Brendon and Rachel Fight, “What am i suppose to do bake everyone cookies”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:45pm Hayden and Rachel HOH Hayden tells to her that Brendon has apologized and he explained some things to him and Kristen. Rachel says everything she’s done in this house is not personnel it is for game. She wants to see them fight for it she wants to be with competitor (fuck she keeps saying the same shit yo) He tells her he isn’t a person with a bad temper he’s pretty even keeled, but he knows what it feels like to have your emotions running high. He was really surprised at her taking that Jab and him and Kristen, he thinks there would be better ways for her to have dealt with the whole nominations. Hayden knows that either him or Kristen will go regardless if they win POV. rachel doesn’t think it’s 100% been decided. Rachel again tells him she’s making the big plays in this game she had to make a big move because she a big player, Her game moves doesn’t reflect on how she feels about him as a person. Hayden is easy going tells her he understands they hug and he leaves.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:20pm HOH ROOM Brendon and Rachel Still arguing over Rachel’s speech where she told Kristen and Hayden to “Bring it on” Same kind things are being said that was said 30 minutes ago. rachel is defending herself more though she tells him she’s a power player and she needs to make power moves. She explains to him that the target on them is already too big so theres nothing she can do to make things worse. He wishes she would let him help her and give her input in things that will effect both their games. She tells him that everything she has done was his idea, she blames her first HOH nominations on Brendon, she wants to handle this HOH her self, “It’s not lilke i went downstairs and told everyone to fuck off look at me i have HOH” Brendon is tells her she came across as arrogant during the last HOH and this HOH and that effect their game. Rachel tells him the decisions she’s making is to better them not to throw him under the bus.

What am i suppose to do bake everyone cookies and sing comb by ya with them this is Fucking Big Brother.. Brendon says he knows she’s watched many more shoes then him but all he’s saying is that from a outside observer hows she’s acting is arrogant and mean. She tells him to stop running around apologizing to people. Brendon doesn’t want to play like that being a bully. Brendon, “Your not being a bully!” Rachel: “all I said was bring it on, It’s not that bad…. In retrospect… it was kinda funny.”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:38pm cabana room Hayden and Lane yo talking mad game.. Hayden tells lane that Kristen is going to hate him to the core after this week. lane agrees he says that Monet is really going to be made as well.. Maybe more than Kristen. Hayden tells Lane that they need to start now pounding into Rachel how close Kristen and Kathy are. They need kathy to go up, Hayden wants to try and explain to Rrachel that nobody wants to evict Kathy so she’s the perfect pawn then when Rachel Nominates Kathy “BAM” the brigade has the votes and they keep kristen. Lane chuckles “that will be huge”.. They wonder when they are going to drop the bomb about the brigade.. lane thinks they might have to if they all vote out Kathy. Lane mentions that Rachel and Bbrendon are going to be pi$$ed because they talk to Matt the talk to hayden they talk to enzo but not to me cause i’m a target. Thats why I don’t go up there and brown nose them cause I know those f**k*rs are talking mad sh!it about me. Hayden wonders about Ragan. Lane “He’s playign everyone mane” Hayden “Yeah he is I don’t think he’ll last long” hayden asks why was lane so high on the list when she was pulling keys, Lane: “I have no f***king clue man” …. they get up and head to the kitchen.. Brigade still tight yo..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:57pm HOH Sorry folks Brendon and Rachel made up and are now kissing on the live feeds.

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“What am i suppose to do bake everyone cookies and sing comb by ya with them this is F**king Big Brother”

if he does that i will lose it…………………LMFAO


And after her HOH is up and there is another HOH she’ll be begging to bake them cookies and saying oh please don’t put me on the block. Karma for Rachel is going to be a bitch just like her. LOL!!!


she was far worse about the brit marriage thing…

they wont last past their first HOH loss/pov loss consecutive


**Face Palm**….RacHELL thinks putting up the other “showmance” was a “power move”…..


why is she lying getting out monet was not GAME it was PERSONAL getting out kristen will not be GAME it will be PERSONAL…..


yes getting out the other showmance was a BIG MOVE< only her and her idiot drones thinks she making strategic/big moves


A big move would be to get one of the guys out. Rachel s next target will be Kathy or Brittany. She is so jealous of other women.


rachel: What am i suppose to do bake everyone cookies and sing kumbaya with them this is EFFING Big Brother..

^^^^ made my day XD
stilll hate her, but she is a good player, brendon too.
i would reallly like brendon if he wasnt with her.
i dont care if im in the minority, but i still am rooting for . and loving kristen and hayden
i dont want either to go home,
next , i like brittany,ragan,lane
then enzo, brendon
then matt and boy george.


thanks. I was wondering who Rachel reminded me of. lmao


she was so close to winning it all with no evil doing but not RacHELL


I don’t get what’s so bad about Rachel. She’s the most exciting thing this game has to offer, and D cups to boot. I back her up, because no matter what, they will be a target for the rest of the game.


She’s a skanky ho….forgeta bout her game…she’s all SKANK!! Bottom line! She’s a backstabber,lowlife Vegas HO that needs to put clothes on!! The rest of the women dress with as little as possible and still don’t look as skanky as she does!! WISE UP CBS!!!

The Excitement

she puts the HO in HOH. =D


Dude you need to calm down. You’re mad that B/R are the only ones actually making moves in the first place. Brigade is incompetent, kathy is fake, kristen has done nothing. only other person i like is brit. and rag. B/R seriously make the show.




Rach/Bren are the best game players so far. No one else has done anything but float on by, including the Brigade. Honestly I liked Kristen but not anymore she turned into a complete bitch cuz she got caught. But doesnt matter, cuz next week Rach/Bren are most likely being nominated and one of them is going home.


I just think Rachel has issues, everything she does its personal not for the game.
I hope the nominations stay the same, also i want Brit or Ragan to win the veto.


you see through her BS just like i do, but she still will take the game, too bad she can’t see pas her motions to see that she’s practically WON the game without having brought any strategic moves


She better not put up kathy! She puts kathy up she would be an idiot. She has to put up matt or lane if hayden comes down or if kristen comes down. Make hayden lame azz sweat! The only person they can convince is stupid brendon.Brendon will believe anything.


truth is… the brigade is a bunch of idiots.

they can barely win anything…the biggest thing they have going for them is that they are a secret.

it doesnt matter if you have a secret alliance if you can pull out big moves.

i hope rachel takes them out.

so far, she is the one that deserves to win.

yes, we all get sick of things she does and says but shes playing the game.


Are you serious? Their 1-20 in HOH and POV chances. they straight suck. no chance at all dude


They are certainly staying under the radar. I guess Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, and Duffest might just make it.


grenades everywhere.. yo

jenni on the block

Agree….Brigade to the end.. luv em

The Excitement

they just need to get horsecock outta there, and it’s smooth sailing all the way to the final four.
Brigade! Meoww! Yo!


Totally agree, worst alliance ever. They are so stupid , lame, weak, boring and did I say stupid? Some of them have to go soon. Let’s start with air head haydan.

BAB - formally BB

I think after this eviction .. the Brigade should get Brendon on their side! <— that would be awesome, then get Rachel out of the house .. sick of hearing her and all her power plays!! She is making herself out to be this powerful woman until someone else is in control. Like I said a million times – be careful what you say, you will eventually eat your words!


Honostly Rachel is this season’s best player..End of story…Even if people fail to admit it..Hayden deserved to go up along with his lover just like he did at his nominations by putting up their showmance..karma is a b%*#! If one of them win pov a brigade member will go up..she’s no that stupid to put up kathy..get real.Rachel rock’s.Plus she’s pretty much garuanteed a spot in allstars even if she doesn’t make it far.


I agree jane.


I agree she’s good at competitions, but she might be stupid enough to put up Kathy. Since she has that crazy idea of getting rid of floaters. How dumb is that? I hope she doesn’t.


rachel is way too inconsistent with brenden…first its brenden you must stay friends, now out of nowhere shes burned every bridge, then gets mad at brenden for asking why….

darnit rachel…you are just dumb enough to put kathy up


The fact is rachel is the only one with balls in the house. I want britt, Ragan, or enzo to win. But rachel got heart.. She was mad for reality tv. The brigade need to get rid of brendon, then put feisty rachel on there side.


You want them to win because? They haven’t done shit. Sure they’re entertaining , but the winner should be someone who actually did something. Even if we don’t like the person. It’s still to early, so ur favorite players might still do something in this game. I still dislike everyone, so boring.


Well U have a point to a certain degree. Britt has one pov. I don’t have to pick the person who has one the most competitions. People who win the most almost never win anyway.But your right this season is the worst.


I’m not against Ragan but I wish sometimes he would stay out of things. If you want drama and excitment, he needs to stop calming others down. Guess he is just a nice guy but he is messing with the fight scenes.


Grandma he is pissing me off too. I would like him to let them fight. When they fight they will not not notice that he’s throwing competitions.


I hate how Brenda has to almost mount the Twin Peaks in order to kiss her. Geesh, and he thinks they are real!


Ah, does that complete statement refer to sex?????


It so totally does… I’m sure Boy George loves the backdoor idea…. umpf* Just threw up in my mouth just abit.


Thought so. LOL


kathy should go home and k/h can turn this game upside down


So funny

The Excitement

nah, it’s legit, yo!


Rachel is incensed by Brendon’s apology for her. She says that she is frustrated by him being up here when he talks to people up in the room and she feels she doesn’t really have a say. She wants him to understand and respect what she does and she will make decisions that are the best for both of them and she knows for a hundred percent that they are going to have to fight to get to the end. He says that he has not doubted her since Annie. She thinks that he doesn’t trust her. She says that she f* told them to bring it on and she had an elaborate nice speech, and he says that she is not communicating with him and he feels that he is out of the loop. He feels uninvolved. She says that the decisions she makes are not to throw you under the bus and she makes decisions that help both of them. He says that may be a better player and he took it as an observer that didn’t know what you were going to say and it was ballsy. She says what is she supposed to do, bake them cookies and sing kum-by-ya to them? She says that they have to fight anyways and we can’t go sneak under the radar. He says that everyone she said that she wouldn’t put them up she didn’t put up. She is not being a bully, a b*, and been fighting. He says that when she says I it makes him feel invisible. He says that sometimes it comes across to him that it is her battle and her battle alone. She feels defensive. She says that it was a good thing that she apologized to Kristen and Hayden, however she is so tired at fighting over Andrew and now this. He says that she expects him to accept everything she does, and she says that with Andrew he was telling her everything and he believed in Andrew. He says that she feels that it is her battle and she says that this is their battle.  He says that she has been mad since yesterday. She says that she didn’t need someone to problem solve, but to listen to her. He says that last night she was erratic. She says that she walks out when she argues with Kristen. She was not being erratic, or aggressive. She says that Brendon you can’t control me. He says that he is just trying to keep her from seriously damaging her game.



The Excitement

I’m still convinced that Matt’s wife has a disease. Did you see her on last night, yo? what’s up wit dat?


No, she just needs a dentist.


OMG! I think I just peed my pants! That is exactly what I said when they showed her! Poor thing, poor homely thing…….Just goes to show you there is someone for everyone!


so tired of listening to brigade complain about comp’s being rigged..and coup de blah….yeah, get over it, you did this to yourselves by doing nothing/matt’s poor planning for the team….brigade is a joke



Matt’s plans were for Matt.


oh totally for matt…but what im saying is that someone like….hayden, should have seen that, and said F this, ill take kristen, meet with B and R and strike a final 4 deal, you get a guarenteed 2 votes, possibly 3, with kathy as your float vote 4th for the win….

but I know its easy sitting on the outside looking in

im just sick of the brigade talking about things being DONE to THEM….the fact is they LOST those comps…plain and simple…if they threw them, then they should be cursing themselves not BB


Agree. I think I do remember Lane complaining about Matt’s move. He was questioning it.


Go rachel and Braden keep on dominating the game.
yayyyyy 🙂

J.P. Brigade

ANYONE, and I do mean anyone, on this site that thinks Rachellaho is in charge this week, or any other week for that matter, is bat-shit crazy.

She has but ONE duty and that is to nominate 2 people for eviction. That’s where it ALL ends for her. She doesn’t / CANNOT decide who goes home. Brencehl do not have the allies to make those kind of decisions Think about it for JUST a second. Please STOP the the damn Rachellaho drama on here. She has wons comps–Given. She is in a showmance–Given. A showmance this tight is a tough thing to break–Given. The luck of the draw (production) has been on their side thus far–Given. After that though, it’s all down hill. EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE HATERS HER. And, And, And:

The Brigade is four deep yo. You CANNOT get past those numbers. Why folks don’t see that, is unbelevable to me. THEY ARE FOUR DEEP YO. Brigade has been running the show since day one. Check back and see for yourself. AND LOOK–Hayden is the ONLY one to have a target placed on his back and that was not even his fault. His girl (Kristen) got him put up on the block and he’s STILL SAFE. Say what ya will, but the Brigade is MONEY right now.

1st scenario:

Okay, I hear ya, I hear ya. Hayden is on the block this week. Okay, Okay. Let’s say noms stay the same. Who do YOU think goes home?? Hayden?? Be for realz dawg. Kristen is toast. WE ALL KNOW IT–Not because Rachellaho wants it BUT because the Brigade wants it. They WILL save Hayden. That’s 3 SURE Votes Hayden. Matt brings along Regan and Lane snags Britney–It’s DONE. I am ALMOST positive Kathy would even vote out Kristen. Use your noggin’ and “See the Whole Board”. <<Chess phrase.

Second Scenario:

Hayden OR Kristen wins POV and Kathy goes up. Well, we all KNOW right now that Kathy goes home. Brigade is 3 votes to KEEP Hayden or Kristen (whoever's left on block). If it's Hayden on the block, then we know Kristen is voting for him to stay. If Kristen is on the block then ALL 4 of the Brigade vote to keep her. Use your head for just a second. Do you honestly NOT think Regan or Britney (especially Britney) cannot be talked into keeping either Kristen or Hayden?? Really?? This is Saturday morning and the vote on this scenario is already decided. Kathy goes home.

3rd Scenario / Last Scenario:

This is the BEST CASE SCENARIO for all of you Rachellaho fans. Kristen wins POV, pull herself off the block, and Rachellaho places another member of the Brigade on the block. Well, let's look at that, okay? Enzo has done swore on his family to Brendony, and as much as SOME would like to say Rachellaho is making ALL of the decisions for the Brenchel Affair, that's just NOT the case. Brendon will sway her from putting up Enzo–Period. Matt is not even a factor. They THINK he is not an enemy. They may not see Matt as an ally, but they surely don't see him as a direct threat at this point.. That leaves Lane. To this scenarion I say, "NO DICE." Rachellaho wants to be the last vagina standing. She'll rationalize a way to put up either Kristen or Kathy–BET ON IT. She'll not put up another guy. If she did, my money is on Regan, 'cause EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE is saying how well he's playing the game right now–Everyone. Brendan has mentioned it A BUNCH over the last week. This scenario (which is the best scneario for Rachellaho fans) has NO legs. Red is too much of a narcissist, to put up anyone other than a female. She would love to be the last vagina in BB12.

See what I mean from up top. The Brigade runs the show. IF, IF they keep the Brigade in tact for one more week, it no longer matters what happens. They decide who goes home from this point forward. Let's face it–Bendon WILL NOT win HOH next week–This is Rachellaho and Brendon last week of bliss in this house. The house WILL NOT make the same mistake (Matt's mistake) twice. Bet on it. I got a cool grand say either Brendon OR Rachel goes home in LESS than two weeks. Anyone want that bet??

Anyone thinking any different, I got two fords for ya:

"Ya Mutha."

Brigade Power Baby. 4-Deep Yo.


And her going away speech to whoever goes home will go like this….”You had to go…NO ONE gets between me and my man!” (Or her showmance….)

J.P. Brigade

I meant put up Britney or Kristen–She’ll rationalize a way to put up Britney or Kristen. My bad–Not much coffee and waaaay early.

Brigade Power Baby. 4-Deep Yo.

J.P. Brigade

I did it again–Britney or KATHY–DAMM. DAMM. Fuhget about it.

you got got

Her nominations are ALWAYS personal and have something to do with her and “her man”.
If she were really interested in power moves, she would have nominated Matt, or at least have a backup plan to backdoor Matt as payback for all the things he’s tried to orchestrate. Hopefully if Brendon has any balls left, if he wins HOH, he’ll put Matt up. I don’t know why no one is gunning from him. He needs to feel the burn of the block (although he’d have the support of his Blockhead Crew).


Roach and Brenda should be kicked out of the house or that nasty bed replaced next Thursday so the new HOH does not have to use it after that disgusting act those filthy pigs did last night.

Yae Dum Dum

JPBrigade and Simon–Can’t wait to see one of your “bro’s” go home–hope it is Hayden this week or Matt.The “bro-gade” has to be the dumbest alliance to EVER play the game. They are sad excuse for competition!! Matt is a gutless, sissy to not put B/R up last week and it is going to come back and bite him in the ass of his filthy garanimal pajama bottoms!! Can’t wait to see the look on the faces of those 4 idiots!! It becomes 5 because Enzo is so dumb he counts for 2 idiots!! “Chicks before Dicks!!!!”