Big Brother 13 – Jeff: “Porsche scares me because I dismiss her in my mind .. it will bite me in the a$$” **updated**

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8:46pm Bedroom Jordan and KaliaKalia says they have to be like white on rice with brendon and Rachel for the next 2 days. Kalia adds that Adam was approached by Brendon today and they started giving him reason to keep brendon over Jordan. Kalia thinks as long as there is always one of them around Brendon and Rachel then they won’t be able to get into anyone’s head.

Jordan thinks it’s really weird that brendon used the veto because he told everyone he wasn’t. Kalia says that brendon is going around telling people if they keep him then he will go after Dani, Kalia and Lawon and Adam will be safe for 3 weeks. Jordan says you can never tell what people will do when they are on the block. Kalia warns that is back to her old self again. Jordan frowns.

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8:50pm Lawon, Adam and Por Practicing their strip show dance.

9:10pm Dani working out, Kalia walking laps and Rachel off to the side working out.. Rachel doesn’t acknowledge them.

9:15pm JJ Kitchen Jordan is saying that Brendon was working on Adam. She fills jeff in on what kalia said. Jeff thinks Kalia is right they have to be close to Brendon for the next couple days and keep him from talking to other people. Jeff says he can’t handle Kalia anymore he’s going to lose it on her. Jordan brings up they have to talk to Shelly and adam soon jeff agrees. jeff adds that Rachel is going to be a Mess on Thursday. He mentions that after brendon is gone if Rachel wins anything she’s going to be all like “I won this for Brendon.. I did it for my fiancee”.

Jordan cannot figure out why Brendon did not use the veto on himself.. she thinks that maybe Brendon thought that Jeff was going up and he felt he might have more votes than Jeff. Jordan thinks that Rachel doesn’t have a very good chance in the game compared to Brendon. Jordan: “Not many people like her they’re going to target her”. Jordan doesn’t think Brendon really cares to go home he’s got all his research. Jeff says he can’t wait to see Kalia after the next HOH comp it’ll be like night and day she’ll be so far up their asses.

JJ head to the bathroom to talk to Shellu and Adam. they are going over their agreement and for them all to stick to it this week, Jordan tells Adam “No BackStabbing.. we have Shelly to keep you in line” Shelly warns them that her and Adam are going to be hit hard this week by Brendon’s vote they should probably talk to Lawon and Kalia.

Jeff and Adam agree rachel will be “Coo-coo for coco puffs”. Adam thinks there is a good chance Rachel will be to out there to win the HOH. Adam: “WE have to step up and win” They decide it’ll be a knock out or a eliminator. Jeff: “As long as we take out Lawon and Kalia we’re Gold” Jeff tells Adam and Shelly to knock Porsche out next. Shelly jumps in to “remind” Adam he’s saying too much to Porsche it always goes back to BR. Adam says he knows that. Jeff worried about what Porsche is going to do.
Jeff: “Porsche scares me because I dismiss her in my mind .. and she’s still here.. I don’t want it to bite me in the ass.. be like ahh man I dismissed that girl the whole trip”

Jeff leaves tells them he’s biting his tongue with Kalia because they need her vote but after Thursday he’s saying something. Adam follows.. Shelly tells Jrodan not to trust Lawon or Kalia if Shelly wins HOH she’s putting them both up..

10:13pm hasn’t been much going on.

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ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I know the Elf Bacon is like DAMN I wish I had some singles… Hope BB can spare some.

Pacer looks good in that 0.0


Porksche, put some clothes on. Thought we made it clear that we only want to see Daniele’s bod, not yours.

A Nono Moose

To me she looks f’n delectable in that outfit so keep your ‘we’ to yourself. Only thing wrong with that one picture is that it has a member of the Insane Elf Posse in it… & why does Adam have to strip anyway.


This is why Jordan is so good in this game, she is not a crazy competitor but she will sit herselve on that couch and make a connection with Lawon and Pinto. If anyone thinks she really wants to be in this conversation right now, they are crazy, she is doing it cause it will benefit her on Thursday


I want to know what swimsuit has a hood on it!?!?!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

It’s a stripper outfit… She’s pre-auditioning for her new hollowood job when she gets out…


Michelle, Me too. Looks like she’s practising her wave for her upcoming beauty pageant…LOL. And her talent is cooking, cause she thinks she getting a job on food network once she leaves the BB house. Only offers she’s getting is a porno flick HA HA HA

JJ Fan 4ever

It looks like Jordan will be staying. It looks like she has: Jeff, Kalia, Lawon, Adam, and Shelly. The 2 votes to evict Jordan will come from: Rachel and Porshe.

I am wondering too though –if Jeff was put up against Branden, where would the votes go?

I think that Branden’s still going to go home since that’s what Dani wanted and the votes to evict Branden and keep Jeff would be: Jordan, Kalia, Lawon, and possibly at least Adam or Shelly. (I could see Shelly voting to evict Jeff only because she might want to team up with Jordan).

And one last thing, I am so sick and tired of Branden and Rachel saying that they are really strong at competitions. I mean its partly true –but then again, they also told people to throw competitions.

But yeah, Branden’s toast on Thursday.

Question, if there is a twist –a good power twist who do you people think will get it? From what I can tell, there’s not a clear fan favorite like Jeff or Jordan during their season. Any thoughts?


My question is WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE throw a comp because br told them too…just INSANE that these morons have done that…EVERYONE that they have had throw a comp went home…since when did it becom BR house…B needs to go…and these other hamsters that did was BR said and are OUT of the game deserve to be (cept Cassie) because they threw comps following the advice of BR, who NEITHER even made it to the end last year…


Why does dani look like shelly in that pic old saggy and dried up

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Dealing with Rachel takes years off your appearance just look at Brendon he don’t look the same.

Day Yum Yum

Because she is young, saggy and dried-up!


Kalia is gonna be danis downfall. Whatever dani tells kalia..she goes and tell jordan then Jordan tells jeff/shelly what she is thinking

jus saying

Please tell me why that brokedown Porsche is showing us her true profession! This girl is trashy! No one wants to see your pole moves! Go put back on those nasty sweats you wear all the time!


Watching BBAD, Brendon is so awkward it’s hard to watch. He’s just not someone I could ever spend time talking to, it would be such torture. It seems like Jeff has to REALLY try to listen to his awful stories.


You know all these comments defines who y’all truly are if you were in the house would you want some one making fun of you that doesn’t even really know you pacer is probally nice out the house lay off her and Rachel probally isn’t the same either it’s just how THEY play the game it’s not you so unless they do something bad lay off.


They didn’t show it on BBAD! It went to commercial! Oh darn! (thank gosh!)

Aqua Bernie

Brendan talking about wearing sweat pants at a strip bar is so gross! EEWW! And i also think he slipped about Rachel’s friend being a stripper Oh i mean cocktail waitress. OOPS!!!


Bacon is having the time of his life. I love it

Aqua Bernie

Rachel and her puppy (Pinto bean) are meant to be friends. Trash hangs with trash!


It really hurts sometimes to see such harsh comment about ppl you don’t even know. True Rachel may be annoying and Porsche may be non existent but what have they done to be called trash?! These ppl are human beings too. It’s not easy to put your life on television for the sake of public entertainment. For whatever reason they chose to do it and its a privilege for us to watch them in this game. The harsh and profane comments towards Rachel and Brenden gotta stop. It’s sickening.




If you want to be famous and make big bucks, your life and how much you suck, what you look like, etc is up for grabs and for me to make fun of you. If you don’t want to be a part of that scene then don’t. I know if I go on BB I will have everyone making fun of me and picking me a part and I would be okay with that because the more people talk the more money would go into my pocket. That is the life of a celebrity


NO it’s a privilege that we chose to watch them embarrass themselves on national TV

BB Fan

Been reading these comments for the last few days and can not believe the hatred for B&R it’s hilarious, do you people know this is only a game. I for one would take B & R over (uneducated phoney Jordon or hard core biker chick Dani anyday of the week). Jeff I couldn’t stay in the room with for 5 mts. I happen to believe in equal rights and with his attitude I wouldn’t trust not slapping him. I couldn’t see me spending to much time with B & R either but, at least they are only annoying some of the others are disgusting……..

Jeff = chauvinistic pig
Jordan = simple minded nice girl (bit phoney)
Shelly = sneaky
Adam = floater
Dani = rough upbringing, insecure
Kalia = phoney HUGH liar, probably a lesbian
Lawon = no personality to speak of, other than being gay (which is no big deal)
Porche = wouldn’t trust her with anything
Brendon = over educated nice guy with A.D.D. (tries to hard to be liked)
Rachel = most annoying laugh, flaky but, loyal to a fault (people will always walk all over her)


blah blah blah ah shut up

Derek Arrowsmith

If Danielle says “Geniunely” one more time, I think I’m going to throw myself out my bay window at home !!


yeah it’s so old to come on this site. every other post is bashing Rachel, Brendon and Porsche. the same comments what will you talk about when they are gone. it is nice however to read comments when people talk strategy and what they think will happen. do some of you people know what you look like hanging out with your friends. your facial expressions the way you eat the way you dress the way you talk the way your nose looks like from every angle. I would love to see what some of you look like. to mock out Brendons body comes down to pure jealousy. to sit and nitpick everything about a person because you don’t like their personality on a game show is really shallow. even most of the topics are about Brendon and Rachel. WTF there is other people in the house.


I gotta wonder if BB provided that suit for Porka or did she bring it with her on the off chance there would be a bachelor party in the BB house?


Agreed, Claudia. But then again it makes it all the more sweet when Rach wins HOH because you know these people are crying somewhere. Personally I’m gonna give Brendon 5 America’s Choice votes for every disgusting comment I see and I will laugh for days if he comes back. WIN THAT HOH RAYCHELL.


WOW when did they put computers in the psych wards? These folks that actually like to watch and listen to Brenden and Rachel must be fellow NUTJOBS!!

Team Adam

So BB cast all the sweethearts 1 season……….. all the assholes 1 season what would everyone watch???


I know some of these people had to seek therapy after leaving this house. I know I do and I’m just watching.