Big Brother 12 Spoilers – * Updated *Brigade Breaking up, 4 Deep no more

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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1:05am Cabana Room Brit, Matt and Enzo Brit rehashes the entire Rachel conversation says that because of what she is saying it is placing a huge target on her. Brit tells him she certainly did not say Enzo was the saboteur and Rachel twisting her words makes it obvious that she is doing this to stir up BLANK. Brit continues, she never said that Brendon thought enzo is the saboteur all she said is that her and Brendon brainstormed scenarios. Matt suggests that when Brendon comes back she needs to talk to him One on One and if your storied mesh up then cool if not call a house meeting and get it all out in the open. They start talking about Rachel already causing 2 major fights in the house after 10 hours. Brit: “It pisses me off because it put me in the line of fire”. Enzo: “Yeah and she goes into the DR after each blow up”. MAtt Leaves. Brit presses enzo to tell her how it all started. Enzo says he was up in the HOH and she started talking mad BLANK and it came up. Britt tell Enzo she doesn’t want him to think her or Brendon said you were the sab, Brit mentions that everyone even enzo has had conversations about who the sab it. Enzo basically says “yeah” the entire conversation. Enzo doesn’t understand why everyone is getting all hyped up over all this sab BLANK, he thinks it’s BLANK, the corny messages and the stupid pranks. (I was wondering the same thing) They both are agreeing there is no saboteur just production.. but if there was a saboteur Enzo thinks it’s Rachel. Brit wants to have a conversation with Brendon and Enzo when he comes back so they can clear it all up. Enzo: “Yeah man whatever yo” They go over and over about how enzo isn’t the saboteur.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


1:20am Hammock Brit and Lane Brit tells him that she’s positive she’ll go up and go home. Brit counts the votes says lane has Enzo, Lahty and Hayden. Lane tells her he has no idea those people will vote for him, Those are his boys but they never talk game to him. Brit really doesn’t want to go up against Lane because him and her are close. Lane says that Brit will have ragan on her side. Brit tells him that Lane is her original buddy in the house, lane laughs asks her is it because he tried to make out with and she shot him down that means they are buddies. Brit smirks says your so mean to me. Lane: “Ladies like the jerks”. Brit mentions that if Matt goes up she’ll be the swing vote but she’s sure it’ll be here that goes up. Lane asks her why she’s so worried about being separated from him. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him in the game. Lane: “We’ll see each other in jury house”. Brit knows, she wants to play the game with him some more. Lane ask her again about making out Brit declines, Lanes mentions he has a girlfriend so it really doesn’t matter. Brit sarcastically says: “Sure you have a girlfriend”. Brit goes over the conversation with Rachel tells Lane that rachel can say brit is saying BLANK about people but to say brit is talking BLANK about Lane is just plain dumb.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:30pm Have nots room Ragan and Matt Talk is on the HOH comp this week, they go over what has already been given and believe that this week will be a quiz. Ragan is feeling good about his chances to win, Matt tells him they need to win it more then ever. Ragan tells him that the house has gone crazy and he feels like it’s just the 2 of them right now. Matt thinks there is a decent chance he’s going up this week, he believes that was Brendon’s plan all along. Ragan ask him which player he trusts more Brit or Lane. Matt says he loves them both but he would say that Lane is closer to him, MAtt adds that he never really talks game to Lane but they are still close. Matt is worried if he loses Brit it’ll be just him and MAtt, Matt tells Ragan he’s the only person in the house he trusts. Brit joins them and they start going over the Rachel/Ragan fight. Ragan is a little pissed about her Gay comment.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:40pm cabana Room Enzo and HAyden They’re talkign about Matt and how he’s getting too deep with Ragan. They Believe that the only way to get Ragan out is for the 2 of them to do it. Hayden brings ups that Rachel told him that Ragan and Matt were trying to get Hayden out when he was up on the block with Kristen (The simple fact that Hayden believes Rachel said Matt did this shows you how BLANK this game has gotten in the last 20 hours) Hayden is getting pretty fired up about this says they need to take Matt out. Enzo thinks they should watch Matt for a bit before they put a hit out on him. Hayden: “We only have till tomorrow” Lane joins them and Hayden fills him in. Enzo: “So what do yous think matty has flipped sides” Brit comes in starts talking about the rachel conversation. They all agree that Rachel is a nut case and she’s the sole source of the drama. hayden points out that Brendon has been alright these past couple days now that she’s gone plus the house has been quiet and peaceful. Brit leaves and the brigade starts worrying about Matt. Enzo says that Matt has been acting nervous around them lately and he only comes in and talks to them for a bit then runs off to be with Ragan. Lane listening in and agrees that Matt has Flipped (looks like the DPOV will be played tomorrow err I mean later today) Enzo brings up that he doesn’t trust brit or Matt but he thinks Matt is worse. HAyden

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

agrees. They thinks that Matt will be going up this week and they need to make sure he’s not saying anything to Ragan about their brigade alliance. Lane adds that he can control and mislead Brit but with matt he can’t. Hayden offers up the thought that maybe rachel is lieing to them, but Hayden can’t figure out what her motives would be (ummm she wants matt do go home) Enzo: “I think matt has flipped he didn’t want to be with me and Lane becuase we never win and ragan/Brit win so he’s stuck to them”. Lane mentions that matt and ragan have a very close relationship in the game, lane: “Ragan was crying at the thought of Matt going up”. Hayden warns them that matty’s plane is to go to final 5 with the brigade and Ragan and then start taking out Brigade member until him and Ragan reach final 2. Hayden thinks theres a good chance of Matt and ragan winning the comps. Lane tells them it all boils down to Matt not wanting to do any harm to Ragan. they are all getting really steamed about matt, HAyden says he trusts matt the least in the house, even trusts caveman more. hayden brings up possible final 6 scenarios thath MAtt would have. They agree that it’ll be Brigade + Ragan + Brit, matt wants ragan and Brit because they can win the HOH comp. if they win it they will start chiseling away on the brigade. Enzo is convinced: “lets put out a hit on that donkey” hayden mentions they need to get a brigade shirt for kathy. they laugh that Kathy is brought up from the minors to compete with the pros. Enzo and Hayden think that Brendon is putting Matt up they won’t need to say much to him. Lane chimes in that Matt has done much more damage to the brigade then Brit has. lane thinks matt may have seen how close the 3 of them are getting and thats why hes exploring other options. hayden points out that he’s seen matt change over these past 2 weeks. They start to wonder what other deals Matt had cooked up, especially with Brendon. They all agree that Matt needs to go out this week. .. feeds cut

(there you have it the brigade has fractured, Matt will use the DPOV and tomorrow is going to be epic.. what a awesome season 🙂 )


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:58am Lights out

3:17am Feeds cut to Bubbles

3:25am In the Taj bedroom Hayden and Enzo are whispering with Kathy. Hayden says that Rachel knows a lot of stuff. Enzo is angry with Brit for saying he was the saboteur, he says he swore on his family I’m not playing these BLANK games! Enzo tells Kathy that Matt, Ragan or Brit would put her up in a heartbeat. Enzo says they trust Brendon because he has no one else in the house. Kathy tells them she totally agrees. Kathy says that they need to get Britney up on the block and get rid of her. Kathy says that she doesn’t want to go home before Britney goes home. Kathy says since day one she has been saying Britney is dangerous! Enzo says she cries to everyone, she uses that to her advantage. Kathy agrees and says Brit is a spoiled brat, she mentions all of these places she has been in the World. Kathy says Britney doesn’t need the money! Kathy says that Britney is a spoiled brat, just like Brendon said. Kathy says that she latched on to Lane. Kathy says that Britney’s whole life she has probably cried to mommy or daddy and got her way. Kathy says that Britney has it made; we have to take things like that into consideration. Enzo says so if you got to the final two it doesn’t matter what you did to get there even if you only won one competition, you got to the final two.

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3:40am – 4:10am Kathy says that Britney drives six hours to Dallas just to shop. Kathy says she only makes it to Dallas once a year because it costs so much in gas to get there. Enzo says that at this point he thinks Brendon wants to vote Matty out. Enzo says they have to go up to Brendon and tell him that Rachel wants Britney and Matt to be up on the block. Rachel told Enzo to make sure Brendon knows that. He says they have to tell Brendon everything. Enzo points toward the have-not room and says they’re trying to play games with us. Enzo wants to beat Britney to Brendon. Enzo says that he doesn’t want her to get a chance to talk to him and try to sway him. Enzo tells Kathy that he trusts Brendon. Kathy says that Lane is getting her vote to stay this week. Enzo says that Lane is safe this week. Kathy continues to throw Britney under the bus. Enzo says he is ready to get her the BLANK out of here! Hayden agrees. Kathy says that Britney doesn’t do the laundry either, she does her own but that’s it. Kathy says that she doesn’t do nothing, nothing… because she is too busy. Kathy says that she wants to go for a smoke. Kathy says that she doesn’t want to go out there by herself, and they’ll say she is the saboteur. Kathy asks Hayden and Enzo if they want to come out to the backyard with her while she smokes. Enzo goes with her. Kathy tells Enzo that Britney treats her like a maid. Enzo says that they have got to get out Britney out but he thinks that Brendon is going to put up Matt. Kathy says that Britney is intimidated by her, she doesn’t get why because I am 20 years older than her! Kathy complains that Britney is always asking everyone about their personal lives in hopes that those questions could come up on a quiz. Enzo says Lane better watch out for Britney! Kathy says that she thinks Lane’s game will improve when Britney leaves. They talk about how they think Lane is blind when it comes to Britney. Enzo says that he wants him, Hayden and Kathy to go to Brendon tomorrow and remind him about all the bad things Ragan and Britney have done to him in this game. Enzo says that they need to make sure he puts Britney up in Ragan’s place on the block; they don’t want to give her a chance to cry to Brendon and sway him. Enzo says again that Rachel likes him. Enzo says that Rahel wouldn’t lie to him about Britney saying he was the saboteur. Kathy finishes her smoke and Enzo and her go inside to head to bed. Enzo says Britney is not going to win Big Brother! Enzo says we are going to do this Kathy! Enzo and Kathy go to bed … all the house guests are now asleep.
6:30am All the house guests are still sleeping…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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Bren to win it all


I want matt to use the dpov and send enzo home… wouldd be classic. Bye, yo.


I’m hoping that happens too!


And his speech could be yo I tried to be in an alliance with you but you can’t win shit. Yo.

BigBrothers Big Brother

I do too. I liked Enzo in the beginning with all his antics and quips. Now he’s useless and doesn’t think anybody should ever talk behind his back even though that’s all he’s been doing all along. Kathy has no game and she’s getting desperate. I hope they expose this ditsy cop before long since she has no strategy. I suspect that’s why she got yelled at in the DR. It wasn’t about overfeeding the fish. It was about her acting like a damn fly on the wall and laying around smoking all day as if she’s one of the viewers at home, WATCHING not participating in the game.


yeah rachel totally messed up. she made me ashamed to be on team brenchel

sickoftheir shit

Oh crap – another FIGHT???SPILL IT!!!!!


ragan is a hypocrite. he does everything he blames rachel for. so what if someone calls him gay. he is gay. he disrespects his college with his actions and i would not want him teaching my kids!


Ragan is only responding to Rachel. She got personal first and isn’t it funny how everybody in the house is getting along fine and then she returns and all hell breaks loose. I thought he did a great job.


I agree 100%. I actually said that in an early post. Your paying for your kids to go to college and they get a professor that is like that. He should not be aloud to educate.


Ragan could teach you the difference between aloud and allowed.


I watched BBAD and missed the fight? Or was it afterwards when Rachel came out back defending Enzo and calling Brittney a LIAR???


The truth is coming out on all sides. The true battle lines are about to be drawn. Given the way each of them has been acting the chaos will be fun to watch


Truth, there is no truth in this game. It’s one lie after another so IMO they are not playing a game, it is just all lies and I do believe they cannot differentiate between their own lies and what is real. This season sucks and I’m afraid it is not going to get any better. What a waste of a BB season.


I think the DPOV gets played only eviction night so all the real fireworks won’t happen til Thursday. The other three Brigade members better play it cool this week and not let it slip that they want to take out Matt or they may find themselves in the crossfire. Knowing how devious Matt is he is going to relish being on the block if Bren puts him up as Ragan’s replacement nominee as he will get to see first hand how the rest of the brigade treats him.


When does matt use the dpov . After or before the voting?


Pretty sure he would have to pull the trigger and use it once he is put on the block and before they voted. If he is put on the block…he may not want to use it, if he thinks he is safe becuase he does not want the others to know he lied about getting something of value when he opened Pandora’s Box. Let’s hope he uses it right away and risks their being mad because, otherwise he may be voted off.


I love it!! The Bridage is crumbling!!!


me too, yo


me 3…makes good drama

sickoftheir shit

hahahah. This is working out just as I dreamed it would. Matt will use the POV and put Bozo up! hahahhaha. Matt, Brit, Regan, Kathy against Hayden’s sorry azz vote.

This is perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!


kathy is for hayden and lane.

sickoftheir shit

It is still 3 votes to 2 then.


kat is for whoever can get her to the next level. they better be careful, she just may win


Kathy LOVES Hayden. She thinks of him as her ‘son’. She said so when Kristen was on the block with Hayden. If anything the “guys”other than Matt will get Kathy to vote with them. (Enzo, Hayden and Lane)


wow, production better pay rachel for this b/c she finally got this season started. what she said to ragan was wrong but brit was lying. i really hope they think this through about matt going out this week or enzo will be replaced and evicted.

Team Brenchal

Pay Rachel? Each and every member of BB gets 1,000 for every week they stay there. I know someone who was on BB 10. That INCLUDES the jury house as well. So the people who make it to the end, will go home with around 10k more in the bank.


it’s 750 a week not 1,000

Team Brenchal

No your wrong. It was $750 but they changed it after season 9. From season 10 they changed to $1,000 per week.


Well I think what they said about Rachel was wrong too. But the season is starting to heat up


i cant believe hayden believes rachel that matty and ragan were after hayden/kristen…the brigade doesnt realize that she has nothing to lose by lying her ass off? wtf…if britney goes up on the block tomorrow and matty doesnt use the DPOV to take lane off and put kathy up, the brigade could be done. he needs to use it to explain his behavior the past week and a half and explain why he couldnt say anything about it, and explain to the rest of the brigade that rachel really was lying about everything.

this sucks. should have realized the brigade was probably too good to be true to make it to the final 4 in tact.


man i think matty will be too prideful if nezo and hayden start bitchin like little girls. Team Matty FTW


Team Matty!?!…ahahahahahahahah…WTF is that?!?!!Team of one, the hunchbach is a scumbag.


lane is safe because you only need 3 votes to win out of 5 people voting


Good job Rachel!!!!

I knew that little light weight brigade wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle, you rule girlfriend!!!!!






me tooo she says it like it is 🙂

Other K

she starts fights she can’t win cause she’s too stupid to mkae insults. she’s a classless HO


You can throw class out the window THIS IS BIG BROTHER, who cares about class, it’s a game not real life. Rachel comming back only makes the show better!! Learn how to spell “make” before you start calling people stupid!!


why do you think production brang her back in? Look what she’s done it like 12 hours. She’s made this season soo much more intresting. I have a feeling when she goes into DR production is telling her to start sh!t. And I think she’s trying to turn everyone else against each other and what does that do. Take the target of brendon’s back…

Ms Kewl

If Matt uses the DPOV, WHO gets to nominate his replacement? Wouldn’t it be Brendon? He won’t put up Bozo – he’ll put up Brit! =(
I hope Rachel & Brendon don’t even get a chance to talk, then maybe Brit will still be safe!

Uncle Cool

If Matt uses the DPOV, he gets to choose his replacement.


The DPoV allows Matt to veto one of the nominations AND choose the replacement nominee.


matt may not use it if he is not on the block. all brigade members will be safe anyways


I thought that the Diamond Power of Veto can only be played on eviction nights? Anyway, I fully expect Brendon to nominate Matt in Ragan’s place. Hayden, Enzo, and Lane will not expose the Brigade alliance. They have to protect themselves. When Matt uses the DPOV, he will think that the Brigade is still intact and he will nominate either Britney or Kathy for eviction (Kathy, if he’s smart). Lane will stay. The following week will tell us if the Brigade can survive. It all depends on who wins the next HOH competition.

sickoftheir shit

Big Brother 12 Updates 3:00 am BBT Sunday, August 15, 2010 – She don’t need the money!

HN: Britney and Ragan are asleep.

Sunset: Kathy has turned out the lights and gone to bed.

Palm: Lane is sleeping

Long, bubbles (it’s now 12 hours since Rachel entered the house…)

After 20 minutes of bubbles, we return to Kathy talking with Enzo and Hayden in the Sunset room. She says on this deal she is lying. Enzo says she told me she would go out with me, but I went to Britney first. Hayden says in the knock out comp, I knocked her out first, remember? Enzo says she knows all the stuff, but I don’t think she is thinking at all. One of those three are going home this week. I’m telling you tomorrow morning they are going to be in the HOH room. I’m locking that f* door and not letting anyone out. Enzo is still swearing that he is not the sabo and how he swore on his wife and family and that is disrespectful to my family to say I am.

Kathy says she, Britney, has communications skills. Kathy says she is playing you guys, I’m telling you that. Enzo says don’t talk s* about me. Kathy says she has been talking about me the whole time, Rachel even told me that. Hayden says next week, one of us needs to win HOH. Kathy says Britney needs to go before me, I’m not going before she does! They giggle. Matt can go as far as he wants to but he ain’t getting my vote. They talk about how wonderful Brendon is and how he can be trusted more than anyone in the house. Kathy says I totally agree. Enzo says I gotta get up there tomorrow. Kathy says she will go up there and say this and that happened and start crying… Enzo says I’ll go up there and break it up. Me, you and Hayden will go up together and tell him what happened. Kathy says it will be a unanamous vote to get her out. I do not want to go home before she does. She is dangerous, I have said that since day one… she’s dangerous. Kathy says I stood up to her once and she ain’t done nothing to me since. She’s latched on to lane like Annie did,… I’m telling you she is the type of person that has used crying all her life, she is a spoiled brat, been to Spain and England, she don’t need the money like we do. I need money to stay alive. She don’t need it. She says none of us have nothing. Matt’s wife is sick, Britney has it made, we have to take little things like that into … Enzo says if you get to the final 2 that’s big in this house. Kathy says at least I can go home without lying and backstabbing, but I can get them out before I go. She says she goes shopping in Dallas once a month. I go once a year cause it costs so much in gas!


Kathy continues to talk about Britney. Kathy says Brendon likes her because she is playing the game, but he’s not looking at the big picture. Enzo says he’s thinking of putting Matty up. Hayden says next week if it is a quiz or endurance… if it is endurance like last week, who has a better chance matty or Britney? Enzo says we have to go to Brendon and tell him that Rachel wants Britney or Matty out. Enzo says Rachel told me Britney is the worst – we have to tell Brendon everything!! They are trying to play games with us. Kathy says she is good. Enzo says she is desperate. Kathy agrees. Hayden says it doesn’t matter which one. Enzo says but we can tell them. I just hope Britney doesn’t get to him… Kathy says she is good at it. Enzo says I’ll tell him I won’t put him up if I win HOH. Kathy says just lie to him. She says I clean these rooms so I can memorize everything in it. They moved stuff around in this house. Enzo says I know (he told Brendon). Kathy says I just happened to walk in and she went oh god… Enzo says I don’t want to be called the sabo… Kathy says she said she talked about this with Brendon. She says she asked me today why I had changed in teh last couple of week. Kathy says can you all turn the speaker off. Enzo walks across the room and says “The speaker is on!!”

Enzo saying the same thing over and over about getting to Brendon first. Kathy says I talked to him and told him something ain’t right cause Britney is too confident. Enzo says she’s losing it, that girl. Kathy says I’m gonna wash our sheets tomorrow. Hayden says he has dirty laundry. Hayden asks her what time she gets up. Kathy says I only slept and hour last night… this stuff was just eating me up. Enzo says I trust Brendon, he knows what he is doing, we just got to talk to him. In this game, you always have to talk to the HOH. Kathy says I haven’t screwed anyone in this game, I’m sick of the drama, I’m sick of the lies… I heard them talking about me the other night and they didn’t have a clue. Kathy says Lane will get my vote! Enzo says Lane is safe. Kathy says he was safe when he was nominated. Kathy says I think I need to smoke another cigarette. Talk turns to libations. Kathy says that bitch has never washed one dish in this house. She does nothing but shoot pool. She says I washed dishes five times today – I’m just sick of it! She only does her own laundry cause she’s too busy… She asks Enzo to go outside so nobody thinks I am sabotuer.


R u the TVGRAPEINE dude or just copying that site?


btw Simon’s post are way better than tvgrapevine.

sickoftheir shit

No its not from grapevine. It is from somewhere else. I prefer this site but sometimes they do their updates more often. If nobody wants them them I wont post them.


you really need to post where you took the info from. It’s copyright infringment if you did not write it yourself and might get in trouble for leaving it up.

plus you cannot copy any text in it’s entirety – a paragraph or two depending on if there is 10 paragraphs and then add full copyright info must be added as to who might have written it.. for safetys sake and for the integrity of .. my opinion only..


Do you count all the hits you get on your site? I don’t see a hit counter here. Wondering how popular your site is compared to the others

Rockstar is #10 on google. That is effing unreal. It beats out most of the major sites


i cant believe they are giving rachael more camera time..she sucks so bad..i want to see kristen back again.


Yes, the smart one (Kristen) they don’t bring back…but Rachel who is disgusting they have back on. Don’t get it.


Bringing Rachel back was the sickest!!!!!!! Go Rachel!!!!!! Expose those fools!

sickoftheir shit

Big Brother 12 Updates 3:45 am BBT Sunday, August 15, 2010 – Gotta get to Brendon first
Tweet me!Written by vic2rea
Sunday, 15 August 2010 06:11
Big Brother 12 Updates 3:45 am BBT Sunday, August 15, 2010 – Gotta get to Brendon first

Kathy and Enzo head outside so she can smoke and they can trash Britney some more. Enzo says I can never go to sleep in this f* place. Kathy lights her smoke. She says Rachel told me that she had no reason to make that up about Enzo. Enzo says I know, she loves me. Kathy goes on and on about how Britney acts like she (Kathy) is the f* maid. Enzo says I f* want her out, but I feel like he is going to go after f* Matt. Kathy says you need to tell Brendon what Rachel said. Kathy says Britney is probably the sabo. She says Britney doesn’t have anything to do with me. She says when I sat down, they just scooted over so they wouldn’t have to set beside me. Kathy says I separate myself from people I don’t like. She asks too many questions about our personal life. Be careful studying with them… why would she want you to know all the stuff she and Ragan knows.

Matt is up heading toward the bathroom.

Kathy is still talking about how Britney cries to get her way and the men all fall for it. Enzo says I hope Lane doesn’t think she is his friend, that f* bitch will backstab him. Kathy says Lane will play a better game once she is gone. When I was a HN, never once did she check on me, she didn’t even walk in that room. I did that for the house and as a sacrifice because of her ass. I could have stayed on that paint can. I did that for my integrity. Now she is complaining she is on the block and on slop. She told me that the only reason she took a bath with Rachel was to get information. He says I definitely want Britney to go and I gonna push so f* hard to get her up. If me you and Hayden go up there… we’ll tell him what Rachel told us. Kathy says I really think the game is in our hands right now. I told him that Matt, Ragan and Britney would put him up. I told him I don’t want to go home before she does.

Enzo says we have to tell him. They not going to backstab their way to the end. Kathy says remind Brendon that she tried to throw Matt under the bus to try and keep Monet. He complains that Ragan and Britney come in rooms when the doors are closed. He says I’m putting a stop to that tomorrow night if she comes to the HOH I’m telling her to leave. Kathy says Ragan apologized to me for overhearing them making fun of me. Kathy says Lane told me he was not going to go against Ragan, Britney or Matt. Enzo says Lane said that? Kathy says that is what he told me. Enzo says maybe he just said that. Enzo says when I talked to Britney she looked terrified so I went and told Rachel to come out, I knew she wouldn’t just make that up because she likes me. She didn’t want to make trouble cause she likes me. She didn’t want to bring this up or nothing!

Enzo is hoping that Brendon gets to come back and spend at least a couple of hours with Rachel. If not, we are going to war. We’re gonna sit him down and talk about it with him. IF they try to break it up I’ll tell her to f* get out. Gonna tell her not to put my name in her mouthe – f* 22 years old and thinks she is f* gonna win BB, get out of here!! He says I gotta take a piss. Kathy says yeah, me too.

Enzo waits to walk Kathy to the room. He can’t stop talking about having to get to Brendon before Britney does. They turn on the light on a sleeping Hayden. Enzo makes his bed, says goodnight, and shuts out the light. Enzo says Kathy I need a pillow. She throws him one.

4:11 am BBT


are you the new Simon or somethin?

sickoftheir shit

Big Brother 12 Updates 4;30 am BBT Sunday, August 15, 2010 – House guests finally sleeping

Kathy and Enzo were the last to go to bed at 4:11 am. There has been silence since that time. Safe to say, the houseguests are now sleeping.


Where Matt got the DPOV I hope that Brendon puts up Brit in Ragan’s place.


Me too! I hope Brit goes home next. Then bring back Rachel. Let her or Brendan win the HOH and next week let it be a double eviction week. Sweet.


i second the motion


august 15th…..okay this is by far the ABSOLUTE WORSE BUNCH OF HOUSEGUESTS IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY….please the “brigade” are nothing but weasels and bullies, the woman all need to get slapped (Britney is a twofaced _itch, Kathy floats to whoever looks good for the week, Rachel, Kristen, Monet were nasty, vile femals who had no class or manners……Ragan should never have been a contestant and he claims to be a college professor….wouldn’t want to go to that college he acts so righteous and thinks he is above everyone else in the house……I will not watch anymore of this bs – CBS time to rethink this reality show because its had its day and these houseguests for 2010 do not even deserve 5 minutes let alone 3 months …. ugh they are all idiots!!!!


Thank you, you said everything I feel and I think you are correct. Thank you


it is so hard for me to find a fav this year, had no problem the other years. i don’t know who and why this bunch was cast, put it is an epic fail.


Bringing back Rachael is so unfair to the players left in the house on so many levels. The only person it helped was Brendon. Rachael is still making decisions for Brendon through Enzo and Hayden. She absolutely influenced them. Just not right!!!!


Jealous much

sickoftheir shit

Jealous of a $2.00 hooker that is proud to tell her story of waking up with puke all over her shirt with a fist full of money? hahahha. As IF!




Obviously you do not know the entire story…..Britney’s story changed several times when it came to the conversation about enzo being the sabo….she just became sad because she knows that that altercation is pushing her one step closer to being put on the block at the pov ceremony……rachel responded to ragan responding to rachel…..why were you not offended last week when all ragan did was rag on rachel (although she deserved it at times)….ragan is a pu@@@ who cries at the drop of a hat and is a hypocrite because he is almost just as bad as rachel, at least her excuse can be that she has had to fight the entire game, instead of most people this season that are in one way or another a floater or life raft for his or her many alliances….I am in no way a brenchel fan, but ragan and britney’s behavior over the last week has not been stellar either…


they all talk nasty about one another. We see it. Go Rachal


I agree Im glad Rachel is back because everything she is saying is true. Come on Rachel break up the brigade and break Brit.


i don’t think brenden knows that rachel is in the house.


I NEVER comment on this site but now I feel I have to because I agree 100% with “HappyNownot”
Rachel should NOT have been able to come back into the house, she was voted off 6-0.
This is so sad that CBS just wants her back to cause “drama” and spread lies and all this just to better Brendon’s game. I guess we know now that CBS has a favorite “Brendon/Rachel”.


Are you guys telling me that Rachel is back?

sickoftheir shit

Only for 24hrs.


Welcome back from the cave you have been living. Brendon opened another Pandora’s Box which brought Rachel back to the BB House for 24 hours. Brendon, as a consequence, was locked in the Pandora’s Box room for that 24-hour period. She has been planting seeds the entire time she has been there. Now the houseguests are more paranoid towards one another than ever before. The Brigade is close to breaking up and ditching Matt entirely. That’s just a quick summary. Oh yeah, Ragan and Rachel had a HUGE fight in the backyard that got REAL ugly. Ragan is such a little girl!


they actually had 2 fights that day!!


Brendon opened pandora’s box. He left the big brother house for 24 hrs and she is in the BB house for 24 hrs


Brendan opened the pandora’s box and rachel was able to go back to the house for 24 hours.

sickoftheir shit

I hope Ragan gets some more bashing time on Roach today. I hope he got a good nights sleep and rips her ass to shreds again.


Rachel is back but she isnt playing the game she only has 24 hours in there so everyone has to chill out

sickoftheir shit

It just occurred to me that Brenda must have gotten a surprise like something good and the punishment for the house is 24hrs of the $20.00 hooker shooting off her trap. Brenda isnt going to get to see Roach. hhahahh


Enzo is the most delusional player in the game. How does he think he is America’s favorite? And why in the hell are all of these people so bent out of shape about who is the sabateur? It has not played any part in the game other than getting them all worked up over nothing. I hope Brendon puts up Brittany so the DPOV doesn’t come into play. Next week should be very interesting.


Rachel had told him that everybody loves him. She also said that fans love to hate her

Patty McLean

First I agree. Matt is the only one in the Brigade that is doing anything. Now they want to get rid of him. I think he needs to get rid of them.


Man this really grates my ass!! I’m done with BB if Lane gets voted off!!


Lane isnt going to get voted off its going to be brit or kathy


Please let it be Kathy or Enzo! Kathy because it doesn’t matter if she goes. She is pissing me off anyways, and I would hate it if they let her slide to the end. Enzo because he is all talk and no action. He has actually won less than Kathy, and that’s hard to do. The only thing she did was beat Rachel in one round of bowling. Enzo hasn’t even come close to winning anything, but he sure talks like he is boss. Enzo came up with the brigade, and he is the one that is causing a break, so let him go. I want Brit to be safe. She has been one of the best parts of this season. I thought I would hate her in the beginning. She looked like a young Dolly Parton and I thought she was the token dumb blonde, but she surprised me. She deserves to stay and duke it out for the prize.


Chloe, I think if Matt has to play the dpov Kathy will be the replacement nominee because Matt doesn’t want to take an obvious side and everybody thinks she’s the weakest link. Matt can keep his credibility and stay in the game w/ both of his alliances intact, the big boys and the ragen/brit girls. I pretty much like everybody except Lane (who plays women & kills animals) and Enzo, the ultimate shirt-tailer who talks a lot of shit. Everybody was asking for drama and now we get it and everybody is still complaining! I think it’s getting good now, and although I no longer like Rachel and wish nerdy Matt would stop playing the “look at me, I’m so nerdy and silly looking that you can’t take me seriously” card — the alliances are changing up and creating a good mystery.


ENOUGH ALREADY…….once you are evicted YOU SHOULD STAY GONE!!!

Who is returning next Monet or Annie?



expect the unexpected




i really enjoyed the drama yesterday




I would love it if Matt flipped on Enzo and Hayden and used the DPOV to put them up!
Wishful thinking 🙂

Ms Kewl

Not only is Rachel back, but she just made Enzo’s head swell up even bigger (didn’t think it was possible!) by saying he was so popular with fans…UGH! She’s also saying how great the ratings are for this season. Maybe we should all ban together to NOT watch the televised shows & let CBS put that in their pipe & smoke it. Bringing Rachel back is really unfair to some of the hg’s that she’s already had targeted. Just gives Hayden & Enzo & Kathy – who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – words to use to sway dum-dum Brendon. As another poster said, Rachel is still going to be ruling Brendon’s thinking!


Yes, I’m so happy! The game is getting so much more interesting! Brendon, Kathy, Hayden and Enzo for final 4







why did they bring rachel back?


To piss off the HG’S and the viewers who know’s she’s a SKANK!!


At least Rachel has played the game. I don’t care what you think of her, the house would have not been the same without her this season. I can’t stand the stupid brigade, all they have done is fly under the radar. It’s time they all had to fight for their lives. Matt is beyond disgusting, stating that his wife is really sick to get sympathy! Who does that? Enzo, Lane and Hayden have done nothing in this game. Cathy and Britney are total bitches. Ragen is a total annoyance. As far as I’m concerned Rachel should be commended for putting up with having a target on her back the whole time and still making it as far as she did.


Rachel brought in the record high ratings…whether you loved her or you hated her, she made the entire show…cbs even had to bring her back because the house was like a morgue without her


I think both Enzo and Kathy need to go. They are both backstabbing people, especially Kathy, who wants everyone to think she is innocent. Well, neither of them have ever won anything. I hope Matt picks Enzo or Kathy as they are useless in comps.


I know lots of viewers who plan to quit watching BB. It is never a fair competition for the 1/2 M $
Who wants to watch a rigged comp!


What makes that so different from the other reality shows? Do you think Big Brother is the only one to encourage behavior/results for the sake of ratings?


hahha good bye Bridage.


I can’t wait to see this DPOV be used by Matt!


I said in another post it wasn’t fair game to bring her back. If they would mix the cast up with different or more possibly extreme personalities than maybe they wouldn’t have to pull that kind of antic as much. Someone mentioned on here that Rachel would be good on the show the Bad Girls Club and I agree. She the caliber of girl that the show has on there. People talk about how Britney is two faced and actually Kathy is just as bad but in a more subtle way. And Britney deserves a shot at the money just like everybody else does. It doesn’t matter if she’s 22 and likes to shop away from where she lives. As far as I know the girl went to college and has a job.


I really hope Matt realizes the brigade has turned on him and puts Enzo against Lane and Enzo goes home!

just a thought

Seriously?! Matt is the biggest douche in the game. I dislike him more than Rachel. I hope the brigade boots his butt! I don’t care who wins this season, but I really hope he doesn’t.


Yeah! And what really sucks is the fact that he tried to sell that crap about his wife being sick with some disease. I wish Andrew had blown his story wide open. You should never lie about someone being really sick with a disease…how would he feel if when he got home he found out she really is sick!


Ya, like who lies about a family member or themselves being sick….so gross


Anything to win the game. TEAM MATT ALL THE WAY!


I would much rather have a Matt/Ragan/Brittany final than Enzo/Hayden/Lane….not because of who they are, but how they play the game.


this show stinks this year!

i think i will read a book, rake the lawn anything but watch this crap…..

dont care who wins no one deserves it……

just a thought

ITA this season sucks balls and bringing Rachel back made it even worse, UGH! However, I can’t seem to stop reading this site and I only watch BB on tv because I want to see how they piece all this together.

Lennon's Ghost

I hate to say it but Enzo has completely lost it. He started the Brigade and he is now responsible for breaking it up. Now he wants to throw Matt under the bus as well as Brit.
Why doesn’t he try to do it himself by winning something? He is no better than Kathy at competitions. The same goes for Lane and to an extent Hayden.
Matt is the only Brigade member who has won anything. He, alone has kept them afloat.
How they can believe anything that Big Red says is dumb. How they can now align themselves with Brenden is stupid. Stick with the original plan!
I used to support the Brigade, but now I have to rethink my position.
Enzo’s grenades are turning out to be duds.


you’re wrong about Matt being the only Brigade winner. Hayden won HoH week one.
But you’re right, Enzo is losing it. I’m surprised. He’s Brookyn. He should know about loyalty. There’s still a chance to salvage themselves though but they need to talk it out with Matt.


Hayden didn’t win shit. He was playing as a team. Matt tricked him into going last because he didn’t want the karma of being first HOH.

Lennon's Ghost

First, Enzo is from New Jersey.
Second, I said that Hayden, to an extent. I meant that in the context of the 1st week’s HOH competition he won through a team effort and it was by default that he was the last man across, thereby giving him the HOH title. It was not earned by an individual effort on his part.
I agree that they either need to talk it out.
It looks like they overthought the getting close to Brendon scenario to foul up his game as was the the plan just before Big Red’s eviction, and it is now it is blowing up in their face.
I, too hope that the Brigade can patch things up, but Enzo seems to have gone around the bend and has forgotten about loyality and how they got as far as they have. He seems ready to throw it all away for a questionable alliance with Brendon (his former enemy).


yup haha I guess he can make it and he can break it


What I find crazy is no one can see that Ragan is the sab. Everyone elses name has been blamed except him. Dumb!!

just a thought

No kidding. He’s the obvious choice, but at this point, they just think it’s production.


they think its production, because ragan sucks at being the sab. he chooses the lamest things to do


But if Ragen did something big & obvious it would put a target on him. This way he gets the 20K, fulfills his obligation and doesn’t stick his neck out.


Well, Ragen takes himself off the block, Matt goes up, then he takes himself off the block and Matt puts up Cathy and Cathy goes home. I’m not saying that is what happened, but it probably will happen. Rachel willn’t be able to see Brendon before she leaves, they can’t have them talking about her visit to the house and the fights she started. So, when Brendon returns, Enzo will be telling him he has to put up Matt or Britney for eviction. Like to see Enzo leave, but we all know that is not going to happen.


Is Matty’s DPOV good for the next two evictions?


This is his last week with it.


It was good for last week, and this week… He can only use it Thurs…


Has anyone out there thought about Matt not using the dpov because he THINKS he has the brigade votes? I think the reason he wouldn’t use it is because they’d be pissed at for having it for 2 weeks– he might think it’ll cost him jury votes if he uses it! Hopefully there will be some kind of confrontation today btwn him and brigade, so he DOES use it, and his replacement nom should be ENZO!!!! ( I like Enzo, but he’s a bigger floater than Kathy; probably has skid marks from riding coat tails for so long!! Lol)


have u thought lori, of the fact that he would be up against another brigade member (lane) ??…i guess not……

just a thought

Matt will use it if he is put up. I am almost 100% certain of this. That would be the only way I would imagine him using the DPOV. If Brendon puts Matt up, Matt would take himself off. Who he would put up is a crap shoot. If he puts Kathy up, he is going against the Brigade, but honestly he’s done that before. He could put up anyone really.