Spoilage – Nominations are up, Brendon to Red “They’re human being’s you can’t be treating them like that, You’ve basically told the entire house to f**k off”

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6:05pm HOH Brendon and Rachel Apparently Rachel pissed everyone in the house off with her Nomination speech. She told everyone in the house to bring it on and try and stop her. Brendon is freaking about what she said, he’s saying she’s destroyed their game and the only way to repair things is to stop acting like she’s against the house. Brendon goes on about how they are strong players but they can’t keep this up forever. He points out that every single person downstairs is gunning for us now because of how you are acting. Rachel doesn’t say anything. Brendon continues to really give it to her.. She looks pissed maybe they will break up :) He tells her she’s being stupid right now she has to let go with what has happened yesterday.. if they don’t do it she’s dragging them down. He tells her that he love sher so much he know she’s not like this he knows she’s not egotistically like that, “Why are we working hard to be nice to these people when you go off and do a speech like that.. I have to fight for HOH next week or we’re gone” Brendon “They’re human being’s you can’t be treating them like that, You’ve basically told the entire house to fuck off”. He continues the only way that you can save us is if you go down and apologize to everyone.



6:15pm Taj Hayden, Kristen and Kathy. Look devastated and shocked. Hayden tries the make the best of it tells them they can’t expect to win this game if they don’t go up onces in awhile. Kathy mentions how bad the jury house will be if your stuck in there with b/r… Kathy gets called in to change her mic. Kristen and Hayden start to talk game they know the only way for them both to survive is for kathy to go up and Kathy knows that. They have to win POV and they have to convince Rachel to put Kathy up.. hayden isn’t sure if they can do it but it’s there only chance.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:27pm Taj Rachel walks up to them in the taj and tells them what she said was not personnel but it was game. She says sorry (no part of her apology sounded sincere)



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:40pm Cabana Room Ragan, matt and rachel talking about the movie some of the houseguests won to watch, its the new movie with Will Ferrel, Marky Marky and THE ROCK.. Ragan says it’s good that a lot of people with big hands won so they can take alot of candy. Matt thinks the movie will SUCK. Rachel wonders were the movie will be she thinks it’ll be in pandora’s box.. Matt thinks it would be cool in the cabana room….


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146 thoughts on “Spoilage – Nominations are up, Brendon to Red “They’re human being’s you can’t be treating them like that, You’ve basically told the entire house to f**k off”

  1. Brendon better watch his back; from the look on her face she just might pull a Bobbitt on his junk while he sleeps. SHIT’S FINALLY GETTING GOOD!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Rachel! That was such an awesome move. She truely is running the house and had the right to say what she did. Go Rachel!

    1. I agree she is the only one thats not blind and sees what is going on everyone wants her out. Brendon is just stupid and trust everyone in there. Im glad she said what she did. Go Rachel

    2. Me tooo. I agree.
      It funny thought cause everyone has talk so much shit about them and
      now they expect her to be nice. HELL NOO.
      GO RACHEL :)

    3. Rachel is running the house this week and is acting like an arse as usual but wait until next week when she isn’t HOH, she’ll be crying, worried and scared and hopefully whoever gets HOH and not Brendon, will put her arse up and she’ll be voted out. I am so sick of her and her stupid idiotic moods. IMO she has mental problems. Her moods are swinging to many ways and too deep.

      1. I agree 100% about her being mental……..it’s like repeat of last season……..folks we have another Lydia………..hard to reason with someone who’s bipolar…….AG, get her back on her meds or not…….actually, she’s much more entertaining like this lol…….ppl have said on here that the house is way too boring……….I for one, welcome the chaos, hopefully this will get all the floaters up off their lazy asses and really start playing the game.

    4. Yeah cause pissing off the entire house when you’ve already got a target on your back is a smart move. Rachel really is a smart player.

      1. He never should’ve brought up that “pre-nup” talk.
        Ever since then, she’s been in bitch-mode.

      2. They were everyone’s target anyways!! If anyone but rach or brenden won they would be the ones on the block!! She’s awesome for letting everyone know that she isnt afraid of having her back against the wall. And you wanna talk about Arrogance> The first week Brenden was threatening Hayden in the HOH BFORE he even won POV!!! Rach has won every HOH she competed in as an individual!! And she talked that dummy Matt out of putting them up!! She’s annoying as hell but she is running the BB house so far this season!!

  3. The Red Witch (Lane’s term) really sealed her demise. Thanks for great updates Simon. My life is more interesting than the BB house, fortunately, so your blog gives me just the right fix. When I have time I skim the comments for certain people with great humor & insight and watch BBAD until I’m bored, re-run the CBS shows on the weekends w/ fast forward. This is the best BB medium. I’ve made a donation for the entertainment so far!

  4. Lmao! Brendon is an idiot if he doesnt think the whole house is gunning for him. Rachel simply said bring it on! Loves it! its gettinf fun! Brendon is a puss!

  5. Go Rachel. There are tons of fish in the sea. Brendon isn’t the only squid out there. Who cares if he doesn’t agree with you. You’ve been HOH twice. Take Kristen out. The Brigade will gun for Brendon so you still have another shot at HOH the week after.

  6. Basically Brendons game is screwed cuz he wanted to screw litterally Rachael lol man he let some tale knock him out of a possible half a million. go figure and Rachael u doing us women horrible. America let me apologize now. Not all us women have these egotistical and trampish ways geez

      1. I don’t think so electra. If Brendon wins HOH she is safe. If Ragen or Kathy wins, she has a shot at not being voted out as well. The men are useless. She might not win BB but she will be a force. I’m serious.

        1. in all seriosity, rockstar, you are delusional that anybody besides brendon will have the nads to keep her. now don’t go poking yourself with your knitting needles or sporking your eyeballs, i think you’re cute just the way you are and when I win this bet you will have to paint my house and I’ll watch.

    1. I’m with you…She will win again…WHY….EVERYONE ELSE doesn’t want to get their hands dirty and have a target on their back…So Rachel will pluck them off one at a time…

      1. true mouse. if anyone in the Brigade wins they have to go against Brendon or Rachel and they are afraid of them so the only other people to go against is their own team and that is a no no. If you take out Kathy, you look like a douche. Rachel’s gonna win HOH again

  7. Whoa, Rachel, easy girl. I think Davy Crockett yelled the same way to the Spanish at the Battle of the Alamo, “Bring it on.” Ah, it didn’t work for him. Remember the Alamo!

    1. Grandma – I agree to a point. At least she is making waves. The rest of the houseguests are in the shallow end of the pool with arm floaties afraid to dive in. I have to give the girl credit even though she makes my ears bleed. She is all in.

          1. thank you sharin, I know what you meant, I was trying to be funny. Don’t get too excited though and try to touch my boob, we might have words. haha

      1. BBG yo- I agree but The Rock is funny and Sammie is funny too. I’m hoping that with all of them together the movie will be good. Will on his own is same old, same old, even one of the lines she says in a trailer is similar to something he said either in Talledaga Nights or Old School, I can’t remember which one but I’m sure someone will know what I’m talking about..

  8. Thing is it does not matter what she says or does. She and Brendon because of how they have destroyed the house in the Comps. She knows the house wants both her and Brendon out so she might as well play the part of the villian since playing the part of the good guy the first couple weeks did not work.

    No matter what she said, did, or who went home this week, Brendon was going to need to win HoH next for them not to go up.

    Once she and Brendon r gone this show will be boring until the Brigade r in the final four and forced to take each other out in the last 2 weeks.

      1. this isn’t church on Sunday. Rachel isn’t evil. She’s playing a game. Who wants to watch bible thumpers preaching the gospel?

  9. as expected, R and B will implode, but that is totally irrelevant, they didnt have the votes to get too much further…you can only win so many times…then you will lose, ask brett on survivor against russ immunity…lost because he couldnt string a nother one together…

    really, B and R have served their purpose, they really shook up the rest of the house(accidently). For that, and their 2 votes that could go ANYWHERE, and they bring the entertainment…both will be gone within 3 weeks

  10. to be fair brenden is right, no need to be rude….but rachel is also correct in knowing that its over…you WILL be put up if brenden doesnt win HOH, then you, then brenden, then you…just not going to happen! no way, not with powers, and other stuff that comes into play. she isnt liked well enough.

    they should just thank matt for helping them to jury as they said they would and move on

  11. I like Rachel – as long as she doesn’t laugh. Obviously, she is a lot smarter than Matt. If you want to target a couple – you have to put both of them up in the beginning so you will at least get one of them. Go Rachel.

  12. To stir up the Boys, I wish Firecracker Red would let out that Matt told her to put Hayden because he is a strong player. Then add his comments on Lane. That might make some excitement.

  13. Brendon needs to win an HOH if he can and then make his own decisions…he seems a bit too nice for Rachael (she sure is showing her true colors). What I don’t understand though is people get so emotionally invested…hello…have they watched this show before???

  14. I don’t know what Rachel said at the nomination ceremony, but it must have been a doosie. The girl has been targeted since the beginning, you gotta know she gets frustrated. Why does everyone think it wrong that b/r have a show romance, but are not saying anything about Hayden/Kristen, Am I missing anthing?

    1. I think you are. Lots have been said about Hayden and Kristen, too. How Kristen is “cheating” on her boyfriend and etc, etc, etc. They haven’t gotten as much camera time. B/R have so more to say about them and their actions. Kristen hasn’t said twice in exit speeches “Don’t come between me and my man!” Rachel asks for some of the comments she is getting. Kristen is a “non-moving/lame action figure” of a target.

    2. rachel flaunts her showmance for the cameras and it really seems fake, whereas kristen and hayden are low key about theirs

  15. Rachel does the right things strategically as she has good instincts. Unfortunately, her emotions and probably bi-polarism does not allow her to conceal her venomous emotions. No one likes to see her fangs, just her rack.
    It is unlikely I will understand why Brendon with ever ever coo with such a nutty skank, except perhaps he enjoys being her emotional daddy.

  16. Dear CBS,

    Please make this week’s POV an All-Or-Nothing (Platinum?), so that when Hayden (or whoever) wins, they can clear the block and replace them with ANY player, including the HOH. PLEASE!!! Let them get Brendon or Rachel OUT. Thank you.

  17. Brendon will be the pov mvp. and rachel will own the hoh room. Rachel is probably being a bitch towards the other people because she knows the target is on her back regardless why be fake to these people you know would throw you out as soon as they got the chance. Dont hate Rachel because shes avoiding the brigades grenades. The brigade hasnt done anything worthwhile in that house. I think its funny as hell they thought she was dumb ditsy red head who couldn’t win any competitions and now they are choking on their words and regretting decisions they’ve made.

  18. rachel and brendon are beginning to grow on me i hate to say. was a fan of the brigade but they are beginning to suk big time. enjoying this site and the drama in the house

  19. hey wake up! everyone is already gunnin’ for them. What does she have to lose?: they have to win every week now or they will be up for noms. So she might as well tell them to f—kin’ bring it.. Go Brenchel

  20. Please quit calling Rachel “Red”, I am Red and my natural hair color is red. Rachel’s natural color looks by the roots to be dark brown. She is in no way a redhead. I take offense at her being called Red because she is such a bitch and nasty person. ;o) ;o)

    1. Rachel said her natural hair is actually a reddish-brown. so, she actually is a true red-head, but of the dark-red side not the light-red side.
      It kinda bugs me how she kinda looks like a rip-off of Maria Canellis(WWE Diva, recently on Celebrity Apprentice), with that fiery red hair. Maria is way hotter and original tho.

  21. i think that rachel is at peace because she knows for a fact that her and brenden will go to the jury house if they get evicted

  22. is this what their relationship is going to be like the rest of their lives? i am glad they talked about a pre-nup the other day. people should really date and get to know each other awhile before they jump into marriage like this.right from this show they should hop on a plane to Chicago and appear on Jerry Springer.

    ps. on a happy note, Snooki got arrested today.

  23. Did anyone every think that Rachel is playing the game as Villian so she can make it to the end…why would the Brigade not take Rachel and hope they vote for you and not her…even though she has played a better game than anyone in the Brigade…

      1. I will tell you what is EVIL…it was listening to Monet and Brit talking hate the first week…I still don’t like Brit…she may be funny at times (I have laughed)…she is very pretty…but so UGLY on the inside…

      1. That’s true. I did think that of Brendon. I still do actually. But Rachel thinks for herself. He just picked the wrong girl to try to control. Sometimes flash and trash don’t equal easily manipulated. :) Now Rachel is crazy and annoying in her own right. But it sure is entertaining to watch the chaos. Hahaha.

  24. I can’t believe that house of idiots didn’t even consider that Andrew was telling the truth about caveman and shiftyeyes!!! They’re keeping their lie going– and some night soon they’ll be making out and someone should just barge into their room and catch them. I don’t like either of the showmances, but if Roachel is the only “girl” left in the house, the season will suck to no end– a bunch of farting and ass bombs constantly, and that includes Roachel since we know she blew up the hoh toilet…

  25. I like Rachel. She’s doing shit in the house right now. Brendon… not so much. I want to see Rachel take out people left and right.

    1. I want to see Kristen gone first, then Brendon take out Hayden and then I want Rachel to go after Lane and Enzo. That’s my dream, that is what makes me get under the covers for some self loathing. haha

  26. If you want excitement, then have Brendon voted out and watch for the true Racheal to come out. I think Brendon is keeping her a little on the calmer side than she would usually be. He is her concious and I think she may have never had one before. If he leaves, the true R will definately come out. Good TV

  27. hey, does everyone know that MATT was once a contestant on NBC’s reality show “Average Joe” in 2005?

  28. Hey I cant stand rachel, but i love a girl with guts! Rachel is spicing thing up!’BRING IT ON”! They brigade is all talk with no action. Ragan is a know it all. Britt is funny, and smart. She is playing low key now. Trying to work everyone. I also think ragan is smart too. Matt is a dik head, who lied for know reason. Kristen is lame, who dug her own grave, like andrew said! Hayden is nice to your face but then stab you in the back. Brendon is a puss. Lane is, damn I forgot who he is. Enzo is funny, and is going to flip any mintue. Kathy is a chain smoking , too much mascara wearing flip flopper. Rachel is a bitchy villain. who i know love to hate.She needs to get rid of the puss. He’s holding her back, with all the lets all get along talk. This is reality tv. We all don’t have to get along and be civil. We get along and be civil in are real life.

    1. kicks ihatebigbrother in the arse. come on, we can’t be civil all the time. civil is boring. pull my hair. then we can talk about our feelings haha

  29. And I think that people are dumb for hating Rachel. She’s proving to the house that she can actually win shit, unlike most of the other players that just float. Kathy has won nothing… Kristen has won nothing… Britney has won nothing… the other girls are out. She’s the only girl holding it down right now and I admire that. G

      1. And how does she cheat exactly? Have you been watching the competitions? There’s no way. I don’t like her personality, but there’s no denying she good at some competitions. Unlike the rest of the house. I don’t understand why Brendon is so worried to make enemies, doesn’t he know if anyone else is HOH they’re going up.

    1. Britney won POV.
      Yeah yeah she wins shit. But the way she acts is childish and quite frankly, very annoying. And she kinda HAS to fight, otherwise everybody will be coming after her. All in all, the way she handles things isn’t very mature for a woman of “brains.”

  30. I don’t like Rachel at all ! She’s whiney, fake, and evil to boot !! First chance someone gets, I hope they send her packing!!

  31. Do you remember Hayden’s HOH speech…I put you up Brendan and Rachel because you are in a showmance which equals alliance…Give your head a shake…I don’t know what Rachel said in her HOH speech…I know…how about, you are in a showmance…strong alliance…I have to break you two up…HELLO

  32. Big Red won’t make it yo. Every carton of milk has an expiration date and hers is way overdue yo. B/R are self imploding right now. TEAM BRIGADE YO!!!

  33. Grandma likes Kristen. She tried to go off up me too last night. Still love you Grandma, but hates kristen. xoxo

    1. I still love you grandma and respect your opinions. I hope your in good health.But last night i was going off on bb12 cast. Then someone came and rudely said i wasn’t making any sense. So I defended myself. as should anyone. So I wasn’t being rude to everyone. Thanks xoxo.

        1. Stay grandma! We all are on the edge sometimes. Sometimes I come here to let of some steam about bb.

  34. Get it poppin in house Rach!!!!!!!!!
    Just about everyone wants u out
    whats the sense in being nice for.
    Being nice aint work now be a mean cold heart biotch
    and make them have to hustle hard now.


  36. WWWHYYYY does anyone like Rachel? She is a monster. She is the type of gurl u get tested after bein with on a drunken stuper! Brendon could be okay but now he’s p*ssy whipped so he’s done…and did he really call himself BRACHEL??? OMG!! This is BB not brachel show and they act as if its all about them. She even talks to the others like” u HAVE TO DO THIS OR THAT OR WE’RE GONNA BE UP NEXT WEEK” SO , WHO CARES?? DUH, thats the point, she talks down to everyone as if they should be playing for her and brendon. I personally think she’s like everyother skank i’ve met. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! and please, just because u take a chemistry class in college, doesn’t make u a chemist. She’s a flippin STRIPPER…Hello,, she brought her damn costumes! I love a good villian to but shes just a super WHINEY Lame! She’s not “bringin ” any game. She is just a needy whiney B*TCH and she has mistaken that for being a strong player. I can’t wait till shes gone so i can finally watch Big Brother!!!!

    1. I love Brendon abd Rachel….hoping they go far…didn’t care for Monet or the low life way she talked…name calling and always saying she wanted to hit…

  37. OH and she only made those Nom’s because she’s pissy that everyones targeting Brachel and that Hayden and Kristen were actually subtle enuff to hide it! She wants to be the only showmance in the house. u can tell. she’s always asking about jeff and jordan” were they a cute couple”, ? She thinks she’s cute, she’s sooooooooooooooo gross and her “hair extensions” …dont even get me started on those crusty things! Her noms were bogus and very much petty and personeal. She wants to play game, she shoulda put up matt and lane,(Brains and Bronze)..Those are strong people physically and mentally! She’s an idiot! oh and did i leave out BIMBO. I feel bad for brendons parents.

  38. Here we see again the problem with B/R playing the game “together”. Being a team is one thing, but Brendon seems to think they are one person, mind, body, soul, whatever. Rachel at least seems to get the game. He wants to play it all nicey nice and go for the emotions. Hey, that don’t win anything! I think at least Rachel gets that this game is 90% strategy and winning comps and 10% social. Being nice hasn’t gotten them anywhere so far and it still won’t because no matter how annonying the house may find them, the fact is they are strong competitiors. Rachel is playing the game and Brendon is winning POVs. He needs to stop lecturing her and just let her do her thing. You can’t be in BB without making everyone angry with you at least once.

  39. Rachel is just too damn emotional! She is a ticking time bomb and I cant wait for the meltdown of no return! Move on Brendon! Before it is too late!The aftermath is not going to be pretty……..It’s kinda like a Lifetime movie where the wife is crazy and the husband spends all is time trying to hide her mental desease from everyone and ends up in the end stepping in front of a train himself ………I feel like I have seen this movie before but cant recall the name!

  40. Why is she being so damn evil? Brendon and Rachel aren’t fighting any harder to stay in the house than anybody else. It’s not personal, Rachel. There isn’t any need to berate the entire house. Are they after you and Brendon? Yes, they are…but you brought it all on yourself by aligning with one another.

    I CAN’T STAND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. @ Rhonda, being on the BB show is not the question about Rachel, the Hoe, the Skank, the Bitch, if & I say “if ” she went to college to become a Chemist, she must have taken just the sex class & dropped out on the other classes for being a Chemistry. This girl makes money on her back & knees, ” PERIOD “. Take a good look @ her skin.!!! The face is bad, marks & pimples, what the h— is that. Not Beauty. The girl’s Va-J-J is worn out like an old truck-tire, & it’s woman like this that give good girl’s a bad name Like { Goody too Shoes }. Well I was a Goody too Shoe, & I can walk down the street & hold my HEAD-UP-HIGH, the rest of my life & I can show my GRANDDAUGHTER that repect for yourself & your body well make YOU PROUD FOREVER ! You can go to class reunion’s & know you did’t sleep with every guy on the FOOTBALL TEAM or the whole damn class. ” Nope I was not perfect, not @ all, I had fun-a lot of fun,but I sure didn’t do what Rachel is doing on a TV show for a buck, oh, I mean a dollar. She rode all the BUCKS i,m sure in school & college. Ya, know once a guy try’s on your shoes, he drop’s you like a HOT CAKE, can you dog the guy for that. It’s the gal that’ say’s NO, Not Gonna Happen, take me home now.

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