Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff, Brendon & Adam talk about how Dani better not win the POV. Jeff says yeah if you have two tattoos on your hip you win.. *Updated*

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11am Lawon, Shelly and Brendon talk about real estate and the cost of renting. They talk about other random things, no game talk. At 11:20am Big Brother tells the houseguests that the lock down is over. Shelly yells YES!!! It’s OPEN! Brendon goes to tell Rachel. Adam heads out side to have a smoke. Shelly starts sweeping up in front of the door saying she doesn’t want all the dirt tracked inside. Jordan wakes up and goes to change her batteries and then heads to the bathroom. Adam, Lawon and Brendon start working out and stretching in the backyard.

11:25am – 11:50am Brendon, Adam and Shelly talk about how the competition last night was made for short and fat people. Brendon says that all Kalia did was stick her ass on the wall. Muffin top! Brendon says that last season they made two competitions that benefited short people. Shelly tells Brendon to not let vengeance get in the way of his game. Brendon says that he knows how to separate it. Shelly says that last night Kalia came into the bathroom and said now everyone knows how strong I am! Brendon laughs. Adam says you got to give it to her, she used what she had to her advantage. They talk about wanting to play for the POV. Shelly asks if everyone will be individual and that 3 other players will be drawn. Brendon says that he will be pissed if the offer Dani a Pandora’s box or a Diamond Power of Veto or something. Brendon asks doesn’t that piss you off?! Adam and Shelly say that there is no way that competition was planned or geared towards her winning. Adam says why of all people would I get the elf costume?!

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Jeff joins them out in the backyard. Brendon tells Jeff that wouldn’t it suck if she got some power or something. Jeff says don’t even get me started …that competition was given to her! Jeff complains about his bruises. Brendon says all the people that are down stairs need to get who’s up stairs out. Jeff says we just need to all stick together. Brendon says we should convince Lawon to throw the POV. Jeff tells them all to not cut any deals. Adam says that Porsche thinks her and him are going up on the block. They talk about how Porsche adds her own spin to everything. Jeff says that when Porsche talks he doesn’t listen. Brendon says that Dani is going to try and split us up… if any of us goes …we need to just stick together and get rid of her. They talk about how she better not win the veto. Jeff says yeah if you have two tattoos on your hip you win. They laugh. Adam says damnit I should have gotten that tattoo. Brendon says that he will be damned if any of those mother BLANK wins. Brendon asks who goes around before the competition making deals, then wins it and changes the deal. Shelly says that she thinks this POV will be a prize / penalty one because they know its an important one to win. Brendon says yeah maybe…. and if its a physical one, I’m excited. They talk about past season competitions.

11:50am – 12:15pm Adam says call me in already ..lets get this show on the road already! Adam wants his elf costume. Lawon and Adam talk about how hard it will be to adjust to reality again. Adam start practicing his elf dance …just in case he doesn’t have a job when he gets out he can find work as an elf. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds.

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1pm When the live feeds come back,the houseguests are on an indoor lock down. Dani is no where to be found. She must still be inside the house. Rachel is working out on the elliptical, Shelly is suntanning, Adam is wearing his elf costume, Jeff and Brendon are in the pool, Kalia, Lawon and Porsche are sitting on the backyard couch talking about food and other random stuff. Jeff and Brendon are playing with the ball and hoop in the pool. They splash Adam and he says don’t get the elf suit wet! Jeff says WHHAAAA!! Adam says that if his girlfriend has an elf costume when he gets home, he is going to punch her. Jeff and Brendon joke that he and his girlfriend are is going to have sex in their elf costumes. Adam says that he could put a slit in it real quick!

1:10pm – 1:35pm Adam says that if his girlfriend still loves him after this …he knows she is the one! Afam then runs into the yard like an elf to grab the ball for Jeff and Brendon. Adam is really taking wearing the costume well and getting into acting like an elf. They will be able to hear Adam coming now because of the bells on his elf shoes. Jordan tells Adam that he reminds her of some character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are getting Adam to say phrases in his deep voice. They keep talking about and repeating lines from the movie Elf. Meanwhile on the backyard couch, Porsche is talking about the worst period she ever had to Kalia and Lawon. Adam tells Big Brother to open the doors so that he can eat. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds again.

1:45pm The Live Feeds are still showing the We’ll be right back screen… The nomination ceremony is most likely happening now since they have been on an outdoor lock down without Dani.

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171 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff, Brendon & Adam talk about how Dani better not win the POV. Jeff says yeah if you have two tattoos on your hip you win.. *Updated*

  1. My… how the tides have turned.

    man if Jeff leaves its gonna get super boring in the house. Who else am i going to turn to to make witty smart ass remarks to everyone??

    Dani just take the easy route and put up BR

    1. smartest move dani can do right now is cut deals w shelly and lawon and kalia. then she needs to nominate brenden and jordan. the house will not vote out jordan by any means. brenden goes home. if brenden wins pov, dani replaces him w either jeff or rachel. win win all the way around. once one of the two loudmouth vets leave, porka and skeletor will flip to the newbs again. and the smart newbs, are there any, will vote out skelly and porka

      1. I agree with you in that the loudmouth vets must go but….. Shelley can’t be trusted. She has Jeff & Jordan’s back first & foremost (after own personal agenda to win, despite the BS she feeds everyone about playing with integrity ….oh gmab!). BR or BJ need to be put up in order to ensure a loudmouth vet goes home.

      2. Is your recommendation under the assumption that B/R/J/J won’t make side deals? If she could get J/J to deal, I’d put up B/R. Then if either gets veto, up goes Jeff as a pawn. It has to be a vet that goes home this week and J/J know how to play without hating, I’d rather they stick around. Jeff has a mouth but he does reason and relate well. Nobody will give the money to Jordan even if she does get to final 2 and I just think that Jeff isn’t going to win enough comps to keep him in the game.

        1. Good point and I agree. BR are the two I’d like to see go the most. I like JJ but Jeff doesn’t always keep a cool head, which gets him in trouble. I just hope Dani doesn’t cave and sticks to getting a vet out this week.

  2. This season is so predictable. I knew dani would win. know the question is who will she nominate for eviction. i assume the whole season is scripted anyway. I have not been surprise by one move mad in the house this season. Bring back the BRigade.

      1. Screw that… why don’t you tell us the bucket order right now… Mr. Know-It-All… I mean Brendon…. LOL

  3. Question: lets say hypothetically that brenda & jeff are nominated this week and jordan wins POV and saves jeff… In this case would jordan be in danger of being put up or is she safe because she won the pov?

      1. shes not safe if she uses the pov because then the power it posesses has been used. she can be put up as a replacement. or at least in previous seasons its been that way.

          1. Example
            Total Number houseguest = 8 (X, A, B, C, D, E, F, G)

            Houseguest X has HOH
            Houseguest A and B are up on the block
            Houseguest C wins POV leaving Houseguest D E F G

            If houseguest C uses the POV to Take houseguest A off the block then the HOH (houseguest X) can only pick D E F G to be placed on the block.

            Winning the POV means you cannot be put up on the block for eviction unless you are already on the block.

        1. CBS will do what they need to to keep Jeff in the House.
          He is in their back pocket. He has been on four CBS shows already.
          1. Big Brother
          2. The Amazing Race
          3. Around the World for Free(Web Series)
          4. Big Brother (Second time around)

          I have a feeling he is not getting evicted this week or if he does he will be back via America vote.

        2. All you Jeff haters, Get over it…Jeff isnt going anywhere. Dani already said that she thinks the twist will be Americas vote to bring someone back so she isnt going to target JJ for two reasons 1-it would be a wasted move cause she thinks America will just vote them back and 2 – she thinks it will ruin Dom’s shot at coming back because America will vote for JJ. remember she doesnt know all the hating going on towards Jeff right now. Dani and others have refered to JJ as Americas sweethearts many times. As Brenda would say ” come on guys it is not rocket science”

    1. Yes, she would be safe as well.
      I know you were just creating a senario, but couldn’t you make one realistic?? Jordan rarely wins anything(x
      But I do adore her personality:)

      1. Jordan has already won 1 HOH and a luxury competition. And there is no need to play the “…Brendan and Jeff let her win.” refrain–she scored well enough in that competition to win in her own right. Bottom line, she won. And since she’s already “run the table” once before, guess whatever she did/does works, huh. At least for now.

        1. Hey, no need to get defensive sweetie. Just stating the facts. “Already won an HOH…” Yes, she won her second (well kind of 2 2/3 due to the 3 part final HOH competition her first season) HOH out of two seasons. I’m not trying to be hateful in any way, she’s just not really a physical competitior. Sure she won, but isn’t that mainly because of her bubbly, almost oblivious-to-all-my-surroundings personality which many (including myself) adore? I believe so. Who would play the “Brendan and Jeff let her win” card anyway? Jeff ultimately makes the decisions and Brendan would look like a total ass competing to win against her. Were you just pwned by a 14 year old???
          I believe so:)
          Thanks for playing.

    2. If they do veto one of the nominees, the HoH must name a replacement nominee. The winner is also protected from becoming a replacement nominee for the week

  4. Brendon should show just a little class and give some credit to Kalia instead of making fun of her because she is “overweight”. I am so disappointed in him and his attitude.

    1. Brendon should be more of a gentleman, but he’s just releasing his frustrations for having to live with someone as crazy as Kalia! She’s lucky she did not get nominated earlier. Complete two-timer, cannot stop talking, weird phobias, bothers you when you sunning. Go home Kalia!! I guess she does have some value because she will never get a jury vote, so anyone who goes against her in the final will win. And that includes Danielle, even if she puts the vets on the jury single-handedly.

      1. I only see BB when it is on tv….I was aware that she had a phobia of hair, although that IS a little strange, its no reason to be totally be rude and tasteless.

        1. Yeah, you don’t watch the live feeds. Girl is a freak (and a talker). Figured she’d have a little more shame.

      2. Worse than all of that is she is too lazy to get out of the jacuzzi when she has to pee. Beyond gross!

    2. You’re right. Unfortunately it’s all about ego with Brendan and if he recognizes the skills and brains that others have then (in his egomaniacal way of looking at things) he’s not the Almighty God of the BB house this season, which again, his ego wouldn’t be able to handle, let alone, comprehend.

    3. I agree with you. Kalia is extremely annoying & frustrating, but she beat you Brendan. Give her props for hanging on & stop ripping on her for her weight & being a poor sport. I hope Brenda goes home this week & Dominic comes back!!! He’s so cute & added a good YOUTHFUL light hearted comic relief to the rest of these washed up people left in the house. Brendan goes and we can watch Dani try to manipulate Rachel for the rest of the season.

    4. The next time he makes his “rocket science” comment to Kalia (or anyone else for that matter), she should ask in a very sincere voice, “Since you are so smart, am I to assume it was rocket science when you committed indecent exposure?” He needs to be GONE!

      1. At least Brendon studies actual science. Kalia just writes about sex. Give Brendon the money. He will make a bigger difference in the world.

        1. LOL!! yeah, he’ll make quite a difference spending thousands on a wedding so we can wait a couple of months for the divorce

          1. Ok then give the money to Kalia so she can write more about sex. Rachel is clearly looking forward to mother hood. Brendon is gained an incredible temper, probably the result of the ph.d. program. He’s lucky Rachel wants to procreate with him. She will love her children and be incredibly attentive and loving now that she’s moved out of vegas and started to clam down. Can’t say all this about kalia who just wnats to write and talk about sex all day. her children will suffer from hre chattering.

          2. Vic – lol at that one! How true! Oh, how true! BR are like nails on a chalkboard …. unnecessary & annoying as hell.

        2. At least Brendon studies actual science.

          That is still up for debate, I don’t believe that as I don’t believe Rachel is a Chemist

      1. Substitute Brendon for KALIA. Kalia can never help Dani’s game unless it’s in the final 2 because Kalia’s not getting any votes. Until then, Kalia will KILL Danielle’s game just like she killed Dominic’s.

  5. Cant wait to see Adam in the Elf costume. Unfortunately the person who has to wear the costume usually gets voted out while they are wearing it.

  6. Cant wait to see Adam in the Elf costume. Unfortunately the person who has to wear the costume usually gets voted out while they are wearing it.

  7. Jeff better not get voted out. He makes this show hilarious, well him and Adam. I hate Rachel with a passion and I hate Brendon just as much.

    1. Yeah, they make Jeff look like a swell guy on TV. But in actuality…..he is kind of a jerk. Jordan deserves better.

      1. I was talking about the kind of edits people get on the show with others last night. IMO, Kalia got a wonderful CBS edit last night. They made her out to be a victim of Brendon’s abrassive bullying.

        I was looking forward to them showing Dom calling Shelly out for being the flipped vote in week one and watching Shelly tiptoe around the accusation, not answer it directly, fumble around for some sort of cover or explanation, and only coming up with “it’s in the past.” I guess they want to portray her as Mother Theresa still.

      1. Yea, homophobia is so incredibly badass! Not! One of the quickest ways for an otherwise attractive person to come off as a douche.

    2. I’d say it was due to a lack of education but that would wrong and, an insult to all intelligent people who (for various reasons) don’t have a graduate or post-graduate education. I think the “f” word is effective (at times) but certainly overused but him. He comes across as being a bit of moronic thug when he uses it as often as he does. Someone should give him a thesaurus when he gets out.

  8. ED said on Twitter today that the evicted house guests are all still in sequester. CBS is waiting for Jeff to get kicked off just to bring him back.

  9. Brenden acts like eveyone is there to hand him the grand prize. Who does he think he is. He was dumb last season, but Rachel has turned him into a very mean and hateful person. PLEASE DANI PLEASE get that know it all out!

    1. Here’s to Dani! She’s smart, clever about the game and has nerves of steel!

      Hopefully she will kick the obnoxious Jeff and the even more obnoxious Brendon to the curb at the first opportunity, then let Rachel stew a while before sweeping her straight out the door on her keister!

      1. In a perfect world Dani will put up Brendan and Jeff,,,let all know that if POV is used the persons “mate” (Rachel or Jordan) will be put up…I want to see these guys suffer !!!

  10. tell me if im right or wrong

    i think that shelly stratagy is to rely on the vets til they send her home

    Dani stratagy is to get on America’s good side by making big moves

    Kalia and Lawon stratagy is to get competive towards the end

    Pourche stratagy is to get close to BR so when rachel leave she will hav 100% of Brendon

    Jeff stratagy is to make everyone scare of him and make jordan win competition so he he can make her decisions

    Jordan stratagy is to make think she is a good girl so no one sees her as a threat

    Rachel stratagy is to win everything

    Brendon statagy is to be like jeff and run the house and take credit for Rachel work

      1. Actually Kalia wanted to use her sex blog tips and sleep her way to the end. That strategy failed, she realized as soon as the guys were not into her.

  11. Why aren’t the same people who disliked Dani because of her constant whining showing the same venom toward Brendon and Jeff? Seriously, they’re acting worse than Dani was acting.

  12. That’s what I’ve been saying to others. Is he that big of a tool that him and Jordan thought the best way to spend the summer together was to be on BB? Obviously, getting the time off wasn’t an issue. And they had to know there was a distinct possibility that one of them could be going home before jury.

    Even though they met in the BB house, I couldn’t imagine that house being a very healthy environment for a relationship that’s a couple of years old now. At least Rachel and Brendon made no bones that they want the money for their wedding.

  13. What has Jeff done in the game so far..NOTHING but run his nasty mouth.
    Are those two dating or just really close friends because there is no romance there at all.
    Jeff the bum is just waiting until Sweet Jordons money is done then he is gone. Cant stand this homophobic jerk.

    1. Jeff has done nothing, Dani would be 2 for 2 in comps if she didn’t let rachel win the first hoh,its funny how they can make fun of a girl who is a million times better then them at comps, cant wait to hear there excuse when she wins the pov, excuse excuse excuse thats all the vets are good for when they lose

  14. i think that shelly stratagy is to rely on the vets til they send her home

    Dani stratagy is to get on America’s good side by making big moves

    Kalia and Lawon stratagy is to get competive towards the end

    Pourche stratagy is to get close to BR so when rachel leave she will hav 100% of Brendon

    Jeff stratagy is to make everyone scare of him and make jordan win competition so he he can make her decisions

    Jordan stratagy is to make think she is a good girl so no one sees her as a threat

    Rachel stratagy is to win everything

    Brendon statagy is to be like jeff and run the house and take credit for Rachel work

    1. Kalia’s strategy was for a showmance, but nobody wanted one with her. She was insulted that Keith liked Porsche. She told Jordan once she wanted Dom. Brendon and Jeff are taken. And poor Kalia “got stuck” with Lawon as a partner.

  15. by a vote of 4 to 3 brendon you are evicted from the bb house

    congratulations rachel you are the new hoh

    dani hand over the key

  16. Jeff is a total ass this year I liked him on his season I think that jerk off Brendan has rubbed of on him his ass is just mad cuz Kalia hung on longer than him now all the vets are running scared because Dani’s in power @ the moment, she told them they will be sorry…Dani needs to make a power move since no one else has the balls to! I can’t stand Shelly with her man lookn ass always talkn about she doesn’t lie that’s part of the damn game u dummy, If Brendan talked to me like he does those girl’s in the house his damn teeth would be in his ass!! Jeff i don’t think u are too likeable this yr all because of ur alliance! Brendan or Jeff needs to go if not Rachael’s raggedy lookn ass!! Jordan looks lost, Kalia talks too much, Lawon is just Lawon, Adam is a cool dude he hasn’t showed his true colors yet & Porsche needs to get her lips off Rachael’s ass!!

    1. If simon/dawg decide to use mascots or funny pictures as houseguests on the right, I say use a picture of a weasel for Shelly. Everything she hears, she runs and whispers to the other side. She’s playing the game, I gotta give it to her, but she’s annoying.

      1. Pictures go up this week, we’ve had a lot of users submit there ideas and do up some already and for the most part I think they are very good. I’m going to tweek it a bit this weekend.

  17. i hope that Dani send home brendon and covince her allowance to win the next hoh

    shelly will eventually regret trying to be with the vets

    pourche just wants brendon all for herself

    1. And Kalia will regret her crush on Dom! She would have been safe for weeks with Jordan. Weeks. Probably could have floated to the end like Lane. But her gonads got the best of her, wanting Cassi gone so badly. Beat out by Dani, and now she worships her.

  18. Dani will find a way to get Brenda out. She knows there will be an Americas Vote to bring back a HG and She doesnt want Jeff back. CAssi or Dom would work just fine.

  19. I know I’m late, but I just got through watching BBAD when Dani gets her HOH room. The only people that were truly happy for Dani was Kalia and Lawon. Jordan had a sourpuss look on her face and the others didn’t hardly say anything. They are some pathetic sore losers.

      1. i’m surprised about jordan too. iI didn’t like her in BB11 but I was beginning to like her in this season

    1. Kalia just wants her food like she wanted Jordan’s. She was hungry after the competition and the long diary room session. Don’t be delussional.

  20. I bet there is a Pandora’s box up upstairs for Dani and she will be able to bring Dom back. It would be good to watch the 3 couples hash it out!

  21. please send Jeff or Brendon home i cant stand them. they are ruling the house and i hate that. please send Jeff home. please

    1. Dominic and Kalia would have been the hottest showmance in BB history! Please bring him back in the house so it can happen. Perhaps it will keep her quiet and from stirring up trouble and whining about sex so much.

  22. There was a scene in the last episode, I think, where Rachel and Dani were playing with some game or something on the bed…..what were they doing? It may have been in wednesday episode.

    1. it looked like a bunch of shot glasses, and marbles or something.. i was thinking the samee thing. it was weird.

    2. The game is Mancala, an African counting game. Normally it is a wooden board with 2 rows of little bowls scooped out. Then you use pebbles or marbles to play the game. In the BB version they put small cups in a cereal box and used jelly beans as marbles.

  23. ummm…where did the pool come from??? Did they extend the jacuzzi? I dont ever remember the pool? Am I losing my mind?

  24. big brother has gotten way to set up. i mean obviously they have always had alot of power on how the season will go. but now its like ridiculous.. the HOH was totally set up so that Dani would win, and they put her at like the very end so it would be easier for her. plus for all the VETO’s it’s been either Jeff/Jordan or Rachel Brandon being picked out of the bag -_- But regardless, i hope Dani sends Brendon home, and pairs up with Rachel for a couple weeks. Cause Rachel is really good at competitions so theirs like a 98% chance she will win.

    1. How was it rigged? What would position have anything to do with Dani winning? If I recall wasn’t Adam on an end?

      1. It was designed for people who are short and also for those who have a low center of gravity. Dani & Audrey II are both short. Dani is also very lightweight and strong, while Audrey II is heavy but has a low center of gravity. She was just not as strong as Dani.

        They had a similar competition last year with surfboards and the 2 shortest and lightest people were the last 2 to drop – Matt & Ragan.

        And no, I’m not sticking up for Brenda and his complaining. Production was just doing what they do every year to manipulate the game.

        1. true, endurance comps like that are designed for shorter people, but the competition itself wasn’t rigged for dani. excluding crap shoot comps, every competition calls for a different skill/advantage. that’s like saying the golf ones are rigged for people with hand-eye coordination

          1. and I’m not trying to go against your claim that production manipulates the game – they definitely do, and they definitely didn’t want jeff or brendon to win this week, but it wasn’t guaranteed that dani would win.

  25. Get over youself. All of you self-proclaimed Jeff haters need to stop being so hypocritical. You all complain that he swears excessively and makes “douchey” comments, but YOU GUYS are doiing the same. By making out ill willed comments towards him, you guys are of no more a human being and no less a tool. The difference is that he is playing a game, confined in a room, while you guys are at your computers reading feeds for a reality tv show. Furthermore, the masses COMPLAINED and WHINED that the game heavily favored BRJJ.
    1)CBS didnt give all the advantage to the Vets. They were down 6-8 from the getgo. It was shelly’s, porsche’s and KALIA’s fault (Whom btw you never blame). most of you simply blame SHELLY AND PORSCHE.
    2) The vets TRIED to win, many of the NEWBS wanted to FLOAT.
    3)The VETs have played ,so naturally they are better at the beginning.

    The Newbs easily could have control, but their lack of bonds caused their own DEMISE. IT is not CBS’s fault for ALL YOU whiny B’s.

    I haven’t seen one comment of how the HOH comp slightly favored Dani or Kalia. You ALL complain that the comps favor BRJJ, but when the most crucial comp favors D or K, you dont think about it or mention it. THis shows the objectivity in your comments and your lack of fair rationality.

    Dominic went home b/c of Dani and himself. IT IS MAINLY HIS OWN FAULT. CBS had nothing to dow with it. HE THREW THE COMP…..

    1. The HOH comp was not a comp for Kalia to win. She went farther then anyone thought she would. The comp was made for a smaller person just like Matt won it last year and if you remember Ragan was on just as long. Short, skinny people would only win. Kalia being heavyset should have been off right away especially if you saw her comp with Lawon when she was rendered useless.

      1. I kind of think the boys psyched themselves out!

        That game is about center of gravity. I don’t watch the feeds but in every picture I saw Jeff and Brendon were always bent forward looking at the big feet. Shelly, Kalia, and Dani’s pictures always showed them ram-rod straight and plastered back against the wall… especially their heads. I noticed their form and intensity in the first moments.

        I am telling you, that Dani has the heart of a champion. She can fight like a badger and then shake hands and say no hard feelings whether she wins or loses. She isn’t perfect but I do like that fire from within.

        I’ll make it official now, Team Dani FTW!!!

    2. I love how people are saying the comp was specifically made for Dani and Khalia. This comp was obviously created before Dani left the power four. And if you want to say it favoured Dani, okay. But Khalia? LMFAO! If anyone predicted she was going to last longer then everyone else (bar dani) then I owe them a cookie. It seems people are just B/R J/J fans and are picking up on their ”wah-wah” the comp is unfair bullshit their spewing.

      I personally don’t think any of the comps (except the how bad do you want it, ex. they used it last year when Brendon needed the POV to survive) are geared towards a producers favourite outcome.

      The manipulation by the producers comes is things like the coup’ de’ tat Jeff got last year. Or this year, if they refuse to have America’s vote to bring someone back this week (like they built it) now that Dani is HOH. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them wait one more week to see if Jeff goes this week, before they do it. Shit like THAT is manipulation.

      So, sorry if anyone here is a J/J fan. Season 11 was handed to them, both.

      1. EXACTLY… they whine just as much as the people they are rooting for, that’s fine but don;t sit here and pretend that your not favoring contestants because you like them.

    3. for your ifo i hav a efin jod and we dont like the cuz of their personality and jeouloussness
      jeff and brendon are punkes who try to bully smaler people

  26. I love how Jeff and Brendan are complaining that the competition is rigged which is the exact same thing they said Dani would be complaining about. Everything is all good until you are not winning. I just wish there was some way to get Jeff/Brendan/Shelly/Rachel out of the house immediately. They are all really annoying. I had to stop watching the feeds. I just come here for updates, because I can’t take hearing them anymore especially Brendan and Shelly.

    What is annoying me even more is CBS and how they are editing Jeff. This a**hole says homophobic remarks, yells at his girlfriend, and yet they are still playing him up to be the good ole American boy. If someone does come back he can’t be eliminated this week, because the silly people voting will bring him back in the house. I hope Dom gets to come back, because the house is dead.

    I don’t think that Dani is playing a smart game she should have let Kaila win HOH, at least she would have a chance to win HOH next. Seriously she is putting all her hopes in Lawon and Kaila? No disrespect to Kaila, because she held her own yesterday, but their odds are slim to none next week. Lets hope for the best.

    1. I feel like she should had let Kalia win also, but IMHO Kalia is still not trustworthy. She voted Dom out even though she said she was going to vote Adam out. She was friends with Jordan first and I believe that the vets would talk her into putting Dani up. So, maybe Dani did do the best thing for herself. time will tell everything

    2. oh Sabrina. I la la love you. My thoughts exactly. However, Kalia is still a floater and she was pledging her allegiance to Brendon just a few days ago only to have him slap her in the face. She could though go with Jordon and that would mean against Dani, so it was a MUST for Dani to have won.

      1. Yeah because I’m sure if a guy would have a showmance with Kalia they would have been safe. Even Brendon! Brendon just needs to cook for her, flash her, and show her a good time, and then it’s buh-bye newbie.

      2. I agree with Rockstar. I don’t think Dani winning was that bad of a move. I think Khalia might have given into all the deals everyone else would be throwing at her. Plus, there’s no guarantees Dani wins HOH next week even if she was to toss it to Khalia this week. I don’t know why everyone keeps talking like Dani is done 100% next week. Even if Lawon or Khalia don’t win; she has a good chance at winning POV. And with someone coming back in the game (we assume) she isn’t in the worst spot as it seems. If two vets are taken out while she’s still in the game, we may be singing a different tune.

      3. Kalia seems to really hate B/R, but I know she always sucks up to J/J. I just don’t want to see Dani’s game end anytime soon. I would stop watching, because I could not take watching the rest of these people especially if Dom doesn’t come back.

      1. Don’t think I would like to see all the vets go away because the others are just boring. Perhaps if they bring Dom back it would be more interesting. He’s funny but also uses the f word too much.

      1. The true athlete is Ragan. He could beat anybody in an enufrance anyday of the weak! Notice any similarities between him and Kalia. Pukes. I’m sure those two will be twittering all over LA together given that they both live int he area. Two know it alls.

  27. Watching the show it annoys me how they make Jeff and Jordan seem like sweethearts. They’re making it so personal. I wonder if they were like this during BB 11.

    1. I hate Jeff with a fiery vengeance. I hate Brendon for a totally different reason. Both hated and one has nothing to do with the other

    2. Not me. I liked Brendon coming in. But he’s being a prick as well. I still like Rachel other than those moments where she lets crap come out of her mouth, but most of the time I think she’s pretty nice. I like Jordan. Jeff is a bigger prick than Brendon, though. Eh, they’re both pricks. Maybe Jeff is a bad influence on Brendon, hehe. I’m Team Dani and if she goes, I’m rooting for Rachel. I really don’t like most of those people.

  28. I love how this game changes WEEK TO WEEK! I am hoping that Adam or Lawon sneak by and take home the gold!!


  29. I don’t think J & J have their heart in the game. They both look bored to death most of the time, especially Jordan. Apparently they both still live in their original hometowns so have a long distance relationship. Being on BB financed their getting together as they will be paid for being on the show whereas if one or the other took a leave of absence without BB they would be losing money. Jordan bought a house for her and her mom with her BB winnings so doubt if she has any money left; it’s not like the BB prize is a zillion dollars.

    Who is Porka & Skeletor? I’m new to this site so am not sure. Regarding the different personalities, I really dislike most of them. As far as I’m concerned bringing back the veterans was a big mistake as we already know them inside & out. And the only newbie who has a personality is Dom and he’s gone already. Well, Kalia has a personality but it’s 100% irritating. Honestly, she doesn’t come off as too bright. Everyone complains about Brendon & Rachel (and I just complained about BB bringing the veterans back), but at least they are interesting to watch as they bring a little drama to an otherwise bland and boring house.

  30. I accidentally put my email address where my name should be, please take it off as I don’t want it displayed. Thank you!

  31. does amyone know why the live feeds go down so much? i mean i understand when they go down for a second like if someone is singing or something, but they’ve been down now for a long time. what’s up? thanks.

  32. jeff and and shelly have one thing in comon
    they both floaters allowanced with competitive players so thats why they are not considered floaters

  33. Whoever is saying that Kalia wanted a showmance slap yourself with a iron skillet. If she wanted a showmance she would not have been so god-awful nasty

    1. Hone girl clearly has a lot of confidence. I didn’t say she was going to get a showmance, just that she *wanted* one. She told Jourdan one night that she was hoping for one with Dom. Lord help Dom if he was in the jury house alone with her.

      1. The only chance she had of getting a showmance if if a street bum was on the show, I know Boy George kinda looks like a man, but she is clean and when she has TONS of makeup she looks kinda like a women.

      2. HAHAHA They got Sardines and Seaweed……. THX everybody who voted that way I wanted … and the idea that Brenda is a have not just made my week,

    2. she said it…at the beginning she wanted a showmance!!! that is why she came on the show…looking for LOVE!

      1. They wouldn’t cast her for the bachelorette…………she auditioned. That’s why she moved to LA — for Jake Pavelka

    3. Dominic’s and Keith’s loss. She’s a total hottie. Too bad she wasn’t in BB 12. She would have given Brit a run for her money over Lane.

    4. The pig pissed in a jacuzzi! If I were there, I’d walk up to her one day when she’d be alone in there, take out my arm, Teach her a goddamn lesson.

      1. I can’t believe she admitted that!!! And she was looking all surprised during the quiz when Julie had Kalia as a choice for pooping in the pool. It’s a good thing she wasn’t picked for the last POV with he spelling comp….

  34. i’m so tired of the veterans complaining about how they think the hoh comp was made for short fat people. they are full of excuses. they can’t handle the fact that they lost. period. they are spending all their time whining because they no longer hold the power. ridiculous. they had it for three weeks in a row. then, they try to bully dani into voting out lawon and kalia? lol that’s rich. they’ve had the say in the first 3 people who left. now they can’t stand someone else having power. SPOILED ANNOYING SELF RIGHTEOUS BRATS. Team Dani all the way. Period. Hope Dom comes back too!!

    1. Kalia! If Brendon cooks it for her, she will eat it. And if she were hoh, she would have done a bit more than just that with brendon..

    2. yes, it is delicious and very nutritious. it’s so nutritious, it is considered a super food. it is a staple in japanese cuisine. goma wakame is the traditional japanese seaweed salad. seaweed is also used as a wrap in sushi rolls and many other things.

  35. I Am SOOO happy dani one HOH!! I love dani I am totally team dani I used to love Jeff and Jordan but not anymore what pisses me off is they yelled at dani for trying to back door jeff but when Jordan Had HOH she had the idea to back door b and r but she didnt have the balls to do it or say anything when they were yelling at dani shelly is soo too faced and porche is a huge floater that follows rachel around like a lost puppy if she EVER wins HOH she might as well hand it over to brandon and rachel, If Dani only has another week or two left in the house I hope she takes one of those four with her because there so cocky they think they have it one already! GO DANI!!

  36. It’s so classic and expected that Brendon will belittle somebody because he didn’t win anything. And Jeff of all people needs to shut the hell up. He would’ve been long gone in BB8 had they not given him the Coupe de tat and being, the intellectually deficient louse that he is, he didn’t even know what it meant. That whole house hated him and he pretty much cowered in the corner until Production helped his game out.

    The HOH competitions are a mix of different games that complement each HG’s unique advantages;sometimes it works for the short and skinny,sometimes it works for those who know how to use brute strength to win. GET OVER IT! That whole BRJJ camp can’t get over the fact they are no longer in charge.

  37. I think Brenden is such an ass for talking about Kalia being fat! If they lose it’s because it was set up for someone other then him! If someone says anything “mean” or as I like to think truthful to Rachel they are a BLANK and a loser. Yet Brenden takes low and personnel digs at people all the time! Shelly is just as bad and then tries to act like she is motherly! I hate Brachel! The very funny thing is Brenden is so convinced Kalia is a broke loser and in reallity she comes from a wealthy and exclusive type of elite background. Even with his “rocket science’ degree he wouldn’t be invited!

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