Big Brother 12 spoilers: RAGAN AND RACHEL GO OFF ON EACH OTHER IN THE BACKYARD!! Watch it all on flashback!!!

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4:50pm Rachel comes down stairs with Enzo and they go out into the backyard. Rachel tell everyone that he has to talk to everyone …so who ever is next. Matt says that he’ll come up and talk to her. They head up to the HOH room. Rachel tells Matt that she was told at elimination that she may get to see the inside of the house again. Matt says that he thought she was the saboteur and that she had some kind of power. Rachel says she wishes she had some power. Then Rachel says that she did get to come back for 24 hours though… Rachel says that you guys were so mean to me last week. Matt says that she was mean too. Rachel says yeah. Matt says everyone here would have done the same thing and put both of them up. Matt says that he wants to explain to her that he did not get any money from Pandora’s box. Rachel says well what about them going through your stuff. Matt says the dollar was on top of his open bag. Matt says he thinks that Pandora’s Box is catered to whoever wins head of household. Matt says that he thinks America is voting on everything. Rachel says it might have been catered to who the HOH is, but they knew she might be coming back. Matt says that he swears. Rachel says you can swear on anything and then go into the jury room and laugh about it. Matt says that not everybody is that way, he wouldn’t. Matt says that he also doesn’t think that Kathy and Britney would be the type of people to swear to her and then go into the diary room and laugh about it. Rachel says that she got a bit of a chance to relax and that just by reading a book she could feel the pressure leaving her. Rachel laughs and says that she feels like she is the HOH. Matt says he doesn’t think he was really that mean. Rachel asks your good bye message? The feeds cut out. Matt says they can cut it any way they want to make it look different ways. Rachel says that she honestly thinks his was the first one and that she didn’t pay that much attention to it. Rachel says she was shocked when she left the house. Matt says that he thought both Brendon and Rachel were better at different skills. Rachel says that now she can have the last laugh because they made the wrong decision keeping Brandon who won HOH. Matt laughs that he didn’t vote. Rachel says that their season just made history this week. Rachel says that we are the first season that they ever brought somebody back for 24 hours. Matt says that it feels like she has been gone for at least a week. Matt says that days are a lot longer as a have not.

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Rachel asks Matt why he wouldn’t work with her. Rachel says that she really wanted them to work together because they were the only one winning the competitions. Rachel asks why as a competitor were we on opposite sides of the house? Matt says I don’t know, I’m not in this alliance with Ragan, it all overlaps. Matt says that he likes Lane and Britney and by the time the final two happens you will know what happened. Matt says that his alliance is himself and that he is going to do what will be the best for himself. Matt says that putting both of you up was a power play for him. Rachel says that they were the easiest people for Matt to put up and that it was a cop out. Rachel says that she sees his game play, but why wouldn’t you keep us in the game…. We are the three of the strongest players in the game!! Matt says he wanted to be the strongest player in the house! Rachel tells Matt that’s egotistical. Matt says yeah, it may be ….bite me in the Arse. Matt asks Rachel if she has heard anything about what the fans think of them and him. Rachel says that she doesn’t know anything about him at all, and that she hasn’t asked any questions about him. Matt asks if everyone loves Enzo? Rachel says that Enzo has a lot of fans. Matt asks if she found out that Brendan was the saboteur would she be shocked? Rachel says that she would be shocked! Rachel says that she has a suspicion of who it is…. Rachel says that she didn’t think it was Matt. Rachel asks Matt who he thinks is going to be evicted. Matt says he doesn’t know who will be on the block because Ragan won the POV. Matt says that it may be him. Matt says that he didn’t get to play for the POV. Matt says that he thinks it will be himself or Lane seeing her next week. Rachel says she hopes it’s not him (Matt). Matt tells Rachel that Ragan and Britney have been crying a lot. Rachel says and he accused me of crying a lot? Rachel says he cries about everything and anything …and he called me a bad sport because I lost the POV. Matt and Rachel end their conversation and head down to the kitchen.

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5:30pm Britney is talking to Lane. Britney tells Lane that she will cry if he leaves. Britney says it will be worse than Monet leaving the house. Lane says that she’ll forget about him after a week or two. Britney says no she wont. Britney says that if she comes to jury after him, they will have fun. Lane asks her what she means? Britney says that they will have a party. Lane asks if it will be a make-out party. Britney yells no….we’ll make friendship bracelets or something…. Lane says that he doesn’t want to do that.

5:40pm Kathy comes up to the HOH room to talk to Rachel. Rachel asks Kathy why she didn’t tell her that they were voting to keep Brendon? Kathy says that she didn’t know… that she is not in that circle. Kathy tells Rachel that Brendon has been really supportive of her, Hayden and Enzo. Kathy tells Rachel that how last night and this morning she had a really weird feeling about something just not being right. Kathy tells Rachel that she talked to Brendon this morning and told him all about it. Rachel tells Kathy that the messages from the other house guests were edited to not be nice. Rachel says that Britney said that her message was a nice one. Kathy says that she is sorry that she had to vote that way. Kathy says that she was obligated because they scared her with the stupid saboteur. Kathy says they kept on saying if anyone votes different they will be accused of being the saboteur. Kathy says Rachel you told me to play the game and do what’s best for me, so that’s what I did. Rachel asks why Kat didn’t tell her. Kat says she didn’t know in time. Rachel says that she would love to mess up Matt. Rachel says that Britney needs to grow the BLANK up…. girlfriend has got some issues. Rachel says Britney thinks she’s a princess… she is 22 years old….she needs to grow up. Kathy says that she thought you’d be nice. Rachel says BLANK nice, I’m back 24 hours and I have 24 hours to mess up people’s games. Kathy says that we saw your face and heard you… and that she was like when Rachel walked in the door. Kathy starts talking about the competition and then tells Rachel that she didn’t have a Dad growing up and that she has never been near a man her whole life. Kathy tells Rachel that she had no idea how to un-tie any of those knots in that competition. Rachel says she just wants to compete against Matt. She pleads with Big Brother to bring her back for an endurance comp against Matt. Rachel says it would be an insane endurance, she wouldn’t stop, they would have to come and take her off.

6:20pm Rachel goes out to the backyard to taunt Ragan with some cookies because she knows he cant eat any. RACHEL AND RAGAN ARE GOING OFF ON EACH OTHER!! They are throwing insults back and forth. YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS ON FLASH BACK!!

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who wants to watch that bullshit again!!!!!!!!


Lots of Drama!! Love that things are being stirred up in the house. Finally, it is worth watching!! :o)


The house is blowing up. I’m checking all the sites. No one can keep up with the Ragan Rachel fight. Rachel told him he wasn’t good at being gay. Really?!??


Ragan needs to go!!!
He makes fun of Rachel for crying when she’s on the block but this whole week he’s been the biggest cry baby! .




1. she never said that… trying to bring homophobia into it just because ragan is gay is homophobic in itself.
2. it’s “you’re” not “your”
3. your shift key must be broken, because you used wayyy too many caps


that was worth the cost of the feeds.


bb is loving the drama right now, thats why rach is there.the house is basically upside down now. now i think they have split kathy, hay, enzo and bren against the rest. poor bren doesnt get to see anything


Watching Rachel, who is a worthless waste of space, get owned like that was worth every minute of time wasted watching this house. If you don’t have the live feeds, this is worth every cent, and every hassle of dealing with Real media.


It was completely worth the cost of the feeds! Too bad that CBS will probably have to cut it and won’t be able to show it to the audience in its entirety.


Yeah, they chop the hell out of this show to fit whatever story they want it to fit. If you watch the British version of BB (totally different) they have an episode, it seems, every night and less is edited out. They’re also a little less coddling and stir the pot a little more. Production likes to calm these guys down and it ruins a good screaming match. One incident with a steak knife and everybody’s jumpy…


ragan was just crying yesterday. i hope he leaves next week


I REALLy expected Ragan to be the bigger person when it came to Rachel. I bet He’s losing fans by the minute.
I didn’t like how the brigade thought they were going to the final four for weeks now, but they deserve it more than all those other idiots in that house.


Sorry, you’re wrong. Ragan created super-fans with that fight. WOW. He didn’t let himself be bullied and he didn’t speak bullcrap — after watching everyone kissing R’s butt all afternoon (Enzo and Kathy especially), Rachel was on a power high and thought she could taunt Ragan and boost her own ego even further — and Ragan DID NOT TAKE the taunting and he didn’t kiss up to her — indeed, he told her a few real truths…including that she’ll learn someday to be a better person and dislike how she acted. GOOOOOO Ragan!


No he lost them! Correction! LOL


Sorry, but you’re wrong. Regan just became a rock star in my opinion, by rightly taking the red menace down a few pegs. I think he spoke for everyone who has been forced to watch this vomit-inducing, fake hair and eyelash wearing, sex on camera having, punctuating every sentence with a Pee-wee Herman laugh, hag when he went back at her. I mean, other than you maybe. I don’t like it when people go off on someone undeserved. When it’s justified, and those hypocrites get their comeuppance, then it’s sweet. Once again, she starts it, taunting with the cookies because he is on slop, and he could not take it anymore and let her have it. Good for him


totally lost them. sorry ragan, but you’re blowing it.


GO Ragan, next throw water on the witch, see if she melts. What a world What a world


Ragan is an egotistical, pompous, pretentious gay person, who likes to cause drama and then when other drama addicts spit back he too gets just like them… some professor he purports to be. Im no longer a fan of Ragan, he’s deplorable.


Britney needs to grow up? Rachel needs to take a look in the mirror b/c she is just as bad if not worse as britney. What’s up bitches Vagas is back! thank goodness for the hgs that it is only for 24 hrs.


Why do people like Ragan again? He’s a terrible person.


Ragan is the shit. He and Britney are the only two in that house with brains. LOVE them.


No Ragan is a loser


Ragan sucks!!!!!!!!


Does Rachel get to decide who goes up when Ragan uses the veto?


it’s super lame you aren’t telling us about Ragan and Rachels fight! Obviously I read your website because I don’t have access to the live feeds! I’d rather not have to check another website to hear about the fight!



Dont like it? Buh Bye!


… are you serious?? You think they can instantly type a summary of an entire fight and post it in .0002 seconds for your convenience? I appreciate that they took the time to let us know what is going on and am happy to wait until they post the entire thing in a short while.


I wish it written about here also, I dont have the live feeds so I wont get to see it but oh well. And I dont know about any other sites to look at to be able to read it WAAA WAAA WAAA lol did I sound like Regan LOL


live feeds only cost 39.00… Pay Simon that amount and I am sure he will post every damn word.. Do you even donate to him.. Go away.


sweet geezus people, give them some time.. 99.999% of the time they are the first to post and report what is going on, seriously, I know I check. Dawg and simon scoop everyone. this is the first time in 40 days or so that something wasn’t reported first, calm down and stop complaining. we need simon and Dawg in our lives.


im so sick of ragan. he is drama queen, cries about everything and evreyone is his “friend”. he is a loser has probably no real friends in the real world and im just pissed that he will be in the bb house for another week of the cry fest. he makes me sick i hope he slits his wrists if they put him up on the block again, his crying for matt, brittney, and kristen is anoying. i hope kathy wins hoh and nominates ragan and gets him out that would be great than he can cry in the jury house about it all summer.


I like Ragan again. He straight up ripped her a new asshole. All she could do was stand there in shock.


he is just cocky for winning POV………if Rachel would have been let in sooner she would have seen the big cry baby and all is glory…..

I think he was named after Ragan from the Exorcist…..


The only reason why he won is because brit sat out,lol.


The more I see of Ragan and/or Britney the more I think we are seeing nothing different than we’d see from them OUTSIDE of the BB House. They both cry for sympathy when things don’t go their way and are bitchy & ridiculously immature when they make fun of people behind their backs constantly like a bunch of 3rd graders. Those aren’t traits you develop quickly just because you’re on a glorified game show…that’s who they are.


I know…I can’t imagine what horible people actually like them…it makes me wonder how horible they must be to like someone so fake and disgusting


agree totally


Hey Dawg, what bet did you lose to have to take on this afternoon/evening shift? Don’t forget to DONATE to the site, people!


rachel is soo messed up. i am just hoping brendon doesnt defend her when he finds out


what she do what she do???? i thought she was sooo innocent and not nasty to anyone??????


Awesome fight!!! Rachel got exactly what she deserved and more!!!!

At the end-she just froze in time and space for several minutes with her evil look.
She thought she was soo cool for being back in the house, but when Ragan told her that the real reason she was back was that her boyfriend opened the Pandora box and unleashed the most horrible thing in the house-and that thing was her. Wow!!!! She thought she was the prize.

I am the saboteur

Wow Dawg, you weren’t kidding about that Rachel / Ragan blowup. Rachel is not very swift, and Ragan ripped her a new one at the end. Rachel was speechless! HAHAHA!


after Ragan ripped Rachel, she just stood there in silence for about 10 minutes!!


I never thought someone could be so defensive. I mean Ragan acts as if he has not excepted his homosexuality. He is really going at Rachel saying she doesn’t like gay people. Does he really believe Rachel is discriminating against him? I never thought that. He is so dramatic.


she insulted the whole gay community when she said he must not be gay because he wasn’t being a big enough bitch. shes out of here.. cheer on someone that is still left in the game..


You are kidding right? The gay community would laugh and agree. They like to be called BLANK.


Ragan got owned this bitch boy got 2 go………..i love rachel nice twist bb…rachel needs to F UP these hG’S mind,i have a question how do we know that brendon did not get CDT ???


And she’s still not more of a hypocrite than Ragan and Brit. At least she doesn’t pretend to be their friend and then talk about them behind their backs. Ragan and Brit are teh worst kinds of hypocrite, and two faced. He has the nerves to accuse someone of discriminating against gay people. IF he was comfortable with himself than he shouldn’t care what someone thinks. I mean why does Rachel seems to phase him so much if he can’t stand her, he’s always talking about her, sounds like jealousy to me. No one dwells that much on a person they don’t like.


It’s because shes banging Brendon and he wishes he was DUH LOL

Other K

Rachel does actually talk about Britney behind her back. Not as mean as Britney does cause Rachel isn’t smart enough to come up with the clever insults Britney does, but she still does. Britney’s playing this game, she’s a fighter. She’s obviously going to pretend to be their friend when they decide if she goes home or not. She’s going to try and stay on their good side.


Hey “Blah” I hope your transcribing this “slap down, ho down” in the backyard for all of us not on the feeds. Much appreciated if you could!

dum dum ragan

where is flashback??


The only ones who are criticizing Ragan didn’t see the fight. Rachel told Kathy BEFORE she went downstairs that she was going to taunt Ragan asking him if he wants cookies and then saying, oh, I’m so sorry you can’t because you are a have-not –na na na na. Kathy said, oh and we have plenty of cookies (Kathy, lazy but a instigator). So then Rachel goes downstairs (Kathy follows) grabs the cookies and does exactly what she said she would. And instead of Ragan taking the crap from her, he unleased a can of wup-a** and really well-spoken wup-a** for most of it (while Rachel’s taunts continued to be stupid). Rachel ended up at the end staring for a good couple of minutes at the door that Ragan had just gone through. Then Rachel came inside, tried to get sympathy from the brigade for the fight, and Enzo sort of gave her sympathy (two-faced super schmuck).


Rachel and Ragan made up.


Mad grenades for Ragan, at least he’s not a total loss. To bad he gets 20G’s for doin shit.


sure rachel is messed up but she knows this

ragen lives in a world where hes a good guy….problem being no one else lives in that world


I am so over Kathy now………………….telling Kathy she missed her smell!!! What a crock. Enzo stinks too. I’m glad Lane reminded Enzo that Rachel started the fight in the yard, not Ragen and Enzo wanted to act dumb about it. Lane said you were there, you know she started it. Can’t stand Enzo now either.


Whoops! Kathy telling Rachel she missed her smell.


i didn’t hear that part. was Kat being scarcastic?

Jewish ninja

That was a lot of mental and emotional stability and composure on display. (A dose of irony, on me.)


that was by far the best thing ive seen all season! Rachel was stunned completely! Ragan had ur on hush mouth for a minute straight! yup yup! hahahahah WITCH FROM HELL! ha! Now she kissing ass


Ragan and Matt are butt buddy homos.


So mean of CBS to send Rachel back to “bully” the house guests again, mess with their heads and game. “I’m back bitches” what a classy woman from Vegas and N.C., NOT!


all cbs cares about is ratings


I cannot stand Regan or that cock-eyed biotch Brittany. I can’t believe they were chosen because of the way they “talked”about other people. They are what bores me to hell when I watch this season. Hate Brenchel all you want but at least they were entertaining. Matt is despicable. Lane = ZZZZZZZZ. Yo Enzo…win it all.


I agree!!! Ragan is a hypocrite and Britney has annoying eyes, and her superiority complex is old.


Yo! You got dat right. Britchney and Ontheragan are the worst. Get rid of them now!

huey bear

You’d think Rachel would spend this time helping Brendon’s game rather than trying to settle old scores.
Or maybe start an AA chapter in ther house.


he opened pandora’s box and disappeared for 24 hours

BigBrothers Big Brother

This game has turned into a bad knock off of the ‘Real Housewives’ show on Bravo with all this contrived drama. What the hell purpose was Rachel re-introduced into this game when she cannot play? There’s no point of even having a sequestered jury if she has already tainted that process. I’m sick of Enzo and Kathy. I wish a fan can be voted onto the show so I can grab both by the collar and toss em out.


No it is just gone bad! This just doesn.t make sense. THe only way it would is if she agreed to give up her Jury Vote so she could go back and tell them all off! Fair is fair!


Exactly! Go Brachel


I agree

Other K

“talking to you is like talking to the most evil devil child in the world.” lol Ragan owned her BLANK so much. Rachel started the fight and she can’t insult him for BLANK. She spend the entire fight laughing and going “ooooo” cause she can’t think of anything to say.

“you’re going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes just as America is disgusted with you. I’ve never seen anyone leave this house without a single person high-fiving them. How many people high-fived you? Done counting already?”

Ragan is the King of insulting people. Rachel just proved she has absolutely no class. And then she goes inside and claims that Ragan attacked her and that she was the innocent victim when SHE was the one who started the fight. What’s evben funnier is that Britney spends the entire fight about 10 feet away from them playing pool with herself.

Other K

She spends a full minute and 10 seconds standing still, silent after Ragan chews her out she’s in such shock. And Britney just keeps playing pool, ignoring her. Funniest BLANK ever!

I want to stick a fork in her eyes

Just watched the fight on youtube….FANTASTIC…I couldn’t stop laughing at Rachel just standing there like a deer in headlights. She was definitely not prepared BLANK storm she was gonna get and that makes it even better. Kudos to Regan she got what she had coming to her. Way to pull out your balls and BLANK slap her in the face with them!!