Big Brother 13 – Sardines and Seaweed for the havenots and Porsche is on to Shelly

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2:03pm Storage Room Havenots have to eat Sardines and Seaweed.

2:07pm Backyard Shelly and Jordan Jordan is eating slop with the same pissed off look on her face. Shelly is saying she thinks Dani is under the impression that Shelly is on her side. Shelly plans on using that and if Shelly wins HOH next week she’ll put Dani up. Shelly isn’t worried about Jeff and Jordan she says that they are the strongest competitors. Shelly adds her only goal this week is to make sure that Jeff is safe and she thinks she can do it. Shelly adds that Rachel is very easily manipulated and Dani is probably going to take out Brendon and see if she can work with Rachel. Jordan wonders if Dani is thinking about taking Rachel to final 2 because she thinks she’ll win against her.

2:15pm Everyone milling about the kitchen preparing food, There’s a lot of slop on the stove and Brendon is digging into the seaweed.

2:19pm Pacer and Boy George in the havenots.. talking about how dani is a liar and a cheat. (A standard pity party because they are not winning for the first time in 3 weeks) .. Feeds are cut when we come back
conversation shifts to Shely porsche is really trying hard to push forward that Shelly cannot be trusted. Rachel is believing her they both think Shelly is playing both side and is close with JJ. Porsche brings up that shelly has told 2 groups of people that she’s 100% with them, “Obviously she’s lieing to one group”. Rachel now thinking they are getting too paranoid and maybe should take a step back and reassess. Porsche says she gets a really bad feeling about Shelly because Shelly is always talking about how honest she is and how she’s such a Straight shooter when she’s really a the houses biggest hypocrite. They start coming to the conclusion that Shelly is waiting out till Jury then she’ll make her move and the side she’s with will be known.

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117 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 – Sardines and Seaweed for the havenots and Porsche is on to Shelly

  1. SHELLY & PORSCHE are getting on my nerves! They are the two biggest “yes men” I have ever seen. All they do is kiss ass. It’s getting annoying.

    I miss PT. Please Big Brother bring PT back and give Dani some help!

    1. Dom will come back ( via america’s vote) with Chaz Jankel’s “number one” song playing in the background as he and Dani team up to take these losers out!

        1. I agree with you. Cassie was the only girl willing to stand up to people w/o being obnoxious and whiney like Rachel. And wasn’t intimidated by the vets. I did like Dom too.

        2. What does Dani do in real life? like for work etc. anyone know? Just curious. I can’t picture her outside of BB because she hardly ever talks about herself.

          1. I would rather have CASSIE BACK.

            Could care less about Keith and DOminic…..whoever leaves this week too whether be brandon or jeff,would prefer cassie to return to the game.

    1. They called him pt for personal trainer because he helped Dani while she was working out she started the nick name

    2. hey Bob. they call him pt for personal trainer, as he was helping with dani weight lifting.

    3. PT stands for “personal trainer” (daniele herself said it cause production asked her to stop calling him that since viewers didnt know what it meant

        1. Simon, you’ve completely come around about your opinion of Dani, I love it! And she is definately the best looking.

        1. Her vote was just tryna look like a rebel, she wanted to seem tough thats y she told kalia to vote dom out so she could be the 1 vote against the grain

          1. Exactly! And Kalia is the biggest floater ever! Watch Jordan win next week and Kalia trying to get between “Jeff and her man.” Kalia told Shelli point blank that she wanted Brendon and Jeff gone ASAP……

          2. Anonymous: that may be but at least she’s playing unlike waiting.

            If she’s trying to look like a rebel she’s pulling it off. Don’t know how far it will take her but it’s better than the fish in a barrel routine BB has offered up so far.

  2. I think the new pictures for Pinto & Rachel should be the guys from Dumb & Dumber! Seriously, watching these two try to figure out the rest of the house is painful!

  3. Rachel and Porsche are 2 females on there that needs to be smacked with common sense

    How did Dani cheat?

    I’m guessing the HOH cam can;t see in the have not room right? would be a nice watch the pitty part of 5 BRJJP

    1. You’re joking right? Dani did all the work, which of course eventually got him evicted. All he did was flirt; first Cassi, then Dani.

    2. Dom’s biggest mistake: making a secret alliance within his alliance week 1 and making it obvious! At least Shelli was setting up to be bottom on the totem pole for a group of either 3 or 6 than in a group of 8.

  4. I love how Porsche is saying how Shelly is a liar and can’t be trusted NOW…. but it it was OK when Shelly was lieing inorder to keep Porsche and evict Keith. And she complains that Shelly is with JJ but she is with BR. So why does it matter? I think Porsche just needs to shut it.

  5. Shelly is the BIGGEST floater and ass kisser in Big Brother History. Let’s make sure she gets a life vest and an ass award medal for Shelly.

  6. I say go Adam, he is too cute in that elf costume. I think he totally knows how to play this game. Jeff is eye candy and Brendon is a BULLY

    1. His metal bit is a bit over the top but he’s playing smart. I think he came in wanting to play different and he’s readjusting his game. The best thing he’s doing is telling Shelly and Porche what they want to hear and thus telling BRJJ what they want to hear.

      He’s off the radar now but he’ll need to start playing soon.

  7. shelly is so bony and wrinkled
    shes worthless so the vets are reli just alow her to float
    ugh i hate the vets and the wana be vets shelly and pourche

  8. POLL: On a 1-10 scale, how good of a game player is Porche and Shelly? Also, who will make it farther?

    They are both are in the same spot(partnering with 2 vets) and playing well, but are playing a different kind of game.

    1. Shelly will get found out this week i’m sure of it as for POrsche I bet she stays in the game for awhile. Shelly’s game is very tight but she’s needs to tone it down

    2. They may both actually be intelligent.

      They’ve aligned with bigger targets than themselves, but the risk is they will be cannon fodder when the ‘vets’ need human shields.

  9. Brenden after opening a can of sardines: “This smells just like Rachel’s douche !”

    Rachel’s response: “Yah so!” What’s your excuse for the way “Little Brenden” smells when I have to roll back the skin covering his tiny head! I never hearda no guy soap made from head cheese!”


  10. I just feel that Dani is looking more for a big move to get the spotlight on her for an episode rather then doing what will ger her $500,000. Porche had the chance to make a big move she did not and it worked just fine, Dani tried to make a big move and she is enemy #1 to 5 people in the house.

  11. what dose pouche want the money are brendon?

    what dose shelly want more the money or to give up the game so she can learn more about kalia and lawon?

    please repli me with answers cuz confused

    1. She really brought the eye candy to the show. Not much of a gamer, but the feeds were more enjoyable to watch. Dominic and that constant smirk on his face kept getting on my nerves, however. His entire game was to flirt with girls.

  12. Im team shelly. shes the person who gets on mi nerves the least. she was playing her part perfectly with being liked and unsuspected by the newbs. the lies dont get on mi nerves, its what she has to do. the whole Im an honest person doesnt get on mi nerves [[it’s A GAME ppl!!!]] the amount of times she says it is kinda annoying tho. por needs to shut it, shes just plain annoying and from the other post when dani said she heard rachel talking is messing up [[shelly’s]] game. I just hope shelly doesnt leave this week, I dont care about anyone else…although brendon leaving and rachel going bat shit crazy would be HIGHLY entertaining! =)

  13. I think Adam is going to break the curse of the costume. I think he will be there for a while, at least i hope he will, he has grown on me…

      1. My bad forgot about Enzo, still hope Bacon Boy stays for a while, seems like a good shit and he loves the game…

  14. Send Kalia home! The house HATES Kalia more than Rachel, and they will target Danielle until this happens. They will then forget about Lawon and Adam. Make it to the final 2 with Rachel. Final 3 with Porsche. Final 4 with Jeff. She just wants the “evel” edit of sending a Brenchel home. Be a friend, help her get her wedding paid for, send Brendon home later in the game for the “evel” edit.

  15. can someone help me out… I have been looking for the flashback of Brendon when he makes the plea to the camera’s for Frankton’s return. Can anybody help me out on this.. thank you in advance!

  16. This is the one thing that annoys me most about Big Brother.
    People for get that they are surrounded by cameras, twenty four seven.

    1) No one is ever 100% honest all of the time, except maybe some of the BB villains.
    2) There is a reason that some groups of people can not trust the other group of people.
    They themselves have not acted in a trust worthy manner. Someone please tell me if I am wrong
    a) Jordan and Jeff talked about backdoor Douchy and the Beast first, because the Douchy and the
    Beast where working their last nerve, and they had Porsche. That was shot down before it ever left the room.
    Jordan thought is was a bad idea.
    b) Douchy and the Beast got extremely paranoid about Jeff and Jordan, mainly Rachels insecurity
    about Jordan’s popularity “Why is everyone down tthere talking to them… I won HOH they should be up here with me.”.
    Dani did plant a seed but come on Dom was at stake through a diversion. Then the POV competition where
    the Beast insulted Jordan, Jeff then went off on the Beast and that pissed off Douchy who then had to comfort
    the Blubbering Beast (Douchy and the Beast think they have the right to attack and insult anyone but the other
    person is being horrible if they defend themselves or insult them (dumb asses 85% of the game is social 15% competition.)
    So Duchy and the Beast then decided to Back Door Jeff. One major deference, it did not stay in the room, they are the
    ones that told Dani, and Porsche. They plotted alongside Dani. Dani seized an opportunity to put a wedge between
    Jeff Jordan and Douchy/Beast. This leaked out because of Porsche. Jeff and Jordan then confronted Douchy and the Beast.
    Jeff becomes friends with Douchy and they call Dani the backstabbing bitch.

    They are the innocent victims of a conniving bitch. Who is now HOH. What you all may say about Dani, and what has been said about
    Jordan is not true. Jordan is not stupid, she knows exactly how to communicate with people in an effective manner to achieve
    her goals and not create conflict (that is a skill that is often overlooked and under valued.) . Dani has made some of the power moves
    in the game. Now just watch if she is truely the bitch she has been made out to be. She would
    1) nominate Douchy and the Beast
    2) let them win POV. Live by you competitive nature die by your competitive nature. Point out that the POV must be used to save
    Rachel. Brendon is so much more level headed and does not allow his emotions to rule his game. It would be easier to
    campaign for Brendon against Jeff who is the person she will put up against Brendon or Rachel. Remind them that Jordan
    may be dumb but no one can touch here social game. Rachel is a guaranteed out. Or they could choose not to use it just enjoy their
    last few days.
    3) Send Douchy packing.
    5) Just before going out for the next HOH as Rachel
    “So WHO do you think Brendon will be doing when he gets out?” It will through here off and then just plug at those emotions.
    Get Jeff pissed amd Porsche and OMG some one outside their group is HOH woww now that is Bitchy

    1. This may never ever happen…. but just imagine the Power Team of Jordan and Dani.
      It is mind boggling what those two could do without Brendon or Jeff. Rachel floating
      around in her personal pitty party.

  17. Dick must be rolling on the floor with laughter that his baby girl made such a nice big splash once she was allowed to compete. Brendan and Jeff talked so much trash about how she was no physical threat. Admittedly, I don’t remember a lot about her previous season (except for how hard Dick played), but it seems to me that Dani was some kind of champ at winning POVs. Am I mistaken?? Please advise…

    In any case, I am happy that Dani won HOH. I loved her comment about being sick of living under a dictatorship. Jeff was acting as though he really believed people were supposed to come and “confess” their plans and schemes to him. And Brendan, who talks a good game, but rarely delivers, seems to feel “entitled” to be in power. Rachel does the heavy lifting and he takes the credit. When she doesn’t win a challenge, in addition to beating up on herself, she has to worry about getting a lecture from Brendan. Or, we have to witness his endless pep talks about how beautiful and smart she is and how jealous everyone is of the two of them. She is barking mad to begin with and I am sorry for whatever happened during her formative years that turned her into the attention-starved, insecure woman she has become.

    As far as nominees go, Dani might just as well go for broke. She is a target and that won’t change no matter what she does. As for threats from the 4-pack (I’m including Jordan only because she is 1/4th of the pack), there is no guarantee they will win POV or HOH. The newbies need to stop acting as though they have no chance against the vets. Don’t believe the propaganda machine. So what if Rachel has a temper tantrum, or goes on a crying jag, or gives everyone her famous stink-eye glare. These are the tools of her trade and she uses them to discourage people from crossing her. In truth, there is nothing she can do with these weapons unless they let her.

  18. Kalia just wants to go to Jordan’s wedding and be her bridesmaid for a free dress. Jordan doesn’t like Kalia more than she likes cookie dough this year.

    1. Classic Beast.
      I heard a line in someones comedy act once that reminds me of Rachel.
      “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.”
      Ok but can we hate you because your a bitch.

      Rachel last season would cry that everyone was trying to tear apart her and her true love.
      what is wrong with these people why do they hate love?

      The conniving women think they can get between me and my man. Why do they hate me?
      What did I do? I hate mean girls. (avoid the mirror then just pimples and a girl you obviously hate.)

      Why is everyone talking to Jeff and Jordan?. I am the HOH they should be talking to me.

      The answer to all of these questions is… Because you are a selfish neurotic bitch in love with a total douche.

  19. the Vets continue to win competitions only now Dani is on the outs with the other four. There are really only a few ppl playing Big Brother. The others accidently walked in off the street and are scratching their head as to whats going on. This game is complex on a few levels and my hat goes off to those who can handle it.

    I wish Brendon would not be so harsh with his words – he comes off as a sore loser yet when he wins he is King of the Hill. Guess all of them do that to an extent.

  20. Boy George to Brenda: “If you go, Jeff will not work with me. He’s mean to Jordan, he’s gonna be mean to me!”

    WOW she is insane, Brena isn’t mean to her?

  21. I was thinking too that Shelly might be the one going up with Brendan. She can justify putting Brendan on the block by saying he’s such a strong competitor, blah, blah, and it would force JJ to either stay in their alliance; or save their flunky for the jury house. Meanwhile she can take some time to stroke Jeff’s fragile ego (cause whatever shit Jeff spouts, he’s got a thing for Dani and that’s what made him so pissed about the backdoor issue-she was rejecting him and he could not handle it), and if she’s as smart as I think she is, start dealing with Porshe. I had to wonder about all the random personal memorabilia that Dani received when she went up to the HOH room, and how her letter was “private”, knowing the Donatos, I think messages were being sent to her.

    1. What?!?!?!? Katlia is the best house guest ever!! Chima 2.0 but 1000 times better!! More like Danielle 2.0 but much better

  22. Brendon will be backdoored this week, cuz that’s the way Dani likes it.
    But seriously, you can’t let him play in the veto and Dani knows this, so I don’t think she will be nominating him initially. And, yeah, America will probably vote Dom back in, so Dani, all of a sudden, is in a major power position. From the outhouse to the penthouse … good job Dani!!!

  23. BR blowin that BS smoke up Dani’s ass, she’s shewwww ing it away….GOOD JOB, If she fell for their BS she would be on the block next week and going home.

  24. Lawon,,Jordan,,And Lawon But i Love That Dani is HOH Because She is The Only Person That Knows How To Play The Game

  25. I think the comments about the house being a game and a place where no one can be trusted is correct. I think the golden key concept was very stupid as it led to a house that allowed people to sit back and relax and truly strategize while others had to fight and keep their mind on surviving each week. Really not a fair start to a game. Everyone in the house plays people and at one time or another they will need to make choices and oust people, it is making sure you ge the strong players out first, and the ones you can beat in the games last, unless you ahve the ability to outthink, which we have never seen. I wish they would allow them to see some of the feeds like they did in the first season, or have the public play a role in the votes….that would make it intersting. I do think Dani had a great concept but was caught on to before it made it, the vets made a mistake by exposing it and not lettting it ot continue as that woudl of made it interesting….and why can’t any of the new people win anything, really, playing the game before does not make you better at comp, they need to pick up their game or they should be out!!!!

  26. Simon – Dog… Evel Dick is spelled wrong in your tags. I could care less about spelling but it might benefit you to fix that one.

  27. Rachel: “If Brendon gets sent home, I’m going balls-to-the-wall!”

    There she go playing personal, instead of Thinking no matter who goes as long as one of them wins(I miracle I KNOW) they both win…. She never once played strategic, always about personal shit

  28. Hello all, I am actually a Rachel fan. I know mostly everyone hates her. I just have always liked her. I think she is a very very strong player. Those are the players I respect the most. (Like Janelle). When her back is against the wall she pulls herself through. I DO NOT like Brendon. He acts like he is king and he talks badly to Rachel. I am not a fan of men who talk mean or to their women like they are stupid. I also like Adam and Jordan. I think Lawon is funny but I don’t think he deserves to win the game. He hasn’t done anything. I DID like Dani until she turned on her alliance. She was pissed at Rachel for putting Dom up but she was pushing to stab Jeff in the back? Not cool. Just thought I would share my thoughts a little. Thanks for listening=)

  29. Dani made a deal with JJ but not with BR. My guess, BR going up, B going home, dani still takes rachel to the end, taking B&R’s votes out of the jury house completely. Saving JJ this week may gain her some points when JJ get to jury house since she didn’t split them up for the summer when she could have.

  30. Lol the conversation between Porsche and Dani was like so totally like not like understandable because like porsche couldn’t stop saying like every like 5 seconds.

  31. Best POV match: Brenchel v.s. Dani & Kalia. Throw in 2 floaters. Kalia will smoke the floor in ANY competition. Her fat and peeing in the pool will take her further in the game than Brendon’s big feet. Just hopefully there won’t be any hair around or sex toys to destract her. Kalia is totally going to win this game.

  32. Sound familiar???? If I hear the below statements come out of their mouths one more time….I’m getting too drunk…Anyone know a good AA meeting?
    Brendon – Its not rocket science
    Jordan – I don’t know……I don’t know
    Jeff – It is what it is
    Rachel – I didn’t say that
    Lawon – You know what I mean?
    Kalia – I feel like I’m playing this game all alone…
    Shelly – I’m playing for different reasons
    Porsche – Like, Like….
    Dani – I don’t play emotional

  33. Why can’t the twist be the house has an ‘earthquake’ and one of the beams falls on BRJJ and take them out (before anybody gets bent out of shape, I’m talking about a pretend earthquake but with real evictions.) After all this BB House is in California, it’s not out of the realm of possibiity to have an earthquake there and this is supposed to be mimicking REALITY.

  34. I say Go Dani Go. I know she has an uphill battle simply because the newbies lack courage but if anyone can pull it out…Dani can. She’s a force of nature doing competitions…she’s smart and she isn’t playing to vacation in jury house. She’s playing to win….I hope she does.

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