Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel the Victim “They’re all going to hate me again.. I can’t get a job i’ll ruin your life”

5:20pm Hammock Rachel and Brendon
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Moments before BR ran to the hammock Rachel was talking to Porche.. Porsche was basically telling her to get her BLANK together because she’s BLANK up everyone’s game.
Brendon tells her she needs to relax and stop caring what the other players in the house think of her.

Rachel does a full on BREAKDOWN if you want to watch the ultimate pity party get teh feeds and flashback. its insane this girl should not be on big Brother it’s cruel to her, it’s cruel to me and most importantly it’s cruel to dawg.
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Rachel is screaming at him to leave her alone he doesn’t listen, he goes up to her asks her if he made a mistake taking her off the block. Rachel says he did and he made a mistake asking her to marry him. Rachel: “nobody likes me I can’t get a job nobody is going to like me when I get out of this house… people are going to hate me even more.. I’m not good for anything..I can’t do life without you Brendon” (Buckets of crying buckets of brendon trying to make her feel better.
Rachel: “brendon i’m going to ruin your life please go home and never talk to me again”.

5:30pm kitchen Jordan, Kalia and LAwon
Jordan asks them what is going on. Kalia says rachel is having a full on breakdown outside in the hammock. Jordan: “I dunno whats going on i almost think this might be fake”. Kalia thinks it’s just that they are reaching the limits they know he’s going home. Jordan explains to them that JEff went to talk to brendon and asked him to just go out classy get the vote he can get but don’t try to run Jeff or Jordan’s name threw the mud. Jordan says that Brendon swears that they were but we know what they are doing.

Kalia says that BR already have apologized to people. Lawon: “UHH who have they apologized to?” Kalia says they’ve only apologized to Shelly.

Jeff joins them..

Jeff says he told BR that they were out of line.. but like Adam was saying he thinks it’s just angry in BR for getting split up. JEff and Jordan both say just to make it clear that what Dani did in her HOH blogs was not for game play it was a nice gesture and NOBODY took it otherwise except for BR. Jeff: “Now that nice thing dani did is tarnished” They all feel is was a shame because Shelly was missing her husband and daughter lately.
Jeff leaves..

Jordan is saying that she feels that Brendon really makes it worse by enabling rachel to act this way. Kalia: “Your 27 years old you are tool old to be acting this way” Jordan: “If he does leave on Thursday we are going to hear about it the whole time”. Kalia: “You know whose really going to hear it is Porsche.. she has no choice apparently according to them” (I feel sorry for my little Slurpee princess). Kalia: “I’m telling you I will be surprise that after he leaves she’s not an absolute mess.. she’s not only losing him but the whole house is in a different place than last week”
Jordan: “I told you it changes every week” Lawon: “It’s sad though.. but i’m not sorry i’m not going to lie”.
Jordan says that she feels brendon and Rachel are very shelfish its all “me me me” and she likes them but she thinks they have to get over the fact that this sin’t all about them. Jordan: “Outside of hear it’ll be totally different.. but inside they’re a mess”. kalia says when casting asked her about who she would not want in the house she said a guy like dick and a bimbo like rachel..

6:01pm Back together

6:10pm Team bacon survives another Rachel Meltdown unharmed


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159 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Rachel the Victim “They’re all going to hate me again.. I can’t get a job i’ll ruin your life”

  1. The Whinechel Ep is complete.

    She is not going to win HOH this week UNLESS she pulls herself together.. Brend I believe would’ve won hands down.

    1. Spoiled little brat. She was ruined before she entered the BB house.

      Seriously questioning Brendon’s intelligence. PhD student and he’s sucked into Rachel’s overly dramatic existence?

  2. What is even crazier than Rachel’s manic episode is the kumbaya moment that is going on in the kitchen. We have Kalia, Lawon, and Jordan having a come to Jesus meeting like a game still isn’t going on. The most puzzling thing about this season has been that alliances and sides shift at a moment’s notice. With everyone talking game to everyone it will be interesting to see what happens next week & after Rachel and possibly Dani are evicted. I knew Brendon should have saved himself……I think Rachel is just getting started.

  3. Brenda should sue Rachel for a million bucks, this is twice now that Rachel has ruined Brendas game. He is a sucker for punishment…Rachel really does need some serious help with her mental health…no joke

    1. He ruined his game by trying to play chivalrous knight. He’s just as messed up in the head as she is. Nothing seems sincere about those two though. It all seems staged. Even the fake declarations of love to one another. It’s like they are on auto-pilot and have memorized all the lines from a bad love story. And,on cue, just start spouting them off.

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha i LOVE seeing Rachel cried she just made herself a bigger target and from the past few days it looks like Pacer is going to become friends with Dani and join her and there is going to be a lot more Brenchel drama

  5. Oh Simon!! This is too bloody hilarious! I’m reading what you’ve written about BR to fellow BB fans here (just gathered to watch BB PoV on TV tonight) and there are tears (of laughter, not R’s self-pitying ones) streaming down our cheeks!!! Oh shit, I think I’m getting a cramp from laughing so hard. Everyone here wants me to “Thank You & Dawg” for these priceless moments of comic relief that you’re recapping for us all!!! (somebody pass the box of Kleenex)

      1. OMG, no, thank you two!! We all agreed that we haven’t laughed this hard in a loooooooong time! (bloody good entertainment you’re giving us here!)

        1. everyone go F.yourselves you guys act like you are so PERFECT really you guys are disgusting can”t you see she’s having a BREAKDOWN it’s not funny you guys are only good at BULLYING people and that’s IT bunches of you guys commenting here are prob not working it’s not a funny situation but it’s the truth but of course you won’t admit it atleast Rachel tells the truth

          1. so you’re saying that its not funny that brenden is getting eliminated and his fiance is going nuts? i think its karma.

            if its karma to say that britt’s house burned down because of how she treated them on their last season, then i say that its perfect karma for rachel to loose it ( like an infant ) for the world to see because of how they treated everyone else in the house.

          2. Guy – get a grip! Anyone who signs on for a reality TV show (& for $500,000.) is fair game. As for those of us commenting here (like yourself) not having a job, I’m a teacher with the summer off. What about you?? The only thing one can do is laugh at BR and anyone else who is on TV and acting the way R, in particular, is acting. Don’t be a kill-joy! This stuff we’re reading (& seeing) is hilarious. You’re sounding as melodramatic as R. I agree BR both need some therapy but, perhaps she also needs a little less mollycoddling from the likes of B … and you. Food for thought!

            1. WEll good for you i’m in med school i can’t work now and i’m not vacation soon enough(can”t wait) my prob with you guys your saying brenchel is whining but you guys are doing it too hummm check your comments all of you are whining because brenchel are whining

              1. Guy, I think you’re comments are being given with the objective of simply trying to get a rise out of people using this site. You’re what is referred to as a “shit disturber”. If you’re in Med. school, I only hope it’s field of psychology. You can offer R your services for free when (or if) you ever graduate. Cheers! :-)

  6. I knew it Rachel was expected to get handed celebrity work like JJ, SERIOUSLY? I don’t think any celebrity type production company would be looking for a mentally disturbed women unless there is a Reality TV show that’s takes place in a psych ward.

  7. It’s not a relationship….it’s a co-dependecy. I like how brenchel came on to improve their image and they actually damaged it even more.

  8. The funniest thing about this is that they wanted to change America’s impression of Rachel from last year, blaming bad edits. She hasn’t been able to find a job since their season ended. Instead of lying low and hoping people wouldl forget, they come on in a new season and remind everyone how loony she is.

    What guy would want anyone so high maintenance? The first time he wants to get together with the guys she’ll have a fit. She’s so clingy and insecure it’s like high school all over again.

      1. I don’t think he comes across that badly when he’s with Jeff and Adam, though. It’s when he’s talking game or with nutcase that he becomes an irrational bulldozer.

  9. Rachel is screaming at him to leave her alone he doesn’t listen, he goes up to her asks her if he made a mistake taking her off the block. Rachel says he did and he made a mistake asking her to marry him. Rachel: “nobody likes me I can’t get a job nobody is going to like me when I get out of this house… people are going to hate me even more.. I’m not good for anything..I can’t do life without you Brendon” (Buckets of crying buckets of brendon trying to make her feel better.
    Rachel: “brendon i’m going to ruin your life please go home and never talk to me again”.


    1. YEP, at least her job as a cocktail waitress paid the big bucks and she gave that up and a pussyman, and he gave his chances of winning 550k 2 years in a row for her… The are the PERFECT COUPLE.

      1. Guy- get with the program! You’re looking at this site as some place to simply empathize with the cast of BB. I’m sure you’ve given some less than flattering comments on this site about cast members. Stop pontificating and enjoy the site for what it is, a place for people to give their opinions about cast members, not to chastise non-cast members for enjoying the drama on BB. If you want a healthy debate, fine. However, you’re sounding as melodramatic as R.

  10. Its really disgusting the way they’re acting, they sent Dom home and he didn’t act anything like this, I’m personally sick of them I hope Rachel goes right back up on the block next week its disgusting, no class at a all.

  11. Yeah bringing Cassi back would drive Rachel insane. She was just jealous of Cassi because Cassi looked sooooooooo much better than her.

  12. *grabs popcorn* its rare to see a person have a full-on breakdown once, but this girl has a switch from Nuts straight to Batshit crazy. they need to write psych evals on her.

  13. I don’t understand all the evil things people are saying! Does anyone realize Jeff & Jordan would be doing the same thing if the tables were turned? Its a game people not a reason to be down right EVIL! No wonder the world is in the trouble it is today.

    1. When have Jeff and Jordan ever acted nutty and attacked all members of the household the way these two do?

      Yes, it’s a game but don’t try to compare maniacs with sane people.

      I’m stunned that some of the posters here don’t see how unbalanced Rachel is. Makes me wonder…..

    2. Did you watch Jeff and Jordan’s season? It did happen to them and no, they didn’t act like this in any way, shape or form. Odd that you would say that.

      1. Moreover Guy, what about you?? You’re pontificating again! Chill out. You’re sounding more and more like BR. Are you a relative of theirs or what? BTW – I have a Masters in Education and I wouldn’t presume to think nor treat anyone who disagrees with my or my opinion to be a simpleton, as you seem to be implying with your last comment. Lighten up!

      2. Oh please, get a life!!! You aren’t in Med School: you’re a 13 yrs old troll who is wasting people’s life around here. I won’t even bother telling what are my qualifications because that would be acknowledging your non-sense. Grow-up!!! You’re just pathetic. A couple of people here support BR and no one is acting like you.

      3. Oh please, get a life or better yet, get lost!!! You aren’t in Med School, you don’t even know how to write. You’re a 13 yrs old troll who tries to give himself/herself some importance by cursing people out on internet boards. I am not gonna give you my qualifications because balanced, secure people don’t justify themselves to defensive people and they don’t live vicariously through some reality-TV cast members like you do. Some people in this forum are BR fans and they aren’t as childish like you. Grow up or take a good look at yourself in the mirror and repeat this mantra: “I am miserable and pathetic now but life will get better when I grow up. People will validate me and I won’t have to lash out at complete strangers on the internet.” Hopefully, this will help you not have a stroke or kill yourself out of pent-up frustration.

    3. Except that Brenden and Rachel are playing at this game with NO Class. I see Dani as being a decent player and not trying to do anything “personal” to anyone…unless Brenden and Rachel who have done nothing but behave like jerks.

    4. Chatty I was probably at my apex of watching BB whenJJ we’re in. The never acted crazy when it came to this BLANK. The always had a class and civility when it came to BLANK like this.

  14. GUY, where are you, give us your thoughts on how this will help Brenda stay tomorrow and how Brenchel are just misunderstood and they arent reall crazy nutbars

        1. I’m so calm, I’m half asleep. But thanks, Simon, for reminding me to breathe. You got to love these fans that take it so seriously. I still have no favorite, yet. I need one so I can get into this season!

  15. I don’t like Rachel, but the girl is having a nervous breakdown. This is not funny anymore. It is truly sad. The production team needs to get her some professional help and send her home. I truly feel sorry for her. This is only a game. I think she is going to be messed up for a long time after she leaves the BBH house. CBS needs to get her menal help and the sooner the better.

    1. Finally somebody with enough insight to see that R needs serious help and her game play should be over, production has the responsibility to remove her asap. Most of the people on this site could use some help of their own, the girl is unbalanced and you taking pleasure in it speaks volumes for your own intelligents and sanity. I only wish I was half as perfect as most of you think you are.

      1. I am not a big fan of BR but I really do feel badly for her now. I’m not a Dr. so I can’t even guess if she’s insecure or other issues but regardless of who people are, I hate to see her like this.

  16. Rachel is missing her crack rocks right now she needs a fixxxx

    Seriously I think shes gonna leave the show after Brend

  17. This is why people hate them…they are arrogant obnoxious know- it- all pricks when they win, and unbearable sore losers when they face any adversity. It’ll make for some less interesting tv after they both leave, but I can’t take it any more…go!! Skype awaits you brendumb.

  18. Sometimes things are just not funny…it’s really quite pitiful. I’m a bleeding heart and I feel more sorry for the girl and just can’t bring myself to laugh at her pain. It seems as it has gone beyond just the game. Let’s face it, we’ve (including me) have all had our freak outs, it’s just that we’re not doing it on camera for millions to see. As much as I want to see Brendon leave, I think he should have taken himself off the block and sent Rachel home for her own good.

  19. Both Rachel and Brendon are embarrasing – so much so that it is almost uncomfortable to watch. I am sure that out of the house she may be a nice person, but not only is she possibly bipolar she is highly insecure and immature. And Brendon – while a somewhat funny and smart guy, is extremely controlling, self righteous, belittling (to Rachel and everyone that he encounters) and feeds her insecurities with treating her like a child that cannot possibly function without him. These two together as a couple would be disasterous. They should really not rush into marriage, as there focus is purely sexual and not much else that is healthy for a couple to build a relationship on. Once Brendon is evicted – Rachel will really self-destruct because that it what he has enabled her to do – not live or function without him. Jeff and Jordan need to focus on teaming with Dani and leave Rachel behind. She is not good for her game – Porsche is wise enough to know that finally.

  20. I just wish Brendon and Rachel never fell in love. Individually they are the best competitors this season and last season but being together really destroys their social game and makes them act stupid and make dumb moves in the game. And it’s not like this love is worth half a million $$. Brendon will be caught with his pants down yet again and Rach…well you know the rest.

  21. lol funniest thing i ever seen, thank you guys soooooooooooooo much for posting this update and pictures, it made my night

  22. Brendon evicted 6-1. Porsche and Rachel on the block next week.

    B/R shouldn’t have crossed swords with Dani.

        1. Because your posts remind me of what she would post. You tell someone to throw themselves in front of a bus over comments they made about someone you like on a reality show. You do see how disturbed that is, or are you like your heroes (B/R) and completely oblivious to reality.

          1. BBXposed, well said! I think “Guy” is just trying to get a rise out of people. His comments are more antagonistic than having any substance.

    1. The season started as an unwatchable train wreck but this train wreck has become hilarious. So glad Rachel stays

  23. Brendon’s words of encouragement to Rachel were “you will get a job, maybe not a 9-5 but your not a 9-5 girl.

    He’s right most hookers catch their dates at night!!!

    1. have you ever watch yourself in a mirror before talking about hookers hummmm i guess not you prob look like a tranny skank

      1. Simon & Dawg, I very much enjoy your blogs these last few years but this “guy” is really irritating……when production brings in a therapist for Rachel maybe we can book an appointment for “guy” too

  24. Rachel’s behavior is no different than it was last year and I don’t recall reading that she had a breakdown. That’s seriously not what this is. This type of behavior is standard for her. The only reason it hasn’t happened sooner this time is because Brendan kept her in check.

    There IS something wrong with her that requires professional help, but I doubt she’s having a breakdown.

      1. Guy, we all get that you’re a fanboy, but I’m starting to think you’re being paid. You’re way too invested in them. Seriously. Push the chair away and go get some fresh air – you’ll think more clearly.

        1. He/She’s a kid:
          – he/she doesn’t use punctuation;
          – he/she repeatedly labels people “haters” or accuses them of “hating on” BR;
          – he/she doesn’t use capital letters at the beginning of his/her sentences;
          – he/she doesn’t understand that people are entitled to have different opinions from his/hers and that he/she doesn’t need to feel threatened by it.

          A few days ago, he/she was complaining about Simon deleting his/her posts so he/she promised he/she won’t come back on this forum. And yet….

  25. Rachel needs an award she plays the Innocent Victim better than anybody else in the 4 seasons of BB I’ve watched.

    psych ward her she come….

  26. Im really beginning to think this child has a serious mental disorder. She has to have attention all the time even if its negative attention. Bi-polar, perhaps but whatever it is she needs to get on some meds. One word of advice to her “Man”…….RUN BRENDON, RUN. You do not have the ability to save that train wreck. She needs Jesus and some heavy duty meds.

  27. looks who’s talking about growing up boy you need a reality check being immature just like you is def not the kind of growing up theu need

  28. The Have Nots voting this week is a bit ridiculous. Coconuts and catfish is not a punishment.

    I voted for R&R

      1. Guy are you related to Rachel or Brendan because you really getting personal over them funny it’s kinda how they act lol

        1. I’m wondering that myself he takes everything that’s rightfully said against Brenchel to heart hardcore.

          None of us are just being mean for no reason we are commenting on the way they act… GET OVER IT Brenda is going home and Rachel will be seeing him in a few weeks, that’s if she doesn’t have another meltdown and walk out, which we all know she will.

  29. Hey Guy, when you talk to Brendon on skype when he gets home, you should advise him to take Rachel’s advice and run as far as he can from her, she’s like 15 minutes away from a psychotic break and she could go all Lorena Bobbit on him while he sleeps, and you wouldn’t want that would you? It would just destroy the purpose of skyping with him

  30. the thing that baffles me is that jj would still consider staying with rachel after this. they know how she played last year and know how dani played….. isnt it obvious who to align with? jeff can tell boy george all he wants to get her shit together, but we all know thats not going to happen.

  31. I don’t understand why Rachel is crying when she’s the one who started all this drama. If you can’t take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen.

    This girl is going to self destruct. Best believe she’ll make her game personal more than strategic and she’ll be out the door.

  32. oh my gosh….did I just hear Brendan say that Jeff raising his voice to Jordan was not acceptable????? Maybe Jeff should masturbate on youtube, then.and then he would be a better boyfriend.
    …..I hate brendan now….i no longer feel sorry for him……..what a joke….

  33. ILL WILL you know it’s easy sitting behind your computer ti write these nonsense well i’m not surprise a bit it’s coming from you though immature much

  34. Let’s be real if brendon campaigns to get votes it’s not againts the rules to try to save yourself just cuz your up against jordan & they did not throw jeff & jordan under the bus it was the truth she has won already & if you do go to a final 2 with you will lose no matter who you are so jeff can’t get mad at them for campaigning he should get mad at dani for putting her up in the first place

  35. Adams pic made me laugh.. he seems to be enjoying the “Lifetime special” BR is putting on.

    Ps: Brendon needs to stop kissing Rachels ass, its starting to scar his knees up :o

  36. @guy lmao! this is a different mike but dont worry dude, rachel is going to win hoh tomorrow and everyone will be riding her dick for the week. doesn’t matter if she has a meltdown. Rachel comes out on top when she needs too. Only way girl is going home this week is if she quits, which she wont.

  37. Oh Guy you make me laugh so much…Good for you…stick up for your heros…just promise you wont stop cause it is funny as hell

  38. How did Rachel pass the mental requirements to get on this show? She needs to be sedated and heavily monitored. The bitch is coo-coo for cocoa puffs. Its amazing that a year later the Brigade’s grenades keep dropping on the BB house.

  39. Comments are not even approved yet and I’m laughing at the side comments that are showing up, you can tell how pissed they are, be pissed if we were wrong, you support their immaturity, we’re only making fun of it, and your taking it to heart just like Brenchel, but do keep crying, a river is forming in the OBB house.

  40. Even if your the biggest Brendan and Rachel Fan you have to see that she shouldn’t be in that house. What kind of person she is is debatable (whatever) but she can’t handle the swings that come along with this game. It’s possible that it’s f***’ing with her sanity and most definitely making her a joke to the rest of the world. She might get Dani out, if fact it would be just like BB for her to get her revenge, Then what?? She’s won’t win and she’s right in thinking the vast majority will still hate her and she’ll end up having another breakdown and make an ass out of herself AGAIN before she’s gone. For the non BR fans it’s fun to watch but really they don’t belong there.

  41. Could it be…..could we possibly be so LUCKY…..might she blow a gasket, lose her mind, and FINALLY get booted out? We can only hope!!!


    1. We could be. the chances of her pulling herself together in time for the HOH tomorrow is slim to none. today meltdown all the proved it.

  42. this season and last brenda and product’ have enabled this ‘babyed’ Rachel, she expects nothing less. She’s not crazy, just a spoiled brat.

  43. This is great. I hope they give her a bottle tonight! Staying up n the east coast for BBAD just to watch the train wreck!

  44. It would be awesome if someone said to Brendon as he was walking out the door “have fun with Skype”….hehehehe…Rachel would freak

  45. Ugh. What a crazy, awful mess. But, at the same time, awesome. Seriously, would everyone prefer watching Jeff, Dom & Adam sitting around playing pool? Or Kalia babbling on and on about nothing? The psychotic crying is what makes this all fun. Now if production can get some Patron into Rachel, things can get really going. You know this is only going to get worse tonight and tomorrow.

    Please let the next HOH be rigged for Rachel. How uncomfortable and tense would things be with Dani giving the key to Rachel, and Rachel being unable to control her snide comments.

  46. I read here BB gives a choice to the HG’s to keep that week’s evicted one or let America’s Vote HG back in. Is this true?

  47. Rachel is so pitiful… I mean what grown acts like that!!! Seriously its Big Brother someone goes home every week.

          1. Been there once, so beautiful. It’s the only other place I’d live other than here in eastern Ontario.
            Hey do you guys think if we ever had a BB Canadian edition (yeah in our dreams) you would apply?
            I know I would kill to be on it.

  48. well I can not see how Rachel is still with im after the Skype incident adn the 7min crying youtube sorry video frm brendon…..These 2 need serious help

  49. I think in a situation like this watching someone fall apart you really have absolutely no idea what to do. There is a natural reaction to say, no matter what we stand behind you. I think that is where JJ are right now, This is not about game, disliking Rachel or Brendon…. but CBS had better get in there with a psychiatrist immediately. She needs to be evaluated to see if the BB House is an emotionally conducive environment for her. Though I am not a big Rachel fan, I do feel for her safety, she should be evaluated and removed from the house. She should also seek help outside the house. I agree with whoever said that Brendon needs to stop enabling her. Especially if they plan to have a life together.

  50. Pacer caused the melt down because she told Rachel to stop moping around the house OK this just made it a little more funnier. Go Pacer mad props for standing up to her Queen Bitch, but she’ gonna get a whipping for that.

  51. Keep in mind people Production encourages Rachel to be this dramatic. She has a role to play on this show and clearly,with this phony love story drama, CBS has a dual agenda. Competitions mixed in with fake quasi real HG drama.

    I’m not sure if the ratings will reflect it, but I think this whole love story/duo arc has been draining on this show’s true nature. I for one am totally sick of the B/R and J/J cutesy couple crap.

    I’ve watched BB from Season 1 onward (although I must admit I’ve skipped out on a couple of seasons when I couldn’t tolerate the HGs and/or Production manipulation) and way too much of screen time is devoted to the antics of these couples. It feels like I’m spying on a neighbor’s household instead of a community of game players stuck in a competition.

  52. I think the next time we see Brenden and Rachel is on Dr. Drew’s Celeb Rehab….getting the help she needs…hopefully…wonder if they get paid to do that?…anyone know?

  53. I definately think Rachel is bipolar. And I should know because I suffer from it. I look back at how I was before meds (I only hope I wasn’t as bad as her) but I see all the signs and somebody better get her some help, SOON!!!!

  54. Rachel is a mess. CBS Bringing her back was a mistake — exploiting her emotional unbalance for the sake of ratings.
    The girl is going to implode and CBS bears some responsibility. She doesn’t belong here, she belongs in a sanitarium, taking a good rest and having some much needed therapy. It’s getting harder and harder to watch her.

  55. One of the things you have to understand about Rachel is that psychologically she is always used to being the victim and getting what she wants. Now that she’s not in power ands has no control over Daniele, it caused her to react defensively, which will eventually culminate in a massive breakdown if someone like kalia wins HoH after Brendan leaves.

  56. Maybe Rachel could go clean Chen’s house or be her nanny…….and Brenden and Rachel could teach the baby how to cry…..they do enough of it. Whose idea was it to bring them back in the first place, they were annoying last time and even more annoying this time; Rachel is a moron; Brenden is her lap dog and a bigger idiot…what PhD program would take him in; and, as far as her (Rachel) being educated, does she even have a GED??????? And, that voice,she needs a voice box transplant; as soon as things don’t go their way, there is hell to pay; and what liars, manipulators, and morons. GO HOME, as quickly as you can…..just go home.

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