Big Brother 13: Shelly wants to quit and Jordan is miserable “I’m so ready for this season to be over” **updated**

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9:30pm HOH Kalia and Dani Dani is explaining what she said to Shelly. She told Shelly Straight up that her target is Brendon she doesn’t want Shelly it be mad she wants shelly to win POV. They mostly chit chat a bit light bashing like this about Rachel: “She’s your little dumb sister that you love to death”

9:40pm Backyard Shelly and Bacon Adam tells her they need to win POV tomorrow, “I’m telling you now bust your ass tomorrow girl” Shelly is talking like she’s quitting the game. Adam: “last week I said 2 balls short this week I’m 2 balls to the walls”… Shelly just sitting there..
Adam: “You Ok? ”
Shelly: “No i’m not actually.. I’m just trying to figure out what to do..”
Shelly : “I’m not play a game with People like rachel runing around saying saying lies”
Shelly to adam: “Out of everyone in this house you are the only one thay I can trust”
Shelly: “It’s stupid adam you can help people as much as you can and you get kick in the teeth” (WTF she’s still shooting straight)
Adam goes on and on about nobody listening to Rachel right now and for Shelly to know give up.
Jeff joins them: “Shell don’t get so worked”
Shelly: “I’m not worked up about what you think about”
Shelly:” I’m worked up about Rachel saying that to Jordan” Rachel told Jordan that Shelly offered Rachel a final 3 in teh event that Jordan got evicted 2 weeks back.
Jeff: “Don’t even talk like that nobody beleves her”
Shelly asks if nobody believes her then why didn’t Jordan mention it to anybody. Jeff swears they didn’t think it was a big deal that’s why they never mentioned it.
Shelly: “I have played loyal to a fault in this game and have done everything I can to move forward with my team” Shelly starts to cry.. says she’s done.

Shelly goes on and on about rachel how much of a liar she is, “I want to Choke her”
Shelly starts talking about quitting , it’s really into this type of game anymore (you got caught) Jeff really trying to get her to stop talking like that, they need her to focus nobody cares about rachel, “I know where BR are at, I know Rachel will sell you out in 2 seconds”

Shelly shoots straight to Jeff tells him that if she makes it to final 3 with JJ she’ll throw the game for them because she loves them that much. Shelly gets up to put away the window shades near the hammock, “I went to that damn interview thing as a joke.. ..”

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10:04pm Hammock Rachel and BRendon
Rachel: “Brendon… you should of heard some of the things Porsche told me that Shelly has been spreading” Brendon: “I don’t believe Porsche”
Rachel brings up that she heard it from Dani and Kalia that Shelly has said these horrible things.
Brendon: “But you understand those 3 are working together” rachel brings up that she heard Jordan and Shelly talking about a final3. Rachel says she warned Jordan last week about Shelly.. She adds that itls “so obvious” that JJ have something with Shelly. rachel was wondering today why JJ trusted Shelly and because it was apparent that shelly was the on working both sides.

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10:30pm Jeff, Brendon and Adam playing pool. Rachel by herself in the hottub

10:45pm DK Hammock Talking about how they only have evicted 4 people in the house and how full it still seem.
They talk about how miserable Jordan is this season. Kalia brings up that Jordan told her she cried in the DR. Kalia: “Jordan says I’m so ready for this season to be over” Dani: “Who said that” Kalia: “Jordan”
Dani: “Looks like Jordan and Shelly are pretending they are not talking..”

10:55pm Shelly is hunched over on the couch drinking a 2L of coke and Smoking. rachel siting in the hottib staring at Brendon playing pool.

11:25pm quad Chit Chat

12:02AM DKP eating frozen cake talking about being pre menstrual

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Dani, watch out! I believe it was Shar-Pei Shelly that said “a dog never changes its spots”.

It is debatable which couple has a worse record of team loyalty, JJ or BR. Neither of them should make any partner comfortable. The 4 of them have IQ’s equivalent to grade school kids, and a corresponding level of maturity. Why would she trust any of them?

You just know that if BR or JJ win HOH next week, Dani is S-O-L.

Before the nominations, the votes were JJBR+SA vs DKP. If Dani would leave the HOH room, she might have had success with S and/or A. But instead, she out-Kalia’s Kalia by putting up the human Shar-Pei and Bacon boy.

So now it is likely JJBRSA vs DKP. She does not gain a vote, and possibly has lost 2 future votes.

AND, all the strong competition players remain. She can’t even backdoor Brenda now. No way. It’s almost like JJBR are reducing her pool of partners, and she is Kalia-ing along with it, blissfully unaware of the trap door she is dancing towards.

Priduction has a long time to twist this around in their favour. The bad news is they want JJ and BR to stick around for a long time. Good news is they also want Dani to stick around too. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, etc….

I’m thinking that one of JJBR wins POV, and will not use it. Shar-Pei Shelly is voted out. Then JJBR or A win HOH next week and Dani and Porshe are on the block. Dani wins POV and then Kalia replaces her on the block, and Porshe will be gone.

I just don’t trust Crusty Shorts and Skyperbator. They have zero integrity, no maturity, and are incapable of playing the game without emotion. And they may have sucked Dani into their little web.


dani dont stand a chance. br jj a cbs final 4.


Well according to BR today – they’ve said that JJ are useless. Are you maybe an angry JJ fan who voted Brendon back in? 😉


Team Dani yo……cant stand the fact that skyperbator is getting a 3rd shot at this.


Why does Kalia resemble an ogre? I was not aware they casted Shrek to be on BB13… :/


I think she looks like the cartoon character Deputy Dawg with that big lower lip sticking out! Lol


Agreed! I wanna see final four jeff jordon dani and brendon slaughter each other! And of course big jeff take it all.


Well if the new BRD secret alliance pans out big jeff is going to go out like a big dodo


Agreed! I wanna see final four jeff jordon dani and brendon slaughter each other! And of course big jeff take it all.


I like JJ and all,, but if you actually look at how the season has been playing out, neither Jeff or Jordan deserve to win. Especially not Jordan. She is completely clueless. Jeff’s much better than Jordan, but also seems pretty weak and is not even involved in much of the gameplay that goes on. I think they lucked out so far this season being allies with BR who’ve protected them and made sure JJ’s summer vacation didn’t get cut short.


I seem to recall when it really counted Jeff could win and as for Jordan she won their season so I think they can hold there own


At this point they should of just had jj br and dani automatic final 5 and let them just compete for havenot and haves comps for the summer and left everyone else out! Casting. Sucks this year! They shuda instead brought back all vets lane britt hayden. Ect much better game


That’s written very well. Crustyshorts and skyperbater are many things, but they’ve never been known to break deals. This game changes all the time and nothing is 100% certain, but from what I got from the BR and Dani conversation was that they were all being pretty genuine and believe that this secret alliance can play out well to further their game.


It was Porsche with crusty shorts.
And I don’t think it’s going down like that, I have a feeling BR aren’t trying to screw dani over that quick


Yup. Bye dani! Just a matter of time. I usually root FOR someone but this year I just want Dani to lose. She can’t make It now no matter what cuz ppl that r and were left behind r goin to get her. DKP can’t win every comp. JJSA will win one. then dani is out.

Scallywag 9n Canada

Well said….I think Dani is treading in very dangerous waters by trusting those two snakes.


Dan-yell is the biggest snake of all…….she started by hanging out with the toy boy and going against her alliance…………. Why is everyone’s memory so short………. reruns please!!!!!!!!!



what a difference a day makes.


I’m glad you brought that up! She is so jealous and stupid…. Kalia doesnt realize that a player like her is useless without Dani.
My gut feeling… Is that sometime before Kalia leaves, her and Dani are going to blow up. They have tension every day and this passive aggressive arguing they do on BBAD seems like a pressure cooker to me!


K is useless without dani
Dani is useless without dick
Porsche is useless (has aligned with every single Hoh)

Aqua Bernie

Rachel looks like she’s trying to make herself cry in the hottub. What’s up with that?


She thinks Brenda will be backdoored


simon is dani’s target brendon or someone else?


What’s your feeling… are BR sincere in the deal with Dani or would they put her up if they won HOH? Because if they are then she should just get asshole Jeff out and be done with it. For whoever people are rooting for other than JJ, someone needs to take JJ out sooner or later. I think if both BR and D were serious about working together, they could do some real damage. Best 3 comp. players in the game.


if shelliar wants to quit let her but for all we know she could be safe. (member dani and kaka waiver-ed over whether to send rathells ass home then did not.


ok im really confused! does dani want Brendon out this week or is she lying?!?! and shelly needs to shut up and shove her cigarette down her throat!


Simon, who do you think is Dani’s real Target this week? And have they made it to jury yet?


I’m thinking the target depends on who wins POV. If BR win POV and use it, the target is Jeff. If JJ win POV and use it, the target is Brendon. If the noms remains the same, Shelly is the first juror.


Please send Shelly home this week and KaliaShamu next week!! I can not STAND these two!!!!

I really hope KaliaShamu and Porsh get Slop this week=)


LMAO ~ Kalia Shamu


I’m kinda Dani planning on backdooring Brendon? Or is the target Shelly? Does Dani know that it IS Shelly playing both sides?


No, she just told shelly that to cover up her new alliance.

I think Jeff would go up if someone uses pov.


Shes shooting straight till the end..

Midwest Fan

Shelley’s complaining and talking about leaving the game.
Will she do it?
Has anyone ever left just because they no longer liked being in the BB House?

Midwest Fan

Forget my post ——- I knew the answer while I was posting. Ugh!
Watching Shelly’s Breakdown on BBAD was just too much!!!!
I’m hoping she does leave and it is at BB’s request. The woman is mentally off.



How long before the “super alliance” fell apart. Not even a couple hours. Too freakin funny.


i think Shelly truly belive shes an honest game player , i think she’s mentally ill or something because it truly does seem like she think she hasn’t done anything wrong ..


I think she even lies to herself and actually believes her own lies


how fixed is this crap……………brandon comes back lol


everybody relax this show has a predetermined agenda and that is the final 5 – the vets –
you’ll see


Why bother watching? Oh please great one, can you tell me who wins this year? Get a clue


why do people hate on porsche all the time? she’s not nearly as annoying as the majority of the cast.


She has a great chance at winning some comps, especially endurance


I think they are jealous she is the best looking girl in the house


well according to America – they’d rather see Dani in a bikini.

Teddy Ruxpin

Are you out of your mind. Jordan is the only “Good-Looking” Female in the house. A “real” Beauty!!


jordan is cute, but not hot


other than the fact that’s she’s an ass kisser and a floatation device i can’t find any reason why anyone would not like her.


I like Porsche for a number of reasons. She was the first the pick up the scent of Smelley. She told Rachel straight up to stop acting like that, it makes people uncomfortable. When she told Rachel this, she said it trying to be genuine and help her, but of course Rachel is like 5 and cries off. She stood up for herself during the Jordan-called house meeting. She really has nothing to hide and has played fair and down the middle, even giving Brendon and pity vote to show her word is good. She has done pretty well in most competitions and I think she is one to watch, most def. Not winner, but a strong ally to Dani. Go Dani!!! Get Big Jeff out this week with a sweet backdoor! All Jordan and Jeff say is that they want to spend the summer together, do it in the jury house!


Barcel….you’re right and well said. She doesn’t bother me like she does other people. I can’t stand Shelly or Kalia…. Shelly needs to go now and Kalia when it’s beneficial to DBR.


Yep. I agree with both posts. Portia has tried to remain loyal. She stayed in Rachael’s corner when R was on the losing end….but R. got mad at her. She did give B the pity vote and kept her word to BR. She stood up for herself against the house sweet heart …Jordan. If you are team Dani: then it should be DRB at the end. If you are team JJ….then it should be JJA at the end. I’m not sure if P can make it to the end, but because her game has been clean cut, she will probably win the Vote America.

Shelly NEVER knew the vets were coming in the house, so why does she keep saying that the only reason she came in the house was to help the young people…..I guess meaning JJ. If her purpose is not to win the money, but let JJ win in the end, then I”m just really confused as it relates to Shelly. She needs to go and fast. Do you mean that when Shelly went through the BB recruitment process that her thougths were, “I really hope they choose me for the cast, because I don’t want to win….I just want to be away from my my family for weeks for the sole purpose of helping the young people on the show further their game” Really Shelly? I think she feels that JJ are some real time celebrities or something.

Dani will keep Kahlia as long as possible because there are bigger fish to fry. ….but at some point…..D is going to turn against K because K acts too dumb in the BB house. She might not be like that outside the house….but in the house she is totally clueless….and will become a burden to Dani.


Why have DKP not figuared out that Shelly was working for Rachel last week? And I cant see a bigger snake in the grass than Rachel. The fact that all of us had to put up with her 3 year old behaever for an entire week let alone those poor souls locked in a house with her and she dare say no one had her back! After all that she is selling even JJ out “because they will sale anyone out for the money”.This girl has given a new meaning to low. She is simple gross.


I think we have some sour JJ fans. Now why did you guys vote her man back in the house?


Snake has been constantly saying that she’s not in this game for the money and only wants to help JJ get to the TFW. Well, check out this pre-BB13 interview with her. She says in the last minute of the interview that she’s in it to win the money, oh ya, and play integrity and morals!! LOL! She gives new meaning to the term, pathological liar.


1- I understand Shelly is doing all this “straight shooting” to get herself further in the game and we can’t blame her for that – worse things have been done to win. BUT I still can’t forgive her for turning her back on the newbies and alleging herself to JJ. And her saying she’d throw final 3 for them cause she loves them makes me want to barf ALL OVER HER. Get out of the game if you don’t care to win!! And also, the whole “I don’t want to look bad in front of my little girl” – she is so using that to her advantage cause who can think bad about a mom who wants to set an example. BARF!

2- I’m liking the whole Dani + BR idea…I think BR are more sincere and more trustworthy than JJ. I’d trust Jorda, I don’t trust Jeff. The worst thing about BR is that they’re annoying, that’s it really. But if you get past that, they\re pretty ok. I hope Dani works with them. I do not want JJ to win.

3- Kalia can go. I choose Porsche over her. I think Porsche is actually quite decent. Maybe we all judged her too fast.

4- Adam is annoying.

5- The look on Lawon’s face when he realized he wouldn’t be coming back. It was both tragic and hilarious.

6- DOM!!!



Malcolm Delaney

Sorry but….Dom sucked…his lousy game play proved that. I wish his followers would simply get over it already.


You’ll have to forgive me as my sudden exclaim of passion was purely for superficial reasons. I’d rather he be around to stare at than Adam, Jeff or Brendon. But its true, I don’t think he was the strongest player but to be fair, out of all the newbies, he was at the least the one we could most rely on…if you were rooting for them that is.

Ironic much

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


good post!


I agree. I know many people hate BR. However, if BR TRULY feel you are loyal to them…..then they will take you to the end. The issue came when Dani sided with Dom to get Jeff out which went against their original agreement.

BR never had a target against Dani until she aligned with Dom.

The game plan was to knock out the newbies one by one until the 6 vets were left standing, but Dani geared away from the plan because she loves pretty boys. This is why her dad had that other guy evicted so that Dani could get her focus back.

BR are annoying couple. I have NEVER seen a couple act like they do on or off tv.
….however, if BR feels you are truly with them…..then they will truly be with you. I can’t say that for JJ.

Dani messed that up…..and now she must prove to BR that she can be loyal to them. If Shelly or Adam win the veto, then D has her opportunity to prove her loyalty and backdoor Jeff. It is amazing how Brenden has not been in the house and he refuses to listen to what Rachael is telling him about Shelly & Jordan. These men on this show J & B have too much ego. They need to shut the hell up and listen sometimes. Brendon don’t know anything about it; because he has not been in the house. If it were not for all these hormones going on this house…..the women should have had an allianance and knocked the men out one by one. Brendon and Jeff are so disrespectful to their women… is really sickening at times……and then their women just look like sick love puppies. But hey, you are shut off from the world in that house…..I guess hormones would play a very LARGE role in what happens… Jeff has sexy legs! …and a sexy body too. OK…so Jeff is just plain handsome…and the only handsome man in the house….but you gotta keep your game to win the money.

Dani can never trust JJ. BR would be her best bet. Jeff will NEVER forget that Dani and Dom was going to backdoor him. Jeff will always work to get Dani out of the house for this very reason. Dani needs to work with BR to get out JJ.

JJ just want a free vacation anyway so that can do that best in the jury house. Further Jeff and Jordan have already won BB money. Someone else needs to win the cash. Actually that is all Lawon wanted was a free vacation in the jury house (did you hear him mention it); but he played his card too soon. They say that the jury house is something special (like paradise)….but I wouldn’t care, if I gotta be away from my family and “real” friends for weeks to be with these fake people…..I’m going all the way to get the money….not to settle for the jury house. …but hey, it is a free vacation in the jury house….so people do what they do.


Jazz, you said JJ both won money, well Dani won $50,000when she played with her Dad. Dick won $500,000. Father Daughter winners. Everyone forgets that Dani won a lot more than Jeff.


I am so freakin’ sick of Rachel’s big mouth. Please get Brendon and Rachel out for good!!!!!!!


Whoa bb13 has some unstable characters!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Aqua Bernie

Pinto tells little lies that stir up the pot. Because she knows she’s irrelevant!


if dani wants to finally make a smart move….keep B and R this week. No jury votes. period. shelly might get J and J somehow


JJ will be disembled within the next few weeks and I cant wait 🙂


I can’t wait for dani to go either


Seriously I’m kinda ready for the season to end too. Everyone is so damn whiny. I get it’s stressful but everyone bitches about the littlest things. Shelly you got caught luckily for you JJ still likes you and Adam does too. Why is Hordan so miserable she doesn’t do anything that’s like Kalia saying she’s hungry or Porsche taking off her invisible cloak.




kal said that she cant belive how much ben eats????? i think she should look at her fat ass eatting self


dani should save shelly to get B out. they’ll split votes 3-3 if shelly votes out B and dani can knock out the skyperbator once and for all.


Looks like porshe is going back to be bff with BR… Probably cause she knows one of them will win hoh next week or cause brendon is back and she has the hots for him…so gross..


watching danihoe on AD is too funny she said brenchel acted like they were BB king/queen, what she acting like? (same) waiving her necklace and talking all that BS (and of course being condescending)

Aqua Bernie

Actually she’s not even pinto any more, she’s pickup truck with a wide load!


Shelly is pathetic – talk about a pity party.

Kalia needs to STFU!


Dani was really working for that jury vote with Shelly! What was that crazy shit Shelly was doing- smiling at Dani and biting the edge of the blanket? What a nutjob. She should be embarrassed, “moral high road” my ass. The camera shot of Shelly smoking in profile on the BY couch ,and Rachel in the hot tub; was genius . I think Rachel looked half the time like she was trying to cry, and the other half sitting there just wishing Shelly would say some shit to her. Best BBAD so far.


Big Brother Creepshow


Kakaliah said she gets $500 haircuts to Dani when she was on the hammock. R u freaking kidding me???!?!?!?! Ughhhh she is so pretentious I wanna slap her nose straight! Simon who is ur pick for POV winner?


Uh, you want to slap her nose straight again?


is it just me or does anyone notice Brendon since coming back has a real arrogance? I think he thinks he’s a star ( of what? a show that portrays him as a big asshole).


he thinks that all of america love him. and he cant wait to screw dani over in the upcoming days.


I think it’s the other way. He’s been nicer since the comeback. Jeff’s the prick, calling Jordan “dumb” now.


i like him better now


seems actually more clear headed. I think he now sort of understands some of what is going on, and thanks to him being around shelly was outed.


Next Dick at Night show is going to be awesome. All four REGULATORS are going to on there. Should be interesting.


I think its a sad state of affairs that cbs caved in to rachel and allowed brendon back….way to reward rachels immature bad behavior! she needs to get off my tv!!!

Aqua Bernie

WOW i totally agree with you . And Tina’s my name for real. My husband named me Bernie. and this would be his boat name. Two Tinas think alike!


This is my first post since last year, Hi Simon & Bbgrandma & rockstar
I first have to say; I was thinking Brendan coming back would make Great TV. Well it does, But All along, I have been sick of Rachel. We had to watch a Stupid wedding, it was and has always been, look at me, I am important, and we are the first to do this in BB. She is such a A*&^%#@. She is good TV but OMG please shoot her. Now shelly, It has come back to bite her. But what a big game play, they put up their own, she saved Rachel, why I don’t know, but Rachel dropped on her, and I don’t know how many times everyone said Shelly got them to change their vote. And again Rachel Had to tell Brendan I did my self, I was all-alone. She is so F*****^^.
Now what might be another huge turn around. Dani could blow this house up. She regroups and Gets Adam, Kalia, posh, Shelly to back door someone and is the tie vote. Newbies back in control. It 5-3 when they get someone out. Then they pick off the rest of the group. But they have to stick together till the end. I will say I liked JJ, but Jordan and Jeff really didn’t back up shelly, Jordan try a meeting but didn’t call out Rachel on shelly saving her, and telling Brendan it was a amazing piece of work. I want a newbie to win now, I wanted the groups before, and I screwed up on that one. But Rachel has to be the center of everything, she is a loser. I have nothing! I don’t have a job, I don’t have a life! Well I wonder why. BB Sent her home!


Thanks for putting in all your time again! love this site, you are the best

Aqua Bernie

Rachel is pitiful, she lives in her own delusional world. Like she really believes america loves her. NOT!!! Maybe america likes brendan but i still think ABC set that up!! Because in my eyes he’s pitiful too!!


Hi Topgun. Been looking for you. Glad to see you now!


I can’t stand shelly. She’s not a straight shooter. She’s a narc who can’t be trusted. She can’t honestly think she can be a good role model for her daughter as she pretends to be with k and d while she goes back to her masters jj


kalia wannabe (white woman) okayyyyyyyyyy jus sayin she talks more white than my gf)


Kalia doesn’t talk white she talks proper and I know a lot of black women who speak proper it doesn’t mean she wants to be white it just means she educated….she’s still dumb when it comes to the game tho she needs to be evicted asap


to much time at mach 2, home for a bit.


i have no understanding y rachel lied to jeff and jordan although i dont think that jeff and jordan is the best couple lol i think they all should get there 4000 a week and the 750 from when they werent at jury yet and come up with a new cast and start it over lol jus my opinion though


Second that. Pay them their money. Restart the season with a new cast.


Someone needs to break the news to Rachel and Brendon that the only reason Brendon got votes is because of Jeff and Jordan. America still hates you guys.

Funny thing is voting Brendon back in might have been the worst thing for Jeff and Jordan.


Is it really true that they get paid for every week they last in the house?


Yea 750 a week including the jury house, the Vets might get more #BB13




if dani backdoors skyperbator, i’ll go super crazy!


Does anyone else ever post a question under a topic and then forget which topic they posted it under???

I’m wondering if anyone on here actually heard Shelly say she would vote out Jordan? If so, do you know the time/date for the Flashback?



dont the “they need to get a new cast” opinions get reaaaally old?

not happening! move on!

Lets hope shelly gets the boot this week because its likely a vet wins POV(of the couples) and they wont use it

floaters rule

adams gone, ratings people ratings, adam brings nothing. Shelly stirs the pot and they still need that so called anxiety in the house. Bye Adam. You knew everything there is to know about big brother except that this is a ‘game’ driven by ratings. Either stir the pot or CBS sends you home.

Rachel's nipple



Simon: Thanks for posting this stuff continuously. I have been following your website ever since you and Dawg made it a few seasons ago. I have live pass and watch the times you mention where the really good stuff happens. It’s so entertaining when I get home from work to use the flaskback to watch the most dramatic moments… lol!


Little by little I’m not going be a fan of JJ anymore. Jeff acts like a jerk now. I couldn’t believe it when I heard him with my own ears call Jordan dumb. ( he said it real mean too). That’s rude and uncalled for. She should dump his ass. I’m sure CBS won’t show it on the show. Oh Jeff, you disappoint me.


Cant stand to watch after dark now since danielle (corpse bride) & kalia (shamu) r back in power.