Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel says Ragan can do whatever he wants up in the HOH room.

11:25am Brendon and Enzo are in the bedroom digging around looking for the noise makers. They pull out all the drawers in the bed and Brendon finds one. Enzo says look at that we found another mutha fucker. They found another one that was in the window. They are all in the kitchen talking about where they found the noise makers. Andrew is asking where they found them. Then the Big Brother camera zooms in on Annie’s photo on the memory wall. Brendon yells LOOK SABOTEUR WE GOT YOU! Enzo says that hes all supped up and ready to do something.


Rachel and Hayden are up in the HOH talking. Rachel says that she definitely wants to see Hayden in the jury house with her. They both don’t want floaters or people who are not good competitors in the game to make it to the jury house. Rachel tells Hayden that she really appreciates how honest he was with her when he put her up on the block. She says that she feels like he saved her. Hayden says yeah I could have put up other people where you would have gone home. Rachel says that she trust Hayden, Kristen and Brendon. Rachel says that is huge to her and its more important that ….uh ..I don’t know. Hayden says I know. Rachel and Hayden agree that once they make it to the final 7 …that they would be fierce competition. Hayden says yeah everyone would be after us. Rachel talks about how it’s the same as the Will and Boogy with their showmances in the allstar season. They agree that they can’t make their alliance visible right now. Hayden says I like Kristen …she’s GREAT! Rachel says I know. Hayden says I know you and Brendon really care about each other but people are going to start to target you two. Rachel says I know especially since I won HOH and Brendon won POV. Hayden says just keep me and Kristen safe. Rachel says yeah of course. Rachel says that what bothered her was that Matt came up and was so paranoid …and she says that she never thought of targeting him. It was just weird that he would be that paranoid. Hayden says that’s what its like when you are up here people that you don’t even talk to will come up and want to make an alliance with you.. ..Hayden says what I don’t even know you. Rachel says yeah. Rachel then says that both Britney and Monet came up and threw Kristen under the bus. Rachel says that the both also said that they would put up Andrew and Kristen. …but Rachel doesn’t think that they would actually do that. Hayden say that I think you can trust Brendon and what he says. Rachel says yeah I know …he wants me to make my own decisions. Hayden says yeah that’s good.

Rachel asks why Hayden put her up on the block. Hayden says basically because I didn’t know you and you didn’t talk to me. Rachel starts talking about how Britney is trying to mentally mind fuck people in the house. Hayden say yeah shes a competitor. Hayden says that Britney is in the middle of the drama and was stirring shit up in the house. Rachel says the only reason she wants to get Monet out over Britney is because Monet has a chance to win POV’s and other challenges and that she thinks Monet will be coming after Brendon and her. Rachel says that guaranteed if she puts Britney and Monet on the block together … they will turn on each other …and they are friends. Hayden says yeah and then commends Rachel for how her and Brendon acted when they were on the block. Rachel says she was super nervous and scared that she was going home. Hayden tells her to do what’s best for her and to listen to Brendon. Rachel says that I think once I put those two girls up everyone is going to go crazy!! Rachel says …well maybe not everyone … just Britney because she doesn’t know for sure that she is going up. Rachel says that she really respects how Brendon isn’t trying to influence her decisions… people think that he is but he isn’t. Rachel says that she is really ga-ga over Brendon. Hayden sees it and thinks its great. Hayden says that he is a great guy and he’s smart too. Hayden jokes about how Brendon’s last name sounds with Rachel’s name.. They laugh. Rachel says Brendon is amazing. They talk about the game again. Hayden says whatever you do just don’t put me up. Rachel says don’t worry even if Brendon got HOH next week or three weeks from now he wouldn’t put you up. They both pinky swear that they won’t go after each other. Hayden leaves the HOH.



12:15pm – 12:35pm Rachel goes down stairs and tells Ragan to come talk to her before the nominations. Ragan says that he needs to use the washroom. Rachel says you can do that or whatever else up in the HOH. Ragan then asks like masturbate? they continue to walk up to the HOH and Ragan says that he hasn’t gotten an erection since hes been in the house. Rachel says it’s crazy up here. Ragan says yeah we knew that. Ragan says I don’t even need to campaign with you. Rachel says I know. They laugh. Ragan says the only thing you should keep in mind is endurance might be week three so get out people that would be good at that. Rachel asks if Ragan thinks Britney and Monet are the friends in the house. Ragan says no. Rachel comments that it will be interesting to see them turn on each other after they are nominated though. The feeds cut out. When they are back Rachel says that she likes Andrew but she is just not sure. Ragan says that he doesn’t think Andrew is the Saboteur. They talk about the blackout …Ragan says it was like a magic trick … smoke and mirrors. Ragan talks about how Rachel should go with her gut now… put people up who are on your mind right now… and from there collect information.  If some body has weird behavior after… then you make your decision.  Brendon comes into the HOH and asks if everyone is decent?  No ones naked?!  Brendon tells Rachel that she should eat something ..that she has been doing interviews all morning. Matt comes up to the HOH to tell Brendon his water is ready. Rachel asks Matt when he wants to talk to her and Brendon. Matts says UMMM…I have no appointments today. Rachel laughs and then tells him they should talk soon because she isn’t sure when Big Brother is going to call them in. Rachel says maybe after helping Brendon. Matt leaves. Ragan says I really like Matt. Rachel says she does too and then says that he really likes Ragan too. Rachel and Ragan then talk about endurance competitions and who will be good at them. Rachel says that Kristen will do really well because she does yoga and Ragan will do well because he is small… Ragan leaves and Brendon comes back in…. she tells him to send in Matt.

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Someone looks worried they’re going to be nominated….


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Uncle Cool

What a laugh the aliens are!!

Taking appointments.