Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jeff’s getting paranoid, Dom is with Rachel and Adam is still our only hope

7:15pm Rachel and Porsche Rachel is saying that she heard Porsche has been tellign people the only way to get BRendon and Rachel out is to Backdoor them. Porsche says that’s insane, she won’t deny saying that Brendon and Rachel are strong competitors and have tack record of winning comps but she never told people to backdoor them. Rachel

7:38pm Kitchen Dom and Rachel They make sure everyone is outside.. Rachel asks him whats up. Dom says he struck a deal with Jeff and Jordan and it’s guaranteed that if I he wins won HOH then Jeff won’t put up Dom in return Dom will not put up Jeff/Jordan and Brendom/Rachel. Rachel says if you put Lawon and Kalia up and they win POV either her and BRendon or JEff and Adam have to go up. Dom wants to Throw the HOH comp to Brendon and Rachel if the opportunity presents itself.
Rachel says OK she wants HOH so she can eat food out of her basic and not have to sick with slop. Rachel: “it has to be lawon and Kalia… We need Lawon out”
Dom: “exactly Lawon has to go” Rachel: “I don’t trust him”
Rachel is pretty sure that Lawon and Kalia are probably not going to win the POV or the HOH. Porsche enters the kitchen ending game talk.. Cassi leaves hurray.
Rachel is worried that Lawon is going to really work at getting HOH this week and if he does they’re not sure what will happen. Rachel: “there are two people that were talking about backdooring me and brendon this week”.. Dom interrupts “yeah Cassi and SHelly but you gtta understand it was out of desperation”. Dom and Rachel agree that Cassi goes this week then Lawon. Dom says he wants Shelly in jury and he thinks everyone should take a week off and get Porsche out, “No one really wants to have a girl like that around”. Dom asks what if Por wins HOh? Rachel says if she wins HOH they can convince her to take out Kalia. Dom reminds her that she’s in control of Porsche Briggs. Rachel disagrees, brings up that apparently earlier today por was taking shit about her. Dom says that it’s starting to look like the final six is Me, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff,Jordan and Dani. He points out when they get to the final 6 how him and Dani play will probably determine the final 2. He adds that him and Dani are with Rachel and Brendon. Rachel: “you talked to Dani about it?”
Dom: “yeah we’re on the same page”
Dom: “one of the 6 of us have to win every week”

8:00pm Have Nots Dom and Cassi Cassi is crying she saying she doesn’t want to go but she can’t compete against Shelly. Dom tells her not to worry about leaving week 2 you only have 2 options you fight and you go against you’re friend or you just leave and have fun. He jokes that there’s a lot of votes to rally. Cassi: “you just want me out because you can beat Shelly”.. They laugh. Dom: “Don’t hold back don’t leave the house with any regrets”

Dom: “If you don’t want to go after Shelly then hang out these next 3 days and have fun”. Dom tells her that she’s going home because it was Dom, Keith and Cassi that lead the charge against the newbs. Cassi thinks that’s ridiculous theres no newbie alliance it’s all over. Dom says Keith went up, I went up and now you went up. Dom asks if she makes the rounds and campaign does she think there’s a chance against Shelly?.
Cassi: “if I cut deals”.. Dom: “yes or no answer”.. Cassi: “yes ”
Dom says if there’s chance that she can stay then she has to try … “doesn’t have to be dirty brawl mud slinging”. Dom adds that she has time on her hand but if she decided to go for it she better get that idea into everyone’s head, “if you look back at your life 90 years from now will you have regrets that you didn’t fight for big brother”
Cassi says she’s not going to be alive in 90 years and even if she was big brother would not be her concern.

8:24pm Backyard dani and Jeff Jeff is getting reassurance that Rachel and Brendon are not talking about Flipping. Dani says that Rachel is playing just like last year acting like everyone is against her but it’s really the other way. They briefly bash Rachel a bit. They go over the picking order.. Lawon, Adam, Porsche. Both are worried if Lawon and Adam win HOH other than that they are sure they’re safe. Jeff brings up that he doesn’t want to see Rachel flip on them because he’s proven that Jordan and him are in it to the end. Dani says they would be stupid to not go with it they can all get to final 5. Jeff thinks it’ll be easy for them to get final 5 as long as they stick to the plan. he doesn’t mind a 1 in 5 shot at becoming the Big Brother 13 Winner

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Jeff and Jordomb Paranoid???? HILARIOUS , They should be.

Queen Bitch fishing with Porsche, hmmm she thinks Porsche been talking behind her back? is there any truth behind this simon or dawg??


wow who can believe what any of these house guests say, i mean these guys change their minds from day to day, it wasn’t like less than a week ago when dom was flirting with cassie and shit, and now he’s planning to get her out this week, ohhh SMH


Wow ok so Rachel wants Cassi out, there has been tension with her and Dani and her and Jordan. Now she thinks Porsche is talking behind her back…anyone else see a pattern here?


Rachel should be on antipsychotic medications.


Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Dani and Dom can smell the finish line..”Sniff Sniff”..Dom dropped off the distraction, no offense Cassi. Now lets catch that cab to victory Oh Yeah! Oh yeah! >:)


okay…between dani and dom i am getting really confused…where does their loyalty really go…to rachel and brendon?…to each other?…are they going after jeff and jordan…jordan should have taken out rachel and then teamed up with dom and cassi and shelly…it could have been epic!!!!!!!!!!


Brenda making excuses for Queen Bitch’s actions….AGAIN

It’s not personal, SUUUUUUURRREEEEEEEEEE it’s not.



its sad

occasionally brendon, when rachel isnt there…. shows signs of being a guy you can work with, he thinks things through etc. add in the relatrionship element, and it ruins everything, hes a different person

If they could just break up, or if somehow rachel walked out of the house, it would help brendon’s game if he were able to just be angry and not sad about it….too bad hes just nuts