Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that when Brendon comes back in …he is going to drop a nice grenade and that Brendon is going to go for it…


7:35pm – 8pm Britney and Rachel talk in the Taj bedroom. They talk about the goodbye message that Britney gave Rachel and they figure out that Rachel just misinterpreted what Britney had meant. Britney says that she just said that she would miss wearing her hair extensions and talking about tequila shots and Vagas. Rachel says that she took it as though Britney was mocking her. Britney says that when she was mocking… she wasn’t mocking Rachel and that if she was mocking someone it was Brendon after what he said about Nick. Britney apologizes for not saying goodbye at the door when Rachel left. Rachel says that in every goodbye message that she gave she told people not to mess with her man!! Britney says that she didn’t know what to do and whether or not to hug her.

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Britney tells Rachel that she never wanted to be against her. Rachel says that she doesn’t know what happened between them because they were friends. Britney says that she had Brendon and she just organically started hanging with Ragan. Rachel tells Britney that she was so hurt when Britney turned on her. Britney says that she had a long talk with Brendon about everything and she tells Rachel that Brendon apologized for everything and things are better now. Britney tells Rachel that Brendon told her he didn’t put her on the block because Rachel wouldn’t like him to put up competitors. Britney says that since Brendon apologized to her everyone has been getting along. Britney says that everyone has been hanging out up in the HOH and that Brendon has been really friendly. They start talking about the HOH competition that Brendon won and how hard it was. Britney tells Rachel that she would be really proud of him. Rachel and Britney talk about the jury house and what it is like. The feeds cut out….

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8pm Britney asks what if she doesn’t get to see Brendon at all? Rachel says that would suck!!! Britney asks if there is anything that she would want her to tell him if she doesn’t get to talk to him. Rachel tells Britney to tell him that she loves him and that she misses him. Rachel tells Britney to tell him that she doesn’t want to see him in the jury house… not in a way that she doesn’t want to see him …but that she really wants him to win this thing.


8:25pm – 8:40pm Matt, Hayden and Enzo are talking in the backyard. Enzo is asking Matt what happened in the have not room with Rachel and Ragan. Matt says that Ragan and Rachel were having a heated conversation… not in a bad way …just that they were talking about what happened. Matt says that Rachel was talking about how much she loves gay people and stuff. Matt says that Ragan and Rachel then left the have not room to talk more. Enzo says that he can’t wait to talk to Brendon. Matt questions him and asks Brendon?!! Enzo says just to talk about whats been going on. Hayden says they might be able to talk to him tomorrow before the POV meeting… Big Brother cuts the feeds… (I think Big Brother will let Brendon come back in and him and Rachel will get a few minutes to talk and where she will need to tell him everything that happened and who he should nominate. I think Brendon won’t get a chance to talk to anyone before the POV ceremony and will have to go off of what Rachel says to him.) Enzo tells Matt and Hayden that they need to push really hard for Britney to go up. Enzo says that Ragan winning was the worst care scenario. Matt and Hayden agree. Enzo asks how did he do so good?! Matt tells Enzo and Hayden that they will get another saboteur message again tomorrow, he says that it follows a pattern its always on the same days before POV meetings and HOH competitions. They talk about how they think Rachel is the saboteur and that they want to confront her about it. They think the next message will be saying that they got her. Enzo asks Matt why Brendon thinks he is the saboteur… Matt says that he doesn’t know …that he heard Britney talking about it. Enzo says that he really wants to ask Brendon exactly why he thinks he is the saboteur. Matt asks Lane if he is loosing Britney?! Lane asks what?! Why?! Matt says that he is just asking …are you and her still close?! Lane says yeah we are gonna play pool in a bit. Matt says good …and do you think she would vote for you if you were up against me or Hayden?! Lane says yeah. Matt says good because thats what we need to happen. Enzo says that if Rachel gets to talk to Brendon then we are straight. Ezno says that Rachel specifically told him that she wants Britney out of here…. Enzo says thats key …because thats exactly what I am going to tell him. Matt says yeah thats good. Enzo says that he thinks Brendon will walk in the door tonight saying Im back!! Hayden thinks as long as she is here he is gone. Enzo says that when he comes back in …he is going to drop a nice grenade and that he (Brendon) is going to go for it….

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It will be interesting to see if Rachel actually leaves in 24 hours, because when Matt opened Pandora’s box and he got the DPOV he couldn’t tell anyone about it, maybe there is a similar situation with Rachel and isnt it a littly fishy that she had to talk to each of the houseguests about something specific


yeah but i haven’t seen where she asked anyone anything except kathy and enzo.


I am thinking that maybe she gets to nom.
One of the HG in Brendans place.

philly baller

Saying goodbye

First, thanks to Simon for this website. I really enjoyed it the past few weeks and am grateful for its existence. This was my first season that I really got into watching this show almost obsessively (mainly cause of Lane. Big crush here…)

Second, my thanks to everyone who has posted a response. I very much enjoyed the civil conversations and thoughtful exchanges. It was really informed and entertaining.

I realize this isnt a game show. Its an entertainment show, like professional wrestling, and that the producers can do whatever they want to alter the show. I dont mind some of the distractions, as I feel throwing wrenches into the show adds a little excitement. But now I am realizing that this show is more and more like professional wrestling and less like a pseudo-game show.

I feel for the first time, the ending is already pre-determined and to me, that crosses the line and makes me lose interest. The votes for eviction appear to be meaningless, as the producers are altering the outcomes to their pre-determined decisions instead of letting the houseguests think and make viable decisions on their own.

Just as the contestants in professional wrestling know the outcome before they enter the ring, I feel that the producers already know the outcome of this show, and what will happen the second week of September, and are planning to achieve that result every week after the houseguests think they are making decisions on their own.

Maybe I will go and watch “Hot in Cleveland”. Or read a good book. Or go down to the Jersey Shore and see that trainwreck cast in person. (I am only 40 minutes away) But my time following Big Brother has come to and end. Once again, my thanks and my heartfelt best to all of you for a fun and entertaining ride on this wonderful site. Enjoy the show.

Go Dawgs!

I concur! If the Big Brother producers did a better job of vetting quality contestants for this show, they would not feel the need to manipulate the outcome.

done with bb

I couldn’t agree more. You said it perfectly.


im sorry you are leaving, you note was very valid and kind… where in nj are you? lol I will be in toms river next month visiting my family…maybe we can grab a slice of pizza on the boardwalk in seaside…well good luck and sad to see you leave

philly baller

I am in Trenton. Went to Seaside Heights just last night with some friends. They were filming Jersey Shore on boardwalk.

philly baller

how do i contact you? i dont know if i am allowed to post my email here or if it is a violation but will try. would def want to get together and hang on the boardwalk

ps. no pizza on boardwalk! it sits out all day. I have to have a sausage sandwich with fried peppers and onions and sauce. and then a deep fried twinkee for dessert.

try stephen.josephs ‘at’ hotmail


Enjoy yourself Phily Baller….but you are dead wrong. Yes, they do manipulate things when they see the need. But there is no possible way they can determine the outcome like you think they can. In my opinion, all they do is make things more entertaining when things get a little too boring. But to control it to the finish….no way. Adios…..we’ll miss you.


Philly baller, you took the words right outta my mouth. I’m having a bad feeling about this “Rachel returns to the house for 24 hours” thing.

I think it’s a BS set up by CBS and a manipulation.

Very well said, sir.

sickoftheir shit

i agree. They are messing with the show too much. I am particularly disturbed that all the HG talk about their fans, their upcoming appearances and all that shit. In past years that was never the focus. This is basically a script now. Too much interference from BB executives. Sucks shit because I have been watching for 12 years. What a waste.


WRONG. You are sooo mistaken. Go back and watch other seasons and realize this show is NOT completely choreographed. (maybe a bit at times but what in life isn’t) Do some research before you dis this awesome show sucka.


Them bringing Rachel back was purely for the drama obviously but I bet Bren
den got something on the same lines as Matt. So if Brenden is smart he’s going to realize Matt got something more than a dollar.


i am wondering if it’s like season one where a member went to the emmy’s if brendan opened pandora’s box and won a vacation somewhere for a day. He got something good and the house got rachel.


rachel coming back WAS his “prize”


Team brenchel yooo

new here

What if the thing for Brenden is that he gets to watch a video of her asking all those things she was talking about. Or he is watching all of this behind the mirror in the HOH.

new here

She just said, I know HE told me, he meaning Brenden….so what if they saw eachother for a second so she knows he won HOH, because she kept saying again and again that she had no idea he won but was she suprised that he was not there when she walked in. I think she would have ran to find him before talking to everyone else.


NEWSFLASH-just heard rachel telling haydon that brendon told her how well he did in the pov comp…..then she corrected herself and said “i mean they told me”meaning bb told her.then she preceeded to let something else slip how she n brendon discussed something that happened after the eviction of rachel.hmmmmmmm bb is now changing the outcome of the game in what i believe is “cheating” rachel has no business being back…why not kriston or monet or whomever….it would change the game in someone elses favor by dong so. rachel being back is going to lead to the eviction of britt…….totally unfair. i’m now changing the channel and am done with BB!!who wants to watch rachels pimply face anyway,,,,,,,,totally wrong and unfair!the fans didn’t vote her back so she should get the hell out of the bb house!

new here

I think she talked to Brenden for a few minutes already, that is my guess. And that when she said “they” she meant other house guests. But she was covering. I think her and brenden already talked. I obviously have no idea, but I am guessing.


Is there anywhere I can watch the feeds for free? My grandma just died two weeks ago and I don’t have the money. I’m on a trial right now


Shame philly baller. Grow up, just cause it is not working out for your fav you decide to stop watching. Bad loser i say.


i think rachel was brought back to get matt on the block to force him to use the d veto. i hope brit gets put up but i think it’s going to be matt and he will put kathy up and then kathy will go home. unless brendan has a special veto to outtrump matt’s but i doubt it.


@philly baller…. I have felt a lot of things on Big Brother this season were a waste of time… none so much as your “good bye” message, though. Gooooood Riddance 😉


for fagan to tell rachdrag she is ugly is too funny, has he taken a look at himself in the mirror? hes beyond ugly ( inside as well as out) at least rachdrag has a real vagina ( i think) 🙂


I have found it amazing that not one of these guys have thought Ragan is the saboteur. Not one of them has mentioned his name as being it. And, Enzo, they are not going to have a pool game as a challenge for HOH. You probably still wouldn’t win. I am sorry but he is becoming just a big talker to me. I need to see something out of you, ENZO!

Dr. Phil

I’m trying really hard to figure out what fantasy world Enzo has been living in. Where does he get all of his big talk from? He hasn’t done a single thing in the game and talks like he’s running things. He’s basically the male version of Natalie. Lots of big talk and nothing to back it up. Well, if you consider using the fraudulent Brigade alliance as a way to ride the coattails of the moves Matt has made, I guess he’s done a lot. Do something to put the target on your back and then successfully escape from the jaws of defeat and then you can talk like a big shot. I’ve been tired of his delusions since about the 5th day the feeds went live. Do something and then run your mouth, yo. This is Big Brother, yo.


Why the hell did they bring Rachel back into the game. I cannot even stand the sight of her or her voice for more than five minutes. I wish that there would be more unpredictibility in the house right now. Its really not that intreseting at this point in the game with this season there is only one main alliance and a bunch of pathetic floaters. Usually there is two main sets of alliances at this point in the game which is really interesting to see the power struggle between the two. Also there are no real power players like no janelle or danielle (who were awesome by the way) who a lot of people would gun for and they would compete and win competitions and actually brought great entertainment to the show.
By the way why isnt pov not posted over ragan? Does this have something to do with the Dpov? Who is save from the Dpov?


here’s what’s going to happen. after talking to rachel hayden is going to turn on matt and push for him to go up and when matt uses veto and stays either matt will know hayden was responsible and he’ll be put him up as replacement or matt finds out later from brendan and thus the end of brigade.

Other K

I wish Rachel was less annoying cause in all honesty, she’s a good player or at the very least, a much better player then some of the floater losers in the house. I think Britney/Rachel/Brenden could have been a great force in the house if they actually had liked each other and set their mind towards tearing apart the Brigade. Brenden is much less annoying without Rachel and I would much prefer seeing people like him, Britney, and Matt in the finals then useless players like Enzo, Hayden, and Kathy. Enzo is just pathetic. The guy hasn’t won a challenge worth a shit all game yet he walks around the house like he’s top dog and tries to control his alliance members even though he will not let anyone control his decisions. I would hate for him to be in the finals but I unfortunately fear him and Hayden will be the final two.


It is really unfair that rachel is back in the house for 24 hrs. They evicted her unanimously to break the couple up. Now she’s back and gets to collect info from houseguests and report back to brendon and she will have a hand in who the replacement nominee is, so they are playing together agaon. The houseguests are not playing on a level field and personally I would have a serious problem with the producers if I were in the house. Get your head out of your ass, alison grodner.




I agree Rachel should not be in the house CBS sucks

new here

I like how the brigad is trying to have a meeting but Ragan won’t leave them…wonder if they will tell Matt his name is out there?


I agree. Although I do not think they determine who will win beforehand, It is clear that the producers are “shaping” the show from week to week based on what they believe will generate the most drama (Ratings). Showmances are good for business and they always try to manipulate things to ensure at least 2 per season. Its also the reason you only have one person (Kathy) over 30. You’d have a better chance of getting 2 homosexuals in BB than 2 30 year olds. Its become the Real World II. Get a bunch of 20 year olds with no tops and thongs and hoop for a couple of hookups/showmances. With 2 down the drain the producers must be working overtime to remedy that situation. The last thing they need is 4 male heteros going to the finals. In the HOH competition look at how the ropes were knotted and tied to guarantee a Brandon win. It was obvious. Rachel wasn’t even out of the house before they created a way to get her back in. And do not think that was the last of her. There will be some sort of ruling where a member of the jury house (Rachel) gets back in the BB house. Also CBS and the producers will NEVER let Matt (Johnny fairplay) make it to the end. There will be an occassion whereby his lie about his wife will be exposed to the JH and influence the vote.