Big Brother 13 Spoilers: The Brendon and Rachel FIGHT Continued! Then they have a heavy make out session.. *UPDATED*

12:45pm The Rachel and Brendon fight continues in the lounge room. Brendon keeps telling Rachel to be quiet and keep her voice down. Brendon tells her that he has one request …for her to not ask him if he loves her. Brendon says of course I love you .. I love you very much! Brendon says that he gets bother by it because he doesn’t want other people to see it and think their relationship is a joke. Brendon says that Rachel has the chance to change peoples opinions of her. Brendon tells her to just trust her. Brendon says that even if he was in the top two …he would not risk their relationship over a half a million dollars … he loves her that much that he wouldn’t care if he walked out without a penny. Rachel says that when you threaten to walk out …it hurts my feelings.


Rachel tells Brendon that he is so emotionally messed up! Rachel tells him to stop inturrupting her and that he never listens to what she has to say. Rachel says sarcastically that she’s so horrible for calling him bookey and asking him if he loves her. Rachel tells him he needs to stop being upset about the Bookey thing. Rachel says that he says it on his facebook all the time. Rachel say that she is sorry she didn’t read his mind to know it was now not okay to say it. Rachel says that she shouldn’t have to apologize for feel bad for calling him bookey. Brendon tells her to be quiet again. Brendon says that there are things he wants said only to him. Rachel saying he calls her Bookey on facebook, twitter and in front of friends and it doesn’t matter if people here hear it. Rachel says that people think it’s way more annoying when they fight. Brendon says he’s upset because she asked him if he loved her and doesn’t want people getting the impression he doesn’t. Rachel says she doesn’t care what people think. Rachel says she was joking around and he turned it into a big fight.

1:20pm Brendon and Rachel start talking game. Rachel says that it’s only week two and need people on our side. Rachel says that Dani will stab them in the back. Brendon says that he thinks Dani wants final three with Brendon and Rachel. Brendon says that he is sorry baby! Rachel says its okay! Brendon says he just hates being in the house .. he loves being with her but its tough. Rachel says that if the worst people think is that we call each other bookey ..its not that bad. Rachel says that Shelly would put them up in a heart beat. Rachel says that Shelly would put them up because Shelly thinks we are the reason Cassi is going home and that I am catty. Brendon says that Shelly is older and wiser and knows that we are strong players so she will want to work with us. Rachel asks if she can go lay out. Brendon says yeah. Brendon tells her he is sorry. Rachel says okay. Brendon asks aren’t you going to say sorry too? Rachel says she is sorry …then jokes and says sorry she has to deal with him. Brendon and Rachel start making out. Rachel says stop ..we can’t do this right now.. what if Jeff and Jordan are watching in the HOH room. Brendon says that its a good thing that we are so emotional …because we make up so passionately too. Rachel tells Brendon that she is sorry for calling him an asshole. Rachel tells him not to ever point at her again.

1:35pm – 1:50pm Brendon tells Rachel the best day of his life was when he kissed her for the first time in the hammock. Brendon and Rachel make out some more … Then Brendon tells her that he knows what she is thinking! Rachel says stop! I know what you’re thinking. Brendon and Rachel head into the kitchen. Most of the houseguests are in the kitchen talking and eating. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Jordan, Lawon, Kalia and Dani are in the pool and suntanning talking about random things. They talk about whether or not they got punished with a stick or not when they were younger. Big Brother keeps cutting the live feeds in and out…

2pm – 2:20pm Dominic, Dani, Rachel, Brendon, Porsche and Adam are in the kitchen talking about random things. Dani jokes around and says the best thing about big brother season 13 having ronchy sex in the hoh room or having ronchy sex in the candy bedroom. Both Brendon and Rachel says that B hasn’t happened yet. Brendon asks Porsche what was the best part of big brother 13 was having a dream about having sex with Keith. They ask her how it was and Porsche says that it was small and fast. They all laugh. All four cameras switch to the backyard where Kalia and Lawon are suntanning and talking. They talk about Cassi trying to campaign for votes now and how all the quiet people in the house are now trying to be social. Lawon says that Kalia and him are good because they are communicators. Rachel comes out and joins them. She takes 5 minutes to take off her top. Then says she can now do some safe suntanning. Rachel says that she wishes she could be as tanned as Kalia and Lawon are… (Ummm.. WHAT?! Did she seriously just say that?!) Rachel then asks Lawon if he wears sunscreen? Lawon says yeah. Rachel says I know this is a dumb question but can you burn? Lawon says yeah. He says he wears SPF 15.

Jeff finally comes down from the HOH room. Porsche immediately asks Jordan if she can use the HOH bathroom. The others ask Jeff if he is okay. Jeff says yeah. Cassi and Kalia talk about their periods.

2:30pm Cassi heads out into the backyard and lays in the lounger and talks to Jordaon whos in the pool. Jordan talks about how when she looks at her self in the sun she finds a bunch of spots down there that she missed when shaving. Cassi says that she does too.. Jordan talks about what she would normally be doing in the real world …

2:40pm – 2:45pm Shelly and Adam are talking about how tough this game is and how Shelly and Cassi have gotten really close. Adam tells Shelly not to give up and that Cassi will probably try and swing the votes. Shelly tells Adam that Cassi already talked to her this morning and told her she is going to try and campaign for votes… Shelly says that she can’t have people thinking she is a snake. Shelly says that thursday is going to be hard enough. Adam says that you won’t look like an idiot if you cry …it shows people who you are. Shelly says that she wins either way …if she stays thats great …and if she goes she gets to see her husband and daughter. Adam says that next week he has to work even harder.. Shelly asks him what he would do …he says he’s not sure… Adam talks about how the choices are getting harder and harder…


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Dark Horse

B & R are something.
I suggest they do not marry and take time REALLY getting to know each other.


If they do get married it is going to be a long but short marriage. They both try to be the strongest and pull/push the other one down. I dont know how many times I heard Rachel call him stupid the other night and him tell her how bad she did but turned around and said he was proud of her. They need major counseling before they officially decide to get married around Christmas. The marriage wont be a game like BB…she doubts him too much and he lets her set him off way too easy. Good luck to them outside this house!


For that they would need centuries and either of them can live that long, they are bad for each other.


if brendon is such a tool on camera, how big of a douche is he off camera lol


Brenden and Rachel need to be committed!

BTW, I wonder if Rachal has ever heard of Proactive?


Hey Simon– was reading and seeing pics earlier of the hg photos- to-be….I’d rather a pic of Brenda’s sabotoe than his sick dick, but I still love Jeff’s face and bod, so a simple sparkle on his smile would be good for me. Do I sound bias or what? πŸ˜‰


I know right, Jeff is amazing. Jeff and jordon <3


I just want to throw up

chick from louisiana


chick from louisiana

There is not a chance in hell this marriage will work. They can’t even live together through the summer. Brendon is a bigger drama queen then Rachel. He picks some of the stupidest fights and carries that sh** on for hours. It stresses me out, how in the hell could she do that on a daily basis.

Big Sister

God help any children born from this union!


they are like a highschool couple. lmao talking about “you say you love me on facebook” LMAOO


is there finally going to be a fight that doesn’t include Brendon and Roachel -_-


Rachel says that she wishes she could be as tanned as Kalia and Lawon are… (Ummm.. WHAT?! Did she seriously just say that?!)

Yep Rachel is really dumber than a sack of rocks.

She must not know any black people with a question like that. bet they looked at her like “0.o bitch are you serious?”


that is seriously the dumbest, racist question – if i were lawon I would have said “no and if i touch a hot stove for a long time, i don’t burn that way either” – i feel bad that black people get asked these stupid, racist questions as if we are not all human


I have to agree with Name they are just like high school silly BS all day make up 10min later very toxic for adults (I use the term adults loosely) He is so handsome and ruins it every time he speaks


Rachel says that she wishes she could be as tanned as Kalia and Lawon are… (Ummm.. WHAT?! Did she seriously just say that?!) Rachel then asks Lawon if he wears sunscreen? Lawon says yeah. Rachel says I know this is a dumb question but can you burn? Lawon says yeah. He says he wears SPF 15.

Yes Rach us black folks can get sun burn too.
too funny and sad at the same time.


The comment was ignorant on so many levels. Black people are not sun tanned or tanned. Most of us have color whether we go in the sun or not. It is a natural state for us. And it should come as no surprise that many of us can get darker as a result of being in the sun since we come in all shades from Casper the ghost white to asphalt black. You would thiink a self-professed chemist would have a better grasp of science and biochemical actions/reactions.


What exactly is ignorant about that comment what Rachel said was dumb.


I wasn’t commenting on the commenter. I was agreeing with Blah. I just added my comments as well.


I honestly would like to see how dark someone could get under the sun, the Idea of skin shifting totally from one shade to another is interesting(you know without actually dying)


I would be funny if they brought a complete stranger into the house, and let them play the game knowing everything that already happen….


I think it would be great if they had a season instead of all-star a loser edition where if you were evicted before jury chance to come back and redeem themselves think of the crazy characters that would be it would almost be like new players since we didn’t get to know them that well


The feeds suck right now.. they’re only showing one area, typically they show two. highly disappointed


about 30minutes ago there was tons of bikini shot πŸ™‚


If they don’t break up in the house from all the sexual advances passed at Dani. Rachel will definitely lose her s*** and leave once she watches it. Dani clearly thinks hes a pervert. And why did Kalia ask Dani if she was a lesbian like that. She lives in LA, do they not have gay people?wtf she is a waste of space!


i loved when brendon was talking about Dani’s boobs.


wait what?? What did they say to dani??


he said Dani looked busty

Tyler Kent

Just FYI, it’s raunchy and not ronchy… I know you’re typing fast but honestly it can be tough to read sometimes with misspellings and confusion over to/too and there/their/they’re and the like.
That said your content is excellent and timely and your site is indispensable when Big Brother is on!


thanks for the feedback ill pass it along too dawg

T that's Me!

LOL Simon….you rock!!!!


I would rather have some words spelled inkorectly and get the updates quicker than having the poster make sure every word is spelled write!! Who cares if a word is spelled wrong!!!!!!! Thanks Simon and Dawg =)




Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.. someone needs a beatin’


are you seriously criticizing the spelling when two people are writing and working all day to produce timely recaps purely for your entertainment while asking for nothing in return?? wow, what next? are you going to ask people if they can get sunburns too??

chick from louisiana

I bet you’ve never misspelled anything when you are typing, mister perfect. Seriously? Love the site Simon and Dawg- misspelled words and all. And I for one have NEVER been confused by what I am reading. Thanks again for your time doing this, especially for the people who don’t get the feeds and want to know what’s going on when we can’t watch. What a douche.


Did you konw taht stdueis sohw taht olny the frist and lsat ltteers of ecah wrod are nedeed in the rghit palce for the hmuan bairn to raed the setnecne? That said, I’m an English major but this site is for entertainment purposes and viewer discretion is advised πŸ™‚ xo to simon & dawg


hahah πŸ™‚


The only way that Rachel or Brendon can win the grand prize is if they go to the end together. Either one of them would lose sitting next to anyone else because they have already alienated everyone. Like Dick and Daniele. If either had been in the final 2 with anyone else, they probably wouldn’t have received any votes, no matter who they were sitting next to. I wish they’d just go away and I wish CBS would stop the bringing back oldies and just cast new people, and not people like Dom and Cassie who were picked through their agents.


Yep right again, the only chance they have to win is against each other, and at the point BB watchers would turn the channel.


i agree!! and it’s so unfair those two didn’t have to audition like others. there are fans that try every year to be on the show and don’t make it.


Brendon is a big idiot Man if I was Rachel I would slap him. He does nothing but disrespect her. God I wish I was Rachel for a day minus the laugh for him to tell me to be quiet I would punch him right in the face what a dickhead.


I think he sees her for what she is “Skank” and he enjoys treating her that way. Could be the reason he went for her in the 1st place. Too weird a man falling for a women who spreads her legs so easily, I think he wanted that.


Rachel has the worse skin…she needs about a gallon of proactive . I bet that girl who was Brenden’s ex and her mom who were on the show last season are so regretting that they ever admitted on tv that they were associated with him in any way!


We should have known that he couldn’t be as good as he looked because his ex was not even pretty!

kathie from canada

As someone just days shy of our 43rd wedding anniversary, I think I can safely say that B & R are involved in one very toxic relationship! They both have serious personal issues that need to be addressed before even contemplating marriage. This cannot end well πŸ™


Happy Anniversary Kathie my love to you and your luv bug

kathie from canada

Thanx Rockstar!! Appreciated, girl πŸ™‚


Congrats!! I totally agree.

kathie from canada

Thank you IAMME!!


Well, I see they got their camera face time. It’s so obvious that BR are being instructed by production now.


Rachel’s just weak minded period.


All Aboard!! The camel toe express is leaving the station!!! Can I jump on that train?!