Big Brother 13: During the live Show Adam will give a signal, Smelly fart Rachel goes home sweet fart Lawon goes home

3:00pm Bikini time

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3:50pm Dani and Adam Dani telling him theres been a lot of talk about the twist today. Adam: “the twist can be anything and that is what’s worrying me… it’s making this weeks decision very hard”. Dani asks him what’s his percentage about the vote. Adam says “69” he’s talked to Rachel and she’s given him some good reasons to keep her…. But Adam finds that she’s a strong competitor and will pose to be a HUGE road block in the future. Adam: “I’m worried that when it comes down to it I won’t be able to beat her in a comp… I’m not going to lie she can whoop me.. me and lawon.. I think I can beat him”. Adam adds that every player has a skill set so maybe Lawon is good at a type of comp. Dani agrees thinks each player has a comp they are good at and some are good at them all. Adam groans “every week gets so much harder”

dani brings up that there is more to the twist and Julie might tell them what the twist is before the
vote or perhaps after. Dani proposes that they should have a silent code to tell each other, one way they vote out Rachel another they vote out Lawon. Dani: “she did say that is all for now” so dani is sure there will be more revealed to them.

Adam: “I’ll tell you this… i’ll lift up my leg and fart.. right leg it’s rachel left leg is lawon” dani snickers says if it stinks then it’ll be rachel if not it’ll be lawon.

Dani doesn’t think america will vote rachel back into the house, reagardless of the amount of Drama she brings.. she mentions jessie and how he brought a lot of drama and laughs in the bb house but the fans hated him and they always voted him out. adam wonders why they haven’t told them about the jury yet.. He asks her when they told her in season 8, Dani doesn’t remember says it was 4 years ago some some details are a bit foggy.

Dani says she doesn’t think it’ll be the evicted houseguest staying and another player coming back. She thinks only one person will come back and possibly it’ll be 2 players competing. Adam wonders if Keith has been in sequester for 4 weeks. Dani: “they’ve done it before”

They talk about the twist some more they have a bunch of ideas one of them is correct but they don’t know which one.. dani says what if rachel stays and brendon comes back.. what then?

Adam shakes his head “we’re BLANK”

(Prior to this conversation Adam was in the washroom with Jordan he told her he thinks it’s best if Lawon goes home (team bacon back to boring the BLANK out of all us))

4:07pm Shelly grilling Kalia about the conversation they had up in the hoh with rachel.. kalia sticks to the standard message all they told her they had the votes etc etc.. shelly mentions that jordan has to do a lot of babysitting for rachel. Shelly: “and whats is lawon on?” kalia has no idea what he’s doing. they go around in circles about how weird lawon is (the key thing about this conversation is Kalia da hut is filtering what she tells Shelly now.. it’s just a BLANK week late)

4:57pm QUAD Kalia and rachel bonding over being waitresses. A bunch of houseguests in the kitchen preparing food.. random chit chat yo

5:30pm Backyard Adam and Jeff Adam is telling Jeff everything he talked to Dani about. He says the vote is going to be 5-1 with Dani being the only person voting to evict Rachel. Adam even if we keep Rachel for 2 more weeks we’re fine.. He wants to evict Dani or Kalia next week.

Jeff: “We didn’t even do goodbyes yet” They both agree that it’s on purpose because of the twist. Adam adds that Dani/Kalia are BLANK their pants about the twist. Jeff says good, asks Adam if he can swing Porsche over to their side. Adam isn’t sure and he’s worried what Porsche will do if she wins HOH. Jeff doesn’t care he’s going to get the HOH and put DK up.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

6:30pm 1/2way party feeds cut until 8

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

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229 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: During the live Show Adam will give a signal, Smelly fart Rachel goes home sweet fart Lawon goes home

  1. There go Pacer again showing how wide her mouth stretches, by the end of the season her mouth will be able to fit a bottle in it, then she’ll be ready for those “directors” to call her.

  2. I hope Lawon packed all his whacky outfits as it’s lights out for him. And what’s with all the disgusting conversations about farting? Some things are left unsaid!!

    1. “Are “better” left unsaid”! – and I agree!
      (I told you were separated at birth; I know what you’re really thinking, even if you don’t say it) ;-)

              1. What is this eharmony? Simon hook these two up: the first onlinebigbrother bromance! Lawon is the maid of honor

                  1. You tell’em bro.

                    I’m sure there’s a clause somewhere in the Canadian BNA that stipulates that incestuous relations are a no no …. and produces moronic children. Ah, that explains (Americans) B & R! ;-)

                    Footnote: Whomever is first to figure out what BNA stands for, will be the next OBB HoH.

  3. It’s all going to come down to Adam.

    If he votes out Rachel, he is off team JJ. He has to take that into consideration.

    He has been doing the most thinking this week. It’s about time.

    I think there will be two comps this Thursday. One will be quick to decide who comes back in so it will be questions. The other will be for HOH. Someone posted that before. I just remembered.

    I think the most entertaining scenario would be that they compete against each other not knowing who and Brendon beats Rachel to come back into the house and calls for her. Then the rest tell him that it was her he beat to come into the house.

    Ratings gold!!

    1. Oh that would be awesome!! Last year when Brendumb was HOH and he got Pandoras Box he let Rachell into the house for 24 hours thinking he was going to get to be with her. I don’t remember where he went or what happened to him, but I definitely remember her coming into the house and saying she was back bitches….that was great TV.

    2. I think it will have to be a puzzle. There isn’t time for endurance and a quiz wouldn’t be fair because the evicted have been out of the loop for so long. I am also wondering if the returning HG will automatically be HOH, because I don’t see how they will fit two competitions in unless they fast track them like they do on fast forward weeks.

  4. for once shelHE running her mouth was useful (when she told rachel to not let daniHELL get to her) I still don’t like her but I will leave her be. my new target is the floatation device known as pacer, pinto, partapotty, ploater tec… she makes me sick.the minute daniHELL has power (through kaka) she say” i am dumping each, voting her out” she starts kissing dani ass. what a piece of s@@t>

  5. So where is Adam for real. Is he with Shelly and j/j and he’s gonna vote out lawon or is he going to vote dani and kalia’s way and evict Rachel?

    1. Im hoping Production gets all in Adams head and tells him its better to keep Lawon. I would not doubt it if Production has caused all this Drama in the house, so that they have something semi-interesting to show. Because honestly, if they hadnt meddled, the whole week would of been nothing but talk about Rachel leaving. No Drama, No Deals, No back and forth decision making, no one concerned about the twist. They had to get something started. I know production has to do what they need to do for ratings, but it really shows how much they are controlling this so called “reality” game.

  6. Is this the first time 2 HG’s have returned the very next season besides Allstars? ‘Cause I can’t stand Brenchel, I want Rach evicted and Dom or Cassi back

  7. I am watching BB at 8, and I got to see what Dani had to say aboput Rachel, Dani is so jealous of Rachel, she wanted Brendon, now she is being friends with the porch to hurt Rachel, it is so obvious, Jeff is hilarious.

    1. WTF!!!!!!!! No self-respecting person with a brain in their head and 20/20 vision would EVER A) be attracted to B and B) be jealous of R. Dani is FAR superior in every way (except fake boob size) to R. Dude, get your prescription refilled!

      1. Not only that, Brendon isn’t nearly as intelligent as he’s constantly reminded us he is. Remember this is the guy who gave birth to the previously unheard of word ‘de-masculinizing’

  8. I’ve never been more confused about who is going home ever before on BB until now. Adam is throwing me off. He is such a wildcard. All the power is in his hands and no one knows what he’s going to do with it.

    1. Well I will LMAO if Brendon comes back and to see the look on all the biotches faces.
      You also have to remember what Kalia’s message was to Brendon when he was voted out and how she was happy about it.
      I can’t for him to knock her and Dani on their asses.

      1. Nonya, seriously, are you for real or just one of those shit disturbers? B & R need therapy, not to be sequestered in a house together on national TV. WTF!

      2. I am with ya nonya. Can’t wait. All these other ppl r the biggest whiners. B comin for ya Kaliakong & Danarexic!

    1. OMG – her explanation in the DR of why she put Lawon up is even stupider than the fact that she did it!!! Is that even possible???

      1. kathie – I’m so tired of the JJ worshippers. It’s bad enough here but even the BB houseguests are crazy about them

        1. Rockstar, I worship you. JJ are like your poor relations, they just keep coming back. We had them BB11, they showed up in BB12, they raced on the Amazing one, and now here they are again. Hang in there, Rocky, they will be back I am afraid.

          1. It will be good to see them again. However both of them talked at the beginning of this season that they were going to “take a break” from reality TV after this is over.

            1. And, for you Lennon’s Ghost, I hope you get to see them again. They are not my favorites, however, I do like seen you!

                1. I’m glad to see you as well BBGrandma. I’ve been worried about you this year.

                  I remember very well that you were not a fan of JJ during BB11. Don’t worry, our mutual friend Rockstar has been keeping up the vitriol against JJ this year. I’ve just chosen not to engage as much in arguing this year, particularly when the subject matter has nothing to do with the actual playing of the game and is just character bashing.

                  Again, it’s good to see you back with us for another season with Simon and Dawg.

                  1. Lennon – quick ? because maybe I just got rubbed the wrong way, are you accusing me of only bashing the houseguests ? your comment came across as rather catty. I try not to go against any of the regular cast of characters here out of respect but it seems to me, I might have gotten slapped, am I right or being over sensitive?

  9. what a horrible veto comp. now we know why it was blocked out for hrs on the live feed. it prob took hrs to get to 300

    1. I’m still trying to figure out why they were so drained just from running no more than 5 ft back and forth. A toddler could’ve won this competition.

  10. Kalia should win a medal she’s the only person I’ve seen make winning HOH look like the most horrible thing in the world.

    She should never be allowed to compete for HOH again.

    1. Don’t worry. She won’t. Her next competition will be the POV she plays in to try to get herself off the block. Which she’ll no doubt ask permission of J/J to do and effectively be sent packing.

    1. Not just her. Didnt Jeff or Brendon get screwed when someone promised them safety in their season. I forgot who it was. So why is she so dumb? She just f’d up.

  11. Sorry, totally off topic from what Simon has kindly written BUT, watching tonight’s episode of BB and, Jordan is so sweet BUT sooooooooo (painfully) uneducated. LMAO at the endless amount of moronic things she’s saying in DR (too many to list)!

      1. Kathie from Canada, I don’t think Rockstar was making that statement to us. I’m pretty sure she knows we know. We’ve been with her too long. ;)

        1. Hi BBG – for sure we always know where the Rockstar stands. I was just razzing her a bit ’cause she had a couple of wingnuts driving her crazy all weekend about being a JJ fan. It was really getting overdone :(

  12. ADAM, SHELLY, and JJ are voting to Keep Rachel I’m positive

    Team Dani is still on the ropes.. The only thing that will save her is if Rachel flips and joins her or whoever comes back makes such a impact on the house it will reorganize the alliances.

    Rachel is in equally shitty situation.

  13. Hey guys. So I know everyone here is probably a Jeff and Jordan fan. However, I just wanted to bring up that they are acting especially douche-bag-y this season. Specifically Jeff who thinks he’s like bloody top-dog of the house. And Jordan talking about followers and floaters when she’s no leader herself.
    But the point is, I really don’t think they are in a relationship. They are either doing it for the media, or Jeff is just riding it out cos he wants fame. But, really, do you think they are REALLY in a r/ship? The way they act with each other, it’s like they’re just friends. It’s obvious Jeff is not “in love” with Jordan. I’d really like to hear everyone’s opinion on this.

    1. i agree i think they are a “media” couple like they do on the bachelor shows (they make alot of money pretending to be together) I notice jeff treats her like a dude more than anything and she farts in front of him (like a dude friend, not a GF) :)

      1. I also wonder about a couple who still live in separate cities after being ‘together’ a few years. There appears to be no more than a mild,protective brotherly love he has for Jordan. Certainly nothing bordering on passion. Unless that’s reserved for off camera in which case, I’d gladly volunteer to have them both leave and get to that passion so the game can continue.

    2. Agreed. I’m also not a JJ fan. At first when the vets came in I thought it was cool, but obviously I was all for team Dani and Dick. When Evel Dick left unexpectedly, I decided to cheer her on. GO DANI!!!

    3. I am not sure if they are really a couple or it is just for show. Someone on here earlier said that Jordon ask Jeff that they not get to affectionate on the TV because her Grandparents and her other family members were watching. All I can say is as a Grandma I would be saying to Grandpa, “Why isn’t that boy all over our girl? There is something wrong with him.” You can show love without jumping in the sack with the cameras on. If Jeff can’t hold on to it himself, well, they can figure out a way to get it on without your butt showing. It has been done on there before and they know it. Grandma probably doesn’t stay up all night. Love will and does find a way. Even Grandma can find a way when she needs to.

      1. LMAO Grandma! You go girl!

        Jeff is either asexual, gay, or REALLY sexually frustrated at this point, cause he “ain’t get’n nut’n”! Of course, he’s not giving anything either so ……..hmmmmm??!!!!

      2. BBGma you never cease to amuse me…lmao at your post. I also think they are acting oddly disconnected but he calls her “Love” and a couple other pet names and the way he looks at her makes me want to pull him through my tv and do very bad things to him…ah, sorry I got off track….anyway, I’m not certain if they are “together” or not, but I got to thinking about it and decided that it may not be necessary to be very affectionate or physical or puppy-dog crappy pants loving or rabbit-thumping nymphos like B/R. Maybe this is a healthy relationship with very solid boundaries when it comes to public display. Watch the way they look at each other when you would least expect it…just during casual conversation on the couch or something. There’s something there, just not sure what!
        (I know I would not be physical at all on camera, as my family is ginormous and someone in my fam would be watching it at any time of day/night.)

    1. I know..and they never really cared for her much in the beginning. Jordan may have semi-liked her but Jeff definitely didn’t. What a total idiot she has turned out to be. Being HOH by it’s design makes you a target, might as well go out guns blazing instead of being meek and asking permission to try to win $500K!

    1. Haven’t liked Adam at all, Dani said it best, “The super fans are never good at the game.” I think that he rivals Lawon with his attention hog antics. I still say Dani/Porshe for final two, with Dani winning, because JH will be too jealous to believe Porshe was smarter than them.

    2. I forget the guy’s name but he looks like the actor from Third Rock from the Sun or whatever it was called.

        1. ding ding ding!!! That’s it Donavan. I was having a giant brain fart and just couldn’t come up with his name. You saved me ;)

  14. It’s funny that Dani told Adam exactly whats gonna happen, Rachel stays and Brendon comes back and he still doesn’t care, poor poor Bacon man u will be going right after DKP, open your eyes and cook another pound of bacon man, his alliance goes from top to bottom Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Rachel/Adam and when Brendon comes back he will be another space down i guess he’s playing for 5th or 6th place, the new Kathy lol

  15. please excuse my grumpiness…. lol its been a long day plus I think the feeds are going to get cut in 10 minutes until later tonight which makes me more pissed.

    Whose up for OBB drinking game official rules?

      1. maybe he is syncing up with the girls that are always blaming the period for being grumpy. Sorry for jumping on the bug simon bandwagon but I just couldn’t resist.

      1. Feeds cut because their probally letting Dani practice for the HOH event…Dani has 2 things on her mind,1 winning at all costs and 2.getting into Pacer’s pants!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Simon, you know what Jeff would say about your grumpiness: “You must be on your period” or “Are you PMSing?

      I’m sitting at the bar. Where is everybody? Cheers!

    1. Which is a joke because she basically was the most important player this week.. CBS edit sucks people seriously what you see from them isn’t what really happens on the show, it gets worse ever year.

      1. Shelly was the mastermind behind the whole yet cbs made it look like rachel single handedly convinced kalia to keep her. I have a feeling cbs is getting ready for the “brenchal comeback show”….im already feeling sick at the thought of having to listen to the 2 of them some more

          1. ROCKSTAR, that’s also the main thing i like to see is the DR sessions. then you know how a person really feels and think. i also like Thursday live eviction show. other than that, CBS can keep that edited bull they call a show

        1. Didnt so much as show shelly speaking to kalia or dani, just rachels convo w/ kalia that shell keep kalia safe if she saves her this wk. The show is the getting farther and farther from REALity. Personally i think how it happened on feeds would make for much more interesting tv and better ratings but im not a cbs exec making hundreds of thousands of $$$ per yr so what do i know…

    2. shelHE was only shown in beginning the rest was mostly ratchel, jeff, jordumb and daniHELL (all the vets) porch was on for the veto (cause she hosted) adam was only shown for a sec shaving his beard and lawononda was on for a sec at the end when (s)he was put up. altogether the 35 min show was the vets ( and kaka)

      1. I know the newbies seem boring but really they haven’t had a chance to shine from the get go. It has been a BRJJEDd show from the start. ED left but the others are still there and it is all about them. Maybe if it had been just the new players this season, someone else may have been the new ED, Rachel, Jordon and Jeff. Maybe not but we already know the others. I just like seeing new people come in with their ideas of the game. You have AllStars for old players. This year is for a BR/JJ show down. They might as well just get to it.

  16. This has been a crappy season. I like a fair playing field, bringing in the pairs tipedp the game to far. If Brendon comes back in I will quit watching the show.

  17. Why the hell did Kalia win HOH she’s so annoying she doesn’t want enemies then why did you win HOH you dumb bitch. I can’t wait until Jeff takes her sloppy ass out of the game.

    Still Team DANI!!!

  18. kalia didn’t even try to win POV. She just stood there and cheered Jeff on. I hope Dani wins HOH and put her up and kick her to the curb.

    1. Chessie – watching Kalia at POV was so upsetting and infuriating that I sit here screaming at my laptop or computer or tv or cell whatever I happen to be watching on at any certain time. I have never seen someone continue to be so dumb well except for Ragan and his blind trust with Matt last year.

  19. Ugh cbs gets on my nerves! Theyre not even showing shelly as the mastermind behind the whole keep rachel thing, making it look like rachel single handedly changed kalias mind. Have a feeling cbs is going for the “rachel comeback show” and wouldnt be the least bit suprised if after lawon gets evicted brendon comes back and then were back to listening to the most annoying couple in history…i already feel sick…

      1. nobody was , it was edited so, it looked like Kalia’s fear of people coming after her made her change her mind

        If Brenda does come back I’m back to the assumption from 1st week that it’s going to be BR Vs JJ in the finals and JJ winning again….

  20. why is shelHE called straight shooter? (s) hes anything but straight (unless you count her going straight to the nearest taco :)

    1. I think Simon calls her Shelly Straight Shooter because she is constantly telling everyone how honest and “straight up” with then she is when in reality she is the biggest schemer. I’m sorry but Simon sometimes I’m reading your Shelly stuff such as “shelly with Jeff -shootin him straight” and laugh out loud… sometimes even at work and my coworkers are like “what the hell@ The Shelly stuff is hilarious!!!!!

    2. I think Simon calls her Shelly Straight Shooter because she is constantly telling everyone how honest and “straight up” with then she is when in reality she is the biggest schemer. I’m sorry but Simon sometimes I’m reading your Shelly stuff such as “shelly with Jeff -shootin him straight” and laugh out loud… sometimes even at work and my coworkers are like “what the hell@ The Shelly stuff is hilarious!!!!!

      1. Shelly would tell everyone how much of a “straight shooter” she is then feed bullshit to everyone but her buddies JJ. It got so bad that Jeff now uses it all the time.

        1. How is it that two people in a row answered Donavan’s word for word, one minute apart??? Curiouser and curiouser …

  21. Watching tonight’s episode of BB right now. Looking at Kalia, Jeff & Jordan talking after POV. Now I haven”t seen every season of Big Brother. I didn’t start watching Big Brother faithfully until that season Allison was on there (I think that was Season 3 or 4) But anyway never have I seen a person who was THE HoH look so scared during his or her reign in all of my life (With Kalia backing down and trying to patch things up with Jeff in the HoH room). Like I said I haven’t seen every episode so if I am wrong somebody please let me know. Has there ever been everyone else that acted that way while being HoH or is Kalia the 1st?

  22. I don’t see rachel going anywhere it doens’t serve adam to evict rachel he will alinate jj and shelly and it will not be in his best interest. I think adam does what is good for adam and at this point in the game he will go further with jj and rachel. JJRS will go after DK first so it will buy him a few weeks also with the twist if rachel came back she will come back gunning for people and he doesn’t want to be one of theose people. Also they just aired bb and i see now what people were talking about bb focusing on certain people they made it look like it was rachel that made the deal to save her and they left out everything that shelly did which makes me wonder maybe brendon is the one walking back in i will laugh if that is the case.

  23. fair to say kalia is the dumbest HOH on BB………………….ever. this season just keeps making me LOL kalia really thinks shes going to get in jeff, jordan, and rachels good graces…..bahahahaha i wish the people with balls were never evicted a.k.a cassi and dom i wish they could both come back haha

  24. A voice just came over the intercom and said “HELLO HOUSEGUESTS THIS IS RICH” then it went to “be right back”. WTF IS GOING ON??/

  25. i cant wait for brendon to walk through the door , i cant wait for brendon to ask shelly why she voted him out ,all those lies she was teling him talking but she will vote to keep him i cant wait ,

    if brendon walks through the door dani is f—k

    i have always been team dani and evil dick but she was to rushy and move to quickly dani had a final 5 deal she didnt have to fight hard every week sorry dani wont win this game

    jeff and jordan will use rachel and brendon to get out everyone because they are better in competitions i just want brendon back i cant wait i so anxious like a little kid

  26. While all of you wonderful people are watching the drama unfold live (or semi-live for those out west) I am being subjected to a preseason nfl game (jacksonville jaguars) on cbs. Ugghh! Can someone please remind me of the sure I can watch the show live? Is it a trustworthy site…will I get horrible viruses on my puter? I can’t wait until 2 am for them to air it nor can I wait for them to post it on cbs friday morning!!! HELP

  27. I do think Dani had a huge crush on Brendon and it is just pure jealousy because Brendon is with Rachel. I would love to see Dani, Porsche (she is just a waste of space) and then Kali all go home and in that order and the other six, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Shelly, Adam and hopefully Brendon, left to fight it out for the final two.

    1. Any normal woman would run screaming from a guy like Brendon, Dani seems too cool to fall for someone like him,
      Even if at first you found him attractive, it would not take long to see his faults.
      He is controlling and needy at the same time (which I guess is an accomplishment!). And genuinely smart people don’t feel the need to constantly proclaim how smart they really are.
      I have seen relationships like those 2 have, and it is not based on a good foundation, just 2 people who had a spark and are hanging on like hell to try and make it into more than it is. A good relationship should not need CONSTANT assurance and declarations of love.
      (And normal people should not grieve for a FIANCE they will see again in a few weeks…..or for that matter say the word FIANCE so F’n much!).

    2. LMFAO gotta give it to you brenchel fans, you keep up with the making up bullshit that makes no sense. Need to make a special Delusional Fan Award

  28. if brendon comes back its rigged

    if dominic comes back it isnt rigged lol

    dani and kailia was on top for two weeks its about time the tables turn

    love it now all julie has to say the new hoh is the returning houseguest ////// brendon ////

      1. I’m actually not opposed to that idea but he made his decisions based on his erection which makes him too easy to manipulate. Yeah on second thought, No Keith!

      2. I agree because Keithdid get played right from the start because of the deal brenchel made with ploater, but we all know it’s gonna be brenda then it’s back to the brenchel show. (wouldn’t it be funny if they evicted ratchell and it was brenda and they had to play against each other)? (I think that’s why production will make sure ratchell stays (not because of shelHE’S MASTER plan) but because it’s gonna be brenda and they already know this and want the brenchel show to continue (just a thought) :)

    1. Not really but sure go with that. Lol. Not a lot of ppl like Dom. He’s overrated and boring. He did nothing but cuddle with dani in the hammock. He’ll add nothing to the game. Cassi would be fun to see. She has more fans than Dom. Not even close really. But we all know that Brenda is coming back. At least that’ll add some drama. And wipe that stupid smirk off dani’s conceited face. That would be ratings right there!

  29. SOOOO happy my 2 favorite big brother sites have paired up somewhat :) This one and Bitchy Big Brother Blog!!!

    Now…will Ratchel work with DK…that is an interesting move…especially if they keep it a secret for more than a week….no one will know!

    …wait until nominations…ahh well

    1. he is funny. unless some miracle happens(adam flips his vote), he’s gone. of course, he can still beat the other evicted houseguest.


  31. WOW glad people have time to send me a emails bitching about OBB using ‘could of’ and ‘would of’ or ‘would have’ or ‘could have’

    here’s a grenade KABBOOoooom

    vote Keith stick it to CBS

    1. seriously? I find the typo endearing and sometimes makes the blog all the more entertaining. TO ANYONE FUSSING TO SIMON AND DAWG..F U!

    2. i imagine they are BR/JJ fans doing that .. it just seems like soemthing they would do ( they have no more good arguments ) …You want ..I “F” someone up for you simon .. cause i will …
      ( this beligernet ranting side is you and your drinking games fault … floater pffft)

    3. Simon, if I could of I would of told you that you are great! Now I would have and if I could have given you a big kiss, too. kiss kiss

  32. You know how Dani wants to use a gay signal for them to change the vote from Lawon to Rachel…well i hope she tells Adam the signal and then Adam tells JJRS about the signal and then when Dani uses it, Rachel can stand up and say DEAL OFF BIATCH, and they get into a fight and rip of each others clothes and grab the pillows of the couch and have a naked pillow fight… i wish i had a job on the CBS production crew, cause this would happen for real

    1. Umm no I’ve seen Rachels boobies, crotch, and her ass, there’s nothing more I wanna see fro her, now Dani and Porsche I wanna see them naked’s

    1. you better believe it, I think it;s Dom, then this weeks change-up would make sense

      I hope production is not really rigging the game for a showdown of Production’s Sweethearts Vs America’s Hated

  33. kalia has a lot of book sense and not common sense. i think she grew up having everybody liking her and finding it difficult to adjust to people that don’t like her. actually, CBS didn’t portray her as stupid, that was her own doing.

  34. you know these BR/JJ fans ..I have to ask what is with your heads .. do you not see how ridiculous those 4 are . I mean lets start with Dum Dum and meathead ..(JJ) Ok so they want to spend the summer together and feel entitled too .. so by that reasoning we should all just take the summer hanging out on the beach with our Girlfriends Boyfriends Husbands or wives ( hopefully not all together ) and get paid a little bit to do it . Entitlement like that makes me crazy in the head .. you know what meathead you wanna spend the summer with your girl .. spend a buck and ake her on a cruise or to a nice resort someplace…and if there is one thing I hate more then an infalted sense of being owed something . it is th ebullying meathead has been doing I wonder if he realizes the level of douchebaggery he has reached .

    meltyface and caveman ( it looks at times like her face is metling ) those two actually need the damn time apart because they have to get used to it since the marriage at this rate is going to last about 3 weeks .. you know I work and I work hard and that Job takes me out of town for anywhere from 4 days to 9 weeks leaving behind someone very special to me and my twin girls ..that hurts ..that really hurts but i do it because what i do is important to my family .. if you cant handle being alone self evict yourslef and go grab onto your freak toed dummies ankels so he wont leave you behind again.. AND WHY DOES SHE SAY SHE IS PLAYING IN HIS MEMORY ..HE IS NOT DEAD ( sorry that pisses me off ) as for you caveman …you are an asshole .. nuff said ..

    1. First off, I am LMFAO right now! Remember, Brendon is early man – not caveman. But I totally love where you are going – spot on, and I hear your brother!

  35. I heard Kalia say she wanted to make power moves… Well than she should have back doored Dani if she was so worred about JJ.. That would have been the power move… not putting up Lawon.. LOL.

  36. I knew from reading the spoilers that Lawon had volunteered to go up on the block, but I thought he did that because he was sure he had the votes and Rachael would go home. What I didn’t know is that he said he actually wanted to be evicted too; and he believes he will come back into BB with some special powers do to the twist. No one would be that dumb. The producers must have asked him to do that so that they could get rid of him. He has not really said much. CBS probably asked him to come on the show because they thought he would be flamboyant like Marcellus in season 3; but he kind of lays low and stays friends with everyone; or he is just ready to go home. Every year I try to remember that although this show is a competition; it is also about ratings.

    @Denise, I don’t think BB portrays black people as stupid. BB has had some strong black players in the past, as well as people of color period. I loved Kaysar (season 6 & 7).

    Kahlia is just not one of those strong players; and that has nothing to do with her skin color. Kahlia is playing this game bad for the SAME reasons that people in the past have screwed up; they take their eyes of the prize and start wanting people to like them….and be buddies……as if JJ would ever like her (and why should she care one way or the other just play the game with all your heart to get the money). ….and the reason that JJ don’t like her has nothign to do with her skin color it has to do with her putting Jeff on the block. In the beginning, Kahlia and Jordan were getting alone pretty well….but Kahlia screwed it up when she openly showed that she had fully connected herself with Dani (who by then had protrayed her alliance with JJRB). If Dani and Kahlia wanted to be on a STRONG alliance they should have partnered with JJ from the start and stayed loyal to them like Shelly has….now it is just really too late; or she should have stuck by her guns & put up Jordan to get Rachael out. Now—-Jeff is coming after her and if Brendon comes back…..he is too. Dom will be useless if he comes back; and if Cassie comes back she will probably side with JJS since she knows Dani is jealous of her. So all the way round Kahlia chose the wrong side; and now that she sees that…she wants to back paddle. Too late to back paddle because JJS have already swam way out ahead of her and she don’t even know it.

      1. Viacom….is MTVN, MTV2 MTVU, CMT, TVLand, Spike and Comedy Central.

        And I’m not an idiot I do work there. But believe what you want.

  37. Rachel is so fact they are ALL annoying!! This has to be the worst Big Brother ever!!! Im so sick of seeing Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel crabbing about people not making up their own mind!! What in the hell do they think they are doing?? Jeff and Jordan think for themselves or together? LMAO!!! These people are so strange!!! I really really hate this season…its just too boring! I think its time to get a whole new season of NEW people…and stop bringing back the most annoying veterans such as Rachel!!! What a baby!

    1. I know, I couldn’t wait until BB started and have been pretty disappointed. I wish they never brought the vets back, not fair. All new people or all-stars this combo crap sucks!

  38. OK WE GET IT ! you idiots wanna see “the look on kalia and dani’s face IF brenden comes back …OK THEN WHAT?? JJ/BR & boring ass adam and redneck shelly ..NO THANK YOU how fing boring the last thing i wanna see for the next 6 weeks is dumbass jordan stupid ass rachel

  39. When Brendon comes back in or whomever does……will there be a double eviction? or no because Dick left and they still evicted Keith. Also, does the jury start this week or next…..

  40. Kalia the hut is literally, genuinely, obviously the dumbest player ever. She’s worst than Rachel with her neediness to be liked.

  41. I am hoping Karma beats down the door for Kalia. She bitches and moams about being a black wan in the house but yet she has turmed on all the nlack people in the house. Lawon has always been loyal to his partmer & kind to everyone in the house. Everyone has been against him so I am praying he beats America’s vote and comes back with eyes open and guns blazin. Nothing like a mad black gay mam with hoodrat tendecies.

  42. Question for the experts:

    So, Daniele and Kalia are telling Rachel that they will vote to evict Lawon if she will not nominate them next week. But Daniele and Porsche will still vote to evict Rachel. If there’s a third vote against Rachel, that will be Adam’s. If there isn’t, they’ll finally know that both Adam and Shelly are with Jeff and Jordan (for now at least).

    But what’s all this hand-signal-prior-to-the-live-vote talk? Is it possible that Daniele will indicate to the others that they should evict Lawon and the vote will be six to zero?

    What I’m trying to figure out is whether, after a week with the power, the end result could be (a) not evicting Rachel, (b) having Brendon back, and (3) not even finding out where Adam and Shelly stand?


  43. I seems CBS is getting us ready for a Brendon comeback. I think they want to stick to the whole BR vs JJ showdown or something along those lines. I hope not.

  44. Another question:

    In the past CBS would have polls on their website showing who was most popular with the viewers. I don’t see one this year. Does anyone know of a site with that kind of thing? Just curious who America is rooting for.

  45. I think JJ have the most class of anyone on the show…………They are the cutest couple and don’t make you gag like the other people ! they definately are
    America’s couple ! ! ! Men like Jeff……like you would a best friend……Women like Jordan… a best friend. She’s adorable ! Jeff’s a real guy !
    Best of luck to them both !

    1. I disagree completely…

      Jeff lets his temper go, has treated jordan (early on) that she cant be trusted to talk to anyone on her own, Jordan dropped the entire “sweet girl” routine completely and now is acting bitter and bitchy When they win they are arrogant bullies, when they loose they are whiners and complainers…

      They had it easy for 3 weeks and (they said it themselves) no one should feel safe in this game…the moment you do your out….yet they were all safe the first 3 weeks and anyone who opposed them were :”stupid”

      So no…I hate to call my favorite player a villian because she went against these two for those actions but I will say it to the mountain tops…

      TEAM DANI….(now just figure out a way to knock off kalias dunce cap and blow shellys cover and let the darth vader theme song play then let dani march!)

    2. What is cute about a guy that screams at women and talks down to his own “girlfriend” all the time?

      What is cute about a grown woman that talks like she is mildly retarded? I’d rather sit and listen to a 5 year old tell a story than to have to listen to Jordan explain anything. She is like a grown child.

      They don’t even act like a couple. At least with BR you know they really care about each other albeit over the top. Haven’t even seen JJ hold hands. If they are America’s couple, that doesn’t say much about America. But who cares, they are a fake couple anyway.

  46. OK….so Dani, Kalia, and Rachel need to figure this out (porshe could possible be the 4th…possibly but for now im sticking with the 3)….stick with me…

    ONE of them needs to figure out that none of them can win unless they are sitting in a chair next to next to one another. If any one of the 3 are sitting in a chair at the end with ANYONE on the other side (jjsa) they will loose..hands down with everyone who is about to go to jury…

    If they figure this out, realize they have to put their emotions aside and think smart they *could* pull it off….Granted I am no Rachel or Kalia fan…but if you think about it its the only way any of the 3 can win….Rachel and Dani are great at challenges…Kalia so far two so I cant put her in that same category yet….especially stopping to play to cheer on someone she put on the block (reguardless of her stance)…

    If they figure this out and form a secret alliance and when they all win HOH to put up the “floaters” (so tired of that term this season) to hide their alliance it could work….of course when Dani wins put up Jeff and JOrdan and break that little team up and watch the “floaters” squirm…this would be amazing television!!!….but more importantly great big brother game play !!!

    PS I wouldnt call Shelly a floater by any means…she really needs a new name for her type of game play. She is clearly been on one side since day one (well day one of the cbs show) and has proven she isnt going to change no matter what she has said……But she isnt really playing for herself more for JJ….

    I was thinking more on the lines of “support ho” ….still working it out. She may be the trojan horse but she is no magnum :)

    1. Shelly basically told Jeff she will help JJ get to the end yo. She’s like a hired assassin, she don’t give a shit about the money yo. Just my opinion.


  47. Brendon is such an idiot. What doctorate degree is he pursuing? Perhaps, basketweaving. He doesn’t even know when to use the word me or I. He needs to pick up a first grade grammar book. He and Rachel’s stupid behinds always say dumb stuff such as, “She needs to talk to Rachel or I.” instead of “She needs to talk to Rachel or me.” I am sure the online college he attends has a elementary school grammar book he could use.

    I also want stupid Khalia out now. She is such a stupid Uncle Tom. Let her enjoy kissing everyone’s behind from her home. Why did she back down when dumb Jeff was yelling at her? I would have gotten in his face and made him cry along with his ignorant girlfriend. There is nothing cute about being dumb.

    And, Jeff needs to look at Jordan’s hips before he calls anyone big. Jordan has the widest behind I’ve ever seen. Jeff, watch out for your wideload girlfriend, because if she ever gets pregnant she’ll really blow up!

  48. I’m not gonna lie, I’m, like, literally, one hundred percent, like, absolutely, point blank sick of the way they talk.

      1. It’s mainly Kalia with “absolutely” and “point blank,” Rachel with “100%,” and both Kalia and Daniele with “literally” and “I’m not gonna lie” (though I’m rooting for Daniele).

  49. I am super excited for the live show as I will be in the audience tomorrow. Cant wait to see Lawon walk out and find out that he has to battle someone. I hope that Cassi comes back as she got screwed by Rachael and Dani. Just not Dom. I cant stand Dani, wish she was the one going home. Rachael is just a very vary insecure person and a train wreck.

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