Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dani Sums it up “Jeff and Jordan got no game their strategy was terrible”

8:35pm Lawon and Adam Backyard Lawon says he remembers Adam telling Keith to stop playing the game so hard. Adam laughs says you can’t play the game like that from the get go it always ends badly. Adam: “my goal today was not to eat JElly Beans… the blessing and the curse is I love Jelly beans and beef jerky.. oh man i’m starting to get hungry again.

8:41pm Backyard Working out Dani and Brendon Dani is telling him that Jeff and Kalia are getting really paranoid about BLANK. they seem worried that Rachel is going after them. Brendon: “this is coming from people that were directly schemeing with cassi”. Dani says that perception is very important in this game. Brednon agrees, says he’s been trying to reassure them. Brendon: “Jordan is BLANK blind… Cassi and Kalia are Jordan’s best friends as soon as she gets HOH cmon…its doesn’t take rocket science” Dani thinks Kalia and Jordan were a little close before she won HOH. Brendon reminds her that sooner or later everyone will be scheming about each other. Brendon is happy that Kalia is staying around she pisses everyone off and is useless, “Por has the mentality of a 13 year old she honestly thinks she’s a good manipulator” Dani laughs says Por is a pathological liar, she’s dumb and she lies about stupid random stuff it makes no sense.
Brendon: “Kalia is going to
Dani and breifly talk about how the split between the repeats will go. dani: “It’s going to be which side has it’s first minion to make a move” Brendon agrees.

8:55pm HOH Jordan and Jeff They are talking about rachel putting them up.
Jeff: “I swear I will ruin Rachel if she backdoors us I will cuase such a noise she’ll cancel her twitter account.. I think we’re getting a little out of cotrol here” Jrodan agrees. Jordan is regretting putting up Cassi she’s tinking that maybe they should of put up lawon and gotten rid of him. Jeff says there is so many what ifs going on you just need to stick with what they did. Jordan runs through some scenarios if Lawon and Kalia go up and Adam uses the POV they could go up. Jeff thinks they can trust Brendon and rachel (Jeff better hope on getting a wizard power these 2 are a bit behind the curve)

9:06pm Dani and Dom Dom says that both sides are already fighting over where dom and Dani will play. Dani :”that’s what we want” Dom: “yeah but it’s stupid” Dani: “they’re both stupid thats good for us”
Dani asks him if he saw their seasons both of them? “Jeff and Jordan got no game their strategy was terrible” (talking about JJ i think). Dom says that Adam wants to have a secret alliance with him, Shelly and Dani. Dom: “adam is neither here nore there I don’t think he know what to do… either way you will not go up” (it was Dom that asked Adam that). Dom says he wants to keep Adam until after Por goes he wants him in the jury.. Dani doesn’t know if she wants Adam or Lawon. Dom tells her that Rachel is telling him there not putting him up. Dani says there’s a chance they’ll have no choice. Dani: “my butt itches like my crack” (Is it too late to jump onto Team Dani)

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Dani: “my butt itches like my crack”


I’m gonna leave that one alone.


What did I tell you?! Lol


agreed 100%


Anything time they get alcohol Porshe stares at it like she can’t wait to have a drink, then again I probably would too


Dani is my goddess lived her on BB 8 IF SHE DOESNT WIN IMMA RAGE


Simon what do you think the chance of ED coming back later in the season? Could this have all been planned his leaving?


Not a chance. He will probably come back to host a food/HoH/PoV/etc competition, and if they were wise they’d bring back Eric from Dick’s season to co-host the competition. There’s no way he’ll be back in the show this season, otherwise CBS wouldn’t have had him (or allowed him to) make a public statement on the show to save face. It’s not gonna happen.


Team Dani & Dom


Why in this post did you say that Jeff and Jordan are behind the curve and they better win a wizard power??? From what I have seen Rachael and Brendon do not want to put them yet or AM I WRONG??? Someone answer please! 🙂


Simon, I 100% agree. Dani is by far the smartest and best strategist in the house this year and is sitting in a great position right now . The only thing from keeping me from being Team Dani 100% is her attachment to B&R. If I knew she was only with B&R to keep the target off her back that would be one thing but if she really wants to go the final 3 with them I have to re-evaluate my support.


If I were dani I would want to take b/r to the final 3 too cause if it comes down to her and one of them in final 2 no one on the jury would vote for Brendon or Rachel


I have doubts that she’s actually teaming up with B/R. She’s just being smart and playing the whole house for 2-3 weeks and then picking sides and cooling her global social game down one week before her golden key is up. It doesn’t matter how much flack she might get for over socializing to everyone, enough conflict changes in 24 hours that as long as she plays it cool the week before she loses the key, the entire house could want her gone one day, and then forget about it 4 days later. And when she loses the key, 3ish others will have keys at that point too, and she’ll have a way worked out to either make one of them or Jeff or Brendan a bigger target. Keeping Rachel around is great because she’ll self implode. If Cassi goes home this week then I could see Dani teaming up with Shelly since they’d both have keys and she’d need (or exploit) a mother figure. I’d say Dani and Jordan have the best chances of winning at this point. What a lot of you are forgetting to realize is that even if Dani runs into an obstacle where she’s nominated and hated at one point, she has high odds of winning the veto if she’s on the block. If Dani doesn’t make it to final 2, it’s probably because she’s backdoored, so I’d say that’s the only thing she has to worry about at this point. Dom would backstab her at final 4, the vets would betray her earlier than that if they’re solo, or at final 4 if they still have a couple, and Shelly is the type that might go from friends to hatred in one conversation because she’s old school (anyone remember “you’ll always be Judas in my house” ?). So Dani might actually consider wrangling up floaters like Jordan and Lawon for a late game strategy, but the problem is that others will too, obviously. I can definitely see Dani and Jordan making it to final 3, but I’m not sure of the other pick yet. It depends how her and the key players play over the next 2 weeks, but the important thing is that the power is in her hands for now.


Is there another twist planned for this season? Says Julie Chen or just a rumor? I haven’t been following it as closely this year as the past few years. If there is another twist, judging by the fact that it’s not more known mainstream, I would say it will be nothing more than saying “okay no nominating as couples” after the golden keys are up. Because if you think about it, the show wouldn’t work unless they did that once the solo players are susceptible again. It’s pretty lame and not a twist at all really, but we all know CBS isn’t above using stupid twists like that for false suspense with viewers for a week or two.

What would actually be cool is if the couple rule DID stay all season, and that after the golden keys are gone (there will be 4 at that point, right?) the 4 key people will have to join up in 2 teams, and then the house continues with the couples thing, but instead of bringing back the golden key for another 2-4 weeks, the rule is that each of the nominee slots is for an entire couple. If there’s someone who no longer has a couple, then they only take up one slot, but the other slot could be an entire couple. Example: Dom is on the block versus both Brendan and Rachel. House Guests can vote for any of the three, so the point is that it’d be good for couples on the block because it can split votes and cause the solo person to go home, but it’s bad for couples on the block, because it robs them BOTH of their vote, and potentially one of their allies of a vote as well. So even if it’s 2v4, the minority could nominate 3 people and still have the votes. Probably too complex for them to use it, but it would be fun to see some advanced strategy for a change.

For what it’s worth, I’m a fan of the golden key game mechanic, not because it can and will encourage floaters, but because it will discourage constant fighting and blow ups in the house, and instead get people to talk to everyone more and hopefully make the house less divided down the middle. I want to see 4 different alliances with no overlap!

Simon, what do you think about the twist stuff?


Oh, it might just be another Pandora’s Box thing. UGH. Let’s randomly help or hurt a random person! Because that’s fair!


Ugh, that would also be lame. I’ve never been a fan of bringing back a player. Of course, if it was Britney, I could easily be persuaded 😉

Big Brother fan:)

Do you all remember Britney from last season???? I heard that she lives in Missouri and that her home catched on fire,Is that true??????


Qaz: good stuff – no, amazing stuff! Are you Production incognito? 😉


Also, JohnnyUtah, do you actually think the house will allow 3 vets (2 of which are a couple) to make it to the final 3? Almost impossible. If it happens then either these HGs will go down as the dumbest season ever, or Allison Grodner will once again be guilty of interfering with the game. My money’s on neither; 2 vets might make it to final 4, but no couple will make it to final 4.


Any other season and I would agree that it is very unlikly two vets make it to the end, but this group if noobs is really playing dumb and basically handing the game to the vets. Out of the noobs left I could only actually seeing Dom winning and when the numbers start dwindling the targt will shift to him and he will have to win comps to stay in the house.

And like you said AG will def rig this game however she sees fit and it looks like she loves her some veteran stew.


wth. I am getting super pissed at everyone in the house. It seems like everyone is going to go after J & J. 🙁


I agree all the way. Dani is playing the best game thus far. Mostly everyone else is getting too paranoid for their own good. I like the sound of Dom and Dani teaming up as well. I think they can make it far together if they play their cards right. :’]


what i don’t understand if jordan did back rachel and brendon who in the house would be mad and upset, jeff is not going to win the next HoH


Why is Dani teaming with b/r? They are decent competitors. If I was her I would want to go to the final 4 with jeff n jordan. Her and Dom have a better chance at beating them in competitions.

The Watcher

True, comps yes. Jury votes, not likely. She is already looking towards who she wants in the jury house, so she’s more concerned with having the votes to win. Getting to the end don’t mean a thing without the votes. Taking B/R to the final 3 for Dani is virtually a guaranteed win for her.


I’m completely Team Dani but I do wonder if the reason that her game is so good is because she hasn’t had to be paranoid and worry about her current position the way all the others have had to do.


hey Simon.. or whoever knows the answer. how is Dani tweeting? this may seem like a stupid question.. but whatever. i’d assume it was someone tweeting for her, since shes obviously in the house, but i was just curious as to what the answer is.


Oh my word!!! What is it with Brendan and his favorite line “It’s not rocket science!” And he’s going to school for his PhD? What cereal box did he find an admittance letter into a PhD program? What a moron!


Haha dom and dani nickname by rachel

Double D’s


WTF are the who’s who in the production/direction crew of BB this season…. I just started last season with watching and getting hooked on BB with all the BS with the Sabatour and stuff from last season. That was fine for me being a ” newbie” but this crapola with Rachael and Brendon last season sucked donkey dick…I Was excited for this season but with the ” veterans vs thenewbies” now?? R U KIDDING me? Stupid Brenchel again? Last season I put up with it but now, I can’t believe that the veterans R going for their crapola! ( last season i felt compassion for their ” sorry asses” but now forget it!! This show was stupider than I’ve ever Imagioned! Allison, I don’t know who U R or what U do but I’m Positive this WILL get back to you… from your “readers of the boards”Come on now… Your poll will sway the next HOH Competition? I used to ,augh when people spoke of it all being rigged… But now??? This is shit!!! Rachael having a conniption about Cassi? Shes the only Real person in this game! Karma baby karma!!!! Is there such a thing about BB anonymous? I am a member! This frickkin show is SO Frickkin Rigged! So NOT FAIR…. U GO CASSIE!!!!


My name has been Team Doni for a reason, I knew this would work!


Whose Doni?


Thats team Dom/Dani Yo!


Watching BBAD; Pinto is porkin out! I’m gonna start calling her Semi cuz of her wide load.

chick from louisiana

I agree. She’s been playing around with both sides and seems to be in a good spot with almost everyone. I can’t wait to see her without the golden key though. And maybe a HOH position, she might be our only hope for a power move this season.


I’ll be the first to say that J/J were pretty poor strategic players their season but hey Jordan won so you can’t really say too much went wrong. But the “wizard powers” def changed the game. But Dani has some cheek. She was useless her season. All she wanted to do was bang Nick. Evel did everything. Yes Dani won comps but Evel controlled that house and she was riding his coattails. Bummer he had to leave! Would have been classic to see Evel destroy Brenchel.


I agree with you 100% and Brendan really shouldn’t talk about strategy neither of team brenchel won Jordan may of had terrible strategy but in the end she won soher strategy worked unlike brenchels make everyone hate you that only worked for one prerson evel dick and brenchel is no evel dick


I don’t understand all the hate towards Rachel…? I mean she’s a completely different person this season than she was last season! I can understand how at times she can be annoying, but we all have our moments. I mean really..who are y’all? Do you walk on water? True fans of the show will look past her personality and appreciate her strategic game play! She is a fierce competitor, wins competitions and doesn’t apologise for “playing” the game. She isn’t “fake” about how she feels about you. If she doesn’t like you, you will know it! Can’t say that for more than half of the other players. Sure this could gain her enemies, but as long as she’s winning competitions, which she IS..she has nothing to worry about! Her game play is NO different from JJs..or anyone elses in the house for that matter, she’s just BETTER at it than them. Hate all you want on her laugh and annoying antics but you can NOT deny that Rachel is a STRONG player. If I was JJ I would definitely put her up on the block, not bc she’s annoying, but bc she’s the biggest threat in the house. I personally hope she stays and goes on to win. GO RACHEL!!!


I mean she’s a completely different person this season than she was last season!

That’s where i stopped reading, your obviously delusional.


I will agree that she is a strong physical competitor but she and Brenden are not strong social competitors the only reason she has an alliance this seaon is because the vets had no choice but to team up with them all rachael can do is win challenges and her gameplay is much different than JJ’s she thinks she needs to win every competition to win the game and we’ll do anything to get who she wants out out as seen this week when she wanted cassi she sabotaged jeff during the veto Im pretty sure she did something during the veto while jeff and Jordan have much better social game at least during their season less this season since they are labeled veterans and I will agree rachael is a strong physical player I will not agree she is a strong all around player cause most of the house hate her just dont want to be sent home Im not even sure Dani want to be teamed with them she just is playing such a great social game and has no enemies in the house. The fact that Brendan bashes JJ sickens me I so want Jeff to win HOH this week and backdoor Brenchel and send one of them packing that way Dani will hopefully team up and get Brendan out first week of individuals.


Dani is playing a great game – but it helps that she is safe for a month and doesn’t need to be worrying about who’s coming after her or who to nominate. If she had been playing the last few weeks she’d probably be second guessing her game moves too and wouldn’t seem so off the radar. Everyone knows she’s a great competitor and if her and Dick were still in the game I think they’d be bigger targets than JJ and maybe even BR.


they shouldnt backdoor j and j….it should have never ever come to this. they should have discussed this, said they were going to seperate for a week and feel out the other hg’s…but jordan and jeff made mistakes by saying anything bad about b and r including the possibility of backdooring them….that basically ruined their game. why even go there, they both need each other, and they don’t see it.

dani is smart though, you side with the people who have no social skills or a chance to get any votes, but also win challenges. smart girl. also has dom whenever she wants him in terms of making a move in the game