Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says ..what if the twist is that the person we vote out has to battle it out with Keith, Dom, Casey and Bren to see who will come back into the house?

12:45pm Rachel is talking to Adam in the lounge room. Rachel says that Lawon hasn’t done anything in the game to prove himself. She comments that all he did for the first month was walk around the Big Brother House wearing outrageous outfits. Rachel says that she doesn’t go back on her word and that people can trust her. Rachel says that she doesn’t know where Adam’s head is at because he doesn’t talk game to her. Adam says that he knows that she is emotional and that he just wanted to give her space. Adam says that it definitely took Rachel a couple days to get back on her game. They start talking about the twist. Adam says that the word that sticks in his head is “Chance” to come back. Adam says where as you think its a guarantee. Rachel says yeah I think its a guarantee… I think the person has to play to get back so they have a chance. Rachel starts talking about other season of big brother where people were given powers. Rachel says that she doesn’t think they would say chance if it wasn’t a very big chance. Adam says that its a tough decision because either he gets out a strong player or a floater. Adam says if I get rid of the floater and save the strong competitor then I need to know that person is on my side. Adam says that he thinks it really comes down to his and Porsche vote. Rachel says that this might be the last time a floater like Lawon gets nominated …and before you know it he will be in the final two and win BB. Rachel says that he doesn’t even talk game to anyone! Rachel says that she can’t win everything … and knows that she will always be a target in this game and 100% a bigger target than Adam. Adam says that he is still surprised that Kalia put up Lawon and not him or Shelly.

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1pm Adam says that when you are confident you make mistakes. Adam says if you stay … you will owe me .. I don’t mean it in a bad way. Rachel says that if I stay …we need to talk more game. Rachel says just don’t make a decision just because someone tells you to vote one way, do what you want to do. Adam asks Rachel if she thinks she is safe. Rachel says no ..I admit I felt more safe when they put up Lawon ..but I still don’t think I am safe. Adam says that he won’t do what people tell him to do ..he will do what’s best for him. Adam says that its all food for thought. Adam says Lawon is a good person but ..we aren’t playing the game of life ..this is big brother. Rachel says that Kalia put up Lawon because she didn’t want to piss anyone else off. Adam says that he definitely thinks that Kalia putting up Lawon was a bad move. Adam wonders if he should keep Lawon. Rachel says all he will be good for is a vote in the end ..because he isn’t going to do anything else for you. Adam says thats definitely a pro for Rachel. Adam says that there are a lot of good points for keeping you and that I would reap the benefits. Adam says that he felt that if her and Brendon were still here … they would steam roll through this thing. Adam tells Rachel to just breath a little sometimes… people are going to hate you and people are going love you … just don’t dwell on the haters because they will bring you down. Adam says that he is still weighing the options and that he will tell her tomorrow what his plan is.. Rachel says that keeping me here ..will only benefit you ..

1:15pm Dani asks Kalia …you know with the golden keys ..what if the twist is that the person we vote out has to battle it out with Keith, Dominic, Casey and Brendon to see who will come back into the Big Brother house. Dani says that way it is a chance that the evicted houseguest will have chance to come back. Dani says that Lawon will not be able to beat any of them …and that only Dominic and Brendon will be able to beat Rachel. Dani says that Lawon told her that he thinks the twist is that if he gets evicted he will be able to help one of the final for with information. Dani says about Lawon ..are you high… who are you going to help with any information… are they passing drugs out in this house ..or do they need to start passing out drugs because these people are stupid. Dani asks so what do you think about the twist that I just said. Kalia says I guess its as possible as anything. Dani says that what if tomorrow is actually an endurance production is trying to throw us off and so what if Brendon comes back …I am not scared to go up against Brendon in an endurance if he came back into the house. Kalia is getting pissed that Rachel is now campaigning and that was not part of the deal. Dani says of course she has to campaign it would be weird if she didn’t. Dani says that Rachel has apparently not said anything about the deal. Kalia says logically you and me are the only votes she needs to switch it.
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1:25pm – 1:40pm Dani asks Kalia right now who do you want to stay. Kalia says 60/40 split for Lawon to stay. Kalia says that she just doesn’t know .. that she has never wanted to keep Rachel is just because of the twist. Kalia says that she will slap Rachel so hard in the jaw if she goes back on the deal. Kalia says that she will self-evict herself is Brendon and Rachel come back into the house. Dani says that it would be a waste of your HOH and mine. Dani says that if she gets offered Pandora’s box …she wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot poll. Dani says they have to do something to get back in …like America’s vote or something ..thats why they said there’s a chance. Dani says best case scenario Rachel gets voted out and Dominic comes back. Dani says that who ever comes back too ..will take the targets off of us. Kalia says that it would be terrible if Brendon came back!! Dani says let this soak and think about it. Kalia says do you think we should just vote her out and take the chance that she would come back… and if she does we tell her that we gave her the chance …but that she started telling people she had the votes. Dani says we would just call her a liar and no one would believe her. Dani says lets just think it all over and decide tomorrow. Dani says that she will talk to Adam and warns Kalia to be careful about what she says to Shelly. Dani says that she would feel so much more safe if the HOH is actually an endurance. Dani and Kalia break up their conversation and Kalia heads downstairs.

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1:50pm – 2:10pm Rachel and Jordan are in the havenot room. Rachel says that she doesn’t even think that she can trust Porsche or Adam. Jordan that Shelly spent all day yesterday to try and convince Dani and Kalia to keep you. Rachel says that everything is really weird ..something is up .. I feel like I can’t trust anyone right now.. one of them are lying and I don’t know who it is. Jordan tells Rachel not to go confront anyone because the will make it worse. Rachel says that no matter what ..if I go home or Jeff need to win HOH. Rachel says that she doesn’t know whats going on .. but she thinks she is going home. Jordan says that she knows Rachel will come back. Rachel says that you need to take back control. Jordan says that if we don’t get control Dani will go right to then end and win. Jordan says that we just need to get passed this week. Rachel says that there is just something weird going on. Jordan asks this was the season of what?! Rachel says the season of blessing and curses. Jordan says that if Rachel leaves she is for sure coming back. Rachel says that she just doesn’t know what is going on …I talk to people and I get different stories. Shelly comes in the havenot room. Rachel says that something is BLANK weird with Lawon. Shelly says I know I have been saying that all week. Shelly leaves. Jordan wonders if it could be America’s Player or the saboteur. Rachel says she doesn’t know ..but something is weird. Meanwhile, Kalia brings out the HOH camera and starts taking photos of all the houseguests in different poses.

2:25pm HOH photo madness continues…

2:35pm – 2:45pm HOH photos are over. Jordan goes and changes in the shower. Jeff, Adam and Shelly are sitting out on the backyard couch talking about random things. They talk about being in the jury house and being about the relax in the jury house without worrying about people talking behind your back. Porsche and Dani are getting ready to go out into the backyard to suntan. Porsche, Shelly, Jordan and Dani lay out in the loungers to tan. Lawon is still laying in the hammock. Kalia is sitting on the couch talking about how she got too much sun the other day and will be going up to write the HOH blog soon.

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I love that expression on Kalia’s face. I would totally want to see what she’s like what she’s getting it on.


Just threw up in my mouth a little


Colette Lala gave Simon & Dawg a great shout-out!
The bitchy BB blogger is going out of town & wants people to check onlinebigbrother for updates until she comes back on Sunday!


bitchy is awesome i’ve been telling everyone to go over their and leave a comment show your support to a great BB Blog.

Midwest Fan

OMG – She is sooooooo funny!
Her comments about the Jordan/Shelley job interview Q&A Prep are spot on scary and hilarious.
Thanks for the link.


Is Team Bacon actually playing the game now?


I don’t think so. I think he’s just doing what JJ told him (not to tell Rachel she has the votes so that she doesn’t start walking around all cocky and giving it away).


If Adam and Shelly were smart they would keep Lawon. Rachel is not putting up J/J thats a three person alliance that you are just never going to be a real part of they are going to drag you along until there 3 votes decide everything that happens in the house. The vets have even put Adam up twice idiot. Lawon is harmless and is firmly with the newbies. You can beat him in the end. He’s non factor in competitions and he will pretty much always vote with you. But I forgot this isn’t big brother this year its lets be besties with J/J. Sickening.


They’re bringing back Casey? Will he be in the banana suit?




Dani + Porsche can vote out Rachel. They can convince Adam that that’s what they think the twist will be (which is correct!) and he’ll vote to evict Rachel too, maybe. Then Kalia can break the tie.
Dom beating Rachel and coming back in would be amazing!~


Are you dreaming or just nuts


Just dreaming. I know the chances are slim.

Carrie R

Brendon coming back will be classic. Dani is acting all smug, but she will have an anxiety attack. Brendon will just yell at Kalua and she will give a speech about how nobody bullies her. I can’t wait for her to do a chima.


So true. And even if Dani wins HOH in some Danified endurance comp, at least she can just get rid of Brendon again and Jeff and Jordan stay safe.


if Dani wins HOH she should go after JJ


She should, but she wont, cuz shes a fool. She better win though, cuz Kalia aint playing and Porsche aint trying so its all up to her for her side.

Ilyssa Lieb

Dear CJ and Mike,

I hope Cassi comes back so you are happy.

Ilyssa Lieb

OMG! My post makes it a full one hour after I posted it! What am I doing wrong? Please help me :( sniff sniff

Midwest Fan

So sorry you’re having problems……..
: (
Think Positive Thoughts. Help is one the way!!!
Simon is working on it.
: )


midwest fan that person has at least 8 usernames on this site they are completely spamming us that is why they are getting blocked. i’m done dealing with this person..

Ilyssa Lieb
Carrie R
Carrie Lieb

These are all coming from the same IP they engage in comments threads with themselves to further their point of view.. They will not answer my requests to explain what is going on.

Activity like this gets you banned..

Midwest Fan

Got it!


Simon is the man!!!!!!! is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dawg is awesome too =)


maybe she has split personalities!


Wow Simon! Some people have no life so they act like idiots on the Internet. Sorry you’re the babysitter :/


OMG DK FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! But now it will get interesting because they sound like they want to vote Rachel out…they are in for a surprise when they find out they don’t have the votes. THURSDAY CANNOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!!


Takes at least three votes and the tie braker to do that, but they don’t have but two votes if that

Fuzzy Capone

“Dani says ..what if the twist is that the person we vote out has to battle it out with Keith, Dom, Casey and Bren to see who will come back into the house?”

How do you possibly come up with that unless someone is feeding you info.


Totally agree, no way danielle could figure this out on her own.


LOL how did Adam, rachel and jeff figure it out last night?


What I heard last night on BBAD was Adam throwing out an idea of what the twist might be … something close … and then Jeff expanded on that saying wouldn’t it be great if the new evictee (not his words) had to arm wrestle one of the others to come back in. They tossed around several similar ideas before deciding that was a legitimate possibility to the twist.

Karen Downen

you are so right, production beats up on Rachel to bring more meat from the public and I have felt from the beginning of this BB season that they want Dani to win. If you go back everything fell right in for her, dick leaving, the key and sliding thru almost everything.


Allison Grodner said in an interview that Dani will win BB13. So if it, is endurance this Thursday, it is for Dani she is very good at endurance.


For sure Dani is still in this game however every week she gets in a worse position … Don’t worry soon we’ll all be shitting our pants over the JJ / BR feud and nobody will know who Dani is


she didnt actually figure it out. some of that is right , but it will be one of those players , and the one player is americas pick, not all 4 of them.


I agree someone is telling her what is going on


I also agree because it seemed like both groups figured it out at the same time. I bet in the diary room sessions they probably said how would you feel if one of the evicted houseguest gets a chance to come back in the game.


It’s not that unlikely to figure it out. They have all day with nothing to do but think and scheme (the ones with brains, at least). It’s not that surprising that someone figured it out, particularly Daniele.


DA DUMMM. Go Danielle.


Yes, Dani is starting think clearly now. She’s right about the twist, she isn’t going to throw the HOH on Thursday, she realizes that Shelly is a nasty snake and that she needs to team up with Porshe because Kalia is a idiot!! She’s not dumb enough to trust Rachel either. I think Dani just needs to get away from Kalia without being to obvious because I bet she realized Kalia’s stupidity was rubbing off on her. BRING BACK DOM GUYS. TEAM DANI, DOM, AND PORSHE( KALIA….. WELL SORT OF LOL) VS JJ, RACHEL SHELLY AND ADAM. I bet Adam would switched teams if Dom came back. He’s nothing but a floater.


Dani thinking clearly now. Lol. She turned on the strongest players in the house to join some losers. She just got lucky bb threw her the endurance comp. Also that Rachel was so emotionly drained she choked hoh quiz. The couples would be the main targets and she could have easly got close to the finals. The couples eventually would have turned on themselves without her prodding. Just plain dumb.


To my dearest Simon,

Why can’t my posts make it on here within a 3-hour time frame?



You’re commenting using multiple screen names sometimes in the same conversation this has led us to watch what you post given the amount of work we have the folder of comments that get carefully inspected takes longer to appear on the site.

let me know what is going on and we can work something out.


LOL. Melz got got!


You got busted Melanie!




Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Still on team Dani !


Team Dani till the end YO

Dark Horse

here here TEAM DANI!


U all need dunce caps along with dani and k. Thee same tards that say production told jeff now think dani is a genius? Lmfao too little too late. Can’t wait til 2moro. Ill b right AGAIN. Team JJ r smart. Dick will never speak to Dani for fear her stupidity is contagious (ill turn on my 5 person alliance to go with a dumb meatball when there’s 10 ppl left) HAHAHA


dani doesn’t have room for a dunce camp there’s already a halo there. ;)


Lol. U r silly


Someone is thinking with the wrong head :P


Very funny!


You can’t see it, but I’m giving you a high five. LOL




Thats what i’m saying.. DOMx10


B x infinity :P


It would be a riot if Dom won. Any newbie except Shelly will do at this point. Dani got $50,000 and Jordon $500,000, Jeff $10,000. Just desserts if Keith won.




Kalia the hut does not look right with out the dunce cap. Put it back on her please. hahaha


That piss in the hot tub piggy couldnt look good if she paid for them EEEEWWWW NNAAAAASSSSTTTYYYYY


Well Brenda is still winning the poll on this site, maybe i am crazy but if he is winning here and this site has an obvious pro dani flavour to it, it stands to reason that in the CBS poll Brenda is winning big time. Still if he does come back every second post will be production this and production that, when really more ppl just wanted brenda back then anyone else…Im still hoping for Cassi but not too confident right now…


The CBS poll only counts 1 ballot..


I don’t think that is correct – you can vote up to 10 times only – during their voting period. see below from CBS website:

Which HouseGuest do you want to see return to the Big Brother house? Vote for one of the four evicted HouseGuests below! The winner of America’s Vote will battle the next evicted HouseGuest for a chance to get back into the game! Tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, August 11th, at 9/8c to find out how America voted and see the battle play out live!

You may vote up to 10 times during this voting period.

Go Brendon!!!!!!


RJ is 100 right. The majority here r pro Dani and are forever complaining abt production (but Dani who says to Khut she doesn’t care who she puts up, is throwing comp so she can win hoh on bday and wants to make a deal with R to “save” her figures out twist? Negative). Don’t watch then. No doubt B is coming back. 10 votes/email. Bren is dominating. B is back!


what poll are you looking at? everyone that i have seen has cassi in front……………go CASSi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel's shrink

let me correct your post. You said:
“Dani says that she will talk to Adam and warns Kalia to be careful about what she says to Shelly. Dani says that she would feel so much more safe if the HOH is actually an endurance. Dani and Kalia break up their conversation and Kalia heads downstairs.”

It should read:
Dani says that she will talk to Adam and warns Kalia to be careful about what she says to Shelly. Dani says that she would feel so much more safe if the HOH is actually an endurance. Dani and Kalia break up their conversation and Kalia heads downstairs…to tell Shelly everything they just talked about.


Why won’t anybody agree with me about Kalia needing a showmance? She craves affection and approval terribly. She needs a man like Brendon to validate her. She’s a Rachel 2.0.


so Shelly can go tell JJ….GO SHELLY!!!! Just because Kalia is not very smart.


I don’t know why but right now I like Shelly and Adam. (Just like the people in the house switch alliances this season, I have been switching the players I like all season too.)


floater! lol


hahaha @ Nicky. hahaha


LOL! Sadly, i wouldn’t put it pass K to make such (another) moronic move.

Rachel's shrink

I would bet on it. I would also bet that she won’t tell Dani she did it, like she did last time, because she doesn’t want Dani mad at her.


I actually get a kick out K, but I hope D gives her a whupp’n when they realize K’s moronic plan of putting up L instead of Jordan, S or A, screwed them both.


Dani is scramblin’ …too late!


Wouldn’t have been too late, except she got herself teamed up with an idiot.


Interesting i never thought of it that way but bren would still win regardless how about screw them all and bring back jessie third times the charm lol


In a roundabout way, it would make sense to bring back Mr. Pectacular.

He just signed a contract with TNA Wrestling. TNA Wrestling is on SpikeTV. SpikeTV, like CBS, is owned by Viacom.

I think Jesse is annoying as hell but he’s also entertaining in an oblivious sort of way. Brit being stuck in a room with him was priceless.

Ilyssa Lieb

Dear CJ,

For you, I hope that Cassi comes back. You are becoming the love of my life and I would not want to upset you like I have.


You’re commenting using multiple screen names sometimes in the same conversation this has led us to watch what you post given the amount of work we have the folder of comments that get carefully inspected takes longer to appear on the site.

let me know what is going on and we can work something out.

Ilyssa Lieb = Melanie you 2 different people in the same house?


It’s Sybil or (U.S. of) Tara =)


Um, I intern for Viacom and we definitely do NOT own CBS. LOL.

Aqua Bernie

I hate Jessie, I think the steroids ate his brain and replaced it with hot air!!


Adam is a really good player, he thinks everything through with care. Tough to predict who will go home this week, but I think it will be Rachel. Dani needs to plant some false information into Shelly so she can go blab it to JJ. Once that happens, hopefully they see what a liar Shelly really is. Shelly is such an ass kisser to JJ, it makes me sick. I hope Shelly goes home soon, cause her fake act is getting old. If JJ makes it to the final two, then this season was a complete waste of time to watch.

Rachel's shrink

I think Adam already knows how he is going to vote (keep Rachel), but he just wants to get something in return. He can get more if Rachel thinks his vote matters. Negotiation 101 – the more the other side needs what you have, the more you or your product is worth. He’s just priming the pump right now to get the best deal.


OMG Adam, please make the right choice (keep rachel in the house, PLEASE!!!)


Send me your address and I’ll call your local pharmacy for a refill on your prescription! ;-)


I have horse tranquillizers if u need them DR.


Go Rachel!


Rachel needs to stay.

Rachel all the way for that half million dollar prize!


I’m on Team Rachel too!!! So glad I’m not alone!


Go Rachel !!!!!!


Oh shit, I hope the pharmacy is fully stocked. OK ladies, one at a time, give me your addresses and I see that your refills are Fed-Exed!


or Simon is having a problem with one person having multiple personalities (screen names =)
I don’t mind rachoe without brendumb but she definately does not deserve to win 500K

Dark Horse

I cannot believe that Kalia thinks Lawon’s theory may be right…
Are they sure there is not a supply of crack in the BB house?

Dani is on to the twist…she BETTER play HARD for HOH tomorrow…


OHMYGOSH I HOPE BRENDAN COMES BACK SO BADDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this would be hilarious….


Send me your address and I’ll call your local pharmacy for a refill on your prescription as well! ;-)


I am curious does anyone else think that production gives hints at what the twist may be; because both Jeff and Damni have come pretty close to guessing what we know the twist to be.


I think you answered your own question. We know Jeff and Jordan can’t figure out what 1+1 equals so we know Production prodding them along that path. In Jordan’s case they probably had to draw out a picture.


Omgsh, that is too funny! Drawing a picture for Jordan! Lmao…. she’s a cute little girl, but not at all smart and Jeff is only slightly smarter.


I don’t know about anyone else but I am really getting tired of Shelly. She is such a bullshitter and is always shooting her mouth off. When she retells something she adds more onto it to make it sound better than it actually was. I can”t figure out if she is playing for JJR side or KD side. I wonder if she even knows.


I keep offering to send Shelly on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. I hear they both like the outdoors and we all know about Cheney’s aim!


I hope Rachel is voted out and she has to compete with Brendon to get back in and they both dont know who they are competing against hahaha now that would be funny!!!!

Team 500 G's

I tell you what Dani is getting closer and closer to figureing out not only the “twist” but Skeletor….Adam and basically where everyone stands right now….thing is….its about a week late. Dani is figureing a way out of all this….you got to give the girl credit. She’s got game. She is figureing how to find a new aliance and dump Kilia.

Shelly is loseing her touch…she is close to comming unglued. Her stink is almost on the street……I say if your going to lie in BB, might as well make up lies…..Hell just tell shelly that Roach has made a deal…JJ gets pissed off and out she goes.

So what if Brendumb comes back. He has a long list of targets. Sure Dani might be #1 but who cares. If Dani wins HOH, I put Jeff and Brendumb up….one wins POV Jordan goes up.

If Jeff or Jordan wins HOH Kalia and Dani goes up…..Who either will win POV or cop a deal….in that scenario Kalia will absolutely go home no matter which way the wind blows. Her stupidity knows no bounds.

JJ will not win BB13….Take it to the Bank


Do you think Shelly breaking down is real or an act? I vote act.


Hello!!!!! A little too late DK! Dani’s figured out the twist but you’ve already screwed the pooch; you put up Lawon instead of Adam or Shelly (or Jordon!). Too little too late ladies! The “fat lady” is warming up the vocal corsds as you speak!


The fat lady is hoh


and she does like to sing (& cut the feeds!)


LoL!! Good one! ;-)


At first I was automatically team kalia being that I wanted to support another black woman. But kalia Is indeed an idiot and she needs to go soon. She will only bring dani down


I liked Kalia for awhile.. and i’m pretty sure i was the only one however she blew it big time this week adn now she gets the dunce cap.

Uncle Cool

I liked Kalia and what she was planning to do until Shelly completely took over her mind and it was apparent Kalia was in love with Jordan and would not put her up under any circumstance.

Jordan should have been the replacement nominee. Not Lawon.


Too funny, last night when JJA almost figured out the twist it was all productions fault and now today when Dani figures it out it is because she is brilliant and has great game. Got to admitt, Dani fans while delusional about her skills in this game, certainly are loyal to her.


yez zir


woah i haven’t been on here in a while, AND WHERE THE SHIT DID ADAM’S BEARD GO! LMAOOOOOOO


I still think the comp btwn evicted hg and America’s vote hg will also be the HOH comp! Whoever wins the battle of 2 is the new hoh!!! we’ll see if I’m wrong tmrw, but think of the different ae adios tht could happen!!! Lawon evicted, battles (anyone), loses. Tht person is HOH!


Different scenarios (I meant)


if the returning hg plays in the hoh, it will be an endurance. if not, the hoh comp will be some sort of quiz, and they’ll unveil the returning hg to the house at the end of the show like they did on bb9.


actually i believe the returning hg on bb9 did play and won hoh (james). it was endurance.


Yes I thought I liked Kali also. She is a retard. I just hope Dani wins and outs up Shelly and Kali together.


especially because this season people change their alliances daily/weekly! If rachoe were to get voted out and come back she would also have to win HOH to be able to put people on the block.

Fuzzy Capone

Are they going insane ?? Why do they keep saying something weird is going on, Julie already told you what the twist is, I think they’re losing it in the house.


They over-analyze everything for fear of missing something important, yet they let the obvious slide before them without noticing. I guess the paranoia is in high-drive in the house. I still think they pump LSD tainted air into the BB House to encourage the crazy factor.


She didn’t tell them everything that the viewers were told, but I’m not surprised they are figuring it out production told them bits and pieces and they all are putting it together, just this week was obvious that the comp was handed to kalia ( her answering questions right before they were even asked cmon now) and them having her switch her plan by listening to everything shelly said when last week they were saying how sketchy she was. production is known for meddling in the game. The HOH quiz that Rachel won, it was so obvious Julie was being told what to say, she kept hesitating after that one question which knocked out most of the HGs.


Here is my theory. Rachel is the best competitor, Jordan and Jeff have the hardest road (but still by far the best two in the house), Porsche and Shelly are playing the best game, Adam and Lawon are not playing good games actually why are they even in the house. Kalia is trying to hard to be like the vets and Dani made a huge move… way to early in the game. I would love nothing more then to see Jordan win again or Jeff win, but i believe Porsche or Shelly will win this year.


Hopefully Adam sticks to the plan and lawon is evicted by a 4-2 vote. What would be even better is if Brendon competes against lawon and he comes back in the house. Dani’s face will be priceless when her HOH goes to a waste and Kalie uses her HOH to evict someone in her alliance. Go Brenchel!!!!!’


That pretty much sums it up. It was such a no-brainer to get Rachel out. There’s no point of considering anything else. I would’ve taken the gamble that she comes back. So what? She can’t win every competition. They got her out once, they could’ve gotten her out again. Kalia’s pining after Jeff and Jordan is what screwed this up royally. Dani should’ve told her straight up that she’s being a fool and wasting this oppt. Now we are stuck with the very real possibility of Brendon coming back in.

Jeff and Jordan are beyond obnoxious. They have the cockiness of people who have earned their spot when we know they have no game with out the Production lifelines.


BB4ME – I think we were separated at birth!


LOL…Probably..we should get a reality show about our reunion!


BB4ME – Stop! I’m tearing up just thinking about it! ;-)

Rachel's shrink

It really looks like Rachel is keeping her deal secret.
That is awesome. next week will be the best week and the whole house will shake up.


I hope Brendon comes back and gets rid of annoying dani


Me Too. Brendon needs to come and back and Rachel has to stay!!! Jeff and Jordan fans vote to bring back Brendon. Je/Jo. And Br/Ra. Need to take out stupid idiotic and cocky Dani


Okay, I thought it was strange that Kahlia could answer a question without even knowing the question, now everyone is right on the mark about the twist, production sucks, they should let things play out, but no, they have to tell them what is going on. I hate shows that are fixed.


If you listen to the parts of the questions that were read by Julie (the parts before Kalia rang in), the answers aren’t actually that hard to figure out.


I agree … I’m no BrainScientist but I yelled out the answer at the same time Kalia did when I watched the live show!


It’s true the key words were there it was pretty easy.


Since Rachel gained herself back, she is keeping things that need to be kept. SHe is most likely playing by herself now so she is thinking ahead. Good for her. J/J is good with making it to Jury and spend summer there so maybe a newbie deserves to win this game. Dani’s only chance is if she wins hoh’s and veto’s. She’s a toughie so she’s number one target. I’m good with Adam/Shelly/Porsche winning this game.


I look froward to more drama though. lol

Julie Chen's Hair

HELP!!!!!! This bitch better stop teasing me or else I’m gonna go all Mothra and swallow her ebntire head! Yo bitch! Lay off the Aqua Net it like Nakisaki up in hyere!


Really Porshia she has dome jack in this game.

Julie Chen's Hair

Miss Julie was inspiratiion for her Korean home town’s version of “Bird Nest Soup”! Favorite of Ill Kim Yoon, hisself!


I just caught up on my episodes and God kalia makes me sick to even watch ugh. I really hope Rachel stays and brendon comes back so Dani and Kalia are freaking out


If Brendon comes back this show is rigged. People were bashing Brendon like crazy all over the CBS website alone, I don’t even know how Brendon won the polls here considering Doms massive lead he had


A bunch of JJ fans on here.

Brenda is a b*tch.

BB Fan 5

ppl found out jeff won the POV and that Kalia put Lawon up and they decided bringing Brenda back would creat the most drama. I bet it is Brendon competing, now will it be aginst Lawon or Rachel….not sure yet


i’ve been trying to figure out shelly. why is she so intent on furthering jj in the game? it’s like she wants them to win again and she would be content to sit at jury. i know she doesn’t need the money, but i really think something shady is going on here. i’m going to say this and most of you will probably laugh, but i think shelly was hired by CBS to help JJ get to the finals


So you’re saying that Shelly left a vice presidency job, to play Big Brother and help someone else win $500,000? Seriously?


well, when u put it that way, it doesn’t make any sense, but i still believe something shady is going on and i am trying to pinpoint it. what she is doing is furthering them along and not her. not unless she just wants a vacation in the jury house. i just don’t see how she thinks she can get to the finals with them.


i’m new to this online BB stuff, is the poll at the end of the pictures a cbs poll or this sites poll?


Cannot stand Dani!!! Please let these people keep Rachel and bring Brendon back. Classic BB and watching Dani’s fake smile turn into horror would be classic and the best season of BB ever!!!!!






What is so special about BR??? They are mean as well….every person in that house is fake…it’s a game for crying out loud…Dani at least made the game exciting….