Big Brother 13 – Different Season Same Excuse, Brendon: “You know Dani Only won HOH because She’s Short” **Updated**

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4:20pm BR backyard 420yo!

brendon is saying that Jeff ins’t going to honor his deal with dani but he isn’t going to win HOH unless he needs to safe himself or jordan. Rachel: “Do you think if we had backdoored Jeff she(dani) would of been loyal to us”
Brendon thinks she would of been.. Rachel wonders who Dani would of put up if she won HOH this week and we had backdoored jeff. Brendon thinks she would of put of Shelly and POrsche up this week. Rachel: “I don’t think so she would of put us up she the wicked witch of the HOH”. They start talking about votes.. they think they can talk to Adam and Porsche to confirm they will vote to keep Brendon.. rachel is still worred about Prosche and Lawon having an alliance. Brendon is really not worried at all about Lawon.

Porsche joins them tells them they had their first rehearsal for the bachelor party in the purple room, She tells Rachel that she needs to cheer up she was saved from eviction today. Rachel says she’s sad because her fiancee is on the block and they will be apart for the summer. Brendon mentions they were just talking about if brendon has the votes or not to stay. Prosche says her and adam are probabaly pretty nervous right now becuase if Shelly doesn’t go ahead and vote to save Brendon then JEff will be PISSED at them on thursday. Porsche really doesn’t think they can trust what Shelly will do. (What you don’t trust the straight shooter) Porsche doesn’t understand why people would not vote out Jordan she’s won 1/2 a million already.
Brendon says he’ll talk to shelly tomorrow morning during their coffee and they can maybe work something out. Rachel says Adam and Shelly have to know that if they keep brendon in the game then BR will protect them for at least 3 weeks. Brendon adds that JEff isn’t going to try hard in the game.. his targets are lawon, dani and Kalia he won’t even think about Porsche, adam and Shelly.
Brendon: “you can’t bully votes but we can offer them a good deal”

Porsche says she still thinks if they all vote out Jeff that he will be mad at them. Brendon isn’t worried about Jeff winning comps becuase if brendon stays in the house he can beat Jeff in everything. Porsche points out that it’s annoying that Jeff isn’t even worried that Jordan is on the block. She’s sure jeff has cut some deal with Dani. The chance that JJ has a deal with Dani scares Porsche, Brendon advises her not to worry so much Jeff just wanted to save himself this week. They think they can use the fact that JJ is dealing with Dani to convince Shelly and Adam to vote to keep BRendon. (There is no way on earth that Shelly will vote out Jordan NO WAY I will eat my keyboard if she does)
Brendon says the simple fact that Jeff isn’t up on the block shows somehting is up with them this week but next week it’ll be a different story. Rachel says that the Adam’s and Shelly are going to get picked off these next couple weeks Porsche is safe. Brendon adds that they need to take out Kalia and Lawon if its a HOH knock out comp. He suggests they take Kalia out first.
rachel asks why Kalia first?
brendon: “Lawon is a idiot.. I really know he is”
Porsche: “How can you say that you don’t know”
Brendon: “HE’S A IDIOT” brendon adds they really don’t need to worry about Lawon winning anything.
Porsche says she only thinks shelly or Kalia will put her up. Rachel disagrees she says a lot of people in the house would put Porsche up. Porsche asks like who. Rachel doesn’t want to say.
Rachel thinks that Dani is worst than Britney what Dani did to Rachel was unforgettable.. they will never be friends. Rachel: “I won’t talk to dani for the rest of the summer”

Brendon adds that Dani is too prideful and stubborn to admit she made the biggest mistake in BB history. POrsche says that Dani told her that you all planned to evict her this week. Brendon: “You know who wanted to get rid of you.. It was lawon and Kalia” . brendon says kalia will only vote out the people “Whoever did not treat her differently for being black.. because that is a rampant problem around her”

5:00pm Adam joins them They start working Team BAcon for his vote (Shit is going to go crazy in the BB house BR have already starting working people for votes yo)

They briefly talk about how the players last year were perceived by the fans. adam gives them his opinion about the houseguests. Mentions that People felt really bad for brit after she was sent packing by the brigade. brendon says it was karma that brits house burnt down because she was such a evil person. They throw some digs at her for dumping her fiancee and moving..

They tell Adam that they are not going to tell him who to vote for he has to play his own game and make his own moves. Brendon isn’t going to throw Jeff under the bus only give his option and the benefits of keeping him in the house. Brendon thinks that Adam should really think about the benefits of keeping brendon in the game over Jrodan. brendon points out that with BR int he house they will win the Next HOH up nobody will care about Jordan going home in 2 weeks. Brnedon adds that he;s going home because they stood up for Jeff and didn’t backdoor him last week. Rachel points out that Jrodan has already won 500K and Jeff has done 3 CBS shows now. brendon brings up that he’s not hinding his targets it’ll be Kalia, Dani and Lawon, “You all know I will win the HOH comps and the POVs to take those player out”. Adam understands what they are saying. rachel chimes in says it all comes down to one thing keeping brendon in the house keep adam safe because everyone will be targeting Jordan. Adam says the thing that makes it hard is noth JJ and BR are great people, Brendon agrees. Brenodn says that JJ hae a deal with dani so if Jeff wins HOH next week guess who he’s putting up.. Adam and Porsche. Brendon: “Jeff’s Been bullying you all throughout this game and throwing you under the buss” Adam: “He’s been putting things in perceptive lets just say..” Brendon keeps on sayign he’s not going to be throwing Jeff/Jordan under the bus but he says it like this, “I’m not going to throw Jordan under the bus… All I know is I don’t have 1/2 million dollars” .. They start talking about twists being in the game. Adam mentions that if they were going to bring someone back then it will be this week or next week. Brendon points out that a lot of pepole made deals with dani and if you didn’t then you’re the target. HE is sure Jeff made a deal. Adam understands that dani is building a army to protect her next week. Brendon: “You know Dani Only won HOH because She’s Short”.

Shelly joins them. they start talking about final 4 final 3. Shelly says if she’s in the final 3 with BR then she’ll throw them the game and let the kids just starting out have the money. Brendon tells them to not stop fighting anything can happen in the Big Brother House. She asks them how many votes are needed.. Racehl says 4 . Shelly counts that they ahve enough, Shelly, Adam, Rachel and POrsche. Brendon tells Shelly that JEff has a deal with Dani, Rachel asks if Shelly will vote for Brendon. Shelly, shelly says she hasn’t figured it out yet. Adam brings up that Dani is a smart girl but she makes stupid game decisions. rachel says she acts like she’s 16, Shelly says Kalia acts like she’s 10.

5:38pm Adam and Shelly they briefly talk about their solid 4 being JJ + Shelly + Adam. Shelly wants the Newbies to win in the end, Adam would just like to see a pair of older players make it. Both agree that Brendon made good points but they were not good enough given the strength of the position they are in.

5:46pm Backyard Dani and Adam Dani is asking him that Jordan is really worried because she’s seen rachel and brendon dancing around happy and they might have a deal made to save brendon. Adam says that BR are trying very hard. Adam: “as a gamer there is pros and cons but for my game there is more cons”. Dani can understand the Pros for him and that is why she came to talk to him she thinks given how strong brendon is in the house and the fact that BR are a Pair it’s really a good move to get him out. Adam Agrees says BR are trying hard but “It’s Not Working”. Dani wants to be able to tell Jordan not to worry does can she do that. Adam says unless there is a big change in the house like a twist or someone unforeseen he’s not going to be changing his mind.

5:55pm Outdoor lockdown

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“Rachel: “I don’t think so she would of put us up she the wicked witch of the HOH”.

Hahahaaa!!! That’s so funny, ‘cuz last year….right after Rachel showed up with the flying monkeys, a big black house fell on her and all we could see were her striped socks and black shoes curling up at the toes.


ROFLMAO!!!! Will, well done! I heart you!!!


AWWWW shit now…. it’s the “We are the Victims Pity Party Whine Remix” Got DJ Pacer Mc Skeletor ;-p


Brendon needs to move on. Why the hell is he still mad at Britney? And he went too far with saying she deserved to have her house burned down.


Couldn’t agree more with everything you said. The sad thing is, they’ll watch all the coverage of the show when it’s over (cause they’re that much in love …. with themselves!) and still see themselves as the victims and, everyone else as the lying, backstabbing, unworthy sore losers that they themselves in fact are.


I agree, I don’t understand why Brendon’s still holding a grudge. The things Ragan said were equally as bad and now he and Brenchel are friends.


I don’t know why Simon had to put this title but if it’s make you happy then who cares……….do you guys think that there’s a chance Bredon might stay ?? what if Shelly and Adam vote for Brendon to stay i think this would be a good gameplay for Porshe she would have B/R protecting her what do you guys opinion abt this matter


it’s the TRUTH, I know it hurts.


Pls, save BR, i want them to run this house…


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh wait, shit, were you serious? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh, no one could be that much of a glutton for punishment. Brendan, the “fat lady” is warming up! Start packing.




:-) Nuf said!



Big Jeff

What is Shelly thinking? This is going to blow up in her face this time…
This should be an interesting week – who do you think is going to flip?
Thank you Simon & Dawg – I spend more time with you lately than I should ;)


Aside from the fact they are consumed with the competition which gets annoying hearing the same story over and over why save Jeff or Jordon how is that a Strong alliance what has Jeff done?I’ve been watching since day on and the love feeds he smokes drinks plays pool swears a lot and says rude stuff to his so called girlfriend.Honestly Jeff himself is one of the biggest floaters.All you ever hear him saying is let so an so win hoh or let so and so win pov.I loved JJ their season this season she sleeps he smokes.Then as they talk about backstabbing they have how Many “deals” or variations.Do people realize how boring the game will be with Brendan and Rachel gone.OMG I waste the last 3 weeks of last year the house was beyond boring to watch.Even now how everyone is separated I’m sick of watching Kalia an Dani and listening to kalia and her “plans” she’s on her own special island that one.




Kalia is crazy as all get out. She needs to disappear


AMEN!!! I loved JJ on their season, even loved them on Amazing Race but I am not a fan this season. Especially of Jeff’s! Dani said it right when she said that Jeff gets good editing. Everyone in the house has mentioned the way Jeff treats Jordan not to mention he has been super disrespectful to other women in the house. He’s a super hypocritical albeit not as bad as BR(no one’s that delusional) but he does everything he calls everyone else out for. This has to be the worst casted group ever. The only person I could stomach actually winning this game is Dani or possibly Jordan AGAIN. Kalia, Lawon, and Keith are the worst African Americans ever casted on Big Brother and I have watched this show from the start. If some major twist doesn’t happen soon I don’t know how much more I can stand.


Brendon is a goner yo, the B/R machine will soon be over.



Word yo and I can’t to see the look on Rachel’s face when she see’s Dom walk back in the door instead of the NeanderTal.


NOOOO SHELLY!!!! Is this her playing the game…she gave her word!!! WOW!!! this is going to be an interesting week!!!


I think we all know shellys word is as useless as rachels attempt to change her image.


Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly’s word is about as good as that expired scratch off lottery ticket I have-WORTHLESS.


Her WORD!!! You mean like when she gave her WORD to JJ for final 4, or her WORD to Dani to do what she wants if she is not put up on the block, or her WORD to Adam to stick together (old Crew alliance). Her WORD is NOT trustworthy. Dani and Kalia are the only ones that see that her roses really smell like boo boo.


i like that the O C A





The Meow Meow

Yo, I’m pulling for Dani but it doesn’t look good for her next week. Her only hope is Kalia. But if Kalia does win then mad grenades are droppin. Mostly on Rachel’s parrot face…


There it is…first I hear Shelly’s motive. She is right, a Vet can’t win. Bringing Adam into her game will be smart. four this will give Shelly the winning…but ALOT of twist and Dani in front of them!!


I’m greatly intrigued at the idea of Simon eating his keyboard! Too bad there’s no chance of this happening.

obsessed with BB

I think I may be getting too emotionally involved with this show because everytime I hear/see Brendon I want to punch him in his face. How can him and Rachel be soooo delusional?? The arrogance is just so off putting. It’s like he believes him and Rachel the only people who deserve to win BB. Also why is he so mad at Kalia? It’s like he’s more angry with her than he is with Dani and Dani put them up.


Hahaha!! I thought I was the only one who has such a ridiculously strong dislike for Brendon and cannot wait till Thursday!




If and when Dani is evicted I want Rachel to say: “Vegas Rachel is back and NO ONE comes between ME and MY man!” WILL BE THE MOST EPIC LINE EVER!


can’t wait for next week eviction ooooops Dani is leaving


Keep on eating those magic mushrooms.


No one in their right mind would ‘come’ between her and her man. He jacks off to guys and she gets paid by her clients with alcohol.

No thank you!



Which A-hole Will Win?



Great work on the posts ….my God, how do you get all this work done.. Bravo


everyone keeps saying that dani putting up brenchel was not personl just game but wouldnt it of made sense for her to of put up J&J? if they were in the final 2 (either 1) next to dani they’d win.




Shelly claims to have BR’s back…let’s see if she had lied again!


She’s lying… but this time it’s a good thing


Jeff may have a perfect opportunity to regain his fans if Adam tells him about all the smack talking Brendon has done about him then Jeff confronts Brendon telling everyone that B is the biggest and most untrustworthy douch in the universe and he was stupid to ever believe a word of what BR said.


Jeff will never regain his fans. NEVER EVER


who cares if it was personal, if I hate your guts, I’m not going to bake a cake for you. Team Dani, Team Adam!!!


If I hate someone’s guts I might still bake them a cake but it ill have to put coco-lax in with the chocolate mix ;-p


I think that’s what the chocolate flavor laxative is called ?


I hope they send Jordon home. Rachel nor Brendon will win BB. Jordon and Jeff have two huge chances. I would get rid of them ASAP


I hope they bring Jessie back. Cassi was boring and looks psycho. Keith is a loser. I want Jessie to redeem himself.


Jeff hasnt lost his loyal fans! I just adore him and Jordan! Team JJ!


If Brendon and Rachel were any good they wouldn’t have major targets on their heads every season. They are the worst players ever, they think the social game is floating. Umm that being said Shelly and Adam are idiots. Of course you keep Brendon. By keeping Brendon you have Rachel Porsche and Brendon going after Kahlia Lawon and dani- and vice versa. All you have to do is throw competitions for 4 weeks and you’re sitting pretty. Ugh these newbies are just fans they aren’t at all players. Not to mention the fact that you can win the money against Brendon you won’t beat Jordan in the final 2. Loyalty to Jordan gets you nothing! Loyalty to Brendon gets you a major target, someone who wins comps, and someone who you know for sure is going after other people. I want Dani to win as much as anyone else but Shelly and Brendon are stupid.


I second the ‘chat room’ motion! Checkout Meebo. It lets you out a chat window up on the front page of your site. It would be much easier while the comps are going on or while you are actually lfu’ing so there may be less of a wait for the comments to be confirmed.


This the first of 2 bad weeks. The second is when Rach is being evicted. They are insane b/c they have thought for weeks that they have already won 500k.
Now everyone is stealing their money. They knew they had this won weeks before BB13 started. This is felony robbery to Brenchel. It’s worse than BB12.


The only reason brendon & rachel were put up is because dani’s plan backfired to backdoor jeff blew up in her face she went up to the hoh room time after time making a push for jeff to get backdoored brendon & rachel logical thinkers are like why is she pushing for this so hard for this to happen that’s where dominic comes in at it would be those 4 as a new alliance b&r d&d so dani made him more of a threat to them than he needed to be it’s dani’s fault not rachel’s letting him stay in the game & her being able to play in all competitions now dominic would have sure enough gotten one of them out in a heart beat


wow.. there is no punctuation in that paragraph at all. Geezus Chrise!


Who the hell is Geezus Chrise and why is his pretending to be Jesus Christ he can take those shades and trench coat off and stop begging people for their money it’s just another drunk crazy white dude…. LMFAO


Rachel doesn’t need drugs, she needs an escorted ambulance right to the psyche ward and take that hunch back twisted punk Brendan with her.


Dick was the oldest person to Win BB right???

I'm your biggest fan

If bren goes home, will we get to see more crying from Rat-chel, I love all the crying and the pouting. If that lower lip sticks out any further she will trip over it. I love it when she demands all the attention, “look at me!!! Look at meeeee!!!! Its all about me, my wants and needs are the only thing that everyone should be tending toooooo!!!!! Please let Rat-chel stay.


between shelly and casey anthony i dont know which one of them to give this award too


was casey anthony a former BB HG? why is everybody keep talking about her??


She is the newest OJ Simson! Casey Anthony is a young party girl from FL who is widely believed to have killed her daughter. Then she blamed her dad, her brother, and I think her mother, and finally said it was an accident… She is a sicko for sure and she was just found not guilty after years in jail.


Well if she’s anything like OJ she will start acting a fool and get changed on some bullshit charge later and they’ll charge her for the murder anyways ;-p


I think she’s already acting up. I read somewhere she is asking $1.5M to give interviews. Although I thought she was in hiding in some undisclosed location due to all the death threats.




Casey Anthony is the woman recently acquitted of murdering her toddler daughter in FL. Huge trial with many discrepancies. Most people feel she got away with murder.


Really? Casey Anthony is the woman who killed her daughter then lied about her being with a non-existent nanny/babysitter for over a month. She wanted to party and the kid was cramping her style. The jury (wrongly) Acquitted her of all charges. It was the major story in the news for the past few months. Do you guys live under a rock or something? ;)P


LOL Simon! You are the *most* dedicated BB person I have never met.

Porche's Gut

I want the tears to wash away the cover up this week


I saw a post go by on the main page about why Dick had to pull out of the competition but can’t find it now… Was that real? Anybody have the scoop?


im really starting to think brendan hates black peopel the eway he talks about lawon and kalia is sounding like a racist he doesnt talk down to other players like them, i dunno could be worn g but got a feeling k b rendan leave kalia wins hoh and dominic comes back


yea she could to i knew from the start she wont win shes being used shelly, sisded to early, and i dont care people who lie its a game about lying but lying about lying wtf,i want her to be callled out and for her to say two classes people umm look in front of u brendand and rachel and everyopne else who never cheered, also so lets say kalia doesnt win and kalia is n ominated lets say dani win pov can she save kalia and both be safe or only won hopefully kalia or lawon wins


When shelly called Kalia and Dani ‘truly classless people’ after she fell in the HOH comp, I couldn’t help but wondering ‘as compared to who? Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, yourself?’


Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly has a problem with the truth and giving up cigarettes and her addiction to Fox News.


LMAO ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Brendon talks down to everyone like that, he’s just a douchbag :P Kalia is just annoying.. that’s why almost everyone belittles her. I hate when people turn everything into a race thing.


to be fair, that challenge is 100 percent a challenge that they feed for shorter people

its just fact, it would be near impossible if you have a 6 inch advantage in height, to win that


Can’t wait for the Cockroach couple to leave(J/J) but the good news is that The queen of the Cockroaches(DANI) is leaving next week a Toast to her karma is really a bitch so much for this power move she thinks she’s gonna be remembered for evicting Brendon omg Dani get a life you were always the 5th person in the vets no one did care for you……………………i’m gonna be laughing hard this thursday when rachel gets hoh can’t wait


I will bet you an apology that Dani does NOT go home next week. Whoever loses, apologizes. Deal?


DEAL all the way……….. can”t wait for you apologizing to me when Dani is getting the boot


I’ll sweeten the deal, If you win Guy I’ll make you an I Love Brenchel Collage ;-p


if DeAnne wins It’ll be a Whinechel Collage


No worries. I won’t be the one apologizing. I have BB history to back up my side of the argument, lol.

Thanks Will. Looking forward to the ‘montage/pictage’


Anyone who wants to see more of Brendon being a complete ass and Rachel being a whiney bitch, is just as delusional as Brenchel are.

Once again, they are getting what they deserve.


B&R haters out there. Alot you people must of been lazy, kiss ass, loafers in life! Probably still is. That’s why you guys cheer 4 those bacon team. So kiss my @$$! Brendon & Rachel win comps. Keep it real you perverts!


I cannot figure who Shelly is going to vote to stay. She just told Brendon that he has her vote to stay, Jordon already won. She may have won but after taxes in California and the Internal Revenue there more than likely was not even close to $500,000.

Maybe during their break this summer, because Rachel will be in the jury house, Brendon can get his head together and decide if he wants to deal with this very immature, low self esteem person. Frankly I think if he was fulfilled he would have not have done the Skype thing. He may have some issues also.
I am a Jeff and Jordan fan, they are very nice people.
Dani is one of the biggest liars, right after she won HOH, she told Jordan that she was safe and would not be put on the block. She lied, there were others that she could put on the block: Porche and Shelly…..and that terrific player Lawon. Hope she goes home next week.


She didn’t tell Jordan she wouldn’t put her on the block. She told her she was safe. There is a difference. Jordan is totally not her target. She needed to put up someone she could guarantee had the votes to stay,which ensures that Brendon gets evicted.


Jordan also volunteered to go on the block.


The vote will be 7 to 1, Brendon you are evicted from the big brother house. No doubt about it.


Sorry, but you need to redo your math….only 7 are voting.


Rachel – Jordan
Porsche – Brendon
Jeff – Brendon
Kalia – Brendon
Lawon – Brendon
Adam – Brendon
Shelly – Brendon

I stand corrected, the vote will be 6-1.
Unless Dom comes back this week before the vote then he too will vote Brendon out.
Brendon, you gone!


Don’t you love it when hypocrits say… I’m not gonna throw so and so under the bus but… And then proceed to throw so and so under the bus?

Where’s your brain?


I am still a Jeff fan, so I am sure he doesn’t have to regain fans cause many of us are still his fans.
Yep, Brendone going home will make Rach a mess, which is good. And as for the comment about why wouldn’t you stick with them (BR)…well, they may protect you for awhile but it would be hard to beat them in comps. They get Vetos.


Am I the only one that wants Shelly to vote out Jordan just to see Simon follow through on eating his keyboard?


HAHA! Sounds like you might need some ketchup.


What was that about Brittney’???


Perectly said!!!!!


That was a petty and spiteful thing to say about Brit (she deserved to have her house burn down because she’s evil). So my question to Ratbait is… What do you think you deserve for being evil?


My mouth dropped open when I heard him say that about Brit. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised with it being Brendon and all but still, he’s aware the live feeds are on right? Team Dani all the way.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Damn he said that? piece of shit

I just wonder what Brendon and Rachel are gonna get for being evil, Maybe one of Rachel clients will do something bad to them?




Hey wasn’t the HoH thing completely rigged this time. I mean, they had to measure each person for height, and you could easily allow someone more ground leverage and another person much less. If you are getting to use your legs more because your skis are closer then it doesn’t matter how much of a wimp you are you are basically at a huge advantage over a more athletic person forced to hold their weight with their arms.

does this make sense or am I missing it? I mean if Danni has leverage with her feet its easy…….they could have easily made it no feet and see how can hang the longest which would take more bias out of it, but with the legs that is where the fix is in, no?

that game looked very rigged to me. You can see how the guys are totally struggling almost right away. Its BS. I don’t think it had as much to do with size as it did with the leverage allowed by your feet FOR SOME and not all.

You can see Kahlia and Danni you can see there arms they aren’t having to use them yet they are easily supporting their own weight, thats becasue they can use their legs becasue the skis are closer or am i completely missing it?

Jeff was in hell so quickly so was Brendon, i think its because their feet were barely touching the skis so their arms burned out real quick.

I don’t know maybe im misunderstanding the contest someone help me.