Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan laughs at how he hopes Rachel & Brendons limo passed eachother and that he was expecting her in the JH..

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3:50pm Enzo and Rachel are alone in the HOH talking. Enzo tells Rachel that the others planned to trick Brendon into thinking he was staying to throw him off for HOH. Rachel says that she wants to know when everyone knew the vote was set. She thinks it was Wed. night. Enzo says that he and Haydon had their backs against the wall. Rachel tells Enzo to keep working with Haydon and Brendon. Rachel says that she feels like Enzo is her friend. Rachel tells him that she doesn’t want to see you in the jury house. Rachel tells Enzo that she would like to see Enzo win if Brendon doesn’t win. Enzo lies to Rachel and says that Brendon is the only one he trusts in the house. Enzo says he wants to see Britney gone. Enzo says that if Brendon wanted to go home they should have sent him home. Enzo says that he doesn’t like being in the middle. Enzo says that both him and Hayden said if he wants to go home send him home. Rachel says that she thinks she was voted out because the others wanted to hurt Brendon and Rachel. Rachel tells Enzo to study hard for the quizzes. Rachel tells Enzo that he can’t trust Matt. Rachel warns Enzo that Matt is really good at physical competitons.

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4pm In the cabana room Matt, Hayden and Lane are talking about the jury house. They all say from what Rachel has said it sounds pimp. Lane says he thought Rachel was there to make them miserable when she first came in. Matt says that he doesn’t think Brendon is in Pandora’s Box. Matt says that he thinks Big Brother took him somewhere. Haydon says that he thinks Brendon got some sort of 24 hours luxury prize to be away from the house some where. Matt says that this means they can’t get in Brendon’s head before POV nominations. They talk about how they will to push for Britney to go up to Rachel in case Rachel gets to talk to Brendon before she leaves. Matt and Hayden talk about how crazy it is that Rachel came back in the house. Matt says he that doesn’t remember being mean in his goodbye message, but she says he was. Hayden says he wonders what he looks like on TV since Rachel said he seemed different on TV.
In the have not room Ragan is talking to Lane. Ragan asks Lane if Rachel understand why he reacted to her like he did. Lane says that Rachel said she said she didn’t mean to come in here fighting. Lane says she forgave everyone and has to talk to everyone as part of her duties. They talk about how Rachel said that this season has the highest ratings ever. Ragan says that he thinks Rachel changed her tune and stopped fighting because Brendon wasn’t there.

4:20pm Ragan and Britney are in the backyard talking. Britney says that she doesn’t think Brendon will be back for 24 hours. Ragan laughs and says that he loves the idea of Brendon and Rachel’s limos passing each other and how if Brendon went to the jury house …it would be so funny that he would be expecting to see Rachel there and she isn’t. Ragan says that Rachel will be nice without Brendon to back up her bad behavior. They talk about what they think Rachel is talking to Enzo about. Britney says that she thought her message was nice. Matt sayings he thought his was too.

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4:40pm Enzo is still talking to Rachel in the HOH room. Enzo tells Rachel that he is going after Ragan and Britney. Enzo says that Ragan over reacted to Rachel’s entrance into the house. Enzo tells Rachel that Ragan is a little bitch. Rachel and Enzo make fun of Ragan. They says that Ragan is always talking about previous seasons and that he needs to come up with his own stuff and stop imitating others house guests. Rachel says that her and Enzo should have been best friends all along and that she can’t wait to make appearances together after the season ends. Enzo says that he can’t wait either. They tell Big Brother to bring Brendon back into the house. Enso says that he worries the others will throw him under the bus now. Rachel tells Enzo again to study hard for competitions. Rachel tells Enzo about how she notices stuff is missing from the house. (LOL Ragan and Britney hid stuff before Rachel was gone because they wanted to mess Rachel and Brendon up. They wanted them to study and worry about a bunch of useless things missing so that they would do poorly at a quiz competition.) Enzo tells Rachel that it was Ragan and Britney that were moving and hiding stuff to throw her and Brendon off in the competition. Rachel tells Enzo that he can totally trust Brendon. Rachel tells Enzo to be careful of Hayden because she doesn’t think he’s a really good game player. Rachel tells Enzo that she really feels like there are two life long friends in the house. Rachel says that no one told her, but that she just feels it. Enzo says he knows that he can trust Brendon. Rachel tells Enzo that he can totally trust Brendon. Enzo says that he respects Brendon and Rachel a lot for not turning on each other. Rachel tells Enzo that she doesn’t want to not see Enzo or Brendan in jury house. Enzo says he will relay everything he said to Brendon if she doesn’t get to see him. Rachel and Enzo head down stairs.
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Other K

The way Enzo kisses Brenchel’s ass is disgusting. The guy sucks at challenges and is a snake yet he acts like he owns the place. If he wins this, I’m over BB.


He is not kissing her ass, he is dead serious. He and Hayden have finally realized that Lane and Matt have side deals so he and Hayden have one in Brendan which is smarter because the two of them paired up with one other person, where as Lane and Matt only thought about themselves. I hope he or Brendan wins. Enzo has said from the beginning he will use Brendan to get info, and that he felt he should have kept Rachel, he has not lied to anyone but Brendan which he only told Brendan half of the story, but he is playing thegame like everyone else, his game just happens to be a lot better.


he is not a snake, he is the meow meow! bra bra bra bra brigadeeeeeeeeeeeee! final four biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


at least it’s interesting and game play, her conversation with matt is so boring like each one knows not to even talk game because they know each other will lie. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this conversation will put you to sleep.


Enzo IS A SNAKE!!! He is simply talking to everyone who is in power and floating through the game. HE HASN’T WON ANYTHING! I bet if Britney were to win HOH he would tell her to go after Brendon. He’s being Mr. Nice Guy so there’s no target on his back. He sucks!


Is Rachel in charge of putting up the replacement nominee, since Brendon is gone?


not sure since she’s there for 24 hours. It would be nice if she does, but i hope she chooses Brit, and if Hayden and Enzo stays in her or Brendans ear it will be Brit, because for right now they want to keep Matt and since they don’t know Matt have the d veto they will put up brit because they don’t want 2 brigades up against each other.


if there for only 24 hrs , not possible,,,,,,veto ceremony not til mon………still think she’s lying about being there for only that amount of time…..if person is already in j/h, thought the rules are, only way get to come back in the house, is just to play the game again….not fair to gather all this info, know all that’s happened and use it to determine jury vote………oh well, guess by tomorrow afternoon around 3 we will know if this is real or bunch of BS to make house even more paranoid


hahaha enzo pretty stupid I think hes trying to secure a jury vote by straight up lying to her face. Dont you think shes gonna see the tapes late enzo? lol.


yeah that might be, but he’s serious he is not lying to her because he knows for him to get further he needs to take out ragan matt and brit. she can see all the tapes she wants, but people do change in this game AND ENZO HAS CHANGED.


I am soooooooo NOT liking Enzo’s gameplay!! Win something 1st then you can talk about people!! I hope he’s figured out and SOON!!


He’s not doing anything Ragan hasn’t done. He’s playing a game so if talking about people is a way to win then hay talk. He doesn’t have to win, because those dummies allow him not to win and still don’t put him up. not his fault if they’re that stupid.


he can talk an kind of shit. you know why? hes the meow meow!!!!!!!!!! grenade!!!!!!


WOW thanks for the updates .. I wonder were Brendon went ? That means no one told Rachel about matts wife or the … damn !


Berendon is gone? How could that be? Where did he go and how? Are you sure he is not just in the bathroon blowing Enzo?


Well it looks like Enzo must be good at cunnalingus because he is good with his mouth and can’t do anything physical.

I don’t know, I thought Brandon looked a bit pathetic beeing whipped by Rachel, but Enzo is just embarassing. All talk and no action. He tries to think he is the head of a Mafia, but the leader of a Mafia does things physical too, not just order people. Enzo can’t do anything physical. He makes us men look pathetic.


at first i thought it was unfair to brendon b/c i didnt understand how this is positive b/c she might not see him. this is great b/c hay and enzo now want matt and ragan out which is perfect b/c matt has no dpov. brendon gets to hopefully stay for weeks that is if hay and enzo get their floating butts up and try to win competitions


matt still has the dpov and he can use it thursday if he wants to


what happened to matt’s dpov?




COME ON CBS!!!! Get her out of there!!! Put her on the Vegas strip where she belongs!!! BB really sucks this year!! I’m so sick of production feeding these scum sucking people…yeah Brenchal all the info they need to stay in the game!! Get rid of the two of them….so we can see the brigade turn on each other!!


They already have. Matt has been playing them from day one. But Hayden and Enzo is about to give him a dos of his own money right before his face and he is to stupid to see it. How smart is it when you tell matt what you are doing and he thinks you are playing brendan when in actuality you’re playing him. Matt thinks Enzo and Hayden are playing brendan, but they are playing matt and he has all the information of what enzo and hayden are doing and don’t know it’s being used against him. he thought he was so smart alligning with ragan and not telling anyone but look at how he’s getting played BIAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMm


why are Enzo and Hayden now trying to get rid of Matt. HOOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY Good Ridden. I know he has the d POV but this way he will fight harder to stay in the house, because it’s going to be 3 on 3. Kathy may go this week, and then it will be Hayden, Lane, And Brendan against Ragan, Brit and Matt, now I know why Julie didn’t tell her about the brigade, and matt’s wife. The season is finally WAKING UP FROM THE DEAD.


Different things kept on happening that they started to be suspicious of Matt; That and him looking chummy with ragan.


Julie never gives that kind of information to someon going to the Jury House. They leave knowing only what someone says in their goodbye messages. Nothing more until someone else comes into the Jury House. They do not get to see any tapes of things that went on in the house while they were in it. The only tapes they see is the one the next evicted HG brings showing who won HOH.


It is called lying…many bb players use this technique to win the game…


this is not working right simon…….i keep posting and not showing


You’ll have to excuse Dawg & Simon. They are hung over and moving slow from the drinking game.

Ms. Kewl

ITA – Enzo is soooo cocky! And SUCH a floater – grab a life jacket, Bozo!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Enzo is a weasel. There are times when people aren’t even talking about Rachel and Enzo brings her up to get them started. He runs back and tells what they say,leaving out his part. But people with big egos and low self esteem need to constantly be stroked/reassured so they don’t even realize Enzo is full of shit. Double Eviction this week please. Enzo and Kathy gotta go!


Enzo’s game sucks! If only he knew Matt had the DPOV … Can’t wait to see what happens!


I hope rachel does stay for longer than 24 hours. then matt can use his dpov put her up again and they can vote her out twice!!!! that would be funny.


I am not totally a Rachel fan but I like a new twist. I don’t know of its purpose. You will have to let me know the questions she asks the HG. Still not catching why she is there. Guess we will see.


Are people not aware that Julie cannot tell ousted BB members in the jury house about anything that is going on within the house? They are not told anything, ie: Matt’s wife, brigade, etc because it could influence their jury vote. They will not learn of all the deceit until AFTER they vote.


Puhleeze. People are still talking about the lifelong friends on this blog. Why do you think it’s drinking game rule #2? Because we have to stay drunk to get through it. Trust me, logic doesn’t work on some people. Sigh. Gulp, gulp, gulp.


What if they gave Brendon a chance to get Rachel back in the game and in doing so he is now gone…
She is getting way too much info from everyone..

I want to see the BB Bible – cuz how is it when people are in a contest playing for money, how can the cheating happen legally.

I am the saboteur

It is a TV show first, contest second. Ratings = $$$. Basically, CBS can and will do whatever they want with the game, fair or not.


You all keep saying they did not tell Rachel this and that …. they are not supposed to as technically she is still in the game because she is in the jusy house. She only gets to see the bits and pieces sent with the next outgoing house guests. She gets no insider information nor does anyone else who ends up in jury only what they reveal to each other! And that is how it should be … Rachel should go back to sequester and not be in the house to begin with…I am beginning to agree that it is all rigged to who they want to win!


OOps that should have been jury house….but with Rachel there I am afraid to think of what kind of house it will be! :-)~


It will be interesting to see how CBS edits this – will they show Boy George’s fight with Ragan or playing nice? I suspect a little bit of both. And on another note, didn’t a HG in a prior season get to go meet a person in the jury on a beach somewhere? So maybe Brendover is on a beach…with his big toe?


Yea. Dan (BB10) got to take a jury member or a current houseguest to the beach for the day. He took Michelle from the jury, but the other HGs had no idea she went with him.


It was Dan and Michelle. Dan won a trip to take one jury member.


I am from Vegas and I take offense that anyone would think Rachel BELONGS here. Isn’t she from back east? Brendon wants her in LA and she will be able to become famous in LA because she has FANS! Anyway it is a great move to bring her back for 24 hours maybe they will bring her back every few days to shake things up!


It looks like Rachel gave Brendon the gift that keeps on giving…definitely looked like a cold sore on his lip during last nights Showtime After Dark.


Matt’s DPOV is only good this week, right? He had 2 weeks to use it or lose it so he is on his own after this week. You know, if Brendon puts up Brit for Ragan (against Lane) and even though she is his new target – Matt might use the DPOV to save Lane (and renew his alliance with Brigade) and name Kathy as the new nom against Brit, with Kathy going home. That endears the Brigade with Matt again plus Brit & Ra. Of course, Enzo/Hayden both want Brit gone but they will have to be “cool” with Matt getting Kathy out for the sake of the Brigade and their side alliances.
Looks like Ragan gets his $20K for lasting 2 weeks as Sabo. Now – Since his 2 weeks min is up, will he continue as Sabo while he is in the house???


Is everyone brain dead?
Matt and brigade are still together.
Enzo is playing smart
Remember this is a game folks…we know Nothing about these people in real life…don’t hate appreciate the unique way everyone plays.


no they r not. hay and enzo want matt out next wk then ragan, so i am guessin brit is out this week


Those of us who aren’t brain dead are playing the drinking game. Throw in the towel and grab your glass. Cheers!


Enzo is good at manipulating people. NO ONE has even considered to put him up on the block. ENZO is a genius.


no that is incorrect – he and hayden are already planning the game without matt.. And they are saying they would bring Brendon to the final 4. ENZO’s gotta go now.. He just got full of himself. He thinks he is such the man with a team of 4 on one side and a team of 3 on the other. I hate saying this cuz he was my fav in the beginning – but he has just jumped back like 5 spots.


But when Matt plays DPOV Brigade will be back in business
I think E/H are covering their ass…incase
there are a lot of strong players in the house this season still has potential to be great
Let’s wait and see…


okay….is anyone besides me seeing a pattern this season? I mean, hayden 1st hoh, okay, by luck……the rachel, setting the tone of her showing her true colors…..then matt, who needed it……then rachel again, right when her and her mouse needed it…….then matt….got rachel out, then brendon wins hoh, right when he needs it….and matt just so happens to have the dpov…….why are they setting up this season so much…..I mean, did they realize the first week that this was the most boring cast to date??
I love BB, but its really hard to watch this season……

why is Rachel back ?



Ahhh Enzo. We will always love you for forming the Brigade, but I’m afraid your days are numbered. You ventured too far into the venus fly trap that is Boy George’s hole and got stuck in some leftover Brendover cheese.


rachael deserves what she gets


I don’t think Enzo is lying. He’s just securing a back up plan.


The brigade should be, begone! they are just a bunch of floaters


did brendon get CDT too ???


Rachel and Ragan fighting again!! Drama


yes, drama for sure and good for ragan finally telling her how vile she really is and calling her out for basically hating gays…………and the tools asking her if she’s ok after the blowup… about wusses……i realize in their best interest not to but grrrrrrrr…….loved that after raagan went inside he did leave at loss for words for a while


ah shit…get the bitch out of there……and take laze..enzo with her. he should just go and masturbate somewhere…for **** sakes!!!!


This is about cheating. Before, when ever America voted, (I am Canadian so I can never vote), I noticed something different this year in the small fine print. Before, CBS had to pick what America voted, but if you look now, they do not have to if they decide not to. So when America votes, CBS dosn’t have to use it. They can change their minds, so people voting at what, a buck a pop, CBS is making so much money and don’t have to use the final results.

I noticed this for one competion, havn’t bothered if they still say this or not. Keep an eye out for it guys and girls.


of course they have always done that… when your voting for reality tv contestants, you really think people vote for certain people to win???? nah they let america vote and then decide if it’s the right thing to do, America Idol,Survivor,Big Brother, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, so you think you can dance ect ect… they CHOOSE who the winner is based on who’s more popular not who EARNS it


AG kidnapped brendon, call the po po’s, they have 24 hours b4 she forces him to marry her.


i kinda hope rachel makes a porno…. i wanna see some of what brendon got on HDTV


! ! ! D I S G U S T I N G ! ! !


Enzo is a lazy, sorry, brown nose piece of crap! I hope that Matt catches on to what Enzo the butt wipe & Hayden the dumb are doing. They are too scared to actually play the game so they ride on his coat tails. I hope Matt uses the DPOV & puts Enzo up & the butt wipe goes to jury with his friend Rachel the delusional.


I see that Enzo and Hayden ar slowly breaking away from the brigade…But if their “plan” doesn’t work they are goin to be screwed because they can’t win anything…Enzo sucks at every comp and the only reason Hayden won is because they I gave it to him…Im jus…If it came down to Hayden and Enzo final 2 I think they should vote for Hayden but we have seen a lot of this voting for personal reasons crap…Enzo shouldnt get1 vote until he at least win 1 comp..Maybe you disagree…SO WITH ALL THAT SAID IM TEAM MATT BRIT REGAN,AND LANE(only because he cute)…lmao

Hot & Humble Librarian

“TEAM MATT BRIT REGAN,AND LANE(only because he cute)…lmao”

I’m with you on that one!! Those have been the best players thus far, competitive, social & intellectual (and sneaky) game playing…..I’m also with you on Lane….he IS cute and i just adore his accent! are all TX boys that adorable?


all i know is i think that Britney has very good gameplay.


omg they are making nicey nice……….I’m telling you, she’s back to play the game, not going back to j/h


I love the Brigade and Enzo but I really don’t think Enzo has a right to talk about anybody but maybe Kathy. Everyone else has either won or almost won something.


I couldn’t more he tlk to much crap for someone that has not won anything

Vicar Geraldine

If they put Rachel back in the house, this is the last year I am watching. That would be so shitty! CBS should have not have even brought her back. I really hope that Matt keeps Ragan and Brit and sends that piece of crap Enzo and dumb Hayden out of the house. Kathy is really making me sick with her kiss ass, poor little ol me approach to the game.


Kathy and Enzo are the biggest brown nosers in the game

Sunny J

How can Brittany not think her good bye message was mean?? I hate her, I would rather see her gone then Rachel…. At least Rachel is not a back stabbing hoe bag…. she just tells you to your face what she is thinking at the time. Granted her mind changes every two seconds so she often seems confused… but still she is not a vile liar like Brittany


anyone happen to know how much luggage rachael brought back in? that could be telltale sign of how long she is really stqying

Uncle Cool

Good for Enzo. He IS playing the game. This is what it’s all about. Lying, backstabbing, cheating, etc…

Way to go Enzo!!



Whats going on??? I want some more updates!!


Although I think Enzo is soooo funny and would be a cool Meow-Meow in real life, I really hope Brenda puts him up. He hasnt done anything so far except play Brenda in his stupid side alliance. If Brena puts Matt up in Ragans place, it will be ok cuz he has dpov, but i kinda like Brit. She makes me laugh and she wins.