“If I go home I get to see me mom and my dog.. You’re safe though. that’s good.”

Jason came in last for the temptation competition
Mark was the winner of the temptation competition

3:55pm Paul, Elena and mark
Paul – If you are my P Josh goes home..

Sounds like Jason lost the Temptation Challenge he’s on the block

Paul leaves..
Mark wonders why he doesn’t use Raven as a Pawn.
Elena says she had a talk with Paul last night and he guarantees her safety.
Elena – if I go home I get to see me mom and my dog.. You’re safe though that’s good.

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4:00pm Jason and Alex
Jason says Raven would like to vote him off

Paul joins them tells Jason “At least you get to play in the Veto”

Mark’s changing his look 😉

4:10pm Jessica and Cody
When Matt lost Paul is so upset.. and it’s obvious Alex is on their side..
Elena joins them “If I go home I get to see my mom and my dog”

Jessica – Jason is on the block right now you think the house will vote out you over Jason
Cody – Yeah, he on their side

Cody – with how much Alex was rooting for Matt and how disappointed Paul was when Matt was out
Cody – they didn’t want Mark to be safe

Elena – i’m probably going home this week
Elena leaves..

Jessica – Matt’s competition was embarrassing .. Alex beat Matt again..
Cody – when has Matt ever done good.
Cody – I’m never sitting out another one though.. I can’t sit out the sidelines

Raven asks if Jessica is going up. Paul tells her he’s going to try.

4:14pm Paul, Raven and Matt
Paul – Josh always has to be there as a scapegoat incase something goes wrong
Paul – So I guess Elena..
Paul suggesting Josh and Elena as the nominees.
They talk about why COdy didn’t compete.
paul – to keep the bluff going … and the risk factor what if he lost.
Raven doesn’t think Alex would go up as the pawn.
Paul – you can ask her..
Paul – it’s either someone strong and Josh or Elena and Josh, you guys decide which on is the best option
Raven – what do you think Paul.. (because heaven forbid you make a decisions on your own)
Paul – I don’t care either way

Paul points out that Jason is on the block and if he take himself off Paul doesn’t pick a replacement nominee
Paul now suggesting someone Strong with Elena. If POv is played Josh goes up
Raven – Elena and Jessica
Paul – it would need to be someone strong next to Elena
Matt – why
Paul – I dunno

4:21pm a big group planning on what to do this week
Paul is mentioning the scenario where Cody, Jessica, Mark are “off the table” then their only choice is Elena and Josh.
Jason – if I win the veto who do i use it on (WTF .. )
Paul says to pull himself off if Cody and Jessica are on the block. If he uses it Paul doesn’t pick a replacement.
Paul says if Elena wins the veto then Josh goes home.
Paul – one of you four have to agree to be a strong pawn
Alex volunteers.. “I ain’t come here to play save.. I came to play Big Brother”
Paul wants to get rid of Cody first then Elena and worst case Josh.
Paul – there’s four of them and there’s 8 of us.. lets not be stupid one of you needs to be the pawn..

Josh comes in.. they tell him to f* off and Keep eyes on the room..
Josh leaves..

Their worry is if Cody’s name gets picked. That is why Paul wants a strong person to volunteer so they can win the Veto use it and put Cody up.
Best case the Pawn wins Veto Cody goes up and home
Middle case Elena wins Veto Cody goes up and home
Worst case Cody wins Veto Elena goes home

Paul is suggesting Matt goes up..
Matt – I’m down for whatever.

Paul is dancing around combinations of Matt/Elena, Elena/Alex, Jessica/Cody
Alex – I just don’t like packing my stuff but i’m down

Paul says they’ve all made a solid connection if they win the next 4 competition they get to final 8 “that’s dope”

4:39pm Jessica and Cody

Jessica – if one of us goes on the block tomorrow I’m going to tell Elena to start studying
Jessica – it didn’t say rewind.. it could be a new comp or it could be a rewind..
Jessica explains that all she knows is after she uses it the 2 nominees are taken off the block and they go to a HOH competition.
Jessica – I hope this HO his the rope one where you get smacked.. I really want to compete in that one

Cody says he’s liking this side of Elena
Jessica- that was my girl from the start
Jessica – I don’t want to use it on anyone but us..

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Rank your house guests here

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Anyone else notice on the feeds how much Xmas is trying to get into Kevin’s pants?


There is too much touchy feely on a man who is married……..

Fly on the wall

yes! omg, there was one instance where she was talking to one of the girls and mentioned how she wanted to start dating older men….right after she came out of the vanity area flirting with Kev.! smh….


Such a dramatic U-turn, the new temptation just completely changed the whole game. I’m loving it, don’t you? ??


Paul should force Jessica to use Production’s Hex by putting her & Cody.. Love him or hate him it’s the best move get it done with so a shot can be taken later. Jody can only save themselves once ,then redo an HOH & if Cody or Jessica don’t win HOH they’re no longer safe & can be put up.


I know most everyone wants Jessica and Cody gone which I don’t understand. How boring that everyone asks, says and does what Paul wants. If Jes and Cody don’t go up it’s going to be great to see them start cracking. It’s time Paul’s little Boy Scouts start playing their OWN game. God forbid they don’t let Paul make their decisions. Raven is so jealous of J and has no idea how to play. She only knows how to try to make people feel sorry for her. That’s her strategy. Phony and disgraceful.


I could not agree more, love them or hate them, they are the only competition Paul has in the house IMO! Coming home today I spotted a loon crossing the street with her babies (all in a perfect row behind her) and I could not help naming them all after these babies! lol I am just waiting for one to ask Paul which one he will pick to win against in final two! What a sad sad season! SMH


Jess and Cody are not going to start “cris king”…they are not going to do anything but stay in bed all week and just trash everyone to each other. That’s the problem, that’s why they are in this situation yet again. So while it’s a nice thought, it’s not going to happen.


The hell is wrong with these houseguests it’s like none of them wants to play BB the only people who are playing are Cody/Jessica/Paul. I can’t believe Jason just said ” if I win veto who do I use it on?” , and Alex and Matt just said I’m not surprised from Matt because at this point Matt is a house plant they are down to be pawns what the fuck. Raven annoys me so much I get she’s sick but she keeps making it a big deal when it isn’t and it’s treatable I’m happy Raven is at the bottom of jokers right now. Elena still trusts Paul Why??????? Mark is as much as a crybaby as Josh . Kevin I’m still rooting for you but the first time Kevin sits on that block all his secrets he’s kept and all the lies he’s said will be exposed. Christmas is a vote at this point. UGH….. I’m losing my mind even though I hate Paul he’s playing a good game with kevin at a close second.


Jason asked Pau; “Hey Paul if I go take a massive sh*t, who’s a$$ should I wipe?”


This season is lame….I can’t believe the these idiots are gonna let Paul run this house the WHOLE time, lol


Things will change. Kevin will knife Paul. Paulsar will say et tu, Keve?

The Wizard

Elena is Queen. it is her throne to give up at this point. Go my lil Queenie go!

Slap me a thumbs up if you agree with what the wizard is saying

BB Juicy Blast

They are so stupid. The only move is to put Cody and Jessica both up. That way if one wins the veto, they can’t take the other down. Not putting them both up means there is a chance both are safe.

Assuming the “safety” is a bluff, worst case Cody or Jessica wins Veto and uses it on themselves, you throw Elena up and your own minions are all safe. Putting Matt, Alex or Josh up as a pawn only serves to take one vote away from your side.


Any scenario they are discussing, other than Cody and Jessica, are plans B and C. They are just getting their ducks in a row in case Jessica and Cody come down due to her temptation.

Looks like he is definitely putting them up first to make her show what she has.


what mark consquence for his safety and while unleash more consquence to the house


wow, even jess isn’t sure if her power’s a rewind or move on to next comp with paul unable to play. kinda significant whether jess or paul is the one who can’t compete.


Paul can’t play, Jessica can. It’s not a rewind it’s just a non eviction. AG said that in an interview earlier.


These brainless morons are not seriously asking Paul to be pawns and how to use the veto?!?! Alex saying she’s not here to play safe, bitch your playing Paul’s game. I’m convinced the producers are administering “Paul kool-aid” to these sheep.


Alex is so disappointing. She sure feels safe with Paul at the helm. I think it would be hilarious if she got voted out. She has spewed a lot of nasty remarks about everyone except Paul. Jessica always gets called out but in truth Alex and Raven have said a lot more hateful things. Alex thinks she’s superior to everyone except her Paul.


ya mark is ok what connected to?rewind week!


Fuck ya’ll.

Cindy Withanesse

Thanks Cornbread. Will do.


Interesting how Raven can comment (suggest) who “SHOULD” be Pawns……I don’t EVER recall you agreeing or volunteering to be a pawn!! What a worthless POS she is! I wish Paul would put her up as pawn….just once PLEASE!!!


So disappointed in my boy he’s falling into Paul’s web and starting to act like the other sheep.n

Judgemental Judy

“Cody – when has Matt ever done good.” Uh, he and Raven kicked your ass in the HOH comp; “Raven – what do you think Paul?” SMH; “Josh comes in.. they tell him to f* off and Keep eyes on the room” LMAO!!!! “Jason – if I win the veto who do i use it on?” I can’t even!

Bunny Flop

Earlie GnomeBeard told Jesssss that Baby Huey wasn’t his dog. Now he’s telling BH to get the f out and guard the room. Guess he’s the dog after all.
I can’t imagine that any off them want to be in the jury house with him. I bet he’s gone this week. Next at the latest.


So hopefully he puts them both up which would mean at least one of them is still on the block after veto.. So that would probably mean she uses the halt.. But does that mean they have to wait until Thursday to use it? Just seems like a long time to wait just to have an eviction that isn’t even going to happen. This temptation seems to be a bit of a flop imo..


What a bunch of “sheeple!”


True big brother fans have to know that the majority of this house are just idiots have no game play they truly are Paul’s little minions so get them all out then let Paul Cody Jessica battle it out.. I don’t like Paul but at least he’s playing. Jessica and Cody are the only ones other then Paul that are truly playing and making moves. Raven is a fake immature idiot acts like a Thur grader with Matt ugh I could go on and on but this is ridiculous