porsche and adam.
Dom leaves..
Jordan and Jeff don’t know where’s Dom at with brendon and Rachel. Jordan: “If you wait till the final six its too late to get rid of them” Jeff knows…
Jordan heads to the backyard to chill with Shelly.

4:00pm Backyard Shelly and JOrdan Talking about how unbelievably annoying and pathetic Rachel is. Jordan is so broken up about having to get rid of Cassi and Keeping a person like Rachel around. (Shelly is basically showering jordan with praise it”s a full firehose) . Jordan says that Rachel’s reason to get rid of cassi are not strategic there personal. Jordan brings up that Porsche is weird and Jordan really doesn’t want to talk to her for the rest of the game. Jordan is sure that Rachel is thinking that Jordan is flipping. Jordan mentions that last night POr and Rachel were trying to tell Jordan how evil Cassi is and Jordan just doesn’t see it she’s thinking its the other way around. Shelly says Cassi is a good person lilke her, Jeff and Jordan are. Jordan brings up that Rachel is worried that Brendon is looking at Cassi, the other day Rachel cam up to Jrodan and asked her if she’s been seeing Cassi hanging out with Brenodn and JEff a lot. Shelly says Rachel is trying to put things in your head. Jordan thinks rachel is just the most insecure person she’s ever met. Jordan: “She told me that Cassi is the type of girl that wants to take out the other girls so she has the guys to herself” Shelly: “Oh my God she said that”. Jordan: “Rachel is so ridiculous”

4:00pm Cassi and Kalia talking This may be the last of the cassi bikini pics… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

4:35pm Dani, Rachel and BRendon Dani is telling them what she knows about Jordan’s plans. She adds that Cassi told Jordan she should backdoor Rachel instead of cassi. Rachel goes into a frenzy says she’s going to call Cassi out about it.

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i think this might be the end of j/j if they dont backdoor b/r i wonder who dom would want to side with i hope j/j but you never know with him saying things to both couples but you would think they would want to get rid of the stronger ones first


Let’s hope the POV ceremony won’t be until tomorrow and it will give Cassi and Shelley enough time to convince Jordan to backdoor Rachel. It seems like they are trying to plant the seeds without being obvious about it.


don’t get me wrong i love jj but i think they are so stupid best move for them would be to get rid of the power players (br) they seem to forget if rachel leaves brendon gets the golden key and cannot play for hoh for 2 weeks IMO best move is to back door br


Jordon is coming around , Rachel’s reasoning of getting rid of the pretty girls are always personal that ho don;t know strategic if it hit her in her vagina she plays a personal social game and everybody knows it, lets face the facts here brenchel did not win last year because of rachel’s personal game play, and her pathetic excuse for her acting that way was Brittney talking shit( and rightfully so rachel was disgusting and deserved every minute of it), well we’re in a whole new year nobody is beaning mean to her yet she is still playing a personal game screwing her and Brenda’s chance of winning UNLESS of course they are protected by their clueless and scared team.


If you wait to get Brenchel out then when the couples split up Dani will side with B/R over JJ and its essentially 3 vs. 2. So backdooring B/R would be a great move because Brendon is nothing without Rachel and Vice Versa…


I really hope that Lawon wins HOH next and puts up B/R have Dom/Adam win POV and finally send one of those two home.


love all u haters RACHELE aint going nowhere


If we’re haters what does that make Rachel?


I love how jj are like cassi is NICE and GOOD LIKE US . I love that Americas couple is so humble. No Jordan you’re not nice you’re just naive.


As I watch the feeds and BBAD I realize how phony Jordan really is. Yes Rachel is a biotch, but she is real with it. I loved JJ at first and was rooting for them. At this point I am all for Dani/Dom. I really hate Jordan now and hope they get rid of her ass as soon as the key twist is over!!!


if there ever was a time for some production to do some swaying in the DR sessions its now… they need to just over and over ask jeff about possibly sending brenchel to the block this week and really make him think because jordan obviously doesnt want to push jeff hard enough to really consider it


Jordan, for the love of god, please place BR on the block. If you do, I will take back all the mean things I said about you. I might even think that you did deserve to win BB.


i kinda dont want them to backdoor rachel and brendon. it’s gonna make this season suck.. cause last season when Rachel left, for a good 2 weeks people were STILL talking about her -_- and Brendon was soo annoying and depressed. i don’t want a repeat of that.


This is why they should backdoor Brendon. I’d love to see rachel go balistic!


Then send Brendon home and leave Rachel and watch the witch bitch and moan.


Im sure that the producers will try to keep Brenchel.. So they can keep the team Jordeff vs team Brenchel storyline

i can see Dani and the newbies picking sides when it gets down to the top 10. It sort of already happening lol


Gonna be some funny shit if JJ don;t pull the trigger on the power couple and they win HOH next week and put up JJ since they are pretty useless, and they do not need them……….


If J/J put up B/R this week then whoever stays gets a golden key and then going into next HOH comp u only have jeff, Dom, Adam, Shelly, Cassi, Kalia and Lawon playing….they know it has to be a questions comp coming up (which it is an americas opinion) and that is always a toss up but u gotta feel good if ur jeff and jordan having 4-3 odds that someone on their side would win (jeff, dom, Cassi, Shelly VS. adam, kalia, lawon) am i the only one who sees this?????


No you are not I see it too, but jj don;t have the balls to do what is right and brenchel will be protected until the couples are over and jj and dani won;t have a chance , love how this season was designed perfectly for brenchel from the very beginning , and this is only week 2 and it;s obvious how this season will end.. JJ has no chance against Brenchel and as long as they both are in the house most of the HG will be on their side.

Love how the brenchel marks call us haters umm hating for calling out the facts?? yea sure, we’re haters alright.


and im no team jj a.k.a floaters with benefits neither I want anybody that has the chance to get out the power couple.


hey simon or anybody give the site where you guys watch big brother online cause the one i was using do not work anymore help plzz


even if jordan and jeff nominate Brendon and Rachel and Rachel leaves, CBS is still gonna make it so that Rachel comes back . no doubt in my mind


yea you right


maybe the season its not rigged for them but you have to admit that it’s not a concordance they EVERYTHING is going right for only that team. Dick leaving was the beginning we all know he would’ve driven them to quit.


Sorry for the late reply


love love loved the have not comp i was lmao it was the best 1 this show has ever had. loved it when ketchup and mustard squirted in rachoes face. (she is used to having fluids squirted in her face i am sure ) 🙂




OMFG Brenda threw it and made it obvious like the idiot the world know he is


Loved the have/not comp. Dom’s facial expressions and groaning were hilarious. Kalia is a pansy on top of two-faced and judgmental. I think Jordan is a lot smarter than she comes off. She has the right idea it is Jeff dragging his feet. And I think Jeff’s hesitations with Dom might come from innate man jealousy coming out. Dom is a younger, cuter version of Jeff in many respects… no man wants to stand next to that.


So is anyone else having a problem voting on CBS? I go to the make your mark page and there is nothing there.


I had to upgrade my flash player in order for it to work. Try that.


tried that…it didn’t work. any other suggestions?


What are “Jordan’s plans” that Dani is telling Rachel? And how did Dani find out about Cassi telling Jordan to backdoor Brenchel?


Maybe Shelly told her.


Brenda could hit the ball into the water but he made it obvious, well we all know he sucks balls at comps that require coordination, but damn did he have to make it THAT obvious

Uncle Cool

If there is a chance to get rid of Rachel right now, do it!!!!

No jury house. They should all be thinking of that.


Call Kalia Okra


Wow. This may be a game changer #fingerscrossed This will be the smartest move JJ could ever do make a final 5 deal w/ Dom, Cassie, Shelly. ts time to take out the GARBAGE (Brachel) now that would be a move


Rachel: Normally Im OK with being on the bottom..

WE KNOW HO, your used to being on your back that’s how you pay for the plastic surgery


And the Award for Best Dramatic performance on a Reality TV show goes to…. KALIA = Okra

Team Brenchel

Nobody backdoors Brenchel, how dare they allow that thought to enter their minds…Either you with Team Brenchel or you get evicted..Their skills are unmatched, unstoppable, unpredictable, incomparable, irreplaceable, impeccable..



Uhhhhhhhhhhh….what? Sorry I couldn’t hear you through all that delusion.


Just as delusional as they are.

Team Brenchel

The only delusion i see is a anti-Brenchel website one in that house can compete with Brenchel..If you were on there you would lose too…You people think you can compete on that show, lol that will be the day


yeah, that’s why they won 500K last season! Oh wait, they didn’t!


Does anyone else think it’s as funny as me that at the end of tonight’s episode it was Adam going to the toilet…hahahaa


he had to take a dump probably after having dom on top of his ass during that comp.

Team Brenchel

You people want Brenchel out because your jealous..Hypocrites..your jealous of how successful they have support team Brenchel haters

Zach J


I’m sure I’ll have backup on this, right everyone else?


We call out FACTS about brenchel and get called haters for it by brenchel marks… Same Shit different day.


people dont like rachael because she is a childish bitch


Zach, I got your back, yo 😉
Why does Production insist on regurgitating Brenchel? They did it last season….albeit maybe just for one show/one day with Rach’s return, it was pretty much the longest tv day of all time….she’s like a little stray puppy with ginormous boobs and a nauseating laugh. Please….no….more….


The smart move is to backdoor brenchel. Then you vote out brendon. We saw brendon survive a few weeks and win some comps last yr after Rachel was evicted. I think Rachel would just crumble if left alone in the house (and that would be great tv.)


Now is the time for someone to buy a banner & have it flown over outside telling J/J that America wishes to see B/R backdoored. I don’t even really care which one, both irritate the living sh*t out of me.


I want JJ to put up Brenchel but the only ones that would be left to play HOH would be newbies which would mean they could pull off what they tried to pull off the first week which is to put up the vets. Even though I don’t think they are smart enough to pull it off, especially with Shelly up JJ’s butt. Am I the only one who thinks she is the most connivining in the bunch (excludind Rachel of course)?


I don’t think JJ have been doing their math… shocker, i know. They would have Shelly, Cassi, Dom & Adam if they just worked it right. Dani would be dead in the water – since it’s obvious she is ultimately aligned with BR (why else would she tell them EVERYTHING she hears; I think they know each other outside the house). Por would be dead in the water without BR backing her (and Rachel likes her because she’s a butterface, not only because she is halfway up rachel’s ass). I think Lawon is still true blue to Cassi and Dom, I don’t understand what all the lies are they think he’s telling – unless they believe he was the other vote against Keith *DAMN YOU SHELLY!*. Kalia is a frontrunner – I dislike her but she’s useful for a vote and I think she’d jump at the chance to get rid of either brenda or rach-hell.
Also, they would just have to make sure that L/K didn’t win HOH next since it would have to be one of the remaining couples who would need to be nominated (so avoid nominating JJ, AD, SC). They need to grab 7 pairs of socks and work this out.


I love your site Simon. I watch the live feeds and then come here to see if I missed anything cause you do such a good job. One thing different that I saw on the feeds is that I think Dani told R&B that PORSCHE made the suggestion to Shelly & Cassie that B&R should be backdoored, not Cassie. Although, she did mention Cassie & Shelly were in on it too. It was hard to make out Danni’s whispering, but I went on flashback and listened again yesterday cause I thought it was an interesting Convo. Then afterwords, the glares Rachel was giving to Porsche were priceless!! I’m not sure that Dani was telling the truth, but it was purposeful in trying to get Rachel not to trust Porche & not want to hang out with her.