Big Brother 13: Shelly’s game is getting figured out and Jordan thinks Adam might Flip

7:43pm Backyard Lawon and Dani (Essentially Dani lights the fire under Lawon’s a$$ tell him if he gets evicted he’s going home so he better pick it up)

Dani is saying she can’t understand why they were going to vote Rachel out less than 1/2 way through the week and now we’re keeping her. Dani says her gut is telling her that they need to get rid of rachel. Dani explains that every time she’s listen to her gut she’s been right.
Lawon: “This is my gut.. i’m telling you i’m nervous”
DAni: “Shelly is really sketch shot about you”.. She tells him this is because lawon was going around telling people he was putting up Kalia and Lawon. Dani tells him this twist has her nervous, at first they thought if Lawon left he would come back but now there not sure. they don’t want to run the risk anymore they want to make sure they evict Rachel.
Dani tells him he needs to start campaigning starting tonight he needs to tell everyone that he’s not a threat at all and Rachel is a huge threat Threat. She recommends he tells people about the competitions she has won and the fact that she’s telling everyone she’ll target floaters. Dani makes sure he understands that Adam and Shelly need to know Rachel is going after floaters. She wants him to not be too abrasive, he’s need to start smoothing things over. Dani adds that Shelly and Adam are super close so he needs to keep the story straight. She warns him that whatever you tell shelly goes to JJR at some point. She says he has to stop running around telling people he’s going to put up Danielle and Kalia.

Lawon says that Shelly is spreading sh!t to everyone, “She gets all up in your face acting like she has no idea whats going on” Dani: “She does that to get information” Lawon: “I know and even POrsche said that”.. Lawon continues that Porsche told him a bit ago that she noticed Shelly doing that to her and other people. They both agree Shelly is “talking” with everyone (She’s this years Big Brother Ronnie )

7:58pm Backyard rachel joins them Chit chat…

8:10pm Jeff and Jordan They’re talking about the twist. Jordan brings up that the other side is saying that it might be one of the 4 evicted houseguests that compete. Jordan: “Think it could be Dom” Jeff: “Wishful thinking on their part”.. .. Jordan: “When we get out I want to go somewhere there is music.. Somewhere loud”
(I’m seriously starting to think these 2 are not a couple anymore… can’t say for sure though)

Backyard couch Lawon, Adam, Dani and rachel chit chatting about PT trying to hid the fact he was a model.

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8:20pm Have nots JJ These two love birds getting close look out.
Jordan: “I can’t wait until Porsche goes on slop”.. Jordan is looking forward to the next slop comp she’s going to put Dani and POrsche on slop.
Jeff: “I can’t wait until Porsche goes on slop i’m going to make the best food and eat it in front of her”
Jordan: “Porsche is really bitchy and dani walks around and doesn’t think she has to do anything”
Jeff: “Dani’s got a big head … she’s the star”
Jordan: “If I get HOH i’m putting up Kalia and Dani”
Jeff says he was going to put up Kalia and Porsche but he’ll wait until he gets the HOH and feel them out. Jordan is mad because when she walks in the room they are all quiet. Jeff tells her not to worry when they get HOH it’ll be the other way around. They start talking about Kalia beign ich and not needing the money. Jeff says that Kalia told him she goes to spin class 3 times a week at noon,”uhh when do you work” (I go to Pilates on my lunch break it’s not unusually) Jordan tells Jeff Kalia writes. Jordan goes on a mini rant about Kalia have a credit card that her mom pays for her and she goes and buys cloths with it.

Jeff and Jordan are getting nervous about Adam.. Jeff says that he’s heard porsche is voting for Rachel to stay. Jordan isn’t sure she heard from rachel that Prosche was thinkign about giving her a pity vote.

Jordan says rachel is onto Shelly and Adam she was in here earlier today freaking out about them.. Jeff doesn’t care about Rachel, he adds that Brendon was the one that told her not to trust adam and Shelly and he gone.
Jeff: “Right now I trust them (SA) and if their lying there putting on a good show .. and I got got yo”
Jordan is a bit nervous that Adam is going to flip. Jeff say “me to after what shelly said” … feeds cut.

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Why would you think that they are not a couple??


I try

Mary R


TheKnow ItAll

Brendon is coming back 100%. No questions asked. HOH, will be geared towards BR, Rachel wins… Rachel nominates Adam and Dani. Dani win POV, convinces Rachel to finally put up Jeff. Jeff goes home, by a vote of 4-3. No more twists and turns.



OOOOOHHH, lawon,pinto and dani are figuring Shelly out LOL, Shelly better be nervous hahha, these 3 are mental midgets and are stumbling ass backwards through this game so no big deal either way. Shelly can out smart all three when she is asleep…


They’ve figured her out for 2 weeks now but everyone keeps telling her everything.


Simon who do you think is going?


Hey Simon, With you being a BB expert..what is your gut telling you about tomorrow..the eviction and who is coming back?..


If Brendon comes back then the show is ruined for me. Who wants to watch Rachel’s reaction to his return and the effect it will have on the rest of the house. BRJJ will run the house till the end without any competition.

It would make so much more sense for the “game” if dom came back. This way the sides were more even. With JJRSA against DDKP. That’s something I would want to watch.

If Brendon comes back it will be painful to hear Rachel’s voice. Tonights show was bad enough with all of hear crying along with Kalia’s, so this season will be a disaster if he comes back.


JJBR split is more interesting to watch than dom coming in the house..rachel and brendon cause the drama

Dani and Dom just sit in bed and talk all day..BORRINGGGGG.

On a side note, Kalia please go home.


but it would be awesome to see dani’s face


I think the same thing- if Brendon comes back I’m checking out for the rest of the season. If CBS wanted this to be a couple’s showdown- CBS should have made thisseason “past showmance all-stars.” This is getting ridiculous. I have watched BB from the very beginning and this is by far the worst season ever. I was a fan of JJ’s on their season but that has gone out the window. I’m not a huge fan of anyone in this house…maybe Adam because although it doesn’t win anything he’s about the only one not whining and crying over something. The rest are just entitled whine boxes.


I 100% agree with you! I hope Dom comes back and if he does I will be rootin for him til the end. He played a better game when he was in the house compared to all the immature floaters that are in the house now. Rachel (She should have left week one, ughhh can’t stand her), Porsche, and Danielle NEED to goooo asap!!


Personally I think evicting Rachel and bringing Cassi back would be the most interesting. Then you have JJS vs. DKL and who knows where CA will fall. I don’t really care to see any drama in the house, I just like the strategy portion of the game.

Don’t want to see brenchel back in the game. Can’t stand them together on the show. At the same time, I’m one of the few Anti-Dani’s on here. I never had a problem with her until she started to act like she ran the house.


God i hope your wrong, B.B. turning into general hospital with all this B.R. drama


LOL you call yourself a BB expert? I bet you anything Lawon gets evicted than dominic comes back. CBS is obviously going to go with what the majority of america wants and the majority of them want Dom so he’s comming back. Why would they ever bring brendon back when no ones likes him.


CBS is going to go with the majority? Well The majority might be Brendon because who doesn’t love a bit of drama? I would love to see him walk back in and see Dani’s face. I’d rather see Cassi come back in the house than Dom…


what do you mean jj aren’t a couple anymore!?


Ive been wondering about Jeff and Jordon too … they don’t even so much as hug! No casual touches, or special smiles even … I understand not going overboard with the PDA like BR do, but JJ act like brother and sister ;p Wouldn’t be surprised if they are just pretending to keep their moment in the spotlight going a bit longer.


I don’t think Jordan is smart enough to keep up such a ruse. Jeff has left the bldg and she just hasn’t figured it out yet.It’s definitely a sibling type of love.


They definitely do not seem like a couple. But in Jordan’s defense- she doesn’t seem to be that in to Jeff like before. Yes, she still acts like his little puppy in the game….doing that, “yeah, what he said.” But I don’t see the attraction there anymore.

Team Bacon

You never see them kiss, hug, or even flirt. She said the other day to Jeff “your my BFF” (Best Friend Forever) I think they are just friends. Acting like a couple in the house. They don’t even live in the same state. Long distance relation for 2 years. Ummm, I find that hard to believe. Even my Hubby asked me the other day, or you sure they are a couple? IDK!!!

Team Bacon



You would think if they are in a long distance relationship, they would be all over each other. I mean I would.


Jordan is a Southern girl who said she does not want to do anything to embarrass her Mother or Grandparents. She also said after the show she and Jeff have to make a decision about who is going to move, they need to be together more.


Are you people blind or don’t have the show time after hours they are still acouple just not like B&R and those two are sick makes most of us want to lose or lunch

Lennon's Ghost

What show are you watching? I’ve seen them kiss, hug, rub each others arms, legs, stomach, backs and give each other loving looks and smiles just about every night on BBAD.

Just because they are not all over each other like Brechel does not mean they are not a couple. Jeff and Jordan both talked during the first BBAD week that they weren’t going to be showing a lot of PDA as it would just paint a larger target on their backs and let Brenchel take the heat. Jeff also said that if they were to cuddle too much that it would be hard on him to stop, Jordan agreed that they would keep it at a minimum (not exactly her words but you got the point).

Long distance relationships do work for some and you also have to consider what they have done together over the past 2 years: Amazing Race and Jeff doing the Around the World For Free. Jordan was also busy buying a house for her mother and other matters. They do call each other daily and see each other monthly. Don’t you recall how she was telling Shelly how excited she gets and how she tries to look as good as possible for when they get together?

Again, just because they are not like Brenchel, who after 2 weeks in the BB House are “hooking up” and then immediately following the show move in with each other and then get engaged doesn’t mean they are not a couple. They simply have chosen not to show a lot of PDA in the BB House or on national TV.

I don’t want to come across as a major defender of JJ, but only to point out what I have seen and believe to be the case.


Thank you Lennon you literally took the words right out of my mouth!! : )


Agreed πŸ™‚


Jeff and Jordan are a couple!! Just because they don’t hug, kiss, or show some kind of love to one another does not mean they’re not a couple. They are trying to play a game verses be all over each other like Brendan and Rachel were. LMAO, you people make me laugh!!


Get off the stupid streak and please evict Rachel. I almost don’t care what happens for the rest of the season if she gets evicted and Brendon doesn’t come back in. I’ll be a happy camper once they’re both off my TV screen.
Then they can spend the rest of the summer together…getting professional help. ‘Cause lets face it – they need it.

Dani…drop Kalia. She’s horrible at this.
Lawon…you were def portrayed as an IDIOT on tonight’s POV episode on CBS. Looked like a damn fool
Kalia – u need a permanent dunce cap. Who cares who likes you and who doesn’t like u?! Stop kissing ass

And LASTLY, CBS and the edits production makes is very upsetting. They COMPLETELY cut out Shelly’s role in the manipulation of Kalia. That might have just cost Shelly an ‘America’s Player’ title. ‘Cause let’s face it, as much of a rat she is, that was some great game play.


Finally D is not pulling any punches and telling L to get his shit together as otherwise, he’s going home and they’ll (& we’ll) be stuck with R for at least another week. Why the hell did she have to leave it to the 11th hour! Come on Dani, work your magic!


It’s falling on deaf ears. Lawon doesn’t have what it takes to master this game. It’s black and white photo time for him.


Sad but true. Although, truth be told, I’d be fine if Lawon got the boot (he’s just taking up space) but….. only after R got her sorry ass booted out of the house.


As if people really do the whole “first” thing anymore lol I still can’t wrap my head around everyone not calling Shelly out, like they did Ronnie, I can see her winning this whole game if people keep letting her get away with this stuff. I watched tonights show and I’m so pissed they didnt show her mastermind plan of convincing Kalia to keep Rachel, thank God for Simon and Dawg cause then I wouldn’t really know the real deal, the editing on CBS is such a shit show


Can Thursday hurry up already? I’m ready for the action! First? Does that mean I’m third? Not to exclude Simon! Thanks again Simon and Dawg! Best site EVER!!!


Wow, maybe it does take ‘rocket science’ to figure out this game. Why did it take them so long to catch on to Shelly?

It’s all phony talk though. We all know Rachel is staying. The big unknown is who is coming back but my money continues to be on the resurrection of Brendon. I can see it now, him walking back in the house and ‘Love Life Us Up Where We Belong’ playing in the background..yuck!


God please not Brendon unless he replaces Rachel


Bro, you mean “Live LIFTS Us Up Where We Belong”. Hell, if B comes back then I’m blaming it on the Americans! We Canadians have far too much sense to vote his sorry as back in the house! πŸ˜‰


Oh intelligence and attention wanes at late hours. Good looking out!


What do you mean JJ is not a couple? Like they just are pretending?

BB King

What? Kalia is rich and doesn’t need the money! If I recall correctly somebody in the house previously won half a million dollars and I guarantee you that it wasn’t Kalia.


Simmon how much tax do you pay on $500,000.00 you can bet Jordan didn’t take home $500 G’s


I believe IRS taxes winnings at 40% which is a signficant chunk of that $500K.


Jordan’sΒΈbeen very cranky lately. Not defending her: just stating the obvious. I also think Jeff’s rubbing off on her.


Well I know Jordan has been cranky because of being on slop for 2 weeks. she barely eats when she’s on it, and she’s even admitted that not eating, not getting good sleep, and cold showers has put her in a bad mood. also, even though jordan won 500,000 – she did buy her mother a house. so you have to give her credit for that. plus she still works at the same job as before, and she put whatever money was left back into the bank. which deserves mad props compared to some of the past BB winners winding up in jail because of drug trafficking and not paying taxes.

also, if jordan and jeff are no longer a couple like some people are thinking, that breaks my heart πŸ™ i love them both.

BB King

I have no problem with Jordan being rich. I have a problem with her hypocrasy. If being rich excludes someone from winning BB then Jordan shouldn’t be playing this game. In other words, practice what you preach or shut up.


Yes, BBKing, that is it. When you have been fortunate to have money, regardless of how you got it or spent it, you shouldn’t be talking down someone else who has a credit card that their mother helps them with. That should not exclude them from winning. If it does, Jordon should not be able to have another chance at another half a million. Jordon lost a little more sweetness with that comment. I am sorry JJ fans.


I think it has to do with back to back weeks of slop


You try living and taking care of Rachel and see if it doesn’t make you a bit cranky

JJ Fan 4ever

There ya go! Exactly. That’s what I was thinking. With slop and dealing with Rachel –you gotta give her props for that. And for all of you talking about how Jordan is a hypocrite. Try and let it go. Its her frustration seeping out. Jordan probably doesn’t really know what she’s saying. We’ve all done it. Say something that we don’t mean or say something without thinking it through. Don’t be too hard on her. Obviously, all of them need the money –not matter how much money they already have –given the economy uh yeah, money is a factor in all of their game. At least she’s not manic and going crazy like Rachel. And for the record, I feel sorry for Rachel. And I feel even sorry for Jordan to be the person that is trying to control her.


How is CBS not portraying shelly for the snake she is? They haven’t mentioned how it was her plan or anything on tonights show. The shit??


I hope lawon brought a lifevest with the ” straight shooting” shelly’s dumping on him right now

Rachel's nipple

last ditch effort time!
team dani is wack.


I think the only chance to have this week saved is..

Vote to Evict Boy George:

Vote to Evict Lawonda:

Kowlia the Hut breaks the tie by sending Boy George home, Boy George is devestated, goes to compete against person, loses, and goes home, not even Jury.

Here’s to hoping isn’t Brendon.. Cassi/Dominic preferred πŸ™‚


I am HOPING that Adam flips and Rachel is evicted. DP are definitely voting to evict Rachel, JJS to evict Lawon. It’s going to be up to Adam. Part of me feels like he truly doesn’t want a veteran to win like he claims and since he claims he knows Lawon isn’t a threat, he will end up evicting Rachel. Best scenario Rachel goes and Dom comes back. Cassi will just team back with Shelly who will convince her to go with JJ and Brendon – God forbid he returns. :S I really am doubting that the evicted houseguest will come back. Think about it – why the hell would CBS go through all that trouble and in the end the evicted houseguest is the same person? Can’t be that easy like the house guests thinks. I really think that one of the four will end up beating Rachel or Lawon and come back.


People PLEADING for Rachel and Brendan (not having him come back) to be gone from the game, what is your dream scenario?

Dani, Kalia, Porshe talking about nothing all day…sleeping… and Jeff playing pool with Adam with a heavy dusting of Shelly chain smoking?

Riveting. Dramatic. Cannot wait.


Oh please. It’s not like Brendon stirs up the house like Evil Dick does … he just lays in the hammock with Rachel and cries with her about how much he loves her. I’d rather have Kalia and Porche being lazy asses and playing Chess than Bren-dumb coming back.


I had a very nice/graphic dream about Jordan last night, and she didn’t fart on me once.


JJ are so annoying!!!!! They are going to end up turning into the Rob Mariano BB version. Amazing Race … Big Brother again. My prediction – this will not be the last BB we will see them on. I like Rob a lot more than JJ though…but seriously – get a job!! I really don’t want a veteran to win … it’s unfair. Had this been an all star season everything would be different … but they already had their chance to play! And besides that, Jeff already won $60,000 and Jordan $500,000. Can’t wait until both go home! Jeff is annoying as hell.


Agree, Jeff is hilarious. Lawon in the DR too, shame he’s such a creepy dishrag outside it.

Can’t stand Danielle and her ratty smirk-face


I watch the live feeds at least 10 hours of the day. Plus flashbacks. Beleive me, JJ are still couple. Just last week Jeff grabbed Jordans boob, and they kissed tonight. There a couple.

Im all for Brendon coming back. No matter if its the real voted of CBS’s descion. Brendon is the best player not in the house, so as a fan of the game I think he should come back.

As for Simon, if BR/JJ do split, I think your way off. Rachel and Brendon hate Dani and JJ hate Kalia. Plus if Shelly gets called out next week, its gonna make JJ/BR stronger cuz JJ will drift away from the new enemy (Shelly). Next week, Shelly’s straight shooting days are up. So well see who wins HOH. Since its not an endurance (Wednesday night still outside) Im thinking Jeff or Rachel for HOH.


10 hours a day!?!?!?

Team Bacon

I Like Jeff, I agree he is hilarious. I always find my self laughing at stuff he said. I would not mind seeing Jeff, Jordan and Adam in the top three.


I liked Dom but the thought of him and Dani just laying around all day talking about meaningless crap is enough to make me sick. I want the drama and the excitement.

Cassi, may provide that.

Brendan would provide that in spades.

To be honest Keith coming back in the game (not happening) would be a fairly intriguing wrinkle in the game. Dom coming back just injects nothing of real excitement into the game.


i so agree. i know dick was on a campaign to bring back dom to give dani the numbers – but now even he agrees that bringing dom back into the house may not be the best move and he doesn’t want to see dani and dom “grab ass” 24/7.

i really hope that either cassi or brendon come back.
1) because i can’t stand the high horse that dani is on and the attitude she gives everyone and how she feels the need to control every move of whoever is HOH – and when they don’t agree with her, she whines and back talks them. i also don’t like how arrogant she is being.
2) dom, like you said, will not bring much drama at all. him and dani just stayed up until 5am talking game and talking whatever…and that gets reaaally old. he didn’t provide much entertainment.
3) even though cassie wasn’t incredibly entertaining, she did have that one fight with rachel. and if she comes back, there will at least be some rachel vs cassie tension…and there will possibly be a split in the JJR alliance. which will counterbalance not bringing dom back for the “even numbers” viewers think CBS wants.
4) if brendon comes back, even better drama. because dani will be pouting the entire time…”floaters grab a lifevest!” phrases will be all over the house…and crazy rachel will be back in action. and then again…there is chance for BR/JJ drama.

so really. i will be happy with cassie or brendon coming in the house. but if dom comes back i may need to stop watching because i will not be able to stand Dani and Kalia and their power trip for another week or so.

i also hope poor jordan does not get back on slop for a third week. that girl was in SUCH a better mood tonight and her and jeff have been SOO playful after they had their “half way party” and the have nots were able to eat some pizza and REAL food. it’s refreshing to see them act more like themselves


According to Dani she is a better player than her father and he realy din’t when shit( ungrateful brat) so full of her self or is that s–t I smell whe she is on screen


I don’t know what you guys are seeing but I think JJ are still going strong and I can’t see Jordan agreeing to fake their relationship also Team Dani can suck it yo! Their ship is sinking fast.


I doubt they will continue as a couple (interesting to find out if they have dated anyone else lately)
Rachel needs to go.

Rachel's nipple

they just had Allison grodner on BBAD. Where’s qaz? banned?


Crossing my fingers for Adams flip…. I will shoot myself in the face before watching another few weeks of Brenchal!
And I’m sorry but a JJ BR face-off sounds extremely boring to me


Finally Dani is making sense. Did she stop talking to Kalia? or did Shelly continue to spread the lies? I hope dominic comes back and they evict super floater Jordan and bully Jeff please!


Lawon has got to be the dumbest player in BB history! Evict me???? Really??? Wow. I actually laughed out loud. I love JJ! Jeff is so friggin hilarious. his one liners are awesome. I do agree that they are not as “snuggly” as they were the last time we saw them but that was what? 2 years ago? the last time they were in the house they were just getting to know each other and they were all flirty. You can tell they are a couple and are very confident and comfortable with each other, they dont have to be all over each other like B&R. and btw if I was in the house with Rachel I think I would have scaled the walls by now just to get away from her annoying voice and her whining is driving me crazy! Get her out of there!!


But even married for years, you would want to shower together to get away and kiss and snuggle. Oh gotta go

The Meow Meow

Adam don’t have the balls to flip…. Its a little to late to discover Shelly… The damage is done Lawon is going home…


For BB14, I’d like to see the house split into two groups: one group led by Evel Dick and the other group led by Survivor’s Boston Rob.

Midwest Fan


Let the Vets go on an All-Star BB and show what they’ve got.
Dick would do very well, but Jeff ……….. expect an early exit.


Lol… I was only half-serious, but an all stars BB would be awesome! I’d like to see Evel Dick return to the game. And you’re so right about Jeff. I don’t know why he keeps going on about himself. He’s competed in every HOH and POV this season and has only won once.

Julie Chen had Dr Will and Boogey on her show (The Talk) right before BB started. She asked them if they’d be interested in returning to BB and they both said no. Maybe Dr Will will change his mind and comeback for an all stars.


Brendon can’t come back! If he does, I hope Rachel is evicted. Brendon will give up the competition, and we’ll be back to square one. Dani needs to win HoH,send Rachel/Jeff home for good.


I still think it is funny how Rachel was all up in Dani’s business. Dani flipping out priceless but it is something she would laugh about if Dick was doing it to another hg.




Has anyone seen THE L WORD (the lesbian tv show)?

You know Shane?

She walks and talks just like Shelly…


The Meow Meow

I’ve seen “The Real L Word”


NO WAY! πŸ™‚ I am a straight female- but Shane was such a cool sexy character. Yes, Kate Moennig & Shelly are both androgynous, but the comparisons end there for me.


only Shane from L word is gorgeous and young shell HE is an over the hill lesbo LOL or should we call Shelly Lee? the lesbo’s love to change names to male names πŸ™‚


this series is boring and unisteresting time to pack up the house and fly away please please go


As much as I love this website, I need to stop visiting it… for good. It ruins the episodes for me. I already know exactly what happens during the whole episode so it’s pointless and not as enjoyable πŸ™ *sigh*


Depends on your time zone. The East coast aires first and people are posting from there on here while it is on. Don’t get on before it aires in your time zone and it won’t spoil the show for you. The site will be here after you have watched and you can post your comments about the show then.


that’s why they are called “spoilers” don’t read anything till after you’ve viewed the show then πŸ™‚


sooooooSimon. Being that Brendon will most likely be coming back, why? I do not know. Is BB fixed? And what is the point of voting if they are going to choose who they want. Brendon and Rachel together is annoying it takes the fun out of bb. I think PT coming back if Racheal stays will be more juicy then the bold and the brenchal saga!!!! I am sooo irritated!!! UGHHHHHHGHHHH


That’s what I say too. Why ask America to vote, if they are going to do what they want to do anyways? Doesn’t seem right to me. What fun would it be going in the BB house, if production could screw you over if they think you’re not good for ratings? Ya know what I mean?
I’m still team Dani all the way, and hope anybody but Brendon returns. Perhaps Dom or Cassi.
If Brendon does return then I also think it won’t be long before JJ and BR split.
Agreeing/hoping that Shelly is on her last leg, and that the snake is beheaded.
I think Kalia will deserve to leave, if she’s put up next week. She had it all in the palm of her hand, but made some foolish moves. On the other hand, we still don’t know who could be returning, out of the evicted houseguests.


Watching BBAD
Lawon has the lowest IQ in BB history


sad aint it ?


Everyone go vote now Dom or Cassi !!!!! it doesn’t matter I can’t watch the brendon and Rachel drama!!!!!


Hey Simon. πŸ™‚ Just wondering why you are starting to think J&J might not be a couple anymore? Watching the feeds I know you are seeing things I wouldn’t be (based on the TV show alone.) From the show, it looks like they still are (Jeff calling Jordan “Love” and Jordan saying “Congrats Lover”, for example. Anyway, just curious. πŸ™‚

Also, Kalia is a dumb ass. So, so dumb. Thanks for all the hard work from you and Dawg, and kudos for the excellent job you both do! πŸ˜€


Pleeeeeeeease tell me this isn’t a repeat of BB11 where we have to watch them “studying” every night on BBAD for 3 hours. Uggggggh. Shut up Rachel.


I think people should vote for Dominic back in. He made one bad move but he actually thought things out. And strategized and is athletic too. I hope people aren’t splitting the vote between him and Cassi. If this goes on Brendon is gonna come back. Like I mean if Cassi comes back she’s not really good at comps and will get voted back out. Either because of that or she’s so sweet that she’s gonna listen to whatever lies Shelly tells her again. But I guess the only point of having Cassi back is if Rachel is there just because her presence rattles Rachel which makes it entertaining.


shelHE shelHE when ya gonna shut that shit hole in the middle of your face? HUH? we have had enough of you. you run that fly trap non stop and almost get as much air time as the vets. (except on CBS) poor wannabe jeff. (don’t you wish your GF looked just like jord:)


Dani and kalia still have no idea whats going on…dumb as bricks…




if you keep watching the live feeds you often see jeff give jordan these sweet smiles…and though you dont see alot of heavy pda, you do see them with their legs on each other or them rubbing each others backs. Jeff makes comments about them “doing it”, which jordan will giggle and say no. Jordan really stressed that she did not like the way rachel and brendon were last year and this year so she said a comment that they were not going to display alot of affection…she even said she worried that people were going to think that everything wasn’t ok between them. this is just my point of view πŸ™‚


Thank you , you wonderful person you for clearing that up! lol I was beginning to worry about when i saw about ppl not sure if they are a couple anymore. But you can so tell they are. The way Jeff looks at Jordan and vise versa its so very clear alll the love they have for one another. Jeff always calls her “love” and she calls him “lover” thats not sibling names you call ur bro or sis. They’re still together u can tel Its still there and as for not living together and doing the long distance relationship, thay had previously stated about being so busy with BB11 they did then Amazing Race and then Jeff did his around the world thing and Jordan finished school and all that, why move in together and all that when they are so busy with all that stuff and having to do press for BB13 Im sure after the show they will figure it out and decide were to move and next CBS will be airing their Wedding lol


What needs to happen is that Rachel is sent home. Why are the people this season so dumb? Why would you not want to get rid of your biggest competition in the house? Everyone besides Dani acts like they are petrified to hurt JJR’s feelings, so retarded!! If they don’t bring back Dom, Cassi, or Keith and Lawon goes home, I will be extremely mad and probably won’t watch the show anymore. This season sucks!!