Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Jordan that Adam will vote with her and that she is voting to keep her..

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1:50pm – 2pm Out in the backyard Jeff, Lawon and Porsche suntanning and talking about all the concerts they have gone to. Jordan joins them out by the pool. They talk about what they will eat tonight. Meanwhile, Brendon is in the kitchen making slop. Jeff, Jordan, Lawon and Porsche start playing the Who am I? game..

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2:10pm – 2:20pm Rachel gets Adam to come into the havenot room to talk to him about the votes. Rachel says there are a few reasons to keep Brendon. Rachel says that Brendon and her are going to have a tough road to the end and keeping them in the game will ensure his safety and keep the target off him. Rachel says that Jordan has already won the game …and that she is playing the same game play this year too …and that no one will win against her in the end in terms of votes. Adam says that he has been wrestling with this decision a lot …and said that he was up last night thinking about it. They talk about how this will be a very important decision to make …and it will decide who you want to work with. Rachel explains that in the next week or two there will probably be a endurance competition that will be catered to a smaller person like Dani… and she will most likely win it and you could go up. Rachel and Adam both say that if it were a couple weeks from now voting out Brendon would be an easier decision.

Adam says that he hasn’t been winning ..but that it just hasn’t been the ones that he’s meant to win. Rachel says that her and Brendon cant win every competition. Adam says that Jordan has won before and she is playing the sweet innocent game. Rachel explains that if Brendon leaves Adam and Jeff will be the main targets. Rachel and Adam talk about how if there are just few guys left ..the girls will be going after the strong guys. Adam says that what Brendon did was romantic …and he sees why he did it. Adam says that he sees both sides ..having a strong player out helps and leaving a strong player in helps too. Rachel explains that you can’t trust Dani. Adam says yeah you can trust her for a minute but after that she will stab you in the back. Brendon joins them. Rachel says that 100% people will target Brendon every week. Adam says that putting more targets in front of him is definitely a good idea because it will help him last longer in the game. Adam says food for thought … and tells her that she makes some good arguments. They end their conversation and leave the room.

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2:35pm Jeff, Rachel, Jordan, Lawon, Porsche and Adam are out in the pool talking about random things. Kalia and Jordan are in the candy bedroom talking about Brendon and Rachel. Kalia asks if her and Jordan are cool. Jordan says that of course they are. Kalia says that Rachel is going around telling lies and stirring up shit. Kalia says that she really was trying to be nice and help Rachel with her wedding. They talk about how Rachel and Brendon are going around trying to talk to people to get votes. Jordan says that maybe she should go talk to Shelly to see where she is at.

2:40pm Jordan goes and talks with Shelly in the lounge room. Shelly asks what is your long range plan ..are you working with Dani now? Jordan asks are you kidding me? Shelly says that people are saying that you made a deal with Dani. Shelly asks are you and Jeff not going to put up Dani next week if you win? Jordan says that she doesn’t want to say. Shelly says okay. Shelly tells Jordan that no one can win against Jordan. Shelly says that her decision is about friendship or money. Shelly says that if she ever goes up against Jordan she will be the one going home ..that she can’t win against her. Jordan gets annoyed. Jordan says that they have a week deal …one week that they won’t put Dani up. Jordan says that Shelly can even go ask Dani. Jordan says that she would never ever team up with Dani or Kalia. Shelly tells Jordan that Brendon and Rachel told her that Jeff only cares about winning the money and that no one can beat Jordan if they go up against her.

3pm Shelly tells Jordan that Adam will vote with her and that she is voting for Jordan to stay. Jordan tells Shelly about her conversation with Kalia. Jordan tells Shelly that they need to communicate more so that they know where each are at. Shelly tells Jordan that Brendon and Rachel staged the whole thing with the POV …they faked it all ..and that Rachel knew he was using it on her. Shelly says that she knows Porsche was going around saying stuff. Shelly says that she told a white lie to Lawon. Shelly says that she doesn’t want to get to the final five and get screwed. Shelly says that if she wins she will put up Lawon and Kalia and then backdoor Dani. Jordan talks about what she thinks the competition will be like. Shelly says that she just had to talk to Jordan about what Brendon and Rachel were saying to her earlier… that it was bugging her all day. Shelly says that she thinks Brendon and Rachel are jealous of Jeff and Jordan. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen…

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uh oh…… i think the shit is about to hit the fan

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Shelly says that she thinks Brendon and Rachel are jealous of Jeff and Jordan.

NO SHIT… like the world don’t already know this

Don’t fall for that bullshit Bacon, tell her what she wants to hear she’s an idiot she will believe whatever you tell her



Shelly is a eat and is not to be trusted


For the first time I’m actually pleased with her sketchy game because it was against BR. Jordan is going to go tell Jeff now. Straight shooter just stabbed BR straight in the back . Nice!


Uhm Guy what is your keen BB mind tellig you about that…bye bye brenda

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

WOAH what is this SHelly playing a better game then Team Rocket? say it ain’t so, HAHAHAHA bye brenda


lol… that sounded more like shelly said here is why i cant keep you in the house but oh adam and i are going to keep you… If shelly really listened to that conversation she heard that jordon did not trust her until she thought she lost her vote. There are just too many reasons to boot jordon and keep brendon. Personally, I just think it will be better tv. I mean, can you imagen the house afterwards… lol… it will be great. especially the look on dani’s face… BR give final five to adam, porche, shelly.


yes I know many do not like BR – would be funny as hell if the twist came and jordan was sent packing….julie chen saying Jordan you have the most votes but guess what BB has the twist coming you lose. 🙂


As much as I hate to admit it, I think you’re right. Shelly seems to be about to flip and, with her, Adam. Let’s hope that this week’s twist is bring back an evicted HG and Jordan gets voted right back in : )


Can’t wait till Jordan tells Jeff about this conversation!


It doesn’t look like Shelly would actually flip on JJ It sure would make great TV if she did Jeffs head would explode and the F on the keyboard would fall off from typing all his cursing it would be epic , of course it won’t happen 🙁


Shelly being the good doggy that she is, reporting back to her masters

Fed up with JJ

I hope they vote out Jordan. Team BR


How can you cheer for BR???


it’s not about liking BR bc we don’t even know them but JJ is HELLA boring, we only need one of them in the house, i don’t know about you but I want to be enter-tained!


No one in their right mind could vote for them! After everything they say and do, they are disgusting people. Whether they are like that outside the house I have no idea. But after what Brendon said about Brit (from last season) and her house burning down was karma- DISGUSTING right there. They dont deserve to win, no one likes them… I dont get what ppl who are cheering for them see in them.. especially compared to Jeff and Jordan who for real a perfect couple compared to them.. just saying

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

If brittney’s house burning down was karma, the n Brenchel never every winning this game is also karma


Don’t even know them? Are you blind?


Relative I bet


I never thought I would write this, but I hope that Dani wins. I feel that she is the only who came to “play” the game. Everyone else is so worried about being “liked” and if “they will be safe” for one more week, and just being able to “spend the summer” with their significant other. Why even continue to play the game if the majority of the houseguests are going to “throw” the HOH competition so that they won’t have blood on their hands. At least Dani doesn’t give a crap about popularity. Go Dani or Adam!!!


if you would have asked me a week ago I would have said no but I think I am going to have to aaaaaaaaagreeeeee with you she is the only one figuring her moves and maybe Jeff BR are tooo Emotional


I’m rooting for Dani as well but, as much of a fighter as she is, she has quite the uphill battle ahead of her. Although I would be equally happy if Jeff won as well. I respect their game play the most and frankly, I just can’t stand BR. They are the most narcissistic duo in BB history!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Agree 100% on that….

BRJJ just want to spend the summer together, this is a known fact just by watching them

Bacon I know he’s liked but he ain;t doing shit.

Lawon and kaia ain’t doing shit

Shelly is the only person trying to play the game….

Pacer is trying to separate BR so she can do what Rachel did last season and seduce brenda with her mouth and pussy…….

BB13 was screed soon as it premiered … bring on BB14 already

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Dani is the only one there playing to WIN…


the biggest mistake that Shelly and Adam could make is to vote for Brendan to stay ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE HE NEEDS TO GO THEN RACHEL THEN PISS IN THE POOOL KALIA THE TUITTY FRUITTY LAWON AND THEN ITS GAME ON


They do have a point why would they want to go against Jordan in the end plus she’s already won


Am I the only one who would love to see Jordan on the game show ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’


OMG. That would be totally hilarious to see if Jordan was smarter than a 5th grader. It would be even better to see Brendon on that show. Couldn’t you just see him yelling at the 5th graders telling them that THEY were wrong?


‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?’ is too intense for Jordan. She would do better on ‘Sesame Street’.


Straight Shooter is in it to win it!! Of course she’s lying to everyone and playing all the angles but it’s kept her safe and off the radar. Every week she makes who ever is in power think they have her / Need her. It’s brilliant. She just made a final 3 deal with jordon and at the same time told her all she wanted / needed to hear so that she doesn’t trust anyone but her. She got her to sing like a canary about there plans and also played the Dumb and Dumber (BR) like a fiddle as well. She told them exactly what they wanted to hear and when it doesn’t happen she can sit back and blame it on someone else. They will still think they need her and not put her up. The only one she needs to worry about is Dani/Kalia and she’s putting the wheels in motion to get them out. Shelly is pulling the strings and everyone is just dancing to her tune. Love it!!!

A Nono Moose

Be interesting to see if how Rachel & Brendon are tag teaming people, like used car sales people, is effective. Totally viable that it could work & Brendon ends up staying…hope not but makes it worth watching. Also have to believe that no HG is going to allow Jordon to win twice…she aint that sweet. Be fun to see Russell return and rain 24/7 hell on Jeff & Jordon…girlfriend is just too comfy. Just a fantasy


I agree she is playing a good game but she’s evil for using her daughter and making her part of her lies.Its sickening to hear her to say that she’s playing an honest game to be a good example for her daughter. That’s low and very wrong.


I wonder why everybody hates lawon, he hasn’t done anything to anyone I wouldn’t dare say it is because he is gay and black *Gasp*!


I’m in the minority on this one but I find that dude hilarious in the DR and that’s enough for me to not hate the guy.


I Know lol If anything I would want to keep him around that boring house if not just for entertainment


He seems like a good guy and all, but the thing I have against him is that he needs to step his game up. He doesn’t even seem interested at times and it’s like he’s just on a vacation wasting a valuable spot in the house. Every single person on this forum is more passionate about BB than he is. Hope he proves me wrong and gets in the game.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Brenda is going home, no matter how you slice it, it’s going to happen the chances of him having the votes are 0, the chances of there being a tie is slim, and he’s still going home Dani will break that tie. A Big Brother rigging is the only chance he has to stay… Let bitchboy go skype and let Rachel bring Vegas out, until she goes in a few weeks.


There will be no tie vote since only 7 people are able to vote.


Well, no tie this week there are 7 votes.


Shelly is smart. I think she was saying Jordan what she wanted to hear. I mean, Adam hadn’t promised to vote for Jordan. They both might flip at the end and keep Brendon in the BB house. The fact that Jordan didn’t want her to know anything about the deal with Dani gives Shelly another reason to vote Jordan out. Shelly knows she can trust Brendon.


Remeber not too long ago, Brendon claiming that Dani didn’t need Dom in their alliance since odds are that one of the four out of the couples was bound to go home and then Dani would step in to take up the slack? If Rachel wasn’t the hypocritical emotional player that she claims everyone else is, she would try her best to get the vets back together, right? Riiiiiiight.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*



That bridge was pissed on, broken, burned down, and nuked. There’s no going back.

If Dani weren’t such a emotional player, she would not have broken up the vets just to try to save her summer buddy and traded BR/JJ with Lawon and Kalia as her alliance.


Rachel’s not rly a hypocrite……Dani tried to manipulate her and add fire to the whole “JOrdan didn’t pick BR for the TV show” situation. She has no reason to trust Dani. But if Dani was smart she would try to team up w/ Rachel again if Brendan ends up leaving


Am I the only one who doesn’t understand Shelly’s strategy? I mean she makes herself out to be this honest player with so much integrity, when she is probably thing biggest liar in the house right now. I mean if you’re going to lie then own it, don’t deny it and let it backfire on your ass.


The point of the game is to do whatever is needed to win and there are no rules to lying and then owning up to it. What’s the point in lying if you are going to own up to it? Then, why lie? If I was on BB an lie, I’m not going to tell that person I lied.
People keep saying how shelly lies so much but that is the game. When you observe BB, you have to put everyday really world “values and virtues”out the window. This is not the really world, it is BB, lying, deceitfulness, and manipulating people is apart of their reality inside that house. So annoying when people comment on what a liar Shelley is when that is the game. Get over it people! This is a game!


I’m not talking about lying and then tell people in the house. Of course that would be incredibly stupid. I’m talking about in the diary room. Shelly makes it seem like she hasn’t told any lies and that she has integrity to the people in the house, but she still says the same crap in the diary room when all BB fans know she is a liar. I mean look at past players like Danielle from Season 3. She lied a lot, but she owned up to it in the diary room. That’s why she made it to the Final 2.


anyone else notice that Porscha yawns a lot?


I have a suspicion Jordan is getting the boot. Makes for better tv.

Jedi Jani

Cannot believe that idiot Rachel just did that ….. Who the hell does she think she is? Big mouth that overloads her big ass……If I was Dani I would have sent her over the freaking railing….freakin tard….


cmon feeds! damnit dani was just about to smack the shit out of rachel shes so pissed. then the feeds cut off again. let us watch dani beat rachels ass plzzzzzzzzzz.

and where can we find dani’s blog?

god i hope they come back on before this is over.


anyone else think this is the most boring season of big brother ever???? BB6 FTW!


I don’t think they could ever top BB6!!!

I just wish Kaysar stayed in the game for a longer time


Jeff is a weak @$$! He can’t win sh!t. He is a lazy @$$, loafer. Jordan won half a million she no need any more. As for all the brendan & Rachel haters saying they won’t watch big brother if Brendan or Rachel win is all liars! You guys said that same shit last year. & here you are watching! I don’t care about race, personality, or any mental probs they have. They win comps! That’s all that matters!

Jedi Jani

And now NeaderTAL has to get his two cents in….when no one gives two shits what these two think … Dani is right it’s none of their business and all she did was a nice gesture to Shelly….a couple of dumbasses there for sure


dawg i’m speaking to you…. THEY CUT THE F’N FEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know everybody keeps saying Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly is just playing a game, but she is such a nasty snake. Her comments are so unnecessary at times. I cannot wait until they corner her on all these lies. Right now she is of no consequence because she hasn’t done anything. But at some point she needs to b called out.


and of course brenden jumps in and starts yelling and screaming at dani. way to go you man you. plz punk your a chump and wouldnt last 2 minutes in any mans face like that. i cant believe cbs allows this shit from him. dude if i ever spoke to my wife or any of her female friends like that i would have the cops called on me in a minute. what a lil bitch

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

It takes a real bitch to talk to a women like that…and Brenda is a bitch so that comes as no surprise… wild girl or not Rachel deserves better, I know dudes like him and they all end up beating on their women. 1st the verbal abuse and then the physical abuse, it’s like clockwork. Take a weak women to even want to put up with that.


I hope that Shellly doesn’t go back and tell Kalia what Jordan said about never working with Dani or Kalia. If she does, that could cost Jordan a vote to stay in. Big mistake I think for Jordan.


I hope that she does!! And then kalia can tell Dani and they can both confront Jordan and JJ will see how sneaky Shelly is …. hmmmm

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I know why Porsche is always yawning, she showing the “directors” how wide her mouth stretches…


huge fight just finished on the feeds .. rachel Vs the house.. post incoming


wow rachelz ly screwing herself ova …… she coulda won twice if she wasn’t so emotional


Hope it’s a good one and everyone see Rachel for who she really is.


What happened ? i can”t wait hurry Simon……………


Dani has way more self control than I do. It’s bad enough Rachel always barges into the HOH,but the fact that she came in there accusing Dani of something that has nothing to do with Rachel is more than I could’ve taken.

Seriously, Rachel is mentally unstable.


Hey Simon/Dawg. I just went to check out racheal blog to see if she did some shout outs….. she did. So she’s just all full of bull shit. you don’t have to post this thought you might want to mention it in the next update. if not I’ll post it in the next update myself.


over a shoutout on dani’s blog.
rach=drama queen

chick from louisiana

Simon, what is going on right now with Danielle, Rachel, and Shelly? What the hell happened?


http://twi 0jl8k twist is a coming. They already have brendon evicted!


Hummm LOL you guys are maing me laugh so hard omg of course shelly is going to tell j/j about what she heard that doesn’t mean she’s with them she’s playing both side and she’s saving face well shelly is going to get caught soon or later that “straight shooter” remember this is BB everything happens shelly just told jordan if i’m on the block next to you i’m gone which is true which means shelly feels uncomfortable why would i want to keep someone that has better chance then me hummm someone wants to answer that ??? watch and see tonight she’s going to report back to Rachel and Brendon about what Jordan said at the end of the day we don”t know what’s going to happen for real…….i’m a brenchel fan i thought brendon was about to leave too but since they (brenchel) started to use their abilities there’s a chance brendon might stay the only reason you guys don’t want this possibility it’s because you hate Brenchel (i don”t care if you hate them) they are more entertaining then J/J Brenchel would’ve get a reality show faster then J/J………J/J are just boring to watch…………………………………….well since i know everyone is entitled to their opinion it’s cool but they are just predictions might not be the reality because with Shelly(she’s ggetting on my nerves really” you don”t know where you at and it’s crazy…………………..Shelly might win BB

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I wanna see Rachel play Big Brother by herself,….


I hope Jeff wins. He is funny, has the foulest mouth, most boiling temper, nice to look at, and he is so darn likeable the other houseguests forget all the bad sh*t because they want him to like them. I also like his playing his princess’ knight in shining armor. I hope he wins and rides off into the sunset with Jordan on a white horse…Could they make that a competition?

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Something happened sounds like Brenda went NeanderTALL on a women..AGAIN

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

oh just rachel, that’s right girl get your man evicted……………


omg omg omg, HURRY UP SIMON. 🙂


I can’t stand the suspense. I tried to find out what this is about on Reality Fan Forum because they give detailed info, but no luck because their server goes down more than Rachel.



ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Good lord when with the Pity party end???

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Here’s what happened, I’m impatient

Dani told Shelly that she gave a shout-out to Shelly’s family for her. Shelly went outside and cried..missing her family. Jeff talked to her and calmed her down.

3:50pm BBT:

Rachel stormed into the HOH room and accused Dani of lying about giving Shelly’s family a shout-out because production told them they’re not allowed to do that in their HOH blogs.

Rachel said that it’s messed up that Dani is manipulating Shelly by using her emotions (by telling Shelly she gave a shout-out to her family).

Dani told Rachel to get out of her room. Rachel said she’ll leave. They both left at the same time.

Rachel went into the kitchen, as Dani went outside to the backyard patio to tell Shelly what just happened with Rachel and that she’s not using Shelly’s emotions against her or trying to manipulate her. Shelly gave Dani a hug.

Dani: “I’m so mad that I’m literally shaking right now..”

3:55pm BBT:
Rachel confronts Dani.

Rachel said that she wanted to confront Dani alone, and that’s why she went up to the HOH room, and that she (R) didn’t want to involve the whole house. Dani said she stormed into the HOH room and straight-up accused her of manipulating Shelly via her emotions.

4:12pm BBT:
Living Room

Jeff is confronting Bren/Rach. Bottom line for this convo: Jeff said he heard everything Bren/Rach are saying/doing, he’s taking it with a grain of salt, no harm done, and that they (J/J/R) need to stick together.

Jeff then tells Rachel to get her emotions in check because what she just did with Daniele, wasn’t cool. Rachel tried to defend herself by saying she tried to take it to Dani personally but then Dani told the whole house.

4:22pm BBT:
Have Not’s Room

Rachel is crying her eyes out. Brendon asked her if they should quit the game and “walk out together”. She said “I dunno!” …she’s breaking down.

Rachel said that PRODUCTION told her to “go ask Dani” why she’s telling Shelly that she wrote a shout-out in her HOH blog, when it’s not allowed by BB for HOH’s to do that.

Brendon: “I’m not mad you, I’m pissed off at production!”

…and we get the “We’ll Be Right Back” on the feeds. lol 😛

Feeds are back!

4:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: “What does ANYTHING I write in my blog, have anything to do with her?”

Kalia is saying that Bren/Rach are mental.

Dani: “I’m disgusted by her. Like, literally!”

(**Their convo reminds me the movie “Mean Girls”. lol)

Dani thinks this fight won’t be shown on the show because it revolves around what production told Rachel and they won’t want that getting leaked out.


Spill! Spill!

A Nono Moose

Love that pic of Porsche sunning in her slurple bikini… I mean every orifice on her body is accessable…

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Sounds like production was once again meddling in the game to start some shit, wonder why they chose Rachel to go up there and ask instead of someon else …HAHAHAHAH The Rizig in in GAAIN


As usuL, we think we are gonna get fireworks and all we get are duds followed by a pity party. (BR, JJ and Dani confrontation)