Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo Plans to GO OFF on Brit tonight


10:25pm Britney and Rachel are playing pool and talk about Britney’s conversation with Brendon. Britney says that she doesn’t want to go up, but if Brendon is honest in what he said to her, then she won’t, but who knows. Britney says that it’s going to be crazy and that she has no idea what he’s thinking about. Rachel says well he has 24 hours away to think about it. Britney says that this is like the worst 24 hours to be away though. Rachel says that she thinks that maybe she will be able to tell Brendon all her thoughts because in the past when the twins were playing together they got to discuss game in private. Rachel says that it seems like there hasn’t been any drama. Britney says that there has been no drama at all. Rachel says that this is not her night at pool. Then Rachel sinks a ball and cheers Britney wins the game of pool against Rachel. Enzo and Lane are next to play. Britney and Rachel go over to the couch to talk. Britney asks Rachel more about what life is like in the jury house but Rachel says she is not allowed to talk about it until midnight.


10:40pm In the cabana room Matt, Ragan, Kathy and Hayden are making fun of Brendon and how they hate to listen to him and all the things he says. Meanwhile in the backyard, Britney tells Rachel that she thinks Brendon is making a lot of his decisions based on what he thinks Rachel would do. Rachel says that all she wants to do is hug him and talk about him. Rachel says that it has only been 2 days and that she doesn’t know how she has gone this long without Nick. Britney says that it’s been 52 days and you weren’t here when I started crying when I realized my little brother’s first day of senior year was coming up.

Rachel says that she really wants to get on the Internet and find out what’s going on, she says that she doesn’t want anyone to hate her. Britney tells Rachel that it wasn’t personal; she should be flattered that people were so scared of her. Rachel says that it is flattering to know that people want to get rid of you because of your competition skills but also I wonder if you and I would be more friends. Rachel talks about how much she loves Brendon. Rachel says that the saboteur’s messages are so hit and miss. Britney says that they are dumb. Britney says that she isn’t feeling well from being a have not and keeps telling everyone that she is just in a bad mood because of that.

10:50pm Enzo is out of the pool tournament and throws his pool cue across the yard. Hayden and Matt are next up against each other….

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:10pm HOH Enzo and Rachel Rachel tells him that Brit is saying he’s the sab. They both agree that Brit is not to be trusted because she stirs up shit. Enzo is very pissed that Brit has said that he wants to go off on her but is feeling like he should keep it under control because she’s just a “Little Girl” Enzo tells her that Brit is probably the sab thats why she’s pinning it on other people. Rachel doesn’t think brit is smart enough to be the sab. Enzo is thinking he better confront Brit and really stick it to her but he’s not sure if he should wait until Brendon gets back before he does it. Rachel offers to go do it right now, She suggests another house meeting. Enzo: “I’d like to put her out there and see if she has the balls to say that. I will put her on the spot.” Rachel thinks Brit will cry, Enzo doesn’t want to make her cry. Enzo explains he has a thing going on with Brendon and HAyden. Rachel tells him they need to keep winning HOH’s and start taking that side out. Rache warns Enzo that matt and Brit try to get other people to fight it out while they site in the sidelines. Enzo doesn’t have anything bad to say about MAtt he’s never put enzo on the block nor said anything against Enzo.

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102 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo Plans to GO OFF on Brit tonight

  1. OMG!!!!

    I’ve been so busy watching Quakecon, that I forgot all about Big Brother. :(

    Rachel is in the house? Yippee! I hope she can get enough stuff started, and turn the brigade against each other.

        1. Yes she did. I saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears. It was sometime around the 7 o’clock hour pm(westcoast time). When Britney and Rachel were in the Taj room together having a nice talk. Britney did tell Rachel that she thought Rachel was the saboteur. then Britney did mention that she thought Enzo might be the saboteur. infact, i’m pretty sure Britney had devised a plan a couple days ago with Ragan to scheme up a plan to throw Enzo under the bus. infact Britney was talking to Lane about it last night.

          1. I’m not a Brit fan so I have no bias in this bit she didn’t say she thought Enzo was the sab. Flashback 8/14 8:08 CAM 1 and 2. She says She thinks Brendon thinks its Enzo. Its a small difference but Brit is correct when she says she never said she(brit) thought Enzo was the Sab.

            1. No she actually did say it was enzo.
              She told rachel that she thought it was enzo because
              america likes him a lot and that America would want him to
              be the sabatour!

        2. No she actually did say it was enzo.
          She told rachel that she thought it was enzo because
          america likes him a lot and that America would want him to
          be the sabatour!

  2. I think it’s a shame that they found a way to put her back in the house. I was shocked when I turned on BBAD to see her there. I don’t find it mildly entertaining. It’s actual and insult to the viewers who have brains and are okay watching the game play out. They already pulled some crap with that HOH competition knowing that maybe only Lane or Brendon had a chance.

      1. Yeah, I’m sorry I forgot about Hayden, but no I didn’t forget about Enzo. Either way, those damn ropes are heavy and it was likely a man was going to win that competition in this cast. Maybe Rachel would have gave them a run. But even Brendon said she likely couldn’t win that.

    1. Well some of us are happy to see Rachel Back. And BB knows that, they would be silly to keep those 2 out of the house,and i am sure they know they risk losing alot of viewers and subscribers if they removed Rachel completly.

    2. i agree marisa , i cant believe they would bring her back, its like watchin a repeat season when they brought jessie back.they just took everyone who voted her out they took their votes away from them byletting her re-enter.

      1. Not only that, she’s annointed Queen Bee holding court up in the HOH Room. They all have to go up and kiss her ass. She’s essentially back in the game. This time it’s worse because she has nothing to lose so she can really stir the pot. It really pisses me off that she’s back effecting an ongoing game by putting her opinion on the current players and passing gossip, talking strategy as if she and Brendon are one in the same. She was voted out. I don’t want to see her again until she serves on the Jury, unless BB has changed that to suite the queen too?

  3. Why get mad that someone thinks you are the saboteur? Everyone except Ragan has been suspected of being the saboteur. Enzo, you are all talk. You aren’t going to do anything except act like you are going to do something. Why is anybody making it a big deal. Just say you aren’t like everybody else has.

    1. exactly!
      everyone has been suspected of being the saboteur except the saboteur!
      enzo hasn’t done anything in this game and besides brendon, hes going after the strongest player in the house.
      i think that players who win things are strong players and britney and brendon are the people who have won the most.

      enzo needs to shut up and go home.

      1. It’s very strange how nobody suspects it’s Ragan. And it was even more fitting how they were all outside while Ragan was the only one in the house taking a shower, and Britney saying to everyone “I don’t even think there really even is a saboteur in the house!”. So beautifully ironic.

  4. Production is the Saboteur for letting Peppermint Patty Hooker back in the house thinking that we would be entertained. That girl is full of drama and likes attention. Watching her makes me dislike Brendon all over

  5. I completely agree with the above comments. I don’t like Rachel…she isn’t a person when she tries to play the game. She is DRAMA.
    Bring her back was just a mess, CBS needs to come up with better plots. This is ridiculous!

    Enzo is being a floater and has not been trying. He was close to being voted by America to be the sab. I do not see the big deal for suspecting people…he is a joke.

    I want Britney to win, she is my favorite. The way everyone seems to try to gang up on her is ridiculous. She is only 22…like seriously, they all look pathetic.

          1. I thought she said it to Brendon the other night, too. I don’t get the big deal. I would have just said, “Enzo, I thought you were, Lane, Hayden, Kathy, Matt, Rachel, and Brendon were.” Maybe if she had said it out loud she would have realized she hadn’t thought of Ragan.

            1. Everyone has gone over scenarios of everyone else (except Ragan) being the sab. I don’t know what the big deal is. As Ragan said, consider the source. Yeah, Brit lies. So does everyone else. It’s BB. Rachel is a big liar too and she exaggerates the truth to make it look like someone is lying. I can’t wait until she is gone. I never thought I would look forward to seeing pussyboi, but I prefer his boring self involved pathetic attempts to be sociable over Rachel’s out of control drama. She is out of the game. I wish they were smart enough to ignore her attempts to stir up shit.

      1. Yup… Brit is a Liar, and instead of hating on Rachel maybe the above ppl should focus their negative attention on Britany : )

        1. why choose one or the other? just hate both of them. I hate Rachel. I love Britney. But yeah, Britney totally lied infront of everyone tonight. She was pretty convincing tho.
          She’s super cute and very good at her knowledge of this game, but I’m Team Brigade. You cannot throw the Meow Meow under the bus and think you’re getting away with it. thats kaka.

      2. Brit talks a lot of smack behinds people’s backs, but can’t face the consequences when confroted! So sick of her mean girl remarks. When I was in high school girls like her got smacked! Love this site! Thank u so much for ur time. I will be donating soon!

        1. momof2; you realize this isn’t the CBS production of life size candyland right? It’s not unicorns and butterflies and perfect little angels. It’s based on deceit, and lying, and politicking as much as you can. Make promises and break them, take risks, it may turn out good, or bad. That’s the way you play, that’s the game. IF you take offense to that, I’m sure the mormons have a knockoff of BB. Rachel and Brendon are teenagers they spit all the same vitriol but don’t understand why it’s given back. Why do people hate us? because you’re playing like this is BB high school edition and you got shafted with the tranny cheerleader that cant keep her mouth shut.

  6. I can’t believe how stupid most of you people are. Rachel, Brendon, and Enzo are the only players that even come close to playing the game with integrity and honesty. All the others are slimy liars and cockroaches, especially Britney and Matt. And that sickening f*g Ragan. I have to laugh at almost all of your comments because you show how ignorant you are with your idiotic perceptions of the players in this game. I think most of you should go back to school and get some education.

    1. I find it funny you talk about integrity and how everyone else is ignorant – then proceed to call Ragan a “sickening fag.” Go curl up in your confederate flag blanket.

    2. I have no desires to go back to school. But, I think it is a stretch to say that Rachel and Enzo have played with more integrity and honesty. They have played just the same as most of the others and that does not include honesty. Enzo has been talking behind backs and telling lies just like the others. However, that is how the game is played. He maybe your favorite and that is great but he is no better than the others. I won’t say you are ignorant for choosing him to root for in the game because everyone has their favorites. I haven’t one, yet.

    3. dear loaded9mm –

      YOU are the reason that I am for more stringent gun control – you are a moronic idiot and it is glaringly obvious that you are, in fact, the stupidest person that I have come across on this board.

      Please get in your beat up pick up truck with the Yosemite Sam Mud flaps and drive off a cliff….you ignorant jack ass.

    4. First off, the word fag is so 1980s. What does education have to with anything? Besides, the game isn’t about integrity anyway. It’s a social game. They aren’t picking who is going to be the pastor of a church. Some people like certain people/characters in the house because they can relate to them some way or they like their game play. It’s not the serious.

    1. could be she has a task to create a certain number of conflicts….if she succeeds, gets a prize, money, something out of it……..also she said she couldn’t talk about the j/h til midnight…..what’s that all about?

  7. Rachel comes out and says Britney didn’t you just tell me you thought Enzo was the sabo.  She says I told you I thought you were the sabo.  Rachel says didn’t you say it was Enzo.  She says when I talked to him, I told him that I thought you were the sabo.  She says he never specifically said Brendon said Enzo.  Rachel says Brendon never talks shit about anyone.  The only person that talks shit… Britney says Enzo I’m sorry. Rachel says I’m not trying to lie, that was what was said.  Britney says he never said, nobody ever said specifically that you were the sabo.  Enzo says America wants to see me in the house not f* up my game.  

    Britney says it was a conversation taht I had between me and Brendon that I told only you.  Rachel says why would you try to convince my boyfriend of anything.  Seems like you are the sabo Britney.  You are the one going around the house talking about everyone.  (Britney doesn’t get a chance to ever explains as Rachel gets louder and disruptive while she tries to talk).

    Britney says what did I say.  Rachel says I can’t think of anything right now.  Britney says all I said about Lane is that he was out here when something was said.  Britney says I told you I personally told you I heard YOU say it and that Lane was out here.  She says you twist everything I say.   Britney says you can’t think of anyhting I’ve said because I didn’t say anything!  Rachel says you said in the bedroom that you said you thought Enzo was the sabo.  Britney says I told you that I thought YOU were the sabo.  rachel says you talked about changing behavior and then you said Enzo.  Britney says I talked about everyone it could have been.  You are trying to twist my words and make it sound like I’m talking about people.  Britney says you are twisting my words.  Rachels ays I’m not.  (round and round)

    Britney says why are you telling people that I am talking about them.  You are trying to make me look bad.  She says Enzo, I do not think you are the sabo, I don’t think there is one, I think it is BB.  She says I don’t know why you are trying to come after me and thought we are having a nice conversation.  She says the only thing I am getting that is legitimate from this whole thing is that I told you I thought you were the saboteur.  Why would I say you were the sabo then supposed turn around and say that I said Enzo was the sabo?!!

    Rachel won’t let the convo die.  She has to have the last word.  Rachel says you tried to convince Brendon… Britney says why would I try to convince Brendon?!  Enzo says I just wanted to clear the air.  (Round 3 – same words)  rachel says I have no reason to lie, I’m not in this game anymore so fine – believe what you want Enzo.

    Enzo says she has been here 4 or 5 hours and has already started f* chaos.  Kathy says everyone just needs to go to bed so this all ends.  The more we are up, the more she will make it go on.

    1. And I hope you die now. Like for real….

      I dont understand why so many of you hate on Rachel. Yeah, she annoying but she is good, no….GREAT for TV. And I know CBS have to love her for all the drama she brings. Honestly, if Rachel was never there and they had casted some lame duck like another Kathy…going around telling everyone how much they loved them all the time, the show wouldnt be half as good. The people I cant stand are Ragan and Brittany.

      Brittany is like Brendon says “A spoiled brat” who only talks shit about people all day after pretending to be their friend to their face. Which is all her and Monet did, while Monet was in the house….complain about how much they hated everybody not named Brittany and Monet. And Ragan started out as an ok dude, but he has definately turned into a snake along the way. And the fact that he’d even accept being the sabateour, personifies that in his character. He’s nowhere near as honest as he originally potrayed himself to be.

      But to my original point, everyone hating….get off Rachel’s ass. You know damn well you enjoy the drama she brings to the show, and most of you watch her hoping for more of it. She’s not my favorite person or anything, but I can respect how she played the game hard trying to win, and not just float around, crying to people not to vote her out of the house and play weak like Kathy. Its no good reason in the world Kathy should still be there…..she should have been gone by the 2nd week.

    2. You hope a human being dies in there sleep. Why are you on this blog instead of a mental hospital. that is disgusting and sick thing to say this is a game how old are you 12, grow up.

      1. He was just Mocking what the above person had just posted about Rachel !!! Scroll UP and read the whole thread !!
        And I agree with you MisterMidas on all points about Rachel, Ragan, Britany, and Kathy !! Finally, someone who has some sense !!!

  8. WTF? what is the point letting rachel back for 24 hours how is it going to change things.she was gone for a day it not like she went home and watch the show she knows as much as the rest of the housguests know and she cant even talk to brendon to tell him what to do or who to nominate so how could she make any game changing moves if she cant even talk to the hoh?

    1. Maybe Brendon got a prize or power that we don’t know about yet. Rachel returning into the house probably is just the evil part against the house.

  9. To Frolish

    Once again I see ignorance in your perception of people. I don’t have or want a confederate flag blanket. But either way, that fact has nothing to do with that sickening fag Ragan. Or you, for that matter. I’m surrounded by idiots.

    1. The F word is equally offensive as the N word and I now understand why you like Rachel so much – you are one of those dumbells who likes to incite people. You do realize that this makes us all certain that you have a small penis – right?

      Go clean your guns – you bumpkin……oh, but i have one last question – actually two………..Is your trailer a double wide?

      Is it true that 3rd grade was the toughest 5 years of your life?

      1. Man, Whats with you people? I love my double wide especially now that we have added the up stairs and the columns. As for the 5th grade thing. Everyone knows 5th grade is a bitch and in my opinion much harder that collatge could ever be. Not unusual for it to take several years to get it all down especially them multiplication things. Everyone is not dumb, my brother Tyrone skipped 5th grade all together. Come to think of it he skipped 6th,7th,8th 9th 10th 11th and 12th.

    2. Only an idiot would use “loaded 9mm” for his name! Why wouldn’t you use a more manly gun such as 45 cal glock or sawed off shotgun or red necked hillbilly or I am a pussy so I have to cover up my pussyness by using a gun for my name? Maybe one day you can use your gun and go to prison where you would be forced to make sweet love to one of those “fags” that you hate so much you gay bashing insecure pussy. Peace yo,, wait for it!!,,, BOOM!!! Incoming!!!

  10. To all the brachel haters out there. They are the only ones who doesn’t ridicule people behind they’re backs. When they are alone they talk game unlike most of the other people in that house. To me that’s real character. Brit is the worst…no class. But she is hot. The whole house targeted Brendon from week one and he’s still there. He deserves to win this.

      1. You are a low life form if you think beating up on everybody else will make you feel better about all of your issues! Go to a counselor… not a BB spoiler site!!!

      2. Seriously, how does this in anyway, shape, or form does this make you better than him? God gave us a prostate to play with ourselves? Why do all of BB fandom feel the need to chastise everyone with an OPINION…. Don’t know who needs to grow up more.. you or him…

    1. I agree. Brit and ragan are always making fun of how people look (esp. Brendon and Rachel). They think they are so much better and smarter but in fact they are acting really childish. Yes, it’s a game but some of the remarks and stuff they say behind peoples back is uncalled for.

  11. Brenden, go with your instincts and eliminate Lane, Brittney, and be cautious of your new alliance. They are with you for convenience and are will backstab every chance play.

  12. Brenden, go with your instincts and eliminate Lane, Brittney, and be cautious of your new alliance. This new 3 way alliance will backstab every chance they can. Key will be to know when to usem fvs them winning afterll.

  13. loaded9mm:
    I think you are being stupid and judgemental! The whole point of the game is to lie and cheat so why you have a big problem with it.. I don’t know.

  14. WOW… I cannot wrap my brain around all the Hatred ppl are showing on here towards Rachel…. She was a Great Competator, and She is Smart. I guess ppl on here are as scared and insecure as the Housguests themselves….

    1. Exactly. The fact that so many people can even use the word “hate” so freely is stupid. It takes an immense amount of energy to hate anything. It is the exact opposite of love. Not trying to be a teacher or anything, but just breaking it down. I dont really like any of the people in the house, I dislike a couple, and dont care one way or another for most of them. But I dont HATE any of them…..saying that alone is just stupid. And Rachel was a really good competitor. Whether you “hate” her or not, that alone earns my respect.

      1. I believe that apathy is the opposite of love, not hate. But that’s here nor there. I mostly agree with you. Rachel is a fierce competitor and the house probably did make a good move for their personal game getting her out when they had a chance, much to the dismay of CBS. She was entertaining while on the show, but still wasn’t one of my top choices to make it all the way.

        1. Apathy-(also called impassivity or perfunctoriness) is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion.

          Hate-to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward (antonym)-love

          Like I originally said, hate is the opposite of love.

  15. I was in defense of him earlier, but now, I’m just going with he’s just a stupid Jersey dude. Never has any idea what the plan is, until you tell it to him, is always 4 days behind on his Brigade operations, doesn’t win anything of importance and is basically Kathy without the smoking habit. They need to wise up and throw out the dead weight.

  16. As much as I love Britney, she actually did tell Rachel that she thought it might be Enzo.
    Britney was definitely trying to throw Enzo under the bus because he hasn’t won anything. Britney’s main goal is to try to save herself from being put on the block by Brendon. and she knows that Brendon doesn’t want “un-worthy players” to still be in the house.
    And that’s why Britney threw Enzo’s name out there as a diversion.

    1. No she didnt. I rewatched the feeds and while it may be a small difference what she said was “I think Brenden thinks Enzo is the sab. Based on our conversation and the criteria he (brendon) was listing I think he was talking about Enzo” But during this convo she made it prefectly clear that Brit thougth it was Rachel. Flashback 8/14 8:09 PM CAM 1 and 2. you should prob start at 8:08 to get full setup.

  17. I agree! If anything, being on tv doesn’t help with all that! I would be mad if people percieved me as I imagine most of them are being percieved!!! The tv shows their real character! I find that this show is extremely entertaining but gives you a better look at the beast inside a human! It’s sad that there are hardly ever any good people on this! :(

    1. I agree. When they had a good mix of people back in the day, the show was good. Remember Chicken George and Bunkie. They were funny as hell and good people.

  18. Ha ha ha. Would all you gun haters feel better if my user name was a different? Maybe I should call myself LoadedAR15. Or LoadedAK47. Hell, they’re all loaded. You don’t like it? Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT. You guys are cracking me up. I needed a good laugh tonight, especially after seeing that sickening FAG Ragan tonight.

    1. Your comments are disturbing! It must bring you pleasure in the responses you are receiving. I will assume that you’re a lonely person that has been turned down multiple times by both genders. Good luck with your guns! :)

    2. Loaded9mm, I don’t care what you are packing. If it makes you feel powerful, go for it. Me, I carry a purse and my credit cards give me the same feeling. But, I wish you would stop with the use of the word that you know is offensive to so many on here. That is not making you look powerful or smart. It makes you look silly. You can get your points across without it.

  19. A game yes ,,,but the winner gets a half mil!!!!!
    It’s not a little play game of golf! At least in sports there are officials and rules, even though some officials can be pretty bad. Just a game is so old!!! and used so often…

  20. Lets say Brandon still believes Enzo is the SAB and decides to put him up in Ragans place. So that means Lane vs Enzo.

    Does Matt use the diamond power to take one of them off?????

    1. And Brit mentioning Enzo being the SAB (however it happened), everyone except Ragon (funny) has been looked at being the SAB. You got nothing else to do in the house except try and think about who is the SAB and your game.
      Enzo is just mad because he doesn’t like his name mentioned in any way. He likes to play under the radar, he doesn’t want to look like a competitor.
      And everyone lies in this game. No one can consider themselves angels in this game. Thats the way 99% of the people in the world would play it. We are talking about 1/2 million dollars. I would lie, cheat and destroy for that much, just like everyone else.

  21. Alll of the fighting is annoying I just wish the cussing would stop.. I love to read the comments but not if they are this rude!

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