Big Brother 13 Spoilers First Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

Live Eviction Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Results

This has been a good start to the season, Dick left the game, Brendon won the POV and Jeff went on a Rant about Homosexuals being school teachers in books. The houseguests nominated for elimination are Porsche and Keith. Both equally as useless, Keith is loosely allied with the crumbling
Newbie alliance and Porsche is loosely allied with the repeats. In the Repeats mind they have won the game since the Newbs are in just disarray with rampant in fighting making their numbers advantage moot. Don’t count them out yet a HOH win by Dom or Cassi could embolden their allegiance with each other or just let them fracture even more. Tonight the house dynamic could change completely giving us some sweet ass feeds, 3 Day Free Trial SIGN UP HERE

My guess is that Keith is going home and Shelly will win HOH

Cassi Votes to evict – Porsche
Dom Votes to evict – Porsche
Lawon Votes to evict – Porsche
Adam Votes to evict – Porsche
Shelly Votes to evict – Keith
Kalia Votes to evict – Keith
Jeff Votes to evict – Keith
Jordan Votes to evict – Keith
Brendon Votes to evict – Keith
Dani Votes to evict – Keith

Evicted houseguests is Keith

New HOH is Jordan

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168 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers First Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

    1. you can go to and there should be a link. Just in case you are like me, living in Canada, and CBS doesn’t allow you access; you can always watch the episodes in youtube. There is always someone loading the episodes.

  1. I would guess that shelly would’nt want to win HoH. Considering she will be forced to show who she is alligned with. I think she will throw it cause shes doing a good job at playing both sides in my opinion. I think adam might win…just have a feeling. Or Cassi because she was doing pretty good at that practice game big brother gave them. Who knows…tonight is kinda unpredictable for me.

      1. I think it would be awesome, too.

        I think the game they will play is based more on luck than skill, so I think anyone can win it, so I pick Lawon’s name out of the proverbial hat.

    1. Eventhough I want Cassi or Dom to win HOH, can you just imagine the DRAMA that would be if Lawon would win. I just cannot stand another week of the overbloated egos of the vets for another week….they need to be humbled.

  2. I’m predicting Keith out and brendon will win hoh. This will put even a bigger target on their back for the next week and push dani further to the newb side where she will dominate.

    1. Yea, them making this the Brenchel show to make fun of them is dumb. I mean, I dont mind them being made fun of, but at the same time….dear Lord.

    2. WTF is up with the sad music playing when Rachel and Brendon were having their period moments? It ‘s not romantic, it makes me laugh at the very least

    3. Too much Brendan & Rachel since there was so much fun stuff and game play going on this week. I’d love to see more of the newbies like Lawon or Dom & Cassi. Even more Jordan & Jeff or Dani.

  3. LOL, apparently Rachel was ‘demasculine-ating’ Brendon…good God they deserve each other….though I do feel bad for her sometimes (not often).

    1. I know right…. I think he so caught up in his own bullshit he be saying some of the most idiotic things imaginable.

  4. Oh please whoever gets HOH tonight please please please put Rachel and Brandon up for eviction and Rachel go next week. They are both making me sick with their mushy talk and BS. I am naseous from it – UGH!!!!

    1. I know right! Julie’s stylist should be fired. She or he definitely has no style. They are dressing Julie like she’s a retiree.

  5. Brandon is such a tool.
    He is a JOKE from him crying on YouTube over that dumb tramp.
    DeMasciline did I hear a guy that says he want to be a Doctor use that made-up word?
    I believe it is called “Emasculate” you moron. Brandon and Rachell say that are SMART. They are STUPID and can’t even use real words.

    1. Rachel said it first. He said it to make fun of her. What was pitiful was that he said he’s trying to be professional and have thus great career, but with her by his side? I give the marriage, 2 years tops, 5 if she has a baby. They argue too much and are mismatched beyond compare. One of them will find someone better suited and walk. I hope it happens before they bear fruit.

      1. I agree Dani was trying not to cry. I didn’t think Julie should have asked hereabout not saying she loved her dad v

  6. 2-2 it’s looking like Porsche is going bye bye, crossing fingers now…hope kalia and shelly are smart

    1. Those dumb women! Kallia will have them put her and Lawon up, the newbs will figure it out and band together, the plan will backfire and Kallia will go home! (where she should be) my prediction

    2. I think I would have done the same. You know that the vets are all going to evict keith, you know some of the newbs are going to vote to evict porsche. You also know that it only takes 1 newb to flip. With that group, it would be hard to be confident that none of the other newbs would flip their vote, so it’s better to be safe and vote with the majority. Especially now that Jordan won HOH.

  7. in case you all havent figured out, rachel the tramp and brendon the dumbass are plants from CBS. last season rachel was shows as a scientist and so was brendon. now shes an event planner and hes a PHD student. both are still lies. have you seriously listened to how stupid these two are? the other night on the dice game the category was beer. when i gets to rachel she says Sprite…..? and how when people toast their glass they say salut…rachel was saying saloon. they are only there for tv attraction. and unfortunately for CBS it isnt attractive. i wonder if CBS realizes people actually stopped watching because those two were back. and if she calls herself an allstar one more time omg.

    1. come on ED Dont be a hater, this is going to be a good season rachel just plays that role is really is a smart cookie.

      1. lol are you kidding me? are you related to rachel cause no one is that naive to believe that shes smart. ditzy doesnt even begin to describe her mental status

    2. We’re so lucky they found each other and are staying together even after Brendumbs skype stumble. By we I mean everyone else on this planet!

    3. Actually, Rachel was a cocktail waitress last year with a chemistry degree and brendon was a grad student. I’m not sure how that’s really much different from event planner and phd student…

    4. I agree! I thought Rachel was a college graduate and honor student in HS. She is one of the dumbest people I’ve seen. She makes words up and argues that they are real. Agreed they are CBS plants, paid to be there, unfortunately not very entertaining. Rachel makes me want to vomit. Why would they stack the show in their favor when so many people hate her. Jordan should put them up, but they are afraid to lose jury votes because of the golden key.

    1. i like how last nite on the showtime part, brendon acted mad enough that he was gonna go downstairs and kick some butt. they shouldnt have stopped him cause i woulda laughed forever when keith or dom put him on his back. its so clear that he and rachel are actors. poor ones at that. and does anyone else find it a bit odd that dick wins 500k yet devotes his life to making a gossip website that has hardly any revenue, about a show he was on? i own websites and even won on wheel of fortune in ’97. dont see me running around making a wheel gossip site. i say major fail way to spend 500k

      1. I agree and it’s not even a very good website. Just my HO. At least It wasn’t mobile phone friendly. You have to be mobile phone friendly these days.

    1. kalia is one foul creature. between those horrid noises she makes and the talking of vaginal bumps, she is mad disgusting. every night on showtime she is caught picking her nose, scratching her butt, looking like mr peabody from the old cartoon. someone should tell her that shes on tv and that they have cameras in that house

    1. Agreed! Who wants to watch a season of repeats where every comp is handed to them on a solver platter! At least make them work for it. Sorry IDK if I can stomach another episode. They ruined what could have been a great season. They had a nice bunch of nubies sans Keith, he was beyond irritating.

    1. this is a waste of a week. Jeff is gonna walk around like hes the freaking king!! im gonna hate this week!!

      1. GO JORDAN & JEFF!!!!! The fun has just begun….Dom is immature, Porshe is conceited, Lawon is loud, Cassi is a snob….I love the Vets and Shelly…. as for the others…no comment…YET

  8. Did I not predict this was going to happen? I told you guys the oldies would win. I’m soooo close to ending my viewing of this season!

    1. I’m with you, ill tune in again when one of the vets are gone. 3 boring a predictable seasons in a row, will CBS keep the streak up???

  9. You gotta give it to Jordan…she pulls out the wins, even when it seems like she’s inept. Jeff was funny with his “whack it into the watertrap” and Brendon was kinda lame with his “into the sand trap.” Not totally sure why one was funnier then the other, but it was.

  10. Let the ass kissing begin. Love how Jeff and Brendon just gave up. Those two are some real winners.. just let their woman win everything for them.

  11. Uggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe the morons will run the house for the next week!!! So pissed!!!!

  12. this game is set up for the veterans to win…and lo and behold…the veterans win. frustrating to watch what is the obvious outcome. And now we have to listen to one more week of jeff, brendon and rachel gloating.

    1. And why the hell did Rachel get to pick the order? I’m skipping ‘BB After Dark ‘ tonight. I can’t stomach seeing the oldies running around congratulating themselves. Jordan with the intelligence of an amoeba and she!

      I feel like ripping Kalia’s giant head off and stuffing it down Shelly’s puffed up mouth.

    1. Jordan is one of the luckiest players ever in BB.

      She floated like a Soap Bubble back then and she is doing it now, then comes along and lucks out in a game that if taken too seriously becomes difficult, but someone with air in their head can master it with one shot.

    2. Not a floater huh, let’s go over the facts shall we?

      1. She floated through her entire season only winning prizes.
      2. Jeff threw that HOH to her.
      3. Natalie’s LIE gave her the win. Jeff voted for her, but everybody else was pissed that Natalie lied to them.

      She’s a FWB = Floater with Benefits

  13. The newbies better get it together or they’re going to be picked off one by one. That 2 of them voted to evict Keith means those 2 traitors need to be corrected or evicted. Jordan winning sucks for entertainment value. Hopefully the newbies will get it together before they’re all gone.

  14. First of all, Julie theb, youre a douche bag. Poor dani.

    Kalia and Kathy 2.0 are idiots.
    Another week of Jeff and brendon being egotistical bitches.

    I predict dom and Adam will go up.

    1. Cassi and Shelly for sure, you know Boy George can’t stand the fact that she will never be the pretty girl on any season.

      1. if that happens best case scenario is: Dom wins POV and uses it on Cassie and Shelly, then the Vets have to put up Kalia and Lawon and I pray by some miracle Kalia goes home, but more than likely it would be Lawon.. Which is better than it being Dom, Cassi, or Adam.

      2. Omg you’re so right! She only accepts Porche because she follows her around like a puppy and laughs at her stupid jokes. I can’t believe she’s only upset because Cassie doesn’t like her and talkes to the guys more than her… hmmm, jealous much Rach?

  15. Simon, when will the live feeds come back on for those on the east coast? is it after it airs on the west coast?

  16. to Early TO go against the one that trusted you ,i rally hope Kaila what ever her name and Shelly go next but jj will put Cassi or Dominic up boo for the traitors

  17. Dumb luck…pure and simple. I guess we are gonna have to deal with another week of jeff and brendons douchyness. Good god. The newbies dont stand a chance.

  18. Like I said, that game was mostly luck and very little skill. Anyone could have won and the Soap Bubble won it.

    It’s on now…

    1. One note though, notice that Jordan was the only one to hit from the top of the line, rather than down by the bottom so she had less of an arch on the shot. Seems like some good strategy there.

    2. Lol! She is pretty, but often looks like bubbles are going through her mind. Like she is literally not thinking about anything. Just a blank empty look in her eyes a lot of the time. I really wish I could know J&J in real life because I can’t help but feel like what we see in the house is make believe. They act like just met. If he didn’t call him his GF I’d never know it. And I watch ST after Dark.

    1. I liked Jeff his first season, but this season he comes across as a cocky asshole! Watching him and Brendumb keep making comments about the newbs hurts his image. He’s at the top of the people I hate this year… 1 Brendumb 2 RacHELL 3 Jeff

  19. Cassi is gone next week! So excited Jordan won. I’m not a huge fan of the vets but the newbs are stupid. Should have kept together and kept their mouths shut! Go dani!!!

    1. The only idiots you speak of are kalia and Kathy 2.0
      The rest did try and stay together. If dani is so smart she should be aligning herself with some of the newbs.

      1. True but they put in repeats that dominate HOH and POV games. They got scared. It’s easy for us to judge as outsiders looking in. I’m totally disappointed that repeats are there at all. That would have been the better fix.

  20. I for one I’m excited to see Jordan win, she won fair and square against the newbies, everyone got the chance so this couldn’t have been rigged for the Vets! Plus the Vets were at a number disadvantage coming in house so this will give them chance to equal it out!

  21. The Good News is someone won the HOH and the server stayed up the bad news is the hours upon hours of BRendon and Jeff telling each other how stupid the newbies are and how awesome smart they are I have to endure.

    1. I do not envy you! Well..I guess I do..I wish I could watch the live feeds…so yea.. I envy you.

      Thanks for another year of spoilers! wish I could remember my name from last year…but I’m sure it was lame anyway..

  22. Why all the hate? Jordan won fair and square (sans the lame giveaways by Jeff/Brendon). So the people are predictable, who cares? The newbs just had to stick together and they could have easily taken down the vets. But some of them sold their soul to the red-haired devil and now they’ve nearly destroyed themselves. Let’s just see if they can collect themselves and fight. I’m interested in who’s gonna be the biggest kiss-ass though… my guess is Dom

    1. I noticed that too. I thought it might be like that every week on Thursdays incase the HOH comp runs long.

  23. Swear people on here is more entertaining than the show. Everybody hates Jeff because of the gay comment. Its funny how others can bash everyone but then when he uses free speech he is the bad guy. He prolly doesnt even have nothing again gay people he just doesnt think its something you should be throwing at little kids. They need to feel things out for themselves. Everyone else crying about listening to people cry…quit threatening to quit watching and do it already.

    1. I loved Jeff in BB11.. Him and Jordan. They had their backs against the wall and had to fight the whole time. I still like Jeff as a person, he is funny, but I HATE him in this game. Not because of some stupid gay comment but because he teamed up with the two people I hate the most. Add in the fact that all he does is talk about how awesome they are and how shitty the newbs are, I just can’t stand it. I was really hoping he would be going against Rachel and Brendon, not team up with them. That would have been awesome.

      1. It’s not like he had much of a choice but to ally with the other vets. You have to know that the newbs would be looking to get rid of the vets just because the two groups each had a common bond. I can’t see that he had any choice in the matter.

  24. I find it funny how people will post how boring and uneventful three seasons are yet know what happens each episode of 3 seasons. The way I see it, if your bored change the tube. Just saying!

    1. Those people are not bored, they are just venting. We could start the drinking game on the ” so bored with this season” statement, but our livers would never make it to the end, lol. They bitch but they watch… We know it and CBS knows it, Big Brother will go on and on like Celine Dion singing her crappy song.

  25. the newbes except shelly just lost BB13. First Cassie or Dom will be gone, then the rest.
    the newbes wont have anyone who can win comps after two more evictions.
    this will be worse than BB12

  26. Dang it, I wanted Dom to win HOH. He’s is fast becoming my favorite so far from what I’ve seen. I hate that they let Rachel pick the order. The result may have been different if they were putting in different order. Keith irritated me, but I wanted to see Porshe go home this week. But that’s what he gets for even picking Porshe as a partner for the shallow reasons in the first place, and it didn’t help that he went off the past week. He should have tried to be more low-key. Kalia is a butt kisser and Shelly is just plain creepy to look at. I swear I was waiting for them to announce she used to be man.

    But I’m irritated that they let some of the old players come back in the first place. Talk about being lazy an uncreative with the casting.They should have held out for an All Star season to bring them back. But I guess they had to find a way to bring Rachel and Brendon back so we can not only watch Big Brother but also a Telenovela of two codependent personalities. I seriously hope those two are just playing it up for the cameras. But I guess dysfunction is attracted to dysfunction so maybe not.

  27. Damn I wish Shelly would have won HoH and put up BrenRachel And Rachel had got voted off just so we couldve watched the LAPD week after wek having to keep her from scaling the walls …..shes so jeolous LOL Death to BrenRachel :))

  28. looks like im going to be taking an extended break from the live feeds. can not handle the brendon/jeff (bj?) fest that will ensue this week. And the backstabbing that will have to happen for the new people to fight for survival. i’d be willing to bet cassie, lawon or dom leave this week…and if they don’t its by some act of big brother gods. If a newbie has to leave…let it be kalia…shes a waste of space.

  29. How is kaila useless? She did the best at the competition next to only dom. She has great gameplay. She is easily going to final 8 along with porshe and shelly and she’ll at that time win competions. I mean, the girl did pretty good today. The vets are going to pick the rest off one by one and she knows that.. She’s now pretty much assured a spot in the jury house. My prediction : Cassie goes this week, Rachel wins hoh next week, Dom gets evicted followed by Adam then Lawon.

  30. I don’t get people who can go for the vets.
    How about you continue to be CBS sheep and cbs can hand prize money to the vets right now. Newbies are stupid but I rather have a full house of stupid newbies than a house fixed for the vets to get an unfair advantage. When Rachel picked the order I knew vets will won. Hell I knew once dick left there was no chance in hell CBS would let their plan blow up in their face. They ould’nt want all you Vet lovers to avoid watching because you’re the loyal audience.

  31. The newbs can’t win the POV, CBS rigged it against them. RacHell and Brendumb got to draw names to compete in the comp this week while the people on the block didn’t. I’ll bet all the names in the bag were J/J this past week. This pairs thing sucks.

  32. Yeah babay……are the “regulators” still dancing around like a couple of bafoons? Dom and Keith looked like a couple idiots dancing around like they actually had any power. They looked more like a couple Will and Boogy “wanna be” than “regulators”

  33. Dani won’t flip, she will lose 4 guaranteed votes if she survives. She knows the nubes won’t, but she will play both sides just in case an upset happens and she needs to reposition herself. With a golden key she’s powerless.

  34. My DVR let me down and I missed last night’s episode. What did Julie ask Dani that people think was so wrong? I heard that Julie asked something, Dani couldn’t respond until she voted, and after the vote people were checking on Dani because of the question. What was the question?
    Thanks! (and thanks for all the BB updates!)

    1. Julie told Dani that she can say something to her dad during the live show. Dani didn’t say “I love YOu” and Julie asked “What no I love you” Dani said it was a awkard question and stumbled later when Dani cast her vote she said she loved her dad but they had a rocky past. She said something like “Of course I love him he’s my biological daughter”

      Summary Dani doesn’t love dick and Julie made sure it’s known to the audience.

  35. They gave it to Jordan, so they could compete next week. Jeff I understand…but Brenda…um he’s a useless tit.

    I’m still looking forward to this season, predictable or not I love BB!

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