rachel Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Old Rachel is Slowly coming Back, Newbs in turmoil and Porsche tells them to “Suck it”

7:15pm Have nots Adam and Por
Adam is telling her that he thought he was voting with the house and Keith would help him further in the game because he felt that KEith was such a strong target that it would keep the heat off him. He says that outside his house he would be hanging out more with porsche than with Keith but inside the house he got to know Keith better.
Adam: “all my friends are busty gorgeous blondes”
Por: “you should of kept me in for that..I’m so excited that I don’t have a guy hiting on me all the time”
Lawon joins them teller her she know how they roll “communication” Por says she knows, she’s very happy that she isn’t going to be hit on by a guy all the time now.
Adam and Por leave. Just Lawon in the room talking to himself “I don’t think cassi is the one… I think Dom.. we gotta get these girls outta here i’m telling ya we gotta get these girls outta here”

7:17pm Bedroom Dani, Kalia, Adam and Shelly Dani is whinning that she was got caught off gaurd with Julie Chen’s question. She is worried that it’ll make her look bad because nobody knows how she feel or knows what she’s been through. There’s only 2 people that, her grandmother and brother and she hasn’t talked to her brother in years. Everyone in the room is trying to comfort her saying that it was a awkward question and she won’t look bad to the audience. Dani changes the subject tells Adam she so thought adam was going to get a 90210 question. She says he must be popular he got 2 questions none of them thought he was going to get any. Adam: “Hey cmon”. Shelly talking to Klaia in the background “need to have a smoke badly”

7:40pm Storage Room Porsche and Rachel POr is very excited about what just happened. Rachel tells him that Lawon was crying after the votes were counted because we realized that he voted against the house. Por says that lawon told her in front of Adam that he wanted her to stay. Rachel says of course he said that he’s scared of being put up. Por: “I Love it” Rachel: “Don’t trust Lawon though” por says that Cassi cam up to her and said “Well you know I really don’t hate you” Rachel and por agree she’s being totally fake.

Rachel starts to tell her the story about what happened after the HOH (I think rachel is slowing coming back but this time there’s no Brigade to stop her) There was a collection of newbies in the “other room” and Rachel noticed they were upset Asked them “Ohh whats wrong you all look so sad”
hey told her that 2 of their own lied to them and voted against them. Rachel and voted to keep Por. Rachel got Rachel with them and said “Wait there are 2 sides now” Cassi said there wasn’t side some of them just don’t like Por. Rachel replied “we’ll guess what some of us do and she’s here for a month now” Por: “Suck it” rachel adds that after that cassi walked out. Later Cassi came up to Rachel in the kitchen and told her she wasn’t trying to be ugly she just doesn’t get along with Rachel. Rachel told her that Por is her friend and she shouldn’t say mean things about her. Cassi starts to rehash the conversation she had with Adam.

rachel Big Brother 13

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Ugh. I really can’t stand Rachel. Porshe seems to be just like her too, which is scary. Everytime I hear Rachel or brendon talk, it’s like nails on a chalkboard in my head.

BB King

Rachel being arrogant and a pompous is really bad strategy. It seems that she didn’t learn her lesson from last season. She really needs to learn how to play a social game if she wants to last in this house.


her side has little edge, just shut up rachel and play it cool.Talk shit but not to their face would be the smart thing to do. But she always goes too far.


Rachel is such a baby. “She’s my friend so you shouldn’t be mean to her.” If I was Cassi I would puke.


I really wish Jordan would just get really annoyed with Brendan and Rachel and backdoor them this week. Surely Jeff and Jordan know that Brendan and Rachel are their biggest competition and now that everyone in the house is starting to hate Rachel, just like last year, they could backdoor them and get Shelly and Cassi and Dom and Adam in their alliance easily. Dani would stick with them because she already hates Rachel.,


I would love that but it will never happen.


the worst season on record. blech. WHO CARES about any of these dolts?


Blah Blah Blah with the Rachel bashing. She should brag and rightfully so. Lets be realistic. She is the best player in the house, and the best player next to Dick in seasons 8-13 point blank period. Lets all try to get over the fact that shes not going anywhere anytime soon. More then likely she’ll make it to final five. As for Kaila, how is she useless? She did the best at the competition next to only dom. She’s has great gameplay. She is easily going to final 8 along with porshe and Shelly and she’ll at that time win competions. I mean, the girl did pretty good today. The vets are going to pick the rest off one by one and she knows that.. She’s now pretty much assured a spot in the jury house. My prediction : Cassie goes this week, Rachel wins hoh next week, Dom gets evicted followed by Adam then Lawon. Personally if i was in the house, it would be in my best interest to side with them because they are the only ones capable of winning competions. I mean look at cassie shelly adam and lawon? Seriously! How do these people get cast? At least Porshe Dom and Kaila compete well.


have you been drinking again? seriously’ never make such ridicious comments when buzzed. when you sober up and read what you wrote you are gonna be sooooo embarrassed. LOL


have you been drinking again? seriously, when you sober up you are gonna read what you wrote and be sooooo embassassed 🙂


Did you seriously just say that Dick and Rachel were the best players from seasons 8-13? I don’t know what show you’ve been watchin but what I saw was Dick got lucky with the america’s player twist and Rachel there are too many reasons why she is not the best player. From seasons 8-13 the best player was definitely Dan. Second this season is getting more boring by the second the only thing left to wait for is for cbs to pull another twist out of their ass to try and change the game because at the rate this is going this is going to be a much boring version of season 11.


i second everything you said.


Exactly, I feel a wizard hat is going to magically come into play, saving one of the newbs from BB genocide (im sorry there is no other word for the domination the vets are bringing)


Spot on! ED was mean to everyone and people still liked him, so why cant Rachel do the same? Lets face it, Calling people out is part of the BB game! You dont have to nice to everyone to win the game and ED proved it!!


If I’m Kaila I don’t give a shit about jury, who the hell just wants to shit kick it at the jury? I’m thinkin final 2 and thats it yo. And whos to say she’ll win anything.


Rachel sucks! She is an immature, insecure girl who plays the game emotionally instead of rationally.


if rachel was the best player in the house she would have won her season


You HAVE to either be a family member or high on something? Have you ever even loked at the polls? Last year and again this year… Once again by a huge margin she is hands down the most hated player. Are you saying that that many thousands of fans are wrong and your right? She’s just misunderstood right? Heck I’d rather be locked in a room with Jessie for a week than with Rachel for an hour!


to all the jordo haters, don’t hate the player hate the game 🙂 beeches!!! at least dumbonic (fez) or kilia (oprah) did not win, what a disaster that would have been.


Why is Rachel sticking up for porshe and acting like they are best friends? I bet in a week or 2 they will start to not like each other and get into it. Thats typically the result with Rachel and girls that are prettier than her. It sucks but i feel like cassi is going this week. Dani is playing a great game. If Cassi goes, i would like to see Dani and Dom team up.


To all the haters you guys know that Rachel is the best player right now after i would say dani for sure but come on Rachel is really a threat these newbies could NEVAAAAA……….:)


I reckon you think Russell from survivor was one of the best players too 🙁


Well he kinda was, but his snakeiness was too obvious, and the Jury was always emotional, they never vote on who played the best game, and because of this a Floater won both of Russel’s seasons.


Being a floater is part of the game. Russell had no social game and that is why he could not win.

Jordough Fan

Russell was in 3 seasons, people. And a floater one only one of them. Natalie was the only floater, and she won his first season. Parvati won the second, and Boston Rob won the third. Parvati wasn’t a floater. She had already won one season, so she was a huge threat and everyone knew it. Boston Rob and floater don’t belong in the same paragraph. Enough said about that.

Back to Big Brother, I love that Jordon won, although the guys could have made her feel better about it by not making it so obvious they didn’t want it. The funnies part of it though is that she doesn’t feel bad they threw it to her, she feels grateful and proud. I’m so glad she’s HOH though, I think it’s her first chance to be so. I love her. Jeff may have made some rude comments but Jordon is awesome.

IMO Rachel doesn’t deserve to be on the show a second time. Brandon is a patsy. The way he pleads with her and argues over the stupid issues that she takes so seriously is embarrassing. Well it would be to me. He needs to man up and tell her if she doesn’t grow up he’s leaving. I wouldn’t waste a minute of time with her in real life, and I’d look for creative ways to attempt suicide if I were stuck in the BB house with her. Although some BB juries can respect gameplay and not vote emotionally, most juries still do vote with their hearts and I can’t see Rachel ever winning a vote-based game. Not until she grows up a few decades.


I’m sorry name I’m not dumb or buzzed. Well just a little dumb because i put my email address as my username haha but the newbies are never going to win shit. There for you should alaign yourself with the numbers and strong players who can essentially carry you through. Plus come time for the final 8 the vets will self destruct and go after one another. Their alliance will crumble when about three of the newbies are left, presumably Porshe Kaila and Shelly. Then they will probably have the opportunity to stay longer after. Do you guys not see Jeff vs Brendan soon and Rachel v.s. Danielle?Both sets are clearly going to get into it in the game. Personally it looks like Jordan may very well win again. But for some odd reason I see Porshe as a potential winner as well along with Dani. Now SHE is the most liked in the house.


Welcome back RacHELL, but far too late, the dram won;t be as good as last year


Listen Rachel by far is not the best player in the game. Wtf!! Shelly and jails are just stupid asses. Keith was a pompous ass but taking that girl with the car name out should’ve been priority 1. Keith at least would have had a target on his back, you need those type of people at the end. CBS is so annoying. I’m not bashing just annoyed at the fixing.


I can’t stand to see what Shelly is doing. What a backstabber. And she’s letting Adam take the blame for her vote.


Evidently i just said dick and rachel were the best players in the game’s season 8-13 history. And i completely forgot about dan, yes he was a good player but he is not nearly as good as dick . Dick was mean to everyone and still won! rachel continues to win various competions. No one is as known as them either. When your as cruel as dick was in his season you would most likely not win but he did. As for Dan, he is better then Rachel he is i really did forget him as a player. But no he is not better then dick and thats my personal opinion. Dan was nice and won which is what usually happens for a reality show winner and dick was not yet he still won. It was out of the ordinary for something like that too happen and it did. Dan is not comparable to Dick. The end 🙂


I find your appraisal an accurate one. at this point the possibilities at endless. I still hold out hope for J & J to be around for the majority of the season.


Rachel, one of the best player in seasons 8-13? No way! I would definitely vote her as the most annoying player though with the most annoying laugh in all of the seasons.

Uncle Cool



I’m getting the munchies…


Lets All Just Complain About This Season. No One Is Going To Stop Watching It Even If the Vets Continue To Go Far. The Show Is Doing Its Best Ratings Since 2003. If You Dont Like The Show Then Stop Watching. But None Of You Will So Stop Saying Otherwise.


Wow, people on these boards are freaking out about the vets having “the game in the bag”. It’s only week one, people! One of the couples will be split before this golden key thing is done. The votes don’t mean anything at this point. JJ/BR/D will not win every HOH for the rest of the game, and even if they do, are all smart enough to tur on each other long before final 5. The vets vs newbs will be done once the numbers balance out better


really no judgement but in med school and you smoke pot. whatever dude.


yo anybody else notice that shelly looks like a suprised tranny version of ron white , and kalia looks like cee-lo greens twin sister.

Karen S

Yup! I noticed Shelly has some real masculine qualities. Even her voice.

Karen S

Watching BBAD at the moment.. and Brendon is picking on Rachel again about her appearance. Cleaning her teeth or the make up she wears and now arguing with her about, “When we’re married.. you’re not getting botox etc.” Everyday there is a conversation between them where he is trying to control her and tear her down.. that she’s hurt his feelings. What a BiG Frikken BABY! I don’t care too much for Rachel.. but I really think she could do better! Really!!!


I have one question to ask: Does Jordan still eat cookie dough?


hey simon. i’m still here. not feeling the game right now. I am(was, not really sure now) a big fan of Brenchel, but, I just realized that Brenden is a douche. Really disappointed that ED is not in the house. Was really looking forward to him terrorizing the house and secretly, I wanted him to terrorize Brenchel. Some kind of fan I am!! Still working on things. TTYL

bb13 sucks





Kalia and Shelly are idiots. If the stuck with the newbies, they could easily pick apart the vets just by sheer power of votes. They’d have full control even if they didn’t win the HoH. I guess the Christian Pervert screwed himself over by falsely accusing Kalia of conspiracy or whatever but Kalia voted emotionally and not strategically and that will not get you far in this game, floater or not. Like someone stated above, how does Porsche, Kalia or Shelly expect to even win this game if you align yourself with ACTUAL couples. BB casted quite a few idiots this season, the game play really sucks so far. The only thing the newbies can do to get back on the road to salvation is if they can convince Dani down the line that Brenchel and JJ will not keep her around. Dom needs to get Adam into the Regs.


I could not agree more, just stupid!


Team Shelly all the way =). she knew was one of the bottom ones for the newbs. I think shes smart and knows that cassi, dom, and lawon have something going on and if they do shes shit out of luck if she goes up bc the newbs would have the votes. also shes playing both sides at least the newbs and they have no clue. yes please be smart and let adam take the blame [[I have nothing against adam!!! just saying that would be smart for her so theres no suspicion]] she sits back and observes when she needs to and isnt looked at as a threat or backstabber but the mom figure….just mi opinion =)

Phantom Eagle

I hate Rachel. She is so childish and immature. She’s like 27 and acts like she is still in high school, and Porsche is just like her. If I were Cassi I would bitch slap the both of them! The only people I really like in this game are Cassi,Adam,Lawon and Shelly.


Big brother 13 is the worst season they have had. Why the heck would the bring Rachel back, she’s all about emotions and non strategy, she needs to get out. Also, why make a season with old and new, the new don’t have a chance. Just stick with new ppl against new ppl and the stars from big brother against each other.


This season really does suck. I look forward to the summer big bro with all NEW players so i can see the dynamics of these total strangers and how they get along and get through the game. I don’t want to see regurgitated players! Leave that for an all stars show. I’m very disappointed that 3 old couples are back. Especially Rachel – who wants to listen to her mouth and her crying when she feels threatened or criticized. Too annoying to watch – not a draw at all for the viewer. I am sure there was no shortage of good contestants for this summer show. Very poor decision by the producers to subject us to the 6 that have already played. We learn nothing from them except the same we’ve seen before. Absolutely the worst season by far.