Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Cassi: “it’s a golden opportunity for them to take out BR.. But they’re too scared”

Shelly Big Brother 13

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5:10pm Shelly and Dom Shelly tells Dom that Cassi was talking very highly of him in the HOH. Dom is upset that cassi is going home she’s he’s connected with her she’s his friend. Shelly tells him that Cassi has his back she’s a true friend.

Lawon walks in talks briefly to them how they’re the last ones they have to win yadda yadda yadda.. When lawon leaves, Shelly tells Dom nobody is trusting lawon any more and he best distance himself. Dom agrees 100%.
Shelly: “the smartest thing for you to do for you’re game is to go up there and get with them”. Dom wants it to be him Shelly and Adam, Shelly says that after the couples are split she’s hoping the house gets together and takes Prosche out..

5:45pm Bathroom CAssi and Lawon Lawon tells her he knows one to them is going up. Cassi tells him he’s safe she’s pretty sure she’s going up.

6:00pm Jeff Jordan finishing their workout.. Adam is lingering around

6:10pm HOH Jordan and Jeff Jordan is saying that in the HOH shower you can see the outline of Jeff’s butt cheeks. Jordan says if she showers in the side then you won’t see her body’s outline…

6:14pm Lockdown called the house heads inside.. oh look the jokers is here

6:20pm Fortune Room Cassi and Shelly Comparing notes.. Shelly says that she’s planted the seed in Jordan that Backdooring rachel is a option. Shelly just thinks that for some reason Jordan and JEff are so scared of doing it. Cassi brings up how mad she is about Rachel.
Shelly: “you going take her on?”
Cassi: “No.. there’s no point”
Shelly brings up that Kalia has been up Jordan’s ass, Shelly’s been trying to play a bit of interference.
Cassi: “I know Adam is saying that the people that are cut are not getting sent home right away”
Shelly: “I know that what they’re saying..I think the public would want you back in here bad”
Shelly tells her not to give up there’s still tonight and they have a very strong point”
Cassi doesn’t understand why Jeff is so scared of Brendon and Rachel, Shelly suggests she goes and talks to Jeff, because Jeff runs the show jordan does what he says. Cassi plans to she’s just worried that B/R/D/K will be “up their asses” Shelly doesn’t think so she’s pretty sure that Jordan has had enough of rachel.
Shelly: “would be a very very very smart play and I don’t understand why they don’t do it” (taking out BR)
Shelly: “it’s a brilliant move to for them to get rid of the biggest threats in the game”
Cassi: “it’s a golden opportunity for them to take out BRendon/Rachel.. I cannot believe that a grown 27 year old women can have so much hatred in her heart to me”..
Shelly: “it very very sad and completely ridiculous”
Cassi wonders if Dani is part of the girls hating Cassi.. Shelly and Cassi notice that Dani has been ignoring her lately.
Shelly: “You going to talk to her”.
Cassi: “It won’t make any difference.. I’m thinking about pulling in Rachel and Brendon and asking them to tell me the real reason why”
Cassi: “I would love to make her cry though”
Shelly: “no that’s not you”
They head to the backyard

Cassi doesn’t see those 2 couples will race to the final 4 I think B/R will try and take out JJ first chance they get. Shelly agrees.
Shelly is SHOCKED that they are going to go through with what they are doing. Neither of the can understand why JJ will not take this moment to remove the 2 toughest competitors.
Cassi: “They say everyone will be gunning for them… Who is everyone?”

They start talking about Dom thinking he’s in a good spot in the game. Booth of them disagree, cassi brings up that Dom thinks he has Dani but he doesn’t Dani will pair up with him final 6 but before that BR is her safety night so she’s sticking with them.

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Rachel the Ugly Duckling

this is why she hates Cassi


The Ugly Duckling would never reveal her real reason for hating on Cassi, America knows it;s because she is insecure and needs all the attention to be on her and not actual beautiful women.


Rachael doesn’t hate Cassi only because Cassi is more pretty. She dislikes Cassi because 1) Cassi is prettier 2) Cassi isnt friends with her.

MY point is proven because 1)She doesn’t hate Por even though Por is prettier. She likes Por b/c Por kisses her ass. Just as in BB12 where Britney kissed/ played Rachael’s ugly, gluttony ass.

My opinion of Porsche is simple. She is somewhat like Britney but has a better chance to win the endurance comps… She actually has a chance to win it all. I hate her and don’t think she will win, but unlike many others… SHE has HOPE


Who else thinks Rachel and Dani seem to be getting close? for some reason it doesnt seem like Dani’s just keeping her on her good side.. seems fishy to me.


If Dani is intentionally trying to lose this game she is playing the perfect game…


Umm…. Isn’t that fact that Cassi has said many times she want Rachel out, a good enough reason for Rachel to want her out?


I have yet to see one bad screen capture of Cassie. She is absolutely STUNNING!! It’s no wonder all the insecure girls hate her. LOL!


LOL that ONE is pretty bad.


thatsfunny as hell


I really don’t think cassi is that attractive


I love how you said INSECURE GIRLS. Haha. That doesn’t include jordan


OMG Jeff and Jordan need to wake the HELL UP! They don’t realize that their so called alliance is making deals with Dominic and Danielle to replace them! Gosh, now they think Dominic is on their side, but he’s really just playing both sides for whoever wins HoH next week. UGH…Jeff and Jordan are going to regret not putting Brendon and Rachel up now. Jeff and Jordan are going to literally have nobody because guess who Shelly and Kalia are gonna suck up to if Brendon or Rachel win HoH. Smh, Jeff and Jordan are acting too scary to win Big Brother this season.


Why can’t anyone put their bias aside,even in the house. JJ would take B/R’s spot as biggest target if they took them out. Plus for at least a week they can’t go after Brandon, so who else can they go after other than JJ?


i agree with you 100%. The newbies will regroup after JJ put up BR and then JJ will be the targets. Most people on this board don’t like BR and that’s why they want them out. In my opinion, it’s just not the right time. The newbies are not completely trustworthy and they’re doing and saying anything to save their behinds. Honestly, I don’t want anyone that has won BB or came in 2nd in BB to win.


totalllllllly agreee.


I really hope that Jordan does put up B/R. I am definitely not saying this because I like Cassi in all honesty I really am indifferent to her going home. I think that getting Brenda or Rachel out would be a better move for JJ.
Not to mention that I think that it would make fantastic television if they took out Brenda and let Rachel go insane for the next couple of weeks.
The only person I decided to cheer for at the beginning of the season was Adam because I thought that he would be a smart player being the “super fan” that he proclaims to be. But in all honesty I am finding him really annoying right now, and I am way to distracted with him looking like a squid or some sort of strange mutant marine animal in his memory wall photo.


Lol at the Adam comment, he does have a strange head and face (not to mention his back hair)……his growls and never ending bacon comments don’t help either. I have never seen anyone hold a cigarette the way he does……..All this aside, I would really love to see him win HOH and shake things up a bit/


screen captures not so much, but have you seen her face when she looks in the mirror. Okay Angelina


Jeff pulled the trigger on russel a week too soon and he got Fu ked, I can’t believe he would make the same mistake twice !!!


I can’t believe how easily manipulated Jordan is use both ur brain cells at the same time or Jeff won’t be there to push you to the end!!

Norbert Wood

Your new format, bringing back old winners etc, really sucks, you have taken a great show and turned it into a total “you can guess the outcome” show. It was a great show when you had 14 new people that did not know one another and made it a “old Big Brother Crew” ONLY…….And by the way the newbys are totaly not aware of how to play the game…..NO MORE OLD GUYS PLEASE…. N Wood


This season is horrible! I love big brother and have been soo disappointed with this season. You either have a house full of veterns or new players. It’s not even fun to watch. Rachel’s voice alone is enough to turn off the tv!!