Big Brother 13 – Brendon hates the Game and Adam can’t wait for Jury “you can finally treat your body like an amusement park”

6:10pm dani and team Bacon Adam says if Dick was still in the house he could have a showmance with Shelly. Dani is grossed out says that would be the grossest thing ever. Adam asks what she thinks is the worst showmance on big brother. Dani isn’t sure.. she thinks the Ollie and April showmance was a bit nasty. Dani asks Adam if she’s every told him what rachel said at the wrap party last year. Adam says no.. (Feeds cut in and out of the conversation but I know this story so i’ll go off memory) Dani asks Rachel that during her season rachel made a big deal about being a game player and voting strategically but in the finale she voted for Lane who really didn’t do anything during his season and was in Rachel definition of the term a “Floater” rachel’s answer to Dani was they jury members had a meeting and Rachel decided that it would make for better TV with they had the vote split and have Enzo the deciding vote. (The feeds didn’t show the Adam’s reaction) Adam says that he always wanted them to have live feed cameras in the Jury house. Dani thinks it would be a horrible idea. Adam thinks the fights will be HUGE. Dani doesn’t think so she feels that most people will be sick of everything and just want to relax and have a good time. Adam: “Too bad i’ll never see the jury house.. In the Jury house You can finally treat your body like an amusement park”.. Dani: “eww gross”.

6:42pm HOH Dani and Kalia Dani says BR have already started working Adam so they have to be ready for operation block BR. dani is worried that BR will be making the rounds and offering the most wildest deals. Dani: “They are going to try and sell the first Brenchel baby”

Kalia says she really needs to safe her talking for next week. Kalia feels like this week she hasn’t gained any ground with people, maybe a bit with Jordan and Jeff.

Dani is going to talk to Shelly just to make sure there’s nothing going on. dani brings up that BR told Adam some convincing things, dani wants to make sure they stay on top of it.
Kalia is pretty positive that POrsche is sticking with Rachel
Kalia there is some pros and cons of Brendon or Rachel leaving”.
dani: “there is WAY more pros that Brendon is leaving”
dani says she sure Porsche will stick with rachel now and brendon will coach her into the ground before he leaves.

6:50pm Hammock BR They start by going over the things Porsche has been doing that leads Rachel to believe Porsche has an Alliance with Lawon. Rachel points out that Por told her she thought they might be able to get Lawon’s vote. brendon agrees that Por saying that was way out of left field. POrsche asks Brendon how much can rachel trust her. Brendon recommends she has to determine that herself based on the situation. Brendon: “From day one I said POR cannot be trusted… She’s the type of girl that wants to make big moves and be known as a manipulator but she’s too dumb to do it”. Rachel: “She wanted to play like Janelle… but nobody else in this else has what it takes”.

Rachel is pissed and JJ for making a deal. Brendon tries to calm her down saying that Jeff is desperate. Rachel: “I thought they were our friends we’re on the block because of them. Brendon tells Rachel after he goes she needs to keep her cool, no more outbursts, no more fighting (I give it 4 hours after Brendon leaves than we see Vegas) Brendon says that the one thing she has going for her is that Dani is exposed and everyone will be gunning for her. Brendon: “Whoever is attached to Dani is going down to”. Rachel says that the entire house thinks she’s going to crumble when Brendon leaves but she’s not. Brendon wants her to keep her focus and think things through.. Brendon: “You need to stick with Jeff, Jordan, shelly , adam and use Porsche ”
Rachel: “Porsche has something going with Adam she always see her talking to adam ” Brendon thinks Porsche is trying to manipulate adam but it’s not working. Brendon says that right now he’s being reminded why he hated this game.. he doesn’t think him and rachel are cut out for this.. “Lieing, Backstabbing your friends, talking about people… it’s not our game”.

Brendon says if JJ team up with dani the entire house will come after them so he doesn’t see that happening. He instructs her to keep Porsche close and use her, Stay Close with Shelly and Adam because you’ll need their votes and win the POV Comps and HOH’s to get out Kalia, Lawon and Dani. Brendon wants rachel to play the emotional card with Shelly and everytime she feels sad or cries she needs to go to Shelly and talk with her. Brendon adds that JJ will not win comps so it’s really up to her and Porsche. Rachel: “I feel that if we don’t win HOH every week we’re BLANK”

They start talking about how much they have helped JJ in this game. Brendon brings up that they gave jordan the week 2 HOH, rachel adds that Jeff and Jordan are not as good socially (in regards to the Big Brother Game). Brendon is positive that Jeff and Jordan made a deal and they will not win HOH so it’s going to be between Rachel, Porsche, and Kalia. Brendon says Rachel needs to throw the HOH to Porsche this week because Prosche will put up whoever she says. rachel is worried that Porsche has a deal with Dani.. Rachel is going to have problems throwing a comp especially now because she wants to send Dani out of the house. Brendon now suggests to let Shelly win the comp that way Shelly will put up Dani and Kalia.

7:40pm food prep on the feeds

8:42pm Feeds really quiet , Shelly is showering Kalia is talking like a fool..

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99 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 – Brendon hates the Game and Adam can’t wait for Jury “you can finally treat your body like an amusement park”

  1. Brendon says if JJ team up with dani the entire house will come after them so he doesn’t see that happening.

    If JJ teams with Dani they will also have Kalia, Lawon , Shelly, Adam and maybe Porsche………. dumbass

  2. lol i always think about what it would be like if last season Annie didn’t reject Brendon.. and they ended up together :| lmao i think Rachel would end up as a hooker or something

    1. Who says she still isn’t?

      Like I said last season Annie dodged a bullet. Rachel couldn’t accept that Brenda wanted Annie 1st and fell back on her because she was quick to spread her legs shit it took what a week? before she was sucking his dick? Don’t blame Brenda can’t turn down easy pussy like that, but he fell in love with her, that’s a NO NO..

    2. Very good point. She wouldn’t have won the game, but I would have loved to see more of her. What I sometimes think about is what if Big Brother 11’s Laura didn’t go home week 2. She was the one with huge breasts, but not only was she not ditzy or bitchy, but she was actually the first one to figure out all of Ronnie’s lies. She could have gone so far and maybe have won. In my opinion, she is one of the most underrated Big Brother players of all time.

  3. Rachel got tons of nerve Jordon alone got more social game then Brenchel has has in 2 seasons, Everything that comes out their mouths be some delusional bullshit and they the only ones who believe it.

  4. im tired of hearing that brendon and rachel know how to play this game, in actuallity they have no clue, biggest morons in BB history………

  5. Really!! BB thinks they gave Jorden the HOH Rachel wasnt even playing n moron Brenda was to excited that he decided to swing out! What a pair of idiots, get your pride n selfisness out of your ass n accept the ups n downs of BBrother!

    1. If I were Jordan I woulda been annoyed that they threw Jordan the HOH. First off who’s to say even if they tried they woulda won (pretty sure it seemed she was doing well when she was practicing before). And even if they were gonna throw it, don’t make it so obvious. At least make it seem like she deserved the win.

  6. is jeff and jordon upset with dani that she put jordon up when she said she would not do it or do they know it is just to get brendon out

      1. It would be the best move the vets could ever make. If Jordan went home and Jeff, Rachael, Brandan, Adam, Shelly and possiby Porsh would stick together, it would be one of the strongest houses yet.

    1. Dani said she would “go out of my way and put up someone else if” she thought there were not enough votes to save Jordan, but it was clear (at least to her) by POV ceremony time that there was no problem getting the votes. So JJ understand what’s going on and are in it with her. In fact this makes them look a little less suspicious in BR’s eyes cause at least one of their own is on the block as opposed to being completely safe.

  7. I like the way they dictate who they will ‘let’ win as if it’s preordained that only Brendon and Rachel are good enough to win competitions.

    1. They both truly believe that no one in the house is capable of winning comps. with these exceptions
      Endurance comps made for small people
      Crap shoot comps

      In their mind (brendon is turning around though) they still think they need to win every comp to stay in the game. If these 2 had any social game and practiced restraint while competing they would be some of the best players every in BB.

      The reality is their social game is very poor so unless they win every comp people can’t stand them and put them up for evcition. On the flip side JJ’s social game is very strong but they struggle to win comps even when they need to. (Jeff’s social game is weaker this year mainly because he turns into a ASS when he’s winning)

      1. Simon do you think Jeff is a “follower” and Brendon’s arrogance is rubbing off on him?
        With Brendon gone maybe he will change.

        1. I remember him being a tool when he was wining in BB11.. The difference was he spent most of bb11 on the losing side and your right this year he had Brendon’s douchness.

          1. Simon, I so agree with you. Big Jeff is a major TOOL. And no coupe de’ ta for you this year or 25,000 for being America’s fav. He should take his 10,000 n go home. Brendork’s delusions have rubbed off on him.

            1. I disagree. I think Jeff had a brief period of freak out, but he’s (more often than not) been the voice of reason in the BRJJ alliance. He decided from the beginning of Dani’s HOH that he was just going to chill out and see what happens after the POV – and that was BEFORE he knew who was going on the block. He pretty much believed it was going to be him and he still was relaxed.

      2. True, and winning can occur in different ways. It doesn’t always mean being HOH or POV. Sometimes skating by a couple of weeks without ruffling feathers is a ‘win’. They are not good at gauging public sentiment either. As long as they are getting praised and being the center of attention,they never suspect their downfall could be right around the corner until it’s too late.

        1. Jeff thinks he is going to win America’s Favourite again. He alluded to it last week. He has to go and people need to vote for someone else, please

  8. Notice how all you guys ever talk about is br? You think CBS doesn’t have people online to see what’s going on among the fans? Brendon will leave. Next week he will be back.

    1. can you imagine the house without BR…………………BORING you might wanna get a refund for the feeds LMAOOO just saying

      1. I agree as much as they are repetitive and yes cocky and egotistical(maybe it’s their version of staying positive)The bb house wouldn’t be worth watching god already with Dani in HOH all you get Kalia rambling about their(vets) arrogance then snap shes talking about how amazing she is and her amazing game play as she Segway begs for Dani to assure her she isn’t a floater.What annoys me most is how this girl 24/7 talks about being full or not “that” hungry while she’s eating “small bowl of ice-cream” I’d what I’d share with a friend then she does the ohhhh i have to really work out tomorrow ugh I’m so tired though FROM WHAT?all the repetitive talking the paranoia or the busy days you have locked on some lot in a house.I’ve still yet to see her actually “work out” guess its hard when your too busy peeing in hottubs.Then there’s watching lawon and there’s only so much “starring off into space” I can handle I mean it’s too much adrenaline :) Or we can move to Adam and shelly smoking more then cheech or chong.Jordan twirling her bangs Jeff also smoking or playing pool.SEE REALITY IS people love to hate so without those people it’s as fun as watching paint dry.Last year i was PISSED I waste my money on the live feed :(Hopefully money well spent this year!

  9. Talking about Haters “ILL WILL” got some major problem hey buddy you need to get check out i mean seriously you need some anger management you hate them because of what they believe then let them believe what they want it’s their opinion not yours their not talking to you your not even in the house you idiot like i said in a post way before that if you were in the house you would have been the first one to get the boot……………..your despicable GET HELP ILL WILL

      1. don’t worry i’m ok i was just helping the guy calling him some names is that bad and these names aren’t that vulgar compare to what i saw him writing

    1. ummmmmm…… you could benefit from some anger management classes yourself.
      Just saying….

      Dani for the win !!!1

    2. Ill Will hates BR and you hate Ill Will because he hates BR. We get it.

      Maybe we can do without the personal attacks on posters and focus our personal attacks to the players we do not like as they have put themselves on the big screen to be scrutinized. Just my opinion, of course, so take it or leave it. We do not have to personally attack each other to get our points across about Big Brother players.

        1. DeAnne how is putting yourself on TV giving strangers a license to go online and write disrespectful hateful comments?These things last forever I’m sure you have FB is that you giving license to anyone you know writing anything they think about you?I’m sure if the show was on the other foot you’d change your tune.What half us realistic people on here are trying to explain is THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE no one deserves to be spoken of in the way I read on here.

      1. @deanne1233 i don’t hate ILL will i don’t even know him why do i have to hate him i’m just saying he needs to control himself because BB is just a game he takes it to personally but i don’t hate the kid not at all

          1. In that case, let me help.

            Despicable – deserving to be despised, detestable

            Hate – intense dislike, despise, detest

        1. Okay so you just think that Will is despicable right? You don’t hate him, you just have an intense dislike for him and what he says. Is that accurate?

    3. and I’d never ever want to go on a reality show, if i wanted to be in a fish tank, I’d jump in a real one… besides you can’t smoke weed in the house, and to deal with them crazy folk I’d need pounds and pounds of weed…

  10. Winners! Not kiss asses! Lazy floaters beat it! Like the rest of the lazy floaters who are cheering 4 dem! Brendon & Rachel haters! Do you guys have real jobs? Or own your own house? I don’t think so! That’s from lazy, floating in life! Hawaii is in the house!

    1. You’re kidding right? Because we dislike BR you are gonna turn around and make a peronal attack against us? I’m sure you can guess what a Haole like me is doing here in Pearl Harbor for the past 10 years.

  11. JJ don’t have social game but yet she is always whining that everyone is always talking to JJ and not them?! JJ have GREAT social game!

  12. You totally called it with the David Spade reference. Same hair style and stick figure body. Only difference is her voice is deeper. Since I only recently ate dinner I will not be watching that shower scene. YUCK!

  13. I got this great idea why don’t we present ourselves and forget about the hate for a minute so i’m starting ……………….. my name on is guy which is a part of my real name i’m 21 abt to be 22 i know 4 languages and i’m in med school :)

  14. Looks like I’ll find 3 hours to free up on my DVR tonight after all. If BBAD is all about B/R faux wedding, DELETE!

    1. wedding not tonight, it’s bachelor, bachelorette party…….been watching them rehearse and looks like some good, funny entertainment on
      BBAD tonight but VEGAS RACHAEL might come back and tear Porsche from limb to limb, when she does her strip tease for Brenda lol

  15. I like brenchel but sometimes brendon is stupid. Throw the comp?! Scratch that HE’S A MORON! Rachel needs to win.


    This “deal” that Dani made with Jeff and Jordan to keep her safe next week… does it seem like JJ are actually thinking about going through with that deal? or are they going to go back on their word and get her out next week if they can?

      1. But if Jeff does win(decides not to throw it), he did say he would try to get Dani out, has he changed his mind on that?

        1. Jeff won’t win HOH. He can say he is going to throw it but he won’t win or even come close. There is no fire in his belly.

  17. Anybody know where I can find torrent downloads of Big Brother seasons 1-9… Id’ love to know what happened before BB10 ;-p

    1. All the seaons are up on youtube but i would suggest not watching season 1 because it is nothing but a popularity contest no real competiotions or strategy involved.

  18. I agree that Jeff can be an ass when he wins. But, I would also like to point out that he is a usually a fairly humble loser. When he loses he typically blames himself and admits that it is his fault because he lost an hoh or a pov. And he accepts that he didn’t get it done. I appreciate that about him. When others lose, particularly B R, it is always everyone else’s fault.

  19. Im sorry but jj are the biggest floaters bb history. Jordan needs to go home. She already won. It’s time for a real game to win. Ie. Rachel.

    1. if you feel that jordan shouldn’t win because she already won, then wouldn’t it be just as reasonable to say that rachel shouldn’t win because she had her chance last year. if jordan makes it to the end and wins then she deserves it, especially since the other houseguest have had the chance to watch her season to see her gameplay and how she won. that kinda sets her up with a disadvantadge, so if she makes it and wins she deserves it.

      1. If Jordan wins then BB is over because every season will be a house full of people that socialize, float, kiss a**, and never compete. Jordan’s gameplay will become recipe for success. You don’t let someone who already won win again unless you are a dummy. I think BB allowed her to come back because they wanted to see if anyone would get her out first. The first week Jordan should’ve been gone. Since Brenchel was HOH first week, it is their fault they are in their current situation and it’s their fault JJ are still there. I like that they compete, but they are really dumb. Plus I agree that Brenchel need to improve on their social game. You have to win comps and be good with people.

  20. oh Vegaaaas……come out come out wherever you are! Take a hike Brendon, we’re ready to see Rachel self-destruct. That feels wrong to say that & want to see it so much. But I can’t help it!!!

    1. I assume you mean the HoH competition? It’s when two people face-off in a competition (usually) with questions, and the winner of that question picks the next 2 people that will face-off, and so on.

  21. When b/r leave it is going to create some space so that the other houseguests might be able to shine. Could you imagine living with two so self absorbed ppl? They lash out visiously at anybody who doesn’t follow their lead. It will be a nice change.

  22. Watching Brendon walk out of the door on Thursday will complete my life. He’s gonna make some stupid speech that “exposes” Dani and I can already picture him fumbling his words and making no sense whatsoever. Oh it’ll be glorious.

  23. This would be the best show if they let them smoke weed. I wonder if they let them take Xanax in? Or Valium? Rachel and Porshe look a little zoned at times.

    1. From what Brendon said to Rachel about going to take her anxiety pills, I believe they can take Anti-depressants.

    2. I find people who do weed really boring. They just sit around acting paranoid and eating. Every once in a while someone gets all philosophical but that is it. The houseguests are boring 90% of the time. Let’s make BB a snoozefest.

  24. Wouldn’t you think that taking anti depressants would flag you from the psych screening I would assume they do now? Or I guess would hope they do?

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